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Discover How To Increase Your Opens and Clicks + Deliverability With This Free Auto-Responder

teacher avatar Alicia Thibadeau,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Email Marketing Like a Boss $$$

    • 2. A Complete Setup of Authentication

    • 3. How To Integrate For Automation

    • 4. How To Get Higher Opens & Clicks by Staying Out of the Spam Box

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About This Class

I'm always looking for ways to save money, frugal living. This AR isn't brand new and you may have already heard of it but setting it up correctly can be a hassle if you're not technically inclined. 

I recently stumbled upon an autoresponder that has all of the bells and whistles of any paid AR would have but has a lot more options. 

The great thing is that your first 1,000 subscribers are free, you can import subs, delete them, add as many lists as you want, segment them, add single or double optin, you have full control and can email them as many times as you want. 

Enroll in this class if you're looking for another autoresponder to use for your business. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Alicia Thibadeau


I enjoy teaching online classes to help others learn cool new stuff! I like to think outside of the box and teach new things that you normally wouldn't see anywhere else.

I like to review products on my blog, (these types of products I review will help you with your business) and I often sponsor giveaways and enjoy it very much.

My main priority is to teach you actionable things that you can do right away that will help you make more money with your current projects in life. I'm here to give my best and hope you'll be there to follow along on my journey.

