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Discover How to Make Your Own Personal Change Action Plan

teacher avatar Jeffrey Yeomans, Published Author & Leadership Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Personalchangeintro

    • 2. Personalchangesection1

    • 3. Personalchangeconfidence

    • 4. Personalchangecompetence

    • 5. Creation

    • 6. Communication

    • 7. Cooperation

    • 8. Changeconclusion

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About This Class

Each section of this training will include actions steps for you to take.  These actions will take you through each step of your journey to successful change and goal achievement.  All change and goal achievement begins from within.  When you want to change anything in your life you need to work on your confidence, competence, communications, cooperation and create your action steps. These are the five main steps in the process of completing your journey to goal achievement, creating habits, and undergoing change. 

As you work through this training you will build upon each step until you have been successful. This training will work for any change you want to make and any goal you want to achieve.

In the end, you will proudly say to yourself that you are the one who has shaped your character and existence. 

  • Your world is constantly changing and if you let it change you, you will always be impacted by external forces.¬†
  • You have to take the reins and try to own the responsibility of changing yourself. ¬†
  • By changing from within, you can radically change the outside world.¬†
  • Change from within is more substantial and meaningful. ¬†
  • Likewise, you can put yourself in control of your destiny if you will take the initiative to change and improve ourselves from within.¬†
  • Follow the action steps in this training to build upon your desire for change and learn to implement successfully.¬†

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeffrey Yeomans

Published Author & Leadership Coach


Scientists Say 92 Percent of People Fail to Achieve Their Goals! – IS THIS YOU?

Congratulations – You have just found a better way to achieve your goals!

I am curious, have you ever failed to reach any of your goals? Do you often start working on a goal and then get stuck?

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When you follow our step-by-step coaching process, you will see amazing results! Regardless of your goals – we are here to help you reach them! Moving forward is the key to SUCCESS.

Everybody knows coaching will help you achieve your goals, develop your personal development, and build your leadership skills... See full profile

