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Discover your Family History

teacher avatar Dr Ian Broinowski

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Session One Introduction

    • 2. Session Two Deciding on your Audience

    • 3. Session Three Finding your Voice Part A

    • 4. Session Three Finding your Voice Part B

    • 5. Session Four It ain't all Fun and Games

    • 6. Session Five Let the Search Begin

    • 7. Session Six How to Research your Family History

    • 8. Session Seven Making Sense of it All

    • 9. Session Eight Sharing your Work

    • 10. Session Nine Getting the Details Right

    • 11. Session Ten Phew Moment

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About This Class

Discover your Family History presents you with strategies to organise, plan and write your family history. It takes you through a series of steps which will lead to either a unique personal journal, sketch book or to a more formal publication. These include; deciding on your audience, finding your voice, searching for information, making sense of it all and exploring ways to share your work with others. Finding out about your family is both rewarding and challenging and as you delve further into the lives of your ancestors you will learn so much about yourself and the social context in which you live. After all the past explains the present.

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1. Session One Introduction: Hello, my name is Jim Brunelleschi and this is my co-producer, Jenna. You'll have, you know, ways even HIV that has mania. And welcome to our researching and writing your family history. I hope you enjoyed the course that I should patch explain what it is at the heart. And you can name sam. Where do you want to continue or not? How would that be? So I guess you might be where I was a few years ago, a few boxes in the attic, slots for ideas about your family and chest to me, the time of your life when you want to explore your family history. Well, I hope that this will help you to organize yourself and work through the various stages which I've had to go through. And I can share my experiences with you. In this course. What I would like to do is take you through a sequence of stages through which I hope will help you organize your work. The first stage is looking or thinking that who you're audiences, who you're writing for, who those people are going to pick up your work and read it. The second stage is to look at what voice you want to use that may sound strange, but who your audience is will determine who your voices. So clearly if you're writing for, say, somebody special Iranian family diary, your tone of voice and the way you write will be different than if you're writing for an audience like if you had a puppy show Bullock and our work through that with you. I'll also think about hard or help you work through some of the issues and pitfalls in idle, lazy. Writing family history can be very emotionally demanding, especially when you get involved with your family from a, you know, a hundred, two hundred years ago and now we're involved with some pretty terrible things to either happening to themselves or what they may have been involved with don't too painful. So I don't know why people think pining for him. And it's easy because it's not HTTPs challenge at times I can tell you, well, with that in place, your audience and your voice. You can then start to research and search and find out the material. And there are a few tricks in that. They'll, you'll have family mythology. Stories passed down about great arts honed, so amazing things. But stories across her about perspective. And may be that you find that few home truths or a few secrets in the cupboard which may or may not be appreciated by your family. I I told my mother when she was 89 that we had convicts in the family didn't go down too well. I can tell you this is Tasmania afterall a bunch of research on material, then it's a matter of making sense of it all. Always, always informational. I view computer all over the floor. How do you organize that and what you need and what don't you need? Because you can't put rolling. You've got to think about how do you make that decision? When that's in place? Of course, how do you share it? Who do you want to share it to? Is it just for you personally? Nice, nice family, nice thing for the family to have. Is it for your family? How are you going to do that? And you're gonna print up a few copies and give them. Why are you going to produce them and publish them, either commercially or as self-publishing? Now, you'll find, of course, that it's really important to get the details right. If, if you're doing a professional document and mind weightages for you or for the general public, you have to get the data out right. That is referencing, organizing and bringing, think a little sophisticated in what you do. It's no good putting down information which they can't find. So I'll help you with that as well. And then of course there's the few moment you think, Well done, good for me. And there is on the table. And it's a bit like, what are we going to do now, but that's all the fun of it. Now, I hope you will continue with this course. I certainly found during my family