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Direct Modeling In Houdini - A Beginners Training Course

Edward Boateng

Direct Modeling In Houdini - A Beginners Training Course

Edward Boateng

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41 Lessons (10h 38m)
    • 1. Course Preview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Houdini Interface

    • 4. Interface OpenGL Setup

    • 5. Techinical Aspect

    • 6. Basic Create Objects

    • 7. Creating Your First Model

    • 8. Direct Modeling Issues

    • 9. Node Network Workflow

    • 10. Bike Concepting

    • 11. Front Wheel Method One

    • 12. Finishing Method One

    • 13. Front Wheel Method Two

    • 14. Method Three Torus

    • 15. Method Three Inner Tube

    • 16. Defining Method Three

    • 17. Finishing Torus Method

    • 18. Inner Tube Design

    • 19. Completing Inner Tube

    • 20. Panels On Front Wheel

    • 21. Boolean Cut Operations

    • 22. Completing Boolean Cut

    • 23. Modeling Main Body

    • 24. Finishing Main Body

    • 25. Back Wheel and Moto

    • 26. Stear and Footer

    • 27. Completing Stear and Footer

    • 28. Bike Hatchback

    • 29. Completing Hatchback

    • 30. Simple Helmet

    • 31. Hard Surface Helmet

    • 32. Finishing Hard Surface Helmet

    • 33. Bike Character

    • 34. Creating Bike Character

    • 35. Bike Character Posing

    • 36. Bike Uvs

    • 37. Completing Bike UVs

    • 38. Export Materials and Uvs

    • 39. Conclution Tips and Bonus

    • 40. Dive Inside UVs -Bonus-

    • 41. Conclution Final Section

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About This Class

This video based Houdini 17 direct modeling  course teaches you the basic tools you will need to create 3D models in this software.

my name is MC Johnny i am technical director for digital extreme and also uses Houdini for my business, creating graphics solutions for TV, film, games and businesses.

Am going to to use my experience to show you how to actually use Houdini direct modeling for your day to day 3D modeling needs.

You will start with interface and lessons on understanding what Houdini direct modeling workflow is. Once you find out where the  basics tools are , this course jumps right into teaching you how to create 3D objects using Polydraw, Extrusion, Topobuild and Polyextrude. You learn technical aspect of modeling  and flow of geometry, in no time you will create basic 3D components using Houdini Boolean, Polysplit, Polybevel, Polybridge and other Houdini modeling tools.

When you have completed this  course for Houdini direct modeling, you will understand the tools and techniques available to you for creating,  3D models with this software As part of this course you will be able to model complete tron bike 2 helmets and Character cloth design, the course is basic but you will get so much information you will feel like pro. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Edward.

Digital Art & Design

graduate from NYIT (New York Institute of Technology )

College of Arts & Sciences

department of Digital Art and Design now Technical director

for digital extreme.

Professional who has experience in computer science,

also a broad set of skills in software ,web development, and information technology.

I'm excited to have the opportunity to teach you a course that I studied and help inspire artists to gain the knowledge that they require.