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1. Personalchangeintro: Hi. My name is Jeffrey Omens, and I'd like to welcome you to this course on your personal change plan. Discovering the untold story of success and change within this course, we're going to talk. Vote a few ways of helping you go from where you are today and changing and implementing change to where you want to go in the future. So the course contents will include an introduction, uh, chapter on confidence, a chapter on competence, a chapter on creation, communications cooperation. And then we'll finish it off at the end with a conclusion. Each one of these sections is not just a narrative of me speaking and explaining things out . There's actually action steps and a process in which you can use to help you move from one section to the other until you've reached your goal at the end. When you're doing that Porsche, when you're doing the action steps, I suggest you write them down. There are lines in the presentation. If you want print out the presentation, you certainly can and use those lines to write out what it is that you're doing in each step. Alternatively, you condone it on a piece of paper, But I always suggest that you write it out and don't always use a computer. To type it out because we're writing it out makes it more physical. It's it's more intuitive and a way of putting it into your mind and into yourself. 2. Personalchangesection1: so I'd like to introduce you to section number one. This is the introduction and in the section we're gonna go over change. And the fact that most people have majority people do not like change. They like the status quo. They like their current habits, their current activities, their customs and that comes right from childhood. Most people have been given their habits, their activities and custom street from Calgary from their parents and from the grand parents. So your reaction to any change that you're having difficulty implementing is natural. You do not need to get down on yourself. The fact that you don't you can't break through out of your comfort zone. Remember that it's natural to resist change. And when you think of the the laws of physics, you can think of the law of inertia, which simply states everything tends to remain at rest or in continuous motion unless acted upon by an outside force. So when when you're thinking about your resistance to change, you need to understand that you can overcome it, and you can achieve your goals and substantial results in your life. But the only way to do that is to follow a process so that you can make the change that you want and achieve it rather than falling back into your old habits and activities. So when we talk about change, most people think about organizational change From a business perspective, that's the you know, the topic that most people talk about when they talk about change in the workplace or change change. Change is, it's about organizational change. That's a very complex process where you have to engage a lot of different groups and different people. Most of the change that I'm talking about, his personal change change that you can start from within yourself, and it's different than organizational change. Sure, you could get help from others once you've decided to make the change. But in most cases, this help is just to keep you on track as you develop better success habits. So you need to realize that all the change that you implement even organizational change comes from within, because if you don't engage in that organizational change, you're not gonna change and you're gonna fall back, and that's going to impact the organization. But that's not what we're talking about here today. We're talking about personal change. It can be just as difficult as organizational change, but it doesn't have to be and because it doesn't have to be. If you focus on a simple model that begins with changing from within, you, you'll be successful. So you don't have to have somebody demanding that you change from outside because that won't work. You can only affect you. Nobody else can affect you. You you you have to decide to change. You do yourself. There are ways to reduce the resistance of change. Yes, there is the best. The best way to reduce this resistance is preparing yourself for any change. And I suggest this even an organizational change that preparing yourself and being prepared for any change that might come along will make you able to adapt to the new change that is occurring within the business. So once your internal resistance to change has been overcome, the external transition will become possible and clearer and easier as you move forward. So again, it all begins with inside you. The internal change, like a is like apparent change. Change it, it's necessary to achieve no start over here. Your internal change is like apparent pair start over the internal change that you experience is necessary to achieve any external change, because the only change that really matters is what comes from within you. So keep that in mind. Always that change has to come from within. You people could try to force change on you. But unless you accept it and you're willing to accept it, change will ever happen. So at this point, I'd like to talk about why you should listen to me now. My name is Jeffy Romans. As I said, there's a picture of me and my wife on the screen, and I have over 31 years of experience in industry, and during that time I worked my way from a trainee all way up to a manager. And in doing that, I've had to embrace personal change in my life and personal development in my life to become the person that I needed to become to do the activities that I needed to do to have the opportunity to move up the ladder of success. As you can see, I have quite a bit of gray hair, and I like to blame that on the fact that 19 of the last 31 years. I've been in leadership roles where had to implement change and guide people through changes in a way that was both beneficial for them and beneficial for the companies that I worked for. In the last 12 years, I've spent over $27,000 on leadership development, training, coaching and change management training. I've had to do that in order to make myself a better person and improved my success rate with the people that are working with. And in the last nine years I decided to focus on helping others through a coaching practice . Most of that coaching is about life coaching, but I do do some business coaching as well. But primarily it's about changing your internal beliefs so that you can reach the goals that you want to achieve. So, as I stated at the first, every section of this training has an action plan. These actions will take you step by step through this journey to achieve the change that you want. So to begin this process, I'd like you to write down the answers to this to the following questions Action step number one and again write this down. Think about the change you are considering. Please write out the change you are looking to