history, wonderful powers have to change it. Each alphabet would I want to know about it? If you find builder or to sit, you sit next to your dinner tables in dining rooms and so on. You know why? Because all you wanna do is talk about your family history caveat. But because it Susan fee. But anyway, so OK. 2. Session Two Deciding on your Audience: All right, let's get started and see what we could make of this. I guess the first thing you think about is, why dream this? Who gets first for and who's your audience now? That might seem strange, but I've given it some thought. And let's have a look at difference in areas its first. A shame that you're going to do it for yourself. Children Not really interested. But you'd always stuff boxes or photos, stories and some Roger, just together. Or, uh, it's just because you want to do it. And lest you solid, what I've said is, sometimes life is just for you, no one else, simply for your own satisfaction and fulfillment. It just prize it just between you and yourself. It is such a free and liberating experience and sometimes agent therapeutic in this, your in this genre, you treat yourself to the sheer pleasure off doing something for you and one horse. The second scenario that cat is doing this for somebody special. Perhaps it's a grand shock or a lease or a dear friend, but you just want to do it for that person there in your heart and you love Um and you want to share not on your life, but your family's life so they'll have have the records and interest for the rest of the lines. There are. Some have said here, someone special. There are special people in all their lives, and you may want to create something unique for that person. They may be a granddaughter, a nice or you may want to know about about someone else's family as a gift for them. Partner, close friend and so part. Your focus is on that person and their last ship you have with them. I thought, You may want to broaden your audience. You might want to do it. So the whole family or extended family and the hex beyond that to the public. So what was his main? It'll make changes to your thinking, and I've got here. Um, the work you were doing could pay for your family and a few people who are interested. It is important to it is important for present and future generations to know about where they came from, to learn about the narratives, which is so much part of their family, or simply or to simply have it for expire. insight reference. I important and family history is important, and it's lost in one generation. If you have parents did not really interested. You think, Oh, if only I talked to them and written something down all they had someone that's the first in area. But you may want to broaden the audience who may think that the work that you've got use of interest to the general public and that you decide that you want to broaden it out after publishers. So I said you may make you may wish to make it more broadly available through either of formal publisher or so. So you will be writing for the great unwashed and have no idea who will be reading it. But don't do know that the radium will be interested in history, like stories have about two past and probably have some connection with your family with the areas I can't before. So you know that and you can write towards that in this session we thought about who you're writing for. I've given you four scenarios. There may be others. It doesn't really matter, but in your head you need to know you're writing for that. Could change. You don't have to look for Sylvie. Are everything else every other step forwards in place. So the next session we do, he's finding your voice, which is a lot of fun and very. 3. Session Three Finding your Voice Part A: audiences. Next you need to you need to do is find your voice the voice for the scenarios that you're working on. So I'm going to give you some examples, and you can see how that so The first scenario we're looking at is riding for yourself. So let's take an example, and I'll write out what I've said. Dear Diary. Today I fought off my great art, this Tony, half things spring to mind and what triggers memories from the past. I happened to open a drawer last evening, and a few 11 came from within from somewhere within. I eventually found a small 11 a bag in a box full of all times. It immediately reminded me of her. I remember so vividly sitting next to her bed on listening to the stories as she resting in the afternoon. I love to hear her talking about her childhood, her and her life as she grew up. I must have been very young and her age beyond my comprehension. I remember the route to filled with memories off her life, fighters in tree little boxes and, of course, the ever present smell of lavender. I still remember so vividly her voice and a day she taught me the story, which makes me shudder even today. It waas about that gives you some idea of what it's what a voice by sound like talking their diary. But of course it's your voice, and you can do what you know. The seconds nearer your remote, remember, was writing for somebody special. And here's an example which may help you to think about what? How you want approaching my dearest darling is about. I write this as I sit and guys that your sleep in your crib with soft, warm