Discover your Inner Artist! Series - Credit Card Tree Bark Art

Elaine Collins, Designer, Illustrator and Artist

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7 Videos (51m)
    • Welcome and Class Intro

    • Lesson 1 - Materials

    • Lesson 2 - Preparing to start

    • Lesson 3 Creating Our Trees

    • Lesson 4 Credit Card Paiinting

    • Lesson 5 - Enhancing with Richness

    • End of Class - The Result and Opportunities


About This Class

Come and explore a painting technique to enhance your landscapes by using a simple Credit Card! 

This fun class with take you 'outside of the box' of using paint techniques by seeing the versatility and wonderful textural result you can get with a simple credit card or shop loyalty card.

This class is a step by step demonstration, taking you through the material, technique, developing new textures and realistic result to depict Silver Birches in the landscape; walk with my this woodland project and try something different that will enhance your artistic skills!

This class is for the beginner and experienced artist or designer and this technique can be taken into different art projects from Landscape painting, card-making to Surface Pattern Design.

I hope you join me and my other classes in this series 'Discover Your Inner Artist' to build on your talent and skills.

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Such a lovely class! I am looking forward to making this for my home!
Jen Dwyer

Crafter and owner of Teal & Finch

What a fun technique! I love how Elaine shows exactly how she paints making it seem so simple to do.
Peggy Hazelwood

Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand





Elaine Collins

Designer, Illustrator and Artist

'The Meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away' - Pablo Picasso

I love this saying because it expresses who I am!

I love to create and see the outcome of my work, then to give that to someone, what do I get from it? satisfaction, joy, happiness and the gift back of a smile or joy from the receiver that they can take pleasure in it or learn from it....that is why I am here, to teach and pass on the great joy of discovering a new you, experience or technique!..... in giving, we receive and for me that is a two way journey as a student and as a teacher.

My background...well I am a Surface Pattern Designer/Illustrator and Artist, Accredited Art Therapist and qualified Adult Further Education Teacher and I am also a qualified Interior Designer and lover of new beginnings, crafts, adventures, my family, little friends in fur coats (my cats) the countryside, travel and I am a savoury-tooth! (I think I just made that up, as opposite to sweet-tooth!)

I am passionate in creating a living space with colour, texture, shape and using patterns to express who I am and to create a positive emotional effect on the environment; that's why exploring and being inspired by my surrounding enthuses me to create and express my love of design in surface pattern designing and Artworks and in Art Therapy, taking the natural and simplistic details of life to the extraordinary creative expressions in becoming something that expresses my inner-self and to create a piece for someone to love and cherish. I want to help you do the same! 

Please do say Hi, I would love to hear from you and I hope you get as excited, enthused and expressive with my inspiring Classes as I do and I would love to walk with you in your skillshare journey together in my classes! :0)

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Stay Smiling!

Elaine x