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Discovering Yourself :Find out what are your passions and what is your purpose in 8 steps

teacher avatar Irina Abramova,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies needed

    • 3. Self discovery part 1

    • 4. Self discovery part 2

    • 5. Self discovery part 3

    • 6. Self discovery part 4

    • 7. Self discovery part 5

    • 8. Self discovery part 6

    • 9. Self discovery part 7

    • 10. Self discovery part 8

    • 11. Final thoughts + H.W.

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About This Class

This class is about self-discovery and self-awareness. I want to show you how you can reach your goals and dreams. I want you to be able to find out what are your passions and purpose. I will teach you my method for time management so you can get ahead with your goals. This class is for anyone trying to find themselves. Also, for anyone who wants to learn about time management to reach life goals. I made this class an 8 step process to make it easier for you.

Meet Your Teacher

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Irina Abramova


Hi, there my name is Irina Abramova, I am a wife, mom, educator,multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, multi-passionate creative coach, creative lifestyle blogger, professional organizer, floral, candy buffet, tablescape, and events designer. I run a unique gifts Etsy shop using my own designs. I am a Skillshare teacher online. Creative homemaking and lifestyle are what I really love and here I want to share my creative ideas with you in order to inspire you. I love everything and anything creative and unique. My interests are in DIY, crafts, designing, photography, graphic design, art, decorating, styling, planning events, cooking, baking and food styling.

