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Discover The Gestalt Principles in Logo Design

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. What are The Gestalt Principles?

    • 4. The 3 Rules of the Theory

    • 5. Gestalt Continuation

    • 6. Gestalt Similarity

    • 7. Gestalt Similarity Anomaly

    • 8. Gestalt Closure Principle

    • 9. Proximity Principle

    • 10. Gestalt Figure & Ground

    • 11. Gestalt Symmetry Principle

    • 12. Gestalt Common Fate Principle

    • 13. Final Word


About This Class

Discover The Gestalt Principles in Logo Design and graphic design in general.

Learning what each principle entails will help you to design logos with greater feel, effect and meaning.


1. Introduction: welcome to the course. It's my hope that the forthcoming information will enable you to excel as a designer. If you're succeeding in your skills, it means I'm succeeding as a teacher. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to start a discussion, and I'll do my very best to help I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up the date, please be sure to click. Follow next to my using them by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share, Resource is and when I launch contests. 2. Overview: Hi, My name's Daniel Evans. My specialty is professional log or design. I'm going to discuss with you the gash salt principles. These principles are adopted in log or design on graphic design in general, learning what each principal and tails will help you to design law goes with greater feel greater effect on greater meaning. 3. What are The Gestalt Principles?: What are the gestalt principles? The gestalt principles are based upon the theory that a pattern or configuration Onley functions effectively with the sum of its parts. Gestalt is a German word and a translate to unified hall. The definition of gestalt is often described as this, an organized hall that is perceived as mawr than some of its parts. But this suggests in reduction of something greater than the sum of its parts, which is false. The emphasis is on the fact that the sum of the parts amounts to something entirely different down what they would be if they stood independently. When the parts stand independently, they often mean nothing or very little. With this theory, considered a total of six six principles were founded, each adhering the theory that I've just described. The six Gestalt principles are continuation, similarity, closure, proximity. Sim agree on figure on ground figure and ground being the singular principle. And so I'm going to proceed to divulge and elaborate upon each of these principles where the principles understood you'll be able identify hundreds of famous law Gore's, which adopt them an intern. You can bear them in mind as you put pencil to paper to design your own 4. The 3 Rules of the Theory: the sex cashed. All principles rest upon three fundamental rules. So the first of these rules, as this object will be perceived in their simplest form. This essentially means that the human brain seeks to see things in the more simplistic form because simple is more comprehend. A ble. If a log or design is simple, it could be understood unrecognized at a mere glance. On the flip side, if we perceive a complex image, the brain will strive to make some sense of it by taken liberty to simplify it itself, it will seek common, recognizable shapes. UN components The next rule. As this, humans naturally follow lines and curves with this point in mind. Weaken developed log or designs which, although separate and components can look complete, since a brain automatically follows a path linking components landing the unification of an overall image. Not only that, we can draw attention to a certain point. From point A to point B all Amazons case from a dizzy. The third and final rule is this. The mind will attempt to fill in detail when it isn't actually they. By now we should be familiar with negative space and law goals negative space is the portion of a law goal, whether it be the similar type, which has no substance, it is an effect, a gap. The's void areas are not only used to distinguish ships, but also or whittle the log or down of its substance to make it as simple as possible. In many cases, there's opportunity for large portions of the graphic to be removed, since in a well executed design, the brain automatically fills in the blanks to complete the image. Thes three rules, like the principles themselves, aren't independent from each other. They are actually complementary to each other, each giving weight to the next, quite often to log or designs can have several of the principles at work also. So these are the three rules in a nutshell, and I've given enough information a summarize. Each will be exploring the rules in greater detail as they emerge. When we explore the six gash adult principles 5. Gestalt Continuation: So let's focus on the principle of continuation or continuity, which pertains to the gashed all theory. The principle is justified with the following claim on my court. Continuation occurs when the I is compelled to move through one object and continue to another object. Assuming this claim is correct, this is because the brain doesn't favor any sudden or unusual changes in a line or patent. It figuratively seeks the path of least resistance, which delivers floor and