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Distribution Channel Marketing Fundamentals & Best Practices

Stephen C Campbell, Marketing, Business, Digital Strategies

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About This Class

This video course is a summary of an extended class consulting and training corporate program, it provides the student with a broad overview of the technicalities and thought processes involved when it comes to using Channel Partners within a Distribution Channel in order to deliver products and services through to end users.

We consider key Channel Marketing fundamentals looking at differences between business to business versus business to consumer business operations.

Different lengths of the channel between the company and the end user are considered along with reasoning behind why different channel configurations may be employed; this may be for different regions within a country or special considerations may be developed when operating in an overseas territory maybe where the company in question has little brand presence.





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Stephen C Campbell

Marketing, Business, Digital Strategies

Hello, I'm Stephen. Business & marketing strategy consultant and trainer focusing on channel marketing, digital marketing & social media. I am also a Master NLP Practitioner with a huge interest and focus in personal development

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