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1. Introduction: Hi. A marina off creative lighting for seven. That's come. I'm a coach and educator and multi passion creative lifestyle blogger. I'm here to share my knowledge and inspire you to create and do everything creative within your day on I hope to see you in my class. Thank you so much. 2. Supplies needed: Hi, Ron. Welcome. So I want to show the supplied abusing for this class. By no means you have everything that I show you might use Some of the things that I show you, my use, everything you're welcome to whatever works best for you to bring storm and get your ideas and thoughts on paper, you can use a computer and iPad, paper notebook, a journal, whatever. Anything that works for you. So let me go over and show you what I use because I'm also very organized. So I feel like this would work best for me and what I do for my clients and will my students and for myself. And I'm working on my projects. And I'm going to list all the supplies And what are God on one in the project center. So you can see where you can get what I have if you interested. So I'll include that later on, so you can check it out. Now let me go. Or so I always have a pen on the pencil and I have a pocket where storm front. Here. Papers, Just printer papers, plane papers. And there isn't I store them is because It's very convenient to use with my clients on myself when I'm brainstorming, making charts and graphs, whatever. You know, very handy. And let me open this so it opens up like this on it has a pad here. Okay, so So we're going to be using tear this some kind of pattern for this video. They always keep an extra pen here. Now, let me show you what else The reason why why I use is because it's very convenient to storm . I think that I need on my daily basis from my work now. So, look, I keep, um, some sticky notes and hits this pocket here. I keep keep, like, index cards, big ones, and then I cut in half if I would need it. What I like to use the big ones are more community from, and I feel that can add more from these kind of cards that there's more pockets. You can put things here. Some business cards, your business cards, whatever depends what you're doing. If you go for an interview, it doesn't matter. Whatever you're doing will be convenient for you here. Then I have the part here where it has a pocket. Also another pocket. But whatever else union and then it has, like a my ipads pro. And I have the same work. Hold it because I like that because my pendant doesn't get attached to my iPad pro because of the grip. So it's very nice here and convenient to to store my iPad has that has the grip, so that could just cover everything and secure. So that's really what I used to, um, do my bringing storming my with my clients, whatever. Someone to see the next video. Thank you so much. 3. Self discovery part 1: So now I wanna work on managing your time. Managing your time will help you for sure Reach your goals because you're gonna be accountable for your time and you're gonna look into yourself and see where your time is being lost and everything that you want to do. Any change in your life will require to look at your time and time is everything within things that you want to do and accomplish. So it's always important to be accountable and see where you're spending those times, and you will have to commit to doing things in order to reach that goal. Whether it's five minutes, 10 minutes, I don't care how much time is just a matter off making the time. So, for example, when the started by doing what we cannot make, we're gonna take a paper we're gonna right. What can I removed? Okay, So what? Listing things that we couldn't remove from our time right now that could, we couldn't use to accomplish our goals that we have set up for ourselves, for example. So let's say you gonna start by writing watching your favorite show, okay? Watching your favorite show. So so you can right that and then the bottom. You can write how many hours you're spending on it. So let's say you're spending three hours in the evening. Let's see after work. Three hours you are or you, whatever you're doing during the day could be school family, kids. Whatever you're doing doesn't matter. But after hours of talking about after when you're accomplishing your Monday morning tasks and that you have the time in the evening or late in the afternoon to do other things, Okay, so it doesn't matter what you're doing, but the time that you're not doing the mundane. So let's see in the evening you're watching watching your favorite show three hours. You're going to write that here. What you can remove. Um, happy hours. Let's say if you work right, for example, this is just example Everyone has, unless I'm just giving random examples. Happy hours. How much time your spending their like 3.5 hours, for example. Next point is going out Friday nights. Let's say we've got fire unites and say how many hours you doing that for five hours Friday night to going out Bob, Let's say cleaning and in terms of cleaning. I mean, like, your house is clean and you just meat free. Can you like to be organized and you're being go CD about it? Not necessarily that you have to clean, but we just wanted to Because, like, either you have the time, you kind of made a part of your time. Oh, are you just don't have anything else to do. And that's what you're doing, because you just like that. So So cleaning could be also shortened to a point where you can use some of the time to do what else do you need? So cleaning you. But say you're doing this two hours a day. We're not talking about cleaning where your kids come home, your family comes home, you are your guests. Come over and you have to clean. That's different. But we're talking about the unnecessary type of cleaning. So you see, So now we have what can I remove? And then I have points of things you can remove for yourself and the body making a little dash. And you're writing how many hours you spend on the daily. Okay, so that's the first part. Now, in the next video, I'm going to discuss what we're gonna do from there on. Okay, 4. Self discovery part 2: So let's right what I cannot remove. Okay, so Okay, so, for example, watching your kids in the evenings Let's say if you have kids watching you're kids and the You mean let's say this is