undertake and be specific when you're writing it out. Don't do it. Generalized. Uh, action plan, Action, step Statement. Do something that's specific Action. Step number two. Now that you've written out the changes you're looking to undertake right out the end results that you actually want to achieve by making this change, and sometimes that would be different. And there might be different ways of obtaining that goal. Uh 3. Personalchangeconfidence: Welcome back to Section two in this section. We're going to talk about confidence and how your confidence will enable you or hinder you from accepting change in your life. So when we think about change, we understand that you need a lot of confidence in order to step out of your comfort zone and make change in your life. Confidence is an internal feeling that people have about their self worth in there, uh, self assurance that they can actually do something. And when you lack confidence in any aspect of your life, you're not sure if you could make the change that you need to make and this gun hold you back from taking that first step or second step towards making the change or, you know, obtaining the goal that you're looking to a che obtain. So in this section, we're gonna talk about how we can focus on building your confidence and making it a lot, uh, easier for you to to take that first step on, get out of your comfort zone. So when we think about confidence, it's broken down into about seven items that I like to talk about. The 1st 1 is The first part that you have to do when you're talking about your confidence is doing an assessment of yourself. Now. I've been through a lot of these different assessments in life, every training that I've done on leadership or habits or building, you know, different programs that that I've been in. They always ask you to do a self assessment to you. Find out where you are on the wheel of life, and that's what we're really talking about. Here is is the wheel of life is you know the five different areas of your life, whether that be physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual. Those of the five spokes and out of a you know, it's a self assessment that you do where you determine on a scale of either 0 to 10 or 0 to 5. Either one works, uh, where you rate yourself on where you are in these different areas of your life. Um, and usually there's an additional one in there that deals with money and finances so you can have as many of these as you want. But you need the five Corps aspects of your life to be looked at and to determine where you're at now. You're never gonna have a complete circle of sevens or tens or even twos around that wheel of life, because at different times of your life you'll be higher and spiritually and what you will be in physical and you'll be hiring emotional than you are intelligence at Sometimes when you're working really hard and focusing on finances, your social life may weighing a little bit, so you'll never gonna be 100% circular. But you need to assess where you are today and when you're contemplating, change where you have to make changes to facilitate those changes that you where you want to change in those aspects to obtained the goals that you want to obtain. So that's the way that that is used. And you know, it's a very simple but details self assessment that you can do to find out where you are right now. The next item is it's about your comfort zone now humans 10 to remain in their comfort zone . Majority of people will stay in their comfort zone because they understand it because it's not challenging and they get to ride along and do a little bit of effort, but not a whole lot of effort to go through their life. And some people are comfortable with that and hate. That's great. But for people that want to make change or go after important goals in their lives, that's when you need to be able to get out of your comfort zone. So the way that I use the comfort zone is to rest and relax so you can get into your comfort zone at certain periods of the year or even in the day. But other times you've got to be pushing out beyond your comfort zone in order to make change in your life. You don't want to stay in the comfort zone for very long because, as you do, he becomes stagnant. It becomes easier and easier to remain in that comfort zone, so you need to consistently in routinely push yourself to change and inspire for a goal or something else in your life that you could strive for. Once you've done that or in the sing at the same time, you want toe, look at the goal that you want or that change you want to make, and then look at your self assessment and your comfort zone and determine how far away are you. How far do you need to change to reach that goal or that change in life that you want to obtain? So it's very, very important as one of the primary steps towards reaching a goal or making a positive change in your life that you realize you need to change in order to obtain that goal. And that requires growth. It requires a growth mindset where you're willing to take those steps that you need to to get out of your comfort zone, to elevate one of your levels of, of, um, aspects in your life, whether that be physical, mental. If you're going to do weight loss, for example, that's your goal. Or you want to make a change in your life where you lose weight. You both need to get physical and intellectual and even emotional, and you may also have to have some social in that change in order to make it successful in long lasting. So that's where you use those three. Once you've determined that, you need to make sure that you're open to that change in making the necessary steps in the action plans to reach that goal. So you need to be open. You have a lot of negative programming in your mind rate from childhood. Most of us have negative programming that we're putting, you know by our parents by our grandparent's by our social people around us, where being in the comfort zone was easier and better. And, you know, most of most people would have had parents that said, You know, take this course so you can get this job and retire after 45 years. Well, those things no longer happen in this. In this world that we live in today, you know, we have to think about change more often. We're not going to graduate from university and go into a job where we're going to remain stagnant on an assembly line for the next 40 years. That's that's not the way the world's working today, so you need to make sure you're open to the changes that need to come from within you so that you can make the necessary changes in your life to reach the goal that you're seeking . One of the other things that you need to do is do a cost analysis for the change that you want to make. And when I say it cost analysis, it's not all about money. It could also be about the effort that you need to put into it the cost of the effort. There may be cost associated with the people around you and your social standing with people. These are all costs that tend to When we look at