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Discover Six Secrets For Success In Live Videos!

teacher avatar David Lucas

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Going Live Class 1

    • 2. Going Live Class 2

    • 3. Going Live Class 3

    • 4. Going Live Class 4

    • 5. Going Live Class 5

    • 6. Going Live Class 6

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About This Class

Several social media platforms such as Facebook, Periscope and You Tube offer a Live Streaming option at the touch of a button. Unimaginable only a few years ago, now you can reach out on Live Video much like a celebrity in Hollywood or New York with no fees! Just jump on Live!


Of course, the process is not that easy. In this course, Dr. Dave Lucas carefully itemizes the skills you need to bring to bear on s Life Stream moment. He will guide you past the pitfalls and give you secrets to success. Listen! Learn! Then Go Live!

Meet Your Teacher

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David Lucas


Hello, I am Dr. Dave Lucas!  I walked away from a tenured position at a research university in order to blaze a new path.  Believing education should be flat and accessible, I bring you these series of informative vignettes. “Lifelong learners quest for knowledge, insight and wisdom. They recognize truth. I teach when they attend.”

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1. Going Live Class 1: Hi, everybody. I'm Dr Dave Lucas. Dr Dave Lucas. That's a PhD to bachelor's degrees, two masters degrees and a PhD. And that means nothing in these classes because we've leveled the playing field. But I tell you that to just let you know that I've got quite a bit of experience in teaching why that's important to use. You want to come back to each one of these classes to discover the secrets to success and going live. I've been doing this now for over three years, going live that IHS. He came out on Facebook and I went wild with it, but I had seen that before on periscope on other platforms, you can, too. It's simple. It's fun and economical to get your word out, regardless as to whether you're pushing a product or your religious organization or your community group. Whatever it issue Congar alive before we do all that, I want to set the record straight and let you know that at the end of this six Siris of classes, you'll need to do your own project, go live and then posted here so that we can all watch. But on this first class, I want to give you some hints that will help you really, really do a good job in going live. You punch up, go live and you have to wait about 3 to 5 seconds for it to actually come up. It will stay dark on Facebook, and we primarily are talking about Facebook. Live, and then it will hit and you'll be able to go live second. You want to make sure that you hold this phone horizontal. Make sure you don't get your hand over the camera, your finger over the camera lens so that you see a big finger in the middle of your presentation. We can't see anything at all. You're going horizontal because it feels the screen makes it a lot better. Actually, you ought to do all your pictures that way too. I know sometimes, like for special occasions, buildings and trees. You want vertical, but for the most part, always go horizontal. Always look for when you get ready to go live at what kind of data stream you've got or what kind of wifi signal you've got. If that data streams low or that WiFi stream is low, it won't be as easy for you to get live and stay long. Sometimes they surrender. Sometimes it'll kick you off. But it is a lot easier to go live with a phone and all these new smartphones, the way they put them out, the cameras air. Great. The audio suffers just a little bit, but let me give you an example. Let's say you're somewhere and you see a calamity happening on accident. Somebody, her something going on, Punch it up, keep it horizontal and make sure you pan slowly. So here's what we've learned this first class that I'm Dr Dave Lucas and I'm qualified to teach this because I make my living going live second. You want to hold your phone? Horizontal. Look for your data stream or your WiFi signal. Make sure you've got plenty. Punch it up and wait a few seconds and then it'll hit and you'll be live. Don't be afraid. You can move the camera a little bit, but if you move it, don't jerk it because it's harder for people to watch. Now you want to keep watching so that you can do your project. At the end of these classes, there will be six. This is the 1st 1 I'm Dr Dave Lucas, giving his six secrets toe going live 2. Going Live Class 2: I am Dr Dave Lucas, and you're watching six secrets to going live on the Internet. We talk a lot about Facebook, but there are other platforms you can use. Facebook's hot because of the way they use live. It gets out there quick and the computer lows to generate those live presentations a lot faster than still pictures and so forth. So what we want to do is go back and make sure you watched our first class. If not, you need to go back and get down when. If you're catching this one, this is class to, and we're glad that you're watching. Thanks a lot on Dr David, because I hope you'll continue to follow my work as we teach you on going live in other aspects. We taught you that you have to hold that phone horizontal. It's a lot better, and you get a lot more stability yet check that data stream. But also here's something they're very important. Frame that shot. I always go to video if I've got time. If I've got time, if I'm not come up on an accident or a calamity of flood or something going on, sometimes you just have to hit live, raw and go. But if you've got a moment to set that shot, go to video on your phone and check and see what it's gonna look like. Then you can actually go to the platform like Facebook and go live. Also, with that video, you can check your lighting because sometimes lighting is a curse. You'll have. The frame will be real white on one side, dark on the other. It's difficult. The lighting is always