an example. Isn't this varies So let's say they come from work or whatever you're doing and they're coming from school. That's the time you're watching them. Let's say they go to sleep in a certain point. Um from So they go to sleep, for example, a 30? Yeah, right. So a 30 sleep so up to a 30 Basically, you can do nothing, But once they hit their already in bed, you do whatever you have to dio. You will have the time after, right? So a 30 sleep after people, Right? First notes here after can. How much can you dedicate time towards it after they go to see? Because you might have to clean maybe for the next they prepare them, Which is going to be the case if you have kids and family. But after how much left energy or time Do you have to even do this unless you can dio 30 minutes because you're so tired from the whole day. So maybe after that you can do 30 minutes. Can do 30 minutes. The next point would be, let's say you cannot. Let's see watching parents older parents watching. Sorry. Okay, So if you're watching all the parents, you might have to be busy with them. You might not necessarily have the time as well. So maybe when your parents are going to sleep or they get some kind of help. Besides you who comes in in the evening to help them out, Maybe you could do at time there. So just put a note here for yourself, maybe squeeze in time. Look 30 minutes, let's say to to do personal test. Okay, so? So that could be Let's say somebody comes to help or the eating or there doing something that doesn't really require to be by them every single second, for example, or they watching or they watching something. They're reading something, right? So this is just little notes for yourself on the bond. This is like you put very personal, like in your brain type of things that you can right here, Excellency, What I can never be can let's see, remove work If you working can't really remove that. But the question is, after you come from work after worth after, what can I do? Okay, so afterwards, that's if you don't have any obligations of family kids or your kids are beginning for you couldn't do things afterward. What can I do? How much time can I allocate for my goal? So let's say can be one hour. Just put it down. Just think. Did this secure brainstorming? And you're gonna have to think I'm just doing it for the purpose of the video. But things Let's say you thought about it. Decided in your own head. You preserve your own schedule. You You kind of thought about it much more than, like, two seconds and use the Connecticut when that's just write it after work. What can I do? One hour dedicate? Okay, let's give you another point. Is an example. What can you remove? Right, Because you have to work. You have to watch your parents when you have to watch your kids in these previous ones, um, cooking dinner. You can remove their cause. I've gotta eat. Okay, dinner. So So let's say you making long fancy meals every night maybe, uh, think about making like, um, like, quick meals for the evenings. Maybe like if you spending, let's say, 2.5 hours on cooking every night or date. Whatever. I'm just saying that because I'm just thinking about generally the schedule of people are working on coming or going to school or they have mundane tested they're doing until the kids come home. The family comes with the husband canceled the wife. I'm just talking about in general, um, schedule. So let's see. Cooking dinner, 2.5 hours cooking every day. Maybe cut it down to 1.5 hours. Right? Dedicate. Okay, you can dedicate. So you couldn't deal quick meal here or or even maybe can only cook, like, three times a week. Okay. So that the last u the other days and for lunch and for dinners this so you really have to days extra. Okay, so you see, So when you kind of doing this, you're going to start thinking, OK, some couldn't for 2.5 hours. Maybe I'm going to bring it down to 1.5, and I'm only gonna do it for three times a week. And the two days. I'm gonna actually win some time from here because you might have to maybe make a salad or you have to make anything depends. So So you winning summer. So this this is for you to think more with those today that you have left. How much you can squeeze in here, How much time you have left? Okay, so that's that's like that. So? So? So this is the second part of the video. What we're discussing now and I'll see in the next video. Thank you so much. 5. Self discovery part 3: Okay, so welcome back to the next part of our class to basically here what I want to do with you . So we covered the time management part in the other classes. Now, to start really going deeper and to understand that were theme and what what we're looking for and the patterns to see to find what we love to do and what's important to us and our goals. So I suggest by starting take it another paper. We're gonna do like this. We're going to put down things you loved during school years like or when you were looking at us our Adelson years. Okay, so So the reason we're doing this here now is what happens is that when you're younger, you're in school, your adult adolescence, h you kind of know what you want, and you love shirts and things. And then you grew up and you'll I kind of forgot everything you got, like, busy with life in the bills and the work and everything you kind of like covered the part. But if you really did deeper into those years, think of things that she enjoyed back then. So, for example, what if you enjoy drawing you would put drawing. This is Look, you looking down inside yourself and thinking, What did I love those years before all life? Like, came in after high school. So drawing, um, cooking. There's just examples. So you just making points here? Um, what else? Let's see. Baking. Okay. Another example would be ice skating. Let's say so. That's what you love to do. And you will do it on your free time when you're not in school. This is what you're kind of like thinking about all the time. This is something you really enjoy. But then you kind of forgot. So think, Think deep. Think like no judgment just ignored the noise in your head. Just think about those times. For example. I would send out the one would be basketball. Okay, um, let's see what else coming add to this list? Um, running, writing, right. So once you do this, you thinking and you can pick up on starting patents