them, they tend to hold us back. And, you know, keep us in that comfort zone because if you think that it's gonna cost money to do something to make the change, you could be reluctant if you think that if you grow and the people around you are not growing, that you're gonna have to find new friends than that can also be a cost. And you have to weigh those costs against the goal that you want to achieve and the change that you want to make. So you need to do a cost benefit analysis of the potential change and find out if you're comfortable with, you know, starting in that direction to make that change and see what happens when you when you do that, you never want to be changing for a negative purpose. You always want to be changing for the better. Now this means that we're always trying to improve ourselves. We're not trying to regress and move backwards in life. We need to always be pushing forward in a positive manner, always looking for a step up versus a step back. So you need to make sure that if you're going after a change that it has positive connotation in your mind. Because if it doesn't have a positive cause connotation in your mind, you're going to sabotage yourself and push back from making that change subconsciously. Now the next thing is change or control. Do you want to be in control of your life and the status quo? Are you willing to accept that they'll be conflict between where you are today and where you need to be, and that will bring you outside of your normal control in your life? And that's what changes its stepping outside of where you're comfortable, where you're in control and making the move forward to a different place. That's a positive place in your life. The last step in confidences. It's between internal and external change. Unfortunately, many people get impacted by external change, such as a job loss, a failed marriage or financial problems where there impacted by something external and they might not have any control in that. So they're forced into change, and that could be very stressful. It's better that if you can internalized the change that you need to make prior to an external, uh, change being implemented on you. So if you can change in your mind and prepare yourself prior to any change, then you'll be much better off. And that could, you know, it's difficult to dio. Let me stress that because, you know, if you're working in a job 40 hours a week, do you want to be spending another 10 hours a week on training? That will make you more attractive to a new job. Should you lose the current one, we don't. Most people don't look at life that way. They think all I've got a job now and I'm comfortable with that. So you know I want to go out with the boys or girls with girls, had a few drinks tonight when you're thinking proactively and thinking about internal change, your thinking you know, what can I change in myself to make me a better person and more attractive to whatever it is that you want to change into whether that's attractive as a plea or attractive, as you know in some other aspect of social life. So when we look at confidence, you know there are action plans that weaken build around that, and we'll talk about those now. So we understand that the first thing we have to do is assess our current skills are current capacity within ourselves and how confident we are to making a change. So that's the first step. Then you have to look at your motivation to make change. Do you have the drive to continue on and take action steps towards your change? Are there opportunities for you to grow personally? You know, can you learn to perform new tasks and activities to make yourself move forward in a positive manner towards your goal or change that you want to make? So these are all questions that you need to ask yourself when you're looking at your confidence level towards making change. So I suggest in an action step number one for this section Why do you think you have not already made the changes you want and write this down? You know what's holding you back currently from making the chains that you're looking to to make today? You know what is stopping you from making that change? Is it fear of loss, security and the status quo right down. You know why you're not making the change? You know what's stopping you and then try to identify in this action step. What is holding you back? Is it loss? Fear loss security. Is it the status quo? Are you know, just staying in your comfort zone? Write it down on a piece of paper are on this document if you printed this out, and that will help you determine where you need to work. So then, once you've done that, you should take action. Step number two, which is list some information, skills or training that you can undertake to support your desire to make change in your life. So look at you know, actually, step number one Look at the change or start you're trying to make. And then what action steps can you take, You know, is there information available online that can help you make bridge that gap of where you are today and where you want to be. Does it require you to learn new skills? He likely does. Is there training to be taken? You know, Is it formalised training? Is it training on one of the learning platforms on online? These are things that you can actually identify and start building your plan for making the change. So once you've listed out what's holding you back and then what information skills training that you think? 4. Personalchangecompetence: So in the last section, we talked about confidence. And in this section, Section three, we're gonna talk about confidence. Now, when you talk about competence, you have to understand that knowing you need to change is one thing. OK, but knowing how to change is much more important. It You know, a lot of people know that they have to change in late, but they don't have the competencies required to make that change. You need to have the tools and the abilities to reach your goals when you set out to make change in your life. One of the things that you know you can use when you're looking to make a change is use systems and processes that are already developed by other people. Most change that you want to make in your life has been tried and accomplished by somebody else. And in this day and age, many of these people have, uh, recorded their journey to making change. And you can learn from that you may not have the exact scene a somebody else did, but you can use their systems and their processes to make productive changes in your life. So when we talk about competence. We're talking about using these systems and processes of visualizations, affirmations and mental conditioning that you can use to make the change that you want to make. Because change is all internal, whether or not it's being forced upon us from the outside over deciding to do it on a Rome , it's an all an internal process within her mind. We have to start with our mind, and we have to make sure our subconscious and our conscious online so that we can make those