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Discover Your Life Map! A Vision Board Workshop.

teacher avatar Pej O, Visionary and Intuitive Writer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Into tro Discovering your Life Map.

    • 2. Importance of Visioning + Project Materials

    • 3. Meditation for Visioning

    • 4. Vision Boarding Time! Starting your project.

    • 5. Completing Your Vision Board

    • 6. You Did It! + Get The Best Out of Your Board.

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About This Class

Hello! Discover Your Life Map is a Visioning workshop and a certified fun class, where you go through a powerful, creative and transformative technique to create a vision board using your intuition.  Some people say a vision board is an inspiration board but with the technique I use, it's not.  The vision board you will create from this workshop will give you clarity if you feel stuck and will help to draw out all your suppressed dreams, goals and life aspirations that you maybe do not even talk about anymore, but you still feel something when you think about them. 

You should take this class if:

1. Living in this distracted world is causing you to lose focus of the important goals for your life, career or business and you feel that the things you are working on might not necessarily be the right ones for you this moment in your life.

2. You feel stuck in your work, business or a particular area of your life and not sure of the next step to take.  If this sounds like you, then you have boundless opportunities to turn things around by taking this class.

Creating a vision board is the very first step before you start a business or do anything major in your life. Using this technique is the easiest and most fun way there is.  After this class, you will gain motivation and clarity around what to focus on in order to open up the next phase in your life. You may even be absolutely astonished at what it turns out to be.

"If you cannot get clear on the outcome of your goals or actions, you are setting up yourself for failure". 

Anyone at any age can take this class, so Join me and Discover Your Life Map!