while you Lucas, if you like drawing and baking and cooking and ice skating and basketball running, go writing one of these things. You will live you love. Excuse me. Back. Then you're gonna look at this and pick up some patterns while you write. So that's the part we're doing now. And then the next one will just will do a different thing. So I'll see in the next class. Thank you so much. 6. Self discovery part 4: Okay, so let's go into the next part. So in this video, we're gonna make a list of things off careers you wanted as ah. Like I said before the previous class, when you were in high school throughout school years. This is the things you are thinking about and you dreamed about. So let's right. Let's start here by writing careers. Jobs. You want it? Okay, so now think again. What did you want when you were growing up? You want to be a teacher, for example, You want to to be a police officer. You want it to be you a dancer? That was, like your dream growing up, but that now you kind of forgot that for whatever reason, things happen in your life. You kind of forgot this. So you're thinking, like, deep down going back to the past? Um, a doctor of writer, artist. It's just different examples that I'm just thinking off. What you could have thought growing up, um, a sales person. Um, I want to be a manager. Okay. So, Steve, there's some example. So, you I want you to do the same thing on a piece of paper. Coming Any type of paper like I mentioned before, anywhere you like. This is just for you to see it with your eyes. Visualize and think. And you're welcome to write more notes next to if you like. But this is how I do for myself, for my clients just to start thinking and brainstorming. Okay, so that's that. So please go ahead and do that. That was going to really help you to think more about everything else. Thank you. See, in the next class 7. Self discovery part 5: now here. We're gonna do another thing that really could help you understand yourself and you and what you want and get a clear picture of in general of yourself. So think about the people you look up to when you were growing up. So let me right in here, people. You look so growing up. Okay, So for example, let's say you're interested in cooking. So you were watching Martha Stewart. I love cooking, so I watch Martha Stewart. So you writing those names out that's gonna give you a little bit of a hint? Oh, so you like the person you're interested in watching the show? What was about the show will give you a kind of hint What was interesting? Let's say you like drawing. You were watching and you looked up to Mr Pappy. Okay, um, if you love crafts, you might have liked the catered Brown show. Okay, um, again, if you like cooking like quick meals, ideas, likenesses, seller, everything, like Marcus still would show you would probably look up to Rachel Ray. Right. So let's see, who else could have you out? You could have Look up. That's if you loved pub personal growth and self help books. You probably could have right and look up to seeing Copy. Okay. He has all those self help goat books. You might have look up to the president. You could have looked up to a specific actress. Okay, actress slash actor. OK, um, if you were into sports, and you probably maybe looked up to maybe Tiger Woods, maybe Michael Jordan and 10 they're Jeter. Maybe so. Fighting those names down is going to give you a little bit of a hands on some kind of theme. An idea off. What was it about them that interested so much growing up? Because that's that's something that they're portraying it. Interested? You might not know exactly what Maybe you didn't know exactly what back then you liked. But now, because you're much older and you kind of no more and better, you might give you more hints because you forget this. This is like you did this with the older noise going around you. You really forgot that Maybe you watched an idol and there were your idols and that you looked up to this people. But when you write it down, you realize Wow. Oh, So I was watching the Create Katie Brown show and she there's all these crafts and cooking and making. Wow, that's really what I'm into. Now when I forgot that and it just kind of wife got in the way and I didn't pay attention to it as much. So this is gonna help. You really think again? You could put some notes next to that. Each point here if you like. Let's say right what you liked about the Martha Stewart Show. Frozen fits cooking? No. The cooking fits craft. Right? The craft. Okay, you can do that. You can do all these little notes for yourself on all the other papers that I showed you before. That's fine. That's up to you. So maybe Rachel, you just like poor part. Maybe just when she did the quick meals. Okay. Would you like that kind idea? Maybe you want to write like recipes? Let's say, for example, for busy people. Okay, so that's a possibility. So just write little notes for says it gives you more clarity this way. Okay, so I'll see in the next video. Thank you. 8. Self discovery part 6: we're going to make a chart together. And then when the showing How to go about it. This trouble basically about you are tracking yourself for 40 days. So let me start here. Um, let me just put it up. Silicon explain more. So gonna make a chart like this. Okay. Okay. This is gonna be for the date task, okay. Could make it in the put in the box with this. Okay, An emotion. Okay, so let me explain to you one second. Okay? Okay. So basically, we have the date task and emotion. So here. What we trying to achieve and understand its ourselves for 40 days. So the 40 day chart. Okay, Belt self. Okay. So just write that. So what are you going to do is let's say you are cooking a meal for your family. So that's that one of, ah, the highlight of your day unpacked Ivorian errand. Something obligated to do. It's an activity to task every whatever you want the quality, but I want you to track to see how you feel about it. Meaning you're doing this. Okay, that's great. But can you pick up something about yourself that you didn't realize. So you're going to write cooking, for example, with the Tusk, I look to this war's on June 20. Let's say 18. OK? Ah, let's write June 6 2018 for example. The date the task was cooking. And here this The important part is the emotion. How did you feel about it? Did you feel