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Distinction Essays - Improve University Grades

teacher avatar Shellie Cleaver, Visual art + academic writing classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Distinction Essays Secrets to Success

    • 2. Reading Extensively

    • 3. Synthesise Concepts

    • 4. Original Thought

    • 5. Error Free Writing

    • 6. Bringing it Together

    • 7. Thanks Distinction Essays

    • 8. More Classes on Essay Writing

    • 9. Academic Teacher Introduction Shellie Cleaver

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About This Class

Join this 13 minute class and learn how to lift the quality of your university essays and improve your marks.

What is it that lifts an essay from a pass or credit into distinction or high distinction? If you are new to the academic world it may not be obvious to you. 

Join teacher Shellie in this class to learn about the four key things essay markers look for to determine if an essay has earned a distinction or higher. See your marks improve!

Meet Your Teacher

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Shellie Cleaver

Visual art + academic writing classes


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1. Distinction Essays Secrets to Success: Welcome to distinction Essays, Secrets to Success. My name is Shelly and I will be your teacher for this class. I'm a librarian and I've studied a masters and I'm completing my second master's in library in ship And I've written many, many essays. I've also been editing university student essays for over two years now, So I have a really good idea of what an essay should involve and what helps to lift people's marks upto a higher mark than they used to. And I'm looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge to help you improve your essays, and this is a really interesting topic to look into. What is it that makes a distinction s a different to the lower grades. What is the market looking for? What is expected of you. It's not simply a reasonable attempt at the assignment. They're actually expecting ah lot Mawr. So the four K points we're going to explore our extensive rating synthesizing concepts, original thought and error free rushing. So let's get stuck in 2. Reading Extensively: So the first thing you need to show in your essay if you're going to achieve a distinction or higher is that you've read extensively. This means reading beyond the materials presented in the course, this mains reading more than a handful of other you know, sources, journal, articles, books. This means actually following a trail. So you're reading an article, and maybe there'll be something in that article that sparks interest in another. And then you go and explore that one. What you're demonstrating when you've read extensively is your showing a proactive and independent approach to your learning. You've not simply done what you've been told to do. You've taken an independent interest in it and you've pursued that yourself. And you really seeking, um, you as a person, assuring that you really want to understand. And through all of this rating, you understand complex concepts. You are able to take the ideas more broadly. So, um, concepts may overlap with different theories may overlap with other industries. There may be connections that aren't immediately obvious, and by extensive reading you actually are able to present an educated opinion. It's more than simply fulfilling the requirements you've shined that you've actually become , um, on independent learner who has an academic interest in the content and has taken their learning very seriously into a really, really high level, so extensive rating is essential, and it gives you the capacity to fulfill the next three steps. 3. Synthesise Concepts: the second K Fate you're a Marker is looking for in an essay that it changed the distinction or higher is the ability to synthesize concepts. So this means that you, firstly, can understand key concepts involved in the essay topic. But it also means that you've been able to take these in, understand them and think about them in complex ways. So this means that you have been able to consider the pros and cons of something you've been able to consider, um, the complexities or how they relate to different concepts. So it's you've been able to show that you have taken a diverse and broad understanding off relevant material, and you've been able to reason and critically analyze the different aspects and bring it all together, synthesize it in your essay by presenting your ideas with clarity and with dynamic, um, dynamic points. You're not simply stating a B and C being able to talk about the interconnections, how they influence each other. The relevance 4. Original Thought: So now you've read extensively. You've been up to synthesize concepts, and the third step or the third key criteria a marker is looking for in your essay is evidence of original thought. So your essay is not simply filled with references and repeating other people's ideas. What you've been able to do three order diverse reading and your understanding of the concepts is to form your own thoughts and to actually present sophisticated concepts and logical thought patterns that are supported body by references. But that indicates higher level of thinking, higher level of analysis, higher level of critical fault. So when you're working on your essays, you're really aiming to show the marker that you've stepped up above. The