See full profile

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1. Course Preview: looking guys. My name is EMC. Joni Kim Chi, director from Vigata. Extreme and in discourse. I'll be your instructor there in two days. Together, it's caused is very basic, direct, more dealing in Houdin. This is not a usual deputize six expression and all the jump around this simple direct more than like you do in Meyer. Three demands Blender. Simmer 40 Mundell and Order. It would job into Tecnica Drawing Board where we will land waking in three D space. What's going on? Mary moved. Practices the edges. Polygons. What is going on with George? Alright, flow off geometry where you understand that the chemical aspects You are good. Your land about Houdini interphase How you get around. It knows more journalists where the tools are, how you call them and start some basic extrude in mourning. We will also get into the notes networks because you have to understand. Houdini knows that they are very simple and I'll get you the details information you need to get comfortable. We would jump wants to get into the takinit cardboard. When you talk about concept land about topology, use Topa draw to start blocking out our fast metal off waking. So you land a lot of too much more. Jump into order. Dealing modern too, Pa Literal. Total bill clipping, beverage bullying and all the tools that are used in more game. So this cause is designed for bestie everybody, you don't even matter your background. If you have the software by going, that is even better because we didn't have the great to that nickname so easy for you. All right, you tackle all the tools that will make you comfortable. All right? So the options are there. You land how you explore every tool that you know you need in making a great model. So by the end of this course, morning like a pro. Very interesting. Very designed to make you feel like an army. You're getting something over 10 hours off, you know, lectures that you go on a plane and steady Morgan. Mostly Tecnica. That's what you need. This is not about the bike. The bike. My night of being have a bike for your project. So what you need, you need to Kinnick. I expect you need what's happening to the German is the rendering is gonna be alright. Isn't going to appear on your Andre game right is going to be right in the movie project. You are waking also. It's for everybody. You get all the details you need to model hackable low pull more drink and high point use Houdini clues like Boolean, where we use other objects to come through other objects. So you have a lot to Kabul over 10 hours off, talking and standing being the classroom together, I would take from your answer all your questions and also learned from you. All right, so by the end, trust me, you would be good. You would test our mortal outside from beginning jumping three d miles and see how our materials our test Oring is waking. Alright, Use Houdini powerful to UV quick moving and land. How to get a better shading for our model. By the end of this cause, more than in this bike, you feel like a proof. This is very basic. This is not a big tight asses. This is not Syria. When we are trying to miss that, Pete isn't This is likely a motoring in Myer moonda seen in my 40 blend. And even if you have those background, it's a class. So by the end, doing some cool stuff in Houdini. We all know how powerful Houdini, but it's not limited to the right place, even the mortal inside. It's very powerful, all right, so this is very basic. And trust me when you get comfortable with this basic Morgan and direct mortal in the Net scores would get very deep way we will get down on the hearts offices. It's all about getting comfortable modeling. And so if you are looking for something cool to get around, this is it for you and game. 2. Introduction: Okay, guys, Welcome. My name is Edward Border a k a m c. Joni. Oh, you could just call me M. C. So welcome to the class. So let's talk a little bit about this, cause and let's see what we going to get from this course. Okay, But before we get to that point, we have some new guys here that this is the first time you know, they want experience. The powerful tools would any half for modeling. Right? And we also have guys here that already You saying who didn't even for modeling and mostly on visual effects site. Right. So everybody is here because this course is actually for everybody. It's not a particular model. We go in a model, right? Is the information we're going to share, right? So I'm going to, like, pass information to you guys and I will take some from you guys think that it's landing basically. So what? X. O. Danny Houdini is very powerful, mind blowing software, right? And it's popular is being around for a long time. And every time they stepping up their game and improving the program, right? So it's for three D modeling and the machine visual effects and composition. All right, so is the complete package. And when you jump into where you know, you, you could stay there forever because it's huge And have you know, don't 10 you know, interface. But it's pretty easy to get around so way we get through all this. This is not scary Arrow. So for the new guys, let's jump into Houdini website. So we see a little bit. About what? Houdini. It's right, by the way, since we are here, I want to toe the new guys that don't have who Danny to get the free copy off the operatives. The Apprentice is cool. All right. Okay, so we have back. So as you can see, Houdini could do a lot, you know, for phone for game. You know, basically everything you know. So if you land Houdini not just for the final of it, you can make money too. The only thing that makes Houdini different from the other programs is dead. Who didn't go through a note network system, right? It is very simple and it's not scary at all, You know, in most other programs, you create something alliance in the view port, and then you make changes here. But, you know, Danny behalf and no, Nick quit. So, for example, when you first create an object, let's say this fear is the fast in recreated to make this stuff right so we can come back here and show it so in the beginning, it wasa sphere. This is what we created, all right? And Dan and we can go down to the last stuff. We have them. So this is where we are right now. Okay, so you see this jump around we are doing right now. You can go to the beginning and Dan to the end. This jumper run right here. In other programs, you have to use control Z, you know, like on do something like that, you have to do control Z to change. I'll go back to where you was the last time, right? The oh no control Z. So in Houdini, you can also do control Z if you want, But it's very cool to see the staff in front of you because you can jump into any part off off your week. Any part of it. It's like the steps you've been taking. I can go back to this cave and still make changes. Do it A t I see make changes to what this care is doing to this fear, right? Pretty school. These changes that we could do right now makes it powerful to work inside Houdini. Okay, Right. So this cause is going to show you all this stuff, how we call the notes, how we use the network and everything. But we are now going to create visual effects like this. Okay, in this cause we will model this bike. Okay, This bike have a lot going on the bike itself. It's a low police or low race. Okay. And the Hammett here we have to Hamid, this one right here. It's hard South leaves. Oh, hi Res. Which means the polygons. It's a lot off them. And you don't wanna have this amount off polygons on on on an object if you are building on Andhra Game because the system have to calculate all these polygons and affect the performance. So we get a chance to land how to model cool stuff. Still having a low poorly. And if we are working on a project that we don't care we can have Cool, high suffix off just to you have the chance to, you know, go through the car out of you. Design all the clothes design on on a wet through the skeleton How we post it and everything. So it's a lot to cover. And the question is, So what is direct modeling? Let's jump to Maya. So we have on empty seen in my right now let's drop a sphere. Okay to work on the polygons We right click and we go for phase. We picked a polygon here. What do we want to do? The tools are here. You want to call a strewed? You pulled it out. Okay, let's do it again. Let's call a strewed. Let's pull it. This is direct Morton. If we mess that, we want to do it again on Rosie and we go back to where Iwas you know? So we will lose all the staff here. And Dan, we will do it again. That's true, right? We