Do You Need an Accountant? Organizing Your Creative Business for Tax Season | Michelle Cornish | Skillshare

Do You Need an Accountant? Organizing Your Creative Business for Tax Season

Michelle Cornish, Author & Illustrator - Former Accountant

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10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Required Documents for Tax Preparation

    • 3. Strategies for Organizing Your Documents

    • 4. Why Work With an Accountant?

    • 5. Identify What You Need Help With

    • 6. A Warning About "Accountants"

    • 7. Find the Perfect Accountant

    • 8. How Much Will it Cost?

    • 9. Money Saving Tips

    • 10. Summing Up


About This Class

About This Class

Join writer, illustrator, and former CPA, Michelle Cornish, to learn important tips for organizing your tax documents and working with an accountant to grow your creative business!

Michelle left an almost 20-year career in public accounting to pursue her dream of writing and illustrating. In 2017, she published the book Keep More Money: Find an Accountant You Can Trust to Help You Grow Your Small Business, Increase Profit, and Save Tax. In this course, Michelle shares her insider accounting knowledge and top tips for taking the stress out of tax season.  

Get ready to tackle tax season like the boss you are!

Lessons include:

  •         What you need to prepare your taxes,
  •         Tips for organizing your documents,
  •         Understanding how working with an accountant helps you grow your business,
  •         Ways to find the perfect accountant,
  •         How to save money on your accounting bill, and
  •         More!

This class is for any small business owner, but especially anyone who makes a living as a creative solopreneur. As a creative selling products and services on your own, you are often pulled in many directions at the same time. This course will help you get organized, learn why you need an accountant, and how to find the best one.