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Discover Your Moon Sign and Find Your Soul Mate

Alexander Kolesnikov, A Teacher of Astrology and Numerology

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25 Lessons (3h 29m)
    • 1. Moon Sign: Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 1. The Zodiac

    • 3. Lecture 2. The Sun Sign

    • 4. Lecture 3. The Moon Sign

    • 5. Lecture 4. The Moon in Astrology

    • 6. Lecture 5. The Signs of the Zodiac

    • 7. Lecture 6. The Elements and the Qualities

    • 8. Lecture 7. The Signs and the Planets

    • 9. Lecture 8. Aries Moon Sign

    • 10. Lecture 9. Taurus Moon Sign

    • 11. Lecture 10. Gemini Moon Sign

    • 12. Lecture 11. Cancer Moon Sign

    • 13. Lecture 12. Leo Moon Sign

    • 14. Lecture 13. Virgo Moon Sign

    • 15. Lecture 14. Libra Moon Sign

    • 16. Lecture 15. Scorpio Moon Sign

    • 17. Lecture 16. Sagittarius Moon Sign

    • 18. Lecture 17. Capricorn Moon Sign

    • 19. Lecture 18. Aquarius Moon Sign

    • 20. Lecture 19. Pisces Moon Sign

    • 21. Lecture 20. Jung and Astrology

    • 22. Lecture 21. Different Kinds of Relationships

    • 23. Lecture 22. Moon – Sun Relationship

    • 24. Lecture 23. Moon – Moon Relationship

    • 25. Lecture 24. Consider the Degree


About This Class

This course is about the Moon Sign, a very important, core element of your astrological profile, which most people are unaware of, unfortunately.

If you are interested in popular astrology, this course will open a new dimension in your understanding. You will learn that there is a lot more to astrology than the "star sign". The knowledge of the Moon Sign will help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, yours and other people's motivations, the choices people make, and the path to a happier and healthier life which is available to everyone.

One of the key benefits of knowing about the Moon Sign is that you will be able to use some powerful traditional formulas for finding a long-term partner, a person who will resonate with your soul so well that you'll be happy to share with him or her the rest of your life. The popular rules of astrological compatibility are shallow and inefficient, compared to what you'll be able to achieve with the help of the Moon Sign.


