Discover your Identity through The Teenage Archetype Carddeck

Jennifer Hereth

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2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Teaching Video How to Use Teenage Archetype Card Deck 720a



About This Class

Learn how to ultilize The Teenage Archetype Carddeck for use with clients or students 12 through adults, helping them to learn new ways of expressing their emotions using a new, universal vocabulary of archetypal terms.  The cards will inspire poetry, rap songs, plays, either in groups or individually, and also collage for helping writing oriented students think out of the box. Students will feel empowered to discuss and label their emotions in a new form, "The synergy in the room becomes stimulatiing and invirograting. Students immediately are comforted in knowing other people throughout time have felt the same way and have triumphed."- School Counselor and Mental Health Clinician. The Carddeck helps develop emerging identity and independence. The deck is unique and stunning with 88 different artists depictions designed to evoke conversation and intrepretation and excite new insights every time it is used.