continuation. Continuation occurs when the eyes are driven through a path, often from one object to another. In this primitive example, this formation of dots will be commonly seen as two lines, not how color isn't even dominant enough to drive our eyes from their natural course. Despite the colors, most people will perceive a straight line on the curved line. The brain is riding the path of least resistance, following in cohesion with its comforting expectations. Again, in this example, we see a series of archers upon a horizontal straight line in that description, as exactly how people depict it, an arch upon a straight line. The instances, a top and bottom left identify what we see, regardless of color, application use of color in a bid to drive the I in another abrupt direction fails as illustrated by the instances on the right. The images, despite use of color on the fact that they consist only of a formation of dots, will nearly always bay perceived as two lines on arch on a straight line in this series of dots, the I's might begin at the left, but after finding nor familiarity, it will immediately seek refuge at the right hand side of the image where there is a great a cluster of dots on high starting point from the our vision, take security in this path and follows it to the left again, resolving with the conclusion that the cluster as a whole is a representation of a walking four legged animal, our vision is literally driven with the direction off its stride. In this log, all its apparent which direction our vision takes. The swoosh of the cross bar of the H, comprising of half negative space, creates a depiction of a washing wind currying our eyes from left to right following the wind to meet the ornamental feature leaf, which is one object to another in the Adidas logo symbol. We see a series of three neighbouring shapes which grow incrementally. This create a ramp, and so our eyes feel compelled, as many would reading text to start from the left, working towards the right from the less to the mall. Not only that, but we are carried upwards. This is a particular quality of the brand being sports this forward left to right and upward visual, Dr portrays athletic improvement and progress almost like a bar chart signifying positive growth. The Nike Lorgat needs No. One reduction, but there's still margin to elaborate upon it. The symbol is called the Nike Tick, a tick or check marker. Some may call it functions extremely well, since it's assemble, which depicts approval correct, iveness UN success. This concept fits in extremely well in the sporting industry. However, there's more to it beyond that, the Nike symbol, despite it, sheer simplicity, carries a huge degree of figurative movement. Our vision is undoubtably driven from left to right, since there's more substance on the left, where the eyes find their starting point and starting point is an appropriate term, since this ship can be depicted as a speed trail analyzing its form, we could imagine someone starting at the left and running at a great speed off into the distant volition point on the right. Our eyes then, are technically running the race from left to right. The Nike log or therefore manages to capture figure it of movement in abundance, and the visual forward drive is so prominent that this serves as one of the more simple yet effective locals ever made. So this concludes the coverage of the Gash salt continuation principle. To summarize the continuation principle is a powerful technique and log or design which we can use to take control off visual floor on direction. 6. Gestalt Similarity: Now we're going to focus on the gash salt principle of similarity. Of all the principles, this is probably the easiest to understand. Similarity is present in a design. When all elements look similar or the same in a group or pattern, the similarities can be in shape, color or texture. The claim is, and I quote, given a choice by the brain, a person will select the simplest on more stable form on which to concentrate. So when all elements look similar to one another all the same, we often perceive them as a single group or Patton taking a look of the settler squares as an example, we don't see no appreciate each individual ship. Instead, we see an absorb the appearance off the collection as a whole, and many of us will see not only the squares but the grid formation between them in the negative space that is the power off the cluster. It gives something entirely different by grouping together the same thing. Now, if we color these squares, we get something entirely different. We don't say the collection of squares as hall anymore or the grit. Instead, we say four different column sects upon agree background saw this firstly demonstrated how we can create single units from shape and then how we can create single units from color. Taken advantage of this weakened deliver entirely different concepts from the same form. We aren't just limited the grouping by use of color. However, we can create groups of similarity by way of utilising different shapes, sizes and orientation. In the top box, you'll notice eight squares on the right and eight circles on the left, each treated as an exclusive group. Despite the consistent arrangement, the groups are established by shape. In the middle, we see a concise arrangement. However, the two groups are distinctive again. Three