Discover the uses of Negative Space in Logo Design | Daniel Evans | Skillshare

Discover the uses of Negative Space in Logo Design

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

Discover the uses of Negative Space in Logo Design

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Negative Space Overview

    • 4. Highliting with Negative Space

    • 5. Negative Space in Type

    • 6. Purpose & Depth

    • 7. Separating Shapes with Negative Space Part 2

    • 8. Separating Shapes with Negative Space

    • 9. Negative Space Logo Showcase

    • 10. Final Word

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About This Class

Discover how to use negative space productively in Logo Design!

Many designers are all too familiar with reaching for positive shapes but the best designers and artists utilize the spaces between to great effect for a whole array of different purposes!

Meet Your Teacher

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Daniel Evans

Logo Designer



Daniel Evans is a Professional Logo Designer and Graphic Designer from the North-East of England with 20 years dedicated experience working freelance and for various design agencies in Utah, Seattle, New York and Britain, including 6 years working for Hewlett Packard's design division. 

He holds 5 WOLDA Awards, an ICMA Silver Award, a Hiiibrand Silver Award and an Amazing Pixels Award.  Just recently Daniel has been awarded an ICMA Award of Excellence, a Hiiibrand Bronze Award and he claimed the WOLDA 10 Silver Award.

Daniel's work is featured in the publications: 