changes occur. So when we talk about competence, we're talking about visualising success. So that's the first item. And when you visualize success, you can start with the end in mind. As Steven Covey set, you process something as if it's already happened. So you visualize that you've already completed the change and you were successful in doing that and visualizing the end goal being accomplished by yourself in the president's state. You know, looking into the future. But you're assuming you've already done it trick. So to speak your subconscious mind into believing that you've already, you know, made the change and they should be in it should be comfortable with making that change for you, and it helps the subconscious mind start working towards that change in a successful in positive manner. That's the way visualization works. So you're visualizing it within your mind side. Uh, the change, actually, having occurred in the present tense, then you want to assess your current assets and talents. Now, everybody, everybody on this Earth has certain talents and education and assets that they can use to make positive change in their life. Some people believe they don't, but that is in their mind as well. And once you're able to break out of that, you know negative mindset that you have, you can actually use your talents to move forward. So you need to understand where you're weak and where you're strong in terms off your talents so you can figure out you know where you need to build and improve and where you need to spend less time focusing. So these are all things that you can do. Once you've assessed year, your talents that you currently have, then you need to clarify your reason and the goal, the ultimate goal that you're trying to have. By making the change, there's a saying out there that says nothing can stop a man who has a clear view of one he wants to achieve. You need clear motive, motivations, and it clear goal with a fixed time frame, and that will give you in inner confidence to start taking the necessary steps to reach that goal. So once you've got clarity around, why you're doing this and go deep when I say that, you know, we often think of Well, you know, I want to make more money. Why do you want to make more money? You know, is it to buy a bigger house? Okay, well, why do you want a bigger house if you keep on asking yourself? Why five times so, everything you're thinking about when you're thinking about a goal, think about why do I want that? Then write that down and then think, Well, why do I want that? And write that down? Once you get down five levels of why you will be very close to the the ultimate goal that you're trying to seek. And once you arrive at that ultimate goal that you actually want, there'll be many different ways in which you can obtain that rather than just, you know, 11 way. So that will help you, uh, help you change in an effective manner so that you can move forward quicker and in a more successful manner. And, you know, back to what we were talking under confidence. When you're talking about competency within your mind, you need to change any negative programming your habits that you currently have. Uh, the most effective way of removing negative programming in your mind is to overlay something positive on that negative, uh, attitude that you have and slowly break the habit of negativity and reinforce it with something that's more positive. And this does take time. You know, change is not something that you just snap your fingers and it occurs. And changing habits that you've had for the last 20 years will certainly take you time and energy to actually change those negative habits into more positive ones so it can be done. But you have to be committed to making it happen. Now I use mind maps a lot, and it's a very effective way to outlining all the different ways that you can achieve your goal and make the change that you want. So I suggest making a mental mind map for change. And if you want to, you know, write it down on a piece of paper to make it more strong in your subconscious mind. So mental, my maps or my naps and general can guide you to your desire change so you can do a step by step, uh, mind map that will help you go through the different actions that you need to in arrive a jury and goal If you use the mind map again, that comes back to the visualization product process because our mind works and pictures, and by understanding that if you write things down and you make mind maps with, you know different structures in your mind, it will enable you to change your your mental my nap into something that's more positive. And once you're in that positive mindset, you'll be able to go after your goals and achieve them more easier. Once we talk about visualization. There's also another aspect that we can use to help trigger our mind, uh, and our subconscious mind for better trump. And that is affirmations. Affirmation is a statement that you're making to yourself in a positive manner and in the present tense. Okay, so if you repeat that self affirmation, this will allow you to change aspects of your life. But it requires daily hourly repetition for a considerable amount of time. One affirmation that I've read recently in a book that I thought was quite interesting and I've actually taken taken it up is I'm so happy and grateful Nail that Money wants me and comes to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a daily basis. That is it, as is an affirmation about money. You know, there's I have another one that's a boat, just abundance. It's I'm so happy and grateful now, but no pause. There's one that I also have about abundance that I find very effective, and it goes something like, uh, God's wealth and love are circulating in my life Now. God's wealth and love flows to me in avalanches of abundance, all my needs, goals and desires instantaneously by the infinite intelligence. I am one with the infinite intelligence for the infinite. Intelligence is God. Now those two affirmations I repeat daily many times a day when I first get up in the morning and before I go to bed are certainly times when I focus on that. If I'm driving by myself, I repeat that many times, and it keeps you from getting into a negative mind. Set it. It helps you stay positive and upbeat about the way your life is going, so I find it very effective. You also want to, you know, if you're changing your mental mindset, you also need to look at your good and bad qualities. We all have them. You know, we all have habits that are both good and bad. So make it to do list and list all your negative habits and how you can improve on those negative habits to turn them into a better, more productive have it that you can change over time to overcome your bad qualities in your life. I find this very effective again to write it down and to list the things that you believe are negative. Have somebody else review that with you friend, family member, and then you don't focus on ways to change those negative negative qualities within yourself. And