1. Moon Sign: Introduction: hello and welcome to discover your moon sign and find your soul mate. My name is Alexander Kalashnikov, and I'm going to be your guide on this cause I'm a student of astrology since the 19 eighties, and I've written several books and many articles on astrology and numerology. What I'm trying to do is to build a bridge between popular astrology familiar to everyone from newspapers and magazines. And let's call it really astrology, a system of knowledge which was started and practised by the brightest minds like Albany, Johannes Kepler, Carl, Gustav Fume and many others. One of my most successful projects is the free online moon Sign calculator. Thousands of people come every day to discover their moon sign, but many of them become puzzled. They already know one sign of the Zodiac. They call it the star sign. So what is this other sign about? What is the moon sign? I created this course to help people instant in popular astrologer to discover a new dimension, a new way off understanding themselves and others. First of all, I will explain clearly step by step, what the moon sign is and why it is so important. Then we learn the most important features of different moon signs and how they manifest themselves in people's lives. And finally, I will explain how the knowledge of the moon sign can be very important when finding a long term partner someone with whom you will be happy to share your life. If you will have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them, so welcome to the cause. 2. Lecture 1. The Zodiac: What is the Zodiac To begin with? All those signs in astrology. Other signs of the Zodiac, after all. So we need to know well, what the Zodiac is. Wikipedia offers a very good and detailed definition off both the Zodiac and the signs of the Zodiac. But it might be too difficult and technical for many people. So let Mr Just an easier explanation. Here is the sky, as it is shown in astrological charts. It's just a circle, to be precise. This is not the whole sky, but only a part of it. Like a road along which the sun, the moon and planets travel day after day. This celestial road has milestones that divided into 12 areas. The signs off the Zodiac. They're like different countries through which the road goes, As I'm sure you know, they're called areas. Taurus Gemini Cancer. Leo Vogue. Oh, Libra, Scorpio. Such detail use Capricorn, Aquarius and prices. Unlike countries, the signs of the Zodiac are all of the same size 1/12 off a circle as the circle of the sky , hasn't it 360 degrees. Each sign gets 30 degrees of it. Imagine yourself a traveler. You can go to Finland and win the auto in the in, sama, you will dress differently, eat different foods and then general have very different experiences dependent where you go . Similarly, the sun and the moon have a very different experience. Depending on the sign off the Zodiac they're traveling through. Is it impulsive areas or patient tourists? Or maybe dramatic Leo or need picking Virgo? Before we look into the differences between the signs of the Zodiac, However, let's find out what the moon sign is is the main topic of the cause after all, Well, actually start not from the moon sign, but from the sun sign, as this is the easiest way to approach the topic. To summarize what we've learned so far, The Zodiac is a celestial road along which the sun, the moon and the planet's travel the signs of the Zodiac. Other 12 equally sized sections of this road all signs are different. They like different countries. Through each the road off the soldier goes, the moon and the sun heal themselves differently in different signs 3. Lecture 2. The Sun Sign: in the previous lecture, we've learned that the Zodiac is a celestial road along which the sun, the moon and the planet's travel Let's concentrate for now on the sun's movement. Through the 12th signs off the Zodiac, the Sun completes its journey around the subject in one year, around the 21st of much each year, the sun enters the sign of areas after that, Around the 21st of April, the sun enters the sign off tours. The next sign, which means that between the 21st of much and the 21st of April, the sun travels through areas. And if someone gets born during this period of time, astrologists say that this person has his or her son in areas or, in other words, areas. Is this person's sun sign. By the way, my sun sign is it is. These are the approximate dates off the sun's entry into all the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Why the approximate I will return to this a little bit later. Many people are familiar with this table or some variation of it. They used these dates to determine their so called star sign from the date of birth which is absolutely fine, except that the term star sign is a Miss Noma. It doesn't exist in astrology. It only exists in popular texts like those in newspapers and magazines. The proper tomb is the sun sign. Now. You can easily position yourself amount of your friends as a person knowledgeable in astrology by saying Sun sign instead of star sign or even cooler, you can say I've got my son in Germany or wherever you have. Now let's return to me saying that these dates off the sun's entry into the signs of the Zodiac are approximate. Why? Well, it's just a nasstrom Ah Mikel fact that the exact moment when the sun crosses the border between the signs of the Zodiac changes slightly year after year. For example, in 2016 the sun entered areas on the 20th of much at 4:30 a.m. Greenwich Mean time. The year before, In 2015 the sun entered areas also on the 20th of March, But at 10:45 p.m. Gmt and in 2007 this happened on the 21st of much at 12:07 a.m. Jmt right after midnight you can find precise dates and times like these for every year in astrological and astronomical reference tables, and I will show you some of those tables in the next lecture. Please know that these moments are in Greenwich mean time. So the actual time when the sun ended areas was different in different places, depending on the time zone. In California, the time is eight hours behind Greenidge in the winter and seven hours behind Greenwich in the summer, whereas in Japan, time is nine hours ahead of Greenidge, and there is no summertime there. So it should be clear to you that the precise date and time off the sun's entry into each sign off the Zodiac depends not only on the year but also on the time zone. In the resources for this chapter, you'll find a link to my article, which explains all this in detail. For now. What we need to understand is that when we say that the sun enters, say, areas on the 21st of much, this is a rough approximation, or simplification. If you were born a little bit further into the sign, like on the 25th of March or on the fifth off April, You can be sure that your sun sign is indeed areas, and the same is true for any other date of both. And sign you can simply use that popular table with the dates for the signs of the Zodiac. However, if you were born close to the border between the signs like on the 20th of March, you can't be really sure whether the sun was still in prices already. Neri's What can we do about this? How can we find out a person's sun signs? Reliably? There is a difficult way and an easier way. The difficult way is to use the already mentioned astrological tables. They're available in many bookstores, and some of them I even available for free online. I will tell you more about these tables in the next lecture, but once you found the precise moment of the sun crossing the border between two signs in the tables and that time is always given in green, which meantime, or universal time, you need to take into account the time zone in the place of birth and then also the daylight saving time if applicable. All this means quite a bit of work and the possibility of mistaking calculations. So let me show you the easy way. Instead, the easy way is to use my free online Sun Sign calculator. You'll find a link to it in the resources for this chapter here, you need to enter the date of both. Let's say a child was born on the 20th off much 2010. Then the time of both is needed. Let's say it was 6:20 a.m. Finally, we need to specify the time zone of both. Let's say it was Pacific Time zone. No press the calculate sun sign button. And here we have the sun sign prices as well as the degree 29 degrees 50 minutes, which is the very end off the sign of prices. There is also a brief description off the sun in prices. The calculated takes the date and time you have entered and then does all the necessary astronomical calculations to define the sun's precise position. At the specified moment, the calculator takes into account the time zone as well as the daylight saving time, if present, so you can simply read the result. Let's summarize what we've learned so far, the sun sign is the sign of the Zodiac, where the sun was located. At the moment off. Both Star Sign is a Miss Noma. The correct term is sun sign. For most people, their son sign can be found with help off popular tables, with approximate dates off the sun's entry into the signs of the Zodiac. When a person was born close to the border between signs, a more precise calculation might be needed to find the correct sun sign used for this, the free online Sunshine calculator. Now that we've qualified, what the Sun sign is, it will be easier to understand the moon sign the topic of the next lecture. 4. Lecture 3. The Moon Sign: Do you remember what the sun sign? Ease. It's the sign of the Zodiac to which the sun was traveling at the moment of both. The definition for the moon sign is very similar. The moon sign is the sign of the Zodiac, for which the moon was traveling at the moment of both. Similarly to the sun, the moon travels along. The celestial rode off the Zodiac from one side to another, but the moon moves much faster. It only takes approximately 27 a quarter days for the moon to complete the circle, which means it spends a little bit over two days in each of the signs. It also means that while the sun is traveling through just one sign, the moon makes more than a complete circle around the Zodiac. Therefore, a person who was born when the sun was say in areas can have the moon in any off the 12 signs, including areas. Of course, by the way, my moon sign is Libra. As it was discussed in the previous lecture, we can easily figure out the sun sign from the date of both in most cases. But how do we find out where the moon was the moment of birth. The bad news is there is no similarly simple rule for the moon sign. You can't figure it out from the date of birth. The good news, however, is that nothing is impossible in the age of computers and the Internet. I don't show you some very easy ways to define your moon sign in a moment. But first I want to give you a flavor off what our ancestors had to do in the previous centuries and what even I had to do back in the 19 natives before I got my first computer. It might be also useful to know how to find out the moon sign. Without computers, all you need is so called if Emery's in one or another form. These are simply tables, at least precise positions for the sun, the moon and the planets. For a specific moment, usually midnight GMT off every day. They typically come in the form of books, and you can buy them in many bookstores that airplane two of the families on Amazon here I'm showing the covers of a few books I have. They're also free of feminist, available online they were compiled for many centuries and generously made. Available. S Pdf files by Astra Jeans You will find a link to this page in the resources for this lecture. If you'll be looking around on this page, bear in mind that the astrological tomb for the moons or planets entry into a sign of the Zodiac is ingress. He I don't loaded a document titled Moon Sign Changes from year 2000 to 2099 with cloak times in you, D Jim T. Which means Universal Time Greenwich Mean time. This is a magnified part off this document. A table for October 2006. We can see that on the 17th of October at 6:15 a.m. The moon has entered Virgo and that on the 19th of October at 7:19 p.m. The moon has entered Libera. If a child was born between these two moments, then it's moon sign. Is Virgo as simple as that off course? The times are given in JMT, so we need to take in consideration the time zone where the child was born, and then subtract or add some number of hours and also make a correction for the daylight saving time, if appropriate over. No. The process of determining the moon sign with the help of the families is a little bit tedious, but it isn't that difficult. To be fair. There is, however, a much easier way we can simply use the free online moon sign calculator that I've created for you. Let's say the child was born on the 18th of October 2006 and, let's say the time of both Boston am for the both time zone. Let's select Eastern time. All that is left is to press the calculate moonshine bottom as expected from their families . The moon sign is Virgo, and you can read a brief description for it. If you have a smartphone, you can get a moon sign up. It is available for both iPhone and Androids, and you will find links to the ups at the bottom of the moon sign calculator, as well as in the resources for this lecture. Here is how the APP works on an iPhone, the Android version. It's similar when he opened the up for the first time, it calculates the moon signed for the current moment. In this up, you can maintain a list of people for whom you already calculated the moon sign so that you didn't have to enter all the details once again. In the beginning, the least is empty. So let's add a person for the name. Let's just add a child both times Own Eastern Built Date. October the 18th 2006 Both time. 10 a.m. and let's save the record. Now we simply choose the person from the list and the up calculates the moon sign. There are a few other things you can do with this up, but I will leave them to you to explore. Everything is very easy to summarize what we've learned in this lesson. The moon sign is the sign off the Zodiac where the moon was located. At the moment of both, there is no easy route that would help to determine the moon sign from the date of birth. You can use either free online calculator or a mobile up to calculate your moon sign. You can also use the families if you don't mind a little bit extra work. I hope you know no, your moon sign. If you are having difficulties, please ask me for help. In the next lecture, I will explain why the moon sign is so important. It can actually be more important than the sun sign. 5. Lecture 4. The Moon in Astrology: in astrology. Everything is a symbol. A symbol is like a deep of the iceberg. It can be a simple word or an image, but it represents a whole lot of different ideas, concepts and things. The moon is one symbol. The sun is another symbol, and each of the signs of the Zodiac is a symbol to in this lesson will concentrate on the astrological symbolism off the moon, and we shall also compare and contrast it with the symbolism off the sun. Human personality has two sides the young site and the inside the conscious side and the unconscious side, the active side and the passive side, the day side and the night side. The sun in astrology is associated with consciousness. In the west were thrown believers that we control our life consciously, that whatever we have in our mind is the most important thing in the world. This is why the sun is very important in Western astrology. The sun sign therefore describes quite well the conscious day side of the person, how he or she positioned themselves in the world what they want to achieve and in which particular way they prefer to conquer the world. The moon, on the other hand, is associated with subconscious, intuitive side of personality, and it is the most important factor in the astrology off the East, in Vedic or Hindu astrology in particular, the moon is responsible for our emotions, instincts, memory and everything that happens automatically without conscious control. All these aspects of personality other for described by the moon sign. Let's think about which part off our daily life is controlled by our consciousness. Say, you woke up in the morning and you're walking to the kitchen to have your coffee. You probably don't have much. New consciousness helps some thoughts about the day ahead and maybe an in a dispute about what you're going to have for breakfast. At the same time, your body is very busy. Complex groups off muscles contract and relax in a precise written so that you could walk your stomach in. Anticipation of breakfast is already busy preparing a complex mixture of chemicals, which will digest any food you might have, and there are very many other extremely complex processes running throughout the body, checking numerous important levels and taking measures if something is out of norm, guarding against infection occurring any problems you might have filling your lungs with fresh air and so on. All these new mirrors complex activities are happening automatically. Your consciousness has no idea about them. Indeed, if you try to control your body consciously, you would immediately collapse. Human consciousness is so weak and helpless against the complex machinery of human body only sub consciousness associated with the moon is powerful enough to take care of such complexity. Therefore, your moon sign can help you to understand how your body works, what it needs, how to properly take care of it, water, its potential, weak sports and which natural healing agents will be most appropriate for your body type. Some parts of the body are especially strongly associated with the moon, their stomach and women's breasts and womb. In fact, the most obvious associations off the moon in astrology are women in general, but especially mothers as well. A small Children from toddlers toe the age when they become less dependent on their mothers . Because of this, I would say that for women and Children, in order to understand their character and their potential strengths and vulnerabilities, it is more important to know their moon sign than their son sign. It doesn't mean, however, that the moon sign isn't important for men. The moon rules emotions, and if you think how many off our actions are ultimately driven by emotions, you will understand that the knowledge of their moonshine is important for everyone. A Man's moon sign shows his attitude to women and Children in general, and to his mother in particular, a man with the moon in cancer typically worships. His mother, compares her toe. Other women in his life. And chances are he will choose a partner somewhat similar to his mother. A person's moonshine can be clearly visible in a way he or she recovers from a significant stress. We usually involve ourselves in stressful situations by acting consciously, and the body has to boost all the vital functions to cope with the problem. But as soon as the crisis is over and we're probably sitting somewhere in an armchair, pretty much absent minded, the moon gets a chance to return the body to its normal state, and this is when you can usually clearly see what the person's moon sign ease. Those with the moon in Germany feel an urge to have a chat with someone as if to speak out the recent stress. For a tourist mon, eating something tasty is a reliable way to calm down, while the moon in Scorpio will prefer good sex or a strong drink or a very hot shower. Or perhaps all of this together we'll discuss the peculiarities of different moon signs in the common lectures. There is also a spiritual viewpoint that might be helpful in understanding the relationship between the sun and the moon. In astrology, Human soul is traveling from one life to another, learning lessons in each life developing and find Yuning its abilities with the ultimate goal to perfect itself and join again with the absolute. If you share this viewpoint than the sun represents the sparkle off the eternal light, which travels through numerous incarnations. Therefore, the sun sign can help us to understand the person's ultimate goal and what kind of important lesson here she's going to learn in this life. The moon then represents the material shell, which is given to the divine sparkle off the sun. In this specific incarnation, this shell can mean many things. The body, the parents who gave birth to the child, the general circumstances of the person's life and the whole current life in general. So the moon's message is more specific. It tells us something we need to know in our daily life. While the sands role is more esoteric and therefore the knowledge of the moon sign can be more practical and more important than the knowledge of the sun sign. Let's summarize what we've learned in this lesson. The moon rules the subconscious intuitive side off the person. The moon is responsible for automatic processes interactions, and therefore the moon sign is important for understanding the workings off the border. The moon is strongly associate it with women and Children. For them, the moon sign can be more important than the sun sign. The moon sign can often be clearly seen in the way the person recovers from stress. From the esoteric viewpoint, the moon can be seen as a vehicle given toe the monitor off the sun. In the current incarnation, 6. Lecture 5. The Signs of the Zodiac: Now that you know your moon sign, how do you understand what it means? You already know the main meanings and responsibilities off the moon. In this lesson, I want to give you an idea of what the signs of the Zodiac are, what kind of energy they offer to understand how a moon sign can manifest itself. Then you can simply take different associations off the moon and cover them with the energy off the sign off the zodiac the moon is in. Let's have a look at the brief characteristics of the 12 signs. I will try to concentrate on their pure energy, irrespective of whether it is manifested as the moon sign or the sun sign in. The subsequent lectures will discuss in great detail each of the signs off the Zodiac as specifically the moon sign. Hey, this. The typical attributes off areas are energy, impulsiveness, impatience and an urge to act. Despite the obstacles, Paris is full of initiative, proactive but is often unable to finish. What was started here is aspires to be the first. It has a strong preference for simple solutions and might strongly dislike workarounds. Brakes were invented by co words that's what a typical areas might say. Tourists. The main attributes of totals are practicality, deliberation, constancy and patience. In many cases, stores gives a talent in dealing with plants and in cooking as well. What areas started but abandoned tours can continue for eternity. Totals has a high capacity for work, especially if there is no need to do several things at once. It also has a good understanding off the value off things Germany. The typical attributes of Germany, our ability to make contacts, flexibility and adaptability. Germany can do several things at the same time and have an interest in any kind of information from newspapers and soap operas. Two books on maths and physics. Often Jiminy has a talent in languages and the wide range of interests. A typical Jimmie is changeable and may be unable to concentrate on a single matter. Cancer Deep emotions, well hidden from the others are typical for the sign of cancer. Cancer need security with the private protected space. A typical cancer positions. Prudence has a desire and ability to care, nurture, and Forster Concert takes initiative, especially in matters related to home, family and household. Quite often, cancer can be unpredictable because emotions are thoroughly hidden and they're the main driving force behind this. Signs Actions Leo the main attributes of the sign of Leo. Our brightness expressiveness, a desire to show off, to be noticed and praised. Leo has a high creative potential with an ability off significant achievements under the influence off inspiration. A typical Leo desires to be a leader exhibits pride and egocentricity, but also generosity. Virgo, a typical Virgo, displays interest in numerous tiny details off the surrounding world. Villa has the ability to be captivated by work that would seem unbearably boring to just about everyone else. Vogel loves collecting and studying the inner workings off different mechanisms. Vocal desires, diversity in everything and feels the need for constant change. When it comes to sensations, burgers tend to seem very critical as the result of being able to take note off the tiniest faults. Quite often, Virga has an interest in making healthy lifestyle choices. Liberal Libre has an interest in partner relationships, communication and an exchange of opinions. A typical liberal possesses an inherent need to share joys and troubles with someone else. Otherwise, joys will seem in perfect, and troubles will feel especially beater liberal desires, fairness and objectivity with a tendency to balance everything according to its opposite. Black with white, white with black. As a result, liberals are often indecisive and hesitant. Scorpio Scorpio has an intense inner life under a veneer off impulsivity in a Scorpio. Negative feelings like envy, jealousy or greed can be especially strong and might require an effort to control them and prevent them from over. Complicating one's life. A typical Scorpio has an increased sexuality and positions some special magnetic influence on others with the possibility of manipulating them. Scorpio is interested in everything secret. Mysterious has a desire to penetrate beyond the external shell off events in order to understand the hidden moving forces. Surjit taters Such a taters has a very wide range of interests, talents and opinions and a great desire to experience everything the world has to offer. This sign gives a philosophical attitude to life appreciation, off fairest interest in high education and, in many cases, a strong desire to given advice. A typical secretary in is interested in everything that is foreign and exotic, can have problems with concentrating on a single business and can waste a lot of time and resources because of this inability to concentrate. Capricorn Capricorn is serious, orderly, ambitious and has an intuitive understanding of the structure of society even blindfolded. A typical Capricorn will quickly find the closest social lead and attempt to climb. But as high as possible. Capricorn has the ability to organize to be an administrator and also loves to make plans and schedules. This sign possessions respectful attitude. Does the seniors and our other street one to the juniors Aquarius, a quitters displaced some eccentricity in combination with a deep, constant interest in some specific area off knowledge or sphere off activity. A typical Aquarian loves everything you unusual original, and it's focused on the future. Here. She is inventive and often has an innate ability to deal with technical matters. Quite often, this son is associated with an interest in the laws that rule society and an aversion to being bound by any obligations prices. The typical attributes of the sign off prices are separation from reality, emotional openness and the ability for compassion and empathy. Quite often, there is also spirituality, sensitivity to music, intuition and an ability to understand another person without worlds. A typical pricey in has an inner mystical understanding, religiousness ability to sacrifice, but also a lack of practical sense tendency to create chaos and to drift with the current. These will the brief characteristics off the 12 signs of the Zodiac, which will later used to understand how they might work in the roll off a moonshine. Although these descriptions were substantially simplified, it might still not be easy to memorize them. Is there an easy way to keep in your mind the main characteristics of the signs of the Zodiac? Stay tuned. 