Dive into After Effects: Learn the Basics

Phil Ebiner, Video Creator | VideoSchoolOnline.com

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10 Videos (40m)
    • Intro

    • Project: Create a Title Page

    • Opening After Effects for the First Time

    • Creating a New Composition

    • How to Import Files into After Effects

    • The Tools You Need to Know

    • Adding Text to Your Project

    • Adding Shapes to our Project

    • Adjusting Layers with Scale, Rotation, Opacity

    • Thank You & What's Next

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About This Class


After Effects is an amazing program that can help you create motion graphics, visual effects, and titles that make your videos better, but it can be intimidating to try out. In this 45-minute course, you’ll learn the basics of using After Effects: understand the program layout, learn how to use the tools, get comfortable with using the timeline. We’ll cover everything from opening up After Effects for the first time, importing assets, and creating your very first composition.

This class is perfect for video creators, designers, and everyone who wants to learn After Effects in an un-intimidating way. No prior knowledge or experience is required! By the end of the class, you’ll have the basic knowledge to start creating projects and dive even further into the world of After Effects.

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Phil is thorough but not laborious. Great content and flow. Thanks Phil!
Great for a first intro to AE!
This is a great class! I learned the basics of After Effects very quickly.
Richie Kastl

Front End Developer and Teacher





Phil Ebiner

Video Creator | VideoSchoolOnline.com

My passion is inspiring people through online courses. I've been creating things (videos, photos, businesses, projects) since I was a young child. I've created (produced, shot, edited) thousands of videos over the past five years. Now it is time to teach you!

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