excited? Okay, Did you feel, let's say cooking. Let's say you like cooking, for example. And so you felt excited. You felt happy. He felt you wanna You want cook more? Okay, I said, This makes you happen the last. Do something, Let's say in June 5 2018 Surgeon 7 2018 You were drawing good, for example, and that's the emotion you're drawing us like wherever you work, you will board. Decided to draw. Um, you can see it's it's like something you love to do. But your kids were drawing and you decided to join them. You felt a little bit bored because they're bigger. Now. They're doing their own things, and now you're drawing with them. Now think about how you're feeling. You're not a big fan of it and whatever, but it's nice to relax, drawing so right down. It's lets you can say you felt you felt, um okay, no specific. Let's say emotion if you're right. Kent in that Kent. Imagine doing this every day. So by writing that so you don't have any Muchas. It's nice to relax and draw, but it's not like, OK, I'm gonna get up every day. I'm gonna draw day and night. I couldn't do it once in a while with my kids. For myself. Whatever Daniel right it can imagines this. Every day means that it's not something I wanted every day, possibly maybe some here and there. So that's already giving you an idea. Those tests that you're doing throughout the day so you don't have for every task but big task or anything is actually your choice. But like I would take tasks like cooking and organizing and drawing an activity which kids are family things that you don't work specifically. Can we go specific as you want because that's going to help you a Z on and I suggest you do that. But that's up to you because everyone works in different ways. So and write your emotion tracking for 40 days and see you're going to see a pattern off things that would make you happy that you didn't realize because they're doing it because your daily task or whether it's just part of your life and whatever you don't even realize or you have been doing here, that what you don't realize you enjoy and get actually, because you never even thought about it. So so that's how you would go about this one. So thank you for staying, and we'll see in the next class. 9. Self discovery part 7: this part of our class, We're gonna make a list off things that are important to you as a person that, you know, like there's there's a things they're non negotiable. You won't take them out of your life for anything. Meaning for your goals, for your dreams, for anything. These are just they have to be there. And this is what you want. And this is actually what's going toe be your theme and seeming away because and you're gonna do you think because this is what's important to you and you're gonna work around that things needed to reach that or be to stay with within those goals. So, for example, we're going to write, um, sorry, topical on the right, just for ourselves. To have, like, reference would be what I need. Okay, this is what you need. It's not something you going change. So if you have, um, if you have kids kids, it's going to be something so you can write kids. It's going to be something that is going to be important to you, and they're not coming out of the picture. Not for your goals. Nothing. 400. So the your kids so in What? In what aspect? In terms. And what about the kids? Poor. That's important to you. So you can write for yourself what I need would be, Let's say, spending time. Okay. Maybe traveling with them, spending time, Just that. Traveling, eating dinners together. Okay, so So these are the things you're not gonna take away for anything You're gonna work around these times, or you would want to actually have this time with your kids. And that's what you're trying to find the gym career to make sure you're doing all this to make you have Because these are so important to you that you're not going to change this. Um, let's say you love Teoh. You have friends. Doesn't very important to you. So what is it with the friend that you want to do, like, get together? Let's say friday nights okay for its 80. Or you can write, um, going two movies once a week. Okay, so this is showing us exactly things that you wonder what your friends say. Friends getting together Friday nights, 40. Going to movies 13 No matter what. You don't want to take this out of your schedule. If you have that already. And if you trying to achieve something to in order to get us into your schedule, you will also see what you want within that area. So let's see you have parents and you and you. For you. It's important to visit them twice a week, so okay, visit twice a week. So this is already either there or you want to make the space for that within. What are you trying to reach it within your goals and tasks? Because that's so important to you that you want actually have a job or career or goal or dream that you can actually do this because you might not be able to do the staff Was your doing 20 hours a week? That and it's still your dream job and you can't. And you know, you in Boston, you don't have the freedom. Whatever it is. So visiting visit twice a week will be part of something that you need and and starting to come out of your schedule. Okay, let's think of another thing that we can write. Um, let's see. You like to travel. Okay, so you want to trouble maybe five times a year. So that's important, too. To take five trip. See? And maybe now you're taking only two, maybe one. So you want the work toe towards that goal either to get to five times a year within your job in career or or the five times a year is going to be something where you don't want to take it. Finally come out of your schedule, toe plan and work or anything. This is just your time, because this is so important to you. Okay, so that's how you go about with this chart. So it's like, two ways, so two ways, either Just to make it clear how you're looking at these pointers, either you you will not. You will not take a kid out off your time to do your tusks for dreams, for your dreams. Okay, the second point to remember is either you you're trying to get to what you need by doing tusks. Okay? So by doing those tasks and and working on your girls, huh? So that's what that's how you would look at this Pointers. Yes. If somebody ready has this, then they're about to give this up for anything. Toe