7. Lecture 6. The Elements and the Qualities: The descriptions of the signs of the Zodiac in the previous lecture were quite brief, but memorizing them would still require an effort. Fortunately, there is an easier way to figure out what each sign is about. First of all, each of the science of the Zodiac belongs to one of the four elements. The fire signs are areas Leo and so agitators. The air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The water signs are cancer, Scorpio and Prices and the Earth Science are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The most important common attributes of the fire signs are energy activity, enthusiasm and idealism. The Earth signs are practical, pragmatic and materialistic. The air signs are about communication, information and connectedness. The main common attributes off the water signs are emotionality, mysteriousness ability to synthesize, in other words, to see the forest for the trees and a strong interest in the hidden side of life. Also, each of the signs of the Zodiac belongs to one of the three qualities. Cardinal, fixed or immutable. The cardinal science are areas, cancer, Libra and Capricorn. You can see that the science of the same quality make a cross or a square in the Jaw Jack. The fixed signs are tours Leo Scorpio and requires the mutable signs Are Gemini Virgo subject tires and prices. The cardinal signs are impulsive, full off initiative. They like to make the first step. The initial strong impulse is very typical for their energy dealing with something. They push it strongly, make it moving. But since the movement has started, they might lose their interest in the matter. The fixed signs are persistent and can be obstinate and stubborn. They like to stand on their own, and if they're doing something, they will just go on and on and never stop. However, in order to actually start doing something, fixed signs need an impulse, a push, which typically comes from a cardinal sign. The mutable science are flexible and changeable. They easily find their place in the surrounding world. They noticed every change in the environment, and they usually help the cardinal and the fixed signs to not lose the sense of reality. So what's the difference between the elements and the qualities? The element is like the material or the substance from which the sign is made, and also the realm of experience where it feels most comfortable what the signs are most comfortable with. Emotions both science with the material things, air signs with information and fire science with energy and eight years. On the other hand, the quality is about the dynamism off the sign. The cardinal signs have a very strong initial impulse. They make a decisive first step, but then their energy goes down quickly. Fixed signs STD Their energy level is very stable and reliable, but they need a kick. An initial impulse to get started mutable science are very sensitive to their surroundings and react to its changes quickly. As a result, their level of energy changes all the time. Now each of the signs of the Zodiac represents a unique combination off the element and the quality. As this table shows, it is a cardinal fire. Tourist is a fixed earth. Germany is a mutable air and so on. You'll find this stable in the resources for this lecture. If you remember what different elements and qualities mean, just a few words about each of them, you'll be able to easily figure out the main theme off any of the signs. For example, Aquarius is an air sign, so it deals with information and communication. But it is also a fixed sign, so it has strong opinions and persistent interests and doesn't really want to change the question them. Here is a homework for you. Try constructing descriptions for different signs from their element and quality and see how your descriptions match the moon and the sun signs off your friends and relatives. I will see you in the next lecture. 8. Lecture 7. The Signs and the Planets: to even better understand the nature of the signs of the Zodiac. It is good to know that each of them is ruled by a planet, and some of them are ruled by two planets. It can be also put the other way around. Each planet has its home in one of the two signs of the Zodiac. It is then say that the planet olds rules those signs. If you know which planet or planets rule the sign. And if you know the meaning of that planet in astrology, that will help you to better understand the nature of the sign. It's like if you know the host off a house, you better understand what's going on in that house. This son rules the sign. Blue The sun is bright, proud and generous. The moon rules the sign of cancer. The moon is caring, nurturing and deeply emotional. Milk Yuri rules Jamie and Virgo milker is curious. A gile and discriminating. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Venus is attractive, sympathetic and appreciated. MAS rules, areas and school pure. Mars is active, energetic, with combative spirit. Jupiter rules, secretaries and prices. Jupiter is optimistic, expensive and philosophical. Certain rules Aquarius, and Capricorn certain is pessimistic, strict and responsible. Uranus rules Aquarius Uranus is eccentric, rebellious and freedom seeking. Neptune rules. Spices. Neptune is dreamy, illusory and idealistic. Polluter rule. Scorpio. Bluetooth is powerful, manipulated and extreme for a more in depth understanding of planets. I recommend you reading my article planets in astrology. You'll find a link to it in this lectures resources. If we now return to the example off Aquarius, the fixed ideas and persistent interests off this sign can be naturally understood from its element and quality fixed air. While its seriousness and interest in the laws of society come from its host, certain and its eccentricity and left for freedom come from its other host, Uranus. Why don't you take your moon sign now or the moon? Sign off your partner or a friend and try to describe it? Using its element quality and ruling planet of planets, we now know the symbolic meaning off the moon and of the signs of the Zodiac. What's coming next is a detailed look at each of the moon signs and how it manifests itself in different people. That is exactly what we'll be doing in the next 12 lectures 9. Lecture 8. Aries Moon Sign: areas is a fire sign ruled by Mars, and so it has an abundance of energy. It is also a cardinal sign and therefore impulsive and able to concentrate an enormous amount of energy in a short period of time. Now, to understand what the moon is, areas could be like. We need to take the astrological attributes of the moon and feel them with the energy off areas. Let's start from some general ideas. When a person is born with the moon in areas, everything associate it with the moon gets filled with the powerful energy off the sign. And this energy needs to be spent if it is not spent for any good purpose than it might be splashed out as conflict or emotional outbursts or dissipated in the body, creating various health problems. Moonen Aires People are like adventurers who have just landed in a new, unknown country. They enjoy freedom and opportunity to go ahead and bravely experience whatever life can offer them. Sometimes they rush in where angels fear to tread, as other people might say, but also feeling themselves in an uncharted territory. They're self sufficient, resourceful, and I used to relying primarily on themselves People born with the moon in areas like challenges as they see in them an opportunity to test how good they are. They always want to be the first and the best to excel in everything they do. They're easily excitable, and they welcome any innovations they would hate. A routine, predictable and boring life. A typical morning areas person is full of creativity and initiative, very good at studying new projects, but frequently doesn't have enough persistence to bring all the started projects to completion. The moon rules, emotions and the emotions off the moon. In areas, person can go over the top from time to time and can be difficult to hide. It can be difficult for them to deceive or pretend, because their feelings are literally written on their face. Mornin Aires People can quickly become angry or irritated, but not for long. Unless there contradicted or attacked, they will come down very quickly. They're honest and direct by nature, sometimes too much so, and as a result, other people may perceive them as root or liking political wisdom. The moon is closely associated with human body and moon in areas people need to be able to perform some physical activity in order to feel good. Many of them choose some sport. Is there Hobie from jogging to martial art all they might spend their energy by pushing and urging everyone around them to do this or that or to do it faster to move a moon in areas, person can become quite in Houston's toe less energized individuals. People with the moon in areas want to be busy all the time, And if there is a problem, they will tackle it without delay. Or if the problem is long existing, they might provoke a crisis to try and get it resolved. Here is an interesting example off a high energy person who was born with the moon in Aires . For most of my examples, I will use information from the Extra Data Bank, a free online resource off astrological and biographical information, which was created by the astrologer Lois Rhoden in the resources section. For this lecture, you'll find at least of all examples I will mention with links to their Astra Databank pages. So my first example is wrong. Ellie, an American actor who was playing Tarzan on TV according Toa Astra Databank. He insisted on doing all his own stunt work, from wrestling tigers to swinging on vines and writing zebra back. Known for his daredevil ways. At one point, he was considered television's most injured Achter suffering burns, animal bites and falling off wines. In fact, these burns and bites are the attributes of Mars, the ruling planet off areas. The influence of mass can move mornin, areas people into activities that require courage and fighting spirit. They might find themselves in support in the Army in search and rescue or firefighting teams, or and see male occupations associated with speed, risk and danger morning areas. Folks adore doing things as quickly as possible in a fast and furious way. One reason for this is that the image of areas comes in impulses, and when the impulse is over, one might find it difficult to complete what was started. A good example here is Richard Pity, an American race car champion, a famous driver considered the king because of winning over 200 races and setting a record he shared with only one other driver off seven Winston Cup titles. The same need for speed can also show itself as impatience. The moon in areas people hate waiting. They want everything to happen right now, immediately and they often won't be too shy to let everyone know about their expectations. Speed is a general attribute off most moon in areas individuals, they do everything quickly. They walked quickly. They cook food quickly and can burn it from time to time. And they also developed quickly when looking for celebrities with the moon in areas I found many Prodigy is they developed so quickly that achieved a very high level in one or another occupation very early in their life. You will find links to some examples in the resources for this lecture areas is the first sign off the Zodiac and those who were born with the moon in areas often become pioneers in their field. They open you doors for humanity. They have for that over necessary qualities, as they're full of initiative can devote themselves completely to one important thing and they're very independent. Although most people would enjoy some support from the others. Mornin areas people don't usually need much of support or approval. They just go ahead and do whatever they consider to be right, while the others are welcome to follow. I will only mention a few examples here, but you will find more in the resources on Burton nobility and Italian explorer and Air Force General, the pioneer in Arctic evasion, who in 1926 flew over the North Pole in a dirigible Edmund Hillary, an adventurer from New Zealand who was one of the first to mento climb to the top of Mount Everest in 1953 and return other moon in areas pioneers. We have new ways in science and technology. Everyone knows them. Galileo Galilee an Italian astronomer, physicist, inventor off the first telescope and founder off modern experimental science. Steve Jobs, the founder off EPO, one of the initiators of computer revolution. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, the company whose software is synonymous with computing for most people in the world, moon in areas, girls are often tomboys, and a good example here is Angelina Jolie, the movie star who is doing most of her stance herself, who is comfortable with guns, martial arts and guy flicks. The fact that someone was born with the moon in areas often shows that they had a very active parents family typically but not necessarily with the mother playing the leading role where the child was taught how to achieve to win to fight. The mother was probably a commander type woman. Strong, brave and self sufficient may be good, with tools and machines well capable of changing her tires and fuses. She could often be angry, not very patient and not very attentive to the small child's needs. She told her Children primarily to be brave, self sufficient, and could show very well how interesting and exciting this world is. After growing up the moon in areas, child will most probably have a similar attitude to he is a her own Children, teaching them first of all, how to find their path in life and maybe giving less attention to such boring things. That's feeding, caring or nurture. And quite often, Children born with the moon in areas leave their parents home early to seek independence. As an interesting example. Jon Voight, the father off Angelina Jolie, also has his moon in areas to recover from a significant stress. People born with the moon in areas often feel the need to heat something or someone to run to jump to do something in which they can invest a huge amount of the difficult energy going to regime or doing martial arts can provide a more controllable outlet for such a relief. Many years ago, I've read that in some Japanese companies they existed a special Robert Door resembling the boss of the company after leaving the boss's office. If Unemploy was particularly unhappy here, she could go and beat the door as much as they wanted. Then, after releasing their conflicting energy, they could go and continue to work calmly. I don't know if this story is true or not, but this way of recovering after stress would be perfect for many. Mornin Aires individuals health off Those who have their moon in areas can suffer when energy is not spent, really, but is instead stagnated. Like when people are forced to work 9 to 5 in the office to be nice, to do things slowly and patiently. It is very important for this kind of people to find an outlet for their energy. Anything will do jogging, cycling, yoga. But the most natural feet for the kind of energy offered by the sign off areas is something where plaintiff energy can be spend very quickly, something which doesn't require a lot of stamina or patients. Games like squash or badminton can be very good in this respect. I believe another kind of problem can arise if a moon in areas person doesn't understand the impulsive nature off his or her energy. When the impulse is own, such people can do a lot. But when it is over trying to squeeze from themselves, the very last drops off energy can only lead to exhaustion and can be detrimental for health. The health approach would be to let the energy flow freely when it is abundant and to have enough rest and relaxation in between the high energy waves. The typical problem for the moon in areas is information, and the affected areas are often those primarily associated with the moon. Stomach digestion. Skin reproductive system head is generally sensitive area for people with the moon in areas in addition to a good control of energy and appropriate diet is very important for morning areas. Individuals they tend to eat very quickly and engage in a stressful activities very soon after a meal. This is why they're food should be lightweight, easily digestible but also reaching calories. The digestive system should not spend much time assimilating the food, but the body should get plenty of energy at the same time. It is also important for those who have their moon in areas not to be restricted by the established meal times they should eat whenever they feel hungry, and their own intuition will be the best guide in choosing the most appropriate food. Unfortunately, too many of the moon in areas people don't pay enough attention to what they eat. They will just have any snack in the middle between two activities and small of it as quickly as possible. The words fast food are very symbolically appropriate for the morning areas. This is a very wrong attitude which can ultimately result in various digestive troubles. Those who have the moon in areas should the very attentive to what they eat. The food should be very natural, adequately cooked for easy digestion, and it is very important to enjoy the meal. Even in those few minutes that it takes. It is also important to avoid very spicy food. The moon already feels quite hope in the fire sign off areas. There is no need to add more heat. On the other hand, the food that is too cold will contradict the nature off the moon in areas and can be difficult to digest. I was surprised to find out that many famous painters were born with the moon in areas the ruler off areas. Mars isn't that much associated with beauty or harmony. However, according to the rules of astrology, the sun is very strong and prominent in areas, and so the moon in areas people have a strong solar creativity in their disposal. Typically, those painters with the moon in areas achieve success in the directions where creativity and originality are off. Utmost importance, such as Serialism Impression is, or cubism here only a couple of examples. He will find more in the resources for this lecture. Salvador Dali, a Spanish surrealist painter who is described as being original and eccentric, truly one off a kind. Pierre Auguste Renoir, a famous French Impressionist artist. There are many more examples of very creative individuals with the moon in areas again, I only mention a few believe see an extended least in the resources Benvenuto Cellini in Italian Renaissance artist Louis Armstrong, an American jazz trumpeter Who? China Perotti, an Italian superstar operatic tenor who eclipsed even Caruso. Stevie Wonder, an American musician, singer and performer. Very bright, very creative people. Indeed, this was the moon in areas. In the next lecture, you meet tourists, moonshine. 10. Lecture 9. Taurus Moon Sign: Toral's is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. And so those people who were born with the moon and tourists are patient, persistent, practical and are more than able to enjoy all the good things in life. The beauty of nature tasted food, comfortable leaving sensual pleasures. To truly enjoy all these things, you need to take your time. And so the moon and towards people don't like to be in a hurry, and they don't like changes. It is so pleasant and cozy where they are. Why should they go somewhere else? The moon and tourists Individuals are usually Syrian loyal, calm, but they can also sometimes be quite stopping. They like to do something practical, beat cooking, gardening, building something or any kind of J Y. Due to the fixed nature off Turow's, they might find it difficult to start something you. But once they're committed to the project, they will make sure that the job will be done. People born with the Moon and Turow's don't mind dealing with the routine. In fact, they really like when things are stable, predictable and are going according to plan. On the other hand, major changes in life often make them stressed and unhappy. They usually not very fast and prefer to take time doing something. They hate to be hired and to be given an advice. They haven't asked for exultation of the moon. According to astrological rules, the moon and tours is in the sign of fits exultation. This means that the attributes of the moon are manifested very strongly in this sign. The moon and tourists in the videos are very good with Children. It is natural for them to k about other people to feed them. The emotions are stable and strong. Their body is typically strong, efficient and not susceptible to the adverse outside influences. The moon is the symbol for the feminine, and everything related to women can be very important for those who were born with the moon and tours. One example is Jane Adams, an American social worker, and feminists who devoted your life to social welfare and the rights of women and Children . The soul. The moon is also associated with the soul, and although our materialistic science denies the existence of the soul, the moon and tourists, individuals often feel intuitively that there is something else in the human beings, not just the physical body. As a result, they might devote themselves to psychology or psychiatry, perhaps the closest to the soul things you confined in the modern science. A good example is Alfred Adler, an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who was the director of the First Child Psychology Clinic in Vienna. Another excellent example is the famous cow, Gustav Yume, a Swiss psychiatrist and offer. Or here is a nonscientific example, off a moon in tourist person who cared very much about the soul. Mother Teresa, who threw her service off Universal Love as a nun and missionary, devoted your life to the poor and seek beauty Venus. The rule of tourists often gives the moment or is people a talent in the art, a good understanding of beauty and value and an ability to create beautiful things. It can also give a beautiful body. It is not surprising, then, that many of these people become famous painters, sculptors, actors or they might find some other way to make our world more beautiful. For example, Jean Paul Gaultier, a French haute couture fashion designer, Demi Moore, an American actress and model Marios Pity par a French dancer and choreographer Greater Garbo, a Swedish American actress, one of the most magical and famous off the stars off the silver screen, according Toa Astra Databank. Common Sense Sans a French composer and musician. An American actress, Cameron Diaz. I could only show a few examples here, but you will find many more in this lectures. Resource is the magic of cooking moon and tourists. People enjoy their food, and very often they make great cooks. It is not clear how, but they always manage to do something wonderfully tasty. From the simplest of the ingredients. The moon is associate it with the food. Why the rule of tourists? Venus represents everything that is pleasant, beautiful and harmonically balanced. Hence the talent to create delicious food. However, you won't find many famous chefs with the moon and tourists. This is because the moment or is kind of food is typically simple. Natural home made, not something push like what you'd expect from a celebrity chef. Money and politics. Turow's is strongly associate ID with values and money, and financial success and stability are very important for the moon in tours, individuals having enough money for the comforts that they value so highly is one of the top priorities in their lives. Also, this gives them the feeling off stability that they value so much on the greatest scale