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Docker MasterClass : Docker, Docker Compose & Docker Swarm for DevOps

teacher avatar LevelUp, DevOps Professional

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

63 Lessons (12h 17m)
    • 1. Docker Course RoadMap & Intro

    • 2. Docker Course Location | GIT Location

    • 3. Docker Available Editions

    • 4. Docker on Windows

    • 5. Docker For Mac Machine

    • 6. Create Linux Machine on Cloud

    • 7. Docker on Linux Machine

    • 8. Check Docker Installation and Configuration

    • 9. Start First Container On Docker

    • 10. Stop and Remove Containers

    • 11. Container vs Virtual Machine

    • 12. Docker Internal Processing

    • 13. Assignment Manage : Multiple Containers

    • 14. Assignment Answer : Manage Multi Containers

    • 15. Docker CLI Monitoring

    • 16. Start Container in Interactive Mode

    • 17. Run Commands in Running Container

    • 18. Docker Network Introduction

    • 19. Explore Container Network

    • 20. Docker CLI Network List Inspect

    • 21. Docker Netwrok : Create Connect Disconnect

    • 22. Docker Network DNS

    • 23. What is Docker Image

    • 24. Docker Hub Repository

    • 25. Concept of Docker Image Layers

    • 26. Docker Image Tagging

    • 27. Upload Docker Image to Cloud

    • 28. Basic of Dokcerfile

    • 29. Docker file Instructions

    • 30. Build Custome Docker Image

    • 31. Extend Official Docker Images

    • 32. Assignment : Docker Images

    • 33. Assignment Answer : Build Docker Image

    • 34. Persistant Data Problem in Docker

    • 35. Persistent Data : Volumes in Docker

    • 36. Persistent Data : Bind Mounts

    • 37. Assignment : Data Volumes

    • 38. Assignment Answer : Data Volumes

    • 39. Assignment : Bind Mount

    • 40. Assignment Answer : Bind Mounts

    • 41. Docker Compose Introduction

    • 42. Docker Compose YML File

    • 43. Run MYSQL & WORDPRESS via Docker Compose

    • 44. Docker Compose : Build Application From Scratch

    • 45. Docker Swarm Introduction: SWARM

    • 46. Docker Swarm Terminology

    • 47. Create Service in Docker Swarm

    • 48. Create Docker Swarm Cluster

    • 49. Networking in Docker Swarm

    • 50. Docker Swarm Traffic Management

    • 51. Assigment : Create Multi node Service

    • 52. Assignment Answer : Create Multiple Services

    • 53. Deploy Docker Stack in Docker Swarm

    • 54. Docker Swarm Stack : Scale Application

    • 55. Docker Swarm : Persistent Data in Docker Swarm Application

    • 56. Swarm : Deploy Distributed Application

    • 57. Swarm Secrets Introduction

    • 58. Create Docker Service with Secrets

    • 59. Deploy Stack with Docker Swarm Secrets

    • 60. Zero Downtime Service Upgrade

    • 61. HealthCheck in Docker Swarm

    • 62. Constraint Container in Swarm

    • 63. Service Constraints in YML File

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About This Class

Docker Training: Containers by learning Docker Ecosystem, Creating images, Services, Docker Swarm & Compose.

Download the Project Code : 

Docker Training: Become Job Ready in Docker Containerization by learning Docker Ecosystem, creating Docker images using Dockerfiles, Installing Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux, Granting Docker Control to Non-root Users, Security, Orchestration, Network Configuration Files, etc. You will also get an exposure to industry based real-time projects in various verticals. 

Live Project Preparation with Multiple Application Development & Integration with Docker. 

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Use Docker in your daily developer and/or sysadmin roles

  • Make Dockerfiles and Compose files

  • Build multi-node Swarm clusters and deploying H/A containers

  • Build a workflow of using Docker in dev, then test/CI, then production with YAML

  • Protect your keys, TLS certificates, and passwords with encrypted secrets

  • Keep your Dockerfiles and images small, efficient, and fast

  • Develop locally while your code runs in a container

  • Protect important persistent data in volumes and bind mounts

  • Lead your team into the future with the latest Docker container skills!