work on their dreams on goals and whatever they have. And if you don't have these, you would like to have these. But you don't have the because for whatever reason, your work is holding you back. And that is the reason you wanna have a freedom of having on business your own goals, your own dreams, on whatever in order to get to this things. Because it's so important to to visit your parents twice a week. It's important to travel because thesis something you don't want to take it, then you will not take and you're not negotiating anyway. But this is so important to you. So think about it. Take your time. Don't rush through it. This is all for you to think. Go inside yourself. This is very, very important. It's gonna give you a lot of clues about things that are important to you that you have not realized for years until you don't write it down like this, you will not know. So hopefully it helped you. Thank you. See you next class 10. Self discovery part 8: So for this part of the class, the last part of your brain storming and things that we were working on is now. So you're going to go through all your list that we made all the papers, Iroda and, you know, look over them and see so we one of them was What can I remove? Okay. You gonna see things? Patterns You're gonna You could even make some notes. Additional notes. Look in the box like this, Um, a couple boxes, like final points. You couldn't, right? Okay, just to give yourself a new idea. So that's like you less step for this whole brainstorming. So you're gonna, like, Look at it. You're gonna pick up some ideas off things you ready? Like, feel like, Oh, you don't like What's it going to write an example like, you don't like cleaning for I'm sorry. Cleaning. Going? Organizing what? I would just don't put us organizing. Okay, so then I realize, like, organize is not your thing. How you compute American acts. It's not your thing on the box below. Okay, So, looking at the fact that what you couldn't remove, you can feel like you don't to do those often is not as important to you on this. Something you can remove. Same thing. Since you're here again. Final points again. You can write what I can't. What? I cannot remove the list that we made before. Okay, so you're gonna pick up here that family time is important to you. So you're gonna put a check? So, you know, this is like, a pattern or theme, and that's important to you. Okay. So you could make a much as those you want just to finalize for yourself, and you will see why we're doing this for the last last part. But then of this video, um, then you have things you loved, Dermot school years. OK, so all these things also, you're just gonna You could make a little note, but for yourself again, final points then, um, that you realize that you love craft, creating things at your hands. Okay, rating things. So that's something that's important to you. Um, okay. Fourth radio is we will talk the bad. Um, so final points. We talked about some of the things that you liked doing during your school year. It started when you were in your school years. You like certain careers and jobs and things you want to be. She realized like you like artsy stuff. Okay, that was your thing off the Arctic part of things that was important to you. Thanks. You're gonna put a check rt jobs. Just write that to make it more detailed. Okay. How the class we talked about people you looked up to. So again, when I make a little box, final point is that you love doing things related, Teoh. Self improvement creating, um, crafting. So we could just gonna think about you can put this venue boxes as you want, but if you let's say you don't want to make tune your box is gonna have a one common theme . Or so whatever you can write. Let's see, looking at all those you loved crafts. Okay, different crafts. You interested? You okay? And you put a check them it just something that made you That's him. That's good for you. And you picked up, and then we had the class would discuss 40 day chart about self, So that was just general chart. You're gonna look for the chart. You're gonna take a little bit of, um notes here. If you would like, you can put some points more points detailed until notes off things that you feel like you're picking up a rate that you can see. Like you, Uh, you love teaching people. Okay, Just just more bring storm. You love teaching people. You don't, Um, don't you do not. What? Teoh talk on phone. So, customer service, another type of job you would like to do. Okay. So you can do as much as you want. Just to obviously a child will be longer demise. But this is just for demonstration purposes. Just show you here. But you can have more pointed than I have a longer check. Residents for about 40 days. Okay, Um, the last year was it before this one was What I need is that the thing that she needs and this is then I'd be very important in everything, because these are things that you will not negotiate for. And these are things that you actually wanna have, because they're so important to believe you currently don't have these options because of your job, or you didn't have the goals to reach those goals. So this is very important here as well. So here again, we waited me the notes. If you want to take some other life pointers for yourself What last points again? Right here. You could buy. Let's say in all of this, if you think about it looking at this, like, what's what's so important to you? So you can write Maybe my freedom. Okay, Um, controlling my time. Okay, so they're having the freedom to do how you want things and controlled in my time in terms off for activities. Right? So my freedom and control, my time for activities on my terms turns. So that's how how you would make more points if you'd be interested. Okay, so this is you don't have to be need You don't have to be so organ. This is just like I'm doing that also quick to my handler and is much better in this more organized. But this is just jotting thinking. Now, the last part within the one we're doing is after we looked through old newspapers. How will this papers were looking? So it final points and little notes were taking on everything here that we did putting around the table Well, that we're picking up calming things and points and patterns. So what we're doing here is like a chart right here. Chart. Common themes