Discover 7 Successful Products to Sell on Amazon | Matt Bernstein | Skillshare

Discover 7 Successful Products to Sell on Amazon

Matt Bernstein, Helps hardworking people start a side business

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15 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Selling on Amazon

    • 2. Winning an eBay Auction

    • 3. Listing a Product on Amazon

    • 4. Completed Sale #3

    • 5. Completed Sale #4

    • 6. Completed Sale #2

    • 7. Completed Sales #5

    • 8. Completed Sale #6

    • 9. Completed Sale #8

    • 10. Completed Sale #9

    • 11. Ordering Supplies from USPS

    • 12. Printing a Shipping Label from Amazon

    • 13. Schedule a USPS Pickup

    • 14. Enroll in eBay Bucks

    • 15. eBates Signup


About This Class

Introducing a new course about Selling on Amazon

How to buy low on eBay auctions to match the lowest price on Amazon.

Learn a simple & effective strategy for selling on Amazon.

The idea is basic, but powerful:

  1. Win eBay auctions for products that sell for below market value.
  2. Then match the lowest price for the product selling on Amazon.

The maximum value you get from the course is because I promise to keep the course updated on the products that are selling well & making huge profits. This will also include products that I've sold for a loss or taking too long to sell.

You will also learn in the course...

  • Sell products that are small - USPS Flat Rate for $5.60 and schedule free pickups.
  • Use eBay Bucks and EBATES to increase earnings.
  • Pay for products upfront and in full to be able to leverage patience and self discipline to be able to maximize your return of investment on your assets.





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Matt Bernstein

Helps hardworking people start a side business

Matt helps hardworking people start a successful side business at an affordable cost.

Students get access to cutting-edge training courses and passionate support communities that help them start a side businesses more quickly and easily.

The courses provide everything one could need to start and grow a home business. We've discovered principles, strategies, and technologies that produce real, measurable business results -- without the expensive upfront costs.

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