Why shall we learn Docker technologies:

Docker software is on the bleeding edge of technology today.  It is also one of the most compelling technologies of the last decade in terms of its disruption to software development, operations, systems architecture, testing and compliance practices.

Docker is becoming a must tool for developers. containers and the Docker’s approach gives you the opportunity to work without any need of dependencies. Docker allows developers to focus on the things which actually matter without worrying about the environment where the application runs. 

Tons of companies are using docker in production, today you have access to that same virtualization technology right on your desktop. 

Why DevOps skills?

Nowadays DevOps engineers are in great demand in the IT industry. Companies are looking for developers who can both develop and deploy the applications.

The average salary of a DevOps engineer is about $140,000 per year in the Silicon Valley area which is 20% higher than the salary of a software engineer.

Master DevOps Skills means you will be staying ahead in the competitive job market!

Some of the many cool things you'll do in this course:

  • Edit web code on your machine while it's served up in a container

  • Lockdown your apps in private networks that only expose necessary ports

  • Create a 3-node Swarm cluster in the cloud

  • Use Virtual IP's for built-in load balancing in your cluster

  • Optimize your Dockerfiles for faster building and tiny deploys

  • Build/Publish your own custom application images

  • Create your own image registry

  • Use Swarm Secrets to encrypt your environment configs, even on disk

  • Deploy container updates in a rolling always-up design

  • Create the config utopia of a single set of YAML files for local dev, CI testing, and prod cluster deploys

  • And so much more...