the key with changing your competency is rewarding yourself. What I tell all my coaching clients is to compliment yourself every time that you've made a change towards your goal. And when you've completed an action step, celebrate, celebrate in, you know, finding something that, um, that you really, truly enjoy, whether that's going for a coffee or, you know, a Starbucks or anything like that that you know you can celebrate and use for yourself as a as a thank you gift for making the changes that you need to do in life. So when we talk about an action plan for competence, you know you reviewed this information in this section. Karpin's You learned different ways to assess your current level of skills in your current level of mental awareness of change, and you've also written down ways that you can improve upon your skills. So make changes listing your negative listening, the changes that you want to make doing those things, and you have to remember that all learning and improvements comes within you. You need to change your mental attitude, your subconscious mind, and use the tools that you have to improve your other skills so that you can move forward. So with that in mind, let's look at action step number one. So why do you think you've not already made your change? You know, let us stopping you again right out your answers to these questions. What skills do you need to improve and be more successful? What type of mental mind map can you make that will help you make those changes in what is the first step you're going to take towards making the change of reaching the goal that you need to, so think. 5. Creation: welcome back to Section four on creation. So when we look at creation, we have to understand that most people have developed the habit of procrastination in their life. This habit can be very detrimental to success and to change. If you want to create something great, you need to initiate action to achieve it. To achieve that goal, you need to act. So when we're talking about personal change, it can only happen if you changed from within on. I've stated this a couple of times. There is no way that any other person in the world can control you as much as you can control yourself. Other people can influence you. You can influence others, but you can't force anybody else A change and nobody else can force you to change. All change comes from within. We all know that everything in this world is changing so fast. You know there's developments going on all over the place, and whether we like it or not, we need to change for the better or we'll end up getting left behind. Either your environment will create your personality or you will create your personality through embracing change and making improvements. on your terms, and that's what we're talking about. When we're talking about creation, it's making the changes that you need to make so that you can improve on your own terms. So, over talking about creation, remember that action is always better than in action. If you want to achieve something great, you need to initiate action to achieve that school. Initiating the action is almost the most difficult thing that you can do because of procrastination. People hold off. They wait there, you know. Is it the right time? Is it not the right time? Should I start today? Should I wait till tomorrow? Well, tomorrow might be better day. There's always procrastination. And what I always tell all my coaching clients is action is better than inaction. Start to day, even if it's a small little action. Take the stuff and do it now. The next thing when you talk about creation is you need to be self discipline. You have to develop better habits, ones that you'll used to discipline yourself to make the necessary changes to become more optimistic so that the habits will become difficult to break because if you can put a positive spin on your habits, they will become more difficult to break now. When we're talking about the action steps, divide each one of those activities into tasks, smaller tasks. And when you're talking about US task, make sure there's always a timeline associated to all tasks, all actions, all activities so that you put it a deadline on each activity to give you something to focus on. So if you can break down any activity in two tasks, it makes it twice as likely that you will be able to reach it because you'll have eight plan of action that will help you move forward. One of the things that we talked about when we're talking about personal change is breaking down your old habits and unlocking them. You know that could be very difficult. But if you if you associate a better habit with an old habit, you can change the habit by unfreezing it and making it something that you can actually change. So if you want to make change, you need to alter your habits. We all you know you hear it all the time about delayed gratification for future satisfaction. I'm a poor person is capable of sacrificing the present satisfactions for more gratifying future satisfaction. And this is very key because as you're going through your plan, you cannot get deviated from the action steps that you need to take to get instant gratification. Because if you do that, you're going to fall back into old habits and you're not going to see it through. So always remember that delayed gratification and the success that you'll feel when you reach ago will be much more enjoyable. Never give up. It takes consistency to overcome and pull away from your old habits. You must not give up when you relapse or when something gets in your way. Always pushed through. Learn new habits to cement any action in your life. You need to break your old habits and create and cement new habits into your life, and this takes practice. To do it consistently, you need to take responsibility for any change that you want. Do not leave your development to the mercy of outside forces. You must take responsible for your own personal growth and do not wait until a job loss or a change in the economy occurs before you take that responsibility and move yourself to become a better person so that you can get a better job and improve the life and have a life that you want. Now, when we're talking about action steps under the creation section, the challenge here is always to you. Make a change for the better. If you can take the challenge and start creating new steps in your change patterns, many doors will open for you and I. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I've seen it happen so many times. New possibilities will be created and happiness will never be far. Be behind that those possibilities. I've seen so many people just make a small change in their life and doors open. So positive change. Once you begin with, you know, building yourself up and focus in on internal habits and goals, you will see the external world improve just because of the way you're looking at the external world. So when we talk about action steps action Step number one for this section is right down your high level action steps and create smart tasks. Smart Pass are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time based rate down each task with a time deadline to complete that task, so write them all down. Then once you've written them all down, complete one of the tasks at a time and start today. Complete one task, then complete the next task. Complete the next fast until you've reached the goal that you want to make in your life and the change that you want to make and by following that process and do not procrastinate each day. Get up, Complete your action step. Complete the action steps that are required and you'll be able to move. 6. Communication: now that you've created your action steps in your change plan, Section five would discuss communicating that plan. So one of the best ways to make personal change reality is to tell other people about the change you want to make your environment, and the people you associated with can affect your ability to change. They can either be behind you or they can be negative and try to block you from making that change. So you want to make sure that you engage with people who have a positive attitude towards change and want the best for you so that it will enable a successful change to occur. You need people to help hold yourself accountable to making the positive changes in your life that you need to make to be successful. It's that simple. If you have people holding you accountable, it helps you to move in the direction and complete the task that you need to complete and the owner to make the change in recitals that you want. So when we talk about communicating, we're talking about your environment so your environment will play a vital role in shaping both your character and your ability to change. In some instances, you need to actually change your environment to make changes in your life. If you're around a lot of negative people who just want to force you down and push you down and not let you grow to the person that you want to become, then you actually have to remove yourself from the influences of those people in that environment. Now you can do that in a couple different ways. You can, you know, break things completely. Write off or just spend less time with those people in more time with people with a positive attitude, your significant other a person that you rely on the most. Your wife, your husband, your partner can help you kick any bad habits that you have, and you need to make sure that they know why you're making the changes that you want to make in your life. This will heighten their awareness. If you want to really manifest some things substantial in your life, you need the help and inspiration from others. You know, in my experience, I've used a lot of audio recordings from coaches and success, uh, presenters and other people to help motivate myself to make changes in my life, and I found that to be very effective so you can use different ways to, you know, manifest a mindset that you can use to make the change that you want to. You want to surround yourself with optimistic people, choose people that inspire you to help you reach your goals. Find people to associate with. That will push you forward rather than hold you back. Optimistic people can challenge you to reach higher goals. It'll help you face any challenges you have when you're making the changes. If you're around optimistic people associating with people who are actually going through the change just that you have that you want to go through are already have will help us well so you can actually grow with these optimistic people around you as well. You know there's, you know, 25 to 30% of this population that actually look at the brighter sides of of life where the glass is half full. Rather, the glass is half empty, and that's the type of people you want to associate with. If you want to make positive change in your life and you actually want to look at any character issues that you may have that that holds you back and break those habits so that you can take responsibility for your life and move forward. So when we look at communicating the action plan around, communicating is is talking about it right? The action plan involves detail in your goals of the changes. You want what you've already done in in the creation section and then following up by telling others about that plan. Use these people to help you keep focused on the activities you need to reach your goals and asked them to hold you accountable to your own personal plan. And in doing that action, step Number one is list your goals and the change you want detail the high level steps you need to make in order to do this change. And how will you know when you're successful, write this down and then in action, step number two list three people. You will tell about this change and that you want help from to achieve it. How will you get each one of them to help you, and what do you need from them to hold you accountable to 7. Cooperation: now that we've looked at communicating your change in your goals, Section six is about finding people to cooperate with, so in many cases we cannot make change happen by ourselves. We have to find people who will cooperate with us to help us reach our goals and and be successful in our change process. The idea of change will generate fear within each and every one of us. The thought of giving up something and taking risks to get out of our comfort zone is the same as giving up some of our present controls over the situation. Now that's very, very, very key You have to be. You have to understand that in order to reach your goals and achieve change, you're going to have to break out of your current comfort. So and every time we do that, we see risk associated with getting out of our comfort. So because we're giving up our control over our current situation and going into something that's unknown and that could be very fear generating for for most of us, So you have to remember that any change that you make if you're making it for a positive reason, will the beneficial, and there's really no risk associated with that aside from having to make the change, and that risk is only getting out of your comfort zone. So when people joined together for a common goal, combining their individuals needs in a common undertaking, the result can be multiplied by 100 times their 100 percent right. Use this fact to make the change that you want to in your life. When we're talking about cooperation. We're talking about finding a support group for your change. There are many people who are likely looking to make change in and meeting goals in their life. And you can get encouragement from these people if you can locate them and work together, or at least support each other to be successful in your transformation group. Cooperation for change. When people cooperate with each other in a group to achieve something, something great can be achieved, and what I mean by that is it's similar to find the support group. But if you're cooperating with people to