have two segments, So this is direct modeling. You don't care where you messed up. You jump back and you do it again so we could select this bullet gone and call police strewed and extruded. So if we have a design in our head, we will just following that design or try to create that design that is direct modeling. Right? So let's jump back to Houdini and let's do the same thing. Ok, Houdini, we have three windows. We have this perspective, you poor, we have properties and we have a network. So let's create a sphere. Let's drop it right here. Okay, we have it is here. When you create Lance on the object level, what do we want to do? We wanna work on it. We double click on it. We are inside a germ, a tree. We can work on it Now let's do the same performance we did in my less try to Astrue things out. So get out from the system. Go to polygons! He was selected from here We have the polygon here. Select the polygon. Before that, let's give this a nine shade. Cool. So we have this coup shade. Let's select this polygons. Call for C on your keyboard. Extrude it out the same. Okay, so the nest extradition everyone, we can't even close. You can close this network. You don't have to look at it. Okay? You call The police s true. You pull it out. This is direct modelling. This is what we were just doing in Maya. Okay, I get out from the system. I select this bullet going call for police extrude again. I pull it that right, use the same principle. So let's get rid off this fear. So that is the direct modeling we going to do. How is the cause breakdown? We know going to have a specific topic. Like maybe we are working on bullying, you know, because we are working on all the tools and it's a lot of them. So if we just going to talk about that single to at the time, that is just basics for landing Houdini. We are not doing that. We are modeling, but I will try to embed. Or as we are going to land all the tools, I'll get details. That's why the cause get longer. And then if we are mortal in the front part and the class is getting longer, we have part one and part two, right? Can you make money when you finish this course? Of course. Yes. So let me show you something. I have, uh, Unity Assess. Store a modus objects. I have a contact guy. Contact me that it needed, uh, Moto's for simulation warehouse environment simulation. I created it. So I decided to have this for people that need it to, and it's very cool. You can create all this stuff and, you know, make money out of it. If you have are not acknowledge, like programming like this one. Build on interface in Unity Editor, you know, So I'm able to create charities. We deem the editor a black guy, a white guy. Give them a different clothes. It's very cool. So there is no limit what you can do when you have this modeling skills, you can even get fed. I have more by let me show you this last one. You know, if you want to work on stuff like this animation, you have to go through modeling, you know, so example Here have this animation going on at unity. Let me show you something small that it's related to what we going to do if we look at this characters, the basics. You see, it's similar to the bike. The writer we have you see? So let me pause it. You could see that all these designs on name you know, it's Astrue tions that we're going to land the same principle, the shading and everything. So we will land all the skills, you know. So after the call is, you should be able to apply. Stop that. You know, with this modeling skills and create something and make money. So it's not just for the fun, it will help you to make money. So that is what this cause is about buy. What I want to say before we get our from this class is when you are landing, it's not about a step by step thing that you have to know. This is very important. It's not about the step. By step in, you have to know you have to understand the core pain program or whatever you are landing is about how it operates a wet floor. Okay, this is very important. When you understand the concept, the web flow you apply all the tools is the same. Okay, so when we when I teach you even just 12 and you understand the network, that's it. You can call all the tools and use the same principle. So that is what this course is about. You going on land techniques in waking in Houdini mortally. Okay. Thank you guys for sticking around. 3. Houdini Interface : Okay, guys, welcome to who? Daily interface. Okay, Houdini interface is very simple to get around. In a few minutes, you'll find out that it's so easy right now. I have the camera activated, and I can You just amounts without holding the old and just tumble around. Okay, hold down the middle miles and pound around and zooming by, you know, using their metal mounts, zoom out and assume a pretty easy stuff. All right, so the camera is activated right now, so only the camera is waking. None of the tools is activated. If I'm working and I'm on a tool, I have to hold down there. Old's look here. You see the selection. If I hold down the old disabled, all the tools will be disabled because the ought is down. It means I wanna wake on the camera. So why was You are working. You want Tom bow and look around like I'm doing zooming zoom out. You have to hold the old down. Pretty simple. Okay. And up here is the fire system. You know, the regular stuff. You create new open and recent save and save acts basic at it. Render staff. Now, let's see all the stuff around here. They are very organized stuff. If we click on the top, show you what is inside the chef. Every stop is a chef. So if we go on the create shelf with creek on the create menu, we have all the stuff that will allow us to create something. You want to modify something? We click on the modified. We have stuff to modify. Can combine a Strat mirror copy to appoint duplicate. These are all modification. All right. Model. We can resolve loved skin. These are all creating, too Topo build. You know, Shatha, edit and visibility grouping, which will do a lot, You know? So very simple stuff, you know? So you have time. Just click on each top, all right? Like, create, modify and see what each type contains. We'll be working on the tester sometimes because we would do you know you ve increasing co star for the bike. We have Reagan which allow you to create skeleton. And when you are doing Kurata, this character, we will go through skeleton system. Okay. Very cool. So that is how these stuff out here is not scary at all. You can track it out and you know who staff out. So to the right side, here are most of the staff for visual effects. Under this face tab, we have some stuff that we would need to. We will need a camera from here spotlight, you know, environment to create skylight. You know, if now, because we have Dix open GS system that I have for my view port. You know, we will be using a lot of lies and, you know, all kind of commerce. But we have already set up a dig attire isis, that Give us this look, which I will show you in another class. So let's quickly see what other staff that are important to us right now. Up here is this election stuff. Okay, this side is where you, you know, basically be because the movie is here. Rotate scale and the snapping, you know, and a selection, which is very popular because we'll be jumping into a different selection. You come up here, you have the type of you, you'll be in a consent. This perspective, you to a different one and study to talk front, right? And UV. Okay, so let's do that Let's set it to U V. C. So we have a UV window. All your UV is will occupy this area. Very simple stuff. So let's go back to perspective. Set to expect it. See? So very simple stuff next to it is your camera. You know, all the comrades you said you can jump into them, you know, create new ones and stuff like that. Very simple. On the right side, right here is where you pick all these type off shading. See? Very cool. If this is what you like to work on, very easy stuff, different types of shading. You can pick a right very cool stuff. So that is the breakdown on, you know, get around to So for example, if my mouth come over at two. Oh, and Manu, there's a to tip telling me what? That to a sore and I see display point number. Let's click on it. See all the points on each object is showing the auto prints. So if resuming on the head, you can see how dance it is because this side is really hard surface and each point as we use the subdivision, it point showing. So this point I can read it is 7000 720. That is that point number. So is very dance and didn't allow you to look at all these days, you know? So as we are working, you will see how useful these points