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1. Docker Course RoadMap & Intro: Hello. Welcome back. Today we are going to kick off a new training doctor masterclass. In this training, we will discuss the complete concept off broker and doctors work. And today we will see what is going to the road map off the stunning. So let's start with first. Let's know about your instructor. So team I'm until John and I will be your instructor in this course, let me introduce myself. I am divorced, professional with areas for expedience. Michael Expertise are cloud Google Cloud KWS. There was still system Docker Docker, Swarm Communities, help Chef and Sybil and puppet. My core expertise are developed The coordinative application, our code agnostic deployment automation I'm extensively proficient in Baton Java and scripting like shell and JavaScript. I also have developed the open source framework for selenium and rest, a pay order mission from books. So that's all about me. Now let's discuss what we are going to learn in this particular course. So in the scores, we will learn how we can use their doctor and docker compose in your engineering environment. Today, one of the doctor contain of application. We'll see the assignments and hands on practice is off making the docker file, making the composed files, executing the docker files and composed files with the help of the doctor and doctor composed in engineering and marble. We'll also experience the multi host, logging and even monitoring for their doctors. One but is the production like tool. It will create a multi node, highly available doctors on cluster on the Lennox and Windows and on Docker. Some will deploy our production application, and we will see how production application will take the traffic. We will also build and publish our application as a docker image, and we will directly don't know that particular doctor teammates a current times from the cab door, docker dot com or the artifically and use that at one time. In last, we'll see how we can manage the services on the production with the help of their doctors, from how we can achieve the zero downtime service upgrade and how we can down were the service if something is not expected or up to benchmark. So these are the things which we are going to learn in this particular section. Let me explain you a bit about destruction off this particular course and the content which we're going to learn in these sections. So this is going to the content of this particular course. We learn about the doctor course introduction and doctors set up where we will learn the complete basic concepts off the doctor and set up Docker on our machine in local machine Ellen Cloud Machine as well. We will see how we can set up the doctor on Matt Machine, Windows Machine and Lennox Machine. We will create the docker containers and then we will see how we can interact with these containers and how we can manage these containers and how we can play around these containers. After the containers, we learn about the complete network concepts or the network driver inside, the doctor will see how we can apply the networks, how we can create our own network and hope we can use the local network. Then it will come to the docker container images, concepts. We will see. What is the doctor in major, how we can use their docker image, order the concepts off the local image, quarter the layers off their d'accord image, and last we will see how we can create our own custom docker images how we can create the docker image off my application and how we can execute their docker image inside the container. What if the containerized application? Once we're done with this particular thing, we will see how we can manage the persistent daytime doctor, which is really a big problem with resolving our little 1018. We will discuss all the ways to resolve the persistent data management or persistent data problem in the knockers, then removed with a multi container orchestration tool docker compose, which will be useful in the engineering. We will see why it is useful only in the engineering and not a production tool or the flows in the doctor composed and what is the benefit comes with their doctor composed. Later on, they will move to the production environment and we'll see how we can use their doctors warm and how we can set up their doctor for the production. We will discuss and implement the complete implementation of doctors from in the production in the production. We may have their different different kind of secrets which would with the password the certificates so we will see how we can menace the secrets on the production. And what is the secret management in Docker on production and the last we will see the service or diplomat management in the production. With the help of the Docker Docker, Swarm will also see how we can achieve the zero downtime of grade and auto rollback inside the doctor. So they're good with the multiple things which we're going to learn in this particular sections. This course is going to be around for 2 to 15 hours long. In this particular course, I prefer that you will set out the doctor on Limits machine. If you don't have your limits machine, then you will set out the doctor on Cloud Machine and practice the rocker on clothes as well. I know that cloud machine have their own cost, but later on in this particular course, I will share a $85 bonus coupon with the card providers, which amount you can use to create and manage your cloud in stunts. $85 enough to execute any cloud machine for 5 to 8 months, which is a very ample enough time to practice the scores to learn the scores and to repeat discourse multiple times because 15 hours long course can be completed within 40 to 45 days . And after this you can practice your own things. You can develop your own things so that $85 bonus will be very, very useful for you to practice the darker and darker sub. So thank you, Dean. Thanks for your time. Let's enjoy the learning. 