of things. The sign of tourists is associate it with the economy quite naturally. One of the most prominent economists in human history, Karl Marx, was born with the moon and tours. The moon is also associated with population in general and with public opinion, and since it is so strong in tours, we can find quite a few morning tallest individuals who became prominent and politics. Some examples are running Dragon and also Bill Clinton, in whose career women the moon played an important but not always positive throw moon in tourists in the family. If your moon is in Toral's than most probably your parents, home is a place where you're happy to return again and again because you always felt yourself very comfortable there. Chances are that you have a strong connection with your mother on that your childhood was comfortable and happy. Your mother made sure that you are well fed, comfortable and have everything you need. Even if she didn't have plenty of money, you might have learned cooking from one of your parents, and now you enjoy cooking for your own family, too, becoming an adult people born with the moon and tourists tend to recreate the best of what they experienced in their parental home in their own family. It is typical for them to have a strong family with plenty of attention given toe the upbringing off Children money. Toro's parents like to care, feed, hug and case recovering from stress when recovering from a significant stress. It is usually very important for a moment towards individual to eat something tasty. It can be also very helpful to physically relax in a comfortable environment, forget about the outside world and, ideally, have a relaxing massage. A good sex can be very helpful to shopping is another kind of therapy that can do miracles for morning towards people, especially if they can allow themselves something beautiful, valuable or very tasty. Something they always wanted to buy. Health and diet, neck and throat. Other sensitive areas off those born with the moon and tours. So they should be careful eating an ice cream or having a cold drink on a hot summer day. In general, the moon and tourist physiology is a bit on the chilly side, so people born with the morning tores should always make sure that they're dressed warmly enough for the weather. Also, although the moon and tourist is quite resistant to negative influences and so typically gives a stronger health than it would be otherwise, the Tory in physiology is prone to stagnation. This is why it is important for those who were born with the morning Torre's to ensure that they have enough movement in their lives. It would be also very good and healthy for them to have some kind of massage regularly. Moon and tourists People are close to nature often have a talent and gardening, and so regularly spending some time in the garden or maybe working in the field of forest will be highly desirable for maintaining and improving their health. They deal food for the moon, and tours should be tasty, very natural, with plenty of fruit and vegetable and not too heavy. It is very important to not overindulge in savoring food, as the body, typical from owning tours, can gain weight easily and then won't want to get rid of that extra weight. No matter. Boat green salad should be regular dish and, ideally, the proportion off fruit and vegetable in the morning. Torre's died should be much higher than that off meat. Data products are also very beneficial for the moon and tourist, but they should be fresh and natural by natural. I mean that whole milk and proper barter will be much more desirable for such people than skimmed milk and a healthy imitation off bottle. While popular in the West, products with 0% fat should better be avoided. A surprise moment. You will often read in astrological books that the moon in towards people are very practical, pragmatic and down to earth. That there generally skeptical and will be the last to believe in astrology or other subjects that don't fit into the Christian bed off the materialistic world view. It might come as a surprise, then, that some of the world's most prominent mystics were born with the moon and tourists Edgar Casey, an American mystic known as the Sleeping Profit. While in a sleep state, he could discuss history, geology, metaphysics, philosophy and medicine. Carlos Castaneda, a Peruvian American anthropologist and mystic. The offer off the teachings off Don Hahn, a manual sweating book. A famous Swedish mystic writer and educator, brilliant and eclectic student off fields that ranged from physics and astronomy toe the Bible, seeking to find a key to everything. Jane Roberts, an American mystic, the author Off the safe books dictated by Disconnect Entity. It is also interesting to note that Carl Gustav Yume, whom I already mentioned, was very interested in different aspects of esoteric season. He also had a psychic mother who had a major influence on him. And you remember that the morning astrology is strongly associate it with the mother, don't you? My understanding here is that the exultation off the moon in tours greatly amplifies all the attributes of the moon. And since the moon is strongly Ling Tau the human and consciousness, the link between intellect and the subconscious mind is very strong in morning towards people. The intuition is powerful and, although unconsciously, they're strongly aware off the existence and reality off the invisible side of the world. This was a discussion off the tourist moon sign. Germany is coming next 11. Lecture 10. Gemini Moon Sign: Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury curious, changeable and adaptable. And if a person was born with the moon and Gemini, this makes him or her witty, bright and genuinely interested in numerous things. Mercury gives versatility and the moon. In Germany, individuals can easily switch between a number of very different occupations or even do them all simultaneously in parallel. They're witty, communicative and especially good in everything that requires quick mind and ability to grasp information on the fly. The eternal students always studying these or that, or sometimes several subjects at once through the whole of their lives. They also often called eternal Children because, irrespective of their age, they managed to keep a very youthful attitude to life. They interested in everything they want to know everything and everyone they want to try everything. They're playing with things and people. They're joking about problems which would make other people seriously depressed. They also often look much younger than their peers. On the other hand, being adult, they can easily establish a good contact with younger people and therefore can become excellent teachers, changeable the moon. In Germany, people are easily influenced by everything and everyone news rumors, other people's emotions and opinions. As a result, they can easily understand everyone and appreciate every point of view. However, they might find it difficult to figure out what's exactly their own point off you, or to concentrate on a complex subject for an extended period of time. Scientists, philosophers, intellectuals, no curia rules the intellect, while the moon is strongly connected to the subconscious and when mercury and the moon cooperate, like in the case off people born with the moon in Germany, assigned ruled by mercury, these two can give above the average mental abilities. Good memory, excellent capacity for handling information. Such people prefer an analytical, logical approach to life, and they're very good in expressing their thoughts and ideas, both verbally and in writing. So it isn't surprising, then, that many scientists, philosophers and other intellectuals were born with the moon. In Germany. Johannes Kepler is a very interesting example. He was a mathematician, a scientist and astronomer, a court astrologer, a teacher and an offer. He is known as the father of modern astronomy, according Toa Esther Data Bank. He was regarded as having one food in medieval mysticism and one food. In the scientific method, we can clearly see the geology of Gemini in this statement. Zigmund Freud, known as the father of Psycho analysis, is another typical example. Quite interestingly, psych analysis is symbolically very appropriate for the morning Jamie, as it is an intellectual verbal analytical Mercury Gemini approach to analysing the contents off the soul. The moon. As usual, you'll find more examples in the resources for this lecture. Business and commerce Milk Your is the God of Trade and Commerce and the Moon and Germany. People can indeed be very good in those areas. John D. Rockefeller Sr is a great example here He was an American industrialist and founder off standard oil enterprise. Esther Databank says that he turned his shady family name into a synonym off prodigious wealth and will the success. According to Wikipedia, he was the richest person in U. S history. Overs on the move. It is typical for the moon in Germany, individuals to move a lot in their lives. It can start from an early childhood if the parents family had to move from place to place on some reason or did come late in life. But they just love having a kaleidoscope off places, faces and impressions around them, so they might prefer to keep moving on and on. They might also choose a career, or a lifestyle that will keep them over is on the move. They can feel themselves at home just about everywhere. I want to give you an example of this extraordinary woman, Amelia Earhart. She was an American aviation pioneer and offer she was also the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Being a true Jiminy. She also wrote bestselling books about her flying experiences. Germany, Remember is an air sign, so flying sounds very appropriate here. Versatile. I just wanted to show you another example. Often extraordinary person Born with her moon in Germany, Everyone knows that Mutual Prada is a famous fashion designer. But did you know that she also trained as an actress and has a PhD in political science? Charming a moon in Germany, Person can easily find common language with anyone, and not only at the level of words and ideas, but also at the level of emotions. This is why they can often be so emotionally appealing so easily charming, and they know very well what other people want to hear or feel. Many actors, singers, artists and other creative people benefit from having Germany for their moon sign. Here is a couple of examples. As usual, you will find many more examples in the lectures Resources. Tina Turner, an American singer with enormous energy and talent. Omar Sharif, an Egyptian American actor and elegant and handsome screen lover. The moon in Germany. In the Family. The Moon In Germany, people are usually born in families where there is a lot of communication between family members. They were probably plenty of friends, guests and all sorts of relatives in the house at any given time. And parents themselves, especially the mother, were of such a disposition that it was very easy to discuss with them absolutely anything. No limits, no complexes and one in Germany. Marva is actually more like a sister. She can excitedly discussed with her kids the latest computer games and gadgets help them to do their homework or to prepare for a date. On the other hand, she might be not that good with cooking, caring and nurturing as those are all such boring things for a Gemini, a Mornin. Germany Parent is easy to speak to, but he or she might find it difficult to understand the depth of feelings off some other moon signs. So, depending on water, the moon signs off their kids the deceptive easiness of communication off the morning Germany can seem to them superficial and unsatisfactory. The moon in Germany doesn't like emotional dramas and believes that everything can be discussed logically and rationally, and every problem can be resolved that way. Nevertheless, the morning Germany parents will teach their kids to understand other people to be knowledgeable and interested in everything that's happening in the world. While Children with the moon in Germany usually start speaking earlier than their peers can have a talent in acting and foreign languages as well as a thirst of knowledge, many of them will find nursery school very limiting as they will probably already know what will be taught there. The Moon and Germany kids will keep their parents busy asking them numerous questions demanding to read them a book. But they can also be easily satisfied by a computer game or an interesting gadget recovering from a stress to recover from a significant stress. It is very important for a moon in Germany individual to have a good chat, as if to speak away, the disturbing energy over feeling his or her system. Unlike many other people, they won't enjoy peace and quiet and will instead throw a party, invite many friends and have fun. It is also great if such an individual has a whole bay or a particular interest. Since switching their attention toe. That interesting topic will help to quickly forget a disturbing experience and to direct an excessive energy into something useful and enjoyable. Health and diet. Fresh air is of utmost importance for the moon in Germany, people as their lungs and air passages, a typically quite sensitive living in the countryside, would be very healthy for them. But unfortunately, it isn't possible in a village to achieve the intensity off information exchange designed by these individuals. They will definitely prefer to leave somewhere in the city, with a super fast WiFi connection permanently available and all kinds of transport within an easy reach. If that's the case, then they should still find a way as frequently as possible to take with them all their friends and go for a weekend to place with an unspoilt atmosphere, a fresh sea breeze or the fragrant air over forest will have a miraculous healing effect on them. Needless to say that smoking is even more detrimental for those born with the moon in Germany than for most other people. The well being of the nervous system is also very important for the moon and germinate people. They can usually function very well in highly stressful situations when the main workload is about handling some kind of information. However, if that most fear is highly emotionally charged or there is some threat or something else that makes them uncomfortable, these usually very capable people can become surprisingly vulnerable and prone to nervous breakdowns. If that happens, they might require a lot of time and fresh air to recover. Their system isn't very strong, physically is just very flexible and highly adaptable. Breathing exercises like those off prana Yama can be very important for the morning Germany people, although it should be mentioned that to really succeed in Prana Yama, one should have qualified and experienced instructor diet wise, the moon. In Germany, individuals can be very adaptable and they inborn. Curiosity can move them to try many different kinds of food. It would be good for them to prefer womb nutritious kinds of food with substantial amounts of natural fats. Dry, cold processed foods can make these people more nervous, worried and generally unhappy. A surprise moment. There is a common stereotype that people with strong Germany, which includes those having their moon in Germany, are quite superficial and too changeable to do something large scale, something that requires a prolonged effort and then ability to coordinate complex plans. It can come as a surprise. Then, how many moon in Germany individuals became prominent politicians and not just politicians but world leaders who left a very important trace in the history off their countries and nations. As usual, I will limit myself to only a couple of examples, but you'll find many more in the resources. Semen Believer, a Venezuelan military hero called the Liberator believer, led revolutions against the Spanish in the South America, and he was president of Colombia and Peru, Catherine the great Russian Prussian Empress, one of the most powerful and memorable in history. In fact, the enormous influence gained by Simon and J. Many politicians shouldn't be surprising the moon is strongly associate it with the public with population in general. And Gemini helps to understand very well the feelings and emotions of the masses of people and also gives ability to speak to people simply and convincingly. This was Gemini Moon sign. The next, in order, is the moon in cancer. 12. Lecture 11. Cancer Moon Sign: cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon itself. So the moon is at home in this sign, and its qualities and attributes work here most powerful e and naturally mysterious. To better understand the element of water, imagine a body of water, a lake, a C or a notion. There isn't usually much happening at the surface, if only some waves, but you can be sure that there is a significant depth and plenty off life below the surface . Similarly, people born with the moon in a water sign can seem calm and serene from the outside. While there is always a lot off what is happening inside of them, they might be daydreaming. Or they might be struggling with some complex, powerful emotions. You never know their mysterious, and they're definitely not the type of people with whom what you see is what you get the morning cancer. People are quite sensitive to the natural rhythms, especially those off the moon, and so can be subject to unexpected changes of mood and behavior that don't seem to be caused by any external events. It would be good for them to know about the moon's phases at the very least and plan their life accordingly. The moon is tightly linked to the subconscious, and since she is so strong in her own sign in cancer, the life of those born with the moon in this sign is strongly influenced by the contents off the collective and individual subconscious. Past memories, suppressed desires, archetypal images These people understand and intuitively feel evolves, but it is often difficult for them to fully express their understanding inwards. Nevertheless, strong moon can give them deep knowledge and unusual abilities. Here are a few interesting personalities to illustrate the point moderate view. An Italian healer, a capuchin monk and stigmatic. According Toa Astra Databank. He was a special, unique case, as he was the first priest marked by good. In 2000 years. Man's monks and even lay persons have experienced this Stig matter but never consecrated priests. Hiss phenomena was witnessed and reported by tens of thousands of people. Sri Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian traditional guru, a healer known for his remarkable physical manifestations. Ramana Maharishi, an Indian mystic off the Hindu religion who, after mystical experience at the age of 17 left his parents to become an ask a tick a need present a prominent British still surfaced offer and feminist. I've noticed that prominent feminists often have a very strong moon, such as the moon in cancer, in its home or in Taurus in exultation. This is symbolically very appropriate, as the moon is a symbol for the feminine scientists. Contemporary science is all about logic, statistics and objective proof. So can really Simon and constantly videos with their deep, intuitive, irrational understanding, achieve anything in this kind of science? Let's see. Isaac Newton, an astronomer, physicist, mathematician and astrologer who showed how the universe is held together. Newton is often described as one of the greatest names in the history of human thought. He is considered to be the father off mechanics, perhaps the most six and stones kind of science. But at the same time, he was a devoted alchemist, very active in all chemical research, not with the purpose of making gold. Of course, true alchemy is all about the mysteries of nature. Elizabeth Kubler Rose as we psychiatrist and offer who is noted for her work with death and the dying. This is the ultimate mystery for human beings, and the morning cancer people often understand intuitively that life doesn't end with the end of the physical body. Robert Oppenheimer, An American scientist and nuclear physicist, he was known as the Father off the atom bomb, which is already interesting as the morning cancer is strongly associate it with parental figures. Nuclear physics is perhaps the most mysterious off the modern sciences, as it tells us ultimately that the world as we know it doesn't really exist. Musicians expressing their ideas in words can prove to be difficult for the moon in Can Cindy videos and music can Benny's away as it doesn't require worlds. There are so many musicians under this moon sign, even in my limited collection. Still, music has its own rules and logic, and to make it suitable for the complexity of their images, the moon in cancer musicians might need to bend the existing rules or push their limits by becoming geniuses. Here are a few examples more to be found in their sources. Niccolo Paganini, an Italian composer, and vetoes the instrumentalist who made his violin concert dib ute at the age of nine. From the age of 13 he had one triumphant concert to after another Claude Debussy, a French composer. Pion East, according Toa Extra Data Bank. He was a musical genius, and his works arrest fresh and current today, as when he first founded the Impressionist school and the contemporary Yo Yo Ma, a Chinese American cellist praised for his extraordinary technique and reach tone politicians. Strong Moon is very important for politicians. The moon is associate ID, an astrologer with large amounts off people with population in general and with popularity to. In addition, the moon is both the public and the personal unconscious, and these two are connected at the deep level. The morning cancer helps politicians to understand what people want at that deep level toe act accordingly, and to become popular as the morning cancer is also very much family oriented. I was amazed to discover the three off Some of the most prominent of the U. S. Politicians and public figures came from the same family and at the same time share the same moon sign. All three were born with the moon in cancer. Here they are first filled. Oh Roosevelt, the youngest 26th president of the United States, a thief cousin to the 32nd president of the United States. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the uncle and Guardian off Franklin's wife, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. Second in this company. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd U. S. President. The only 12 So four tombs. And, third, Eleanor Roosevelt, herself an American first lady, the wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This family presidential business is especially meaningful, since the logical sign of cancer is very important in the astrologer of the United States of America. Surface to say that the Independence Day is celebrated on the Fourth of July, when the sun is in cancer. And since we just spoke about a family, let's discuss the moon in cancer in the family being in its home sign The moon in cancer gives people a very strong parenting, caring, nurturing instance, which is a specialist wrong in women but can be quite noticeable in men, too. The moon in cancer people are excellent parents who are especially good with small Children as Children grow and develop a desire for independency. Such parents powerful love can become small during the time when Children leave home to live their own lives can be the most challenging for a moon in cancer parent. The strong emotional bond off the moon in cancer works the other way around to Children born with the moon in cancer usually develop a strong dependence on their parents and might be unwilling to start leaving their own lives. They can select the partner who emotionally resembles one of the parents, typically the mother. They can also be looking for parent like figures everywhere in their lives, especially if they weren't very like it with their own parents. The moon in cancer people are also very good with the home chose like cooking, cleaning or washing. Their home is the most important place in their life, and they want everything to be perfect there. They're very capable cares to and not only with kids but with elderly and disabled people as well. They assume responsibility for the whole household and become the Montreal or the posture of it. They're also very protected for their Children and other family members, and can be insanely brave fighting off an attack on them, real or imagined, recovering from stress for every moment counts individual. It is very important to have his or her private space their own home, which belongs on Lee, tow them and to nobody else. One off my morning cancer friends lived with his family in a tiny flat where everybody had to share the same room for the whole day. So he moved around the furniture to create some empty space behind the wardrobe. And that was his own private home, where he used to hide, were not feeling well or being tired or stressed. It is very important for moon in cancer individuals to have such a private space. This is where they can heal themselves after even the most disturbing influences. Their body and soul are usually strong enough to self heal. They just need a safe heaven where the self healing could take place. They're actually quite good at creating a space that feels like home, even in an office. If the surroundings are friendly enough for them, as can say, is a water sign. People born with the moon in cancer can rely on water for carrying away their troubles. A bath or a shower can be very helpful for recovering from a minus traces, while in case of a major stress, a spot treatment at the seaside resort can bring the desired relief, health and diet. The moon in cancer is quite strong and efficient when it comes to keeping and restoring health, but it needs a proper emotional atmosphere to unleash it powers. This is why the advice about having a private space is important here, too. Emotional security is off utmost importance to the moon and cancer people leaving by a body of water such as a river or a notion, can be very beneficial for them, as that water will invisibly but reliably day by day, carry away the emotional troubles, especially if they have a river or receive you from their home. Stomach and digestion, in general, are very sensitive areas. If a person was born with the moon in cancer, and so having a healthy diet can be more important for such a person than it is for many other people, the moon in cancer diet should be simple, natural and traditional, with plenty of dairy products. If possible. Exotic, innovative experimental dishes are not really appropriate for this moon sign, whereas something home made cooked by the mother or grandmother will be not on the healthy from purely nutritional point of view, but will also give some invisible support on a march deeper level. The moon in cancer people can be excellent, cooks themselves, especially with those dishes, which are traditionally cooked in their family. But they should never cook when in a bad mood as the moon is associate ID with both the stomach and the emotions, it can be typical for the moon and sign individuals to compensate for the lack of pleasant emotions by the abundance of tasty food. Therefore, they can easily gain weight during stressful periods of their lives. It would be much healthy if they could pacify the emotions in some other way. Meditation can be wholeheartedly recommended to those who were born with the morning. Cancer is a way to restore the emotional balance and even if practised regularly to improve health. A surprise moment. There is a common stereotype about people with strong cancer that although they certainly do appreciate beautiful things, their understanding of beauty is somewhat peculiar, like they might adore the table cough left from the grandmother or a particular wallpaper design, which went out of fashion if you decayed to go. In short, they aren't usually trendsetters when it comes to fashion and beauty, However, I was pleased to discover that many moon and cancer people do not actually feed this stereotype. Just look at this list off the moon in cancer celebrities Franco Myskina, an Italian fashion designer who styles are oven God and popular with the rebellious pope. CULTURE Georgia Armani, an Italian designer and the world winning top star who created a fashion empire in 15 years . Christian Dior. A French couture year, the creator of the new look style in Parisian design after the World War Two. Looks like I was very wrong with my consul stereotypes. This was cancer. Moon Sign in the next lecture will have a look at the moon in Leo. 13. Lecture 12. Leo Moon Sign: Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun. Fire can be associate it with energy, creativity, ideas and in case of Leo, this is a very stable and reliable fire akin to the eternal fire off the sun itself. When a person is born with the moon in the sign of Leo, everything which is associated with the moon emotions, sub consciousness, physiology, family relationships and so own becomes filled with the powerful energy of the sun. And this might be not a very easy combination in nature. The moon Onley reflects the light of the sun, more or less of it dependent on the face. But when the moon is in Leo, it becomes itself a little bit like the sun. Think about it. The symbol off the feminine. The moon becomes like the symbol off the masculine the sun. This can be good for men as the morning Leo can make them bright, more creative and powerful. It might be also great for many women, especially those who want to prove themselves in life, to achieve a top position in society, to shine in their profession, to become a celebrity. However, a gold born with the morning. Leo is a queen, and the queen might find it difficult to enjoy occupations that the traditionally concede that it's feminine, caring for Children, doing the household chores, cleaning, washing. And if there is more than one queen in a family or a team that can become a real problem. The moon In Leo, people are creative. Their mind is full of bright images and sparkling ideas, their juniors affectionate. But they also have a very important need to be loved. If they're not loved and appreciated, they feel miserable, can be prone to depression and might even develop physical problems. They also proud, and they want to be praised for what they do. As a result, they will never do something formally just to get rid of it, but will rather put their soul into every accomplishment, make it very special. Truly of their own actors and actresses, many, if not most morning Leo indeed videos it all being on the stage and in front of a camera. This is where their talents can be noticed. Finally, Therefore, we confined many actors and actresses who have Leo for their moon sign. It is a small selection of them Clint Eastwood, an American actor in tough guy roles. You remember that the rule off Leo the Sun is a symbol off the masculine right? My Land D Tree, a German American actress and singer who achieved 62 years off international fame as an immortal screen goddess in German and American films, Well, an immortal gorgeous resonates with the moon in Leo Very well. Tom Hanks, an American actor and film producer. I was interested to find out that among many of his awards, there are a few Golden Globes that sounds very much like the moon in Leo, considering that gold is the metal of the sun. Jane Fonda, an American actress who, according Toa Esther Databank at times has been a sex sport, a feminist, a political activist and make off exercise videos. A businesswoman, philanthropist and the wife of famous men. What a wonderful collection off different manifestations of the Moon in Leo. Check out the resources to find more bright and beautiful morning Leo actors and actresses , composers and musicians. Music is a great way to express one's creativity and to allow one soul seeing. And, of course, many Moonen Leo individuals chose music for self expression. Note that there are two off the Beatles who had Leo for their moon sign, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. And one of them pulled McCartney was the core offer off. All you Need is Love Song to make them a good company. Here is another moon in Leo, musician Antonio Vivaldi. Any talent famous violinist and the composer off considers for various instruments. World leaders. Leo is a royal sign, and those who were born with the Moon in this sign have inborn qualities, talents and instincts that naturally make them essential figure in a group of people. It isn't a surprise then, but many off the most prominent of the world's leaders have Leo for their moon sign. Here are some of them for an illustration. Margaret Thatcher, a British politician who became the first female prime minister off the United Kingdom and was one of the most powerful women in the world in the latter part of the 20th century. Herbert Hoover, the president of the United States from 1929 to 1933 during the Great Depression. During his lifetime, he received some 500 medals, owners and awards Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma meaning a great soul. An Indian lawyer and civil rights champion, the spiritual and political leader off India through her temp, Esther's both off independence, Cosimo de Medici. An Italian ability, the first of the powerful Medici political dynasty, the factor. Rulers off Florence during much of the Italian Renaissance, according to Wikipedia, he was also known as Cuisine, a Potter patria latent for father of the nation. I know that the sun, the rule of Leo, is an important symbol for the father figure. There is also a category off people who want world leaders but who will like bright beacons in the history of humanity. I call them stars. The idea is that the sun is the single most prominent celestial body, as seen from the earth. And when a person is born with the moon in Leo, the sign off the sun, he or she has a potential to become a star or a luminary in some field, someone who can bring toe other people elimination, show them a purpose in their lives, or do something extraordinary, which nobody thought could be possible. Here is a couple of examples to explain what I mean. Evangeline Adams, an American astrologer with a clean tail off nearly 100,000 people, including the Prince of Whales, Mary Garden, JP Morgan and Enrico Caruso, according Toa Esther Data Bank. In the 1914 she was accused of fortune telling and taken to court. At the trial, she demonstrated her vacation by reading the chart off an unknown person who turned out to be the judge's son. The judge dismissed the case, saying that Adams raises astrology toe the dignity, often exact science W D Gun, a legendary stock market trader who developed the technical analysis tools based on geometry, astronomy, astrology and ancient mathematics. According to Wikipedia, he was believed to be a religious man by nature who believed in religious as well a scientific value off Bible as the greatest book ever written. The Moon in Leo in the Family. When it comes to the moon in Leo parents, they can be at least two typical scenarios. One of them is when parents want to be proud of their Children. They buy for the kids, the most fashionable clothes, the best stores and games arrange for them. The most prestigious school. Make sure that their talents are noticed, supported and appreciated. They might play with the kids to encourage their creativity and enjoy seeing their own talents reflected in the little ones. The other possibility is that a moon in layer parent can be so preoccupied. But he's her own success and popularity that no time is ever left for the kids. In this case, the kids might still have expensive toys and coughs and probably great ninea, but they severely elect their parents love, which they crave for so much as for a child born with the morning Leo. Here, she definitely has some creative talents that should be discovered and supported. Such a child usually has a strong character, loves his or her parents and wants to be proud of them, but also needs plaintiff encouragement and appreciation. He or she is usually genius, optimistic and tends to occupy the central position in the group of peers. The Moon in Leo Kids Cree for love and praise. A typical morning layer home is a place for frequent parties and celebrations. There has to be something push about it. It should be very special, one off a kind, a little bit like a palace, even if it's only studio apartment, recovering from a stress to quickly recover from a significant stress. And one in Leo Person needs to be loved and praised and told that she or he is the best person in the world. Anything that can make the unify burning brighter will also be very helpful, as that fire will quickly build to ashes. Any troubles pursuing a whole be playing a game, watching a performance, gambling, anything that can make them excited is very much advisable. For a Luna Leo Sunshine is an important source off vital energy for morning Leo people. And so a few days on a beach or a trip to sign a place can quickly erased any traces off stress from the soul and the body. Health and diet, the heart and the circulation are the sensitive areas off those born with the moon in Leo, and in order to be healthy, it is off utmost importance for them to be loved. Only neglected, unloved Moon Leos are not simply unhappy. They're put in their physical health at risk as well, developing the inner source of creativity by doing something very interesting. The moon in Leo people can compensate for the lack of love to some degree. But then again, they can be really happy unless the results of their creativity appraised and appreciated. So the best advice for those Moon Leo's who are unloved and unappreciated and who are having problems with health at the same time is to think how they can change their life to become happier. Without that, medical treatment of health problems might be less effective than expected, as it was already mentioned. Sunshine is very important for the moon in low, so living in a location with plenty of sunny days will be definitely good for the health of those who have Leo for their moon sign from a moon in Leo. Individual's point of few food isn't a fuel for the body. It also has to be interesting and maybe a little bit push here. She likes to eat out in good restaurants, and if this person will invite guests, which probably happens quite often, he or she will make sure that the meal is cooked and served note worse than in those restaurants. Meat or other food with high content of protein is well suited for Moonen Leo type physiology, and it should be moderately spicy to help the fire burn but not too spicy. Do not overheat the moon. A surprise moment. I found that some moon signs have an affinity with certain occupations, and this affinity isn't always overs from the symbolism of the sign. I've also noticed, for example, that a few of the moon signs are strongly associate it with designing and manufacturing cars. One of those car related moon signs is Leo, and Hair is a couple of examples to demonstrate the point. Jean Pierre Perreault, a French industrialist, an automobile maker, and won off the Big Three or French entrepreneurs. But East Opinion Farina, an Italian industrialist, the original creator off a car body design. I won't tell you right now. The other moon sign that is strongly associated with cars. Just stay tuned. This was Leo Moon sign. The next one will be Vogel 14. Lecture 13. Virgo Moon Sign: Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. The moon in Virgo is somewhat similar to the other combination off the Moon's and Mercury's images the moon in Germany. But since Virgo is an earth sign, the moon in Virgo is more down to earth, more practically minded, interested in everything tangible. Not just all sorts off information, attention to detail. The moon and vocal people can be very scientific in their attitude to life. They want to know by all means what things are made off, how healthy or not, they are buying food. They will always check the use by date and water the ingredients. They prefer everything clean and pure and natural, but not necessarily simple. Simplicity can be boring for the morning. Vogel. These people prefer complexity and multiplicity. They want to try and touch and taste as many things as possible. There, the collectors off objects and tastes and feelings and sensations they're cuter is essential. The moon in Virgo and videos usually have a good memory. They like to know many things and to impress others with their knowledge. Because of the attention to details, they can usually find lots off fun in occupations, which other people would consider extremely boring. My sister, for example, as soon as she could write, started right in different notes on different subjects on pieces of paper. And over the years she collected a massive paper database off all sorts off information. We didn't have any computers yet in those days, also in each of the many books in her library, on many random pages. Inside the book, she left her signature and name and address so that if someone borrowed the book one day, they had absolutely no doubt regarding the true owner of the book. She now works in the pharmaceutical industry and can quote by heart all the recent developments in the world of antibiotics. Another side off, the typical for the moon in Virgo. Attention to detail is that these people can be very critical and need picking. They know exactly what is right and what is wrong, and we'll least 300 reasons why it is so. Writers. Virgo is not only home sign off mercury. It is also the sign where mercury is exalted, which means mercury becomes very prominent and noticeable in Virgo. This is why many of those who were born with the moon in Virgo. Choose a milky related occupation such as writing, for example. It might be also interesting to note that the palms off hands are one of the anatomical projections off Burger in astrology. And writing is done by Palm's, whether it is actual writing on paper or typing on the keyboard. So being a writer or a journalist is very natural for the moon in Virgo individual. Typically his or her writings are somewhat Virgo specific. They might be full of curious details, like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. All they might be very essential, like Lolita. Or they can be numerous. Have a look at these few examples off the moon in Virgo. Writers more can be found in the resources for this structure. Douglas Adams, a British SciFi writer known for his wacky Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It has turned into a book which sold 14 million copies around the world and later into it the division. Siri's his dog gentlest holistic detective agency embraces time travel, ghostly possession, quantum mechanics, musical fairy computer modeling, settle the communications and other Galaxies. At one point, his philosophy supplied the answer to the ultimate question off life, the universe and everything. The answer was 42. Georgia's Simen on a Belgian French novelist whose prolific output included more than 400 novels, 84 detective novels, 100 psychological novels and numerous articles, short stories and novellas. His book sold more than 600 million corpus in 57 languages and spawned many movies. Religion You're Not Broke off, a Russian American writer, school, the translator and lipid up terrorist. If you don't have time to look at this world, it means a person who studies or collects butterflies and moths. It is so typical for Virgos to collect something. He received an Oscar nomination for the screen adaptation off his greatest novel, or leader, which also brought him in authority and financial independence, arts and crafts. People who have verger for their moonshine can also be very good in using their palms for many other things, not just for writing novels. They can also play piano paint, creates cultures and do very thoroughly many, many other things. Typically, they don't limit themselves to just one occupation but have a collection of them. Here is a few off distinguished individuals of this kind. Bogin, a French artist, painter, sculptor and Sierra mist. Akira Kurosawa, a Japanese director and producer, as well as an artist, a painter and an offer. Benjamin Britten, abridges foremost composer. He was essential figure off the 20th century British classical music and wrote music in many genders. Scientists. I've already mentioned the scientific aptitude off the moon invoca, and you might even be wondering, Why haven't I proceeded then straight to a list of prominent moon in Virgo scientists. Well, I just wanted to show you that the moon in Virgo, people are very versatile and can do many different things, sometimes simultaneously. But here is finally the least you were waiting for so patiently. Just know that there are two astronomers in this short and random list. I believe that astronomy, with its numerous stars and constellations, resonates very well with Virga Roberto said Julie, an Italian psychiatrist, founder off psycho synthesis, which included both psycho analysis and the wisdom of spirituals traditions. Not again that, as with Freud's Morning Germany, an interest to a kind of scientific analysis mercury off the souls contents. The moon is prominent when the moon is in a sign of mercury authorship in Our a German philosopher and writer known for his fine prose style and pessimistic philosophies. At some point in his life, he was deeply involved in the study of Buddhist and Hindu philosophies and mysticism. Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian hunger and mystic philosopher or scientist, artist, educator and offer. He developed an extraordinary system off agriculture called biodynamics, in which the moon's rhythms play an important role. Camille Flummery own a French scientist and astronomer in charge of an observatory near Paris in 18 82. Late in life for Marone tone too controversial work on Psychic research De Habra, a Danish astronomer and scientist who originated the technique of systematic observations. The famous Kepler was his assistant and successor. Industrialists In astrology, the moon is associated with large masses off people, while the symbolism off yoga includes work efficiency, technical and technological abilities. When all these are brought together, we have an enterprise where many people are working to produce a large scale practical results, many off the moon in Virgo, people find such an industrial environment perfectly suitable for their skills and talents , and some of them can achieve a great success. Pierre Somewhere, DuPont an American politician and noted family as the DuPont Corporation owns the country's largest chemical company, Alfred Heineken, a Dutch industrialist who built an Amsterdam brewery into one of the world's biggest brewing companies. Every time I hold in my usual beer, I pronounce his name. Sergio Pininfarina, an Italian industrialist, the sun off enterpreneurs Batista Pininfarina, whom I mentioned in the Layer Monsen lecture he carried on the car design business that his dad established. And don't forget, there are more examples in the resources the moon in Virgo, in the family being a mutable sign. Voelker has two tendencies that contradict each other, but at the same time, both reflect the true nature of the sign. One of these tendencies is about cleanliness and tidiness, keeping things in perfect order, getting everything right. The other one is a desire to fully enjoy all the numerous things life offers. Somehow, both these tendencies managed to co exist in a typical moon in Virgo home, there can be a perfect order in the whole house, but at the same time a complete mess in one's personal room, or Italy somewhere in a wardrobe or in the study, the moon in Virgo will be most happy if it will find place for both perfect order and total chaos. Those who were born with the moon in Virgo typically see their parents is people with good practical sense able to do many things with their hands. They could also be scientifically minded or interested in the healthy way of living as mercury. The ruler off logo is the god of commerce Morning Verger. Parents can be good with buying and selling things and can teach their kids how to see the difference between the real thing and the low quality imitation of it. They can also be quite critical and neat, peaking at times, and might require their child to keep his or her room tidy. As a parent and morning vulgar individual, we'll make sure that he's or her kids are clean and tidy, that they keep their things in order and that they can do things with their hands, like needing or helping the father to repair the car. But don't think that moon in Virgo people are just strict and critical and formal. They can be very live in, and they enjoy hugging and kissing very much. Recovering from stress to recover from a significant stress. Many moon in Virgo individuals might want to release their conflicting energy by cleaning and washing and tidying everything up feverishly. On the other hand, if the stress was caused by a very formal environment with strict requirements, they might find a great relief by creating a total chaos around them. Eating or doing something that they know is very good for their health might be helpful to . But if nothing helps, one should know that Valerie On is a hope off. Mercury and the little bit of its tincture can have a magical effect on an overstressed moon in Virgo person. Same as with the other Earth signs, gardening can bring a significant relief. But in case of specifically Virgo some day, why needing or some other occupation Allowing to do something monotone owes automatically with their hands can be helpful. Health and Diet the Moon In Virgo, people are usually quite attentive to their health and interested in various ways off improving it, dependent on their personal preferences. They can do yoga or try different diets, or experiment with fasting or pay regular visit to the GP, or maybe do all of these together. An important thing to remember for these individuals is that many health problems can originate in one's mind, and that constant, boring about real or imagined troubles can do more harm than the problems themselves. Keeping an optimistic and positive outlook is very important for everyone, but especially for the intellectually driven people like those born with the moon in Virgo . As for the diet, many off the moon in Virgo individuals have a strong idea about what they do eat and what they don't. They can spend plenty of time over an unfamiliar dish separating those bits that look suspicious from those that seem to be OK. To some degree, this can be a reflection off the selective, discriminating mind. But on the other hand, the moon in Vegas digestive system is really very sensitive to the quality of food and can sometimes be quite unforgiving. If other people can allow themselves to eat something not very fresh or looking strange or off a suspicious quality, a moon in Virgo person will often end up with one or another digestive problem. So if you were born with the moon in Virgo, please make sure that you feed your body on Lee with fresh, natural, highest quality food. Speaking about the food, I've noticed that many of the world's payments chiefs were born with the moon in Virgo. My understanding is that Vogel helps them to know many different ingredients and to understand how to put them together to achieve a perfect combination. Many moon in Virgo people become so interested in the healthy ways of living that they can choose a health related profession. One great example is Depart Chopra, an Indian American offer physician and healer and an inspirational leader in holistic health. A surprise moment. According to the astrological rules. Vogel, being the sixth sign off the Zodiac, is somewhat similar to the sixth Astrological House, and that one deals with subordinate people, helpers, AIDS and those doing some kind of service. They work a lot. They do very important things, but their efforts aren't always visible, and they're very seldom praised for their work. I've noticed that there are more than a few prominent moon in Virgo individuals who, although quite distinguished by themselves, lived and worked in a shadow off another, even more prominent person. One typical example is freedom. Henkel's a German co founder with Karl Marx off modern communism and socialism. According to Esra Databank, after Marx, Angus was the finest schooler in teacher off the modern proletariat in the whole civilized world. Have you noticed that after marks? This is exactly how end gets. His name is always mentioned. You'll find a couple of similar examples in the resources for this lecture. Interesting, isn't it? This was Virgo Moon sign. The next lecture will be about Libre. 