can help you. So let's turn it off. And most of the staff, You can go over it and see how they are. Pretty cool stuff. So where is the default Houdini Interfaith. Okay, let's find out. My mouth is here. If I come to the camera whilst my mind's eye over here, I can hit control be. And now we see the default Houdini interface. You know, if you want to see where we wear right now, before we jump back here, my mouse is here. The same thing. Control be. You have the widescreen pretty easy is go back. Okay, down here is the timeline. That is where we will do the animation and you play whatever animation you have on your project. Okay? You touch that. So pretty basic stuff. All right? What we are doing is modeling so specifically, we will be inside here at the Vieux Port, right where we could change stuff like why our frame and look at how things are looking smooth shading smosh, aiding with wire friends. So we are interested mostly in the view port by. Next to it is the animation tap which allow you to you know, when we go deep in animation, you know this is where you be. But this cause we will do animation in the skeleton ness is surrender because we have this Oh, PNG air system. For what system? You probably be doing a lot off rendering this Allow us to get nice look. So we are not worried too much about Renda. But this is where you be for rendering Click. Here you start rendering. Come pick different type off rendering you have for your system, you know? So this is where you will be for rendering that composition. This is where you will be Motion fs and geometry spreadsheet. See all these numbers. It's when you get deep in debt guitar, I says and proceed AEA. These numbers will help you to Italy to wait. This is where we will be, right? So if my mouth comes here to the intercession or where to we induce that meaning you can drag them and pushed in my side. If you want, decide to be bigger. Just drag and push. Arrive. Very simple. You can close them down. Come over these little I rose. Close them down or open them back up. Okay, Same on each corner too. This opens this scene view for us. Okay, concede it under the materia. We have a lot of material, so let's go look at the materials. We have a lot of them under the material pilot. And we have Houdini is still materials where you grabbed him from here and drop them here. Or you could drag them and drop them on the objects you want to change. All right, so you click on that little arrow, it will close it. You click it, you open it back. So the scene is breakdown. When you create an object, it comes here. You see all these objects I have created making up the bike. They are all here. So each one any little things high they break down are still following. So it's like a change. All right, so that is objects stuff out staff for rendering. Okay, So they default render for Houdini is men Tre, and it's very cool. And that is when you come to the Renda, meaning that is the default. Okay, so the images that come I just want you Dad's composition and that is where you come to wear the composition view. Very simple stuff. So let's close this little seen. Let's go back to where we are interested. Now if we come here, this is Let's blow that big. My mouth is here. I can hit control be that is the network view. Okay, so this is where staff that we create will be very simple envy at the object level. So let's go back So pretty cool staff and simple, You have a class way will create an object and we will work on our fast model. It will create something before we jump modeling this bike. OK, so that is how the interface. It's very simple. So over here is the camera and start visual FX property views Net, Wake and Dane, you know, it's stuff that we need. If you want to create something, I'll bring something from outside to Houdini. You have to come here to the object level and use the top or right click inside here and go for Ju Just tied. You t see you have a geometry and you drop it. Okay, You double click, and we go inside. You can call for a fire because you are going for a fire from your computer and Dane type F or file and grabbed fire and dropping. So you have a fire system. Deeney will allow you to bring in a fire from your computer way. Look here have before June. That is what Danny gives. You went from this jewelry, frank with port. But if you want something computer here whenever. If you have already have something the videos drug down here and grabbed him and control be to where we want. That is about it, you know, getting into face very simple. 4. Interface OpenGL Setup: Okay, guys, we are here in a fresh seen. Okay, we have a basic Fred seen. So typically, this is what you'll see when you fares. Grab your copy from side effects. Houdini. Right. What I want to show you is the look inside here in the view port by default. When you create staff, this is what it looks like. And if you want to see how it looks your rendering you come to the render view and you're rendering. And you see it's looking like this regular staff. This course is modeling. So at designing so that we don't spend time on rendering because in most cases, your motor a little. And then you will render to see how it's looking. A lot of people do that. I said this absolute. It looks little better for our eyes as we are working. How do I said that? Look, OK, let's make it simple That way. Somebody show you and I will also include this deputize sex inside the project files. Ok, so that you can use it. It contains some staff when you dropped it. See? Change All of the stuff we have seen said hdr image a high definition image, right? And it's coming from on environment. Mild out here can create one more. So you come to an environment map. You know, you have a way to grab environment my from here. So you go into your Ford s and grab where you have your hedge. D are images. All right, so that's how you add this image that is showing in this view port right now it's an image . Okay, high definition image. So you use that from the environment. But to do that, you have to also have on O p g l as your output for your Rendah. Come here. You know, on the out, you have to happen. Open JIA as an output. Okay, so this set up contains this environment the O p. G. L and some cameras. Okay, so I'll include that in the project files. And Dan, you can have it. Okay, so maybe you set up a scene. If you want a staff look cool, you can use that dicta passes. We can still see the image. Maybe this is not how we want awake. All right? It's kind of distracting acts. So how do you take the image out. We asked the in their expected view when you hit D on the keyboard, it would show the Dalek meaningful for this view port. All right, so we come to background who said we turn it off? So let's 10 days off you later on in the cause. Go throughs staff here because we're gonna use this to get hours reference images and stuff . Okay, cool. So let me turn off the grid. Now we see that we have our sphere looking a little better. So let's turn on the wire frame. Okay, So it is using the basic Houdini materia. So it's not giving us anything because all basic material for mortal in our flat Let's go to the material part. Let's put on our here. Now you see that? We have de friend reflection going on for them. Speed. Right. Okay, cool. So we can change that to another Akala. Let's get basic diffuse. Put it on. Go inside. Basic diffuse changed the color to read. Now you have something cool on your eyes and you can use this sustained to wake, you know, come pick any color you want and it will still give you definition, high definition stuff. See? So that's how you get cool shading going on ice. You awaken. Okay, so Daddy's about it. And I'll include this the guitar assets for you guys. Because if you have it, you don't have to always set it up. You just drop it. Okay. All right. Cool. Thank you guys, for staying around because I wanted you guys to grab this quick so you make your scene look good. Don't worry about about a college does the costume thing here. Yeah. You know, we have to get him to my computer and getting to Houdini food is and make some changes that , you know, you don't need to get this look. But if you are interested, you you contact me. You know how I will reply with some basic information for you to set it up like this. I don't want to act too much to this cause to make it, you know, now what we are focused on, Okay? We are going to do direct modeling. So, you know, I want asked to focus on that and all these pretty cool stuff. The ones that I think that you guys need, I'll show you like. I'm showing you right now, Okay? Anything as you see that I do all I have that you want to work like that, you know, just contact me, all right? Reply you because I'm here for you guys until this causes over. You know, we are in here together. I'll see you in the nice class. Thank you guys for staying around. 