2. Docker Course Location | GIT Location : Hello him. Welcome to the local trainee. And in this particle election, we will see where we will find out all the resources which we're going to use in this particular course. So here the question is, where will I find all the resources off this particular course? So to make it easy and to make all the resources like deputies beauty efs And if there is any text information, if is there any kind off? Oh, assignment. Any night off cushion papers, any kind off mock test. So all the resources will we ever level on this particular good? Have repository. So I have created a public good have repository docker underscore for Deb ups and you will find all the resources section by section on this particular get every pleasantry. So let's understand the structure off this particle, Aleppo for the future use. I hope you will find out it helpful that all the resources are available on the Internet so you can easily access them, download them and use them for our own knowledge. Right? So the complete resource link will be available in the next lecture. You can click that link and you can use them. Thank you. Thanks for a day 3. Docker Available Editions: Hello, T welcome product or training, and in this particle, a lecture we're going to discuss about the different different editions off the TOKER. And what are the significance off these additions? So let's talk about the dunk already, since so we're going to discuss about the different additions, which is available for the doctor. So Dr Edison's, which do a use. So basically doctor comes with two flavors. The community Addition and Enterprise Edition community addition is free for all, and Enterprise Edition is a paid service. So we will talk about the community Audition and Enterprise Edition off the doctor learn which one will use in this particular course. So we are going to use their Dakhil community addition and this particular course so there is a lot of benefits and lot of drawbacks as well to use the community addition. So first we will talk about the benefits off the community. Addition, So Docker community addition is comes with very frequent releases which have the features which is not available in the Doctor enterprise tradition because and traditions supports stable bills off the doctor, which is not the applicable with the community additions. Community additions may have some kind of bills, which is still in the testing and which is not a stable. So with the community addition, we will get the latest feature available in the doctor. The only drawback with the community addition is community addition. Have the limited access and if you will get any issue so that he will not found any enterprise support for the community additions. So we have discussed about the sea, which is for the community addition and E, which is four Tha Enterprise edition. Now we will talk about the stable and edgy releases, so basically, doctor have to kind off religious the edge release and stable lease, as we have already discussed. The docker community addition have the latest updates. So Docker community addition always comes into flavor. The Israelis and the stable release agile is off the community. Addition is comes with the latest technologies with the latest changes in the docker images , which is not tested but on the same side. Community additions comes with the stable release as well a stable release off the Doctor Community Relations release every quarter in every quarter. Instead, off Edgell, ease off the doctor community addition released every month, so we will see. The Docker editions are available on the website store dot docker dot com so you can see the darker door to store. Dot com is opened. So right now we can see over here we are getting two options darker e and Dhaka See So first, let's click on their doctor E right. So over here we are getting then available additions off the Doctor E Ridges Document Reservation for or local clinics Dr Inter Preservation for Open to Dr Enterprise Edition for a zero No current reservation for Santo S for IBM Power for IBM said for album AWS Sorry for AWS and for Reddit Enterprise Lennix. Right. And there's one more Doctor Windows Server 2016. So these are Dr E additions. Once we will go with the doctor, see, or if you want, you can click on any addition like we clicked on the very first. So start Forstmann trial and after then by subscription. So this is the paid tool, right? We'll go back and re locally called Dr CE, which is community addition and there is eight options available for their docker community addition Which one is for Mac for AWS, for fedora, for Santo s for Windows, for Microsoft Cloud a zero and for open toe and another addition for baby in based lending systems. So these are the community additions which ever level for the docker free off course. So we're going to discuss and we're going to use about the community addition version off the doctor. There are three major types of install off the doctor. The 1st 1 is Lennox. We have seen there was different. Different doctor additions was available for the different different flavor off the Lennox . The second is Mac and Windows and third, this club. So we will talk about these, Sir Docker for Mac and Windows comes with the default toolbox. There is a North a single image which will be installed on your Mac machine or on your Windows machine. So when we are installing the docker on Matt Machine or on Windows Machine, then we have to install a set up tools right, which will be called Docker Tool set and doctor told set is a combination of different different tools. Why this kind of tools that is required? This kind of tool set is required because Mac and windows Natively doesn't support doctor, right? So when we are installing the docker tool set on our Mac machines and on our windows machines so behind the scene or you can see in the background doctor told sex are creating very small a small Lennox virtual machines to create and to start your docker containers. Although on the U. S. You will not realize that internally, the processing is being executed on the linen Williams, right? The 2nd 1 is the Lennox. So doctor comes with different different kind of flavors for different, different kind. Off limits worsens and Lennox natively support the doctor so you don't need to execute. So you don't need to install the complete tool set off the doctor. You can directly download the docker and install on your leanings machine. The third type of the installation is the cloud. So we have seen the doctor is available for different different cloud machines like AWS, Microsoft Cloud and Google Cloud. So when Dr comes with the AWS, then there is a different different kind of features. It is available in the deep blue in the Dr for the AWS like aws, easy to support and a love lose. I am supported. The different different kind of supports Docker is providing to the AWS and the similar way on the other clouds like Microsoft Cloud