large squares and eight small squares. These groups are established by size At the bottom, we see a tidy, inconsistent arrangement once again, but we perceive to groups squares sitting flush horizontally and squares sitting at 45 degrees. These groups are established by orientation. We can also consider another taxed ER, though arguably this is one that pretends to color, since different textures have different colors. Still, however, it's want a bear in mind. Here we have the fox tell local with a simple but thoughtful arrangement. off the same a circle. In six instances we can see across shape and then a circle at the top right, which as a whole form a singular lower case F ship. This makes for a very simple, yet effective local design symbol. The NBC law goes a favorite of mine, and it's one that's commonly used to demonstrate log or design principles because it's so effective. The men feature of its composition is that it's composed of the same repetitive shapes in 1/2 circle formation to depict fellas with only a slight cut out in the purple segment the log or is viewed as a single unit, a peacock that she a level of simplicity by repeating similar shapes results in a solution , which is not only pleasing a look at but immediately identifiable, making it a rock solid, highly effective symbol. Here we have the law goal for high end I A league, and my best guess is thanks to the fine execution of the quality symbol is that less relates to football or soccer, as you may call it, the symbol seas repetition of the same single ribbon style graphic repeated three times to form the circle or bowl. The negative space gives hint to the segments of the ball to making this a fantastic solution. Unqualified symbol. This goes to show that a well developed element thought out carefully through sketch in can be replicated to develop an aesthetically pleasing single symbol. Sun Microsystems has a law goal which utilizes the principle of similarity to the symbol comprises of a condensed U shape which is copied and flipped horizontally to form an s shape. This is copied three times, rotated 90 degrees in each instance with the symbol is a whole rotated 45 degrees. The copied you ship to form the single s rather than the traditional flowing one piece s gives assemble a pleasing, an interesting dynamic This symbol on court writs Four instances of two different elements . Here we have a pill shaped underwater, a droplet shape copied three times each at a 90 degree angle to the next as a whole. Those shapes make for an interesting, neat symbol which is perceived as a single unit. So that's a general overview of the gestalt similarity principal. The principal rides on the fact that the same or similar element repeated can make for very interesting, balanced and consistent designs where the hole is more effective than the sum of its parts . So quite often we need only focus upon a single element, keeping a repetition in mind, considering how it might be copied to achieve a tidy, singular on defective symbol. 7. Gestalt Similarity Anomaly: the gash Adult Similarity principal yields another aspect which we could regard as a sub principle. As discussed, the similarity principle is based upon the fact that we regard collections of elements to be a single group or pattern. So introducing the anomaly on anomaly is when there is an instance where an element in the group or Patton does not hold resemblance to the other elements. The anomaly is the aspect which stands out. It's the black sheep in the patent or the star of the attraction. It is that element which does not adhere to the consistent rule very much like the primary similarity rule. An anomaly is graphic design, which can be defined by any off or combination off the following four suspects ship sighs, color and orientation on anomaly can make itself known to stand out from the crowd, employing any of these qualities. Looking at this log, all your eyes are likely to immediately be drawn to an error and the otherwise consistent Patton, perhaps notice that one shape looks odd. The overall pattern is composed of I ships to reflect the word invisible, and the central shape disobeys the rule with the bottom portion sporting a shape of a necktie to reflect the agent aspect. It also suggests that agents are disguised again. This is the anomaly in this case, the clever point of interest. This is UN anomaly, defined by shape. This graphic, which initially looks like a cluster of consistent squares, reveals its anomaly in the center. The smaller square stands out amongst all of the surrounding squares, which share the same size, So needles to say this demonstrates the anomaly of size. Looking at this graphic, we can immediately identify that we're looking at a collection of six squares. But despite Colors and Patton, we know that the top right hand square is the odd one out the top, right and square as the anomaly on that one that expressed through orientation. So, having given an example of each of the four aspect relating to anomalies, let's take a look at some law. Gore's would share those traits on it. Maybe guess what aspect each local holds, whether be shape, size, color, orientation or combination of them. Before I reveal here, the NBC local makes yet another appearance since it to features anomaly. And it's this anomaly which seals the entire concept. The anomaly is the cut out