5. Techinical Aspect: Okay, guys. Welcome to the drawing board. In six. Section off the drawing board, we're going to talk just a little bit about the flow. How far South feces. How When we move one point, it affect the others. And the polygons are the primitives around it. Okay. To have a polygon, you have four points. 01 two and three. Okay, These points one day I joined together gives you a polygon and a poorly going. Have four edges. Okay to three. I'm four edges. See? When we move one edge, it affect all the edges around it. So we're going to experiment something small to see what happened when we move stuff around . And you have to also know that to create something in three D is the movement off the point that gives whatever you have a new shape. So right now, if I move point number three up, we see that it's also affecting the surf IX of the germ a tree, and it's moving this edge. And this age. Okay, so let's try it again. You move it up to see the south phase. That light refraction. This is not a movement off the light the lights are all stationary on the same spot. Just like right now that we are not doing their thing moved. Only the mounts are moving, but we see that it's southeast. Are still there's nothing moving. As soon as I move this point to another position in three D space, we are in the three d space. All right. If we tumble around, we cede it. You don't have no more clean surface. We have a cricket suffering. We have a surface that is being 0.3 have moved from its original position. And now we have what we have on angle right here. So we don't have no more their fate south fees like we had before. Okay, You don't have this no more, you know. So a movement off a point Oh, on age affect everything's ironic. So let's say if we divide this geometry into two polygons, Okay, we have one and two. See, we have one and two. Okay, So now if I move this point, what happened from move this point, we see that it's still affecting the south phase on the neighbor polygon. This area is affecting this area. Okay? It's not only affecting here. So you assume private that okay, Because this point belongs to this polygon. It suffers. Movement will only affect here. But now we could tell that it's affecting. Decide. Let's try it again. Move it here and we move it down. Seed it. The effect is kind of like affecting everybody around here. Okay, so what's going on? Let's try more division and see, Maybe is because is two polygons. That's why it's able to affect the neighbor. So let's try and increase what we have. Okay, now we have a few more polygons, so let's try. It's Dad to move a few points, but let's try with one point right now and see what's going on. We see that as we move one point, it's affecting all the germ a trees that around it. Kate. It's four polygons that around this point that are moving 1234 and the movement that's no only even affect this four polygons. It also affects some stuff here and all around they see what happened. See, it's a 15 stuff around it, so let's try to move more points, see what happened. See, the effect is getting stronger because more polygons are moving and we see the lies are moving and it's not the light in the scene that it's moving is because thes points are moving. And that's how when you move points in three D's face space, it affects the shade, the shading off your germ, a tree, you know? So how do you fix stuff like this if you don't want not off the south Fees are right here to be touch or no movements around here. How do you I saw something like this. This is when you divide this area, you support the area. You don't want no movement to go. You have to block that movement because block here, you have to get one extra line right here. That is what we call edge loop. Try that. Maybe it will be clear for you to see, So we going to add an extra line for support. So try that right now. Okay, So now let's add on extra support line or edge loop around this area. Que let these points okay and remove it. What's happening? B C t. Nearly dead. There is no effects going on Iran here. I see. So pay attention around this side. You see, there is no light or any shade reflection going on Has this line what this is teaching? Is there in order to block the flow off lines and the effects going past where you won't you have to add an extra loop off blocker with Esther lying. Okay, so that is very, very important. So what is the use of days? Okay, this is very useful because when you are modeling you in most cases this is what you are dealing with. You are blocking staff and you don't want staff to happen into places and stuff. Divide this stuff. The subdivision is going a band, this stuff and is banning staff where there is no points or edges over there like a mirror Here there is nothing here. So let me show you real quick. Let me show you because I think it will be much better to show you so if has to let these points okay? If I select this points and they move, it was happening. We see that the Bandon it's not happening in the middle here. The bending happiness right here at these points. Okay, the abandoned. It's happening right here, the same as over here. So let's get it at a deeper See the middle here. There is no Bandon. There's no bending metal here, you know? So if I want my band in tow, happen here, have to bring a line dead. So let's straight it. So if I bring a line here, maybe Why here? Because we want the ban happening. The medal here and now we go back to our movements and we move was happening. The bending happens in the middle. It's no more happening over here, and it's no more happening over here. Let's try to block the flow and get very close to The point is we are moving. Okay, so if we move the points you see now it's happening right here. And we could see that we still have some light coming around here if we don't want. If you don't want to shade, we don't want not off our polygons around here. The face to create quit. You could see here is banned. Looks like it's bearing the reflections. CNBC We see all that, you know. So how do we stop these effects? So let's try more agile Oops and see what? So you get another line closer. Boom! Another line closer on the other side. Boom. Let me try it again. Another line Boom. OK, so now let's go back to the movement. See the movements off. The reflection of the light is wet. It's only happening within here. It's no more going back and forth over here, you know? So we are able to move our stuff and then prevent all the movements around here. That's how you are able to get sharp edges. Even though you bend your germ a tree and then the rest everything is moving. But what you are trying to protect stay the same. So the movement happening just right here. So if we wanna make a very tight you get the edge loops very close. So basically this story, when we get to modelling, you will see that it's happening everywhere, and we will be using that to protect the edges where we want to keep them to be very sharp and then edges where we don't want them to be very sharp. We will leave it and they can band, you know, see some Bandon going on around the edges that have no clothes. Edge looks all right. So this is very important. And when you and when you understand it on the drawing board like this and you see the reflections off the light, it will make it stay in your head. That way, when you're geometries are being deformed and you don't know what is going on, then you know that the floor off the deformation is affecting the rest off the geometry, you know? So we will end this section of the drawing board and I'll see you guys in the mortal. All right, Thank you today. 