slash, um, patterns. Okay, so you're gonna put your chart in the way like this. Okay, This is gonna be even a skillet between one 10 issue and does your chart okay, so chart the common things and parents coming up pump, let's continue. It's no space constantly, slowly coming. Oh, right. So, for example, what's constant coming up within all your all these things that we did here together and you're doing or soldiers on your own time? But state comes up that you like travel. So traveling, which you can was exploring guys to the communiqu, a theme or pattern. Right? And you're gonna think, What's the skill like, how much of my in June, how important it is the scale skill of Okay, port, since let me just write it out for you. Scale of import. Since How importance to try out the travel because, you see, it's coming up a lot. And well, traveling could also be like you love exploring your things. So that's like another pattern or theme that you constantly going around, so you couldn't right here. Let's say this is 88 out of 10 8 out of 10 for you. This is how important it is. Let's say the other thing that's coming up in patterns is that, um, organizing, organizing? Um, he thinks about it. It's coming up all the time, but it is a really important to you mean you're doing this? Is this something that you really enjoy? Just doing it because you have to do for your family or because you just used to doing It's just a hobby or it's part of your daily routine because you've just been doing that. I never realized like, whatever. You know, now that you're doing this whole self wearing this thing, you realize that no organizing is not it's so important to me. So maybe it's like about, uh, four out of 10. So now you can get a clear picture Dad exploring might be, and traveling is more interesting to It's like you might even think like OK, so this is a freedom to do this right? So you would want have the freedom to do this. Taking out the organizing, taking out the boring tests out of your things, things that are just important to more. So you're just joining this down again for yourself and you putting it in the scale of importance. So you couldn't really understand how important too to visualize this. You're going to do this for whatever amount of time and points you want, because it's based on the way you did in the previous years. Like we did the charts in the papers and you're gonna definitely see, and you will pick up from all this at the end, you're gonna pick up. I'm just gonna put it here. Just that I could show you something, and then I could see that shouldn't love doing so. You might. You already going to pick up that you love? You need the money, money, freedom to do all this. Um, there's more things, for example, is giving you pointers like themes that came out and pattern seems right. Pattern that came out of oldest would be money, freedom, family quality time, friends. Okay. And let's say you found out that you like crafting now so you can concentrate more on your cracked and find ways to kind of, um potentially. Maybe make it a business OK business. Or it could be a hobby because the goal here is to find out who you are. And if you have a dream toe, use those things that you already have toe make a business out of it, or just to find out who you are, because you just want to know. And that's the whole point of. This doesn't mean you have to go out and make money. You don't have to go out. You must meet. This is just for yourself and self awareness and feel like What's my purpose? What's my goal in life and what am I working towards? And even if I don't have to actually go to work every day to make the money and but But I wonder what's my purpose? I want to know what I want to do it on a daily basis. So that's how you would see that you love crafting and thou you can craft mawr instead of organizing a whole day. You could just do more crafting and kind of being too much what happens and satisfaction the end of the day. Instead of feeling like what's my purpose on what am I doing now? If you want, think about making a business or make money from your craft because you love. And then now you have the time or now you feel Wow, I know who I am now. Maybe I should do something with it. Make money instead of just doing it is a hobby hobby. Even though I don't need the money, I need the money. It doesn't matter to personal situation. Let me see what I could do with my craft in my talents and the things that I love to make money, like a business idea. So this will tremendously help you. But I suggest going in the order of the videos, how I did it and doing all these charts used any paper, any method you could look. I send the iPad computer anywhere as long as you couldn't write and can see it. It's good. I find that depend on the pencil. Work the best for this for these kind of things. Because you're writing here to feeling here. You're seeing it. It kind of is much more. Ah, effective in like for me. I don't like to do it this on anything else with paper and paper and using you the pen or pencil. Whatever. So it this is the end of the class and I'll see in the next video with the home mark and final thoughts. Thank you so much. 11. Final thoughts + H.W.: thank you so much for one in my class. I hope you gained a lot. And we're able to pick up important points on how to find yourself and manage your time. And this whole self awareness and productivity go that you have for yourself and for Homer . I want you to basically posted the project center Two things I want you to put up if you feel comfortable where you write activity point where you write about what you want to be throughout your school years. And the other thing I would like you to post is what? What are your themes and patterns that you came up with the last quest that we did. I want to see how you achieve that. I'm also curious to see between your high school and school years minus the high schools we is in general when you want it in the final. That's just something I would love to see if you feel comfortable sharing. Those are the two things I want to see hope for, Homer. I would want to clue this supplies list so that you were able to pick up things that I have . If you're interested and I want to thank you. Find willing. I hope you got what you need, Adam. What I'll see you in my next class is Thank you.