in the purple piece, which makes it differ from the others and in turn defines the symbol as a peacock on the ships as feathers, with the head looking to the right upon its central body within the negative space. This is an anomaly based upon ship in this log, or you'll see three similar see ships the shapes might otherwise form and neat triangle within the negative space. However, the anomaly set at the bottom right of the symbol, and it's one that based upon a shape offset. So this is an anomaly based upon orientation. Here we have the mobile ogle on the anomaly. Here is a fairly obvious one, despite a formal blue being employed for the taxed, the all stands prominent in bright red. This is a color anomaly, and it's rumored that the always colored red to aid and pronunciation. This is a very apt, tax based local, featuring its anomaly in the type. This, too, is an obvious one or an obvious to here we see the A with a left portion Messan whilst leaving and attacks completely legible. Saw two is a colored red to bring further attention to it, distinguishing it from the other characters. So this log or boss, both a shape onda color anomaly. So this concludes the anomaly aspect of the gash salt similarity principles. Here we've learned how we can make use of shape, size, color, onder orientation to establish on anomaly creatively and our local designs. 8. Gestalt Closure Principle: you were going to discuss the gash Salt principle of closure. The principle of closure applies when an element or space is not totally enclosed, but with adequate hints. The brain figuratively clauses the shape to simplify it, uncomprehending it, looking at the first example there is nor presence of a light bulb on Lee. It's a metal fitting below or a hand because the hand is ship. Like the bulls, however, our minds automatically regarded the bulb to be they at least at first glance, we perceive the negative space to be the glass of the bulb, and our brain bridges the gap between the bottom of the fingers and thumb to the metal fitting to make it a singular object. In this case, we immediately identify the image as a football or soccer ball. A surrounding circle or filled circle isn't necessary, since the formation of the Pentagon ships lends to the suggestion that they are applied to a sphere shape, and so we immediately depict this as a ball. This principle, specifically using a football, has been used countless times in popular law, goes representing football leagues, and not only with Pentagon shapes, but a whole manner of different elements. He will have the famous ponder of the WWF for World Wildlife Fund. There's more than enough visual information. He had to suggest that this is a panda. However, it's composed in a very clever and minimalistic way, which establishes its charm in that the head and body parts are not closed. Instead, the perceive A is trusted to instinctively clause those areas on endurance or the head on the body become figure it of solid shapes and the whole panda is brought together. Here we have a law goal labeled one constructions. It's composed of one main component repeated three kinds to suggest a raw of buildings. We can see the original shape on the far left due to the cut out in the shape. Right of this element, an illusion is established to suggest that the front of the buildings which are actually nothing more than negative space or indirect light our minds instinctively make this saw. We essentially closed the top and bottom of the light part of the building regarding it as the front face off a three d shape in this case, a cube. This principle of utilize and negative space in this manner to give the illusion of a three day shape is absolutely rife in log or design. In this case, we see a circular arrangement of five circles with slices removed from them. Those removed slices as a whole give the immediate illusion that there's a star within the neck of space. Therefore, our minds don't only close the shape by wave and visage in straight lines, but also the corners where the point meat the closure principle as a used commonly in type two in the A, A log or the portion of the stem between the top and middle arm of the A has bean eradicated in confidence that the perceptive mind will fill in the blank and claws this shape. The execution of this design was based upon trying to achieve a sense of movement and speed from those two lines to coincide with the subject of games, particularly sports games. If they wanted to, they could have potentially removed the stem of the A in its entirely to be left only with the three horizontal arms, and it would still be a perceived as an uppercase e. Here we have the famous all the F one local representing Formula One racing. We say the black F at the left and a speed trail to the right, sitting between and the negative space. Working in perfect harmony with the shape of the arms of the F, we can see the number one. Our minds therefore, have bridged the bottom and top gaps to give this otherwise avoid space, some degree of figure of substance. So that concludes overview of the gash salt closure principle. The closure principle is always at work when we perceive or develop on effective log or utilizing negative space. It's a phenomenon which makes highly create of a law goes. It just goes to show that an effective image isn't always about throwing something literal and absolute in front of someone's eyes, since the brain quite often is its own artist. 