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Discover the Secrets to Successful Media Interviews

Ashley Cowan, Guitar and Radio Teacher

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36 Videos (2h 54m)
    • What You're Going to Learn

    • The Different Types of Media Interviews

    • Why It's Good to Listen to Ideas

    • Finding Your First Interview Idea (Also see PDF)

    • Introduction to Interview Research

    • Places to Research Your Ideas

    • Interviewing Research Part Two

    • Interviewing Research Part Three

    • Interviewing Research Tips

    • Choosing the Right Interviewee Subject

    • The Pre-Interview Chat

    • The Pre-Interview Chat 2

    • The Environment and the Interview

    • Recording the Interview

    • Why You Should Stay Quiet When Interviewing

    • Why We Need to Listen When Interviewing

    • Should You Write Your Interview Questions Down?

    • How Many Questions?

    • Questions Types

    • The Types of Interview Questions to Avoid

    • The Nucleus of the Interview

    • Emotions in Personal Interviews

    • Thinking Ahead

    • More Things to Consider

    • Opening, Ordering, Checking, and Sending Questions

    • How to Handle Sensitive Interviews

    • How to Make a Vox Pop

    • How to Interview by Phone

    • Interviewing Children and Interview Consent

    • Broadcast Law: Defamation

    • Broadcast Law: Defamation Part Two

    • Interviews and Copyright

    • Nick Cavell: BBC African Sports

    • Nouran Sallam: BBC Arabic TV

    • Sami Sahmoud: Senior Correspondent beIN Sports

    • Alex Mwangi: Senior Sports Producer for BBC World Service TV & Radio


About This Class


Welcome to a fun course. Here you're going to learn about how to interview people for TV, radio and online platforms.

If you want to get more visitors to your website, YouTube channel, blog, etc., then having a collection of great interviews can be an excellent way to do this.

This is because...

Strong interviews give you authority. Authority attracts visitors. Weak interviews, on the other hand, make you look like an amateur.

And of course...

Poor interviews push people away from your sites. Listening to a poorly recorded interview, which asks weak questions and sounds like it was recorded in a toilet, won't give you an air of authority.

Don't create bad interviews, record high-quality interviews.

With me, you'll learn how to construct mind-blowingly informative interviews. You'll discover how to research, how to choose the correct interviewee subject, what questions you should ask, what questions you should avoid. You'll also learn how to prepare “counter questions."

Once you learn these skills, you'll be able to use them for life.

Ok, pull up a chair.....

No interviewing template = dull and boring questions. Dull and boring questions = dull and boring interviews.

However, it gets better!

You're also going to get, red hot, sizzling broadcasting advice from the big boys (and girls!)

That's right...

I didn't work for nine years at the BBC just for nothing! I've been annoying my ex-BBC work colleagues for tips and advice. Finally, they stopped crying and let me interview them!

We're talking about the professionals here. People who've worked for the BBC, Aljazeera, beIN Sports and Sky News Arabia. These journalists have many years of experience.

Sounds great Ashley, but what do I get?

Lifetime access to 36 videos.
Tutor support from myself.
Continual course updates
Enrollment into a group that already includes over 200 students (on Udemy.)

So why not learn how to:

Source great interviews for your projects.

Research and flesh out your interview ideas.

Choose the correct person to interview.

Gain advice on covering difficult issues.

Learn what questions not to ask.

Structure your interview before you go and do it.

Get advice on bringing out the emotions from your interviewee.

Learn how to prepare side questions.

Discover how to use statistics and opinion polls to provide a counter argument.

Get advice on using past quotes for your current interviews.

Learn how to deal with angry people.

Understand how the location of the interview will affect your interviewee's answers.

There's also tips on interviewing by phone.

Understanding your audience, listening like a pro, making a vox pop and.....

Libel and copyright lessons. Wow, this is important!

Doing risk assessments plus professional broadcasters give you their advice.

Start today and learn how to create awesomely informative interviews!

The Professionals
Nouran Sallam is a TV news anchor for BBC Arabic. She's also worked for Al Jazeera and Al Hayah TV. She talks to me about conducting interviews.

Nick Cavell is a sports journalist for BBC African sports. During the interview, we talked about how Nick broke into the BBC. We spoke about his daily routine at BBC African sports, how he sources and covers stories, how he verifies facts and how he treats a story. There's also handy tips on interviewing football managers and advice on what to look out for when interviewing.

Sami Sahmoud gives us his advice on what makes a good interview. Sami has worked as a presenter for BBC Arabic Radio and Sky News Arabia. He currently presents the sports news for beIN Sports (Aljazeera).

The BBC's senior sports producer for the Swahili service, Alex Mwangi, gives us his advice for news and sports interviews.





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Ashley Cowan

Guitar and Radio Teacher

Radio Experience
I'm an experienced radio trainer of eighteen years. From 2002 to 2011, I worked at the BBC World Service, Radio. I've now taken these skills and created two online radio training courses.

I tutor students in radio presenting and media interviewing. I have a 5-hour, 58 video radio DJ course and a 3-hour, 40 video, media interviewing course. You can find out more about these courses on my website.

Music and Guitar
I've been playing the guitar for...

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