6. Basic Create Objects : Okay, guys, welcome. In this class you will learn how to create an object and work on it. What we have now is pretty much on empty scene. We only have on open GL system for the view port. Okay? It's nothing going on the properties window of you. It's empty. So before we do anything, let's create something as go to create menu and create a terrorist. Okay, so the properties here, it's still part of the creation. If we want to make changes like scaling with Cecin off the object, we can do that movement and all that. But that is still by creation. Because we haven't done anything to the tyrus object we just created. Okay, so that is the first thing we have created under the object level. Cool, right? We can't go into the material pilot and give it a basic material for now. Okay, cool. Get back to the object level. So pretty much our scene, it's set for modeling. We can start modern right now. If we come here to the build Manu, we can pick just modeling and an interface. A stripped down to Alexa chef and taps. Right. So it's kind of, like, not to my going on, which is good. If you get more comfortable, you probably will working in a Alexa stripped interface like this. Okay, but for now, I want to go back. I just wanted to show you that you have that options based on what you are doing, you can pick that set up and make it and other stuff. Okay, so let's go back to the default here. You will be interested in the poly modelling tools, so let's pick that one. Holy modeling. We still have the taro's. Okay, maybe Allah gizmo is smaller for our. So let's check the preferences. How do you go to the preferences up here? Preference And then general interface. So you have the preference window, you can drop it down and go to the handles because that's the one we want to change if we want to change stuff on via poses here. So that is for you to go through and see what you can change to make your stuff comfortable for you. Let's check the handles. Okay. So we can see is okay, but we can make it bigger. So that is where we come here. and boost it up. Accept it and we see we have a bigger gizmo for controls. But it looked too big for me. Let's go back and get a reasonable gives more sites. Okay, let's do it a game. So drop it handles and let's make it around like too seventies. It's OK, so let's create another object. Let's create a sphere mess, too, to the terrorists. Let's give it a materia. We only have one material, but it will be nice to have a distinguished between both of them, right? For now we can see this a distinct because we still have the default Houdini material on it . Okay, click outside, we can see it. So let's go back to the material pilot. We only have one, and we are interested in what ain't We are interested in giving it a unique material. And since we have one, we can right click on this material so that give us a chance to look at this minute. It's not too much going on, but we have on action here that we can change typing out of step necessary to pass. Right now, it's a delete operation here. What? We are interested in. It's a duplicate. So we have a copy off the original one we have. But even this original one was dropped here from here. So you can go through a check the materials. Okay, So if we come out here, we use the arrow to open the scene. We see there under the materials, we have the basic color material and then we have the copy when we just did so If we click on the basic one, we see its basic color. We click. This one you see is the copy so basic and one way a copy. Let's name it. Um pay a poor enter, so it will fled. Everywhere here is purple and now here is people. So let's do that. Let's put it on it. Cool. Let's close their seen view. So by the way to save you, if you have images will be under here. That would be composition, right? That will be calm. And then materials will be here up just like we created. I hear they're under the O. B. J. We have this fear. We have the taro's see. So that's how he's breakdown. The outs are surrenders. So if we come to the render, we can pick the renders we have. Okay, so we have a node Renda main problem. Okay, so that is how this scene is breakdown. So let's close it. Who get back to the object level. At this point, we can test parenting how we can group objects to move together. Right? So if I move, the taro's is moving by a self. If I move, this fear is moving by itself. The terrorist is on top in our object level, so we can make that appearing. It don't matter, though. So let's grab the child this fear and connected to the fearing mother. All right, so we have child parent relations going on. So if we move the tyros, what happened? He is going today. But this fear is independent. So if we move, this fear is by a self. Okay, that is parenting. So we conjoined more stuff and then move them together. That is grouping instead. But we are not interested in that right now. Okay, so we hold. Why on the keyboard we get this caesars and we can cut the condition. At this point, we can start working on one off them. Let's work on the tyros by a double clicking on it. Okay? I can reduce the number off car loans by Leslie of it at 24 12. That's okay. I rotated here at name. So what I want to do next is to clip it If I call a clip. Let's see what happened. Nothing happened. There is nothing connected to the tires. Nothing happened. This is telling as dead. Some of the tools up here require you to select something to let you know that you wanted to work on this thing before you call it. Okay, so if I click outside, Houdini is telling a select something or Apollo going to work on, okay, Because I click on the clip before his terror as to select the objects and then use the clip and enter. So it's actually giving you a tutorial right here? Very short sentence, and it's tearing me What to do. Very simple. So we will do that. We will select this whole polygons, and we call for clear, unfortunately clear pain based on the angles and the commerce we are using for the set up is happening at a while. access for its in most locations. We'll be all right, but let's changed it. Zero. So we actually wanted on the easy access. Based on our camera view, the Z is working for us and how I wanted to cat because I wanna wake on this side. Okay, cool. So we have something like this. So I get out from the clip node, What I want to do? Yes. I want to go two points, okay? And I will select everything and I'll call for and move to, but actually need the scale. So let's see if I can scale it on the X axis a little bit school. Okay, so we have something like dicks. All right. So I'll get out from the points and come to edges. Select all the middle polygons in here by using the last two. So what the laksa do is that it will roll over any polygons there it goes over, it will be selected. So it's rolling. Okay, so let's get these middle parts and delete it. So far, we are doing direct modeling, but we still see what we still see. The network. Okay, So can we wake without looking at the network is impossible. Yes. So let's close there. Down. Cool. Get out from the last to go back to a regular selection. Okay? Come to edges and double click this age carful and moved to and move it out. By the way, you probably won't have dix view cos selection that I have You can change it by right click in the middle of the gizmo you go to handle and you pick company. You can work on the wear act sex object xx. Each one will give you a different directions off the gizmo and the gizmo where the face is , where your movement of the staff will go. So right now we are interested in the view Because if you allow us to more staff based on any angle in the view port, it will be still facing the X and the y axis X for X o k. C. 10 here. I still get the exit away so I can move staff and stuff like that. So we wanted to be like six. All right, cool. So we are getting setting ship going on. It looks like the bike that we are working on, right, But that is not a And what are we doing? We asked, though, doing direct modeling. We are not looking at the network, so I want to get out from the last two. Click outside. I need that again. Double click and call for Polly Field. Okay, so you grabbed Fulfilled, which filled his face for us. But the topology or the polygon? The set up is giving us. We don't want it. And we don't want to delete the Indy video edges. So we come up here to the options we can select single political. Then we have just one Holy goes for that area, Right? Cool. So let's continue our direct model trick outside. Go for polygons. Select the polygons that we just clean. Now hold c on your keyboard. Call for poorly construed. Okay, unless extruded out by using the distance is get a small distance out. Okay, You can control it by the bar also. And here we can control the distance to from here. So Houdini's giving you so many ways to control stuff, right? So we are interested, right? About days. Okay, let's do it again By heading kill So the polygon have selected again with a polio extrude so we can come up here and do that stressing again, you see. But this time, let's get out. And now you select this. Probably going that. Is that why we want okay? And we want to scale it out bigger. Okay, so something like that is fine. Let's call for police as true again. Let's pull it. Okay, let's get out from police Extrude, go two points and select these points here shift and get these three points. Okay? If