and Google Cloud DACA is also supported different , different kind of features. So this is all about the Doctor CE and Dr E. Now let's talk about the stable and edge releases. So very first the doctor See, we have already discussed the doctor sees Free Iverson and Docker Enterprise Edition is a people person, and the President's in comes with the support which is the enterprise support and some stable release features. Right edge. Elise is unstable. Ease off the docker and it's released quarterly On the other hands stable Rees is a stable release off the Dakhil which is basically available with the enterprise additions. So all enterprises traditions off. The docker is basically specific to a specific words in off the S or a specific cloud. And they have the native supports and native configurations, right, and they also have the technical team support off the docker on C. So this is all about the docker ce e stable and release worsens In the coming lectures. We will see how we can install the darker on different, different kind off operating systems. So I would like to sit. Thank you guys. We will see you in the next lecture. 4. Docker on Windows: Hello, Dean. Welcome back. Welcome to the doctor for them off straining. And in this particular lecture, we're going to discuss how we can install the doctor on windows. So we will learn about the different, different kind off additions off the doctor, which can be installed on windows. So we will see what kindof docker editions is useful or in which windows and which we can install on the windows and which we can install on the window servers. We'll also learn about the type of containers windows, Kendra in. After this, we will learn the doctor additions between new to install on the windows. We will see that differences between the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. So these are the things which we're going to cover in this particular lecture. So we have to kind of containers. So what are the containers? We will learn about the containers in the coming lectures, but for the short description we can see, container is a process which will be executed by the doctor. So container is a process which is running inside the doctor. So container has two types the limits containers and the windows containers right so late in 2016 Windows releases and announced the Windows Native containers. So right now we have two containers available with the doctor additions. First is the Lennox container, which is the native with the doctor, and second is windows containers. When those container can be used on Lee with the Windows machines but vice versa. The next container can be used with the Windows machine and with the clinics machine as well, and on the Mac as well, we will learn the linens containers. Lennox containers are still the default containers because Lennox continual were released with the Docker primary additions, which was earlier, I think, in 2012 right? So when the doctor first released their official release in the market, then the container was the Lennox container. And don't confuse with the terms the container and doctor. We will learn about the complete container concepts in this particular course. Right now, we just need to know container is something ordered, something like a process which will be executing inside the doctor or docker, which execute the containers right. So Container has two types. The clinics, it is default, and the windows and the scores we learn about the limits containers. So in this particular course, we're not going to cover up the windows. Containers were not going to execute. The doctor on the Windows machine will execute the doctor on the Lennox machine, and we will see how Lennox machines can handle, use, deploy and create the linens containers. So in this particular course, when I'm saying or when I'm talking about the containers than by default, I'm talking about the limits containers. Now we will talk about the windows. Doctor wasn't so. Windows have to kind of doctors, right? So Windows Native Docker is associate ID with the Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Edition only if you're using Windows 10 home base Ah, operating system, then native when those docker will not execute on your windows machine. So if you want to execute the Windows Docker version on your windows machine, then it is mandatory that you would have Windows 10 proof or enter preservation. Have a level on your deck stop on laptop. But if you are using some old rivers and off the windows like you're using Windows eight, you're using Windows seven windows, a door, one vista or you're using Windows 10 home base persons. Right then, there's a different kind off docker, which is available for your machine, which is called Docker Toolbox. So Dr Toolbox is a complete toolbox off the Docker sec, which have the doctor machine to execute the doctor. We learn about the differences between the Windows Dockers and Docker tool books. Toolbox in the coming slides. Right now, we just need to know if you want to execute and you want to install the native docker for the Windows, then Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise Edition is required on your machine. If you don't have Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 enterprise addition, then you can install the Docker tool box on your machine to execute the doctor on your windows machine. Windows Server 2016 also supports the Windows containers. So Windows Server told on 16 is a servers server side technology off the windows. So, fortunately, we have the doctor Native installation available for the Windows Server 2016. If you're using Windows Server 2008 Windows, Alberto doesn't eight arto in those server 2001 then Docker Native release is not available with this particle of Windows Server. But if you're using Windows Server 2016 then Docker Native release is available window with the Windows 2016 you can use it, install it, and that will be capable toe run windows containers on your machine so we will learn how we can install the darker or Windows 10 pro or enterprise addition. So for this, we need to go to the link. Esther TBs store dot docker dot com So let's see how we will go to this link and what we will find out over this link so you can see via Ron is stored or docker dot com. And as we have seen are discussed in the earlier lectures. We have to kind of versions available off the doctor, which is Doctor and Preservation and Docker Community addition. So we will