9. Proximity Principle: So now let explore the gash salt Principle of proximity. The principle of proximity takes place when individual elements are placed close to each other to establish a relationship, which in turn makes the group appear to be a singular entity. Here we have a symbol comprising of bodies with their arms extended as a singular piece. That's all. Each element is bodies with arms extended, however, when they are grouped in position creatively the form and effect of an aesthetically pleasing tree. Not only that, but they appear to be forming at whilst flying. This marks a concept well executed, since it carries both meaning through the proximity principle on it carries figurative movement in this log or for flagship Gulf. The symbol consists of three shapes in close proximity. Their positions establish a singular Enderle, making use of negative space to conjure figures of substance or to be specific white stripes. The three Greenpeace is grouped in close proximity form a green and white striped flying flag. Those three pieces, independent of each other, would hold very little meaning and would simply looked like green ribbons at best. Here we have a more intense example of the proximity principle in action, ah, whole range of different images of food or clustered tight together and positioned intelligently to form the shape of a car with broccoli as the exhaust fumes. Naturally, these images separated would hold nor meaning beyond that of food which they represent and the wheels would be carrying nor meaning whatsoever. The creative grouping of these elements, however, carries meaning a car consistent of a college of images of food assisted by the company name suggests immediately that food is being delivered. The Unilever law go adopt exactly the same approach as the last log. Oh, here we see a whole range of different objects clustered together, each giving a hint towards a certain product which they manufacture and retail. Again. These images separated would hold absolutely nor meaning other than what they represent in the group. However, they sit in such a way that they form a year ship to reflect the company name on the sheer wealth of different products that the company producers in this log or design represent Norway. For the sake of tourism, we can immediately identify that there are three parts to the symbol, primarily Judah color were then likely to realize that these three parts are functioning and cohesion and forming a landscape comprising greenery, lick or see on a mountain. Those elements, alone at a push on Lee, represent those individual things. The mountain concept will probably be lost entirely, since it doesn't have assemble lately. Other two were then lightly to realize that the negative space forms a person with joyful, upward reaching arms, which represents not only a great concept and execution, but another solid reason why those three elements are working together in harmony. In this case, this law go for blue water features 3/2 striped circles. It would be anyone's guess what each represents. If they were separated being the same, each wouldn't give a clue any more than the next. Grouped together, however, has thoughtfully as they are. The component represent a body of water were three waves, the NBC log or Mex, its appearance again on for good reason. The Shapes group together form half circle, assisted by the shape of the negative space on the anomaly of the head, and the purple piece obviously represents feathers of a peacock. If those ships total on, however, they certainly wouldn't be regarded as that This law golfer American Palate consists of five pieces of cutlery under plate arranged and away and colored to depict the American flag. The singular components would simply be knives, a fork, spoon and plate. Needless to say, it's obvious why these components are working and harmony to deliver the concept of American food. So that wraps up the gas stalled proximity principle overview. The examples have demonstrated that element shouldn't just be regarded in the state that we see them as individual entities. We need to consider to how well they might work in a unified whole to present something which holds great aesthetic on a deeper meaning. 10. Gestalt Figure & Ground: let's proceed to explore the gash doll principle of figure and ground. When we observe an image, we instinctively differentiate the subject on the surrounding area. The subject is regarded as the figure on the surrounding area, the ground we can release two on. Remember this by assuming a figure off a person stood to be upon a back ground. We can use various methods to meld, figure and ground in highly creative ways in art and lawful design is no exception. Looking at the first example in this image, we perceive the silhouette of a running man carrying a plunger. The plunger, at first glance looks like a solid component, when in fact the only solid part is the circular inner plunger cup. The plunger at first glance looks like a solid component, when in fact the only solid part is the circular. In it, off the plunger cope the handle and outside of the cup or mere negative space. In fact, the negative space isn't strictly the plunger, since the horrible ship could be removed and it would leave a perfectly formed running man