Do Better Social Media Marketing! Go Viral on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

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Do Better Social Media Marketing! Go Viral on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

91 Lessons (6h 21m)
    • 1. Course introduction and overview.

    • 2. Share your story! Post your social media marketing story in the discussions!

    • 3. How is the course structured? How to use it?

    • 4. How to figure out what to learn next in social media marketing

    • 5. Know about the law of averaging principle in human psychology

    • 6. Facebook is amazing for building healthy long term relationships online

    • 7. YouTube is incredible for organic search traffic that provides leads and sales

    • 8. Twitter can be your website's number one traffic source

    • 9. LinkedIn can get you found for a better job and connect you with new clients

    • 10. Google is essential for restaurants and local businesses

    • 11. Pinterest is where your fashion and home improvement products can take off!

    • 12. Instagram is unmatched for sharing photos and getting an audience fast

    • 13. Most activity on Facebook occurs in the newsfeed and in messages

    • 14. Your Facebook timeline is a place where you build trust and relationships

    • 15. If you are not sure what you are doing yet, stick to a personal profile

    • 16. Making a Facebook page branded with my name is my long term solution

    • 17. What strategy I am using for Facebook posts and my page today

    • 18. Overview of what I am doing now with my Facebook ads

    • 19. How to quickly make effective Facebook ad campaigns

    • 20. The Facebook messaging strategy that got me hundreds of clients for free.

    • 21. I wanted a lot of Facebook likes to make my website popular. Here's what I got.

    • 22. Where to get help from Facebook when you have problems?

    • 23. When is it worth it to make a Facebook page? How different is my new page from my first page.

    • 24. Changing your profile picture on Facebook is the easiest way to get likes

    • 25. Should you use a Facebook page, Facebook group, or your Facebook profile?

    • 26. How to get someone to accept your friend request on Facebook

    • 27. What type of status will get the most clicks, likes, comments, and shares?

    • 28. YouTube is awesome for organic search traffic and long term viral growth.

    • 29. Welcome to YouTube! Here are the two places people spend time with you.

    • 30. Introduction to the YouTube creator studio + 1 thing most critical for success.

    • 31. Uploading new YouTube videos and looking at your analytics is the key to success

    • 32. Your community on YouTube is where you turn your work into gold.

    • 33. Your YouTube channel features explained including how to get a subscribe button.

    • 34. Thinking global first on YouTube is your path to local domination.

    • 35. Easy ways to make viral YouTube videos based on my experience with 20+ videos.

    • 36. Youtube viral video creation basic tutorial.

    • 37. YouTube viral video launch day 2.

    • 38. What is Twitter best for? Website traffic and social proof.

    • 39. Welcome to Twitter! Learn the basics right here.

    • 40. What type of tweet gets the best engagement? What does Google do?

    • 41. How to make a picture tweet that fills the timeline for people following you.

    • 42. How did I get so many followers on Twitter?

    • 43. How to search for the right people to follow and your ideal followers on Twitter

    • 44. How following people on Twitter earns me so many followers.

    • 45. Unfollowing people not following you back is the key to building your followers.

    • 46. Auto posting new YouTube videos uploaded to Twitter.

    • 47. Autoposting with HootSuite is how I reach my Twitter followers 24/7.

    • 48. How to combine Facebook and Twitter to get boosted organic reach with CoPromote.

    • 49. What is most important on LinkedIn and what are the basic features?

    • 50. How I made an all star LinkedIn profile and how you can too!

    • 51. Getting the perfect LinkedIn profile picture. You will not believe the one I use

    • 52. How to make a powerful LinkedIn profile summary optimized for SEO.

    • 53. Using media in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile.

    • 54. Strategies for adding connections on LinkedIn.

    • 55. A powerful strategy using LinkedIn posts to get people reading your blog.

    • 56. If you want people to read your blog, start blogging on LinkedIn.

    • 57. LinkedIn messaging for connections, relationships, and leads.

    • 58. LinkedIn groups are where you do expand your network on LinkedIn.

    • 59. LinkedIn Pulse has your news and is where you can get your organic traffic.

    • 60. How to search for jobs and find better jobs to apply to on LinkedIn jobs.

    • 61. LinkedIn premium accounts explained.

    • 62. The Pinterest homepage and thank you for learning about Pinterest with me!

    • 63. How to make a pin on Pinterest from a website.

    • 64. Pinterest profile overview. What are boards on Pinterest?

    • 65. How organic engagement on Pinterest happens with pins in of the newsfeed.

    • 66. Pinterest demographics explained for 2015: mostly young and middle aged women!

    • 67. Pinning onto a board in Pinterest is like putting a note in your scrapbook.

    • 68. How you can engage with pins on Pinterest, like Pins, and share Pins on Facebook

    • 69. How to add followers and get followers on Pinterest by adding friends.

    • 70. Pinterest boards! How to make a board and make a pin to it.

    • 71. Pinterest boards explained in depth with examples of following just one board.

    • 72. Where notifications are on Pinterest and how you can see who is following you.

    • 73. Pinterest business account. How to join as a business or convert your personal.

    • 74. Pinterest analytics available for businesses show you impressions and audience!

    • 75. What is Google+ best for? Search engine ranking and YouTube engagement.

    • 76. Welcome to Google+! See the basic functions such as +1, circles, and newsfeed.

    • 77. The Google plus business page is the #1 value Google plus offers.

    • 78. Google plus for business overview and basic features.

    • 79. Google+ business page insights plus opportunities for SEO and page optimization.

    • 80. Verifying a Google plus business page + deleting your Google plus business page.

    • 81. How to get reviews on Google+, leave a review, and find reviews you have written

    • 82. The easiest place to build Google plus organic engagement is on YouTube.

    • 83. How to find people you know with circles in Google plus and add people quickly.

    • 84. How I got 500 new followers on instagram easy!

    • 85. My failures with social media marketing led to me learning enough to teach it!

    • 86. What am I doing on social media now? Where am I spending my time and ad budget?

    • 87. Was my first profitable website a success or failure with Facebook marketing?

    • 88. Twitter SEO victory and account suspension.

    • 89. My first painful failure on YouTube with a copyright notice strike penalty.

    • 90. Who gets their LinkedIn account suspended? I did at least make one sale.

    • 91. Two mentions nationwide in business journals for ruining a social media contest.

