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Discover your Inner Artist! Series - An exciting approach to inspirational Mood boards!

Elaine Collins, Designer, Illustrator and Artist

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7 Videos (45m)
    • Class intro and Welcome!

    • Lesson 1 Discovering Emotive Art

    • Lesson 2 Seeking Inspiration

    • Lesson 3 - Creating an Inspirational Moodboard for your Art!

    • Lesson 4 - Moodboard to Artwork

    • Lesson 5 - Our Final Artwork

    • End of class Journey!


About This Class

Are you wishing to explore and express yourself in your Art?!

This class is part of a series and it has been devised to help you discover your Inner Artist! through emotive Art techniques; whether you are a complete beginner to a professional Artist or Designer the concept to produce a visual unique Mood board  is not directed by the traditional techniques of creating an art piece, but we shall seek a personal journey to discover initial ideas and learning curves from our own experience; through this class it will allow you to find out about your preferences, choices, new learning techniques in producing your very own finished piece! and may even take you on a artistic path you have never explored before!

Moodboards are an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text/quotes, poetry and sketches etc which are intended to evoke or project a particular style, expression  or concept prior to your starting your Artwork.   They are invaluable for Artist/designers/Interior Designers and are used in the industry;  but whether you are complete Amateur or Professional, learning emotive techniques with my class will enable you to express yourself on a different level and place you and who you are in the centre of your Art project.






Elaine Collins

Designer, Illustrator and Artist

'The Meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away' - Pablo Picasso

I love this saying because it expresses who I am!

I love to create and see the outcome of my work, then to give that to someone, what do I get from it? satisfaction, joy, happiness and the gift back of a smile or joy from the receiver that they can take pleasure in it or learn from it....that is why I am here, to teach and pass on the great joy of discovering a new you, experience or techn...

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