15. Lecture 14. Libra Moon Sign: liberal is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus, and those who were born with the moon in Libera inherit many off their tributes of Venus. They love everything beautiful and valuable and have a developed aesthetic perception. They're interested in music, art and dance and might be actively involved in some of the artistic activities. They prefer peaceful agreements and compromises, too Cruel victories. Although the nature of libera can make them somewhat argumentative and competitive from the sign of libera, these people inherit a strong desire to maintain a balance in everything. And since it is a cardinal sign, it's usually them who makes the first step and take the initiative. If someone around them is saying only bad things about the third party, they'll intervene and add something good. However, if they only hear that someone is being praised, they'll intervene again and add something negative. This happens automatically. They don't really want to say anything bad about anyone. They want to always be nice, but they also want to be objective and truthful no matter what their ability to see. Both sides of a problem can sometimes get mooning liberal people into a trouble, especially when they have to make an important decision. They don't like making decisions. They will endlessly also weighed between all the available options. Then, at the very last moment, they'll make a random chose, and they'll immediately regret that they made exactly that choice and not the other one. It's in agony. On the other hand, once the decision is made and one in Libera person is usually responsible and reliable enough to carry it out, certain has its exultation in Libre, which gives these people persistence and tenacity relationships. Those who were born with the moon in Libra are very much relationships oriented. They feel a strong need to have someone in their life with whom they can share everything. They just can't fully enjoy life without such a person. If there is a problem, even if these people are completely capable of handling the situation, they can find it unbearable unless someone is supporting them, even if purely symbolically being in their sign, Samos Gemini Libera gives an interest in information and communication. Unlike Jimmy, though, liberal people are more selective as to the source of information. Rather than consuming everything they can get. The Morning Libre individuals prefer the opinions of those people whom they trust or establish the authorities supported by the society. They're very much society oriented and like to follow the society's trends. Partnership is very important for the moon in liberal people and therefore wise nature gave them a gift, an innate ability to attract other people's attention, some special kind of charm. They can be physically attractive, or they can move or speak in such a way that they naturally attract attention and police other people's eye or ear. Or if none of these is the case, they might still have some incomprehensible power to attract other people. Quite naturally, many off the moon in labor, individuals developed there in the charm into a profession, and one of the ways how they can do it is by becoming an actor or an actress. Here is at least of some of the prominent Moonen Libera actors. I am very sorry, but on some reason I only have men here. I will keep working on this collection to get it balanced. I have a liberal moon, after all, but have a look what a constellation of stars I brought together. Jean Paul Belmondo in the words off extra data Bunk, a former boxer. His rough features including a broken nose and rakish green and graph sex appeal. No nada de capture. I don't think he needs any introductions. Sylvester Stallone. A same comment. Steven Seagal, Nicolas Cage about him. I will say that he is the son off August Coppola, a professor of comparative literature and dance, A joy bogeyed sung, and I will return to this in the section about liberal family. Here is also an interesting quote from extra data bank. He was born with that certain something that the camera captures that invisible magic that makes him impossible to ignore. That makes him hauntingly memorable. That's liberal moon musicians, singers and dances. Venus has many gifts for those who were born with the moon in one of her signs, Libra. And here is a selection off the moon in labor, individuals who helped to make our world more present and beautiful. Helen Grim or one of my favorite minus. As a teenager, she took first prize in piano at the Paris Conservatory. DA Leader, a world famous singer and actress, Rudolph Nor, if a Russian ballet dancer who had an outstanding technique and the compelling stage presence, says Astra Databank. Micheli Gran, a French composer, arranger, conductor and Pion East doctor Drayer. Not my favorite musician, but very popular. You will find many more interesting morning liberal personalities in this lectures resources profession with the inborn aesthetic perception and taste the moon in labor. People can certainly make good fashion designers and the couple off. The most well known of them are Who bid do Givenchy, a French fashion designer and entrepreneur. One of the greatest names in order, Couture told me. Hilfiger, an American fashion designer known for innovative styles that appeal to people off all ages , races and sexes. The moon in liberal in the family, the moon is quite perceptive to the influences off other planets, and Libera is somewhat contradicted by nature. So the family experience off those born with the moon in Libra can vary quite widely. It is typical for the Morning Libre individuals to be introduced by the mother or maybe the whole parents family to the world of music, dancing, painting or some other kind of art. Nicolas Cage is a great example here, as he grew up in a family off a professor of literature and the dancer Children with them on in Libera learn from their parents to appreciate beautiful things to pay attention to styles and fashions. They can also learn a lot about relationships. However, those lessons might not necessarily be off a positive nature. On the other hand, the mother could be somewhat detached, caring more about how the child looks and behaves. Then would he or she feels she can give higher priority to the views and opinions off the other people in the society in general, then toe the emotional needs off the child. Some of the moon in liberal parents can subconsciously perceive their Children as partners rather than kids, and this can result in jealousy, competition and other complex negative feelings. On the positive side, however, the morning labor can create a kind of relationships where members of the family understand each other without words and can literally merge together emotionally. This is especially likely when both the parent and the child were born with the Morning Libera, or one of them has the moon in liberal, while the others moon in either Jamie or Queiroz. The other two air signs recovering from a stress to recover from a significant stress. A moon in liberal person needs someone else, someone to whom he or she could complain about their problems, who can give an emotional support or even simply listen to them attentively. Good music can also be very helpful for restoring the energy of the moon in Libera, especially if there is an opportunity to listen to the music in a beautiful, pleasant, comfortable environment health and died. It is very important for the moon in labor people to keep a healthy balance in everything they do by nature. They can easily get excited and carried away by something. They can spend the whole day playing in you piece of music or reading an incredibly interesting book. And then they will have some problem with their body, typically manifesting itself as a headache. The morning liberal type of physiology is very sensitive to the lack of balance in life, and so it is important for those born with this kind of moon to keep a reasonable balance between work and dressed physical and mental activity to have a balanced diet and lifestyle . If this rule is systematically violated, headaches will come as four warnings But then some serious conditions can develop their bit . Is high blood pressure, kidney problems? The Morning Libera diet should be never respect somewhere in the middle without excesses not too heavy, not too healthy, not too spicy not to hold, Noto called, and a little bit off everything to form a good balance. Of course, the morning liberal will always appreciate if the food looks great and this served in style . Same as for the other air signs, breathing exercises can be very helpful for maintaining and restoring health off the moon in labor people and living in a place with a clean atmosphere is very much desirable for them. A surprise moment so far. We have predominantly met morning liberal people who make our world more beautiful like artists, dances, musicians. However, there is a significant number off the moon in labor. Individuals who were or still are the powerful leaders off the world, definitely, and in it, understanding off the laws off society helps them in achieving their position. Not only they can play the game by its rules, they can create those rules, too. I was especially interested to see that both U. S. Presidents with the surname Bush. The father and the son have their moon in the same sign, Libera. And there was a least one other US President Dwight Eisenhower with the moon and the same sign. Check out the resources for the other examples off powerful world leaders with the moon and Libera. The next lecture will be about Scorpio. 16. Lecture 15. Scorpio Moon Sign: Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Horton, Power of Hamas and by extreme Fluto, you might remember from our discussion off another water sign, cancer that what the signs are mysterious there like a pond. The surfaces come and unimpressive, but there is a reach life, and they need it. The moon in Scorpio is somewhat similar, except that an image off a pond isn't really appropriate. In this case, Evel Cano with overheated love, a bubbling inside until the restaurant option could be a much better image, or at least together for the most subtle types, the moon and full. The moon is in four in Scorpio. That's an astrological term, meaning that it is not comfortable in this sign and has a problem with showing its best sides. A full is a bit like a hole in the ground where the moon in Scorpio in the videos tend to hide their feelings and emotions. Or it might resemble a fallen angel. As the moon in Scorpio easily attracts dark negative feelings jealousy, envy, greed, suspicion, shame, guilt, resentment, intense with powerful Mars and Pluta rulings, Corporal, and also because of the fixed nature of the sign the moon in Scorpio, people are intense, concentrated, persistent, deep and 10 ashes in everything they do. They want to get to the bottom off everything to find out what is hidden beneath the surface. They're never satisfied by shallow and superficial. They're very good with secrets, both with hiding their own and uncovering those off other people. They also have a very good memory, especially for any bad things that happen to them, and they find it very difficult to either forgive or forget those things. Many off the moment Scorpio in the videos are interested in topics and activities that most other people would consider s Tebow or too frightening or two dangers or too dark. They might be attracted to anything related to death, sex, crime, corruption and could choose a profession like a detective, a policeman or a surgeon or a politician. Sexy sexual life is very important for the moon in Scorpio people. It can provide a great outlet for the difficult and powerful energy, and they usually possess some mysterious magnetism that sexually attracts tow them. Other people. They desire strong and stable relationships, but they also want to control their partner and to be sure that he or she is 100% devoted and trust birthday. This can be a difficult requirement. And so many off the moon. In Scorpio, individuals surround themselves with the wall that prevents known trustworthy people from coming close. Extreme. The moon's corporal People are attracted to everything which is extreme, and they might feel some special enjoyment when putting their soul and body through a trial beat. A crazy sexual adventure or an extreme sport or an extreme fast. The moon in Scorpio can create much a types like king off Jordan Abdullah, the second who was an accomplished marksman, a helicopter and jet fighter pilot, a deep sea scuba diver and then a vid collector. Authentic weaponry, as well as Jordan Stop counterterrorism specialist and troop leader. However, there are also many extremely gifted moon in Scorpio. In the videos off other types, too. Here are a few of them. David Livingstone, a Scottish physician off missionary and explorer off Africa. He was the first white man to cross the dark continent. Roald Amundson, in a vision scientific polar explorer, the first person to sail through the Northwest Passage regular, an Israeli psychic and telekinetic with an international reputation. According Toa Esther Databank. His ability to read minds bend metals and see through objects has been tested with old off a trillion to one that his feet could be reproduced secrets as it was already mentioned. The moon in Scorpio. People have a special pension with secrets. They can be very secretive themselves, but they're also very interested in finding out some hidden information, revealing the truth, penetrating the veil of mystery. To demonstrate this, I have only a few but very interesting examples. Julian Assange, an Australian whistleblower with a background in physics, mathematics and computer programming best known for his work with Wikileaks, an investigative journalism Internet based organization whose mission is to make public, otherwise secret information. The famous Michelle Dennis Tra Domus. He was the most widely read CIA off the Renaissance, and it's sometimes referred to as Prophet of Doom because many of his visions involved war and death. Sounds like the moon in Scorpio, doesn't it? Actors and directors, people born with the moon in Scorpio are very good with influence in the others and making the other people do what they want. They definitely have lords off sexual magnetism. But their ability to influence as to hypnotize goes far beyond just sexuality. Such people can become excellent actors and even better directors. Very often, the theme of school pure can be visible in their talents or achievements in one or another way. Alfred Hitchcock, a filmmaker, the most famous suspense, humor and horror director off all times. His work strongly resonates with the nature of the sign in Scorpio, in my opinion. Steven Spielberg, a film producer and director, the winner often Academy Award for his direction off the best picture off the year Schindler's List, which is a movie about saving lives of Jewish refugees. During World War two, he won the Oscar as best director for his Saving Private Ryan and movie about risking a last surviving brother during World War Two. You might notice that the movies that made Steven Spielberg famous ah, full of Scorpio symbolism, death, destruction and survival. Ruby Gold Book An actress and comedian who went from welfare to movie star in a few short years here we have an example off the theme of free booth, which is typical for score pill. Many individuals with strong Scorpio like those born with the mornings, Corporal somehow managed to completely and totally change themselves and their lives, as if starting a new life as if being born again. Scientists. The Mornings Corporal people's desire to penetrate the mysteries and to uncover the truth can move many of them to become scientists. And there are quite a few scientists born with the morning's court. You know the strong presence off the Cory family here with its association with mysterious , invisible and dangerous radio activity. Pierre Curie, a French scientist, a physicist and chemist and the co discoverer off radio with his wife, Marie, for which they want the noble price in 1903 Frederick Giulio Curry, a French chemist. Frederick Julia Curry and his wife, Iran. Jeweler Khoury, daughter off Marie Curie researched production off energy from nuclear fission and shared the 1935 noble price for chemistry for their production off synthesized radioactive elements. The Moon in Scorpio. In the family, The moon in Scorpio shows quite reliably that a person had some emotional trouble. Is a child Often The reason for the trouble could be a powerful, controlling mother who doesn't allow other family members to leave their lives or there can be an atmosphere off suspicion or jealousy in the family. Quite often, you will find that those people who lost one of their parents prematurely were born with the moon in Scorpio. Or the child could have been born to the life of obscurity where nobody ever knew, treated or cared about its emotions. The challenge for this person could be to transform his or her life. And Rupee Gold Book is a great example of how this can be done. Apparent with the Moon in Scorpio can be somewhat obsessed about his her Children trying to control their lives. This might work well with some Children, but not with the others. It is also quite typical for a moment Scorpio individual to leave in a somewhat unusual environment. This might be, for example, a house which needs the repair or which is in the permanent state of repair, or which was destroyed in some way. There are many other possibilities here. Of course. I remember watching a grand design show one day, and there was a couple who dug a hole in the earth and built their house there. I believe that at least one of them was born with the moon in Scorpio, Recovering from a stress stresses are abundant in a typical morning score per person's life . Just because these people tend to involve themselves in all sorts off extreme situations and activities. So how do they recover from those stresses then? Hot water is a great remedy for everyone who was born with the moon in Scorpio. They adore hold water, so hope that most people would be probably scouted by it. And I steam in shower or bath would restore a moment. Scorpio Person's energy Very quickly. I used to ask everyone whom on you had the moon in Scorpio, whether they like what water, and nobody ever gave me a negative answer. While the most frequent off the answers wars or years, a good sex can also be very helpful for those born with the moments corpora, it will nicely help to settle down there powerful energy after it was stood up by a stressful experience. In fact, anything that a strong and concentrated can be helpful. Beat a drink or a dish. I still remember my surprise when, many years ago, speaking about astrologer with the young and delicate 17 years old girl who I knew had Scorpio for her moon sign, I asked, What's your preferred way off? Recovering from a stress? The answer was, well, a nice shot of brandy is always helpful. Health and diet again healthy sexual life is off utmost importance for those who were born with the moon in Scorpio, healthy means quite intense in this context, if it is present than many different problems, including problems with health will simply disappear or, at the very least, become less severe on the country. When the difficult to control energy off a moment Scorpio individual doesn't have a sexual outward, it can easily become destructive on the emotional plane. The negative emotions of Scorpio will become stronger and can poison both personal relationships and career while on the physical plane, various chronic inflammatory processes might emerge, especially in the reproductive system area. It's for any water sign. It would be great for a moment. Score people person to leave not far from a body of water, beat an ocean or a swamp. It would be even better to bathe in thermal springs regularly or my believe in an area where such springs are abundant as for the diet. One cannot really expect from a moon in Scorpio to be moderate. They don't like that. They tend to go to extremes in everything they do. An advice that can be given to them is to be aware off their limits, not to starve themselves to death, not to overeat to a health damaging level, not to eat something which can kill. They will be fine, then a surprise moment. Have you noticed that most of the moon in Scorpio scientists in my least are strongly associated with chemistry? I didn't have an intention to only pick the chemists. Also, I've discovered that Alexander Borden, who is better known as a prominent Russian composer, was born with the moon in Scorpio. And he also was a devoted chemist. This looks to me very interesting. Just consider the stereotypical image off a chemical lab a mysterious space where various liquids are heated by flames. Isn't this very much like moon in Scorpio? One can also think of the deeper, almost mythological associations with scorpions and poisons. So this was the moon in Scorpio. The next one is secretaries 17. Lecture 16. Sagittarius Moon Sign: secretary hours is a mutable firesign ruled by Jupiter, those who were born with the moon. Insurgent terriers are full of ideas, and they're eager to spread the ideas around the world. Enthusiastic and philosophical, these people are enthusiastic, optimistic, out spoken and honest. Or a least they can easily make an impression off honesty so that everyone will trust them due to the ability to share their enthusiasm with the others. The moon in Secretary Oh's people are also philosophical, and many of them spend at least a part of their life searching for an ideal or for some kind of wisdom. They can make great students as they're able to quickly assimilate any number off ideas and manipulate and combine those ideas with great confidence. They also very naturally assumed the role off a wise advisor or a guru the generous, benevolent and tend to patronize related Lee weak side off. Those who have secretaries for their moon sign is that they don't like to take on responsibility and they can be very changeable. Oh, come on. There are so many great ideas out there you can trail. Expect them to devote the whole of their life to just one little thing. Another peculiarity off the monster vegetarians that can be negative in some cases is that they usually don't want to go into the nitty gritty. They'd rather prefer to make their decisions at the higher level to paint with wide strokes . Also, given their tendency to freely spend money to impress someone, these people can make great strategists and marketers but might be not as good in practical implementation, off their own strategy discovers and adventurers those who were born with the moon. It's agitators, love, freedom and opens pages. They're interested in everything which is far away. The filter is away, the more they're interested, they like to travel to visit our countries and experience other cultures. There, adventurers risk taking and are eager to enjoy as much of life is possible. All these qualities make the moon in situ terriers in the videos, natural discoverers and adventurous, and I have a number of examples to illustrate the point. Neil Armstrong, an American astronaut, the first man to set foot on the moon with the quote. That's one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind, charged Lindbergh, an American pilot, and offer the most famous hero of his day for his flight from New York to Paris, which earned him the congressional medal off owner J. A. Coma. Casanova, an Italian adventurer who is considered the greatest of historic lovers, offers the moon in situ terriers. Individuals are great story tellers, and of course, you will find many authors among them. They're very versatile and can write many things in many different ways. However, the most successful off their writings are typically about an adventure or a foreign country, or they're full of humor. Or they carry and disseminate some bright idea here. A couple of examples, which I believe quite typical. Lewis Carroll, an English logician mathematician, clergyman, photographer and novelist, conceded a master in the ginger off nonsense literature he's particularly remembered for his Children's books. Ellis is Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel through The Looking Glass Powell Australia , a Brazilian esoteric writer whose books are extremely popular and sell internationally, Perhaps the most well known off his books and definitely one of my most loved books is the Alchemist. At the simplest level, it's a story off responding Shepherd, who made a long and full of adventures, Joanie in order to find the treasure, and you can already see that the book is over field with the symbolism off subject areas, musicians, Every moon sign has its talented people. And, of course, there are many singers, composers, songwriters and other musicians who were born with the moon in situ terriers. As it is usual with secretaries, he will typically find in creativity of these people something of its nature. For example, their music can be sparkling and optimistic, like that off mortared. Indeed, the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born with the moon in situ terriers. He was a prolific child prodigy and wrote masterpieces in every branch of classical music. He also had a strong, an unusual sense of humor, citing, as usual from Astra Databank. His sense of humor was body bordering on scatological, and he was inordinately fond off practical jokes. Well, he was a true Ammon insurgent terrorist person. After all, scientists and philosophers Jupiter Daryl of Vegetarians is associate it with high education, opening new horizons, vast knowledge and wisdom. It is very natural then that many of the moon in situ terriers individuals achieved the significant success in science or philosophy. Some of them, like Copernicus and Einstein, have radically changed the way people see the world. Nicholas Copernicus, a Polish astronomer and offer considered the founder of modern astronomy. He established the theory that the Earth rotates daily on a Texas and that planets revolved in orbits around the sun. Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher who is considered the most influential voice since, can't and Hagel needs. She came from a long line off Lutheran pastors and was this time to follow in the footsteps off his clergyman dead, However, he eventually dropped his theological studies to take on classical philology and later philosophy. This is interesting because religion is also strongly associate ID in astrology with vegetarians and its ruler, Jupiter. All that Einstein, a German Swiss American scientist, a physicist who developed the theory of relativity in 1905 and the general Failure in 1916 laying the groundwork for 20th century physics and providing the essential structure off the cosmos. And, of course, Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor who pretended over 1000 inventions that included an electric voice recorder for no graph, an incandescent electric lamp and movie projector, and the talking motion picture an incredible creative genius. Outworld, the ruling planet of Secretary Oh's Jupiter, is responsible for everything that is far away, both literally and metaphorically. Therefore, Secretary is associated with religion, spirituality as a Terek, knowledge and mistresses. I found quite a few people who were born with the moon in situ terriers and chose in their life to pursue higher knowledge, exotic religions, metaphysics or Eastern philosophies. Here are some of them rammed us, also known as Reaching Output. An American educator and offer fired is a Harvard professor for early experiments with LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs who became a follower off the path off Eastern philosophy. G. Do Krishna Morty, an Indian teacher and religious leader, a philosopher, and met a physician from his youth, Krishnamurti obtained world recognition as a spiritual teacher and lectured to groups as diverse as the U. N. Delegates, diplomats, scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory and to people all over the world. Sri Aravinda, an Indian religious leader and writer and the famous guru the moon in such a terrorist in the family, those who were born with the moon in situ terriers usually have some of the symbolic meanings off this sign. Associate it with their mother, the whole parents, family or sometimes with the father. The parents could be immigrants, and so the child was treated as a foreigner from the early age and had to be multi lingual . All the parents family could be religious, and that could influence the choice off the life, path and profession. Or perhaps the mother was interested in esoteric knowledge and was happy to share her knowledge with the child. Alternatively, the parents family could move, often from place to place or from country to country. The mother could be like a guru teaching her child to understand and explore the world. A typical moments vegetarians person can feel at home pretty much everywhere and will be only happy to have a life full of movement. Being a parent and monster vegetarian might be not that great in terms of caring and nurturing the child, but instead will help the child to develop an optimistic worldview and to see life as an exciting adventure full of wonderful opportunities, recovering from stress for a typical moments, agitators individual to recover from a significant stress. It would be great to leave the hustle and bustle of the city where he or she might feel claustrophobic to go to the countryside and have a good walk in the fields or in the forest seating at the campfire, a fireplace or at least the wood burning stove. Making a barbecue or just reading a SciFi book can restore Emmons Vegetarians Energy very quickly. Or if you have more funds, a trip to an exotic country can make a miracle with you. Just forget your wars and spent all the time visiting mysterious temples or exotic bazaars . And in a few days you will be like new health and diet to live a healthy life. A person born with the moon in situ terriers should have as much contact with nature is possible. It would be great to live in the suburbs relevant in the city, or at least have a garden and an opportunity to see life five from time to time so I can a fireplace. Regular travelling is a must. The father and the more exotic the destination, the better. But also a true moon secretary in will not be satisfied with just the physical circumstances off wife to be happy and healthy. He or she needs a high purpose, something that will feel their life with sense. Be the science, a religion or some alternative kind of spirituality from the diet point off you, the moments vegetarians. We'll always want to try as many different cuisines and kinds of food as possible, and that's fine. It is essential to remember, however, that the lever off the moon in situ taters people can be very sensitive, and some extremely and persistently foreign food can be harmful for it. Also, the moon in, if I sign likes agitators is already on fire, so an overly spicy food can cause problems with the digestive system. A surprise moment yet again, I find that common stereotypes can be quite misleading. We can easily imagine immune Surge Italian, who is an exotic or highly adventurers, philosophically minded person who spends most of his or her time either traveling around the world or writing books about imaginary travels. A typical such a Terrian shuns responsibility and proposed freedom. Can we imagine a moment secretaries, individual, becoming a powerful and influential world leader? Well, if we can't, then we need to work a little bit on our imagination because there are some striking examples off exactly these kind of indie videos born with the Moon Insurgent aerials. What's more interesting, we can notice that the qualities off situ terriers were at the core of their success. We could say that they've achieved what they have achieved, not despite but thanks to the fact that they were born with the moon in situ terriers. Have a look. Peter the Great Zaroff, Russia, that from the age 10 until his death, at the seminal time in the history, Peter the Great took the Russian people from the Middle Ages into the modern world. He raised his country to a built power, becoming well noted for gaining access to the sea for Russia and Westernizing Russian customs and institutions. Speaking of his plans, he used to say that he's going to cut through a window to Europe. Rupert Murdoch, an Australian American entrepreneur who, after journalistic experience in London in 1962 took over the family small newspaper and parlayed a barely profitable enterprise into several successful papers. Within two years 18. Lecture 17. Capricorn Moon Sign: Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by certain the moon is in detriment here, which is an astrological term, meaning that it is in the sign of the Zodiac, exactly opposite to her home in cancer. Morning Capricorn. People are somewhat dissimilar to the other people with the moon in a cardinal sign. They're not so quick to start something new because they're very careful. But on the other hand, once something was started, they won't abandon it easily as they feel themselves responsible for whatever they've done . They're ambitious, patient, conservative and very systematic in their approach. They have a great instinct for everything that can elevate a person in the society. The detriment. Here in the house, off cold and rigid Saturn, the moon finds itself in a hostile environment. So resources us cast, and it needs to be careful, cautious and tenacious in order to survive there. The moon's qualities are manifested in this sign in a way that is opposite to the nature of the moon. The moon is naturally emotional and irrational, moved by mood rather than logic. But the morning Capricorn people tend to control their emotions, hide they feelings to be rational organized and dispassionate. The moon is changeable and moves quickly. However, those who were born with the moon in Capricorn take a long time to make a decision, but then stick to it. The moon would love to nudge emotionally with everyone but the moon. Capricorn folks have an inborn tendency to create an emotional barrier around them to distance them from the others old When young, young men old, certain rules the old age and the morning. Capricorn individuals often look older than their peers in childhood and youth. Or they might just feel older because they're more cautious, serious, self controlling or unusually responsible. Men of this moon sign can grow a bed in order to look older, because that's how they feel. However, these people age will, and as they grow older, at some point they start looking younger than their peers. They will also probably stay efficient and keep working until a later age than an average person, especially if they're successful in their career. Traditional. Those people who have Capricorn for their moon sign adore everything traditional, ancient or simply old. They might be not very keen on innovations, since they believe that the true the good thing should pass the test of time. After all, if people used something for centuries, it should be really trustworthy, even if it looks a little bit shabby. Morning Capricorn. People love everything that reminds them off the good old times. A friend of mine born with the moon, Capricorn enjoys his iPod, but he has constructed for it a special harness with a keyboard, which makes the iPod looking like a typewriter from the beginning of the 20th century, politicians and career people you will definitely find many career people among those born with the morning Capricorn. A morning Capricorn person is a little bit like a rock climber. He or she moves slowly, thoroughly contemporary ting every step, but eventually emerges at the top of the mountain high above everyone else. These people have a strong drive to be the best to get to the very top. And with their cool efficiency, tenaciousness, self respect and sometimes ruthlessness, they're very well suited to achieving their goal. Order and discipline are important for them, and they can make an efficient use of limited resources. They can find the social leather pretty much everywhere, and they immediately make an effort to climb up that ladder, if only one step. I have quite a few politicians and world leaders with the moon in Capricorn. In my collection, he I mentioned only a few, but you'll find more examples in the resources for this lecture. George Washington, the first president of the United States in 17 89 17 97. Napoleon Bonaparte, a French general and emperor, a giant figure in European history, known as one of the greatest military strategists. I'll go an American politician. It is interesting that he's referred to as an attractive member off the Democratic Party with a famous political name, a solid family life and strong religious conviction. That was a quote from Astra Databank orto phone Bismarck. Oppression statesman Who united the German people under the government off one empire. Indira Gandhi, an Indian politician. The prime minister off in jail in 1966 1977. Her father was a prime minister and she became a prime minister to quite appropriate for the moon. Capricorn engineers and industrialists. People who were born with the morning Capricorn usually have a great understanding off various structures, schemes and construct, while their patients and disciplined mind allow them to understand and create even the most complex off systems. Many of them can use their talents in the industry or engineering, and here is a couple of examples off people who achieved a top position in their profession . Enzo Ferrari, an Italian industrialist and car, is in enthusiast, according to Astra Databank. He's considered the world's most famous automaker after Henry Ford, whose blood red racing cars became a symbol off wealth and sportiness for those who could afford their six figure cost. Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. A German engineer, inventor and military member. He's most noted for inventing the dirigible that carries his name. The first airship off a rigid type in 1900. The ship crashed on landing on his maiden voyage, but he continued to successfully build and fly airships for his lifetime. The moon in Capricorn, in the family, the morning Capricorn parents have a very serious and responsible attitude towards parenthood and family life. Their tendency to control the emotions and hide their feelings, which helps them so much in their work, can create problems in close relationships in the family. But nevertheless, they're trying hard to do everything properly, since their family is a part of their social status. So at those times when they're not overloaded with their career, the moon in Capricorn parents can be very attentive and efficient in their family role. Somehow it might still feel like their bit for Mo in their attitude to kids and other family members, and it might be very difficult for them to create at home a woman. Cozy environment. Children with the Moon and Capricorn usually don't have many happy memories about their childhood. Their parents might have been very busy with their career, like, for example, the prime minister, father. Often dear Gandhi. Or maybe they paid a lot of attention toe or the responsibility and discipline and the family. Those things that do not usually make IDs very happy in one or another way. There was something about the parents home that made it a bit cold and uncomfortable. Kids were not free to express the emotions there. The parents family could have been at the very top of society, and so there were many necessary formalities in the family life, or it could be at the very bottom so that every vital resource was scars. Quite often, the moon Capricorn in the videos find a permanent partner late in their life, and their partner can be significantly older. That's because the romantic side of relationships isn't really that important for them. What is important is the social status insecurity that the relationship can give them recovering from a stress. A moon in Capricorn individual can become quite a nuisance when he or she is recovering from a significant stress. That's because in order to feel better, they want to see themselves at the top of the mountain. And they can do things or, say words that will put other people even if their beloved family members somewhere below their feet. It might be better for such a person to recover somewhere in solitude, in a place where they can forget about the numerous plants and responsibilities, health and diet, the physiology off. Those born with the morning Capricorn can often be not very efficient in one or another way . They might be sensitive to cold, and so they need to be careful and dress warmly enough, or their digestion might be not very efficient. Or there might be some problems with the protective systems off the body over the bones. These people should pay enough attention to their health and try not to allow little problems to become chronic diseases, even if they're very busy with their career. Similar to the other Earth Science Moon Capricorns will benefit from a regular massage so that to activate the circulation off fluids and damages in the body many of the morning Capricorn individuals will be happy if they will have an opportunity to live in a hilly or mountainous area and skiing in the mountains and winter can be the best kind of sport for them. They might also like to live in an elevated location like a top of the hell an upper floor off a skyscraper or, at the very least, have their attic converted into a study. Digestion off the moon Capricorn might be not very efficient, so it is important for these people to not overeat and at the same time make sure that their food is easily digestible and has a high nutritional value. A surprise moment. I was surprised by the number of prominent male actors who were born with the moon in Capricorn. Interestingly, these are some of the sexist actors, all those who are considered to be like an epitome off a cool man. My attempt off explanation for this is that the moon is the symbol of the feminine. But when it is in Capricorn, in the sign off its detriment. Those who were born with such a moon have the least amount of femininity in their image. And so they're very successful when playing strongly masculine characters. I won't insist that my fairies great. I'm not sure how it will work for ladies, but have a look at the following selection off Moon Capricorn Actors are not. Schwarznegger, An Austrian born actor and politician, began his career as a bodybuilder, ultimately winning several titles for his strength and magnificently sculpted body. I know that he's also a politician and sculpting the border. It's like crafting is from a piece off rock. Doesn't it sound pretty much like the Moon and Capricorn? Matt Diamond off course You know him, Brad Pete Esther Databank calls him a sex symbol. According to Wikipedia, he has been described is one of the world's most attractive men, a label for which he has received substantial media attention, and George Clooney has several appointments. Toe annual. Best dressed, most stylish, most eligible and sexist men alive lists. Isn't it an interesting company? Well, this was Capricorn Moon sign. The next on the list is Aquarius. 19. Lecture 18. Aquarius Moon Sign: Aquarius is a fixed air sign. It's traditional, Ruler is certain, while its modern ruler is Uranus, Uranus is an interesting planet, very different from the others. Every other planet is standing upright while rotating around the sun, but Uranus is lying on its side. That's an astronomical fact. Not surprisingly, Uranus is associate it with rebels and revolutionaries. People born with the moon in Aquarius love freedom, and they usually have some strong ideal that they follow and promote no matter what. As Aquarius is a fixed sign, they can be very persistent, adamantly true toe, the ideal and a some would put it extremely stubborn rebels. Another interesting fact is that Aquarius is opposite to Leo in the Zodiac. Leo is associated with the central power, traditionally royal Power. While Aquarius opposes that power, it might believe that it has an alternative idea about how society should be built and how the country should be ruled. This is why many of the people born with the moon in Aquarius openly opposed established rules and customs and go their own way. A striking example here is Diana, princess of Wales. Don't a cunning them in her book, Moon Signs calls Princess Di the most rebellious and shocking member off the royal family. There are other examples, too. All these are moon in the credits individuals. Mohammad Ali, an American light heavyweight gold medalist, the only man to win the heavyweight championship of the world three times. According to Wikipedia, he was a controversial and even polarizing figure during his early career. Ali is today widely regarded not only for the skills he displayed in the ring but for the values he exemplified outside of it. Religious freedom, racial justice and the triumph of principle over experience. At some point in his life, Mohammed Ali refused to be conscripted into the U. S military. He was arrested, found guilty and stripped of his books. Entitle another example. Voter, a French writer off philosophy, poetry and history, has an insecure, policed satirist, novelist and dramatist. He gained lasting fame despite the fact that he served several stints in prison for political offenses. Alexandra David No oil. A 1,000,000,000 French explorers cooler offer mystic spiritualist, Buddhist and anarchist who became famous worldwide for her wanderings through Central Asia . According to Wikipedia, during her childhood she had a very strong desire for freedom and spirituality. That was the moment Aquarius, according Timothy Leary, an American professor guru off the 19 sixties drug culture who coined the phrase turn on tune in Drop Out. According to Esther Databank, Well ahead of his time, he was fired from Howard for his controlled experiments with psychedelic drugs. Arrested 29 times, he was imprisoned in 1970 for two years and was eventually herald in 1976. President Richard Nixon once called him the most Dangerous men in America with the wonderful company off rebels, scientists and inventors. All air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are interested in communication and information. Jimmy is curious and will eagerly consume just any source of information. Libera is more selective and prefers the information coming from selected, trusted people or a specific section of society. Aquarius is even more focused and concentrated. A typical Aquarius person, and I include the moon iniquities. People here is very knowledgeable, but in a specific, quite narrow area off knowledge. He or she might be an expert, even a genius in his or her real, but totally ignorant and many other things, even those which a common knowledge for most people they can be very much like a mad scientists from a movie. Quite naturally, many of the moon in the creatives individuals do become scientists. Mad or not, here are a few of them, not mad scientists, real ones until one becquerel, a French physicist, a pioneer in the study off electric and luminous and phenomena in the Begin off the 19th century when he worked electricity was quite a new and exciting thing. Carlos Lee nails a Swedish botanist. He was the first to organize the principles for defining genera and species off organisms, as well as to create a uniform system for naming them. I'd say he manifested very well the systematic nature off the traditional rule off acquires satin and one more quite an interesting example. George Abou, an American educator and astronomer. He was a member off sis Cope. If I pronounce it properly, not sure, but let it be Cisco up a group of scientists who, adamantly anti astrology. This is a great example in a few different ways. First, a typical astronomer just doesn't know enough of astrology to give an informed opinion on it. It's a very different area off knowledge compared to any branch of materialistic science. But the moon in Aquarius individual can easily become adamantly anti anything which isn't within his area of expertise. Second moon aquariums are rational thinkers, very few of them congrats. Anything that is outside of the proc roost in bed off the contemporary science, no matter how innovative or centric they are, food the moon in the craters. People are eager to form or join a group off similarly minded individuals like Cisco up in order to promote or attack a specific idea. Actors, directors and show men many off the moon. In Aquarius, individuals possess a powerful charisma. This might be because off the high intensity off their character or thanks to their ability , to very efficiently control the emotions and manipulate their public image. Some turn this image manipulation talent into profession and become prominent actors, directors or showman. Here are a few examples from my collection Bruce Willis. Well, of course you know him. He became an instant celebrity in 1985. George Lucas, an American director, writer, producer and film genius David Copperfield, an American magician, Astra Data Bank, says about him and natural born showman world famous with his outstanding productions off some 500 life performances a year, plus TV spectaculars. And Marilyn Monroe, outstandingly famous, is a sex symbol. Musicians many off the moon in Aquarius, people have music abilities first, because the rule of Aquarius Saturn gives them a great sense of reason. And second, they have an intellectual stamina and persistence required to become a good musician. It is interesting that in the life and creativity of many prominent Moonen acquirers musicians, one can often see the features off Uranus and the Quiros. They can be inventive and innovative or socially conscious and active or a centric or a bilious. Have a look at these examples. The famous John Lennon, according to the Wikipedia article about him, then un revealed a rebellious nature and acerbic wit in his music, writing drawings on film and in interviews controversial for his