a problem, so you want to check your lighting as well. Remember that no matter what, you got to check that background. You don't want a real cluttered background. It's critical for you to think about background. So sometimes you're the producer and the director and actually setting the shot up as to what people are going to see when you go and we'll talk about another secret in Class three because there's something special about turning the camera around that we want to talk about. But it won't do that today because we want to make sure we keep the short and sleep because you're a busy person and you're actually interested in going line. One other tip that I would recommend to you that if you get a moment and you're going to do something, live yourself, put on something blue. Whatever reason, Blue Pops and all of these videos, and especially in line. So if you're going to do a selfie video live, you'll want to have on some blue. I'm Dr Dave Lucas, and today we learned three items that are very important for us to go like. First of all, you want to make sure that you've got some pretty good lighting going on so people could see what's happening. Sometimes you can't help, but it's a night shot. You got to do it anyway. But you want to check your lighting frame, your shot and video if you have time before you hit live on Facebook or whatever platform you're using. And finally, I think blue, if you could get around something blue that makes beautiful shots. If not, it's OK, but I'm just giving you some insights that really pop those videos of make you Ah, hot commodity on the live state. I'm Dr Dave Lucas, and we're talking about lie six secrets to making a successful live video you can do this. We're gonna be asking you to do a project at the end. And so let's keep working together. Go back and see Class one if you didn't see it. Thanks for watching class, too. 3. Going Live Class 3: Hi, everybody. Dr Dave Lucas here. And we're teaching of the six secrets to going live. And in this you'll be able to Bush product your narrative, your story, whatever it is you want to display an emergency, a calamity, whatever is going on, you can go live as we do this notice. I put on a blue shirt because Blue Pops, you can't always be in blue. I know that, but if you're going to do something, where you're going to talk to an audience, live yourself trying to be in blue for all possible, stay away from stripes that does crazy things to cape. Now let's talk a little bit about progression. This is all about telling a story. Now I know that you probably heard that before, but a good novel sales on its conflict, the plot, every live video should have a plot and every live video have a beginning, a middle and an end. It's just like a public speech. So think in terms off you're the director now. Ah, beginning intro like we did in lesson What we had Class one. I gave you a little intro who I waas and how qualified I Waas to be able to do this for you the second there's a middle, get to the story as quickly as possible. Notice. These videos are not very long because attention goes out the window pretty quickly and finally bring it to a close. Somehow closed the book or the chapter backup. So we're doing live, right? Well, what you want to do. If you're going to do life and there's something going on and you're telling a story on boots, for example, start with, Ah, big beam or a bar or something and then slide over to the boots. Something like that. And as you close out, you can always slide up to a tree or slide up to something special. That's a little different. In a way to close your narrative should be the same on Intro A Middle and an End. These are not static posts. These are live stories, so tell a story. No matter whether it's a one about some kind of calamity on automobile wreck, somebody's hurting somebody sad family in trouble. Whatever you're going alive about, beginning middle and think in terms of color, vibrancy, movement notice. I'm moving a little bit to kind of keep your attention. That's what live videos all about. Going live means progression Plot. It means making sure you tell your story with a beginning, a middle and an end. Well, now we come to the end of this video. But before we quit going to let you know, go back to see class lawn if you didn't catch it So you can get those six secrets class to also cause this is class three. If you're not keeping count, I am. And I'll see you next time. I'm Dr Dave Lucas going live. 4. Going Live Class 4: Hi, This is Dr Dave Lucas, and this is Class four Ongoing alive. It's important for you to discover the six secrets to going live so that you can go live now and push that product or that narrative that plot whatever it is you want to tell. And those stories are everywhere. A little child riding a bicycle, a child on a swing. Ah, Mom, Collecting all kinds of kids for soccer. You as a mom, your daily routine. People watch this. They love it. You could become the next live star. Well, even if not, I won't tell you this. When you go live and there's not a soul watching, don't worry, it'll improve. When I first started going well, I've only had a few people watch. Then, all of a sudden, as I continue to go lime or more people subscribed or watched or like to my page on Facebook and got a lot of followers. I've got a good client who's a mayor of a city. She started going live and boom. It improved and made her candidacy for the next run. For you political candidates, this is critical. All that. I'm saying this spend some energy. That's what this class war is all about. You cannot go live and talk like you're about to pass out. You've got to be a little energetic. You gotta smile a little bit and be positive. Nobody wants to watch someone whose home drum, brokenhearted and terrified step out of yourself a little. That's why we're asking you as a project in this class to make a live video at the last part of this series and posted so that you'll be able to tell everyone I learned to go live . Now. Also ahead, I want to give you if you set up a tripod or if you do a live selfie. Remember this when you turn that camera back this way, if I'm filming you this way, taping you doing, you live this way, all the writing, everything will be alright. But if I turn the camera back this way, any riding behind me ghost backwards. Quite bizarre. But remember that because people say, What is all that writing backwards so kind of. Keep that in mind and, as we've said often in some of the other videos where blue when you are going to do a video if at all possible, but most importantly, be happy about it. People love watching energetic live videos is very, very important. So stay energetic, stay positive, say happy and get out there. Punch that button and go alive. I'm Dr Dave Lucas, you watching? Four. And we've talked a lot about progression, excitement, energy, happiness, positive power and learn to small. 