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1. Email Marketing Like a Boss $$$: Hey, what's going on? Everyone? Policia Thibodeau here and in this class ID like to show you about a free auto responder that I recently came across. Ah, well, it's free for the first 1000 subscribers, but you could do a whole lot more with it other than, ah, mail chimp, which is Ah, not that good, in my experience, working with this new one here that I found recently. Ah, what you can do with this one is you can segment your lists. You can add as many people as you want, like importing. You can also delete subscribers if you want. This basically goes, Ah integrates with your blawg. They have a ton of different integrations that you can use, such as Dr Leeds. That's what I use so you can integrate it with that. And the subscribers are automatically added to your lists. You can have as many lists says you want, and I'm going to show you the complete set up for you to do so that your e mails don't hit the spam box or anything like that, and I'm going to show you a few different ways on how you can set up your lists. 2. A Complete Setup of Authentication: Hey, welcome back, guys. Now, if you couldn't already tell the website that always talking about is called Miller Lite. I'll leave a link on the video so you can go to it. It is free to sign up now. You're going to have to have a website in order to use Ah, this auto responder because that's how they approve you. So, um, you won't see this winning first join. You'll have to get approval first, and it takes maybe less than 24 hours to get approved. Um, tell them exactly how you'll be sending email now, this auto responder. Usually it doesn't allow any affiliate promotions like that or anything. So, um, make sure you don't say that you're going to be sending any affiliate promotions because, you know, they they don't allow that. So what you want to say is you're going to be sending announcements or ah, you know, updates from your blogged about your blawg and things like that. I mean, I still I still send affiliate promotions of e mails, but as long as you don't ah, do it in a spammy way, it's okay. And ah, now, first thing you want to do after you get your account approved is you wanna come over here to this drop down menu and we're going to go to authentication. Now, you want to set up an email address, uh, inside of your control panel on your, uh, from your blawg? All right, so you'll see this page here, and it will say, you know, authenticate. Eat all emails for me or all manage my own authentication. Now, you want to click on the second option, right? What we're going to do is click on add new domain. All right, Now you want to go ahead and put your domain name in here and click show DNS record. All right, So once you put in your domain name in there, you're going to come to this page. Step two, you have to update your DNS records in your control panel. So that's what we're going to do now. I've already done this for my main website. That's what I use for this auto responder. So I just put in one of my old domains to show you exactly where you're going to be putting this stuff. Now let's go ahead and ah, go to your control panel, and I'll show you where to go from there. All right, Now we're inside of our control panel, and what you want to do is look under domains and go to Advanced Zone editor or here. All right. Now you're going to select the domain that you want to use with that auto rece Wander. All right, Now the type you want to click on text because it's going to be a text. Now, the 1st 1 you want to put in is the D. K. I am domain keys. So what you're going to do is copy and paste this one right here, Text name, and you're going to put it right here, name and for the text data. Your going to put this in there. All right, and then add record and you will see it, uh, down here. And then you will add another one. Step two for the SPF. You'll just add the text record value and you'll grab this and you'll do another one. Make sure it's on text, and ah, put the tech stayed in there and then add the record. And it will take up to 24 hours to, uh, be validated. So, um, if if it's still not validated after, like 24 hours or so, then you'll have to contact your ah, you're hosting provider and tell them to manually do it for you to add in these values and then it'll work. 3. How To Integrate For Automation: All right, So now 24 hours has passed, and you want to see if your domain is active so that you can use this auto responder? Come back to the authentication page in check to see now, if they are active, you want to go ahead and change this to authenticate all emails for me, All right? And keep it there. Because after you done the DNS records and everything, um, if you don't change it back toe, authenticate all emails for me. Option, then it'll keep going to the spin. I'm not sure why that is, but that's what you need to do. Now. Next thing you want to do is come over here and go to subscribe settings. This is where you can choose the option for double often. But I keep it off because I only want single. Next, I'm gonna come over here to unsubscribe Page. This is what your unsubscribe page is going to look like. You can edit it over here. All right. They have WordPress, Facebook. Sumo. Me is quite popular. Um, there's often monster zey Pierre works with a lot of other integrations. Ah, Dr Leeds is what I use Pop up. Domination gleam. All right, so you can choose your integration and they have tutorials and everything. They have the developer. Ap I If you want to use your own, um, in the WordPress plug in, I believe so. Lots of integrations. Now here camp. Your campaigns are pretty much going to be your your one time broadcast, or you can select a certain time to send out, such as a product launch. If you want to send out for someone when you click on add New Group. This is how you add a new list. So you're groups are different lists, and then you can add subscribers however you want, like from a C S V file or just putting in manual email addresses, all right, and you don't have to wait for them to be approved. All right, let's go to Web forms. I honestly don't use this because, ah, the thrive themes. Plugging comes with different kinds of landing pages that I use, so I just integrated with that and it takes care of this. But if you want to to use your own web form from ah Miller Lite, then you can do that. Uh four name. So these air the four options that you can use for yourself. They have the pop up form. Now, these are going on your block that you were approved for. Remember I said you have to have a website or a blogged. Um, that's why we did the whole authentication thing. Um, so you have your papa form your landing page, your embed form or your subscribe button. 4. How To Get Higher Opens & Clicks by Staying Out of the Spam Box: all right, And we are back now, just one more thing you want to do under account settings, which will be right here. You want to put in your default, sunder. So of course, your first and last name And then like your first name and then at your euro website here. So it looks professional. And that's what people will see when they get an email from you. Ah, so and definitely fill out the rest of this. Ah, with your your full address and your company name. All right. You can, um, put Google analytics in here to see what's going on. All right, um, I'm gonna take you through the auto responder part, and then I'm going to take you through the campaign set up. It's really easy, actually. So? So I mean, once you have ah, your authentication all set up and everything. You could start sending emails, all right? And you can ah see which emails you've already sent out and you're open and click through rate eso. We're gonna go and create a new auto responder. So I think this is pretty cool. You can set the onerous wandered trigger. So what? We usually do is when a subscriber joins a group that that means when the subscriber joins your list, Um, or when a subscriber exits a segment the anniversary of a date that's recall the exact match of a date or when the subscriber joins a segment. So you contest out those options, uh, later if you want. But we're going to go with when a subscriber joins a group. This is going to be, you know, are thank you for subscribing message. Ah, for your headline. You don't want a putting things, Spammy. Just thanks for subscribing is good. So you're gonna select a list you can, of course, son, this immediately after they register. Or you can specify time. But if this is a thank you message that we're doing, you also want to click this to send this email every time subscriber joins this list. Even if he was on the list before, All right, you can check to use Google analytics. If you have a set up, just click next. You can also choose the language, and I think that's pretty cool, too. If you if you, ah do any kind of marketing in another language. So this is. Ah, the step where you select a template. So what I've noticed is when you use the dragon drop editor, these actually go in the promotional travel of Gmail. They never really hit the in box because they're full of images and, um, links and links to social profiles and things like that. So I used them occasionally, but for the most part, I use the rich text editor, and those always, almost always go into the in box. And that's what we watch. Right? So very easy. All right, here is the content of the rich text. Put some links in there. I wouldn't at any images or anything like that. Okay, so we're gonna go down once you have all that you want in there, take this away, because that's like forward this email to a friend on. I want that in there. And ah, you're gonna have to put in your your address, all right? And, ah, once you have everything that you need in there, then we're gonna click next, and then you can go ahead and toggle this toe on and then have it sent out. But I already have mine set up through that process. It's pretty much the same when you go to campaigns. All right, just remember that the dragon drop template usually goes to the promotional tab. Um, in just the red rich text editor usually goes to the in boxes where you want to go, going back to dashboard really fast. All right, so I'm on the dashboard now, and this is where you can see your last campaigns that you said. Now, if you want to see how it went, you can just click on the headline here and it'll show you you know, exactly who opened it because you couldn't. You can click on these numbers here and you'll show you which email address. Ah, and people are engaging with your emails and it'll show you any kind of soft or hard bounces any span complaints or any un subscribes. Okay, we'll show you how they are reading your emails in which links there clicking on, and it will tell you from which list it is from. I think that's cool. You can check out the subscriber activity and leak out to the activity. I mean, there's so much stuff that you can do with this. Ah, Otto Rece Wander. It's pretty crazy. All right. Um, definitely give it a try. Um, mess around with it, and Ah, Anyways, that is the class. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you have any questions at all, please let me know. Thank you for taking it. And, um, please do leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. All right? I will see you all later.