Discover your Inner Artist! Series - Finger Tip Tactile Art

Elaine Collins, Designer, Illustrator and Artist

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6 Videos (42m)
    • Finger Tip Tactile Art Intro

    • Paints and Points

    • Finger Tip Techniques

    • Creating a Landscape

    • Finger Tip Art Suggestions

    • Thoughts and Class Info


About This Class

It is time to have freedom in expression in Art! for beginners to Professional

Do you remember your first attempts with Art where without using brushes but the feel of the paint on your hands, you expressed yourself through the movement of the paint and the touch of your fingers on the paper, the tactile experience of creating  without inhibition, the freedom of expression, the fun of spontaneity and the surprise of the results awaits you!

This class is a sophisticated approach to that technique showing you real results and surprise finishes purely by just using your  finger tips, there are no brushes in sight!

since the beginning of time man has created beautiful pieces of art  from Prehistoric times within the caves to Pointillism used by George Seurot and Paul Serac.

Today modern profession Artist are expressing themselves once again by returning to the basics of using your hands and paint for amazing results...come and learn the techniques, the styles, the freedom of self-expression in creating  a beautiful Landscape in this class.

We will find out how to create without the need of expensive equipment and it will open a creative door into a new way of painting...come and join me and let's have some fun and have new inspiration!

This class is ideal to try a new fun direction in your art; It can be used to create Artwork, Design opportunities for Surface Patterns or product design and card-making.


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I loved the class. Thank you so much for the tips, ideas, and inspiration. Also, I love the different ways you used the art, for pillows, shirts, and bags; great ideas, and it looked wonderful that way. I look forward to getting my hands into some paint.
Pam Phelps

Creative Homemaker, Foodie, Artist, & Crafter

Finger painting! I love it! I might have to give this a try with some acrylic paints I have on hand. I loved seeing the techniques you use and how the finished painting can be use on pillows, clothes, etc.
Peggy Hazelwood

Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand

fun thx!
Cheryl Oed

Feng Shui Consultant, Instructor





Elaine Collins

Designer, Illustrator and Artist

'The Meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away' - Pablo Picasso

I love this saying because it expresses who I am!

I love to create and see the outcome of my work, then to give that to someone, what do I get from it? satisfaction, joy, happiness and the gift back of a smile or joy from the receiver that they can take pleasure in it or learn from it....that is why I am here, to teach and pass on the great joy of discovering a new you, experience or technique!..... in giving, we receive and for me that is a two way journey as a student and as a teacher.

My background...well I am a Surface Pattern Designer/Illustrator and Artist, Accredited Art Therapist and qualified Adult Further Education Teacher and I am also a qualified Interior Designer and lover of new beginnings, crafts, adventures, my family, little friends in fur coats (my cats) the countryside, travel and I am a savoury-tooth! (I think I just made that up, as opposite to sweet-tooth!)

I am passionate in creating a living space with colour, texture, shape and using patterns to express who I am and to create a positive emotional effect on the environment; that's why exploring and being inspired by my surrounding enthuses me to create and express my love of design in surface pattern designing and Artworks and in Art Therapy, taking the natural and simplistic details of life to the extraordinary creative expressions in becoming something that expresses my inner-self and to create a piece for someone to love and cherish. I want to help you do the same! 

Please do say Hi, I would love to hear from you and I hope you get as excited, enthused and expressive with my inspiring Classes as I do and I would love to walk with you in your skillshare journey together in my classes! :0)

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Stay Smiling!

Elaine x