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About This Class

Take this course to learn what works best for success on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram! Immediately see what each social media platform will work best to help you focus your learning on getting the highest return and the best results with your social media marketing! With millions of followers on social media that I built completely online with no outside funding or assistance, you can trust that what I share with you can have the potential to work for you as it does for me!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Course introduction and overview.: thank you very much for enrolling in this course and welcome the question I asked in. The course title relates to figuring out where the best put your energy, getting some general knowledge if you want, in any or all of the social media platforms listed, and then getting some strategies in that platform that will help you succeed. For example, if you want to learn about YouTube, you can go straight to the YouTube section of this course, see the basics of YouTube, and then I'll show you several powerful strategies. I've you successfully with YouTube. That's how the course is set up. And what will make this course great is if you use it as a place to share what you're doing to share what you're trying to do so you can get some feedback. And so that what you're trying to do make some more sense to you. I know when I started out, and even most of the four years I've had my business online, what I was doing as far a social media was very foggy, even to me. So how could it possibly be clear to anyone else interacting with my social media if you can share. Ah, focused plan of what you're doing. For example, now I'm putting YouTube videos up, which are often previews of parts of my you Timmy courses. I then send people to my website where they by my una me courses on Facebook. I use my audience on Facebook as social proof across my YouTube videos, my website and on you to me to show that what I'm doing really works instead of having to try and explain how great it works, you can easily see looking at my Facebook page how well, what I'm doing works. And so that's the basics of how I'm using most of my energy on social media right now. If you can share something like that and if you can discover what you might want to do with your social media in this course, then I will count that as a great benefit that I can offer to you by participating with me in this course. Thank you very much for being here. And I love to hear more about what you're doing on social media. 2. Share your story! Post your social media marketing story in the discussions!: If you want to be one of the top 5% students in this course, if you want to really get something out of this course than what you can do is start engaging, start talking to all of us in the course using the course discussions and especially share your story of whatever you've done so far, and especially if you've messed something up or done something really well. Share that with us in a discussion. It's easiest to do this on the desktop version, so you can use your keyboard to really type it out. Share your story, and if it's in a video, share the link to your YouTube video with us. If you do this, then you can really invest a little bit in the course. And you can help all of us to be inspired because there are a lot of great stories and information in this course. What you can add to the course and what collectively all of us as students in the course can add can be so much more. All of the stories you see in the discussions can be inspirational to others, because more than likely, someone else is trying to do what you might have already done, or someone else is afraid of making a mistake you've already made. If you can share that in the course discussions, you can really give help to someone else, and you can commit to being a part of this course. You can commit to learning mawr and to trying more so if you'll share a story or if you don't have any stories yet share what you want to learn and accomplish. This little thing doesn't seem like much, but the main factor of success that I've found in teaching 20 online courses is getting actively connected and participating in the community with the course. My Twitter course has been a great example of this. Students sharing in the course provide awesome inspiration for other students, and that, combined with the material in the course, will give you an awesome learning experience. So I know it will take maybe a minute, maybe five minutes. The time you spend doing something as a part of this course will encourage you to keep doing that. So when I share something later in the course about how to do a trick on Facebook, then when you have already done something in the course by sharing your story. Then you'll be more motivated to go forward and actually try whatever I've shared with you , because I can share lots of information with you. The only way you're actually going toe learn it, though, is to try and do some of these things yourself. I know I learned really good through doing, and so I'm here to inspire you throughout this course, to learn by doing to try the things that are shared with you here and to then share your experience with that. In the course, I noticed the very top students who are learning the best are also the most engaged in the course. They share everything they're thinking, how they're progressing, that other students are reading that other students may not share anything. But every time you make a post, you're likely to reach 10 50 hundreds, even 1000 students that will read what you've shared. So I'm honored you're here, and I look forward to seeing what you have to say about this course in the discussions and above, especially about what you've done so far a social media, what you're doing and what you want to do in the future. Thank you for watching this. And I hope this is useful for you. 3. How is the course structured? How to use it? : How is this course structured? You can see there are a lot of lectures, a lot of videos in this course, so this will help you navigate it. Structured by platform, obviously, if you've looked down, so if it's about Facebook, it's has everything. Facebook in that section. YouTube has everything. You tube in that section, every section start simple and gets more advanced, and you can use the course to learn a little bit about everything, or you can learn a lot in one specific area. The idea of the course is to show you the basics and then show you what works. So you get a focussed approach in each section so some subjects will be shorter than others . For example, Twitter. It's pretty straightforward what works on Twitter, so there's not as much need to go into a huge amount of depth in that area. I appreciate you being here, and I know that you can get the most out of this course if you see something in the course and are then inspired to go try or mess around with something on your own, because I find learning happens in relation to doing things into trying things. So what I hope is that you can get inspired, try some new things or to refine the things you already are doing out of what you see in this course, I've found that doing a better job in the things I'm already doing is usually much more likely to give me a high return than trying to do a bunch of new things. Sometimes doing something new is really good, but the only way to know for sure is to just try things. You just try things and see what happens. You'll find out what works soon enough. Thank you for being here and the next section. What I'll do is help you to guide you into what you might want to learn what works best on a lot of different platforms. And I'll share a little bit of my own story here because I know I learned best with stories , so I'll share some stories and what works the best. So if you're not sure what's worth learning, if you're not sure what the best thing on Facebook or YouTube or Twitter is, according to what I've found, at least the next section will be really good for that. If you know you want to get into a specific subject, feel free to skip straight to the Facebook or YouTube section. Whatever you want to learn right now. Thank you. 4. How to figure out what to learn next in social media marketing: So when you're looking at all the lectures in this course, you might be wondering where do I start? What do I start learning first and what can I expect the best results with? I hope this gives you a good solid answer to that, and I will share it based on my experience. When I started out, I was shotgun approaching all over the place. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr linked in I was Google, plus just shotgun approach trying all of them. And you know what I had when you looked through all the links to my social media profiles? I had a lot of crappy social media profiles. I say crappy is in Not a lot of followers, not a lot of good content, Not a lot of engagement. Ah, bunch of not well maintained and loved social media profiles. So what I did then was to look at what can I do best? And I just again haphazardly tried a bunch of different things, and I found I was gravitating towards Facebook. Now I did this mostly unconsciously. You can do it more consciously using what I've shared with you right now. If you look at what you've used the most already. That's probably where you have your biggest opportunity to do. Well, I in 2000 and 11 2012 and I started to figure out Facebook was where I should put my energy . I'd already been using Facebook's for six or seven years. By then, I already had a ton of time and experience on Facebook. I created my Facebook profile in 2000 and five, and I used it since then to do all kinds of things, from finding a girlfriend to networking with new friends, to getting connected with old friends, to starting new groups to participating in people's lives, actively on posts, sharing photos, reaching out to people for help with things through messages. And so I'd already went through and interacted with most all of the features you could use on Facebook. So I knew Facebook very well as a user, So it was not surprising if you look back on what I've done that I have had the most success on Facebook, and that means you want to know where have you had the most success already? And mostly you want to look at yourself as a user It's amazing how many people I see that try and use a platform like Facebook that they haven't used much before, and they don't get much success with it because they obviously don't understand what the user does on Facebook. So if you have spent a lot of time already on Facebook or Twitter, if you've already put a ton of energy and time in the Pinterest or Tumblr Google plus linked in wherever you've already spent time and energy, it will be much easier for you to learn mawr and go farther on that platform Now. At the same time, it's also easier to learn in terms of amount of things you can learn about a new platform. So if you've never used Twitter before, the section in this course about Twitter can be very helpful for learning about Twitter and skipping a lot of the painful failures you might try and go about getting. When you learn Twitter on your own so you can learn across the board easier, it usually works out best to do one thing well, so if you've ever been a website, you've seen a website that maybe had a great Facebook page and Then they had a dead Google plus page YouTube channel with two videos and a pinch of profile, with hardly any pins or activity. You can see exactly what I'm talking about, and one of the things I learned early on was to not feature things. I wasn't doing well because people tend to view things like an average. So if you have a Facebook profile, that's great. And then nothing else is very good than just focus on one, because it's better to do one thing well than to do one thing well and do five other things . Not very well. So if you can figure out right now, look at yourself and say, What do I already know and take an honest appraisal of yourself? Where my act am I good on Facebook already? Do I already interact on Twitter a lot? Do I use Pinterest a lot? My wife. The only social networks she uses a lot is Pinterest, although she has years of experience on Facebook. So if she wanted to start something, Facebook and Pinterest would be the two easiest for her to begin with. If she tried to do something on Twitter, she's never used Twitter before if she tried to do something on Google. Plus, she doesn't use Google. Plus, she tried to do something and linked in. She doesn't use linked in much. So if you can figure out the exact areas like that you have. If you already are active on linked in, then you probably can go farther and get better results faster on linked in. So I hope this getting started mindset for you is really helpful and figure out exactly where you already have ability. And then it's probably easier to go in and learn more about an area where you already have ability, do more on there and then over time, slowly build up and be well rounded because being well rounded overall is much better. If you can be functional on all of the social media platforms, it's a lot more powerful. But if you can at least be good at one first, that's a lot easier. Inspirational E to get started with, give yourself some courage, some experience, some feel good, and then you'll be more willing to go screw things up on some of the ones you haven't done before, so I hope this has been helpful for you and figuring out where to start. And I appreciate the time you spent watching this video with me. 5. Know about the law of averaging principle in human psychology: before you start trying to learn and do every social media platform like I did. There's one crucial principle you want to know, as faras human psychology goes, and this can help you guide your efforts to get the very best results. Humans by nature tend to average what they see, not add it. So you're thinking logically if you put all of your social media profiles up that people will add them all up and see how impressive your But that's not what people do. And so you can see based on my website layout, takes into account what people actually do. I've zoomed in now to highlight this. What people actually do is average. So what I had on my website before I had my Facebook page with a 1,000,000 likes on it. And then I had my Twitter account with thousands of followers on it. You can see 40,000 followers here. I had my YouTube channel up with millions of views and 8000 subscribers, and then I had my Google plus page up with a few 100 followers on it. Well, the problem is, what people do is average things, and I noticed this firsthand when I was looking at other people's websites before I got started trying to work or do anything in social media, people average things. So if you have something really impressive like a gigantic Facebook page with a 1,000,000 likes like I have here, you can see a 1,000,000 likes on my Facebook page here Post. Reach hundreds of thousands and then on my website. All I do is feature my Facebook page, even though you might think this is a pretty impressive Twitter account. What happens when people see a 1,000,000 Facebook likes and 40,000 Twitter followers? They don't think, Oh, he's got a 1,000,000 plus 40,000 followers. They think, Oh, he's got a few 1000 followers online. That's how the human mind works. And if you'll notice, watch when you do that with someone else, when they put all of their social media icons on the top of the website and what people do I know because I did this myself and other people have told me they did it with me. When you have all of your social media icons on a website, people will click on all of them and go visit all of your profiles, and the least impressive profile will tend to set the average for you. So, like my Google plus personal profiles, my least impressive profile as 470 followers. So that gets averaged with my Facebook page that has a 1,000,000 likes. If I just shotgun throw all that up here. So what? You can see, I don't put any of these other social profiles on my website. I want people to see one thing My Facebook page, with over a 1,000,000 likes on it because almost no one I've ever seen working online the way I am and even most big companies do not have a Facebook page that big having this size of Facebook pages an unquestionably impressive achievement when it comes to social media. When I'm putting my Twitter profile up with 40,000 followers, all kinds of people and companies have 40,000 followers. When I'm putting my YouTube channel up with 8000 subscribers, there's people visiting my website that have a lot more than that. When I'm putting up my Google plus profile, it doesn't look like I'm taking very good care of my social media presence online. So if you understand the law of averaging to get started with. What you can see is that learning one thing really well and showing that off will tend to work a lot better for you than trying to learn all off the things and doing all of them simply on an average basis. Now that said, there are a lot of different things in this course, and it's hard to figure out which one you could do really well before you've experimented and learned a bit with all of them. What works for me is doing what I already did the most. Facebook. I've got 10 years of experience using Facebook. If I'm trying to do something like Twitter, I've only got a few years and very limited experience on Twitter on YouTube, same thing. So what I do is I worked on doing one thing exceptionally, unquestionably well, and then I show that is the only thing on my website now. Obviously, people, if they look around, they can find my YouTube channel right here because the main thing people get excited about that I do online are my you to me courses on my YouTube videos. They confined my podcast But what you'll see is that I'm on Lee, featuring the very best. So if you know this love averaging to start with, you can look at what you can learn in this course as an opportunity to figure out where your chances to do the best. If you take a look at everything, you can figure out exactly where your chances to do the best. Now it's good to get all your profile set up. It's good to know the basics of all the social networks, but nothing beats doing one thing really well. When it comes to social media. It helps to at least have a foundation, though, and no the others, and then be able to feature one thing. Well, so thank you for spending this time with me. I'm honored you're here to learn with me, and I hope sharing this with you is useful in getting started and looking at the long term picture of how to apply this information to your learning 6. Facebook is amazing for building healthy long term relationships online: Facebook has been a miracle in my life. I joined Facebook in 2000 and five. I launched my entire business on Facebook, and I'm still using Facebook is the foundation of my business. Why does Facebook work so well? Because you build long term relationships with people on Facebook. The messaging features you can see. I've got a new message right here. The messaging feature on Facebook is where I built my business, connecting with new people like me around the world and people that needed help with their online ads around the world. I built my business to something that is just unbelievable. And I did it just by building relationships on Facebook, especially on my personal profile, and by building my Facebook page up. You can see here if you look down one million plus likes on my company's Facebook page and a lot of my friends, our liking, my company page and you can see now I continue to use my company page I post videos, and then I'm able to tag myself so I can reach my friends and I get video views on them now . Organic traffic likes. It's great Facebook. You build these relationships in the thing in life is most great. Things happen over time. If you're going to get a six figure client, which I'm grateful, I've got a six figure client on Facebook and it didn't happen overnight. It took starting out with a three figure client and slowly growing and nurturing that relationship into a 45 and then six figures. As both of our businesses have grown, Facebook allows you to do this more completely and effectively than any social network because more people are unfazed. Book globally, more people spend time on Facebook and people take Facebook seriously and trust Facebook four Communications. This Facebook messaging feature is one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with people and a few message profiles and pages, and you picked the exact right people. The target. There's no better place than on Facebook to build some new relationships with people, and I know back from building new girlfriends on Facebook back in 2000 and five. Although I have to building clients now on Facebook, I'm honored you're here. You probably here because of my Facebook course or through my Facebook work in some way. And so thank you for learning more with me in this course. I'll share lots more with you on Facebook 7. YouTube is incredible for organic search traffic that provides leads and sales: if you want organic search traffic. YouTube is absolutely unbelievably good for search traffic. If you look at my analytics, you can see if I zoom in on the YouTube search right here. 291,000 views in the last year alone from YouTube Organic search. Not to mention all these suggested video views. 1.5 million minutes. Watched YouTube is amazing for organic search. And the most absurd part it is that all you have to do aside from making good videos if you want them to rank and search results, you just spend money on YouTube advertising like I've been doing and your YouTube search traffic will continue to go up. Imagine if you could just straight up a Google to rank your website higher on Google s CEO , while YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. And you can do that in YouTube, you pay for you to bads and then you come up in search results. But that's not the best part. The best part is you can show up on very valuable terms like this. Facebook ads tutorial. 2015. You click here. My video comes up. You really like my video, then you scroll down. Oh, look, there's a link here in the description. It goes straight to my website straight to my you Timmy courses, and I've got someone from start to finish from start to finish with no effort on my part into buying my course. That's why YouTube is absolutely unbelievable. You start by uploading videos. You then get the YouTube organic search and suggested video traffic. You show a pie in search results, then you throw a link to your product in you drive sales. It's fully automated, no answering questions, no having to deal with customers except once they're in the course. I guess it's fully automated, and it's absolutely beautiful because it's easy to do on a bunch of different terms. So I showed you Facebook ads tutorial 2015 of the top video on that. If I just show you Facebook ads, the first page is stuffed with my videos, and because I'm signed in, they'll show these ones watch. But even if I'm not signed in same kind of thing. I've got videos all over, but not just Facebook linked in profile optimization up here, even though I don't know much about linked and more than I share with you in the course. And even hacking just got a new video up on hacking from my hacking course. YouTube is incredibly powerful for funneling organic search traffic into product sales. Once you get the videos ranked like you see the videos ranked on the Facebook advertising tutorial up here. Once you get it ranked like that, you just let it sit there and make sales. It's beautiful. YouTube. I absolutely love YouTube and the best part. You can even do this to get clients instead of sales on products. So I have a lot of awesome things to share with you on YouTube in this course, and I'm excited you're here. 8. Twitter can be your website's number one traffic source: Twitter is awesome for website traffic and for being influential online. I'm grateful have over 40,000 people following my jury Banfield Twitter account now, and to consistently be able to get impressions on my tweets. In the last 28 days, you can see over 40,000 impressions organically. Four. My tweets, thousands of people visiting my profile, hundreds of mentions, and I've only actually made 85 tweets in the last 28 days. I've completely outsourced my tweets and my Twitter account, and that's a beautiful thing about Twitter. It's easy to have a virtual assistant handle your Twitter account and still get the maximum benefit out of it. If you see on clout here, Twitter shows exactly how influential you are across social networks, especially when combined with Facebook. I have a celebrity level clout score that is mostly due to my Twitter account, and then all I have to do our do things like share courses. Now in my news feed, and I get retweets favorites and consistent Web traffic with Twitter, you'll notice many of my tweets have retweets on them, and people are consistently viewing and clicking on them. As you can see in my analytics, Twitter is very easy also to build followers. That's why, even with fairly little effort, I've got over 40,000 followers now, just using a follow and follow back strategy. I follow people and they follow me back. Done at scale, it produces tons of followers, and you can see the results are good. The people I'm following are not following nearly as many people as I am. And then when you see the Twitter news feed, it's just brute force in a Twitter news feed. So it's not any specific algorithm like Facebook. It's just straight up brute force. So I'm honored that I've got so many followers and this is my company account. I've got over 100,000 followers now on Twitter among my accounts, and it produces a powerful result for Web traffic and influence online. So all you have to do is start following people According of strategy. I show you in this course, and you can build up your Twitter account and have results like this very quickly. 9. LinkedIn can get you found for a better job and connect you with new clients: linked in is the best placed where you can get yourself found in a professional setting and connect yourself with new opportunities such as new jobs. New clients linked in is where people are doing Search results up in the search bar here. For specific people with specific talents, that means organic discovery of your professional skills. Unlinked in is the biggest opportunity you can have here you can see I'm getting found by people unlinked and I'm in the top 16% of profile views among professional, similar to me among the people who are likely to be optimizing their linked in profile a lot and linked in is where someone can be searching for, say, ah, Facebook ads, professional or a very exact skill search. And then you can come up here in the Who's viewed your profile like this, and that's what you want to see is you want to show up in these organic search results. So if you want to get a better job, if you want clients, MAWR clients and bigger clients linked in is a great place to get found and start those relationships, especially linked in as very active groups linked in groups are places where you can connect with new, similar people. So if you are a professional online, especially career oriented, linked in is a great place to up your job, where you can get a better job from what you have now, where you can showcase the skills you really have and where you can get found organically. So if that sounds like what you're trying to do, linked in is a place where your time and effort is very valuable. I also notice people who are doing very well in linked in groups, getting clients, making sales and building up their business with the number One thing linked in's great force when I'm showing you right here organic discovery, I'm not even trying to get found on linked in in terms of having myself get hired. And yet you can see hundreds of people viewing my linked in profile in the last 90 days. That's what you can look forward toa unlinked in. And I appreciate you watching this 10. Google is essential for restaurants and local businesses: if you have a local business and you want to get found online, Google Plus is absolutely essential. Google Plus is really good for getting people to show up to your actual business. And I'll show you why. Google Plus is also good for getting your own profile into search results. You can see I've got plus dot google dot com slash plus Jerry Banfield, and that allows me to easily get found in search results so you can do the same thing with your own name. But there's no better benefit to Google plus than what you see for local businesses and what I'll do here, I'll show you. I have the reviews tab. So I've reviewed businesses near me. And when I've been traveling on Google Plus, then what happens when you search for things like sushi? This is what the results look like Google nose that you're looking for a sushi place. So Google pops up. These Google Plus page is straight in the top of the results and what you'll notice. This is the sushi bar I go to, and it has 16 reviews on it. One of them is mine and you can see then the obvious choice for sushi in this area comes up based on Google plus pages. So obviously you can see the power of this right here, especially if you have a restaurant. People are looking for a certain type of food, and this if you click on it, it takes you straight into the Google plus Business page listing. And there's my review, along with a lot of others. But it's not just four restaurants you can see. I hired a agency for staffing, and they're right here. When you search for a staffing agency near where I live, the same thing happens. There are straight Google plus business page listings right here and which of these air you're going to choose or click on. You can see this one as three Google plus reviews. You're likely to go to that one, and that's helped it to rank second place right on these results here and the same thing. If you're looking for something like a dentist, you search for you want a riel DMG dentist in Bradenton and you can see ads for dentist here and then all Google plus business page listings here and then my dentist shows up right here. And the nice thing is, when you've got these five Google reviews, you can see the obvious choice to click on just looking at these. Oh, this one actually has good rating, so I probably would click on that if I have never done this before. Obvious huge power here. Google wants local businesses to get discovered through their Google plus for business pages. So Google plus local business absolutely awesome and essential. I'll show you lots more about this and thank you for watching. 