5. Going Live Class 5: Hi, I'm Dr Dave Lucas, and this is class five on discovering the six secrets to going live. This whole idea of going live on several different platforms, but especially Facebook is very powerful and can be very profitable. But let me tell you something very important. If you go live and it's very, very orchestrated, you've planned it all out. A lot of times, you can write out your headline in advance. If you do that, remember this secret in going live word efficiency. When you finally go live, give your audience time to warm up and to catch on what's going on. Facebook and the other platforms will send out the alert, but it takes a few minutes for them to get on. But you don't want to. Terry. When you're going live, you've got to be in and out like a guerrilla warfare. Quick, efficient and powerful. What that means is 3 to 5 minutes gnome, or unless you're following something very, very important. I did a live presentation on some young ladies who won the World Softball Championship. That live video went three hours. I kept a great audience, but most of the time you will never do that. You know, if you're gonna talk about bath salts, you'll want to have something happy, powerful, quick and get in and out because they're not going to listen for 12 15 20 minutes. You talking about bath salts or eye liner or whatever it is that you decide you want to go live about. So it's word efficiency, not only in the headline but in the live video. You can use a tripod if you want. If you turn it this way and put your tripod and you're going to do the presentation, start the live video, then walk around and walk into the shot, especially if you've got riding in the back. If not, you don't worry about that mirror effect of flipping. You could do it this way, kind of touch it. Go live and then go off. But remember word efficiency. Stay away from burbs like is, are waas? Were those air all passive verbs and you don't want to be passive? Try to think in terms of punch, pull, push, shove action verbs. That's what brings people to your video, and that's what keeps them there while you're alive. So if you're describing a far truck. If you're describing weather conditions, all of that meets good active verbs. So be word efficient. Don't take long. Just like these courses. I'm trying not to go very alone because you're busy. You've got lots going on. You don't hear me. Drone on and on about live when you got your life to live. So I'm giving you the techniques. I'm giving you the secrets. It's up to you to make sure they apply. I'm Dr Dave Lucas and we've taught you in this session that you need to be word efficient in everything you do be active and powerful and let's go live. 6. Going Live Class 6: Hi, Dr Dave Lucas here and, you know, sad for me, but maybe good for you. The last presentation, Class six. This is where it all comes together on discovering the secrets to success and going live. I'm gonna help you do this, and you can do it. But you know what it takes you deciding now to take all of these six classes I've given you and punch that live button and make it happen? If you're going to narrate some kind of live action, speak closely to the microphone. You don't have to shout, but you want to talk like now you see, the fire trucks are moving on down the alley and so you're giving some commentary. If you decide you want to do that or let the night live action, just work. If you take somebody else live, make sure you focus on them and follow them. And don't pan quickly or jerk around. Remember the hold heros horizontal because that's the best way you're going to get a full caption and a full screen. And remember that all of these lives have very special meaning and purpose. So don't just hit live unless you just want to walk around, but some people do that, But most of the time there is a purpose of beginning a middle and an end. You'll want to make sure you do that for your life Now for your project. We've been talking about it all this time. Don't go long. Make it about 3 to 5 minutes. It could be about anything. Maybe you've got a favorite cat or a favorite dog. You'd like to do that first, not yourself. Or flip that camera around and go live. And remember that if you do that, hold that to the point so that you get off fairly full screen. Try to have on Blue of Possible. That's always good pops for the camera, but finally have a story to tell and do that with word efficiency. We have given you six powerful sets of secrets to going live. Now it's up to you. You'll never go live. You'll never feel that exhilaration. You'll never have the fun of doing this. If you don't just start, this may be out of your personality. You may not be comfortable. That's why I'm here to call you out of your comfort zone and go life, please get that smartphone out. Set it up. Check your signal. Hit live and make it happen. Living life is better when you're going live. Don't forget your assignment from this class is to go out, make one live, post it, then share it to us so that all of us can see your success. I'm Dr David Agus. This has been your class on going on. Please catch our other classes as we post them and make sure you get out there and go live .