we select the move to and we move away and we pick straightening selection it was straight those points for us. See? They're straight so we can do it for this side. Get out from this three. Start a new set. Whole shift Picked them. Do it again far from me. So we have this flat face here. What is going to allow us to do is we want as truce and polygons from there. So we click outside, get from the system, come to Polygon, select this select days by holding shipped and we call for Policastro again here this time Let's squeeze it in. Come here and use the ladder that metal miles and squeeze the polygons in smaller like that . Call for police extrude again and I screwed it out. Okay, let's do it again by head and kill on a keyboard and use the distance. You got it again. Okay, go to Point said. Let these points and call for Move to and moved him this way. Okay, select this point and movies the same. Let's try to top a game. Let's change the alignment to component. Okay, let's call for Rotate and we'll take the face. Six. Because we want to rotate the company's the points because the view it's rotating a based on the view and therefore rotation will be a little problem. So rotating we will switch to component like we just did, right? So we go to move, click in a mirror here and switch the handle. Two. Component. Okay, who lets try the view and see what I'm talking about? But a view if we go for rotation with tasting is rotating everywhere, so we haven't twisted and stuff. It's mixing up right, So let's do control Z. Let's do it again because it's still flat. We wanted to rotate a little bit, so call for rotate before Let's change it to company. Right Call for rotate and irritated the face of the points Something like that. So in this case, our nest extrusion will be facing this way We are working our way this way. So in no time you see what I'm trying to get into in a second. I know you guys already see so less do our next operation get are from come to poorly goes select this faces okay and call for polio strewed we are doing direct mortal in and we don't see no net network. This is what you do when you work anywhere, right? Just to windows. So you pull our nest extrusion. Okay, let's get a little longer and maybe we can do our last points rotation call for rotate on a potato Faces like that do our last poorly construed Paula Jones. So let these fully goes and Dan do it again. Extruded this way. Okay, so OK, so we have something going on and most a few guys already Forget it out. Cool. So let's come on this side. Click outside and double click on the edges, but we have to be on the edge right. Double click here. Now let's close it. Let's do pull Ifill again. Let's take a single polygon. Okay, you can get out from these two, come to pull a gun on select this polygons and poorly construed. But this time, let's use the instead and squeeze the faces down. Okay? Squeeze the face down. Let's go down a little bit. That's funny. The last two is all. It s true. Let's squeeze it down again. I want some call. It flows over this way Get to So let's get out. Click outside Come to see the flow That is direct Morning, You know where about network way mess that we use control Z so that is direct model is doing right. 7. Creating Your First Model: who so we get to It's okay. So let's get out. Click outside, Come to edges. You see the flow that is direct Morning. We are nowhere about network. And when we messed that we use control Z. So that is direct modeling we are doing right now. So if I select these points edges, I select these edges. I can call for bevel and I can give the bevel some distance Go down the ladder so you get a fine tune that is playing Zoom in a little bit Call for the move to move back in. So we have, like a panel going in there. Cool, right? All right, let's do it again. Less selectees edges. Carful, Babel Give it a fine too. In bevel like that, select the Middle Ages double clicking call food and moved to push it in. So right now we have some idea what I'm doing. Okay, so the next operation out we can do, let's get some design here. Be on edges. Carful, Poorly spirit. Let's see what kind of design we can do. Let's create and see in tow. Let's call it again right here. Okay. Get it over there. Tom bought out around and see Get it? Kind of like, similar to this side because we don't have cemetery on. I'll show you guys how to work on cemetery and click over here. Zoom out, you know? So we get the matching staff out, put it here and connect it on these points and hit. Enter. So we got it right now. So get out from the system. Be on edges and less core it again. So we gotta am over there. Hit, Enter. But the aim, The points are not right, so get out. Let's do some a little at it. Select this point. Look around. Nothing x is selected. Call for move and move it. Be on there view because you can move it and it will be all over. So the view is the one you need right now. So that goes along the plane off the face. Okay. In most cases, this it's like you are constraining the points to flow on the face. And if you don't use the right phase or the view, it can move, and it'll be over here, you see? So when you told me we were like, whoa, So that's why you need these kind of alignments. All right, so we move it in the middle a little bit. It's OK. So without spending time, this design will be all right. Let's get out. Click outside. Let's finish our design before I hold the edges. Okay? Which we will talk about in the technical aspect. So for the design, I will get back to the edges. Select this age whole ship. Select this sage Select. This is so let this. So I got all the edges and I want to call full babble, and I'll give it some bevel small beverage. OK, I'll try to get a middle lines by getting out from the bevel and still be on the edges. DoubleClick, the middle line. It will edge. Look, you see, when you are working, right, your edge loops are flowing. Okay, so we can give this panel here, zoom out and call for the move to and Dave create How little pine out here? Even it design. Double click this edges. We got it because we have a clean topology. So is holding that edges for us. That's whole shift. And get this side. Let's try It is we got that one. So we probably have to get decide. So that is direct modeling. So so far we have these edges selected. Let's hold it by calling for bevel skeevy leg three. And let's come for Chan for crease creasing. It's important creasing it's when you hold the edges when you are working on hard saw fees . Similarly, this model, the principle we are used in his heart surfacing way have hard edges, right? So I will select these polygons. Get out! Selectees Polygons! Get to polyphenols. Let these polygons over here, Okay? Whole shift and grabbed the ones with the national it and add them to it. See, we are going slow so that you see the web flow and how the direct modeling is like you do anywhere. Okay, so this it's a taste of it. And when we get into the bike, it's a whole different thing. OK, cool. So we have a setting group selected, you know, I can call a group without even going to a network. So let's come to Morrill. And since we have this polygon selected, I can call a group for it. The group comes here. Okay? The group comes here. I can name the group like subdivide this area for us. Okay, so let's name it soap and enter. So our groups at an area I want the subdivision that I want to do happening to those areas alone. Okay, so I will get out from this 16. Click outside. All right? And I'll call for subdivide by calling it from party gone menu. So now I will come in and I'll tell this is the property for the subdivide. You could see it over here just like you do it anywhere. I wonder if it happened only on this up. Select a group and leave the rest alone. Very cool, right? So this is the part We wanted to be rounded and so divided. But these areas because we have perform all this designs here and you don't have regular topology here. Subdivision will miss this area up is very important because you don't have a flow off polygon throwing right? This area is all kind of polygons together here. So subdivision will not work right in areas like this. Let's save it. Save us over right? What is here and name it had food enter Okay, so you have something that you can get back and work on it If you know somebody call you or something, because modeling you have to take breaks. You know, relaxed as you are doing, I don't stop you thinking about it. More ideas come right most Dan and we still haven't do it. Still having tats and look at him there. Network. Okay, I want some designs over here. I'll call for Polly Dro and