11. Pinterest is where your fashion and home improvement products can take off!: if you have fashion products, fun products or home improvement products. Pinterest is absolutely awesome. Four. Sharing those One of the first successes I ever had in making money online was on this pin board. You see, right here I made a bunch of shirts on Cafe Press and you can see my very first successful pin here. It got 71 re pens for free, and I got several purchases from this all in one night, and it was really exciting. And that's just someone who didn't hardly do much on Pinterest and was just promoting their own products on Pinterest. If you do this well, you can have phenomenal opportunities. So if you want to do things like affiliate marketing for fashion products or for home improvement products or for fun products like this, if you want to sell T shirts if you want to sell items like you see on here, like from Cafe Press or other websites, Ventress works really good because that's what people are on Pinterest to do. People are on Pinterest to look at things like this. Shirts, fun things for the house. One sees all kinds of things on Pinterest that women in the demographic of thirties and the U. S. A. Often on ipads are looking at. My wife uses Pinterest as her main social network. She spends a lot of time looking for ideas for the home on Pinterest and I sold a lot of my T shirts and products on Pinterest just by putting pins up and sharing them they actually got in the organic news feed to any Pinterest user has access to. So Pinterest is one of the easiest places to put products up and to actually make sales on it. If you have products, especially that fit in the home or fashion category, or that are fun Pinterest, you can very easily make your first sales, and it's pretty easy to get started with. So Pinterest. I hope you've got a general idea of why you might want to learn Pinterest. And if Pinterest is right for you, there's a lot more information about Pinterest in the course, and I appreciate you watching this 12. Instagram is unmatched for sharing photos and getting an audience fast: Instagram is awesome. If you have photos you want to share on a regular basis, things like weight loss, things like inspirational photos or if you just like to take photos of your life. As you can see I've done here. Instagram is awesome because it's new enough that you can rapidly growing audience on it with good photos in the right area. You can see even I've got 1000 followers here on Instagram with very little effort and very few posts. The Instagram News feed reflects what's comin on. Instagram. You can see here just all kinds of random pictures of things and what's cool if the Instagram news feed is that things when they get engagement popped back up to the top. So as soon as someone clicks ah, heart on a photo, it can go right back up to the top of the news feed. So it's very easy to go viral on Instagram. If you've got a good audience now, who's actually using Instagram? It's a lot of kids at school using Instagram. That's a big part of the audience on Instagram, so if you have things kids at school are liable alike, then you're in a great spot. Where you can see here is this is a guy who's doing pretty well on Instagram ah, 192,000 followers. And if you look down mostly just posting pictures of himself, he's in good shape. And this is an example of what works really well on Instagram. As you can see, these are things kids at school are liable really like and engage with. So Instagram is one of the easiest places you can go build up a huge audience of followers like this guy has 192,000 followers. It's new enough that the competition four followers in many niche areas is still pretty low now. What is the big downside of Instagram? There's no desktop posting, so for me, I don't use instagram much because I can't post on my desktop, which eliminates the ease of me posting a lot of things on Instagram and also my products are mostly purchased on desktop. So why would I bother trying to make a big effort at this point on Instagram? So that's a brief overview of Instagram. If you're in an area where you think you could get that kind of 200,000 followers just by posting pictures of yourself. Go for it. It's really easy to build followers on Instagram easier than any other network. Organic engagements, really good on Instagram. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this is useful and sharing the basics of why you might want to learn Instagram. 13. Most activity on Facebook occurs in the newsfeed and in messages: if you're using Facebook and especially if you already have things like a page in a profile in groups, you might think, Oh, people are on my page looking at what I'm doing people on my profile looking at what I'm doing. If you use Facebook as a user, which if you're going to do any social media marketing, you've got to do a good job of it by being a good user. I've done great on Facebook because I've used Facebook for 10 years. And what I understand about Facebook is that almost all activity that happens on Facebook, I would guess between 70 and 90% off all time spent on Facebook is in the news feed or right on this basic page facebook dot com right here. This is where activity happens on Facebook, and this is where people are likely to interact with you and you are likely to interact with them. It often won't happen on an actual page and often wiping right news. Feed your share your updates here, and more than likely it will actually happen on your phone. It will actually happen when you're on your mobile device or on WiFi somewhere And what you'll see is that the time you spend on Facebook is more than likely right here. This is very powerful information because if you are spending time here, where do you think other people are spending time? Also, if you are interacting with pages and adds right here in the news feed, then it's critical that you get in the news feed in order for things to happen. If you're not in the news feed, then you're not likely to get much action. And so the nice thing that comes with knowing this is that you can plan your Facebook strategy around knowing that the news feed is where you're likely to get your interaction and you can see based on what I've shared. This is what a typical news feed, as far as I know. Looks like you've got things like pictures of ah guy going or Taylor Swift concert on his phone. You've got articles, you've got photos, and then you've got lots of ads, too. You've got all kinds of these like picture collages, and then you've got friends that will post videos like Tyler. He's my friend from Xbox, and then this is where ads come up, and more than likely, your ads will come up like this if they're in the desktop that come up in the news feed. And this often is very expensive ad to show something like this. And if someone clicks on your ad, it will probably usually go about like this, and I click incognito so I don't getting annoying re marketing pixels. It'll more than likely go about like this. Now this I actually like, there's a really article here and so quick read through. Okay, that's great. And that's all. So that's what usually happens with ads. I'm not in the mood right now for whatever that was, but I was curious enough to take a look at the landing page on it. And then you'll see here. Lots of the best activity occurs in these comments and in these shares, and these likes. So I hope from this you've got a good idea of where most of the activity on Facebook happens in terms of the news feed. Now there's a second place. That activity on Facebook happens, and that's in messaging, and it's simple enough for me to just say that at the end of the video because you can gather from there. Okay, well, stuff happens in messaging. It's easier to show you the news feed, but the rial work you'll do on Facebook in making relationships will probably be through messaging. 14. Your Facebook timeline is a place where you build trust and relationships: This is the Facebook timeline. This is your basic profile landing page. If you will facebook dot com slash Whatever you've put your user, you are allies. This is where a basic trust building comes in through Facebook. If you start messaging someone new, they're likely to check your timeline. And so your timeline is critical for building trust and sharing who you are. What that means is having things filled out in a way that you are happy with having people see in this little pixelated because I've zoomed in a lot so you can see it. This is the actual size of it here. So what you see is a profile that I have worked to build on trust. I have thousands of friends. I'm grateful for that. And I have hundreds of photos posted. I've got 90 videos up. I've had places I've checked in. I've got music and movies, TV shows, I've added, and then you can see my recent post right here. And then the about tab tends to be one of them or important places. People check because, honestly, most people that you'll get checking your about Trevor often looking things like your relationship status or your job status or where you went to school or where you've lived. So you're about Tab is one of the more critical places, and then you can see you've got your friends, your photos. You've got more information on your about tab down here. What this does is shows that I'm a riel person, and that's what's most important about this. For building trust is showing that you are are a riel person. It's very hard online to get a good idea of who someone is, especially through email. If you're trying to build some relationship, it can be hard through email because you're missing all of this kind of personal data. You're missing these pictures. You're missing these basic updates about life on Facebook. So the big breakthrough I first made was that Facebook is really powerful. When I built my profound continued to put good attention, positive attention and participate on Facebook, it was a great place to build relationships with people, and then I could reach out to people through Facebook messages that I'd never talked with before. And then after looking at my profile, the my timeline in my about page, they could see, I was a real person. They could see I was trustworthy, and then they would start interacting with me now. Often it would transition to email from there. The most powerful opportunity you have on Facebook counter to popular belief. Popular belief is that the news feed is where all the opportunity is. That's where the activity is. That's where viral things happen. But the real opportunity is building the relationships. And that happens to your timeline, your about page in the messaging, because you're not likely to do much in the news feed. And I'm saying this after I've done a lot online, you're not likely to get to a place where you can afford to do much in the news feed and in generally other places without having a strong set of relationships. And I say relationship broadly family, friends and business contacts. All of that works together. I started my business on Facebook, motivated by messages through Facebook. To my friends, it was easier to reach a lot of people and to share ideas with my friends on Facebook. That's where I got the actual motivation to start my business relationships based. I had wanted to work online. Before, I tried a lot of other things in isolation, but on Facebook I had enough connection, enough inspiration. I had enough friends who all pulled together through Facebook messages and inspired me to start. Then, from there I was able to keep in touch with my friends and build deeper relationships with the people already in my life. Through messages, I've found Joseph as one of my Xbox friends. It turned out he took an interest and inspired me to start my business from the very beginning. If I hadn't been messaging him through Facebook, I would not likely even have my business because he was the person who sat there and said, Yes, go ahead and do this. You should definitely do it. And Joseph was not big into cell phones at that time. The only way I could get a hold of him was through Facebook or talking on Xbox. And so Facebook messages were critical on me, starting my business with love and support of relationships online. Then Facebook messages were where I made my first good money online since I knew the power of Facebook messages in my life, I found pages like you see, I have a Facebook page here. I found pages and sent messages to pages and made some new connections. And that's where I found my first several 100 clients and where I started building a business that you are now interacting with. So this whole point of this video, if I not put love and attention into my personal profile, if I did not use the messaging and built the relationships with people I already had on Facebook, there's no way I would be here talking with you today. I tried a lot of things before I tried upload YouTube videos. I tried making money online back in college, and what the difference was that I got here with you now is all through Facebook's ability to easily connect, share and talk with people through messages. And you see a lot of activity online. All these talks It looks like people are doing things by themselves, and it's simply not true. I have a giant network of love and support my life and Facebook messaging has been a critical part of that, forgetting my business where it's at today. So use Facebook messaging, build relationships deeper with the people you already have, and ironically, that is likely to produce more positive results for you, who than most anything else at least getting started if you're anything like me. 15. If you are not sure what you are doing yet, stick to a personal profile: If you are not sure exactly what you're doing yet, if you're trying to get started or if you're in the early stages or even if you've had something and it's fell apart or you're tired of it, you want to do something new. The Facebook personal profile is the place to focus. Here's the thing Facebook pages like I've got here. They seem so alluring, so exciting, so full of potential. The truth is, my personal profile has done the bulk of the work for me in my success on Facebook. And you might ask, how how is that possible? While my page was a useful tool, my page help convert people who had found my profile. But that's all. My page was a tool. My personal profile like I cheered in The last lecture is where my business actually got started. The friends and the people in my life is where the business started, where the love and support happened in continuing it. It's where I built relationships with people, a helping of my business, where I got advice and where I made my new leads and where I then converted most of those leads, some of which looked at my Facebook page for helping the conversion process as proof of me doing what I say could do so. The personal profile is easy to relate to. Also, because most anyone that's on Facebook has a personal profound. Then you're just relating one person to another. Ah, business page starts to get a bit aloof. Sometimes groups can get chaotic, but ultimately your personal profile can go into groups and interact also. So your personal profile gigantic resource. And it's much easier to just do a good job on your personal profile than it is to have a poorly done business. Facebook page. If you have a Facebook page that's done poorly, it's actually better to not even use it or show it to anyone than it is to try and get something out of it. Because the thing is, most pages on Facebook are not used that much. They don't have that many fans. They don't have much great content. And when you have a page that fits into that 80% of pages that aren't very good that aren't very useful, that don't do much. You do something negative with your image, then it's better just to have nothing than it is to have some negative things like that. So unless you know very clearly what you're doing with having a page, just use your personal profile. The reason, also is that a page can be a huge time and money sink. I've sunk a ton of time and money into my company, Facebook Page, and when I started my business, my Facebook page was a huge drain on me. I was not paying attention to my personal profile as much, and my page was not done very well either. I just wanted to use it as a means to an end and most the first several months. My page was nothing more than a crappy Facebook page, and so that didn't do anything. And it frustrated me a lot. When you're starting out, everything's frustrating enough. When you're trying something new, everything's frustrating enough. When you're trying to make a change in direction, everything is frustrating enough so you don't want any more frustration. So just close. Forget about the idea of a page until you're in a position where a page makes complete sense. I'll show some of those situations next 16. Making a Facebook page branded with my name is my long term solution: If you are sure you want a Facebook page, here's a basic formula to make a good page, and this is based on what I'm doing right now. First, a bigger pages, almost always going to be better. Ah, bigger page impresses people, shows people you're popular and in the sense of engagement on Facebook, audience is foundational. People aren't going to generally interact with pages that are bigger, more established, that are active. So you can see I've went this route I've built over a 1,000,000 likes on my page and my post have good organic reach, and I consistently, um, sharing and posting new things on my page. I want people to have a good first impression when they come in on my page, they see videos. They see views. They see people liking and sharing my videos. They see activity and love and support on my page, so that's the first impression I want. Now the cover image. I'm going to shortly get a new cover image. This is probably the fifth or 10th cover image I've got. I keep getting cover images, and the cover image is likely to be an ongoing thing with you. This cover images, Okay? And yet it could be better. It's fairly simple, though. So what I want to do is just communicate when people visit my page. Who am I and what am I doing? And what should they do? So I've got the arrow to look at the called action buttons. I've got a simple logo. I've got my website and name up all over here. Now, for the name of the page, I'm actually in the process off a name change request. Tomorrow my name change should go through. So the page name will be Jerry Banfield instead of ban work. What you can see, after I showed you the pages before is the constant evolution of having different Facebook pages. The standard now seems to be to have a Facebook page with your name as the page title. Now, why does this work good? Well, as you can see, I have two different companies. The last Facebook page I had was for my first company, which technically owns the second company. So really productive life is you can see that's a bit of a mouthful for a company name. I switched it to something shorter. Band work Well, the problem with band work was it doesn't mean anything. And then it's an effort, as you can see in every video that I have to tag myself so that my actual name gets out there according to search results. What people actually do is search for my name. Unless you're Apple or Google or Facebook, which I'm guessing you're not, Then it's much easier to just use your own name. So the standard I've seen in people doing similar things to me and that consistently works is to just have a page name as your name. And that way it's easier to get your friends toe like it. Hey, this my page And it has the same name is me that makes it easier when you run ads. Instead of showing the company name, you can show your name for brand recognition. And then here's the rial beauty of this, which you might ask why it took me 3.5 minutes to get to the real beauty of this. When you've got your Facebook page name matching your name, then you can put everything under one page. You can put everything instead of having like I showed you gaming addiction dot net as my first page riel. Productive life. Oh, and you don't want to know how many other pages I've actually made. I've made several. You can put everything under one single page, and that is so much easier than trying to manage all these other pages. Because, as you can see now, this is the Onley page I put time and effort into. I only have time to do a decent job on one page. So if I've got my name on it, according to Facebook, in 24 more hours and will change over to my name from Ban work when I've got my name on it , then I can consistently just put whatever I'm doing under the same name right now. I've been putting all these inspirational videos up, considering my company's called Being Work. The videos are by Jerry Banfield. There's no mention of band work anywhere. What sense does it have to use band work? I would create a new page, except I have a 1,000,000 likes already, so that's kind of not something I just want to drop. I already created a new page after having 100,000 likes on the real productive life page. So as you can see, it's much easier for the long term to make a page with your name as the name. So then, whatever. Cos you do whatever products you sell or stop selling whatever you do is all branded under one name that's worked really well on my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel has been under one name the whole time, and that's allowed me to do things from putting my dating videos up to putting up my inspirational videos, my Facebook page like training videos all in one spot under my name. So it's much easier for the long term to just do a page name with your name instead of doing one for each product instead of doing one fridge company instead of doing one for each service. It's much easier to have one thing well done and much more powerful on Facebook than it is to have a bunch of things done half way Now. That said, Is my Facebook page perfect? No, I could have higher engagement. This is all organic on these last few I could have higher likes in my country. I've got mostly global likes from almost every country in the world. I've got things that aren't perfect on my page, and so that's okay, though. It's okay. It's better to have one good page than it is to have a bunch of pages that aren't working very well. And it's better to accept doing a good job consistently on your page than trying to force great on your page, getting all upset about it and then quitting on your page entirely. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been useful in helping you decide how to set up a Facebook page for yourself. 17. What strategy I am using for Facebook posts and my page today: After telling you all this about Facebook, you might appreciate honestly knowing exactly what I'm actually doing on Facebook myself and how this might relate to what you can do. I'm Facebook. So what I've done is to build up Ah, page on Facebook. That's his big and impressive with the Worldwide on. Is this possible? You've probably seen that by now. It's got one million likes. I just changed the name. So it's rebranded to Jerry Banfield teacher instead of my company. It's a lot nicer that way. And here's how I'm making my posts. I'm making videos with links to my courses, my website and then my YouTube channel. The main thing I'm doing is featuring these videos, and then I'm putting them and adds to increase the organic reach and to get them to the exact right audience. The idea is when people watch my videos online. That is the place I'm most likely to get serious traction. That's where I'm likely to get a sticky audience, so to speak, an audience that comes back an audience that learns, um, or an audience that goes through and looks at courses that looks at my website that watches my YouTube videos. What I'm trying to do is build on audience. That's following what I create consistently. So not just someone that looks one time, but that who always wants to see what the newest thing Jerry Banfield's doing. I started that out globally, but now, through these video posts, I'm going after an audience exactly wherever I think their most valuable, and I'll show you doing that in Facebook ads. So I've got my page here and you can see good organic reach, although a lot of people on the page aren't actually watching the videos, and that's okay because the videos are there for my most targeted, most focused audience. And so that's who I'm making the videos for. And so I've got the videos up here, and then I can run them in ads and reach my exact right audience with those. And so when my audience that I'm thinking is exactly right comes across the page and sees what's going on, the ideas, I want them to be impressed and to stick around, to stay with me, to keep watching videos. And so I've done a lot of videos you can see on my page here. I've done tons of videos on my page with idea being when I get that person who gets really excited, they can sit here and watch video after video after video after video after video I've made . So that's what I'm doing on Facebook right now. I'm focused on the online video offerings on Facebook. You can see, just two minutes ago I finish this up, I'm making up sewed every day. And the nice thing when I put these videos on Facebook, I can also then put them on my podcast. I can also then put them on YouTube. I can also put them in a free course on you to me, and I can also have them in a blawg post on my website. So this one creative action I'm doing can be influential everywhere, and Facebook gives me a very nice platform to feature and build on ongoing audience with that now. So I appreciate you looking at what I'm doing with Facebook. The last thing I'll show you in this section, at least unless I decided to go and more stuff later, is how I make ads for these things to reach my audience very quickly and simply on Facebook 18. Overview of what I am doing now with my Facebook ads: Here's what I'm doing with my Facebook ads. Right now I have two campaigns running, and I'll show you how I quickly make an ad campaign for my recent post. So I've got my cheap page likes campaign. You can see this has been running for a long time now. I've invested over 2000 and I've got 266,000. Likes off this one campaign, I'll show you, the exact adds. I'm running to in full detail now. This is old, so it's been moved into a new page ad on what you can see is I've simply went about the approach of saying like to spread the feeling and I have I love you on there So I'm sharing positive feelings and I found an audience that's low cost to reach. You'll see I'm hitting Bangladesh, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Nepal philistine Philippines, Pakistan, Romania, Serbian, Tunisia who were interested in love. I've went after an audience that's low cost and that clicks on my ads alive and gives me lots of page likes. And they also go through and like lots of my posts also, and you can see the relevant scores Good that means people like the ad. And so I got this out of making a lot of different campaigns, testing all kinds of different things. That worked. And I think I even put this in before the 20% text. I'm not sure if you can still do this. Maybe you can. Maybe you can't. But this is the basic formula I've done to get 200 some 1000 page likes for a few $1000 combined with doing a whole lot of similar types of ads. And so this has worked for me. And so I keep running it every day. Now, what am I doing to get to my deal audience? I'm using those posts. I showed you in the strategy right before this. So I've got that exact post. And now this. I'm targeting two people in the US who are interested in you to me. So this is going out to my exact ideal audience, you could say with the intent of making sales and getting people thinking about and looking at my courses. It's both for sales now and for long term branding, especially on the U to me target. And so what I've done is. I've uploaded the same video, and I've tried slightly different ways of wording things, and I've put those into their own ads set. So I made one campaign, and then I've got different ways of wording, things, different links. And the targeting is very similar on this one. But when I'm going to do next is branch this out and make Mawr targeting options and see if there's an audience I can reach this even lower cost or even more engaged. So that's what I'm doing on my ads, and I'll show you really quick in the next lecture, how I go through and make an ad for my post that I just showed you that is two minutes now , eight minutes old. 19. How to quickly make effective Facebook ad campaigns: Here's how I'm making an ad and I do all of my adds this way because it's proven to work the best. So here's the post on my page I've zoomed into you see clearly I have a simple one sentence here with a leak on it, and then I have a video on what ultimately want is social proof on this video from the ad. I want traffic. I want people paying attention to this. So attention is the main thing I'm looking for, and so one thing I can do to do that is to make an and that's very effective. So I'm in the ads manager. I do not use boost post. I'm in the ads manager, and so what I do is click on, create add. Now zoom out So everything's in at once and zoom in a little better. And what I want to do is just boost this post. I want to get more people interacting with the post and so I click on Boost post and then I go down here and now I can send people lips that I can do conversions. But what I do when I first start one of these off is I boost a post and then whichever post works best in a boosted post, then I will use that to send people website or do conversions. So I picked this post. It's the most recent, so it's right up there. I click continue, and when I'm going to do, I'm making a new campaign for this, and I'm going to call it odd. ITunes U. S. A. So this is sending people straight to iTunes that are on the podcast, and that's what I'm looking to do. So what I do here, I can use any kind of audience. I want one thing I can do. I can grab a custom audience from people who visited my website already, so I've got 1900 of them. So you think that might be a decent place to start with my audience and to try out a new post ad? So what I've done, I've got my Jerry Banfield custom audience here Now I often will start with a very simple targeting, like a custom audience or just a broad targeting to begin with and then offer it that