Meet Your Teacher

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Pej O

Visionary and Intuitive Writer


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1. Into tro Discovering your Life Map.: Hi there. And welcome to Discovery a life map as a vision. Good expert. I am often asked, why does my vision board not work? Abd um Miss, But nothing ever comes true. And what I found is that a lot of people actually create treasure maps as a post of vision boards. Right? So what's a treasure map? A treasure map is when you take a board. I cut out a picture off the things that you want you pasted on the board. I still it'd everyday hoping things were going Teoh come alive. So, for example, you want a new car. So you cut out a picture of a Ferrari and you put it on the board. You could take a picture of a new house and you put it on the board. You can take a picture off a camera computer, something you want a new job and you put it on the board. And then you hope that these things were going to manifest, er come a life suit. A vision board, A real true vision board. It has the things that you need to get into the next phase of your life as opposed to the things you want that would make you comfortable in this phase of your life high on page. And I'm going to teach you how to create a vision board that actually works using a technique where you're going. Teoh, bring up all your heating goals, desires that things that you don't even share with people anymore that you want to accomplish. And everything's going to come out on a beautiful board where you would be able to come up with golds off actual next steps that you can take to get into the next phase of your life . So I hope you take this class and you create a board, and I look forward to seeing your vision board. 2. Importance of Visioning + Project Materials: So the reason why vision in is so important is because if you do not have a vision off where you actually want to go, where you're trying to get to, how do you know when you're variety so important to have a vision of what you're trying to do? Without a good vision board, you could easily fall into the traps of living in a very distracted world, right? You have all sorts of things pulling your attention. You just don't realize that your suit distracted and you end up just doing so many things. I didn't get so exhausted and you don't even know what you're focused on anymore. You're working on 10 projects at the same time. But when you actually create a vision board using your intuition, you get to zoom into and focus on and work on the things that you're supposed to be working on, right? So these are the things that are for your greater good, basically because it came from dip down on your soul level. So you need Teoh work on a board that's actually right for you. That's actually taking you from point A to B. In the next phase or to the next dimension of your life. Some people would say so here, the materials you're going to need to create your vision board first, a poster board. It could be any size you want and then a pair, Caesar's and then some glue stick or any type of glue, then 6 to 8 magazines, either ones you're particularly interested in. Or maybe not. It doesn't matter, all right, so let's get to it. If you don't have all your materials with you, that's absolutely OK. If you want to get the best out of this vision in workshop, you need to set aside at least two hours with no distractions. Zero distractions. That's right. So what that means. It's really just you planning out your life. And if you don't have the time now, that's fine. Just click on the scheduled butts and similar down below, and you put it on your calendar because if it's not on your calendar doesn't exist, right? Schedule it and come back to it because I promise you this would be will work doing this all real to the end. The next step. We're going to do a quick meditation that's going to help Teoh just get you grounded and get ready. And really zoom into this exercise so you can get better clarity once you're aboard is 3. Meditation for Visioning: So now it's time for the meditation. And if it's your first time meditating, it's really easy. Just relax and follow the steps. Selby walking you through so get in a comfortable position. I recommend sitting on a chair with your feet on the ground. Or you could sit on the floor in the meditation position and inclusion. Roy's gently and you couldn't wiggle your toes, your legs at your fingers. Jets So you're connected with your body. Now we're going to take three deep big belly breaths. Take a deep breath in and then breathe out as you breathe out imaginable the things that didn't serve you at this moment of your life, melting away. Take another deep breath in and then without another big, deep belly breath end and hold it for four seconds and just without let it all go and just take a moment and focus on your regular breath. You can keep your eyes closed now. If you have thoughts floating around, don't react to them. Just see them as little peaceful birds passing by in the skies. I now invite you to become grateful to get gratitude to feel yourself with gratitude and become grateful for being where you're today with everything, right? Your today and be grateful for all that you have at this moment of your life. Be grateful for fine in this class and taking the time out for yourself to get clarity in your life, take a deep breath in and then breathe out. Be grateful for all that you have now, knowing that you're meant to be where you're right now and everything is working out for your good. At this moment and forever, you're here to get clarity and clarity you'll get. Take a deep breath and gentle and then breathe out. Now feel a big bull of light, warm of gratitude just coming down slowly from the skies and landing right at your feet. Feel the light, go over your feet and feel it. Moving up your body slowly filling up your feet. Moving up your calls, clearing everything that doesn't serve any purpose. For your highest good. I feel the light going up your ankles, your calls, your knees going up your thighs, your midsection of your body, your stomach. Very slowly, it gently feel the warmth of the light going up your upper body. Filipe your heart. Take a deep breath in and then breathe out can focus on your breath and now feel the warmth off the light going nice and slowly up your chest, going through your throat all the way up to your forehead and feel the light just moving up from your forehead and elevate shooting straight back into the sky. We passed the universe just going all the way up. Take another deep breath in and then breathe out. Now full could see your breath again, your regular breath So you're about to work or your vision board, which will reveal your D pest passion and goals that you should be focusing on at this moment in your life. Take a deep breath in and then breathe out. All those heating goals and dreams hiding in you or you hiding from others are all going to come out, take a deep breath in and then breathe out. Now take the final deep breath in and take a deep breath out and just released them. Whatever you felt, just release it and let go of it and focus on your breath and I'll give you a few moments to just be If you're getting any thoughts, just think of them as peaceful birds in the skies and try to go back to your breath, your natural breath. - All right. So now you can begin to come back into the present moment and into your body. You can wiggle your toes gently and slowly Reagle your fingers and gently open your eyes when you're ready. Feel for it is stretch around at this point. Okay, so how was that? You can take the next 20 seconds to write down how you're feeling, or any words or any picture that came to your mind, but this part is totally optional. 