covers and your sweet little face on the pillow with the afternoon sun comforting you with its protective soft. Our past together on this earth I know will be fleeting. And so I wanted to do to help this so we can always be together in our hearts. At least I want to tell you not only about May your grandmother but also has a girl that your parents and your family. So let me begin by telling you about May. I was born in a small village in language here England on the 21st of April 1922 a very long way from where you are now. In every now test May I was raised as an only child, although in her rare and guarded months, my mother casually hinted that I may have had a simply, although the truth went with her to Ukraine, although it partly explains my journey to the other side of the world. The child will share with you now. So again you can say the sort of style it's directed at the person who's your here you want to read. It's very personal, very intimate, and just between you and yeah, here's an example off writing for your family and other people, and it might start like great great grandfather Robert Brackets. Jones was born in about 17 98 and died on the 22nd of May 18 62 and was, according to my mother, a well respected and prosperous land on in the 10 in Tasmania. During the 18 hundreds he had settled near the lower mash was area mashes area, a few miles western. Arkin's What she did not tell me, or most likely did not know, was that Robert was a convict who had been sentenced at all by London to stealing £5 off ladies underwear. Never let the facts get in the way of the truth, and Roberts conviction convict status had long been hidden. Take in the family psyche. So I should tell you, When I told my mother that we had three conflicts in her family, she was a deny hand. In the end, she said, Well, I know it's true. I just don't believe it Not much excited. 4. Session Three Finding your Voice Part B: So you say faggot sort of people for more. It's more open to the public so anybody could pick it up and learn about your family. Now let's suppose that you want to go to a broader audience on her than just family who may not know great trakr entirely. Giants. It might sound something like this. Robert Jones Bracket, born in 17 98 died 22nd of May 18 62. I was born in London and was convicted for last night on the 15th of September 18 6 10 for stealing £5 Worth of light is underway. He was sentenced to death later commuted to transportation to seven years. Invent demons Land. During his early years at the colony, he was a shepherd fade with Lord and attacked and severely wounded by every jeans. It is believed he discovered a great light in Central Islands, which was initially called Giants Life. He went on to become a successful farmer and raised a family at present place in the lower mashes test pain. There's another genre which you may wish to explore. Let's historic fiction. Creating characters let you know in your family into the story around them. So let me just read a little bit more. I put here historic fiction is another way to explore your family history, and it's a fun way to explore your creative writing skills. Essentially, it allows you to await the story in and around the events of in history. The aim is to in tights your reader in the world of your characters. So this from this record, this is what we know about Harriet knew she left Bristol on on the Wellington, had in 16 bound for Sydney and then transferred to the friendship and arrived invade A L Pandemics in 1917 it would appear she had an alteration altercation with a master and was confined to solitary solitary with bread and water for 14 days. So you could see Hey, it's been these facts out. Remember, she was a West Country girl with a strong ah West Country action. What approach? Tell Harriet story is to use in first tense. That state repaired this example. Writing in first tense. Today is my 17 but but I think it is. I have lost time. Months of Parsons I left my family and in Bristol. Now I live in my bedroll strong across from pole to pole stench of us is too much. There are other 505 score off US women on the ship, and I and just want It's called the friendship and a less friendly place you could not imagine. We dropped anchor a few days ago, but remaining this horrid place I'm near decide and I advance. I see it through a small crack. I can say a huge mountain with snow And what what it looks like enormous teeth of rock at its top. How can a place such beauty and wonder, or certainly one of such cruelty and mystery I'm not flit and beat me? Well, this is a very poor take to see life through Herriot size Um, I, later being with her for months and try to draw her out and get to know how much better until she begins to take over my writing. Then I know I have a voice. Remember, they could do the same story in third capes that saw audio is telling the story, telling the narrative. Now this is an example. This is the same story written so it camps. This was the day off. Harriet Newell, 17th. Welsh Shorter Waas Well, where? She could not be sure she had lost time. Matt said past his, leaving her family and home in Bristol. Now she, like, desolate in her bedroll run from pole to pole. The stench was heavy and thick with unwashed human flesh. There were over five score women on this ship, and she was just one. It was nine. The friendship and less of friendly place you could not imagine. Well, this is a little bit, but I was still made to work on that voice. The front right. It can take a long time, but eventually you will get there. If you like creative writing, it's an interesting way to explore your unimaginative. 