political and peace activism. He moved to New York City in 1971 where his criticism off the Vietnam War resulted in a lengthy attempt by Richard Nixon's administration to deport him. While some of his songs were adopted as anthems by the anti war movement. So you can see that he was a true muna credit in very hard bargainer, a German composer and poet who was, according to Esther Databank, a controversial and fascinating genius off the European artistic scene. He was known for writing dramatic operas with a revolutionary technique and did his first symphony at the age of 19. Largely self educated, he became the music director at theaters in Mark the book. George Gershwin, an American composer, again citing from Astra Databank, famous for showtunes swing reasons, and his unique style of blending commercial pope, jazz and blues music with classical structure, the moon in the quarters in the family, the moon and acquirers. People often heaven unusual childhood in one or another way. Their parents might have been highly educated, and they could have grown up surrounded with books. Or maybe their parents were very active, socially or eccentric in one or another way. The parents off the moon in Aquarius Child might also have been driven by some strong idea , and the child might have inherited that idea from them. Whatever is the case, chances are that the child felt emotionally detached from the parents and not properly cared for becoming a parent. Such a person might find it difficult to nurture his or her own kids. They tend to view them more like friends rather than Children, and can be very demanding at times. However, if the child has the moon in the same sign or a to least in one of the other air signs, Libra or Gemini, they might develop a long and lasting friendship. They will play the same computer games and enjoy the same gadgets, very happily recovering from a stress to recover from a significant stress and moaning, acquires person needs to switch to something very interesting. Whatever they find interesting, it can be a good book or an especially tricky programming problem or a spaceship design. Another approach, which might be fruitful, is to defeat one stress with help off another one. But this one stress should be a healthy, exciting one, like a parachute or bungee jump, or maybe just a flight on a hot air balloon. Health and diet, blood circulation and nose are the sensitive parts off the system off those who were born with the moon in Aquarius. They need to make sure that every liquid circulates well in their body, so irregular and extended, but not very strange ful session in the gym can be very helpful, as well as other regular but no too taxing physical activities. Massage can be very good, too. The dietary advice is similar to that given to the moon in Capricorn. People food should be nutritious and not overloading specifically for the moon. In aquariums, I will add an advice to not read when eating. Concentrate on your food, not on your book. A surprise moment. We already know that morning. Aquarius people can be quite innovative in terms of social life, and they have powerful influence and charisma that make other people believe in their ideas . Still, it was a surprise for me when I read in Donor Cunningham's Moon Signs book The Following. You may recall that the moments believed in polygamy. Joseph Smith found off the moments and his full over Brigham Young both had Moon in Aquarius. This was especially standing for me because I already had an example off polygamy in my collection, and this person was also born with the moon in Aquarius. His David Koresh, an American religious fanatic and psychopath. He was a high school dropout and rock musician before becoming the polygamist preacher off the division sect. He built his church on a simple message. If the Bible is true, then I'm Christ off course. I am far from thinking that every moon Aquarian is potentially a polygamist. It's just one of the numerous possible manifestations of this unusual, eccentric sign. And this was a quite a small sign the next and the last one, the spices. 20. Lecture 19. Pisces Moon Sign: prices is a mutable water sign. It's traditional. Ruler is philosophical and religious Jupiter, while its modern ruler is mysterious and hazy Neptune. In practice, both rulers are important and meaningful in understanding the life and character off those who are born with the moon and prices. If water signs were compared to different bodies off water, then prices would be undoubtedly in ocean. This sign is wide open toe the collective unconscious with its whales off archetypes and shocks off ideas. If someone is born with the moon in prices, he's a her personal subconscious. The moon gets directly connected to the collective unconscious prices. As a result, such people get a deep and natural intuitive understanding off other people's joys and troubles, and they also get a direct access to an endless source off creativity. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has its exultation in prices and therefore love, sympathy, beauty and harmony are very important for the moon by CNES. They can also be very romantic, charming and entertaining. On the other hand, due to the nature of prices, they can also be easily carried away by the sea off emotions. They can be unreliable and unpredictable even for themselves, as they really don't know which emotional current they will come across in the next five minutes. Due to the influence of Neptune, the moon in prices, people can be idealistic, somewhat un, really are otherworldly, imaginative and dreamy. They can also be selfless and devoted to high idea, but at the same time quite helpless. When it comes to practical matters, he was in mystics, whether they realize it or not. Many off the moon in prices individuals possess some kind off a psychic gift, or at least just a strong intuition. If such a gift gets developed, they can tap into the collective unconscious and virtually create miracles. They're also very much spiritually inclined and can be interested in any kind of religion or Mr Season. Here. A couple off examples. Barbara Brennan, an American holistic healer, offer off several books and found off the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Rama Krishna, an Indian saint and mystic. According Toa Astra Databank, he devoted his life to his religious ideas. He was a pun thes, believing that all religious paths lead to God consciousness too many Hindus. He represented a superbly realised self and an incarnation off the divine movie people. The illusory life off the movies, if you look at it from the astrological point of view, is strongly associated with Neptune. The rule of prices. A typical morning prices person spends a significant part of his or her life watching movies, and they've the circumstances allow. They will never miss the chance to become a part of that mysterious world. Here are two examples off people who succeeded in making their dream a reality. Robert De Niro, the famous actor, director and businessmen and here is a very net union example. George's Mehlis, a French illusionist. A pioneer of special effects for cinematography artists, Venus is an exalted planet in prices. It gives those who were born with the moon and prices and ability to appreciate beauty and at least to some of them to create beauty. Add to this an unlimited imagination off Neptune, as well as the moon's deep connection with the sub consciousness full of images. And you will understand why some of the world's greatest artists have their moon in prices . Michelangelo, an Italian Renaissance artist, sculptor, poet and architect who is considered as the greatest figure in the history of art pulses on a French artist, the spiritual father off Impressionism musicians, dancers and singers. Given everything which was already said about the moon and prices, it isn't a big surprise that most of my examples of the morning prices individuals became famous for their input into the world of music. Just have a look at these examples, and there are many more to be found in the resources for this lecture. Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Enrico Caruso, Michael Jackson, Adrianna Chillin Tano, George Frideric Handel, Maurice Ravel, Franz Schubert so many of them. And there are still more in the resources the morning prices in the family. Those who were born with the moon in prices might experience their parents family as a sea off selfless love. Their parents could have been not very good in handling social responsibilities and might have been not able to teach discipline to their child. But they would have certainly made sure that the child had the best emotional atmosphere possible and could freely express his or her creativity. However, this was an ideal scenario. In fact, mysterious Neptune. The rule of prices can have very different manifestations. Other possible scenarios can be parents who are so fascinated with the spiritual or creative journey that they hardly remember that they have any kids and so their Children feel abandoned. It is also not unusual to see a child born into the family off alcoholics to have the morning prices. And, of course, there are numerous variations in between the good and the bad extremes. Quite often, one can see the difficult emotional conditions in the childhood. Onley help the moment prices individuals to develop and bring out their best talents and abilities, recovering from a stress to recover from a significant stress. A moment prices individual would need to forget about the world off harsh reality and find him or herself. In the world of fantasy and imagination, they just way to do this would be to watch a movie or to read an interesting book. Contact with water is very important for the moon by CNN's. Even a simple shower can wash away many of their troubles. A visit to a swimming pool or a spot would be even better. But if they can afford to spend a couple of weeks on a tiny island in the middle off a huge ocean that can heal their soul from many off its wounds. It would be difficult to overestimate the importance off a clean, emotional atmosphere for those who were born with the moon and prices. They're very much aware off the moods and sometimes even thoughts off the surrounding people. And if those moods and thoughts are negative, they will suffer and try to find a more suitable environment. Alcohol can sometimes be quite helpful as an in distress remedy, but it is important to remember that the moon in prices makes people more sensitive toe alcohol than the average person. They should be very careful both with the quality off alcohol and the quantity of it. Also, if they develop a dependence on alcohol or drugs, which again is more likely for a moment prices person than for the average person that will eventually weaken them and make them more stress prone health and diet. First of all, it would be very good for a moment. Prices individual to leave by the sea, a river or a lake might be a suitable option to, but nothing can really be compared to a prophecy or ocean. I walked by the sea. A C smelling breeze will help to relieve or even carry away all the troubles and stresses making one's life healthier and happier. Any treatment involving water, especially seawater, such as a spot treatment Ortho Lascaux therapy will be highly effective for people born with the moon and spices. One thing is very important to remember. The morning prices is very sensitive to various chemicals, drugs and artificial stimulants. This includes alcohol and not causes used in surgery. A Mornin prices person can easily get in overdoes. The sad story of Michael Jackson can be an example here or develop on addiction. As for the diet, it is very important to make sure that the food is very fresh and these off a high quality the moon in prices. People should never try any food that looks suspicious or maybe just stayed in the fridge for too long. Their digestion is acutely sensitive to any poisons and can react violently to a food that most other people would consider perfectly acceptable. A surprise moment now, this was really a surprise for me. Given everything I know about prices, Neptune and Jupiter can understand why most of the leaders off the automobile industry in my collection were born with the morning prices. Perhaps not, but I will keep thinking about this. Ernesto Maturity, an Italian industrialist, the builder and designer off the high performance majority automobile. Interestingly, the emblem of the most erotic cars is very similar to the symbol of Neptune Andres. It ruin a French industrialist, the creator and manufacturer off the Sitra and cars Ferruccio, Lamborghini and Italian industrialist, the builder off the Lamborghini automobiles. This was the last of the signs of the Zodiac prices is a moon sign. The next section will show how the knowledge of the moon science can be very valuable for finding your soulmate. 21. Lecture 20. Jung and Astrology: Carl Gustav Fume was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, the founder off analytical psychology. He's one of the most prominent psychologists of the 20th century and generally one of the brightest minds. He was also very much interested in a wide range off esoteric subjects, and astrology was one of them and not only interested. He used that knowledge in his work. His knowledge of astrology was quite extensive and included the technical side of astrologers. Well, he could easily calculate an astrological chart and read it. And this wasn't a very easy task. In those years when there were no computers, you knew astrologer very well, and he even introduced into the development of the theory of astrology. For example, his concept of synchronicity is nowadays used by many astrologists to explain how astrology works. One of the reasons I'm telling you all this about you is because nowadays astrology is very often ostracised by people with limited knowledge and limited belief systems. Many of former scientists unfortunately. So I'm showing you that a great mind like Hume was interested in astrology and not only superficially interested, he was practicing it. He was doing a research in astrology and today, I want to tell you about one example off Young's astrological research, in particular his marriage experiment. This experiment is described in the book You on Synchronicity and the Paranormal. You will find a link to in the resources for this lecture, or you can find it on your favorite bookstore by its title. You believed and wrote that astrology is in the process of becoming a science for histological experiment. You took 360 horoscopes, or natal charts, and decided to test whether one off the traditional ideas about what makes marriage partners will work in these 360 charts. I will not go into the details of his experiment and his conclusions. If you're interested, you can get the book and read it. What is important for me is those ideas, which you used the traditional ideas about how a marriage can be shown in a horoscope. In his work Synchronicity, which is a part of the book I've mentioned, Young outlined three off those traditions. One of them says that partners should have a conjunction or a close contact between the sun and the moon, which means the sun off one partner should be together with the moon off the other partner . The second tradition says that the moon's off, the partners should be together, and the third tradition deals with ascendant, which I would say is out of scope off our current discussion, and they won't mention it. Refer to the book. If you're interested in these cause, we're going to make use off to off those three traditions. Literally the sun off one partner together with the moon off the other partner and the moon off one partner together with the moon of the other partner, and the next lesson will tell you how exactly you can use your knowledge of the moon sign to apply those traditions to your life and to your relationships. 22. Lecture 21. Different Kinds of Relationships: first of all, a disclaimer. Please understand that what I'm going to show you isn't the only astrological factor that can help to identify a potential partner. There are many think books that were written on the subject of sin history, which is the use of astrology for evaluating the potential off. A relationship in this cause will keep things simple and avoid any technicalities. All you need to know is the sun signs and the moon signs off the partners. However, you will see that the knowledge of the moon sign opens for you an entirely new perspective on meaningful relationships, something you couldn't access if your knowledge of astrology was limited to so called star signs. If you already have a partner and you won't find between you the kind of match I'm going to speak about, this doesn't mean that you are incompatible or anything like that. There are many different reasons why people might decide to be together. It can be a romantic relationship with mutual passion. For example, in astrology, this could typically be signified as a contact between Venus and Mars. The downside of this kind of relationship is that passionate love can one they turn into hatred, and so the story can end abruptly. They can also be a relationship based on intellect or a mutual benefit, perhaps signified by a contact between Mercury and Jupiter. Again, it might be not the most long term variant. As interests and conditions can and do change over time. Some people come together to suffer to overcome difficulties, and that could be a certain based relationship. There are numerous different kinds of partnership in the world. In the previous lecture, we saw that you gave a special importance to the traditions that consider the sun and the moon is the most important factors when deciding on a marriage or a lifelong relationship. Why is that? Well, the sun is the king off the astrological chat, and the moon is the queen. If the royalties are in agreement than life and the kingdom should go well or looking at this from the viewpoint of the ancient maxim as above so below the luminaries are so much more noticeable in this guy than anything else that they have to be over special significance in the astrological charts. This is why, when the relationship is based on the moon and the sun. It has a strong potential for becoming life form. So how, exactly we're going to use the knowledge of the moon sign to discover the soul mate initially will take a simplified approach like. So if the moon sign off one partner is the same as the moon sign or the sun sign off the other partner. This indicates a possibility, often important, meaningful life long relationship. Let's think. What is the difference between these two types off relationship Moon, sun and Moon Moon? This will be discussed in the next lecture. 23. Lecture 22. Moon – Sun Relationship: if you remember, lecture five. The son represents the consciousness and disassociated with conscious actions and attitudes when the person states his or her individuality. On the other hand, the moon is responsible for the sub consciousness for those powerful but invisible forces that govern the flawless functioning off the border. The moon is also responsible for the home and family life and for bringing up kids. So simply find it a little bit. We can say that the sun is how the person shows him or herself at work at the moment of important actions and decisions, while the moon is how the person feels and leaves the rest the most off his or her life. When two people have a match between one's moon sign and there the sun sign, what usually happens is that the moon sign person notices the sun sign person and feels intuitively that these person is somehow special. I would think it is usually the moon sign person who initiates the relationship in this situation, although there is often a mutual magnetic attraction between these two people, the sun and the moon serving as the opposite poles. The good news is that you can easily identify a potential son partner for your moon sign. You just need to know he's a whole date of both the information, which is usually more or less easily available. For example, if your moon sign is such a terriers than anyone born from the 23rd of November to the 21st of December, could potentially be your son partner. Do not forget to use the sunshine calculator when the date of birth is close to the board. Off the sign, as was explained in Lecture three, there are the strong side of this relationship is that it clicks quite easily. I mean, the partners might meet each other briefly and immediately feel that pool telling them that this is a very important meeting. The weak side, however, is that this kind of relationship can be less stable than the moon moon one. Consider this. The sun partner, who was so bright and beautiful in public, comes home and switches his or her son off. Instead, the moon sign comes to the forefront, and that can be a completely different story, so the moon san pair can look and function very well in public. But unless the partners move, signs resonate well. The relationship can be less homeowners behind the closed doors off their home. I personally believe that the moon moon relationship is ultimately the most important and potentially the most long term. We'll have a closer look at it in the next lecture. 24. Lecture 23. Moon – Moon Relationship: the weak side of the Moon moon relationship is that the partners should meet in an appropriate environment in order to recognize each other's moon sign. They could be neighbors or they might leave under the same roof. Or maybe the circumstances of life would bring them together so that they were both relaxed and natural and in their lunar mode. That's when they will start feeling and usually and mysteriously comfortable with each other. They might have a feeling that they knew each other forever, even if they've just met. So a Moon Moon relationship might take some time to click, and it might need some special, favorable circumstances for the attraction to develop. But then the reward can be so significant. Imagine that after the first major stress you endure together, you discover that you both recover from stress in the same way that can mean a lot. Another little problem is that to discover the moon sign of your potential partner, you might need his or her both time and both time zone as well. And then you will need some version of the moon sign calculator to calculate the partners moon sign. But wouldn't you make this effort. If you knew that, you can find a person with whom to share the rest of your life. The biggest strength off the Moon Moon relationship is that people do not need to make any effort to feel like two halves of a single entity. That's their natural, subconscious feeling. They have a lot of common in their attitude to home to parenting in their health and diet preferences. This produces a strong and stable bond, which can easily keep the partners together for the rest of their lives. When I was completing this cause, we in the UK celebrated the 90th Build a off our Queen Elizabeth the second she married her husband, Prince Philip, in November 1947. So next year they will be celebrating 70 years of marriage. Guess would they have the same moon sign Leo so appropriate for a royal couple. Another famous couple having the same moon sign is Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt. They both have their moons and cancer, and they come from the same family, which is so appropriate for family oriented cancer. Their marriage wasn't playing sailing, but it did survive until the death of the husband. In fact, I'm not saying that the moon moon relationship will necessarily be idyllic. It can be important, meaningful and might last forever. But it can also be quite difficult. It will allow you to work efficiently on your karma if your world you can accept such an idea. But this would be a topic for a different cause. Now, let's say that you have more than one potential partner off either the moon sun or the moon moon type. Who of them could be more important for you? The next lecture will discuss exactly this. 25. Lecture 24. Consider the Degree: electric tube off this cause we've learned that each sign off the So Jack has ended 30 degrees. So if the sun or the moon was it both in a particular sign, it could have been in any of those 30 degrees Speaking about the partnership. Once you've discovered that the potential partner has he's a who, moon or son in the same sign is your moon. The next question can be How close is your partner's luminary to your moon? Because if you're moon, say in the 10th degree off subject areas and your partner's moon is also in the 10th degree of secretaries, Whoa, that's something very special. There's going to be a very close relationship indeed. But if you're Moon is in the first degree off secretaries while the Partners Moon is in the 30th degree off the same sign, well, the moon sign is still the same. So that's good. But the relationship might not be so very close. In this case, this consideration will prove to be especially important if you have more than one potential partner with the luminary in the same sign is your moon. I would advise to choose the partner who is the closest by degree, but that is ultimately up to you. But how do you figure out the degrees? Fortunately, both the moon sign and the sun sign calculators display them in the results of which calculation. Here is a screenshot showing where to find the degrees. You can see that the moon sign calculator has defined that the moon is at five degrees, 38 minutes off surgeon taters, whereas the sun sign calculator shows that the sun is at four degrees, 47 minutes off tours. Well, you go the idea. Good luck in your search for your soul mate. This concludes the cause, the next the last lecture. We'll wrap it up.