with nor plunge at the base scene. This is the beauty off this particular design. In this case, the running man under circular energy of the plunger is the figure the solar cheap and the handle of the plunger. And the outer cup is the ground, the negative space, both employed very creatively in this design to deliver a highly effective on impressive piece for a plumbing business. In this symbol, we see your ranch as the object or figure in the gap of the wrench the ground. We can perceive the shape of a house, it appears, then, as though the wrench has a firm grip of the house reflectively. This suggests that the house is being fixed sooner or prizes, then for guessing the nature of this business, since it's being communicated so brilliantly through the medium of such a simple design. Analyzing this symbol, we see a dog sitting alongside cut the dogs here is pronounced, since it's not actually part of the dog, the figure but the ground. Most importantly, the cat, with the exception of its eye, is also the ground, too, with creative recession in the figure the ground is exposed and actually becomes a figure of highlight, which is seen as part of the image rather than a lack off it. This law go for rides which are designed myself for Car magazine depends wholly upon the ground for the symbol hold its meaning. Upon analyzing the symbol, the perceive ER is likely to understand by way of the negative space, the ground that the image represents. An abstract front facing car where the ground is running through the symbol in an arc shape denote a windshield and the recesses at either side depict headlights in this log. Or we can perceive a detailed tree as the figure with birds above, after which time we can identify an ape on the left hand side and ally in on the other, each defined predominantly by the negative space the ground. In addition of this, upon close inspection, we can also observe three fish jumping out of the water at the bottom of the image in this log. Or I guess, that the majority of people looking at it might first perceive the snooty looking female face, the concept of which assisted by the company name. The majority of the circular figure defines her mass of hay, and the details and the negative space defines her snooty expression were then likely realized by assistance of the company. Name again that the negative space can be perceived as a peacocks body. With that massive here now taking on the form of its feathers, this is figure and ground utilized in creative effect. In this log or for Newcastle Food and Wine Festival, there is a figure shape, which represents a fork to depict the food aspect in the ground. Between each prom of the folk, we can depict wine bottles which reflect the wine aspect with the comprehended. The entire figure of the fork can then be understood to be a large wind Kanda like the snooty peacock logo. Not how once we perceive something in the ground, the figure can be given an entirely different alternative, meaning thes marks on very simple but highly creative and well thought out designs saw this concludes the overview off the gash, salt figure and ground principle. We've observed some fine examples, demonstrating that the elements which are essentially absent are just a Zim Porton as those which are present together, they can be employed to develop an image which has the mind dancing around, observing an otherwise simple image in a variety of different ways. 11. Gestalt Symmetry Principle: time to take a look at the gash salt symmetry principle. The symmetry principal rides on the fact that elements which are symmetrical to each other tend to be perceived as a unified group in a similar yet opposite fashion. Elements, which are not symmetrical to each other tend to suggest a state of being external from the group. This is because humans prefer cemetery over a cemetery. Here. Symmetrical forms those which are not symmetrical tends to be seen as dis arranged and chaotic, giving a field off uneasiness. Symmetry is a natural trade of nature. We need only consider the look of ourselves as human beings on animals to appreciate that in most cases there is a symmetrical form, similarly, gives us a sense of balance. Conflict on security. Here we have the X box symbol, which, with a deep meanings aside, is composed of a circle and an axe in the negative space. This symbol has one line of cemetery up the vertical. This basically means that merit left portion to write or vice versa. The top is different from the bottom, however. He has the Gucci log. All their symbol features a G flipped vertically Merode and overlapped with the next to form a single entity. This symbol to has a line of symmetry on the vertical. Next is the CBS log, or it's plain to see that it's composed oven. I ship with the white of the eye being the negative space on the circle, the iris or on and large people, so being human organ at sports, a degree of attractiveness to us with its vertical on horizontal lines of cemetery. Here we have the Honda log or the letter H usually has two lines of symmetry on the horizontal on vertical. But this is only one on the vertical due to its flared form, so the top on the bottom is different. Their symbol manages to achieve dominance, confidence and a great deal of balance. Here we have the famed McDonald's local. It could be regarded as consistent of two archers, true to the plural