*     Logo Lounge 7, Logo Lounge 11, Logo Creed, Damn Good, LogoPond, New Graphic 30, Logo Nest 02, IHeartLo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to the course. It's my hope that the forthcoming information will enable you to excel as a designer. If you're succeeding in your skills, it means I'm succeeding as a teacher. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to start a discussion, and I'll do my very best to help I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up the date, please be sure to click. Follow next to my using them by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share, Resource is and when I launch contests. 2. Overview: Hi. My name's Daniel Evans. I'm a professional local designer. In the short course, we're going to be analyzing the principle of negative space and how it will be used for various purposes. After a brief overview, I'm going to demonstrate how weak and use negative space for the purpose of highlighting and then gonna show how weaken employing negative space and apply to text. Next, I'm gonna show how we news, negative space together, feel of purpose on depth on. Finally, I'm gonna show you how we can separate shapes using negative space channels with this vital information. I'm confident you can supercharge your skills as a competent, uncreative log or designer. So let's not Billy any further. Let's jump in and get starlet. 3. Negative Space Overview: negative space, by definition, is empty space around an object or form and is also called white space in log or design. However, negative space tends to be the prime return that use the positive area of a piece of art can be regarded as a filled outlined area. It's a positive area, which is substance instead of seeming nothingness. That nothingness, however, is something since every positive shape will always have negative shapes around it. It's the negative space which forms the positive ship and vice versa. Each component of this dualistic principle cannot exist without the other, much like Ian Young, which is assemble, which represents the mandatory complementary presence of both light and dark in the universe. There's log or design as we are artists and its pinnacle. For an artist to identify with negative space, seeing negative space involves learning to see in a fresh way. Master and use of negative space is just like a musician embracing silence to give further field to their notes. Together, both the presence of the north on the absence of them make the overall musical piece without silence. There is a drawn and we found notes. There is a silence in the following lectures, we're going to explore the different ways in which we can use negative space, and our law goes to create more interesting and diverse pieces of work. 4. Highliting with Negative Space: negative space isn't just useful for making a graphic within a positive element. It can be used to suggest the highlighted surface to where no elements exist with suitable placement of positive elements. The negative space is consuming. Lee Take on substance. Take the symbol, for instance, which is composed of three shapes. The letter E would stand effectively on its own, however, with a simple addition of the two squares in perspective To the left, we can see the letter age, whether was previously nothing in the sense of the word. We now say the face of the H in direct light. This effect depends upon the vertical stem of the A. To establish the right hand stem of the H on the two positive squares suggest the left stem of the H. In a similar fashion, This example sees a rectangle with two negative shapes. Ah, law. Simple and form. These two ships bring another dimension. The overall visual. By introduction of the two negative shapes, the symbol is transformed and or profile view of a step. The two negative ships now represent the highlight that horizontal planes in the positive space between represents the vertical of the step as if this effect isn't good enough with in its own right. The overall shape also forms an s for stays to give the symbol a double. Aunt Andre. In this final example, we can see how this log or symbol to utilizes positive shapes to depict shadowing. They're springs out substance of the negative space which is otherwise without purpose. Here we see figure of Life to cast upon the stand which is also the letter m the fisher of the camera on the lens A total of seven positive ships have seemingly composed a three d object. So these examples represent the power of negative space to depict a lit surface when used in conjunction with positive space to depict shadow, both positive and negative space give power to the next, giving assemble deep substance by way of minimalism. 5. Negative Space in Type: negative space isn't only applied to graphical elements. We can also utilize negative space in the text of a local, the taxed on the negative space and most cases might be the local itself. The log or might utilize an existing front. All characters might be drawn from scratch. As you'll see from these examples there two approaches to incorporate negative space within text. The negative space can either depict a character of the word orographic strategically fathomed by utilizing the form of characters in the word in the case of graphic because they may be settled or there may be a little bit more elaborate negative space characters to might be very simplistic or elaborate on their presentation and either approach. It's crucial that the concept is effective while skipping allege ability of the local on handed. In many cases, the negative space needs to be as apparent as the positive space. So I'll become the development stage of a local on our options are open. Explore tax based locals. It's a great idea that analyze the form of characters in a company name. A log or design needn't be complex, it's been said many times before. Simplicity is key. A fantastic tax best negative space log or design can be established by simply adding under subtracting a few ships to or from an existing front. It's a great idea to take advantage of our sketch pads to play or concepts and letter forms . Effective planning and analysis reduces the work Lord and the execution sort of summarize. We should always be a way that the characters themselves usually hold a great deal of potential for us to come up with an innovative, simple, on defective design solution. 6. Purpose & Depth: negative space can be employed to create depth. That's to say we can use it to give the impression that some elements are behind or in front of each other. First, let's take a look at this basic symbol consisting of three leaves. You say that through use of negative space, the gap between each leaf that we create an effect of a leaf in the background, a leaf in the foreground Onda leaf between. Of course, this arrangement could be achieved by using color, but we lose the feel entirely if a single color is applied with symbol. What's more, the large gaps lender Maura parents and prominent effect. So this is one example of how we can utilize negative space to give a feel of depth. In this example, we see a series of three faces arranged and similar mana, one behind the other in the clover style shape. Despite the fact that we have a face in the background while in the foreground and one in the middle, there's actually only one face, which consists of a solid ship. The others depend upon negative space for their formation. The overall symbol to consists of only two parts and it's from these parts. The negative cut out yield to with the faces which appear and depth from front to back this symbol stands is a brilliant example of how we can not only utilize negative space for the sake of separation to give depth, but to also give form to the separation. It shows that negative space can be just as important a solid elements while being completely dependent upon each other in this log, or wanted to create a symbol for infinity, which is the figure of eight on the horizontal. To satisfy curiosity. A Chores assemble is part of this law goal, which was designed for a market research company