Discovery Kanban 101: How to Integrate User-Centered Design with Agile

Jeff Zych, Humane designer and technologist

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8 Videos (48m)
    • Intro

    • Problems with Agile

    • Discovery Kanban Overview

    • Phase 1: Build the Board

    • Phase 2: Use the Board

    • Tips to getting the process adopted

    • Additional benefits from Discovery Kanban

    • Wrap up


About This Class

Learn how to make space for designers and researchers to do user-centered design in an Agile/scrum engineering environment. By creating an explicit Discovery process to focus on customer needs before committing engineers to shipping code, you will unlock design’s potential to deliver great user experiences to your customers.

By the end of this class, you will have built a Discovery Kanban board and learned how to use it to plan and manage the work of your team.

Prior knowledge of user-centered design will help you understand and apply the concepts in this course. You don’t need any formal authority at your company, such as by managing people, to implement the ideas in this course. You just need the desire to affect change.

Additional Links

A cheat sheet of course takeaways (Google Doc so you can make a copy of it and edit it to fit your needs):

Design Processes:

Additional Resources:

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Nice short course on Discovery Kanban and how to separate the design process from the engineering (typical scrum) process, which wasn't created to include design. The course is a little dry with each slide being read; would be nice to have illustrations, or even just a live video of the things being discussed and drawn out.
This class provides a real world, practical approach on how to implement Discovery Kanban at any company with Designers and Researchers. The instructor showcases his expertise as he explains the benefits of Discovery Kanban from his own on the job experience. From my point of view as an engineering program manager, he identifies problems that I have seen in the field such as stories being incomplete and what happens when the Discovery process is rushed. In the class, the instructor articulates a structured way of operationalizing key components of Kanban including how to build the Kanban board itself and how to run the meeting to use it. I'd recommend all Designers and Researchers or anyone that works with them to take the class and see how this process or aspects of this process might be useful for them!
This class was great! I think one of the most useful ways to get more done is to make sure you're working on the right problem; Jeff's class helps provide exactly the skills you need to 1) understand a need from your customer's perspective, and 2) strategies to really get your team to research and make sense of things from a user-centric design perspective. Really enjoyed this class - highly recommended for anyone who wants to be more effective at understanding product needs.





Jeff Zych

Humane designer and technologist

I'm a humane designer & technologist that is passionate about building technology to improve the world. I’m the former Head of Design at Optimizely. Before that I was a Product Designer and a UI Engineer.

Before joining Optimizely, I earned my Master’s degree at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, where I studied technology, design, and behavioral economics.

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