average student who simply fulfills the essay question presents ideas and support, some with references that you've actually done this but taking it up a notch, so an example could be that you've observed a certain pattern Ah, within this industry. But true your wide reading, you've actually, um, you've noticed that this similar pattern occurs in this other industry, and then you may talk about the similarities or differences or what this mains the opportunities this presents 5. Error Free Writing: and finally, for an essay to achieve a distinction or a high distinction, your markers insist that it must be error free. This means that you have gone over and over and over your draft essay looking for the tiniest spelling errors. Punctuation errors, referencing errors, sentences that are finished sentences that a clunky you need USA to read smoothly and efficiently, and it needs to be 100% error free. Now. This is not easy to achieve some strategies that you can use to edit it through four times through the word processor, but then to print it out and to actually edit it on paper, because the change in format and media actually changes how you perceive what you've written and helps for some of the areas to stand out. But the editing process will be significant, and it is difficult at the end of writing an essay to find the willingness to keep working on it and to keep refining and perfecting it. But this is what distinction and high distinction level students do. They want their work to be perfect, and they work and they work and they work. So for as many times as you can manage it, Edit your work and B is convinced us possible that there is not one error left in your essay and this will see your marks improve significantly. 6. Bringing it Together: bringing it together. So we've examined four of the key things that your marker looks for to determine if your essay deserves the distinction or higher. Now that you've understood these four concepts, it's a matter of you changing your perception from simply I've got another set of right and what a drag. And, you know, I'll just get it done to realizing that actually, what you're to your lecture wants from you. They want to see that you have taken your learning to another level that you've used your subject and the materials provided as a launchpad, a starting point, a place to begin your own independent exploration off the subject. They're looking to say that you've actually taken an interest in learning that goes beyond the scope of the subject and through during. So you've actually established new knowledge, new connections, new understandings of concepts and ideas that have led to much more sophisticated conclusions. And that is really allowed you to present an essay that is filled with dynamic concepts, dynamic ideas with lots of cross references that go beyond the scope of the subject that you've been taught. That's your mission for your next essay. Good luck, and I really look forward to hearing if this has helped you and how you go the on excess a happy riding. 7. Thanks Distinction Essays: Thank you for joining me on this class. I hope it has provided some insight into the four key things that your markers are looking for. To allocate a distinction or higher USA, let me know how you go with your essays. If this class was useful for you, please, like us. Please leave a review. And I look forward to seeing you in our next class. Good luck with your writing. 8. More Classes on Essay Writing: I've recorded many classes on academic essay writing, so follow me on school share and you'll see all of the classes I've done. Here is the follow button. Click on this, and if you hover your mouse over this part here, it'll take you through to my profile as well. Under my profile, you'll see all of the classes I've created, and you'll be able to see the range of classes you could take on academic writing. He's a sample of some of the cake classes I've made s a success. Answer the question. Academic writing Basics. Ace essay introductions Boot camp. Start your essay today. Distinction essays, Secrets to success and s a success. Critical thinking. As you can see, there's a large range of classes you could take with me to improve your academic writing. I look forward to seeing you in these classes and to hearing your feedback on how your essay writing and your university marks have improved. So let's keep learning and improving and let's get started now 9. Academic Teacher Introduction Shellie Cleaver: academia is an entire world on its own. And unless you've come from an academic family, you're likely not to have any idea even exists. Before 2013 I had no idea what academia waas. I studied a finance degree. I was working Rito and I was ready to do something more skilled and more meaningful. So I undertook a masters at Melbourne University, and this two year degree was very, very academic, So I had to learn how to write excites from scratch. I'll never forget the experience of trying to write my first master's s A. I had five different guides in front of me, and I was literally pouring through them, trying to understand. What should a body Vanessa be? How do you conclude the essay? I had no idea, and I achieved a credit or possibly my first say, and from then my lob steadily improved. I'm now completing my second masters degree, where he academic library and I'm going to be a librarian. So I wanted to share my knowledge off academia and essay writing with you guys just to help make your journey