to represent ongoing analysis. The circular ships represent pie shot on people's of eyes, which all together form our allies, which forever keep watch over the market. So going back to the design, I wanted to give the impression that part of the figure of eight was at the rear. I saw that the band appeared to be gone behind itself to create this element of depth, Ah, use negative space to give separation, which in turn suggested part of the band to be at the front and part at the rear, executed correctly with just enough space so that the division, as visible to its small size, is the effect manages to achieve this well without suggesting that the band is meant to appear. Court, you say the importance of negative space placement. If we take a look at a version of the symbol, which is without it, he you'll see that we lose all quality of death on the bound of the figure of eight appears at the forefront, losing suggestion that part of it is behind itself. So you'll say the placement of the negative space in this instance has given separation, which in turn has given depth simply by removing part of the shape. It's this kind of simple innovation which we always have at our disposal. Negative space is something which we should always hold in high regard, since it would be used to give a new dimension and greater meaning to a design 7. Separating Shapes with Negative Space Part 2: sort of further demonstrate the use of negative space to separate shapes. Here we have a symbol off a mountain range with a son behind. All this image consists of four elements. Firstly, the sun next, the mountain shape and the two pieces here were to represent with snow on the right on site of each mountain. Now, if this was to be colored a single color, I'm gonna show you the result and I'm gonna choose black. This is what happens. Everything has merged into a single non core. He's of shape. We no longer see the sun. We see the mountain shapes, but we can't make anything out and the snow is completely lost. So in order to remedy this, we need the use negative space to separate each element on DTA, cut out certain elements, saw that this displays effectively in a single color so that it's suitable for all applications. So let's just go ahead and take a copy of this. I will bring it down Now we're gonna work on this so that the sun is separate from the mountains on dso that the snore shapes are cut out from the mountain shape, so selecting the first on the second hold on shift in selecting the mountain shape, I'm gonna go the Pathfinder panel and beneath shape modes And when I click minus front Now , if I put a shape behind this of a different color, you'll see the effect and stand of those being shapes on the mountain. There, now cut out. Now we'll see. No matter what the background color, those snow shapes on the mountain peaks retain the foam Absolutely visible. So the next thing to do is to make this son a separate cheap saw that it doesn't merge with the mountain shape when its call it a single color. So what will it do? What is it gonna select nor fell? I'm going to select stroke. Just color that white. So it's visible on will use the pen tool with click here holding chef The luck onto the horizontal Make another here on and following the same angle as this mountain here, we're gonna click another line like so holding chef and selecting the sun. Whilst that stroke selected, we go to the Pathfinder panel beneath Pathfinders, we called it divide. We click upon that Ana cuts that son shape in the two on selecting this piece here, pressing backspace on the keyboard. This is the result now the sun as a separate ship from the mountains. Now, if this is colored single color now this is the result. Everything retains its form. Here you'll see the son. He will see the mountain ship on. We have the snore ships on each. So to summarize, this is how we employ negative space to separate shapes of a symbol. We've also seen how we cut out shapes so that the image retains its desired aesthetic across all forms of application. 8. Separating Shapes with Negative Space: in log or design it ever important to avoid relying upon color I especially want to use in an effort to hide bad design form. Above all, it's crucial that we don't rely upon color to differentiate shapes. That's to say we should never put shapes together and assume that we can separate them by coloring them differently. This is because of log or is not always displayed in color. There are many different applications for a local, from black and white print to material cutouts for scientific purposes. With this in mind, all shapes and the log or design must be distinguished clearly not by color but by negative space. Negative space is essentially the gaps we place between ships saw that each will be distinguished nor matter what's the application sort of demonstrate this principle. Here we have assemble which have created for a furniture company. It's a symbol which represents an abstract armchair. Here we have the back of the arm chair. The shape appear on the shape. At the bottom is the bottom cushion of the armchair on. Of course, we have the two arms at the side Now. Each of these shapes, as you can see is colored a different color. We have the peach here you have the pink here on. We have agree for the arms on either side. There. Now, those colors have bean used mostly to separate the elements as didn't say we have a better negative space here. But all in all these shapes of being separated by their colors. Now this will become clear. When a highlight this on, color it one single color. I'll choose black on. You'll see that this shape the bottom in particular, mergers with these two arms. Now, the similares a whole now has lost its meaning. We don't see that this is entirely separated from their shape. It's actually merged in the middle on DOF course. This shape here is now merged with these two arms on either side. Now, this is typically a case of using Colette to distinguish shapes as mentioned now, To remedy this, we now need to separate these elements. So first of all, we're going to start with the top portion of this armchair and we're going to move it upwards like so. That's a large enough gap not too narrow and not too wide. And next I'm going to use the right arrow key on the keyboard to move across the right hand arm of the Armed Geographic on. I'm counting each press of the key so that and do exactly the same on the left hand side. Self counted 14 key presses here. This is also the same number of K pressures of used to separate the top portion of the graphic from the bottom as previously seen. So now in the left hand side, using the same number of keyboard key prices using the left arrow. So we're gonna count exactly the same so that we have gaps which equal throughout the graphic. That looks nice. So I'm gonna copy this across. I'm going to see how this looks at smaller sizes on That looks good. You can see now that each shape of the symbol is now distinguished and it doesn't rely upon color, So this is now a suitable for a variety of applications. We see every shape in the symbol, so bringing the original back in just gonna pay certain on we can highlight each shape, use the eyedropper tool unjust much these colors up on highly in those arms holding shift he's in the eyedropper to on matching the arms up and so making a small copy again just for review purposes. I will say it still functions very well and color. I'm making a copy are more color black just to review that. Once again in the single color you'll see this image is now perfect. Andi, as mentioned, it's suitable for a variety of applications now that each shape of the symbol has bean distinguished with negative space. 9. Negative Space Logo Showcase: 10. Final Word : well done for reaching the end of the course. I hope the information has proven valuable in extending your skills. As a designer, I post new courses on a regular basis, So if you want to stay up to date, please be sure. Click follow next to my user name by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share Resource is on when I launch contests.