go to the community additions and over here I have it release available for the community addition, as we need to find out the Windows one so we'll choose the operating system windows. And over here I have docker community addition for the windows, right. I will click this particular link So now began. See Docker community addition for the windows by DR, which is supported Windows and operating time system is 64. All the information which is required is being mentioned over here. Right, So doctors see for Windows is a docker designed to run on Windows 10. It is a native Windows application that provides easy to use development and more meant for Werling shipping and running. Localized EPPS. So to install it, you just need to develop. Click the doctor for Windows installer, right? When in storage and finish DACA, it starts automatically. So we will see from where we will find out that particular link. Right? So go download the Doctor edition. You need to log in tow. The dog is stored or docker dot com. So let's see what we will get. So I'm going to log in tow this particular website so you can see I have logged in on the stored or docker dot com Over here, I'm getting my user name and over here I'm getting a link to download the doctor. Just need to click this link and this will basically download the doctor installer on your windows machine. After that, you need to and does. This will be exit file, so you need to double click. We execute this particular exit file right now, I don't have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise Edition available on my laptop, so I can show you the practical demo. But I can explain how you can basically Oh, get this. Just goto this. Get darker and you can see a downloading is being started. And it's an e x evers and right, so the total size is 516 MB. So I'm going to stop it. And over here, if you want Oh, you want to choose some kind off bills than you can choose Over here, I'm getting two bills the doctor see for Windows Stable Release and Dr C for Windows Edge Italy's. We have already discussed the stable and about the Israelis in the previous lectures. So once the complete download well done, you need to double click that particular Excel file to install the doctor and follow the instructions. When it will complete the installation, it will ask you to reboot your machine. You need to reboot your machine, and after that, uh, you will get this particular kind off icon in your icons on your windows right, which you can open from the left bottom side off your windows machine. If you want to verify the windows on your machine, then you can open the power cell and execute the command. Docker wasn't it will return Ouda installed local person on your machine and you will get I can like this on your toolbox on windows. Right. So this is the way how we can install the native docker on the windows 10 tonight. Now suppose we want to install the doctor toolbox and when we need to install the doctor toolbox, if you're using windows, which is not, ah, Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 and preservation. So how we can basically install the darker toolbox. So let's see how we can install the doctor toolbox cut again and I will go to their local store. I will go to the dog or community addition, and I will choose the Windows operating system. This is the same link which we have plagued in the last. I will click the same and over here if you see you are getting information, requires Microsoft Windows 10 professional or and the President's in 64 for the previous versions get Docker tool box. This is the link you need to click this link. And over here we're getting a complete instruction off the doctor toolbox. So we need toe goto scrolled on the page and click this particular link Got docker tool box for windows. Once you will click this particular link, it will don't Lord an executable file on your machine. To install the doctor, you need to click that particular executable file and it will install the doctor on your windows a machine which is prior to Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10. And the preservation. If you have in those 10 pro or window strand and the preservation available on your machine , you directly download the docker, as we have discussed previously in the same lecture night. Now, suppose you want to install doctor server 2016 right? Or you want to install the docker native doctor on your Windows Server 2016. So how can we do that? So we need to go to the doctor, the store, right, And over here there's a limitation. We need to go to the doctor and presentations because docker native doctor is not available in the community addition for the Windows Server 2016. So I need to go to the doctor and the preservation. Just click this link used operating system windows and you will get the Link Docker and Preservation for Windows Server 2016. You simply click this particular link and don't know the doctor for the doctor and the preservation. So for the Windows Server 2016 unit to click this link, get Docker order over here. We can see we're not getting the stable or edge. Elise is why we're not getting the stable or edge releases because we are in their doctor and preservation and enterprise tradition always have the stable release off the doctor wants. The complete file will download. You are getting the complete instruction over here toe. Install the doctor on your machines. So after that in you do upon the power shell and you need to execute the command, install more do docker provider, force install, package, poker provider, docker provider name and Dr Provider Force. After that, you can see how the doctor is being installed on your machine or not right by simply discover. So this is the way how we can install the docker on Windows machines and on Windows servers were not. We have not covered the complete practical off this particular lecture because this particular course is all about to execute the doctor on the Lennox machine. So we didn't execute eight The dock and installation on the windows. There's a one more thing. If you're using any kind of virtual machine set up on your windows machine, then you would not be able to install the doctor on your windows machine. Soto that do that? We need toe honest. All the work too much insect up on your machine and four medium machine installed the doctor because inside your windows, doctor will execute hyper V, which is not ah compatible with the virtual machines. Right. So if you ar