5. Session Four It ain't all Fun and Games: well, this is where we deal with two time truths. So if you think that recessional families to these kinds of being a lot of fun and games, well, think again. It is course. It is fascinating and interesting that's also challenging emotionally. It's can be quite training because you start to live the lives of your ancestors and they many off a little different times either affect other people's lives or lived problematic life themselves, and it's not easy to deal with. Here's the example from my family, so their experiences are not always pretty. Let's take a look at my family. The graves moved to the Fungal Valley test mayna in the Light I twenties. When they arrived, there were sort of 500 people in the area who had lived there for thousands of years. Seven years later, that went not. I found that very confronting on needed to work out how to work this into my family history . The same family 200 years before had arrived in Ireland with all crumble, decimating the Irish, taking their land and oppressing the centuries old culture and language So you two would come across events and actions by your ancestors, which may well behind to deal with and a title work through. I have no easy answers to this. It's just kind of being human. I carried the other. Patrick. The thing is, you have to set limits. Families expand exponentially over time, and you have to stop some way. How many cousins and aunts and uncles can you actually put him? So sometimes you just have to make the decision that you gotta follow your family line and perhaps one or two others of interest, and then stop at that. So you have to do is learn to cow you made out with hates of material, and you simply can't included all. So you have to reroute since put materiality and laid, which fits into your plan and discover the rest. What you have to throw it away. But put in boxes. It will make your life a lot easier. If you can't do this well, they're gonna be times when it's just No, you just get so frustrated with what's going on in little boxes and bits in the your plans . In some ways, my advice is to stop. I'm for Rossiter lecture once, and he said. When you got two months to do, just do nothing. It is quite right. Put it aside for holiday. Got to go. You'll come back. Just give it time. Well, I guess we need to have a few 100 years about publishing. The reality is that night Strange publishes probably might be interested in your work in oil annual family. They reclined thousands off companies to be sold in order to make a profit. And while you and I were fascinated history, I guess, But a lot of people are not. However, the good news is there are some really good alternatives, and I'll discuss those in the next session, so hang on. 6. Session Five Let the Search Begin: I can't disused. Really? That's one bitch. This is way. Get out of your old boxes, suitcases and dresses and whatever she liked those of family and spread around and start to organize them and enjoy. So now, at last, you can start to sort through all those odds insults and family history stashed away and on boxes, incomparably lofts, brown suit chances with worn and torn pay and I labels and, of course, notes, diaries, letters, photos and anything else you can look up now. It's important to make sure that you store your records carefully in acid free followers and slaves. These you can buy online fairly easily. Should our letters or documents in a repairing make sure you purchase archival tape, which is also added free, and decide specifically for that purpose. Now this look at memorabilia. Don't forget the old dresses that stuff boxes, soft warm mittens, a little life's hats and, of course, the family bible. All these can. All these. You can study the dates natural fighters, Lichter letters. Ask your relatives where the bits and pieces came from. Most importantly when you were sure, write it down and so that the paper with the artifact, preferably acid frame type. And if you're not sure, either always son believed to have come from a certain family or belong to write on Kate. Now this is about talking with family known members, preferably older members. Our history is so important. How many times do you hear regrets that no one recorded hold great uncles thymus appear W or rt's trip to Australia as a migrant alive with no one left in her family before starting to interview? It's a good idea to identify the type, so when you plan a game, it is clear to everyone what it contain something like this. Take I D. Minor is and I'm talking with on the date at this address, and she has given me permission to use this material. It's important to to use your phone if you modern recording devices until it fights are wonderful these days because they capture the text as well, which saves you having transcribing the way I used to have to do it. So if you put the phone on the table, make sure it's