called in Archer's. Despite the strength of the overall brand, this serves is a very aesthetically pleasing, an attention grabbing symbol which bossed she s simplicity. The symbol as the M shape is a symmetrical in accordance within the margin Eri vertical central line, he would say another symbol, which features a line of symmetry on the vertical. The Volkswagen symbol, or barge, features an arrangement of shapes which depict of a under W within the negative space inside of a circle surrounded by a ring. We can appreciate that this has a vertical cemetery, which makes a design Petraeus sense of stability. Unreliability. The Starbucks log or features a great level of detail which might otherwise pressure the mind to comprehend it, at least at first glance, leading potentially toe overall uneasiness. The cemetery, however, lends to establish order and rule and makes the image a lot more easy to look at aunt Take in. So that cover symbols, which are mostly connected as a single unit, these air aesthetically pleasing. Because of the cemetery, however, the principle still applies perhaps more saw when elements of an image assemble are actually apart. Despite being independent of each other, elements can appear to belong to a group because of their seminary. In these examples, you'll see this at work not also how symmetry helps to establish other Gash Nault principles and how those principles to eight in the principle of symmetry, their scores to show how all of the gash told principles are essentially ender connected. So that concludes the overview of the Gash Nault symmetry principle, which proves that elements of the same appearance are regarded automatically by the brain to belong to the same group. 12. Gestalt Common Fate Principle: So now let's discuss the gash dolt principle of common fate. The principle of common faith suggests elements with the same moving direction are perceived as a collection or unit. The elements do not have to be moving though the can be, but they must suggest motion for this principle to be applicable. In this example, this flock of 12 birds will no doubt be seen to be heading top left or northwest. To put it another way, the reason for this is twofold. Most evidently, the birds are in an arrow formation with the are all pointing in the direction of travel. Secondly, they naturally face their direction of travel on the individual overall form, including their wing ships dictate the direction that each bird is flying awards. This figure it of movement is the single me, which bonds the birds as a group. This is the common fate in a more simple fashion. This cluster of six circles appears to be a single unit, since they all together suggesting, are all pointing towards the right. The brain automatically, however subtle, assumes this cluster to move laterally again. This is common fit, and each circle defines the unit here we see 24 squares, it would otherwise be tidy formation of squares. However, there some squares independent, unsmiling, all and size at the bottom right. The brain will depict these squares as falling from the main group from a previous perfect state. Therefore, we have two groups. We have the remainder of the perfect group on. We have those squares which are breaking away from it, the smaller squares depicting falling or great a depth which is the common fit of that set of squares. This image we see six circles in a line. There is no difference to these circles, apart from an arrow facing upwards or downwards. Two distinct groups are perceived by this, those which are going to travel upwards, a north which have gone travel downwards, even if that's the case or not. By a way of this suggestion, the two groups are not only created by the visual form, but by the assumption of what is to become off them. In other words, where they will travel in this symbol, we see a series of switches. Each appears to represent the line speeding forwards where, perhaps, given this feel, sends the nearest all largest portions off further right than the volition point in the right hand side is assumed to be associate it with coming or going forwards because each line and the group follows the same direction. At least with regards to the concept, the entire image is assumed to be a singular track or speed trail. The direction is almost definite. The fate of each element is bound in a similar fashion and this log or design for Melbourne 2010 cycling we can see a swoosh of overlapping colored circles emanating from the distance again were given the feel of the components sweeping forward since they figuratively moved towards the right in the direction in which we read the text. So the direction again is almost certain and all elements are adhering to the same fate. So this concludes the overview of the gash told common fate principle. The examples have demonstrated how certain characteristics of elements can lead the perceive er to group them into parts which ought to be subject to the same condition. This is known as a common fate 13. Final Word: well done for reaching the end of the course. I hope the information has proven valuable in extending your skills. As a designer, I post new courses on a regular basis, So if you want to stay up to date, please be sure. Click follow next to my user name by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share Resource is on when I launch contests.