way. So another strategy, if you don't have a custom audience. I'll do it this way. I'll put in the United States or there we go and what I'll do on this. I do a bit more of a broad audience, and so bring it down to, like in the forties, say 51 Max, and I'm doing a broad audience first to just see who actually is reached by this. So what I want to do is target people who are potentially interested in a podcast. So what I can do then is go down to behaviors. I want to get people who have iTunes because my link to iTunes will help people click on it and make it more relevant. So I will go all mobile devices by operating system, and I will go all IOS devices. You can see that narrows down my choices. A lot of 63 million users. Now I can try and narrow it a bit more so I could do something like iTunes Store to try and really double target it. But now that's likely to give me a more expensive audience, so I could also try things like podcast and then you'll see this is this much smaller audience down here so I'll give that a chance to start people interested in podcast IOS device. And again, when I do, I just create a lot of different ads. So this is just the first ad. I put them on small budgets and I test out what actually works. I look at the data, so I've given a wide age range. So then I can look at the reports and see which age actually works the best instead of trying to predict it. So I go in here and then I make the ad set name, and I just call it something related to targeting. So I O s 18 to 51 and then podcast, so that tells me what I've targeted in it. And now I can put desktop news feed here, and I don't need any advanced options. And I have mobile news feed. And so this is why I'm really trying to get someone that will go check the podcast out who might watch the video a little bit or who might not. So I've got that there and I take the right column out, and now I hit place Order. So that's exactly how I'm doing my ads, and I've got a 15 plus hour video course on how I'm doing my ad. So this is a simple, short version of how I'm doing my aunt and I'll give you a quick preview. I'll show you exactly what I do to scale this up. So what I do now, I change ad set to make a new ad set, so I don't know that that necessarily worked the best. So what I'll do is take the targeting off a leave the IOS on. But I took off the podcast targeting. And now what I can do is try something else. Like business and industry. I could try family and relationships. The thing is, I don't know what will actually work the best, so I can just try essentially a random, broad category here. It will give me a really large reach, which is okay. I'm just testing things out right now. And then I can do my daily budget of $2 a day, and then I call this business so you can see I do a bunch of these. Then I go through into a bunch of these to see which one really works and then all the ones that don't work. I just paused those after. Usually it only takes a couple days to see what the cost is going to be like the ones that do work. Then I continue using those. So I'll make one more real quick to show you how that works. So I'll take business and industry off. I, like some of these broad targeting categories, are really good. But you can also do something more niche, like Eckhart. Totally. And so you can see this is a really small audience. Then that likes Eckhart. Totally. So then I can try Eckhart Tolle, ease audience, and I can just copy the name up from over here. Page down, paced right here. Go down and then I hit place Order. So I'm hedging my bets here. I'm figuring I'll be lucky if one thing works really good. And so then I can try one more new ad set, and you can see it's just then related to how much effort I put into it, how much effort and time I spend trying to put into various different activities on here, how much different interests I'm willing to target. How many different ideas I'm willing to get in. How many different posts I'm willing to try. So it just comes down to effort right here, And that's good news. Now, I'm pretty sure this one will get approved. I'm pretty sure this video will get approved. So I went and made these beforehand. But you don't want to go do this before you have a good idea that what you're doing will get approved because you could get a whole bunch of ads rejected. You don't wanna waste that time. So I will do one last one here. Family and relationships. You can see this. Another big targeting. So I've got some narrow targeting and I've got some big targeting options, so that's what I do. And then I hit place order, and then I'll let the data show me what actually works. So from here, I'm not going to do anything else. I let the data show me what really works all these Aaron Review now, and so I definitely don't want to put any more time or effort into doing this until I actually get thes approved. So that's how I'm doing my ads on Facebook. Now I've given you a total run through the main things I do. I make these video posts. I put a link to something like iTunes, my website or you to me, So people who like it can learn more. I try and get people's attention with these videos and get people who are going to be lifelong subscribers and followers. I then make ads in a bunch of different areas I see which actually works the best. As you can see, this one works really good, and you can see this one, all of these air working about the same. So it's hard to tell which of those is best, so that I usually just keep making more until I find one that works really good. So thank you for being here and learning about Facebook with me. I hope this is useful for you and explaining the basics of being successful on Facebook and giving you a bunch of different strategies you can use to build yourself up on Facebook. 20. The Facebook messaging strategy that got me hundreds of clients for free.: social media marketing is about making personal connections. What I did really well was to make personal connections with people. What I did really poorly was nearly every other aspect of that. So the first thing in the main strategy I did tow launch my entire company successfully was to send messages, two Facebook pages. So what I did, I would find a Facebook page. Usually I'd find one showing an ad that wasn't very good. I would hit message, and then I would send a pre written message to the page offering to do something for them. When I first did this, I had just got ripped off by a website offering to give me guaranteed USA likes and I say, ripped off because they weren't actually, USA likes. Well, after that, I realized, Hey, I could offer the same service and I could go straight to the Facebook pages that needed it . Except what I did was I was honest about what it actually included. I just said they were likes. I didn't guarantee a country or anything, and I didn't say that their actual people or anything I just guaranteed actual lights. And then I sent messages like this two pages, and this worked phenomenally. I made my 1st 2 sales totaling nearly $1000 without even having a website. I saw pages running ads in the news feed and in the right hand column over here. I saw poorly done ads that I knew they needed help and they were trying to get more like so I'd click on the page. I click on the message tab, I'd send a message, and I didn't even have a website. I just asked if they wanted more likes, and they paid me through a direct PayPal link to get them more likes. Now, my 1st 2 orders, I re funded because I didn't no about fiver. Very well then. But as I got better than I was able to deliver my orders the way I promised, then I worked up to having a website which made it easier to convert clients. So I'll show you the actual messages I have in here and you'll notice Facebook now, two years later, almost actually removed every message I sent, but it took a long time before they did that, and this is what would happen. Most of the messages is you'll see over here are canned message with an exact format and a link to ban work dot com. Most of these messages never got a response, but if you look at this one, this is what would happen on a significant portion of the messages. I would get an actual interaction with the Facebook page owner, and then at some point I would direct them to either website or to email me. You wouldn't believe how many people I remember getting an over $1000 order. Someone clicks straight on. The link went straight to the website order the Facebook likes that I had up and purchased without ever actually talking back to me. So that was the magic of this strategy. Not just that. What it would give Facebook the chance to send the Facebook page owner and email saying, Look, you've got a new message. So if your Facebook page owner with a new page and you just get your first message, it's quite a novelty, So I got lucky. This is a very opportunistic strategy. It can still work very well now, but it's not as likely to work with pages having been around longer. So a social media market. If you really want to win big, you've often got to risk something like this. This is my original 2005 Facebook profile. It's got suspended and locked a whole bunch of times, and I'm grateful Facebook has been very tolerant off all of the actions I took on this profile. One of the things I was smart not to do when Facebook said I was sending too many messages at once, I stopped so I would send a few messages as often as possible. You can see, on March 8 2013 I sent a bunch of messages out at once. I would send them first thing in the morning, and I would send them out in afternoon and evening whenever the Facebook spam block would drop down so I could send more messages. And because I had an old Facebook account, I got the best tolerance in terms of sending messages. I tried this with the duplicate account, of course, and had a much lower tolerance for sending more messages. The frustrating thing was, this strategy was that for every actual order I got, I got lots of things like this where people would say No, thank you, or I would get messages like this where people would say we're being represented and various things like that tons of rejection messages with this strategy. But more often than not, I would simply send a message like this and never get a reply. It was a very frustrating but very effective strategy. The reason it worked is because of the email Facebook generated and the ability to bypass the gatekeeper, my biggest client that I still have today. I originally got a whole of them using this exact strategy. I got a hold of them. They offered a Facebook like campaign, which was delivered through fibre, which they didn't even like. They said, This is not good and I said, You're right. I went about then learning how to do a better job of delivering real people through Facebook ads. But this strategy was the foundation of what got my business started and for the first year was the foundation of my lead generation. By now, these messages you can see here I am not offering Facebook likes anymore. I'm offering to set up ad campaigns, the same service you can see on ban work dot com. These messages were set up four. Building direct sales through ban work dot com ad campaign setups. So I moved on beyond offering fake Facebook likes through fiver and the ad campaign setups were way more profitable. Doing this strategy way more profitable because it was a legitimate service at least, and what I would do to get people to grease the wheels. I suppose you could say I would like their page prior to sending this message so I'd say You're running a Facebook ad and I liked your page to start. And then I would say, If you want more likes, you can get me to set up an ad campaign, and I would send them to my Facebook page, which at the time was not banned work. I had a earlier version, which I then lost someone stolen. I would send them to the page and say, Look how big my pages, you know I can do it. I can help you make some ads that will run really well for your page. So the sheer amount of effort, if you can take away one thing from this lecture, look at the effort. I put into this strategy all of these messages, and this is just on one account. I actually had several other accounts I was using. I got in a couple of accounts from friends that weren't using them any more than it created second accounts, and I made a second account myself. So you're looking. I often would send hundreds of these messages a day, and I had a strategy set up for finding these pages because these pages are not easy to go about and find the exact right page, I would go through. At the time, Facebook had a feature where you could look through all of the potential ads you could see so I would sit there and roll through the ads. I would click on hundreds of ads in one day. And if you've got a lot of junk clicks on your Facebook ads, that's part of the problem, especially back in the past. But still, now, the people that click on almost all the ads and always just look at things eat up tons of clicks and never give you anything in return. I did order one company out of the tens of thousands of clicks on ads. I did actually order their service after they ordered from me. So what? I hope I'm sharing with you. Is not anything negative with this? Such as like how smart I am. I'm not sparred. I just got lucky with this opportunity at the right time. But what I'm sharing with you, as I hope you can see that the sheer effort I put into this is what worked out really well for getting this strategy toe actually work. If I would have put this effort into another area like building up my website, like making helpful videos like I do now, I probably would have got a lot higher return. And another thing, when you're just getting started, you often may not have the luxury to work strictly within the rules. You might need to bend the rules a little bit, and sometimes you might have to even break the rules because when you are getting started, you often do not have the luxury of resource is and time and personnel to go about following all the best practices. I encourage you to try and do that when possible. But here's the thing I never would be here talking with you, more than likely today if I had simply tried to do things how everyone else did. I got frustrated with that really fast. And this strategy you see here is a result of trying anything I could think of and then finding something that worked and then beating it to death until it stopped working. You might be able to plan out a better strategy from the beginning. What you don't know is how well things will work. I didn't know this strategy would work. I just tried it. And when it kept working, I kept doing it When it stopped working, I kept doing it for a long time before I realized it wasn't working in the more. So with everything that you can accomplish with social media marketing, it helps to try and think out of the box. This is a very out of the box strategy. At the same time, there's tons of strategies like this you can do if you want to be successful with your social media marketing, so you can take away from this. That effort will get you a long way in anything you want to do, and being creative and trying different strategies and repeating the ones that work is something you can depend on toe work for you with enough time and energy. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful. 21. I wanted a lot of Facebook likes to make my website popular. Here's what I got.: when I started out with my first website, gaming addiction dot net. I just wanted to more Facebook likes so that people would come to my website and I could get traffic and get more word out about video game addiction and maybe make some sales on my T shirts. I ordered a whole bunch of T shirts $1300 worth, and I sold a couple of them, one of the first things I did. So I thought Facebook might be able to help me. I've seen hundreds of people since then. At the same point. I want some Facebook like so I want some Web traffic so I can sell my shirts. Rather, it's on T spring or any other platform. So this is where I started out at two a little over three years ago. So what I did on Facebook, I tried to run ads, and the likes were ridiculously expensive. I tried the same kind of targeting settings everyone else does. I wanted us likes Onley, exact age and targeting settings. It was over a dollar alike, so I thought, Well, this is stupid. I will just buy some. So I searched for by Facebook likes back before Google even was onto this term in the beginning of 2000 and 12 and I found a few websites like this. Now, these aren't the actual ones I bought from, but these were what were available before, and this was when fiber was brand new to. So this is how they looked you could get. And this is how one actually looks based on the Google search results. You just put your friend paging. You gotta guaranteed amount of lights. It's all automated, and none of them are riel. They're all bots and automated accounts. Now, that's I'm not exactly sure with this one in particular, but I certainly wouldn't want to bet even $22 on it. And some of the websites looked more like this where they guaranteed actual countries that you could buy. So I'm definitely saying not to use any of those, but that's what happened. I ended up buying fake likes, and then I got ah, bunch of likes on my page that were obviously fake. So then I went straight to PayPal. I got my money back from both of the companies I'd bought from the 1st 1 was a bit easier to see through. The 2nd 1 had a really well done website, and they still have managed to get me on the same thing as the first. So I thought, Well, if I can't do it for myself, I might as well offer the same service and just be honest about the actual likes. The problem was when I bought Likes for my Facebook page they had promised me guaranteed us a high quality likes, which is what everyone wants, right? Well, the actual likes I got were not that so. I just got honest about the actual likes and said, Yes, they're just likes. And then I found five or dot com back before anyone hardly knew about it. And I bought Facebook like straight off of fiber dot com and ended up selling them to people. So you can appreciate the absurd turn of events where I go from trying to get some more likes for myself and getting my shirts sold to saying, Forget that I just want to make some money so I will offer people the same crappy services that ripped me off, except I'll be incrementally more honest about it. I won't guarantee a country. I won't say that. They're really anywhere. I'll just say, I'll get you Facebook likes this money for this much, and that's what I did. My first several 1000 in sales were from doing that, and they were almost all profit. And then the difference. I actually bought all the likes for my page first. Now it's not this page. This page, to my knowledge, has never had any fake likes on it. It was my gaming addiction, dot net and my real productive life page. This page I bought a bunch of likes on it. I would test out the likes first. A lot of the other sellers were not doing that, and then I would use the Facebook message strategy. I showed you where I'd reach out to. The people obviously needed them. It was a very opportunistic thing, and it on Lee worked for a very short period of time. It worked good for about eight or 10 months, and then it didn't work any well. But the point is, I went from trying to get myself a few more, likes just to try and do what I was already doing better and I completely transitioned into my first profitable business online that gave me the courage to drop out of my PhD program and to go about it full time. Now, if I hadn't done that, if I would have just stuck to gaming addiction dot net and demanded everything worked how I thought it was supposed to work, then I more than likely would never have got to the point of having my own business now. So social media marketing is ugly and full of opportunities. If you are willing to make a transition from what doesn't work, which was trying to promote this website to what does work, the challenge with it is, are the values and morals you put on things. So is it really wrong to sell? People who are looking for Facebook likes that are willing to pay for them. That's out to you to decide. I don't do that anymore, but there are still our websites that are doing it, and it helped me launch a business where I now am genuinely helping ah, lot of people for free on my website and especially on, you know, me. So it helped me get to a place where I'm able to help other people. Was that the best? Was that the ideal way to go about it? Well, if I could have planned out a nice, beautiful, perfect strategy, I probably wouldn't have learned anything. And that's the thing. If you want to be successful social media marketing lots of times it will take using some strategies that push the limits of the rules. It will take jumping on some of these opportunities. But if you can go straight to delivering value, if you can go straight to putting up helpful blawg posts, if you can go straight to creating great content, that's a lot better way to do it. Still, it's hard, even when you write great content to promote it on social media. If you look at my band work page, I've got almost 1/2 1,000,000 or excuse me, I have a 1,000,000 nearly people following me. I'm doing all kinds of things to co promote my page with others, and you'll still see very low organic engagement. That's just how Facebook works. George Takai has had one of the most successful Facebook pages that I've personally participated in, and if you go to his patient as eight million likes, and you'll notice it has very low engagement compared to what it had before. So his page as about eight times bigger than mine and you're looking at that rate, it only would have a few 100 likes on each thing now. Some have more likes and others, but he had these numbers of engagement when he had half or 1/3 of the fans he has now. He had higher numbers than this when he had way less fan. So Facebook is hard to get good engagement on. So what I'm saying is it's hard lots of times, no matter who you are to be successful on social media, doing things strictly by the breast practices, doing things strictly the way you think they're supposed to be done. And you can find a lot of opportunities by testing all kinds of different things and finding out what actually works. It's challenging, though. I try and be the best moral and upstanding person I can be, and it's challenging lots of times because the rules aren't completely clear and a lot of where I've got today is from bending and even breaking some of the rules when I got started . It's challenging and it's supposed to be challenging. I hope these stories communicate with you. If you're failing a lot of stuff, you are probably on your way to great things. If you're just having things, go decently are OK all the time. You probably aren't pushing the limits that months, and you're not likely to get way ahead if you don't push the limits. And that's okay. You don't need to get way ahead. Not getting way ahead is also okay. What I'm saying is, whatever you're doing is probably fine right now. It's probably okay right now, you can't know what's going to happen in the future. You can't know exactly what you're doing now that is going to work out really well for you . So just do your best and try and do things the way you would like them done to you And take note of what you get back. I noticed I get a lot less crap back now. Crap by negative comments, negative reviews, negative posts. I get a lot less that back. I still get some when I get a lot less negative back. So I hope you can see how I turned something negative. That happened when I tried to grow my Facebook page into an entire business. It's kind of absurd now, but you can have these opportunities and a lot more if you're willing to do your social media marketing without regards strictly to what other people say should work and go with what you find actually works. So thank you for going through this with me, and I hope it's been helpful. 22. Where to get help from Facebook when you have problems?: Where can you get help on Facebook when you have a problem with your page, especially or something on your personal profile? I didn't know about this for a lot of time on Facebook, and I think it's something fairly new. It's in the settings tab. So if you go on your upper right down, err on the desktop and you click on settings and then you zoom in while you're there so I can show you the exact tab when you go down the far left side. What you'll see is a thing called support dashboard so you can click on support Dashboard right here. Zoom back out. You can see my case is Rife contacted it, and five or six of these here. Five of these were from having an ad disapproved, and so you can contact Facebook directly on the ad, and then it shows up in the support dashboard. And then what I've got here I just submitted and asked, as I shared a little earlier in this to change my current page from Ban work to desired page name to Jerry Banfield. So then Facebook came back with me and said, It's different than your last name. So we're requiring a seven day waiting period. Your page name will automatically update. So this is what you can see in the page support. This is where you can get help for things, and then when you have MAWR questions and you want immediate answers for specific problems , you can go into the help center, and you can search for all kinds of things, like Facebook Page, and you can see all kinds of things. People have recently been talking about the basics of what is a Facebook page. What are the limits on my page? You can get everything you need just by going to facebook dot com slash help. There's tons of learning here, and if you're willing to admit you don't know some of the things you need to, you can go into here and learn a ton of things about Facebook, and it's easier for me to just send you right here to facebook dot com slash help than it is to try and tell you every single different thing you could know on Facebook. So if I can teach you how to go fish for the help you need, then I don't have to give you fish for the rest of your life. It's a lot easier that way. So thank you for learning here with me. And I hope this is useful when you run into a problem on Facebook. 23. When is it worth it to make a Facebook page? How different is my new page from my first page.: what situations are really useful to have a Facebook page? If you are trying to show social proof of having a big audience, having a Facebook page is really helpful. That's the main purpose of my page, things like when you go to my website, you see up on top of the page. A 1,000,000 people like this. There's my social proof first thing, your libelous see up in the top of my website. Often unconsciously, Facebook pages are really good for that. If you can afford to spend the money on the ads and build the audience and have the post, Facebook pages can be really good for that. If you have a very specific line of a lot of products you want to sell and you can make ads for all of them. Facebook pages can be really good for that. If you have something like a podcast and you're going to put the actual episodes of video up on Facebook, Facebook pages can be very good for that. If you just want to make videos and share them with your friends, you can do it on your personal profile. But a Facebook page can also be helpful if you have all kinds of updates, you want to share separate from who's actually friends with you on Facebook. A page can help with that, but let's talk about the page fantasy vs the page reality page fantasy. I'm going to set up a Facebook page is going to be really popular. It's going to make me a lot of money. People are going to take my posting content seriously. They're going to come to my page. I'm going to have a big organic reach. Everyone's going to engage with me and love me after. Maybe I put a little bit of effort into it. That's the page fantasy. That's what is thought of in the context of pages that's based on seeing pages like mine, where I do have millions of people liking my page, where I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to build my audience, where I have put a ton of time, attention and effort in love into my page. Now, if you have tens of thousands of dollars, thousands of hours and you want to go that route, then you can have that. Now let's look at the Facebook pages. Reality. In contrast, what you're likely tohave. Let me show you one of my older Facebook pages. What you're likely tohave is something mawr like this, especially getting started. Now you'll notice this actually has 100 some 1000 likes on it. This was my second company, Facebook Page. Let's show you my first company page gaming addiction dot net My first Facebook page. Look, there's not even one status on it. Oh, look, there is one from 2000 and 14. That's nice. This is more likely the kind of reality you're going to have with your Facebook page. Ah, 164 likes. A couple of your friends might like it, hoping that you'll do something in return when they need it. Like vote for them on some contest, you're likely to not have a whole lot of action on it. You're likely to be barely able to get anyone to actually see your posts. You're likely to find it very frustrating toe. Actually get any new likes when you go to create an ad for your going up. More than likely, be very disappointed with how how much it costs to get a page like and how little you actually get out of having that? Like often, with just a few 100 life, you'll be lucky to have anyone actually take a look at it. So this is more likely the kind of page you're going to start off with. So thinking about that, you can see it's obvious. It's probably a lot better to just put more effort in your personal profile than the have a crappy looking Facebook page like this with the title that doesn't even fit with old status updates, you can see that this creates a negative impression of who you are and what you're doing online, which is why I show it to you. So then let's look, then my second Facebook page. A lot better 3000 reviews on it, but still, I don't use it much now. It doesn't look good much anymore. One person like this very low engagement, because I havent posted on it much my old company website, my old generic kind of photo that's on here again. A poorly done Facebook page is more of a liability than asset, so even if you're likely to do well getting started out, you'll hit all the struggles you might pay a lot of money to get a cover photo, only to see you're not happy with how it fits or looks at a certain resolution or realize you need to change it in the future. When I'm saying is Facebook pages take a lot of work in time and love to do right, and if they're not done right, they're not worth doing it all because you don't get hardly anything out of them if they're not done well. So you've seen my Facebook pages. Now what I'll show you next is the recipe I'm using to make a Facebook page that does a lot for me. 24. Changing your profile picture on Facebook is the easiest way to get likes: what works best to get engagement on Facebook and by engagement, I mean interaction especially likes on a post. Well, I'll show you. I just changed my profile picture on my page. I had some boring logo up there and look now I stuck a baby photo of me up there. This is me when I was, like, five years old and 7000 people reached 278 likes just in the last 13 minutes. So here's the thing. That's a lot more engagement if you'll notice this video. 