Discover Clickbank Success With This High Converting Clickbank Product

Kristie Chiles, Dream To Paper

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20 Videos (46m)
    • ClickbankVideo

    • CONV#1 Clickbank Register for a Free Account

    • CONV#2 See Products Available #1

    • CONV#3 Look At All Those Clickbank Marketplace Categories

    • CONV#4 Filter By Recurring Monthly Subscriptions

    • CONV#5 Filter Clickbank By Gravity

    • CONV#6 Filter Clickbank Product By Gravity #2

    • CONV#7 Filter Clickbank Products By $1 Trial Offer

    • CONV#8 Filter Clickbank Products By Their Awesome Affiliate Tools

    • CONV2#9 Clickbank Product Affiliate Tools #2

    • CONV#10 How To Get Your Clickbank Money Link & Track Your Sales

    • CONV#11 Shorten Your Clickbank Money Link

    • CONV#12 How To Contact JV Manager

    • CONV#13 How To Get People To See Your Affiliate Link To Make Clickbank Sales

    • CONV#14 See Actual Review Video Example Here

    • CONV#15 How To Upload Your Video To Youtube

    • CONV#16 How To Fill in Youtube Details

    • CONV#17 How To Get Your Video To Rank Higher In Youtube Tip

    • CONV#18 How To Get Your Video To Rank High in Youtube

    • CONV#19 Bonus Any Clickbank Product That Has An Exit Pop Up Brings In Extra Sales


About This Class

Choosing a Clickbank product can be difficult when you visit its marketplace, and see the overwhelming thousands of products to promote, especially if you don't have money for paid ads. If you've ever wondered how to make sales as a Clickbank affiliate, then this is the course for you.

The good news is that you can get targeted buyers looking for the Clickbank product you are reviewing with all free traffic. This course will show you exactly how to get views and clicks so that your visitors click through your affiliate links that result in amazing Clickbank sales.

To kickstart your affiliate videos, here is the tool I use every week.

As you go through the course, you will find a step-by-step method to promote the very best Clickbank courses that are selling into the thousands of dollars for the vendor, and also the affiliates.

I will also show you the steps you need to take to filter through those thousands of products to find the Clickbank products that will make it super easy to get your first Clickbank affiliate sales.

You'll also discover how to use the awesome free tools that the vendors supply to make every effort for you to succeed. After all, when you make a Clickbank sale, they do as well.

For that reason, Clickbank vendors that are "affiliate friendly" are the ones that you will wish to promote. This course will show you exactly which product you should promote on Clickbank.

Course Content

How To Get People To Click On Your Clickbank Link

After you decide which winning Clickbank product that you are excited about promoting, I will show you how to create a Review Video that is a simple process. Inside the course, you will see my own Review Video that I created, so that you can follow along and copy its format.

How To Use The Clickbank Vendor's Toolbox To Make Your Review Videos Fast

You will discover how to best use the Vendor's Clickbank toolbox to help you make a video that gets lots of free Youtube traffic and clicks with some little-known SEO tips

How To Know Where Your Clickbank Sale Are Coming From So That You Can Repeat That Success

You will discover how to use a free tool inside of Clickbank marketplace that will let you know exactly where your Clickbank affiliate sales are coming from, so that you can rinse and repeat that process for passive income.

Receiving Clickbank checks in the mail every two weeks like clockwork is super rewarding, fun and helps pay the bills too! You won't want to miss this step!

How To Get Your Clickbank Review Video Ranked High In Youtube/Google

You will also discover a free tool that I use with each video I create, that will help you boost your Youtube Video higher in Youtube and Google. By using this one tool, I have been able to generate hundreds of dollars in sales and get first page Youtube and Google rankings within minutes.

How To Look For This 1 Feature That Can Make A Difference Between 0 Sales & 10 Sales

Finally, you will find a bonus video that will put on the alert to watch out for this one feature that can make a difference between no sales and many sales.


Digital marketplaces like Clickbank offer an opportunity to have images, articles and video sales letters available for you to maximize your success with Clickbank instantly downloadable products. This course will show you step-by-step how to become a successful Clickbank Product Affiliate by using all these free tools and much, more more!

What are the requirements for you to take this course?

You must be able and willing to follow the step-by-step video training in this course
You must be able to copy and paste
You must be able to be willing to learn simple software screenshare
What am I going to get from this course?
How to pick a winning Clickbank offer that is currently selling well so you don't waste your time
How to use the Vendor's free affiliate tools to make a super-easy review video
How to upload your video for free Youtube traffic, views and sales
How to stand out among your competition like a purple cow so that people click on your video first
How to use all free tools that rank every video you create as high in Google and Youtube as humanly possible

Who is the target audience?

Beginner & Intermediate Marketers
Affiliate Marketers
Anyone looking for an easy method to generate affiliate Clickbank sales
Anyone that is looking to build an online affiliate business

9 of 9 students recommendSee All

Kristie wrote this course "Discover Clickbank Success with this High Converting Clickbank Product" and shares with you a step-by-step blueprint from signing up with Clickbank, as an affiliate, choosing profitable products so you have the best opportunity to start making money from home. Kristie always shares tips and special actions to take to help your video rankings to attract more traffic so you can start making money....With this course, you are only a few short videos away to becoming the success story you deserve to be. You Can Do It ! I know because Kristie is my mentor and she is always there when you need her... She's the real deal. Louise Barth
This CB Class is terrific! I had a general idea about the products, but required more knowledge on how to pick a product and how to offer it. Kristie explains it here so simply that I got it! Thank you!
Good primer on Clickbank and affiliate promotion using video. I would have liked to see other forms of promotion like social media and ppc.





Kristie Chiles

Dream To Paper

Happy Wife, Mother of 2 Grown Children, and 1 Amazing Grandchild...happy to be working from my laptop after years of teaching elementary school, then College.  A few years ago, I found a website that claimed you could generate income online "in your pjs" and I never looked back! I hope that you can find inspiration and guidance to finding your "happy place" working from your laptop too!  Catch my newsletter over at my new blog -