capturing text and also have a backup time just in case. Okay, so you really bits and pieces organized. But now it's time to do some serious research or detective work, which I'll show you how to do next time next session, using the Internet a whole lot of other fascinating research methods forward saying you then. 7. Session Six How to Research your Family History: all right in this session, I thought my chair with you. A few tips and thoughts are kind of researching. It's ah, it's by no means complete data library, but I have done it for research in my time, and I hope this will be helpful. This place to start is to use dedicated family history. Websites such as ancestor dot com find my past, my heritage, family search and many more. But be careful what you wish for, certainly used them and say, What information? I have a bachelor family. Their main value really is in the access that you gain to their databases and for this alone that were subscribing to. However, when it comes to the information about your family, be very clear, very cautious if anyone can add to individual families, and often it is simply put on by, well, many family members but not backed up with evidence. So my advice is used. This is the starting point, but check each record very carefully. Now there are two main historical sources known as primary and secondary, which you need to know about Primary sources include documents are defects created by a witness or participant in the event, they can be firsthand testament or evidence created during the period. The time period that you're studying could include diaries, letters, interviews, all histories, photographs, newspaper articles, government documents, poems, novels, plays and music. Second, Greek sources analyze a stroll in Christian and often used primary sources as evidence they might include books art. It was about the topic. They may include a list of sources. I am videography these that may lead you to other primary and secondary sources. So they take in the primaries that resource is and used them in their books to support an argument or present their case about any shape. Que shall less pick up some high ideas about how to use Google. Years ago, a main problem was finding enough material involving hours of searching old documents in the archives, getting sore eyes from zipping through microfiche and finding books. Now we have the opposite, and our problem is two fold quantity and quality. If you talk in your family name, you will be faced with a massive amount of material and certainly two nights to process. The second problem is quality of material. You're nature assessed the value and authenticity off the material that you find a quick and easy way to limit your search is to use inverted comments. So if I type being Sara Elizabeth Grey, my great great grandmother, I will get at what looks like about 180,000 hits because it looks up each individual name. If I put in inverted comments on a that side, it will only look up the that sentence and reduces it down to that to another 1000. If I've been at test mayna, it then reduces it again to around nine or 10 which makes it much, much easier. There are also many families three associations around the world, full of passionate Natalie people like you and I, who are interested in learning more about the past throughout family. It is well worth making contact with these in the area of your interest and certainly joining the group. Other obvious places to look big National and state library archives. The more formal institutions are amazing and have material tucked away in the databases, which would make your mouth water again, make contact and use the data bases in the country you're interested in. There are, of course, many other ways to assess, to find an assessed the information you're looking for. But I'm sure they died years above that I've covered. Well, let's get you started. Most importantly, don't forget to say advice from librarian. I know electrics to the trying and are amazing source of ideas and wise to help you in your quest. 8. Session Seven Making Sense of it All: so I just want to get a bit organized and start to plan what you wanted to. I'll show you a couple of guys grown natural. Usually you're thinking or lateral thinking. It's my sleep planning used to planet size at school. This is what you're going through now. It's not that hard, but well worth doing so. There is a couple of different planning processes which people often use, and I'll look at today. There are still plenty of others, but is it too obvious? Wines 1st 1 up, a producing well in your linear army, The near mainstay think sequentially in order. Logically, I'm not may according to my loss. The example I've got here is about hair it. Neil. Remember, she's one of my ancestors, and I've organized this in boxes outside the first chapter. Chapter one is in construction telling the rage about the story. What you have to do it. So Chapter two is about her life in Bristol. What we know about her as a young child, if anything, handle what happened at the child when she was charged with last night in about 18 16 and the result off the child was Transportacion to Tasmania. They're a gentle lot. These British set people off sound off lungs, parts of world. If they