4. Vision Boarding Time! Starting your project.: All right, So now that you're doing with your meditation, you should be feeling very calm and relaxed. So what you're going to do next is take all your magazines and just throw them out on the table on the floor. Wherever is comfortable for you. I'm going to do it on the table. So, peak, any magazine, anyone at all. And, um, you're going to start looking through each of the pages, taking your time being centered, So open each page. If anything jumps out at you, tear it out. It could be a picture. It could be a warbird. It could be anything. Just tear it out and put it on. You would know whites jumping out you just anything. It could be a really two letter word. Just tear it out and put it on the side. So the New York magazine's very text heavy, which is fine. But Al, just go ahead and pick up another magazine and look through it, and if anything jumps at you, just tear it and put it on the side. What you don't want to do is to spend more than 1/4 2nd looking at anything. So if a girl has nice hair. Didn't spend time saying you like a hair or shoes or clothes. Just speed through it. Tear it out once anything jumps at you and lied on the site. Right? So they should take you about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of magazines you have. So I I recommend that you said it's heimer for these portion. Um, about 40 minutes, because the time will go really quickly. And you might think 40 minutes is a long time or you could start with 30 minutes. Um, so do that. And once you're done and you have all your pages ripped out, you can move on to the next video. 5. Completing Your Vision Board: All right, So what you're going to do now is to grab your poster board for and get out and put it on the table or in the floor wherever is comfortable for you. And you're going to grab all your photos that you cut out right and you'll start placing them on the board so you probably might not know this, but your mind's actually going to guide you, so just put them really listen and it's fun. So don't think too much about it. Just place it anywhere, your board that you think feels right again. This is fun. Don't think too much about it. Just posted and a place. At first, some people stopped sticking it right away with their glue sticks. But if it's your first time, you might want Teoh. Place them first, in case you're not sure, and then when you're sure the position in then you could stick it, and sometimes you may not even be sure. Just place them so you can also start sticking it. If you I feel comfortable with that as well, and as you're sticking it again, let your intuition guide you. Say it's your mind, really guiding you as you're placing things, you notice things were going to fall into certain corners of your board and you might even notice a pattern. Some people noticed that sometimes, but there's no right or wrong hair. Just post Justin, place your pictures and start sticking them anywhere is fine. So I say, Set a timer for about another 35 minutes to post and stick all your pictures and no distractions. That's very important on Once you're done with that, you should have something that looks similar to this, which is going to be your vision board. So set your timer. Once you're done, I'm excited for you. You can move into the next video so you can please some good music while you're posting the pictures, but nothing too distracting. I aim for soft music, which should help 6. You Did It! + Get The Best Out of Your Board. : So you did it. This is exciting. I am so happy that you were able to make it to the end of this workshop. So how was that process for you? The whole vision in process wasn't that fun. You should have your board complete by now. Andi, I do hope you're excited about it. Sometimes you might feel we may be incomplete and that's absolutely OK. Feel free to add things to it later. Down the line as you go along that you feel strongly about that should be added to your board. You should also add decorative things such as rebounds and glitters. Um, whatever you want, really, I do have clients that go all out and get really creative with their boards, and it's really cool. So I really wanted think he's so much again for signing up for this class. And I'm so happy that you were able to set aside a few hours to do something so creative, so meaningful for yourself. This is also actually really good for your overall emotional and mental health. So, for the next steps, um, what you're agreeing to do is grab a piece of paper and a pen and you'll take her long, deep scan at your vision board and list out the top three things that jump out at you or scream out here and or the three things you feel very strongly about your board and ask. What are they saying to you, or what are they trying to communicate on? Dumb. Also, share that in the project section. When you post a picture of your board. What areas of your life is being shown? What is the board saying to you in those areas of your life? Again, Be relaxed and take it easy. This is not something to get old uptight about. Um, if you don't see up to three things, that's absolutely OK, you can always come back and visit your board, so I will advise you to put it up on a wall and you'll notice setting things, jumping at you in terms of it jumps at you because it's relating to something specific in your life. If that makes sense and be relaxed about the whole thing, it's going to come to you and you'll notice different things, just showing up for you amazing things as time passes by. So look out for the next class, which is turning your vision board interim Action board. And you do need action on the big vision that you're getting. Because if you have a vision without action, that really is just a hallucination and nothing ever happens, you know you don't get to move forward. So it's bean. So it's been amazing serving and creating this visioning workshop for you. Please, please, please share your finished board project and at least up three or more things that you got out of it, even if or if you have any questions as well. Um, so until my next workshop, see then and I wish she love success.