21 people watched it. Four likes 21 people. Watch that 10 likes. And, yes, I had some issues posting videos yesterday. This post 31 likes sharing a link. Videos 141 views. This one got 37 likes. What you can see is that pictures, especially updating your profile picture, are most likely to get the best engagement by far. So what you can know from that is if you update your profile picture and keep it fresh, that's a great way to get free engagement. Now this is on my page, my public profile page, and I've set it up as a public figure so that it set up as a person because that's one of the best page formats on Facebook. Instead of a company, people are on Facebook to interact with people, and then when you get interactions, they're more likely to happen in the same way, like change profile picture. But if you're doing this on your personal profile, you expect the same results. So one of the easiest things to do to get good engagement is to keep your profile picture updated both on your page and on your personal profile. 25. Should you use a Facebook page, Facebook group, or your Facebook profile?: should you use a Facebook page, your own profile or being a Facebook group or creative Facebook group to get the most traction on Facebook? What works best for me to actually get conversions is being in the right Facebook groups and making a great offer. So that means using my personal profile to post links as a member of a Facebook group to, for example, my you Timmy courses. I got most of my initial 20 plus 1000 students on you know me by finding the right Facebook groups to share links to my courses in. And many of these links I shared were free. They got tons of people into the course, and now I'm able to just do paid sales except offer a few of my courses free on my website . And then those get shared in Facebook groups. So Facebook groups also work remarkable for organic news feed engagement. I looked back at my Facebook organic engagement on my own profile, and I found the UNA Me studio accounted for 72 of my news feed post. Now think about that. In a world where Facebook news feed space is incredibly competitive, where companies air paying as much as $100 per 1000 impressions. That means those Facebook groups are really powerful and profitable when used correctly and by correctly, me being a valuable group member, genuinely contributing things to the group member and giving exceptional offers such as free access to your paid course or something similar. Facebook groups with a well done personal profile are by far the easiest method to get connected and engaged on Facebook. This is what I do now after building a page around a 1,000,000 likes on it. And after trying a lot of unsuccessful strategies on Facebook, using a Facebook page is good. If you're trying to just sell products through ads, you don't actually even need to build the likes up anymore because the ads air centered around conversions. So if you just want to do product sales with ads than a Facebook, page is better if you don't have at least 1000 plus to spend and have enough money that you can afford to just waste it until things start working. So by wasted, I mean test and test and test a bunch of different things. Nothing will likely work, and then finally, you'll get something, it does work, and then you consume any. Do that consistently. So if that's more of the position and you might consider a Facebook page if you want an organic engagement, forget it. Facebook pages are terrible for organic engagement, even a page like George Takei Eyes, which has awesome organic engagement historically and which has millions of fans that he got for free, not doing ads. But as his role is an actor and an activist, even his page has a hard time getting good organic engagement. Even the official Facebook page almost always does sponsored ads to get engagement. So think about that. If the official Facebook page doesn't get free engagement, Do you want to bank on free engagement with a Facebook page? Probably not. So if you don't have a business where you're trying to just sell products and you don't have a big ad budget, just forget about a Facebook page. Now. One thing. A Facebook page can be good for social proof on your website. That's the main way I use. Mine is social proof on my website. I've spent over $40,000 doing ads on Facebook, and I've got a 1,000,000 or so likes on my page that works really well for social proof. If you have a page that has a few 100 people following it, probably not going to work well for social proof. So if you don't have money to spend, just forget about a Facebook page and use your personal profile and use groups. Groups were great. They're free and the best thing you can connect with new people. You can make new friends. People really interact and get to know each other through Facebook groups. So I hope this has been useful for you and figuring out where to put your energy on Facebook based on my experience, spending thousands of hours on Facebook, trying and doing a lot of things that don't work and now finding exactly what does work. 26. How to get someone to accept your friend request on Facebook: If you want to get someone to accept you as a friend that you don't know in real life on Facebook, here's what works on me. At least I'm grateful to have a lot of friends on Facebook after initially being really frustrated back in college that my friends all had more than me. And now I get a lot of friend requests all the time because of what I do online, almost all from people I don't know or that I've never met who are following me. And here's how one guy recently got me to actually accept his request, and this has worked in several different form for other people. And I'll know if you watch this because you'll probably do the same thing. So here's what Robert did. Robert added me as a friend and then sent me a message, and Robert in the message, actually included a YouTube video about five minutes long. He'd made introducing himself to me. So he just sat down honestly in front of his computer and said, Hi, jeer have been following your work online. You know, he had his baby, too. He's like, This is my baby and he talked about where he's from, what he's done, some of the other people we know and have in common. And after watching that video, then I accepted his friend request. So if you can demonstrate that you really are carrying and following someone, you can get them to accept your friend request on Facebook. Another guy accepted his friend request after I noticed he'd been following commenting and liking nice things on my post consistently for quite a while. I looked in, clicked on his profile and it said he requested me as a friend and I thought, Oh, this guy's paying very close attention everything I post he's engaging with my post more than most of my friends do. So I confirmed his request. Also, if you want to make sure your message gets across, if you're going to use a message than Facebook and some countries allows you to pay a dollar to make sure you get into the in box instead of the other folder. So you do want to make sure to do that. I've been able to get people to accept my friend request that way by sending them a message paying a dollar to make sure they got it and saying hi, like my mom has a friend that owns the horse that my mom rides, and I wanted to be able to keep up with her on Facebook and be able to contact her somehow if there was an issue with the horse or my mom or something, because my mom lives a long way away from me and I couldn't actually add her as a friend. So I went to send her a message. Facebook said it going the other folder. So I paid a dollar. She got my message and accepted my friend request. And now, if there's some problem with my mom or the horse, or I need to reach her than I can easily send her a message on Facebook. So that is a good way to get people who accept your friend request, especially if you're don't know them for riel, and you want to get more connected with them, be able to message them, engage with their posts, be someone who deserves to be a friend. If you just random friends someone and don't ever interacted their posts, you don't send them a message. You're not likely to get a response and you could get spam blocked by Facebook. So if you find someone online, you really want to be friends with that? You don't know. I hope these strategies have been helpful for you in figuring out what you can do to get them to actually accept your request. 27. What type of status will get the most clicks, likes, comments, and shares?: what works the best to get the most quality engagement on Facebook. It has two different avenues. I'll suggest for delivery on my page. You can see I've done video statuses and links because I don't do many pictures on my page on my page. Videos tend to work the best. Now, some of these air skewed with ads, you'll notice. I also have very good organic reach on lots of my videos. Hundreds of people reached. Now some of the short links also get really good reach, but they get low engagement rate. Some of these videos have the very highest engagement rate, 10% engagement people clicking on the videos. So videos 10 to produce Really good engagement, mainly because Facebook pages automatically start playing videos. Lots of times. When you're in the news feed and you're watching a video, you'll notice it often starts automatically and so it artificially boost the engagement. But at the same time, it keeps people watching and paying attention to it a lot longer than other things do now. The second thing that tends to work the best you can see the success of videos on my personal page here, but is combined with my business page. What works best I've found on my personal profile usually is photos. For example, I posted just a photo of my garage with two cars actually in it and what you'll notice. 19 likes and three comments on my personal profile, and then I post a video and that combines views from my page. Now here. This picture of Lucky Charms didn't do so well. If you scroll down here a picture of my wife and my sister's dog, good engagement there brunch with my family, good engagement there and what you're consistently notice are that photos do pretty well for engagement in terms of people liking, commenting and sharing. This is my family. At the Tigers game, you'll see that the engagement is consistently good on photos. I have very few photos that don't have any engagement, and all in, even when I post something more work related like this good engagement on that. But the same time, if you have a page, videos work really well. So those are the two big ways you can get. Good engagement videos work great on pages, but photos weren't good on pages. Also, of photos worked really well on personal profiles 28. YouTube is awesome for organic search traffic and long term viral growth.: what works really well on YouTube. What are the strengths on YouTube and what can you get out of YouTube? YouTube is really, really, really good for organic search traffic and recommended or suggested video traffic. YouTube also works really well for Google search traffic. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, and YouTube is owned by Google. So knowing that you can see the biggest power and potential in YouTube is search and being found in suggested videos. If you want traffic, there's almost no easier social media platform to get consistent long term growth in traffic and to really engage people, YouTube is exceptional. If you can put up honest videos either Web camera, screen capture and show people how to do things, show people solutions to problems and show people and honest effort you've made in some area of your life. If you can do that and match up the search terms, YouTube can be exceptionally powerful for you. I've got hundreds of thousands of organic search fuse on my videos. I've got thousands of Google organic search to my YouTube videos, got hundreds of thousands off Mawr free views on my YouTube videos from suggested videos and people sharing my videos. Other places. YouTube is a single easiest place that you can just put in consistent effort and get traffic on social media. YouTube is personally my favorite for a long term, high quality traffic source. Facebook is very good for short term and immediate benefits. YouTube is exceptional for long term deep benefits and to get awesome opportunities. I've got clients straight off of YouTube videos that haven't even talked to me and have paid hundreds of dollars immediately to have me do work for them. I've had clients have spent 2500 plus on their first order with me just for service, not for any costs associated with it, just for service, because they watched my YouTube tutorials. They found me through organic search. I'm collaborating with an instructor on, you know me who originally found me through YouTube search and then ended up being a member of my success group. And now we're collaborating on a you to me course, and we've made one course together. We're making another one. The thing is with online video that's done in an honest and straightforward format, similar to what you're getting in this lecture. The trust that comes in with that is huge because the separation is very small. Then you can see right on video or if this was a screen capture right on the screen capture . There's very minimal distance that way. And at the same time, online video is in very high demand. There's so many opportunities to make great videos on things right now on YouTube. So if you can find ways to make videos on YouTube, you can count on having some exceptional things happen on your channel. I appreciate you watching this and hope this has been helpful. 29. Welcome to YouTube! Here are the two places people spend time with you.: welcome to YouTube. I'm grateful that YouTube has been such a wonderful experience for me, and it didn't start out like that. So I hope what I share in this section where you will make it easier for you to have a good experience out of you two without the challenges I've experienced. Ultimately, YouTube is one of the most powerful sources I know of for organic search traffic, and you can see on my channel almost 10,000 subscribers just three short 2.6 million views on my videos. And all of that happens by just constantly uploading videos and putting more time and energy into this YouTube channel. YouTube is where I got started teaching online YouTube is extremely powerful for connecting you with your audience. And so today I hope this inspires you to learn more and give you two a try. The main place people interact with you will be on your channel page, but mostly, here's the most recent video I've made that's been successful. 122,000 views, 183 lights and only eight dislikes. Wow, that's a lot of new likes recently. This is my first I guess. True viral video. And this is where most people will spend time with you on YouTube right here on the watch page. People will spend time with you on YouTube on the watch page. And so this is your foundation on YouTube. It's your video here, and then you have your video title, your channel down here and then your description for the video and then comments down below . The basic interactions on YouTube are liking a video, disliking a video. And then you can add a video playlist share video. Or there's more things you can do, such as report our view, statistics on it. And so, as a creator, it's important to understand most people will on Lee interact with you right here on YouTube. And so giving them the maximum you can give them all at once tends to work really well. Hence, this is a four hour and 51 minute video because I'm catering to out liars with this video. So that's the main place people interact with you. But the second main place people interact with you is here on your channel, and I just broke 10,000 subscribers right during making this video. That's awesome. Thank you. So this is the second main place. When people like your videos, you can see right there people, if they like, the video will click down here and find out more about you. Or you can have a watermark on here to allow people to subscribe straight off the video. So most people, when they like what you're doing and really like a video there might come check your channel out. And then this home page allows you to show them more videos. On what you can see, I've got my newest videos for returning subscribers for new visitors. I have a video introducing my channel right here. And then I've got my viral videos, first videos that are most watched that people most like. And then I have playlists, my daily inspiration playlist, my advertising playlists, the best of my channel and older version, and so on, down with many moreplaylist, even to my video gaming videos down here at the bottom. So those are the two basic places people interact with you, and while do next is show you how to get comfortable with your creator studio, which is where you can create all of this 30. Introduction to the YouTube creator studio + 1 thing most critical for success.: your creator studio on YouTube is where you go through and create. Upload your videos, edit tag and get your analytics. So your creator studio, you just click on here and go to Creator Studio, and then you get this interface. This is your dashboard, and you can just go to youtube dot com slash dashboard to get straight here. Also add that is a bookmark. This is your dashboard, where you get customized notifications for your channel. You can do things like even at a widget, right here so that you can see your basic things all in one spot. You can do things like remove things if you don't want to see what's new or specific tips and tricks, and you can then set up your dashboard. Harvey thinks most convenient. I don't spend much time on my dashboard because I spend the tabs accordingly. So I go in here. This is where I upload and edit videos, so when you hit, upload the videos, then go into the video manager after you've uploaded them. I'm grateful to have the chance to upload, so Maney videos. You can see 524 videos uploaded on YouTube If there's one thing I've noticed about successful channels, it's that they upload videos consistently over time. And I say consistently because once you get subscribers, the key thing to do is give those subscribers more all the time. People want more all the time, and so you give them more all the time. Take a look at the next popular YouTube channel, you see, and take a look at how Maney videos you can see that they've uploaded. I will bet most of the time they upload a lot of videos. There are popular channels. It's just a few videos or even one video. But most of the popular channels have lots of videos on YouTube unless they're gone. Audience from somewhere else, like cash, are pitbull or something like that. Most of the people like you and me, who are here just working to build an audience. If you just upload videos all the time, you will get an audience on YouTube. So I hope in getting you started in the Creator studio here. I gave you the single most important thing for success on YouTube, and that's getting those number of videos uploaded. I'll zoom in on it really big here, so you can see without a doubt right here. Videos. 524. If you want to be successful on YouTube, the number one thing to do uploaded a lot of videos. 31. Uploading new YouTube videos and looking at your analytics is the key to success: Now that you've seen the most important thing to do on YouTube, let's look at how you get into doing more of that. First. Nothing beats up loading more videos. However, once you are up loading more videos than there's one key place, you get positive reinforcement, and that's in your analytics. Your analytics here shows you how people are watching your videos, and I'm grateful. Even my dislikes air up. Everything's up this month on YouTube. My minutes watched her through the roof. My views are through the roof. Everything's up. Subscribers or up playlist shares, comments, even dislikes. And that's because of this one new video. But I didn't just make this video out of nowhere. This video comes from tons of learning, tons of practice, tons of things. I've tried tons of time and energy spent on YouTube, finally learning, Ah, good recipe to get a video up that people will watch, and the main place the learning happened is right here in the analytics tab, youtube dot com slash analytics. The analytics tab is where you see how much people are watching on your channel, and that's in views and minutes watched. What kind of engagement you're getting out of that energy. And perhaps most importantly, if you go into your traffic sources tab down here how exactly people found you and especially trying to grow your channel. That's important. Now what? You'll notice. I've got almost 200,000 views in the last 28 days, which equates to about $2000 plus in YouTube bads. I've got a lot of time watched on my channel from you two bads. Think of you two ads like this I can essentially pay for S CEO. I can pay to rank all my videos higher on YouTube with YouTube ads, and that's exactly what I'm doing. Plus, sometimes people actually see a video they like in an ad, and they keep watching it. So that's the beauty of using analytics and the analytics. I could see how powerful YouTube advertising waas, so I kept doing it. But here's where the rial opportunity from YouTube comes in. It's this organic traffic. So I took you to bads off, and then everything in here is organic traffic, and some of the direct traffic includes people like the YouTube and clicked on it. So I'm including that in direct traffic to because a lot of the direct traffic comes from other places. And so what you see is the direct traffic going up, the organic traffic on my channel consistently going up, and that started with that new video this month. But this is only 28 days. Let me show you the last 90 days. What you can see is consistent organic traffic. And if I go back and show you the last 365 days, what you'll see is consistent increases in my organic traffic, along with a spike here where I managed to do really good, I pulled in 9500 search results in one day for a new video game release what you can see if you go back even farther. If you look at last year 2014 you can see the same story, a consistent increase in my organic traffic from the beginning of the year, getting perhaps a few 100 views a day. 179 views on January 2nd from YouTube search by the end of the year, 637 views in one day from YouTube search and then you go to this month you go to the last 28 days. You can see on this most recent month, 2015 results from YouTube surge. So your analytics get those positive reinforcement loops going, especially when you look in here when I can see in here is what actual terms people are finding me on. And now I'm up there in the hacking term in that is amazing. And that's from running all these YouTube bads and I'm up there and Facebook marketing, advanced warfare zombies, DLC three Facebook ads, hacking fiver. I'm up there on all kinds of these terms, and that's where the positive reinforcement loop gets going. As soon as you see people are finding you. I'm here with you right now on YouTube because originally I saw people were finding my videos on Facebook ads in search, and so then I made more of them. When you see what you're doing, a write in search, you have the chance to then make more. You have the chance to do more. You have the chance to get that positive reinforcement that will encourage you to go upload more videos. That analytics tab shows you what you're doing right or shows you what you're doing wrong. If you're not getting any minutes watched and you don't have any videos uploaded, the analytics have is really good for showing you what you're doing right and encouraging you to do more of it. So the whole success on YouTube is a feedback loop of uploading videos and then looking back at the analytics, uploading videos, looking at the analytics and you go back and forth over and over and over again. And that's why I'm here is because I've done that over and over. I upload videos, look at the analytics, upload videos, look at the analytics, upload the videos, look at the analytics. And that's why there's so many of these terms on Facebook. Because I saw when I was showing up on Facebook, I kept putting more videos up on Facebook. So that's one key point of positive reinforcement. When I'll do now is give you another key point of positive reinforcement on YouTube that will encourage you and get you really inspired and get you connecting with your audience. When you use this feat, 32. Your community on YouTube is where you turn your work into gold.: that positive reinforcement loop of uploading videos and then getting motivation and the guidance on what videos you should make. That is the whole key to the magic. On YouTube. You upload videos, and then you get that positive reinforcement and then you know a little bit better about what videos to upload. The analytics tab helps a lot with that. Let me show you where you can get your most focused and your most direct positive reinforcement. When you clicked on the community. What you can see in here is your list of comments. You can either see it by all videos, or you can see it by one specific thing. You can get people talking to you about your videos right here. So what does this actually look like? You can view the comment on the video page. So if I scroll down than people share comments on videos, and then that's where you get your best positive reinforcement, I'll show you exactly how this happened on my own videos. This is one of the key videos for this was one of the first successful YouTube videos I put up and what you can see. 100 19 comments on here. Still, even though this was uploaded January 1st 2014 people are still a commenting on this still like this video, even though the information's old, even though the Mike's not that good, even though the presentations not polished, even though all kinds of things people still like this video and the reason I'm here with you on YouTube is because of the positive energy of this video. This was the first video I uploaded people really liked. You can see 278 likes only 13 dislikes people really like this video. And the positive reinforcement hundreds of people gave me on this video is what encouraged me to keep doing more. Because now, if you search for something, open an incognito window. If you go to youtube dot com and you search for Facebook ads, you won't find this tutorial up in the top What you'll do If you scroll down past the ads, you can see this one. This is my newest tutorial up here on third in the ranking, and then you scroll down. There's this one, and then there's this one, and then what? You notice my complete Facebook ads tutorials, not even on the first page. Well, what if I search for Facebook advertising tutorial? Then you can see if you scroll down past the ads. I've got a bunch more newer tutorials on here. It's hard to even find it there. Finally, this one. This video is way down here now. But the thing with it is, this video is the reason for all these videos above it and all the videos I showed you below. The positive reinforcement I got on the comments on this video is what motivated meeting make all those new ones. And this video wouldn't be here without this original video. I did this video more than a year ago. This was a very first video. I did people liked. And what? And I advertised it. Good. What? You'll notice there's a lot more dislikes on this video. There's also tons of comments, some of mark, great comments. Some of them are spammy. But what it is, you have tons of comments on this. Some of them even gave me good encouragement on how to do exactly what I do in the later videos. People say things they don't like in a lot of the comments. They say like, Well, you should do this. I don't like that. People saying things like Find it hard to believe your page Azriel followers. And so what I do. Then, in the future versions of this, I made better ones. You scroll down to this one. This is essentially a better version of that with more data, more comprehensive training. And then these new ones are even better. More recent versions of those original ones. So all of this got started in the comments tab on the video. The traffic was helpful. The analytics inspired me to advertise it more. But all of the good things that happen are from the organic search traffic. All these comments generally are from organic search traffic or suggested video. So the comments are where you get that really helpful positive reinforcement that, yes, you should keep doing it. You should keep doing it and not just keep doing it, but make it like this or what? If you could do this or all of the ideas you might have to struggle over, people will give them to you directly in the comments. I'm grief. I got so many positive reinforcements on here. So money, positive things. Here we go. One of the most helpful advertising clips I've seen. Thank you. Five days ago on that original video I just showed you that wasn't even well done that lots of people didn't like. What you can see is exactly where your opportunities are on YouTube. Upload the videos, look at your analytics. And then when you get those comments, those air gold you use that gold to reinvest in the next videos you make and you make more gold. 33. Your YouTube channel features explained including how to get a subscribe button.: in your channel. You have a few features that are very powerful for you to use. If you're in the dashboard and you go click on channel, all of these will pop up on what you want to be his partner verified. There's not much you have to do to actually do that. And so if you don't have partner verified, go through and do everything, YouTube asks. In order to