implement a change, then you don't have to do it all by yourself and you can build upon that in fact, so if you've got a common goal or a common enemy than the the group will be that much more cohesive. Yeah, all efforts of the group are directed outwards towards the action in which you need to complete in order to be successful. And if you're doing that in a coordinated manner, it's like you're one large person going out in solving that problem together. Within cooperation, you will need to resolve conflicts. When you're talking about cooperation, you will have conflicts within the group. You need to be able to have conflict resolution and a way of keeping the group together and focused on that common goal. You need to listen to any criticism that people put towards you and think of that criticism as positive feedback. Try to assess your performance in light of any criticism without taking it personal. So you need to if somebody's criticizing and activity, look at it from the group cooperating activities and say OK, well, maybe I'm a little short here. Or maybe I need to improve here, but don't take it personal. Take all criticism positively. Everybody within your group wants to achieve a similar goal, and when you think of it that way, you'll know that any criticism is done for the group effort and is not meant to bring anybody down, especially yourself. So and when you're cooperating with others, you will find some people who are are wiser than you are or have gone through other changes of more experiences. Use them, use them to get advice and find out what you need to do in order to be successful in making that change. So under cooperation, the action steps he will find that other people to work with on a similar goal can be very helpful. There are risks when working with other people on change. There's conflict and criticism. But when you focus on the positive and a common goal, you'll find solutions that you cannot find by yourself. So cooperating with others will help you reach your goals individually and as a group. So action step number one is Think about who else may be trying to make a similar change in their life, write down their names, then do some research. Is there a group that supports this type of change that you're trying to make? If so, right down this group could be a group on Facebook, it could be a meet up group. There's all types of groups, especially now online, that you can associate with to help obtained a change in the goal that you want to. So think about that and do some research. Then you want to immediately after you've done this recherche reach out, contact these people that you've that you've researched and see how you can work together with them to be mutually supportive of each other. If it's a group, attend the meeting or get support from the group and write down all the things that you want to do with this group right down the groups that have been responsive and that you think you're gonna work with pick one or two, work through them and see if you can actually achieve your goal in a more efficient manner by cooperating with other 8. Changeconclusion: So in this course, we've gone over a lot of theory around change and giving you some action steps. And in Section seven, which is the conclusion of this training, we're going to recap some of that information. So to improve and change from within, you need to change any negative mental programming that you have and habits that you currently have into positive ones. Once you've succeeded in changing the inner workings of your mind, you will be able to see substantial changes in your life and activities that your undertaking remember that you have to take responsibility for changing yourself by changing within. You can radically change the outside world, and remember, no one can force you to change except yourself. Change from within. And personal change is more substantial and meaningful in the long run, because it opens up your ability to do even more in the future than what you're currently doing and what may possibly even what you're currently looking at doing in the future. By having the ability to change and seeing that change could be positive, you can make some wonderful developments happen in your life, so in the end you will be able to probably say to yourself that you were the one that is shaping your character and your existence. The world is constantly changing, and if you don't change yourself and build up from within, you will be impacted by external forces, which may not be the change that you want to have happen. So it's best if you take the rings and you try to own your responsibility for changing yourself. By changing yourself, you will radically change the outside world and how you look at it. If you put yourself in control of your change and your destiny, you will be able to initiate change and improve yourself from within whatever comes your way. The following action steps in this training When you do that, you will be able to build upon your desire to change and learn to implement this change successfully. You can repeat the steps in this training for any change you want to make in your life or business or any goal you want to achieve again. Everything comes from within. You have to be able to change yourself to become the person that you need to be to do the things that you need to do to have the things that you wanna have. So in conclusion, this is your action plan for the conclusion. When you change anything in your life, you need to improve your confidence, competency, communication, cooperation and creation steps. These are the five main steps in the process of completing your journey for goal achievement, creating better habits and undergo going change that the same for any of these items, whether its goals creating new habits or making change in your life. So when working with your casts and action steps, keep these five steps in mind as you're making change, it will help you better develop them. Pain, support and assistance from others celebrate each time you complete a task celebrating when you complete a task will give you something to look forward to as you're working through the process. And it can also help you be more effective in your change. Because you're doing that. It's not all work, work, work, work. There's actually a celebration at each step, which will help you stay focused and think everybody else who supports you and each step, and therefore they'll be more supportive at the next time you ask them for help and always have your next goal in mind when you're getting to the completion of your first change. And what change do you want to make next to write these things down? Always right. Things out. They will help it make Make it more concrete in your mind so that your subconscious mind can take it from your conscious mind and help you move towards success. I'd like to thank you for your attention. I suggest that you study hard, embrace change and make progress every day. Again. My name is Jeff Yeomans, and thank you for