stop a few pounds, they still over £5 that were executed. Of course. Check The three. Is her arrival in how God I saw before that it might need to look at ships that she came out on the friendship with the captain on arriving, invented in 18 19 she results a feisty young one because she had not been with her master and jumping 14 days solitary confinement with breaking water. Only a little while light out. Her son Richard was born in 1920. And then somehow she ends up marry a Michael Davis, and he actually owned some land in the area. The night Eric Tasmania cause alarm ashes. So there she is, with very young lady with a young child and now pregnant with my home child. Sorry. Chapter four looks at him and their baby Elizabeth is born. Unfortunately, my whole society already, boy, and he goes open, steals capital and is actually cute. I saw a chapter find this thing with hair it alone, alone with and charge, and is assigned to her. Robert Giants. Her is, um, a convict and is assigned to hurt to help with the farm. They This is a happy story that narrative heavily Iraq have many Children and prospect. So that's Chapter five and Chapter six, their future alive so you can see in a chatter you can expand out different subsections. But the most important thing, of course, is once you've done that, you just start to allocate. The resource is that you've got for H Um, for a each area. An alternative to linear thinking, of course, is lateral thinking. That's where your mind goes, a lot of the place, and you could save the example right here. Where had it? Years of middle and lines drawing up two different directions as the creator began to think about her as a young child and the choosing literate a trial in Bristol. And you could see if you follow the lines around that it's starting to make some sense again. Once this is done, you can then start to put your resource is you know, stuff about the child's on in the different sections, and your book or project will start to make some sense 9. Session Eight Sharing your Work: Carson. Eric, What you're planning in order? Well, pretty much athlete. And they perhaps starting about what the fired correct looked like. And I gotta run through a few examples in recession and have you come up with that with the planet. So the first option is the one we talked about, which is just for you. It's a it's a one off journal. You're bringing lots of information ever. It's something the family can have for on time, like you don't have any plans to reproduce. Copies could be done in a beautifully bound There's a book, um, creed or textbook, but the point is that you can put anything into it. Second, really delightful wife off during this is a sketchbook that gives you the wonderful freedoms that color in adding old photographs, playing with ideas and generally letting your mind free to put him what you want to put in . So just feel free and enjoy what you're doing. And remember, Miss Takes a part of character said Don't worry about them now, a modern widening. This, of course, is to to use Web pages. It's no one asked me about because I've tried to three transit it was a disaster. What? You chose to retain nature. Of course, I'll help you. The problem comes in once you put it up each. How do you let him know that? And my full links, And that's very specialized. So if you're serious, you might like to pay somebody or learn how to do it yourself All the best. You might just decide that you want to say Do 10 copies immediate family members. That's really easy to do. And you can include color because to color prettiest. Put these tests, and when you're doing a limited number like that, it's It's easy to do my suggestion. Bait is take a professional printer or copier now. The next theory is that you may want extend further than a few copies and also make it a valuable to other family members really don't know of another butts to the world. Get in touch with you and you don't want to be gunnels killer printer Every time you run out on post in people, so they're seven ways to do that. The 1st 1 is what's called probable likely publishing platforms. These could be things like lulu dot com in the spark. And there are others. Basically, they're wonderful is what I do is there? You put your wonderful text up online. You don't do it as a book or dinner is hard. Copy, Andi. I will link it up to Google and Amazon. Ally sort things on somebody in Yoko, California somewhere. That's it. There. I ordered your book that I will receive the hard copy printed in that country a few days later. Usually very good quality. Uh, that's it does take a bit of skill to do the graphics I died in my family has to wonder. Nearly ended alkalinity asylum side in the 2nd 1 I did second. Actually paid a graphic designer. Have a look at those. Um, now, another option is self publishing companies. They are expensive. But when you look at Tiger off, what looked fleet? They want to the editing, the graphic design, publishing basically on bond. When did it stop? It's actually can't work out quite well. There are a lot of lots of these companies. You just have to research it. But, um, well, was there yet, and if you just can't be positive, generally understand yourself. Well, I actually was to do it. Why don't now? So you get it published. Nine