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Discover Your Life's Purpose

teacher avatar Brian Morton, Become better than you were

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Course Ad

    • 2. Setting Personal Goals

    • 3. Create an Agenda

    • 4. Time Management

    • 5. Follow Your Passion

    • 6. Creating Balance in Your Life

    • 7. Feel Content

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About This Class

Learn the tips and strategies on how you can live a life of purpose. The course curriculum was adapted from a blog post written by Frank Sonnenberg. As you partake in this course, you will develop an agenda and an ability to manage your time. By the completion of this course, students will demonstrate the ability to remember, apply, and evaluate appropriate information from various resources to create a mission statement.

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Brian Morton

Become better than you were


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1. Course Ad: Hello. Welcome to discover your purpose in seven steps. My name is Brian Morning, and I'll be your instructor for this course. In this course, you'll discover strategies that will help you live a life of balance by selecting and identifying your personal goals in life. Enrolling my course today, you'll see for yourself. The course Objectives for this course include applying various ideologies to your everyday life to minimize distractions, create an agenda toe outline and manager. Daily time patterns Develop strategies. Teoh. Help you live a life full of contentment. Then you'll discover strategies that help you live a life of balance. And you evaluate your personal thought patterns to discover your purpose in life, followed by selecting and identifying your personal goals in life. The course framework is divided over a course of six weeks now in the first week. That's when we'll cover the introduction in the first and section like second lecture, and I'll go over the course framework in the second week. Um, you'll learn how to live by your beliefs and values and also set priorities so you'll set personal goals for yourself and create an agenda didn't follow in the third week That's when we'll further go into setting priorities by developing time management in a quality of life. The fourth week will continue with setting priorities by developing your inner peace. And then we'll go into our new section of following your passion, which is where you'll find your passion. In Week five will go over two sections. Section five, which is achieving balance in Section six filling content. And in those two sections you'll learn how to create balance in your life and how to feel content. In the sixth and final week, you'll we'll go over to different sections as well, which is making a difference and live in the moment and learn how to make a difference and live in the moment. Hello, I'm Brian Morton, and I found it driven to help people discover their purpose in life and apply strategies to make a profit from it. I'm the creator of Discover Your Purpose in Seven Steps, a six week course that helps people discover their purpose in life. I have also worked as an educator in Los Angeles for over 10 years. I've created a course curriculum for middle school and high school students, and I have designed instructional course videos. Now I have some questions that I would like to ask you. First of all, are you ready to improve? Are you ready to learn how to manage your time? Are you ready to discover your purpose in life? Are you ready to learn how to be content in your life? If so, and you answer yes to any of these questions, I recommend that you enroll in my court today. If you'd like to follow me on social media, you can You can follow me on Facebook at B Morton 18 instagram at Driven w purpose or Twitter driven W purpose. 2. Setting Personal Goals: setting a personal goal for yourself. But yours truly, Dr Morton. Now, the first step is what is your long term grow? Perhaps you would like to buy a new house, begin a new job in a different career field. Go on a vacation that you can afford. Start your own business and something you're good at. Or perhaps pursue your dreams and become an actor, comedian or singer. These are all examples of long term goals, and you can also achieve your own long term goals. A few brainstorm and think of something that you would like to pursue Now. The second step is, of course, brainstorm your ideas, So take out a sheet of paper. Think of several ideas that you have in mind and let your mind wander. Go ahead and take the time to do so. Now put the pencil to the paper and brainstorm. Now that you have brainstorm your ideas, I hope that you were able to come across, maybe wanted to, or maybe three at the most. Some good ideas of goals that you would like to pursue. Now, in Step three, this is the vehicle. How you don't get to achieve that goal. So, in other words, what is it that you will need to take you to that next level? Is it a college education money time? Who knows, You know, but you decide what it is that you need because you are the driver. Now Step four is short term versus long term gold. Now you may ask yourself, What's the difference? A short term goal is a goal that can be completed in his little as a few months to a year. And a long term goal, on the other hand, is a goal that takes longer than a year to complete. So at this time, what I would like you to do is go back and review your brains dormant. Step two and focus on the goal that you considered to be the most important and differentiate between your goal or goals and see for yourself. Are they something that is considered to be long term goals or short term goals? Mount stuff. Five. In setting a personal goal for yourself, calls were evaluating your goal. No asked yourself these five questions to evaluate your goals Now. First of all, is your gold based on a competition meaning Are you looking to be the top, uh, sells person at your company? Or are you looking to be the fastest? Um, at producing something? These were not considered goals. However, these air considered targets, meaning that you want to be better than the next person. Next is is your goal something that you can't complete, meaning that you can actually, realistically see yourself completing this goal, whether short term or long term, another way to look at it is is it achievable? No. Aside from that, the next question