Docker Machine For Beginners | Peter Fisher | Skillshare
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5 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction to the course

    • How to install Docker machine

    • How to create a Docker machine

    • How to switch between Docker machines

    • Basic Docker machine commands


About This Class

Welcome to Docker Machine For Beginners from How To Code Well by Peter Fisher.

Docker Machine is a tool that installs the Docker engine onto a virtual machine.  It very useful for splitting up docker environments onto separate hosts.

This course will demonstrate how to install and use Docker Machine in your web development projects

The course is suitable for beginners who are either web developers or system administrators

Course requirements

  • You will need a basic level of understand of the Linux operating system.  We are going to use the Ubuntu operating system but you can use other variants of Linux
  • A desire to learn Docker or to further your Docker skill set
  • A basic understanding of Docker 






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Peter Fisher

Web development teacher and consultant


My name is Peter Fisher. I am a freelance web and mobile developer from the UK.

I am the host of the How To Code Well YouTube channel where I talk about web development and have lots of coding tutorials on programming and web development skills.

I have nearly 2 decades of web development experience working with at web hosting companies, digital agencies and scientific publication companies.

Come and learn web development or brush up on your programm...

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