Straight publishes Excited of Sit before is that it's really hard to do and almost impossible, because the realities must not be interested in your family you are, and the surrounding someone of nine straight partnership might need to look. Thousands Spain published to make it worth their while certainly tried. If you doing visited lots of advice on the Internet on, Have a Vegetable patch, have little bit Dime's worth. A try my word and I wish you well, if you can. I certainly couldn't. 10. Session Nine Getting the Details Right: nearly there. Now it's a matter of getting the tee Times data is a very important. This makes the difference between on amateur production and a really quality production. So this includes looking at hitting graphic design and a range of other things. So I know it's not very exciting, but scar be done. Let's look first at a private joke or sketchbook that you might working on. This format gives your wonderful sense of freedom. You can really do anything you like and explore your own way of expressing yourself. Scribbling, crossing out the stakes are all just part of the temperature of your work. You gonna include all finance letters, your thoughts and stories and sketch and draw to your heart's content. Colin is the problem because you're not gray producing work, so just have fun. How is that there's one provides. This is because I'm a teacher. It is very important to reference in your material you include, such as newspapers, births and guests, or any books that you use. This ensures your work, maintains credibility and also allows for future researchers and family to track your sources. Now in a drug, multiple copies and the important important aspect off that this is where it gets a little white, more complicated and time consuming. But to produce a book of quality and ready and ready for publishing these Madison made to be attended to. And believe me, there are no easy shortcuts referencing, referencing your work is very important. You're Reagan needs to about to locate the source is you're using in your book. It also provides evidence and credibility, which is a central for any serious publication. It is also a requirement for publishes. There are many four ways off referencing material, including the Harvard system, the FBI system and orphan books or articles will provide you with the citation Oxygen's. If you're unsure, then please look up hand for reference. It's a bit too complicated for this program, but essentially it involves author date of publication known of article or book paints, number, publisher and location. Remember to plagiarism. Plagiarism is the eighth deadly sin they are least to editing. Process is to work through it. You cannot edit your own work, says someone else needs to be involved, preferably a professional editor. It will give you unfettered and blunt criticism. The first is content they only look at what you have written to say that all makes sense. If there inconsistencies or areas which need to be worked time, then a copy editor or proof editor. What is taking on when you have finished XIII? Okay, controI, food, grammar, spelling and sell. Play somebody good. It will make your work stand out and something to be proud off. If you do manage to get a partnership, they will organize this for you. And if you go with so publishing company would do the same. However, if you're using a platform like through the dot com income spots and someone, then it is your responsibility to ensure work is a high standard. Let's look at copyright and permission when somebody writes something would tanks if I heard it belongs to them. So you used. If you wish to use someone else's thing, you need to ask their permission. A few lines from a book. It's OK but still needs to be referenced publications older than 50 years in Australia, I usually come from copyright free but again made to be referenced. I know I sound like a teacher. That's because I am so please respect fellow writers and artists spike, noting that work as others could do for you. Let's look at graphic design again. This will be done for you if you have a publisher or self publish into a company. If you're doing it all yourself, then it is important to employ a creative and skilled graphic artists. They performed magic on your work. Finally, your publication needs and I s B in number. That's an international standard book number I SP in Now that free a book which is used across the book trade and my every sector, your publisher or publishing platform will provide it for you. 11. Session Ten Phew Moment: Well, this is the feud, Monk. You've got it done. You've got all your boxes of families treating you've caught, kill you, organize yourself and let's see what you have done and with all those frustrations, challenges and excitement and I hope you really enjoy it. But I've tried to do. He's played you through the secrets off, designing on your audience on finding a voice searching, searching of materiality. You've got making sense middle and is learning and makes 40. How to show you what I hope This has been a valuable for you place that there's any way that I can help it for or if there's anything you didn't understand, and I can certainly mortar five material well, the best have you enjoy writing his stream.