you want to ask if someone else pushing you to complete this goal. Now, this convene, something like you may have just graduated from college, and someone tells you that you should become a chef now, you may not want to become a chef. However, somebody told you that you would make a really good chef. Or perhaps you may be at one job and that you may or may not like. Then someone comes along and tells you you know what? You should be a a writer or you should be a model you may not like either. The two. However, somebody told you what you should do and so you're looking to achieve that, and that's neat. That's not a goal, either. That's something that somebody's dictating what you should do with your life when you actually in reality, don't really want to do it next. Is your goal manageable? Meaning? Do you have the time an effort to put in to achieve that goal? This is something want to consider when you're looking at the goals that you have created in Step two from your brainstorm are the these goals that you finalized in your list? Are these goals that you can actually see yourself achieving by managing, um, with particular times of your day if you have lag time after work or during work where you could actually pursue these goals that you have written down And lastly, asked for a second opinion? No. If I give an example, let's say I don't know you want to be an electrician's. If you look or press or know someone who's an electrician's, that's a family friend. Go and ask them about being electrician's. How did they like being electrician's? Do they like the job? Doesn't pay well, or if Electrician's is not something you would pursue for hats. Uh, I don't know. Being a fashion designer, Asselin, that you can that you know of, or perhaps only you run into that works in the fashion design industry. How did, like, how do they like being a fashion designer? Is that something they desire? Are there good benefits to it was the pros and the cons. These are questions that you want to ask someone in your I feel that you're looking to pursue. No, I wouldn't stray away from that. And let's say you wanted to become a drummer and ask your friend if he or she sees yourself as being a good drummer, because then that requires you to have a thick skin because they may try to steer you away from pursuing your dreams of becoming a drummer. So for the best bet, I would highly suggest that you ask someone in that field that you're looking to achieve, or perhaps going vacation of yours or whatever your dreams or goals may be that you get insight from that person who's been there and done that 3. Create an Agenda: Hey, how's it going? My name is Dr. Brian Wharton and today I'll be presenting create an agenda. So first of all, create an agenda is related to the previous lesson that talks about goal setting and creating your own goals. And with that being said, I want you to map out your time. So when you map out your time, you know what's important to you. So you want to begin with your goal in mind. And when you begin with your goal in mind, you allocate your time for what matters the most. By allocating your time for what matters most your able to get through your day with completing the big tests first before you move on to the smaller and little things. And agenda, by the way, is a visual to see what matters the most. This is something that you can think of as a meeting agenda. It tells you what your Undo from point a to point B and so on. And also you can also post this on your refrigerator door in your living room and your bath or were ever to help you keep a reminder as to what you're gonna do throughout your day. Now, it also provides structure to your day. And in another lesson I'll talk about time management and how you can manage your time. Creating your own chart, which will be our next lesson. So list of what matters the most is listing the task that matter the most to you. So having the most important tasks come up bursts, and then deal with the little stuff later. And you save time by rewarding yourself because you deserve it. So once you complete your, your big tasks at hand, and you find that you have little time left over to use throughout your day, you can go ahead and give yourself a reward yourself with a cup of coffee or, and giving us some, some ice cream girl going out to a fancy restaurant treating yourself, right? That's something that you deserve for the hardware that you put in throughout your day. You can also ask yourself this, are you making your agenda for you? Or is it for someone else? I mean, if you make an agenda for yourself, you know what you're gonna do for your day and how you're going to handle it. However, if it's someone else's telling you what you're gonna do through your day. It's like they're in charge of your day. So anything they say or do, it's pretty much your disposal sold. They tell you what to do and you just have to follow it. And this is some sort of all making your agenda so you can dictate to yourself how you're going to manage your time. Now aside from this, are you asking your love wants to do all the accommodating? So if you are doing that, I mean, that's one way of looking at saving your time because if you have in-laws and maybe a mother-in-law or father large Solon, was actually helping you manage your time. They can help you with the big task while you also complete your task on your own, maybe you have to go to work and they had to watch the kids, whatever they can help you allocate your time. And most reasonable way it is. Now, once you completed your big tasks, you want to narrow it down and write down three most important tests. A, you have to complete moral and think about those, and conquer those tests at him, burst, and then go on to little things later, begin with the most important tasks first, and then fall with smaller tasks afterwards. Like I said, now, if you don't get to complete the small test, no problem. You've finished the bigger test and that's what matters the most. So in our next lesson, as I mentioned earlier, I'll go through steps and showing you how to manage your time using a time management table, which I'll have an attachment for that in our next lesson as well. All thank you for showing up to this class and I hope you had a good day. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I look forward to your questions and your comments. Thank you. 4. Time Management: Hello everyone. This is your friendly dr. Morning here to share nevertheless than and this Tom, tom all time management. So if you look in your files for resources, I've attached a resource that's an external link to a PDF file that helps you to develop your time management schedule. So let's go ahead and get into the lessons tonight. First of all, I want you to organize your time. When you're at work. Would you place important documents anywhere? No. You want it. So why would you do that with your time? I mean, if you have a schedule and you know what you do from, let's say it O'clock in the morning to ten o'clock. One, I'd do that with your schedule. Organize your time benefits you to plan your day ahead. It also helps you to find the time in your day to get things done. This is, I can't elaborate more on this. 5. Follow Your Passion: Hello. Welcome to another lesson of discover your purpose and seven steps. My name is Dr Brian Morton. And in this specific lesson, uh, titled discover our Yeah, I discover your passion is based on a couple of quizzes. Now, what I would like you to do is take a moment and follow the links that I provided in the specific lesson to find your passion. And once you take the quiz is what I would like you to do is send me a a message which is on the Simon and let me know what you're discover. Passion is I have discovered my passion by taking the quizzes as well, and it's basically basically related to my career at the moment. So what I would like you to do is just to go ahead. Excuse me? Take a moment to to follow it. Um, the links to these quizzes there's a couple of links that I provided for you to take and find out what your your true passion is. I hope these links are beneficial to you so that you can discover your passion. And hopefully you'll let me know on assignment that I provided you with what you're discover passion is I hope you enjoy. Okay. If you have any questions, Bill. Frito sent me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you, but 6. Creating Balance in Your Life: Hello, my name is Dr. Brian morning and welcome to another lesson. Discover your purpose and seven steps. Now this particular lesson is titled achieving balanced and it's less than eight. So what I wanna do is introduce you to the first slide which states creating balance in your life. And this is based on an article that I found by nausea in 2017 who wrote, there are five simple steps for creating balanced in your life. These five simple steps include the following. One, take a break. Number to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Three, avoid negativity or learn to prioritize. And five, pamper yourself. So let me go through each one of these. So first of all, when you pump when you take a break, excuse me, you want to avoid anything that's pretty much stressing you out. So if you have a lot of work to do, maybe take a break, maybe take a little walk around the office or go outside and take a breath of fresh air and then come back and do whatever you have to do. And then second, embracing a healthy lifestyle and balls, pretty much knowing that you're eating right? Exercising a daily. And you're, you're pretty much getting out and changing your environment and drawing some fresh air or getting some sun. Whatever you need to do in order to embrace your healthy lifestyle. Now that x is avoiding negativity. So anything that you've may have think about that's negative and your mindset, you want to avoid that. Also, you may want to avoid involving yourself with people that may bring you down or, or negative in general, you want to avoid those type of people because they can ruin who you are and ruin your day. Next you want to learn to prioritize. And these are things that I've covered in my previous lessons that if you make your agenda and you know what's important to you, you'll be able to fulfill most of your day, knowing that you've fulfilled things that were most important to you. Rather than going on and filling it, you have to carry on to the next day, next. Pamper yourself. So this, by all means necessary, this is most important once you have fulfilled or learn to prioritize things that were more important to you. Once you have fulfilled those tasks, then by all means, go ahead and pamper yourself. Go out to the movies, go get yourself some ice cream coffee, goes to the beach. If you want, whatever you need to do in order to fill that, you have completed a job well done next. So taking a break, you want to take a couple hours a day. It's relaxed or on the weekend. 7. Feel Content: Hello, welcome to another lesson of discover your purpose and seven steps. My name is Dr. Brian Wharton, and this lesson is about how to fill content. So let's get started, shall we? So first of all, do what you love. And I say that by means of relating back to Section 4, Lesson 8, which is where you took your survey and to learn your personality tests and perhaps what career best suit shoot. I hope that you make the most out of those surveys that you were able to take in? If so, In your personality tests, leave a comment or or email me and let me know what kind of personality type you you are. I'd like to hear from you. So let's continue on with the lesson. You'll discover new found joy from doing something that you love. And also you'll discover ways to connect what you love with other activities. Now this is something that I do. I'm a teacher. And so aside from teaching, I can relate teaching to other things such as drama, performance, poetry, short stories, what have you, the, It's, the opportunities are endless. And aside from that, since I was talking about the personality tests earlier, for me personally, I am and INFJ, personality type, which means my career types include psychologists, researcher, teacher, and et cetera. I get a sense of things, why entrance or room. So I can tell that by about how certain people are and, and get a sense of who they are before I actually taught to them and see if they're in a good mood or net. Also, I'm really interested in what is going on in other people's lives. Soul. I'm very inquisitive, if you will. And so this is why I am as far as my personal personality types. So by all means, leave me a comment or email me, let me know what kind of personality type you are and also what career suits you and if you agree with the survey or not, I like I look forward to hearing from you. Okay. So without any further ado, this is my time for this particular lesson. I hope you enjoy it. All right, Take care. Bye.