be partner verified, it's well worth it, especially being able upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Now, The most delicate part of your channel is the copyright. So you always want to do your best to keep your counting good copyright standing. Getting hit with a copyright strike is devastating, and you can get hit with that even if you don't actually infringe. But if you haven't really infringed, you can get it removed fast enough to if you are taking other people's videos. Ah, copyright strike three of them in six months can get your whole account deleted, so you definitely want to do all of your videos in line with having copyright on everything . I tend to stay away from any areas that it's not quite clear that I am safe and copyright so you can see agree light on all of your features here. And most important of these features, many people seem to think is that view monetization settings. What I do on this I do not monetize my videos because I know there are about 30% of all the videos I've ever clicked on the watch. They had an ad that I had to watch, and I literally backed out and didn't watch the video. Because of that, it wasn't worth 30 seconds of my time to try and go through an ad toe wash the video. I didn't want to watch it that bad, so I don't take that risk on any of my videos. I do not monetize with ads because it doesn't pay good enough, and it looks bad. If you have a video that's really worth watching, there's a lot better ways to monetize it. And so I do that by selling my you Timmy courses, and you can use external annotations and longer videos right here to do that. Custom thumbnails right here, very helpful for getting good thumbnails. Most of the videos I see with a lot of views and competitive niche areas like video games. All use custom thumbnails. Paid contents. A new feature. Ivan done much with unlisted private videos. Cool the live events. What I show you later for making a viral video live events with Google plus hangouts or Google hangouts on Air is really sweet for getting your first viral video. The video I showed you complete Facebook ads. That's what I did with it. I use the live events to make it and that I'll show you exactly how to do that soon. Live events is what you want to be able to do in the video. Editors. What I used to make my second video that I showed you that people like so much that Facebook as one that got things going. So you have powerful list of features in here in your channel features and one of the ones that's excellent to uses this branding feature you really, really, really want to use the branding watermark. It puts a subscribe button on all of your videos. You really, really, really want that Because subscribers are gold on YouTube, subscribers are hard to come by on YouTube and all you have to do is give people watching your videos in this little subscribe button will potentially pull a subscriber in. This is something you really want to you, so make sure to check that branding tab and then you can do the up loads. Default is really helpful. Also. You can put things you want on every video, like a link to your Facebook page. Twitter, Google Plus linked in etcetera. You can put those on every video, and then you can set things like Monetize with ads by default. Allow comments by default tags. By default, you could do all kinds of settings that will save you the time we're putting them in on every video, and then you have featured content. You can feature a playlist. You can do things like encourage people to go watch more of your video's right on your videos, and you can have a nice channel. Add that you, too, will actually show for free to get people on your channel and then in your advanced settings. You can do things like Lincoln AdWords account and set up your keywords and work with your account information so your channel tablets a lot of useful features for you, and I hope sharing them with you here has been useful 34. Thinking global first on YouTube is your path to local domination.: one more critical thing to understand before I launch into showing you about how to make your own viral videos on YouTube. And that is who's actually watching videos on YouTube and let's go to it by geography. Now, this is just for my channel, but this is representative of the world to what you'll see my channel while the US is number one. No single country accounts for more than 16% of my audience. YouTube is global, and you want to think global first for your audience. It wouldn't make much sense if I just made videos for the U. S. When that 16% of my audience what you'll see is tons of countries down here. If I scroll down. In the last 28 days, people from 220 countries have watched my videos. I think that's almost all of them. And so YouTube is a global audience. YouTube is where you can get out to the entire world all at once, as you want to think global. To start us is only 16% of my views, and what I'll do is show you my traffic sources and I'll show you my YouTube search fuse my YouTube search views. Now 41% of those this month have came from the US, but what that leaves that leaves 59% not from the US. That leaves thousands of people in India and then look down 193 different countries. People from those countries have found my videos in search results, and I can show you the same thing on suggested videos. United States only 28% of the views on suggested videos, getting lots of views in other countries on suggested videos and where you can see I'm getting a lot of views from non us. I'm getting a lot of views from non us in ads, and that's because they're both really cheap and they watch a lot of the video. So I think global first on my channel, and that's what allows me to have such a big channel again with the positive reinforcement loop. If I can get cheap views from all these countries on YouTube ads, what happens? My videos then rank higher and YouTube search and then I pull in those coveted search results people want so bad from the US, the UK, Canada Australian. That's exactly what you can see here. If I had to pay for these, I would be paying anywhere from 10 cents to $10 per click to get these exact same kind of views in Google. AdWords on search terms. And that's not on Lee. I don't even that's just YouTube search. Look at this external. I'm actually getting thousands of views from Google Search and look at that. That's 1500 from Google Search. What I showed you before was YouTube search. If I had to pay for these in Google Search, that will be 10 cents anywhere from 10 cents to $10 per view. So these views are very valuable, and yet you'll notice all over the world on Google search. So the point of this, as much as it may seem, is not to my own horn. It's to show you that globally thinking, thinking about your global audience on YouTube will be very valuable for you in making your videos and in thinking of growing your channel. If you want to grow your channel, a global audience is how you grow your channel on. Once you've got that global audience, you will get views from your audience. Locally, you will get people next door watching your videos, and it's really easy to get people globally watching your videos because it's a lot cheaper . So I shared this strategy a lot with Facebook ads. It's incredibly powerful with YouTube, and that's why I'm spending so much money on Global you two bads. Global YouTube ads work really good, as you just saw to get me more views from organic search in the US So it's this whole huge global positive feedback loop. So thank you very much for watching this while do next to show you how I've made the viral videos on my channel and show you exactly how you can repeat the process yourself. 35. Easy ways to make viral YouTube videos based on my experience with 20+ videos.: Why are we here? To learn how to make a viral YouTube video really easy. Based on my experience doing exactly that, I'll show you in this video how to make an easy viral video on YouTube based on my experience doing that myself, I say, based on my experience, because there's so many tutorials online you can't see proof the person showing you how to do it has ever actually done it for themselves. So here's my channel. You can see youtube dot com slash c slash jerry Band Field. You can see here six viral videos right on the front of my channel and the biggest successes this recent video on Lee. Two weeks old, you can see 100,000 views 120 likes only five dislikes. Lots of comments on this video, and it's on Lee, about two weeks old, published on May 27 2015. So the point of all this is I make my own viral YouTube videos, so I'm showing you what I already know how to do. So. What I will do here now is go over several different methods you can use to easily make viral videos on YouTube the exact way I've done and by taking into account what other people are able to do successfully in their video so that you can make videos several different ways based on whatever you want to work for you. So let's get started right now. 36. Youtube viral video creation basic tutorial.: Do you want to see how to make a viral video on YouTube in a very hot trending topic from start to finish? Here's exactly how to do that. I'm doing it right now on the new call of duty. Advanced warfare, XO zombies. I'm putting my video up, which is about an hour long. I've went through and done everything on it right now to give you a little bit of background or what? I mean, So here's two examples of when I did this before and I mainly just did it to test out and see. Could I do it? Wolfenstein a new order game Play Xbox one. Got it right up there. Number two in this very competitive term, and it has the lowest amount of views that is in the top five, and it's number two, and this video's up against heavy hitters. Same thing on Destiny one. I managed to get destiny. An Xbox one up there, got thousands of views, got my video viral. It got a bunch of free views right away, and you can use thes same things. I'm showing you in this video to do this on any video game trending topic or niche you want to get into on YouTube. If you're trying to do something timely, this is exactly perfect for it. But this will work even better if you have evergreen content. So here's what I did. I first filmed the video, and I'm up loading it now. You want to do that as well ahead of time as you can plan if you're doing something that may require repeat filming like a video game. I filmed all of my different shots individually, so I made each game individually. No commentary. And then I recorded it on my mic on my Ira ghd while I watched it in Camp Tasia Studio. Then I dropped the audio in right here and saved it together than uploaded it to YouTube. I uploaded it to YouTube with all the keywords that I'm planning to put in a title, including spelling game. Polite properly, I put that is the file name, so that helps Maximize S CEO. I then went through and wrote a hell of a description and tried to both right it useful and keywords stuff it with everything related to this video, answering very specific questions in the video so that the description is useful all by itself, and it's got a lot of niche keywords in it. Like if people search for who are the actors in the new zombie DLC map that I've got that if they search for these very specific terms, my video has that, So YouTube's likely to pull it up more often. Then when I can do that, I haven't done yet. I want to actually include all of my links on the bottom of it, so that's what I'll do. All I have to do to do that is going to another window. I go over to my existing home channel video, and then I can just edit that, and I've already done the links in it before, So if anywhere else you've already done the links, then you can just pull them off of an existing video. So I've already got some good links on here so I can just grab those and I just want to stick them in the bottom down here because the video should have good link side on it so that I've got links to my you Timmy courses and I've took out a couple of irrelevant links and subscribe to my YouTube channel is in down here, too. So I've got good links and at the bottom, it's good to have links in your video. So I've got several in there to my website, another page on my website and to my channel with the subscribe button. So doing all that, then I've shared it on social media when it goes live, and I've got a custom thumbnail I did down here for it to, so that it will have a thumbnail that sticks out is very noticeable. Just a couple of words on it. X zombies with one of the actual characters from it. I went kitchen sink on the tags. I dumped all of the exact specific tags, and I put in the relevant games, the relevant video game systems and related things, especially if you can throw a little short tags and sometimes you will search for WR instead of world record. Very helpful. So I uploaded that. I got it all of it here and then I'm creating ads for it and launching it live. So that's how you do it. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this is helpful in seeing exactly how to do this 37. YouTube viral video launch day 2.: So here's a review of the initial results of what I've done after showing you how I set up this video yesterday. So today videos got 35,000 views, now mostly from ads, but thousands of organic views already 22 lights on it. Zero dislikes. I'm very grateful. That's really good stats for a video getting started and comments on it, sharing that it's one of the only good videos on the topic. That's awesome. I'm grateful that the fans have received it that way, and I've been ambitious. I've been taking a bit of a risk. I've put this video out there so it'll get high enough now to rank organically. And it probably hasn't had much time to get organic traffic because the ads just went up in the middle of the night. So if you see, I've spent $579 advertising this video already, and I turned the budget down to 50 a day from 2 50 a day in YouTube ads, put 33,000 of those views on it and dumped a ton of minutes watched Intuit. 13% watched all 50 minutes of the video, so you know I've got an average watch time of probably close to 10 minutes on the video, which is really good. That's how it'll rank high. You can see it's got around 2000 organic views already, and considering the ads probably didn't get it up there until the middle of the night. The rial opportunity to see how it performs starts today, and I can't see much more in depth on the analytics, and I know this is scary. You're looking like, Oh my God, I wouldn't spend that. I can't spend that If you want to get yourself out there, it involves taking risks. Sometimes you've got to put yourself out there if you're trying to get to be a big journalist or you're just trying to get some recognition or you want to get paid to play video games or you're trying to get your brand noticed. If there is a timely opportunity, you've got to go for it. And sometimes that might mean spending $500 on YouTube ads to push your video up high enough in the search results to give you a chance. What I've done is get my video in the door. This gets my video in the door. It gets it in with all of the biggest channels in the world on the topic gets up on, and now it's as if I've got my video in the ring. I can see how it will stand up and lots of my other videos. I did the same thing I learned. I learned I learned and keep going. So this an interpretive process. I've spent more each time I've done this also. So on the other ones I spent maybe three or 400. And then on the 1st 1 I spent a couple 100. So I consistently scale it up a little bit as I learned to make better videos based on feedback. So the learning is very valuable in this. You might think while that's crazy, you on Lee spent $200 so far on your Facebook ads video. Well, the thing with that is, I'm continually spending the money on that, so I'm going to leave the ads running for that for a lot longer. Where's this? Zombies Videos. Mostly done. I'll probably turn the ads off tomorrow or the day after, so I've spent most all of the money up front to get it ranked high. That's the thing with when I'm sharing with you in this YouTube course. Doing these kind of things are giving me the best chance to continue to grow and build an exceptional YouTube channel. And there's always risk involved in the things you do. Ah, guy work with Jordan. He started his business by buying several $1000 of websites on flipping. He had a very successful business running AdSense websites, and now he's changing to a different business model. That's the thing. If you want to be big on YouTube, you've got to start out with ads today because there's too many other channels that are already big. That will blot you out from ever being seen, especially in the video gaming world. So I hope this has been inspirational on useful for you. I like to show that I lead by example on everything I will not ever tell you to do something I wouldn't do myself. So that's what I'm sharing with you. Here's what I'm doing that's working and how that's progressing. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been helpful for you and seeing what your best chance is to get a video up there in the organic search rankings and get your video viral on YouTube. 38. What is Twitter best for? Website traffic and social proof.: What is Twitter best for Twitter. I found his best for website traffic and for social proof. Having a lot of Twitter followers looks good, and having a lot of the right kind of Twitter followers will give you a lot of free website traffic. To be fair, I got this directly from Kim Garst. She, according to Forbes, is one of the top 10 most influential women on social media. What does she do, right? She's got a ton of Twitter followers, hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. I listened to a presentation she made, and she said that Twitter was her number one traffic source up until hearing that I thought Twitter was mostly useless because all I'd try and done spam stuff on Twitter and I hadn't got very good results. When I heard her say that I thought, Oh, that's what It's four website traffic. If you use tools to build followers, things like unfollowed hours or tweet pee where you can follow people and have them follow you back, you can build ah huge follower base on Twitter, and you can get a lot of organic impressions in the Twitter feed on links that you share, So Twitter is great for website traffic. I've already been able to get hundreds of new people to visit my website each month, just off of using Twitter and building my Twitter tools to share effectively. For example, I share updates to my courses, my vlog, post, my YouTube videos. And the thing is, using all of these tools together produces a powerful result. So Twitter is a good thing to get brand new traffic from people who've never heard about you before. To take a look at your website, your videos, your courses and to make that first impression. So I'm grateful. Now I've got nearly 100,000 Twitter followers, and it's very easy to build Twitter followers, and it's a highly effective for social proof. For some reason, a lot of companies and organizations don't take Facebook very seriously, probably because of how much of an impact paid ads have on Facebook. These same companies and organizations like Forbes often take Twitter very seriously and work hard to build their Twitter followers all the time, because Twitter is a great platform to just share links to your website and videos all the time on, so that's what I use Twitter for now, and it works great. It's easy to get started with if you use some of the strategies that I'll share with you to build new followers. So thank you for learning about quarter with me. And I hope sharing that Twitter is awesome for website traffic and social proof is useful for you. 39. Welcome to Twitter! Learn the basics right here.: Here are the basics of Twitter. This is my personal profile jury being field. And then I also have a company Twitter Band work. So I've got over 100,000 followers on Twitter. So this can give you a good idea that I know a little bit about Twitter, but not everything to be sure. So here are the basics. This is twitter dot com and then your profile is twitter dot com slash your user name Twitter. You haven't at handle which you may or may not already know this, and then you have your bio, your timeline cover and the basic unit on Twitter is followers. You have followers, those air people you are being followed by and then following people you are following and then you have tweets. So your tweets or your basic status updates and you can see here my tweets down here and I have lots of retweets in order to get more tweets from other people. Idea is if you retreat other people, if you follow other people, people will do the same with you. So you give what you want to get very much the same as the rest of life. And so on Twitter, one of the main differences from Facebook. You'll see this is the news feed, so to speak. On Twitter, Twitter is just simply live. You'll see this is from six seconds ago and these air from six seconds ago. I'm following a lot of people, so my Twitter feed runs really fast. And that's why some people like Twitter better. You can see constant new tweets all the time. Twitter does a brute force approach, so to speak. You just get the newest things straight up, all kinds of new things that fast this means on Twitter. Having more followers is ideal, because if someone doesn't have as many people there following, then you can get your tweets in their news feed. But they may not be able to actually reach you. I got this. To be fair, I didn't know anything about Twitter, and I saw Kim guards present on Twitter, and you can see she's taken this strategy pretty far. She has 243,000 people. She's following, and meanwhile, she has 364,000 follow er's, so she's taken the strategy up very high, and that's because she generally follows people that follow her back. So that's exactly what I started doing when I saw her profile and I saw her speak. So that's how I've got so many followers on Twitter. So this is the basic set up off Twitter, and you can see what works on Twitter right here in the new feet. And I'll explain you mawr now about how to make successful tweets and about what type of tweets work the best and more about how to build all these followers. 40. What type of tweet gets the best engagement? What does Google do?: The whole point of Twitter is to show up in another user's feed right here and then to get the conversation going. Once you've interacted with them, you see there's a reply button right here. You can talk back to whoever has tweeted to you. That's the whole point of Twitter is to get going with the conversation. And so what works? The best is what you can see right here that Google is promoting. This Google AdWords ad has a photo right here and a short link, and this generally is the best format for your tweets to get maximum engagement. If you see here, you can click view photo and look, it's just follow off Google. It's really that simple. It's got 33 retweets, even 51 favorites. Well, this is a promoted tweet. If Google's promoting a tweet in this format, you configure. They've looked at the data and found what works the best, and now they're doing that. So this is a favorite format for a good tweet, and it's because you get a lot of real estate in the feet. If I scroll down a bit and show you you can see thankfully, those weren't nude pictures or I'd have to edit it. You can see most people's tweets are pretty small down here. And so when you see I mean those pictures right there of girls or the Google picture right here, you can see how much room it takes up in the tweet feed and same thing with this picture. And I actually had to click up here, hide photo or view photo to expand it. 41. How to make a picture tweet that fills the timeline for people following you.: Oh, here's a good example. From my profile, you can do a pinned tweet. And so I've actually got this big link here to my Twitter marketing course, straight on the top of my Twitter profile, and I'll show you how to add a new video or photo right here. You can see I do big, huge tweets with my YouTube videos like this when I make a new YouTube video, then you can see how often I make thes. You get a big, huge space right here in the new feed. And so I like to do my YouTube videos, and so there's no reason I can't even do one right now. It's very quick and easy to write a tweet. All you have to do is click tweet, and then you can compose a new tweet. I'll put this picture up from my YouTube tutorial right here, and it's funny because I'm sure I've edited this out by now, but I just butchered that with different pictures three different times. So China is take myself too seriously all the time. So then what I do? I put a little address in here, and I show, then I put the title of the video from YouTube in here, YouTube to channel. And then I hit tweet right here. And so what you'll see is, then I get a nice big tweet right here that comes out. And then I get the chance to do a really good job than getting people who engage with the tweet. Now is that actually how it will work out? Well, you don't know all the time, but you can see how much better it is to have this much real estate in the news feed with Twitter instead of just having, like I did the tweet before this, a little short one where you don't really get to see everything in the news feed. And so when you do photos and lots of times when you do videos, Twitter will give you a nice full share link right out here, and you can get more space in the newsfeed. So that's my formula for doing a great tweet and twitters. You can see it's just a brute force. I've got 6000 tweets, and if you remember what I showed you on Kim Garst, I'll show you again just to make the point. She has 247,000 tweets. Twitter's just a game of brute force 42. How did I get so many followers on Twitter?: Why am I following so many people on Twitter? Social proof that simple. I want people to see and impressive profile, and they come and look and when they see I've got 42,000 followers. And even if people are well versed in Twitter, the 46,000 following, we'll see. I've got a serious Twitter profile that's had a lot of time and energy put into it. And again, back to Kim Garst, who I learned this from. If you want to have the big amount of followers, it certainly helps to have a big following. So she's following 242,000 people, and that's a big part of why she's got 365,000 followers. You can see her tweets get consistent interaction, even when most of them are small bulk tweets posted with some kind of posting service either hoot suite or another one. So what you see is a tweeting strategy and a Twitter strategy generally that build up a huge amount of followers that gives consistent Web traffic, and it's just basically brute force. Of course, if there is a news feed implementation like on Facebook, this could change But here's the thing, she says. She's a Twitter expert, and clearly she's doing pretty good on there. Forbes says she's a top 10 social media influencer, so it's really that simple. Why I'm doing the same thing in life. It's more of just do what the other people are doing than it is having to try and figure out all the secrets to success yourself. The people were successful on Twitter have a lot of followers because they're doing mutual follow back. So what I will do is show you how I've done this strategy. I find people to follow, and then they followed me back. And if people don't follow me back, I un follow them. I give them a bit of time, which is why you see him following more than I have followers. But that's a basic strategy, and it worked not just on my Jerry Banfield toward a profile on my personal profile, but it worked originally on my company profile. And so my company profile now's more than 20,000 followers ahead and it gets consistent engagement. It gets consistent tweets. It gets a lot of interaction, and that is what works good on Twitter. You'll notice my company profiles only a little bit behind the following. And so that's what I'm doing on both of my Twitter profiles. I have over 100,000 followers collectively, and I'm able to get Web traffic in YouTube views and eventually sales out of my tweets. So that's why I'm following all these people. So I'll show you how you can build your followers on Twitter because ultimately you're not going to get anything out of Twitter without followers. Now, you don't need 42,000 people to get anything out of Twitter. You can do it with a lot less followers. What I'll show you will work for, however many followers you want to get and forever what kind of followers you want to get. Also 43. How to search for the right people to follow and your ideal followers on Twitter: How do I find so many people to follow on Twitter? It's just simply effort. And I have Joseph who helps me with this every day and who actually does this. I set the system up based on when I saw Kim Garce doing, and Joseph actually runs it. So thank you, Joseph. In fact, I have an entire Twitter course explaining this strategy and much more depth. So I'll give you the simple version now. And the simple version does not require any third party tools, which is cool. You can just do it right in Twitter. Now it will go slower. But if you just want to build a niche following all you need to do is put the search term up in here and search for people that air, talking about exactly what you want them to be listening to, that you're going to share. So for me, that's people talking about you to me. I want people talking about you to me. And so what I've already done is go through and follow people talking about you to me. Now you can see I'm not following a lot of these because I've already followed them or Joseph already followed them and they didn't follow back. But what you can do is go through here and click. Follow on these accounts, you click follow on the's accounts and then when they follow you back then you've got a new follower for yourself. So you can see, like here I can follow this guy, his eventual capital investor, talking about you to me. I can follow her. She is talking about you know me. And so that's all I have to do is pick people to follow right here. I can do follow right here and follow right here and go down here. Follow. Yes, I realize I skipped one up there. Funny story about that. I was originally going to do this course with her. So I'm following people who are talking about you to me right now. And so the idea is I continue to go through and follow people ho are talking about you know me with the idea that some of them will follow me back and so I can do it is