Dirty Chess Opening Traps - The Patzer Opening / 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5?!

Arne Kähler, ZURUBANG

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5 Videos (28m)
    • Chess traps trailer

    • The Patzer Opening Trap Part 1

    • The Patzer Opening Trap Part 2

    • The Kiddie Countergambit

    • Bonus Course - Notation


About This Class

When you just learned how to play chess, this course is a "must view" to avoid some cheeky opening traps with the second white move Queen to h5!

I will teach you how to play the opening trap yourself with some variations and how to counter it best.

I also added a bonus course on how to use the notation system!

Enjoy it :)





Arne Kähler


Blessed with being raised by two amazing parents, living most of my life in Hamburg, germany. Acting School finished in the year 2000, self employed as a promoter for various products, having most success as the Captain Morgan.

Moved to Malta in 2014, married my wonderful maltese wife who is a gifted artist and I am very happy with my life.

I was always creative but could never fulfill any of my ten thousand ideas. Year for year I am coming closer.

I found skillshare vi...

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