niche as I want tours. Brute force is I want to. What I bid is used a tool that helps makes this process faster. But if you're just getting started and you don't want to be following 40,000 people overnight and you do this a little bit every day, you can search for terms on here like you to me that are very specific toe what you're doing, and you can follow people like you to meet helpers. This guy's you'd me instruct. You can see already following him, and I can then go down and pick people who are working on you to me that I might like to follow me back. And so this guy, for example, marketing manager at you too, may experience designer you to me. I can go through and follow all kinds of people. And if I want to make this more specific, I can say something like you to me instructor. And then I can start getting Maura accounts that are actually you to me, instructors instead of you to me, staff members. And so then I just go through, follow, and I'm to start using the page down button. And so I just go through, and then I can speed this up a little bit because pretty much anyone except her who's a you to me instructor. Go through and follow them so you can see I've got almost all the U to me instructors on Twitter. And so then I can keep doing mawr like this. I can go, for example, teaching you to me and try and see it that way. Click on accounts and go back down here and find here. So, for example, you know me teach, I can see self publishing. And I could do even something like self publishing you to me instead of you to me instructor. And then I can go back to accounts. And now this one. I'm already following all of them. So this is what you conduce to build a good niche following on Twitter. You don't need any third party tools. All you have to do is see who's talking about you to me or who's got will not you, for you, to me. But whatever key terms you want to search about and some of the things you want to search about may have a lot of depth. They may have a lot of people who are talking about them or have them in their account. For example, if you wanted to do something like entrepreneur, then you are likely to have a lot of accounts, and you might have to get mawr targeted because you'll see there's so many different kinds of accounts, the more you can put good keywords in here and search by accounts. Then you can build your followers up and I'll show you why this works. Why this entire strategy works right now. 44. How following people on Twitter earns me so many followers.: Here's why this strategy works. The basic idea is you give what you want to get. So those people I just followed some of them are likely to see a notification up here. They're likely to see that people followed them. If you follow someone who doesn't have that many followers already, you will notice really when you get a new follower. So if you're getting started on Twitter and you don't have many people following you, you will notice in your notifications when someone else follows you. And so you often be really excited so you might click on their picture and you'll see. Oh, I've already followed that guy. Be my click on them and want to learn more about them. It's so who's this is following me and you'll notice almost all of these people who are following me are people I've already followed. So I'm showing you clear proof of the power of this strategy right here and now Here's a new one. Here's someone who's followed me that I haven't followed yet, either that where they already unfollowed me either one so I can go through here and see OK , who's followed me and I can see lots of other people doing this strategy, which isn't surprising because I have a course promoting this strategy. And so once people follow me, then I can follow them back. And that's how this strategy works. You're giving people what you want to get, and then all you do. If someone's not following you, you can switch to people you follow, and then it removes all the people not following you. But if you go to all, then you can see all the people. And what you can do is remove the people who aren't following you back. So if you follow someone and then they don't follow you back, what you can do is go in and remove all the people that aren't following you back. The problem is, it's kind of hard to see how to do this in the regular Twitter. In their face, Twitter obviously does not want you just power turning through all your Twitter followers on a regular basis. So there's third party tools that make this work. At the same time, the third party tools work by the limits Twitter set, so if you stick to the third party tools and just use one of the time. Don't mix and match, then you won't push the limits and you can get a huge amount of followers like I'm getting . 45. Unfollowing people not following you back is the key to building your followers.: As you can see, the key to doing this strategy successfully and building your followers is to be able to purge. The people aren't following you back. I've probably followed about 100,000 people with this account, and I say I, as in Joseph, is went through and actually did this for me. I did it up until, like, 10,000 or so, I've continually had a system where the UN followers are flush. So I give people maybe a week or so to follow me back. And if they don't follow me back, then they get unfollowed and so on. Following is what keeps the system working because Twitter has what's called the 2000 limit for the amount of people you can follow. You can only follow 2000 people until you have around 2000 followers yourself. So in order to get up this high, you've got to keep purging the people who aren't following you back. And so there's two tools that work really well for this and I'm not affiliated with these tools or anything. I've used both of these tools myself. Well, technically, I've only used unfollowed hours. Joseph is using tweet pee on behalf of my Twitter account. He's actually using tweet Pee to do this with my Twitter account. Now Joseph tried tweet pee and likes it better than unfollowed hours. So both of these programs, both Tweety and Unfollowed hours will do this for you. Both of them have a function to flush unfollowed hours. And that's a key thing that these third party tools help with. You can manually go do it if you're especially. You don't have that many people you're following. Yet you can manually go see who follows you so I can click right here. You can actually do it one at a time. So if I see I just followed this guy. But I can see it has a little follows you on it down here. So if I scroll down, I can see who it says, follows me and doesn't follow me, and you can go through and do this for free without getting any third party service and just unfollowed, for example, right here like this guy's not following me back. I cannot follow him. She's not following me back. I cannot follow her and I can keep going through and doing that for free down here. So the same thing here, not following me back And all these people follow me. They're not following me back right here. I un follow all of them on following back. Now there. This one's following back. So I keep that so you can go do this for free. But what you can see is that will take a lot of time. If you're trying to add the maximum, you can adds about 1000 followers a day. So that means you can unfollowed Oh, about 1000 people a day also. So that, as you can see, would take a lot of time just in the Twitter default interface. Well, these programs have really easy things reading. Sit there and just click one button and unfollowed all the UN followers automatically. Both of these unfollowed hours makes it really easy. There's just one button. You sit there and click that one button over and over again and unfollowed everyone who's not following you back. And it also tracks how soon you sent that follow request. So that way you can sort it by people who haven't followed you back after a week. And so when you combine one of these third party programmes with doing the following strategy I showed you. And sometimes the third party programmes will help you find people follow easier than just searching here too. Then you can build a huge collection of followers or you don't even need a huge collection . You can build a very small niche following of 100 or a few 100 followers that are absolutely ideal for you. So you can use this however you want to and the results you get out of it will be based on the work you put into it. 46. Auto posting new YouTube videos uploaded to Twitter.: What makes Twitter awesome is the ability to auto post to post things on Twitter without actually having to go sign in on Twitter, especially once you build a big following. You really don't want have to take time to go through and manually post every time on Twitter. So what you can see on my profile is almost all of mine are posted through some fast posting strategy. Well, I just posted these today. Here's one that's auto posted. So what happens? I have a YouTube channel, and what I want to do is be able automatically send this out on Twitter. So YouTube offers 1/3 party integration in the Creator studio. And when you go to upload a video, or if you've uploaded it and you haven't published it yet, then you can have the check box down here to send it out on Twitter. So then it comes out straight from YouTube onto Twitter it as the link automatically from YouTube, and sometimes it will feature the entire video like this, which is really nice. You can do that by having your Twitter account linked into your third party setting. So when you're in your Twitter settings. You go in here and you can edit so that any time I upload a video, then this is shared publicly to my connected Twitter accounts. So that's very nice thing, because it's automatic, which means no effort, which means you get those tweets out there to your followers in less time. So that's one of my favorite features about Twitter's, the ease and Convenience of Auto posting with YouTube. 47. Autoposting with HootSuite is how I reach my Twitter followers 24/7.: If you've seen Kim guards profound the previous lectures, you might have noticed the 247,000 tweets you might have thought like God, she can't have sat there and typed all those out manually. You're right. Those are posted with an automatic poster, and Twitter is very good for auto posting A lot of other social networks, like Facebook Auto Posting will often kill you on Facebook on Twitter. Auto Posting is awesome and you can auto post according to Kim Gars tweets here about every 15 minutes, with some of the popular auto posting you can see that's exactly what she's doing. And it looks like if this is an indication from my own Twitter account, that looks like it might be from Hoot Suite, which is what I use to post my Twitter status updates. And so consistently down here, you can see Kim guards relentlessly post on Twitter every 15 minutes constantly, if you scroll down all day, every day around the clock posts every 15 minutes. So obviously she's not sitting there doing that. What she's doing is using an auto poster, and it looks like it's probably Hoot suite, so I have hoot suite. Also, write my tools here and you can just sign in with Twitter. I authorize app, And now what you see is my hoot suite dashboard and you can see Oh, look, I've got scheduled post going out on linked in my company page and I'm both my twitter accounts. And so that's how you get the real value out of using your Twitter followers is by doing these automatic posts. Now, I'm scheduled on a bunch of different accounts here and technically, Joseph, schedule all of these. I didn't schedule any of these, but you write these tweets and then you can repeatedly send them out over different times in different days. So that's what I have. I gave Joseph a sheet of hundreds of tweets pre written already, and then Joseph scheduled these to go out on my Twitter accounts. And then sometimes, just by sheer luck, you can see Kim Garst on this tweet. 12 favorites. Five retreats on this 1 13 favorites. Nine retweets. Sometimes just by sheer luck, your tweet will happen to come out at the right time. And so when that happens, then you can get website traffic. You can get Retweets, you can get organic engagement. And so that's what Kim Garces doing. That's what I'm doing on my profile and scroll down here. My profile looks much the same, except one thing Joseph does. It works really well. You can see on my profile. Joseph is retweeting and interacting with the people who are following me, and that tends to work really good for building up your presence. And also then Joseph's able to go through in retweet my own account. So Jerry Banfield retweets being work, then ban work retrieves jury man film because my followers are not the same on each account . And so I can reach the full 100,000 followers and you'll notice some of my tweets don't have any action, at least as you can see. But what I can see on YouTube is that Twitter is continually growing as a referral source for my videos, and then some of these tweets like this one as 34 retweets on it. Some of these end up getting a lot of tweets by using another third party tool that I'll show you works really well combined with Facebook 48. How to combine Facebook and Twitter to get boosted organic reach with CoPromote.: so you can see this tweet here from a couple of days ago. I guess four days ago now has 34 retweets and you might be wondering, Well, how does that have 34 retweets and the ones around it don't have much action. I have this little app I signed up with and I say little app. It's $50 a month now for the pro version. It was 19 before. This is one of the only Facebook ads that ever worked on me. Out of tens of thousands, I've clicked. It's cool app. Stop facebook dot com slash co promote cull promote allows you to connect your accounts and you share other people's content and then they share yours back. So you ask What? How much have you done this? Well, my reach available is 60 million. And what you can ask by now as well. How did you get all that? Well, sometimes my social strategies work absurdly well together, and this is what I'm talking about. What you do is get credit on co promote for every single fan you share with. That doesn't have a way to track actual engagement, but check this out I shared co promote dot coms post with my Facebook audience, So I connected my Facebook page, and then I shared a post four co promote on my Facebook page. And so I'll bring you over. This is my Facebook page over back here. If you already went through the Facebook section of this and what I did is you can see I've got millions of likes on this page. I have one million plus likes on this page. So if I scroll down here past all the new videos I've uploaded, what you'll see is I put out a post a few days ago for co promote. And then when I put that post out for CO promote right here and you can see it got 31 Actual likes on it naturally, and it reached 6000 people. But here's the beauty of it. I shared this on copra. Mo. Co promote gives me credit for one million one billion, one million reach 1,031,000 Reach. So what does that mean? Well, people now are sharing my posts. 76 people shared my posts, and it only cost me 744,000 reach. So I share one post on Facebook for every post I get on Facebook, about 100 people on co promote share my posts and what's cool. If I go to track, you can see the post I've done. It's not just I'm Facebook, but it's on YouTube and Twitter also. So I have my gigantic Facebook audience here and what I do. Then I get all these credits for this and then I pull it over to cope. Ramo. Well, then I get people on co promote. If I show you my boosted tweets here, here's my boosted video and what you can see is 33 people retweeted this that's the tweet. So if you go back here, you see 34 retweets total. Well, I got 33 of those retweets from co promote and so the organic reach on this was much bigger , and 33 co promoters collectively shared it to 844,000 followers on Twitter. So that means I still netted almost 200,000 in reach from sharing that one co promote post compared with what 33 people got for sharing it on Twitter. Now you might ask questions like, Well, who did they share it with? I don't care. It doesn't matter. Anything is good in this department. I have the chance to reach new people, and they re tweeted this out and they collectively have 844,000 followers. There's a good chance someone, maybe one person at least saw this and had a chance toe like it. And so that's co promote is very good for that. Especially if you've got good Twitter followers. All you have to do is share your posts, and then you can get other people to share. There's now, if you're all doing follow follow back. It may not make a big difference, but you do have a chance to reach that one person who shared it, at least so every one of these people, all 33 of those people who went through and shared this, they at least got a good look at it. And here's one. I shared my call of duty video on here, and so I've got lots of different types of posts, and so this allows me to reach out to a lot of different people, and so that's where really good things tend to happen. And so twitter, when combined with other social networks like Facebook and YouTube, you can do some really powerful stuff putting it all together. So thank you for learning about Twitter with me. I hope this has been useful for you, I hope. If anything, I've answered the question. What good is it to use Twitter? Because I didn't think Twitter was worth my time. And now some of the things I've showed you, like on co promote with all these retweets and reaching out to new followers, it makes Twitter worth the time. And it doesn't take that much time to even do so. I hope this is useful for you. And I appreciate you watching this. 49. What is most important on LinkedIn and what are the basic features?: Welcome to the linked in section. If you want to learn how to be great, it linked in your in the right place being great. It linked in ultimately comes down to using your profile to get connections, to get messages, to get opportunities and influence. So the basic functions in linked in are as follows. You've got the news feed and linked in right here. So if you scroll down LinkedIn's putting various things it thinks are useful in the news feed. If you publish an article or if you like, or engage with something on linked in it can come up in the news feed. You'll notice sponsored posts in the lengthen news feed, much like on Facebook. You have the option to share an update, published a post, upload a file into linked in. It's pretty sweet. Now that's the main place. You're likely to get organic engagement outside of a group you also have groups and groups can be very interactive unlinked in, but in order to do well in a group of first place you're going to want to have is your profile set up. Your profile is the main place on linked in that good things are going to happen for you, especially when people are searching for you up here and then they locate your profile. You're likely to have things like career opportunities. You're likely to have lots of good things happen based on getting your profile found. And no matter what you do in a group or what you post, it will come down eventually, at some point to someone judging your profile and sending a message or replying to the message or connection request you've sent them. So the first key step on Lincoln is to build an all star profile. You could see lengthen thinks I'm pretty close to an all star profile. And if you look up here, one of the basic metrics linked in uses to judge are gonna profile is, is how many people look at it so you can see I'm consistently getting people looking at my profile. You can see it dropped a lot. I took my profile off the top of my website. So if you want to get your profile view, that's one of the ways linked in judges a good profile. You can get people of you your profile all different places on your website, YouTube etcetera. So if you want your profile on linked in to be successful and ultimately comes down to views, and if you can see a concrete ranking on that even how you rank for profile views, I'm gonna top 16% of profile views among professionals like me. That's even though I don't put much effort into linked in and out of my connections. Out of 900 some connections. I'm in the top 7% there. So what you can see is I've got a linked in profile that is worth using as an example, based on the data I'm showing you. So what I'll do now is show you some of the things I've done to help have a good profile. 50. How I made an all star LinkedIn profile and how you can too!: How do you have an All Star linked in profile? How do you get people looking at and finding your linked in profile? How do you make a great linked in profile? Here are the basics. Obviously, you want to fill out your profile. If you want to have a great profile, you need to have a complete profile. A great profile is a complete profile, and that means your name as it exactly professionally matches. So you want to be able to be found on linked in by the name people would find you buy. You want to have a photo that's just you linked In's not as much appropriate, like Facebook as photos with your wife, because that's what I have on Facebook and a lot of my friends have. So I'm linked in. It's really a professional head shot is kind of the standard there, and a recent photo is ideal. One of the things you can do to get a lot more linked in views is toe update your photos, so I will actually show you how I do that in a couple of lectures. Then the key thing after just getting your name and your photo is the title and you want a working title, because how many people do you think are searching for CEO up here? Not a lot of people are likely searching for up here. You want an actionable title, whatever it is you're actually doing, so no one cares. I'm the CEO of jury banfield dot com. People do care. I'm a you to me instructor teaching Facebook ads and marketing YouTube, Google AdWords at sea on entrepreneurship so you can see the benefit of having a working title because you want to show up on things people are actually going to search for. So once you've got the working title down and you've got your name and photo up, it's just a matter of putting effort into your linked in profile. It's just a matter of spending the time on here. You can see all the things I've put effort into. This summary here has taken a significant amount of effort. I've sat there and used powerful keywords linked in, has suggested in order to get my profile up, have went and put a bunch of ah videos up here from YouTube on my profile. I've spent a lot of time endorsing other people unlinked in. And then what's happened is a lot of these people then endorsed me. That helps. And you can see I've just put a ton of effort into putting everything into my linked in profile all my master's and undergraduate education. Some of the charity work I've done, the experience I have with my company and then all of the previous jobs I've had even down to being a cashier in high school. I put my exams on their my projects that I've created my languages, interests, organizations, certification even. And then here I've put my publications. I've put a few of my best you Timmy courses up here and then down here, I'm going to be doing more recommendations on linked in in order to build my own recommendations because they're so useful. Other places. And then I've followed a few things like my schools and companies that makes it look more like a good active profile. So what you can see is that I have a well rounded, linked in profile. I've spent a lot of time and energy on my LinkedIn profile, so if you want to make a great linked in profile. Just put time into it. It's like a live living resume. It's very worth the time and energy to go through and get a good linked in profile, because here's the thing. You never know exactly what opportunities might come along. If I get randomly invited to speak our various things like that, I would bet at some point my LinkedIn profile would commit to that process. So I keep it updated because you never know what opportunities you miss out on. If you don't have a good linked in profile, it's one of those things you're liable miss out on opportunities. Ah, linked in profile could be a key conversion point, so it's just a matter of continuing to go through and put time and effort into it. I'll show you some of the things you can do to give you a maximum return on putting that time and energy into your linked in profile 51. Getting the perfect LinkedIn profile picture. You will not believe the one I use: have you had issues with getting your perfect profile picture up before? Let me tell you, I've had some issues with that too. I think I just spent, like, 20 minutes between this lecture on the last lecture, trying to figure out a photo out was going to use. I turned on my I Mac looked through a bunch of pictures and then you know what I figured. Let's have some fun with this. I can put up any photo of me I want This is a picture of me at my wedding, and I'm about £30 lighter now. And I'm not looking at the camera there. So you know what? I want to put up a picture of me. I really like This is a newer picture, so I could put that up. But you know what? I have a better idea. I'm putting my baby picture up. I'm gonna put a picture of me when I was, like, five up because I like that picture of me. And this is my linked in profile, and everyone has a regular picture of themselves up. So, yes, I'm gonna put my baby picture up right now because I can This is me when I'm, like, five years old. Look at that beautiful smile on my face. Look at that adorable little boy. That's still me. And so what, I'm going to put that up is my new linked in profile picture, because I like that picture. And so there it is, my new lengthen profile picture, because that's just a much mia's me at my wedding is me. Right, so there it is. So I have a little fun with your linked in profile picture because, hey, you can now, of course, you might feel you have to put a certain kind of picture up for yourself. I could put a picture up of myself in Korea, like right here. I could put this picture up as my profile image, and then you could say, Oh, look, that's so professional, isn't it? I'm not doing that because I don't have to do that. I'm putting a picture. I want up there and I love that picture of me as a kid, and my wife loves it. My mom loves it. So there it ISS. That's my new profile picture. And you know what? I might even put that up on my Facebook page. If you have a picture you like of yourself on LinkedIn, feel free to put it up there. It's not like online dating, although I probably should have used this is my profile picture on online dating, because then you could see how adorable I was then and, well, that's still in me, right? But the thing is, your profile picture is something that will get your profile ranked higher in all seriousness when you change your profile, picture often linked in will show that to your connections. And so it's a good opportunity to get back in front of your connections. So feel free, put whatever profile picture up you want and keep it updated. One of the main things I see unlinked in is people don't ever change their profile picture . And, as you can see, given my wedding was 2.5 years ago, I didn't change mine in a while, either. So there I just changed my profile picture. I really like it, and that's what I'm sticking with. For now. I can change it anytime I want to 52. How to make a powerful LinkedIn profile summary optimized for SEO.: one of the most critical linked in profile areas is the summary you give. So the summary is what people will see if they're looking at your linked in profile and read more about you. It's usually one of the first things people will see and linked in gives you, ah, fixed number of words to tell people exactly what you do. So you want to do your best in the summary to actively explain what you are doing and what people should do when they find your profile. You can see here I've included take my you Timmy courses toe, learn these valuable skills and then listed the skills below. So I've started off with thank you to the 40,000 plus students, and I'll update it to 48,000 plus students taking my you Timmy HD video training courses online at cherry banfield dot com slash you. To me, it gives very specific directions as to what I do professionally and where you can get it. And then 400 plus videos on my YouTube channel give you a free preview of my courses at and then I have a short link straight to my YouTube subscription which it might be nicer to. Actually, now that I've got a professional looking, you are l to just drop the URL straight in there from YouTube. It's always preferable to have things set up like that, and then I can just shorten it to youtube dot com slash c slash jerry Banfield. And then I have my podcast linked here also. So you want to do the most you can in the very first few sentences. So what I've done is got my website you to channel in my podcast out. Those are three of my main things I create consistently that are my work online. So that's why I feature those. And then I go put all these terms linked in shows in here, linked in shows which keywords I'm using. And you can see all of these keywords in here that I'm filling out in order to optimize, to get my profile pound these air things people are looking for and searching for according to linked in data. And then it ends right down here with the girl to go to. So, as you can see, you just edit your summary, you save, and then you've got a summary that people will look through and find it will take a bit of effort. You may find yourself updating it consistently like I do, and that's okay. All you want to do is make sure that you get in everything in a nice, smooth, consistent format. Explain the basics in the first few sentences, give some kind of collar action and then more details about exactly what you do down here. What you help with. For example, one cent cost per click campaigns with Facebook ads for millions of likes helped business owners maximize profit use goo hours to drive traffic. YouTube channel set up pioneer and self taught startup, scaling exact phrases that people might search for and look for in order to find me that match with what I do. So it takes some effort to take some time. But the more energy you put into writing a good summary, the better summary you'll have. And if you use the format I just gave you, you can make it pretty solid, and you can see how your summaries coming out. If you do this and you open it in an incognito window, which I'll do over here so that I'm not signed in. I can see exactly how my summary comes out. You can see the whole summaries out here on my professional profile, which is perfect. If someone finds my linked in profile, it gives them exactly where to go on what to do. And they have these recent posts they can even look at to which I'll cover a little bit later. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this is useful for you in having a great profile on LinkedIn. 53. Using media in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile.: on your linked in profile. Ah, helpful feature you have that works on Lee if you're signed in. That means if people are looking at your profile when they're signed in, they can see what's called media. Underneath your summary. They can see video slide shows, pictures pdf's that you've included that show your work so you can put them right here and what you can easily add something. I'll show you how to add something you can click here to add to summary, and then all you need is a link from a YouTube video. Or you can click on supported providers to see additional formats, which include PdF images, etcetera. So what you can do is add something right there into your profile to give you the chance to show off your creative work. So here what I'll do, I'll show you one. I'll add a new video and I've put on from YouTube, and then I've got that added right up here. And then I can put a little call the action, unlock the complete course at https jerry banfield dot com. So then I've got a little cold action there, too. So now I've got this son here. Well, you can see now. You could argue I've got too much on there. So what you can do when you go into edit, you can move this around so that I can then take that off the summary, and then I can put that into another part of my profile because I went and added it, and I want that to be on there. But when people look at my profile, I want to feature the best of the work I'm doing right now. And so you will see, if you do this a lot over time, you'll get some old media in here, which is okay. You just can then move it off like this with edit. So that's what I'm doing now. I appreciate you watching this. And if you put some media on your profile, you might find that people actually will watch it and take a look and to contact you for more opportunities. Unlinked in 54. Strategies for adding connections on LinkedIn.: Once you've got your profile set up, you want to get your connections on LinkedIn connections on link dinner like friends on Facebook or followers on some other platform your connections. Air people that you are connected to in one way or another, like a friend or a follower. The thing is with linked in connections are mutual, just like friends on Facebook are mutual. You could do one of two basic strategies with connections on LinkedIn. LinkedIn maxes out at 500 connections that it will show, but you can have a lot of connections on LinkedIn. However, you can Onley make a certain number of connection requests. I think it's around 3000. So what I do, I go with the maximum connection strategy. That's kind of a more sales strategy. Someone that's in sales is likely to want to just have lots of connections. That there's not much interaction with what my wife does and what seems to be the most powerful impractical for most people is to have a limited number of more intense connections. That is a limited number of people you keep in touch with, and you have in your linked in profile you have a smaller, tight network where you would trust anyone in that network to refer you and to really know you that I would think is ideal for most working professionals. Unless you're in something like social Meteors sales, where you want to get out there and have a wide reach, then what I'm doing is the broad connection approach. I'm just allowing and pushing as many connections as possible and how I'm doing that. And I just updated this since I even made the course with you because I've already got three different things to do on my website here. I had this in my profile before, and I took it out. Now I've got it back in. AD Me is a connection with Link that jerry banfield dot com that allows other people who come across my profile add music connection. And so I'm not picky. I accept about anyone as a connection on linked in. I've spent hours going through and trying to find all my connections on LinkedIn, and I've sent out hundreds, if not at least 1000 connection requests. When I first got started and in the first year or two, I was on linked in. Now all I do is sit back and accept the connection requests coming in and that way when I published posts as I'll show you more of when I'm in groups. When im looked in people's networks, I have a lot of first degree connections. I have a big online footprint unlinked in, and that's what I want. And so for me, I put a lot of work into making those initial connections, and now I just received new connection requests consistently. I just accepted a few today, and you're welcome to connect with me if you want. Also unlinked in using the link on my profile linked at jerry banfield dot com. Except almost all my requests, because then I have the opportunity to appear in all of my connections. Newsfeed. So that's why I'm using a broad approach like this, and you can choose whichever approach you think is best. And that all gets going in the connections Tab. I connected all my email address is to pull all the people I was emailing and got all them into. So I've consistently worked to build all my connections into linked in, and now it's simply an exercise of giving my connections something I'm creating, putting my blawg posts unlinked in so that people can use them and read when I'm doing. 55. A powerful strategy using LinkedIn posts to get people reading your blog.: If you want to get your profile noticed and get your professional work out there. One of the great tools linked in offers is called Posts. If you're on your profile, it's right down here and you click. Write a new post what I'll do first to show you the stats on my previous post because you can see the value. Then you'll notice that when I wrote my posts in the last year, this one post got 67 views. That means people actually took a look at it and not just saw it in the feed. You'll see this 1 97 this 1 826 this 114 57 ah, 191 and then 44 on there so you could see these posts, then get good organic reach on Lincoln. And not only that, but they can be found in search engine results also actually, Pier on Lincoln dot com. So if you already have a blogger, you already have a place you're writing post. I'll show you an easy way to just copy whatever post you have, because that's exactly what I do. So I first have my website over here. I have something related to what I do. So all I do is save my image right here. I download that. I put an image up in here to bring things to life, and I just want something that's functional. I don't care if it actually works perfectly. I just want it to work. Good enough. So I put that in there. Then I'm just going the verbatim copied this from my website. I don't care if it shows up as duplicate content. I just want to get this post on LinkedIn. So I'm literally going to just control, See? Drop that right there. And I put this in right here. So I then will go down here and scroll down and then hit post, and that's all I have to do. I've got everything else set up nicely here. And so I've got a good post that I know is good on my website. I can then add a tag. I can add something like you to me. But there's nothing there, so I can still just put calm, I guess, and then put sales and then put online. Sure, that'll work. So now I go up here and then all I have to do I just close this linked in warning, cause whatever and I hit publish. All I want to do is just do something for Eddie. Add tags. So then I can just wait and put something in digital marketing. And there we go publish post. And now I've got another post up on linked in 1000 and eight linked in followers Know I have a post published now that's pretty sweet. And then if you go back to my profile, you will see, Then here's a new post right here how I promote you to me courses successfully in April 2015 while what I can do, I just see the way that comes up. Probably want to edit the title a little bit so I can go in here at it post and all I want to do is quickly change the title and just take out the word April and just leave it. 2015. Close that off. Update and update post. There we go. So now you can see I've got something I'm sending out to my followers to keep them engaged . And so this is a perfect kind of task to that. You can give to a virtual assistant to keep your linked in profile active. And if you already worked hard to get a blogger up, as you can see, I've got a lot of new block posts based on the videos I make. I don't actually write the posts. I make videos and get them transcribed into a blawg post. So they're my unique voice into an actual block post. Now, I did actually write this one as I was answering questions in the U to me studio. So I went and put that on. You know me, you can see it's a lot easier to just click, write a post and then to reach people in the linked in news feed with a post you wrote. The reason is because that post I wrote, if you'll notice that I'll go back really fast to it if you'll notice this post I wrote, Where is it? Well, let's copy link address actually can right click on it open a new incognito window. What you'll notice. This is a Perma link on linked in dot com, so linked in love's featuring things on linked in dot com. They like having articles they can put unlinked in. So this post goes as a Perma link straight on, linked in that can get found in search results and everything else. So that's why this is a powerful strategy. I show you here, and that's why you can just copy it literally from your blog's if you have one and then start getting it up their recent. So this is something I'm going to add into my regular to do items. And that's why you learn so much when you teach things, you get more out of teaching things, you get more out of doing things. So I'm grateful to be here with you today and have shared this with you. Thank you. 56. If you want people to read your blog, start blogging on LinkedIn.: The favorite type of post I have on my blawg is a video post. And so what I'll do is share with you now how I make a video post using an exact post from my website. So this supposed it's already on my website and all I want to do now is put this on my website over two linked in. So I literally just want to take this over and copy it and move it straight over there. So that's what I've done. I copied and put it over and linked in where it says Publish post so you can find that in lots of different places. I went to it on the home page and clicked on Publish Post, and I'll show you where that is at the end, in case you want to see it again. I copied the title and then I put it down here than I added in a video with the option linked in gives me. I clicked, add video, and then I took the I frame code out of my YouTube video. I took that out right here. When it says sheer, I grab the embed code, took that straight out and put this in here So you can see now this post as a video in the video is what tends to really get people watching on at least everywhere else that I am. The videos I put up tend to get really good results. So I copied all the pictures in. And so now all I want to do is put one of those as the image title. So I'll just grab something here, grab one of the posts and I can say use this one and then what I can do is I can save image , put that in the download, and then I can add a image up in here and just dropped that in now. And so I've got the image there and I've gotten image that shows what I'm talking about. With all the video views. I got a video in here. I have links back to my Facebook page and my videos and my website. So this has everything copied straight from my website, and that's the beauty of already having this up on my website. Is that then? I've got everything up there and I'm relinking my facebook page now because I changed the URL, I think since this post, So I've got everything all smoothly linked in there now. And so all I do is publish and then I can add tags right here, because this is very important, adding relevant tags to your post. So that appears in the right category. So I've got Facebook, Facebook marketing and advertising. You only put three tags at once. So now I hit, Publish Post, and the linked Ends published it, and it's let my followers know I just got a new post up there. And so the nice thing is, when I go to my profile now, that also looks good on my profile. You'll see, then having these two new posts up here looks good, and so when I click on it, I'll double check to make sure it came out good. And I've got a nice there. You can see the you tube video up, and then you can see Lincoln didn't exactly copy the pictures, but it at least linked to them. So is that worth the actual time to go back through and set it up? Well, it depends on how many people watch it, and so in order to make this. I just clicked on publish post, and now this has the chance to appear in people's news feeds. And so that's a really sweet opportunity. So this posting strategy on linked in this wasn't here before when I first started doing linked in, and it's a very powerful opportunity you have unlinked in to get in front of people to show what you can do instead of trying to tell them. So when you combine this with everything else I've shared, you can do some really good work on linked in. You can do your blogging right on linked in right to the people you want to see it. 57. LinkedIn messaging for connections, relationships, and leads.: messages on linked in our where you do your riel work, where you get connections made where you follow up with people you've met and where you build relationships. Messages obviously are right here in this tab, and you'll find there more challenging than you might expect. They're challenging because lots of people like me don't check my linked in messages that often, and people that you're likely to want to message often will get a lot of messages. Even if they do, check them often. So here are a couple simple tips in order to get your messages responded to. First, make sure you start your message out with something that mentions the person's name. You can see this spam message I received here. It didn't mention my name. Very obvious indicator. It's a spam message. When you scroll down and see some of these other ones, it's Hello, Gerry. I know the person taking at least a little bit of effort to specifically contact me about something. Now when I see something like this, Greetings from learned social. You don't want to start off a message talking about yourself right away, so make sure to at least start your message off with the name of the person you're messaging, especially if you're messaging them for the first time. You can obviously go send a message on LinkedIn up here by clicking the message icon. And then you can use a little right icon to find a person you want to send a message and enter a subject and a message. So make sure you started off in the message with a specific reference to who you're actually messaging and the subject line like this you can see, even though they didn't started out with my name. When you say something like we want you to do Facebook marketing to us or translation, subject lines and messages, just like e mails are very good opportunity for you to catch the attention of the person you're messaging. You don't want to do generic messages like this. For example, invite to the retargeting revolution. I don't know what the retargeting revolution is. I'm just going to guess I probably don't need an invite to it, and it turns out I read the message. It is a group on linked in, and so you'll find it hard sometimes to get started. If you're the one who's trying to send out The message is, however you will find. Also, if you do it right, you can make great things happen with messages on LinkedIn. You can build relationships. There's lots of good opportunities you can make with messages. So pick a subject line. This relevant something like we wanted to do Facebook marketing for us, something even that might pique the self interest of the person you're messaging. Something is obvious. It's not all about you. It's something you want to work with them on and then use their name. Jerry is my name. Hello, Jerry. Hi, Jerry. Something like that. To start out to know that it's relevant. You've only got two lines that are going to show up before the person reads the message. So figure out what exactly you need to say in those two lines as most important and make sure it's there. And then from there, just don't send too many messages at once. You can send up two of several 100 on linked in a day without a problem, but don't go over that unless you want to get your account suspended. Which, of course I did before, so you can see I got it back. Don't send too many messages, Send them carefully targeted and you can have great opportunities on linked in. 58. LinkedIn groups are where you do expand your network on LinkedIn.: unlinked in groups are a place where a lot of positive activity happens and something you want to be familiar with. There are groups you can join on linked in that literally will leave you having people banging down your door for opportunities and get you in a nice professional community where you want to be now. That said, there's a lot of groups you could probably waste your time in and not accomplish much also . And then our groups like this. I applied to the you Know me Instructor group a long time ago. It's not active. There's tons of inactive groups on lengthen, so you can create a group. Creating a group that is active in a good subject can be a great opportunity for you to get influential on Lake Dan. I've seen a lot of people working their group very successfully in terms of being able to share their content, making connections and doing business. So groups right here you go under. Interest groups are here now. Link. Dana has recommended groups for you now, and it even has activity than in here from the group's you remember off you can see I'm in 46 groups on LinkedIn. And so I obviously am a believer in groups, and I don't actually use groups much anymore. What I did do is you can see I joined a lot of Facebook groups and that actually was able to generate leads and business and lots of connections and people following me from using these groups. I joined all these groups and then I left lots of them that weren't good and joined more. So if you put effort into finding groups that are good for you and you can search right here you go up here nuclear groups and say, If I want to find a Facebook group, I search for Facebook and now you can see have all these groups here. And I'm already a member of all these groups and that's why it has post on here now. The one thing with groups, I tried to just join groups selfishly and share my own content immediately. If you want to have the best results in a group, it seems that first engaging in interacting with other people and then sharing your content is the way to go. That said, it could be hard to get started in a lot of Facebook groups because people are quick to flag things, a spam that they haven't seen before or from people they don't know that are new in the group. So if you really want toe work a group, I would think joining a few groups and doing a great job in those groups would get you the highest return. I took a lot of time and energy joining all these groups. I got lots of people following me. I got at least one client I know of directly from these groups, and then it's quite possible I got other opportunities that they never followed up on linked in. But they went and actually made a purchase or watch videos, and I never even knew about it. So if you conjoined the group's what happens when you're in the group, you can then message people in the group, and that's where you can build those relationships. What you can do is message the members in your group. You can go up here and then you can scroll down and you see the option to send a message, and now this is where it's extra important to send a good message with something like Hi Craig to begin with and then a compelling subject in a message In it, Groups are a great place. You can make new connections, but groups are also placed recon waste a lot of time and energy. So the more focused you are picking the right groups to join on, linked in the higher return you can get from being in groups on LinkedIn. 59. LinkedIn Pulse has your news and is where you can get your organic traffic.: LinkedIn has a cool feature called Pulse, where you can get news and insight shared with you that linked in thinks you'll be particularly interested in. And I just found as I went to go read here, This is under the interests pulse tab. In my news, I found this article is quite interesting. And what you'll notice is this a fresh article from today? It's in marketing and advertising, online advertising and what this is This is a post on linked in. So I clicked on it and I read the article. And so Rob Norman was able to get in front of me by sharing this article and what you'll notice. This is a article published right on, linked in where I showed you how to use that publish post feature earlier so you can see the fact that I just read this. You can see that it's a good opportunity to get in front of people, and what linked in is focusing on here. New content. All of these posts you can see are in the last couple days. They're kind of doing it like news. And so the nice thing is you have the opportunity to get in front of lots of new people by posting on your linked in profile. So when I showed you how to write a post, you can do that and have a chance to appear up here in the linked in pulse insights. Now there's also there's a your news tab by default, But then there's top posts also. So then, if you can get into one of these top posts and you'll notice it's June 17th right now. So these air only a day or so old, even less than that, you'll see some of these posts have a lot of views on here. So I would guess if you just post consistently and you read other people's posts, you can have the chance to actually get your post to show up in here, especially if you're in groups where you can share your post with the group to get those initial views. I'm grateful now on my profile. I have enough connections than I should be able to mostly just share things on my own profile and have a chance at getting them out there, getting them seen and getting them viral. You can see I got 21 views and to likes just on this post that I showed you how to make yesterday. And that's just off off my linked in connections. And that's even with not posting very often. So what you can see if you have a blawg and you want to get people actually reading your posts. This is one of the big things people are doing on. LinkedIn is reading these kind of business post, and that's what linked in wants. They want to have people's eyes on linked in for these kinds of topics business topics, careers, leadership, etcetera. And that's all starts in the your news tab, and this is a reflection of what can come up in the news feed. So if you either have lots of connections and or especially if you combine that with being in groups and you share these linked in posts in groups, then you can get yourself out there. If you're doing a blawg, you're making videos. You can get the right people watching them and expand your reach. And I know for the last several years has been one of my biggest things is how can I get the right people noticing what I'm doing linked in groups combined with putting posts on linked in sharing that on your profile and sharing it in the group. Great way to see right here these eyeballs, these lights in these comments on your posts. 60. How to search for jobs and find better jobs to apply to on LinkedIn jobs.: linked in jobs is another sweet feature that Lincoln is added. And if I wanted to hire a full time employee where I'm living, I would use this post a job feature on linked general jobs. So if you're looking to hire, give the linked in jobs, feature a try. If you want to get a job or find a new job, it starts. And I've never used this jobs here, so this should be a similar interface. Toe what you get. I am starting off. I put in my area. I put in Sarasota, Florida, area and then linked in starts to get an idea of what kind of jobs I might like. So then I can put in Tampa, Florida ST Petersburg area also, And so then I can hit next to start putting in my size, and I don't care what size company. I'm not really looking for. Job when I'm doing is filling this out as if I was looking for a job as best as possible. So I click on a few things like high tech media education, and I can put some jobs in that I could find then and give me the opportunity to have the chance to get jobs on lengthen then. So what I do, I hit finish, and then I've got my job preferences set up now. So linked in doesn't have any jobs matching my current criteria, which that's fine with me. I'm not looking for any, so I go back to the Jobs tab and it has my job activity private. But I could share my job activity if I wanted to with my connections. So it's It takes only a few seconds to get the jobs set up. And then what you can do here is search for jobs. For example, If I wanted to search by Facebook, I just put in Facebook here. And then I can see all these jobs that Facebook has open right here. And that ideal scenario for you, then, is that you congee. Just look through lots of jobs on any topic you want. You can sit there and search through jobs, and you maybe could find a better job if you wanted to. And now if I wanted to locate more near me, I could do something like located in our near, and then I could do a postal code and I could put in a radius like 100 miles, and then you can see all those disappear and what you can see. There are then different types of software jobs available with the keyword Facebook. And so then, if I search for something like marketing, I could find different jobs available. Senior marketing knowledge is all kinds of different jobs. If I wanted something a little more niche, I could go s CEO s e o specialist. And look, if I really actually wanted a job, you can see there's a bunch of jobs I could apply for right here. You to me. No search results there. I probably don't want to put teaching, but I could do something like digital marketing to narrow the keywords down mawr. And so there's all kinds of opportunities locally near May that I could do. And so it comes down to this. If you want to get a better job, you can use linked in to sit here and look through all these jobs, apply to jobs, find jobs and eventually get a better job. I have a friend. He's went through a lot to get into a job he likes he applied to hundreds of jobs, went through all kinds of painstaking interviews. And you know what? He has a great job he loves every day. You could say I've had the similar journey. I went through tons of jobs. I didn't like all kinds of education. And now I'm grateful that my own company at home doing stuff I like to do, sitting here talking to you every day. So ultimately, it's about effort if you want a better job, the Jobs tab and the search feature on linked in our exactly what you can use to find jobs . If I needed a job if I wasn't making enough money, what I would do is sit there and look for a job locally that I could do something where I could actually work online all day, and then they just needed me occasionally or something where I could apply my technical expertise. But what I would do is I would spend a lot of time and energy in here searching through things that could best match my strategies to get me the highest pay rate and to get me the best opportunities. So if you put the effort in right here and linked in jobs you can get to wherever you're supposed to be. You can advance your career. It's just a matter of effort. Thank you for watching this. 61. LinkedIn premium accounts explained.: linked in offers premium accounts that have expanded features. I'm currently using a personal plus unlinked in its 7 99 a month and what it does. It allows me a few extra features. So you free linked in profile. You only have a limited view off who's viewed your profile. What I like. The personal plus allows me to have a full view of who's viewed my profile, and it also allows me to have open profile where anyone on LinkedIn could see my full profile. Message me for free. Those are the two basic features I have that I use the linked in four. Now, if you want business or business, plus thes, have some good features. If you're trying to reach out to people. I used to have a higher level linked in premium so that I could send in mail messages that allows you to send messages that linked in gives you guaranteed response to to people who are not connected with you. If you're trying to reach certain people, this can be helpful. You can also get some new features like you can get more profiles when you search for your looking for people that work for you or, if you're really spending time on linked in searching than these kinds of things, can be useful. Practically, you don't need a premium profile most of the time. And if you do, a personal plus is just fine. But it's cool. Linked in at least has thes profile features because I sure would pay Facebook toe. Have a profile with additional features so linked in it's cool, you can have a premium profile. I think it looks good. Or maybe it looks really try hard. If you're in the video game language, I think it looks good. Definitely them premium profile. It's one of those little things I'm able to do to stand out a little bit on Linked in it allows anyone to message me on linked in and allows me to build my network much better. So I appreciate you being here and learning about linked in with me 62. The Pinterest homepage and thank you for learning about Pinterest with me!: Welcome to Pinterest. Here's the home screen on Pinterest and the basic idea off Pinterest. You pin things you like, and then you can share or interact with pins other people have made. Pinterest is mainly used right now by young two middle aged women in the U. S. A. To share things like motivational quotes, home styles, different types of food. My wife's gotten a ton of food ideas and made a lot of delicious things off of Pinterest. Things like this do it yourself laundry detergent, old clips. So