I'll cut a line here. Cut it here, click the middle mounds to be selected. It is sweat. Polly, draw. Okay, cool. So we have these polygons going on over here. We can use this to create a design. We can. You the same cuts to create, like, you know, the sound thing over here. But we're not going to spend time on that. This is giving you a rough idea, right? But this, you know, is the wire peace. Then I want to create. So get out. Be on the move to select this bullet goes okay? Select despoiling. Look around and see. That is the only one you have selected. Wholesale. Get this one. Get this one. Get this one. Okay, now let's do the mix ankle by. Okay, so and strewed it out cloth for Astrue again This time let's use that insect. Squeeze it down small. It's very sensitive on this side. Over here. Let's call for poorly construed. And now let's pull it. Okay, you can do it a distance. Since we don't see the handle, go far as we can That it's OK. So what do we have? We have one side of the headphone finish. Okay, so let's save it. Save as you going. What? As can we do? Do we have to spend all that time and model? You know the other side of it? No. So we have to call another two. But that to also we have to let it know what is going to operate on. Okay, so you come out here and we will select everything by being on the polygons and call for modify. Use the mirror. OK, but the mirror is happening on the wrong XX right There You go see Gaddy at a site. Now, this is the time you come in and you mess with the distance. Push it to where you think is to be like they say Okay, Click outside and you have your ear piece. Very cool. Okay, so this side is still not close. That's when you find to use their ladder and you find, too in the distance to touch it. There you go. Save and think about how you want it to look. Let's get it. Smosh eight. Very cool. All right. It's cool. It's like one of them have phones that you can squeeze this thing in and then you put it out. Game bigger, right? So? So it's cool. And we got M. C as the label. So let's think about giving it some 90 scholars and we had then get out from the UAE screen Control be. And now let's think so. For the shading I want I want us to get back to To the net. Tweak. Well, you see that we have a long start going on, You see? That is what happening Way. You don't see what is behind the scene. All right? It's crazy. This is behind us. In all of these steps were being taken. No, this is our four steps and its repetition. That's why I'm telling you where you get this. The understanding off this, calling them and using them. You are good that a few adducts staff that we will touch before we end this session of the introduction to the model in and damn it, we jump onto onto the bike. And what I'm trying to say is those operation is working inside the network, and so far we have close it. Right? So I want to show you some operation. Like imagine calling other objects from the other, you know, south feces and stuff. All right. Okay, Cool. So let's click outside. So how do we make it look good? You know, we have some materials here. Let's get back to shading because you don't have a u V or, you know, Chester maps and stuff ladies on it. Right now, After you model like this, you have to spend time and create U V's mom. That is when you can take it out and make changes to the look right. So what we're going to do is we're gonna give you just irregular materials, but we don't want it to have just one color. Like we can come to the pilot and give it just people, and it will happen into everything. Okay? It's all right. But, you know, you don't bring out, you know, design. You all know that most Muslims that have you know, he's breakdown this size. So let's try do that rare quick get are from Materia. That s when group incomes. We want setting area ticks, setting material right to get out from days. So the purple is hard for my eyes right now. Okay, so let's select the ear pat. Okay, so this is very simple modelling in Houdini, like, very basic. So you are. You can just model something. You just calling the tools, strolled in and start right. So now we wanna are some little college to it, but we want different colors for different part off it. Okay, So these part we have selected, we want a group it. So let's go back to the group then and group days. Let's be on so that you see that it's happening at a network. Okay, so let's call for the group note. So we have a group linked to the system. This is how everything was Lincoln when we were calling them. So this group, we have to name it. Maybe um, the ear piece, Right? So that year we have to call group again because we breaking down the college. So the next color, we want to sell it. Let's use Let's do it for that for the label. - Let's otherwise to let's let's otherwise, too. Let's give it, uh, whole shift. Okay, so we got this as another group. So let's call for group again. Unless named the group. Let's name the group. Ah, I am and see Enter. Okay, so what is left is the head piece. So let's let those the select click outside and sell. It does whole shift. Grab all these stuff quick. Okay, look around you. Get everything a less now, unless let's group that, too. Let's name that group. Hey, enter. That's it. Let's go to the material area. This is their basic. This is PayPal. So less duplicate the papal. And let's name it, let's name it black. Let's duplicate it again. Let's name it read, by the way, the red I want to use a different set off material. So let's use that action and delete this material. So I want to use this one. Okay, so let's name that grade enter and let's change to wear a cool. This is black. Let's go back, Go into the top and and for materials you can find my teary eye here. Okay? And drop it. Now let's link it to the system. Okay, so this materia, if we pick red, is going to affect everything. I sit. You see the red materia? It's affecting everything. Even Daddy school, right? It's affecting everything, you know. So let pick the emcee side for it. See? So it's happening to the label side. Only that is cool, right? So let's bring in another material. So we get that one that's bringing another one. You see the wet floor. Now the last thing we can do to make it even cooler is we're gonna change the papal materia to a rare tester. You can bring in a quick shade. All right, so let's do that tap and kill. Now let's use quick shade. Okay, so it's affecting everything because you don't know the group. We wanted to affair it. Okay, so let's change the group to the ear piece. So it's affecting only the here. See school. So it's just a matter off changing the materia the material that is inside it or something . So let's let's go find the material for it. That is the default one. That check out team is the default. So let's go to our four days Go to Houdini testers, right click to show the images. Let's bring the big menu. She was see something and that's a Houdini. He's out before stuff that with Houdini. So let's pick one of these. And I said, Okay, let's try to XX and see. You can mix with it. Test Just scale. So after you mess with it a little bit, you see, you can get even on image to show. And we have Houdini call even though we don't have you Weise and it's pretty cool, right? So there you have it. You know you can't really model of very simple things real quick. Okay, read more school 8. Direct Modeling Issues: known best that from two. And it's 12 22 30 to 42 52. So it's kind of like even numbers, right? And then here double click have 2021 22 23 24 25 26. So this line is giving us the regular numbers. Right? Is increasing by one, and here is increasing by 10 50 61 71. So there's a flow off numbers. That's why we are able to double, click and have at DoubleClick selection off the edges that are flowing. If the flow change, that's a lesson will not happen. Whole shift and select this way. Have a few politicians actually wanna pay form is called Mix it so we right click and they say it makes it tends to polygons into. Now if we go back to the edges and I double click here, the flow is though there. Okay, the floor is still there everywhere. It's still working. All right, but let's perform something and remember this face this area where we have selected for the mixed circle okay, that area. The system recognized this area as being part off the flow like we were doing now, remember. But if we do pay phone poorly extrude the flow is broken because this face have moved. Okay, this phase have moved and two things are happening. Okay? Two things are happening. The double click flow. It's no more. Some of them are brooking you can get this one is good. Okay, This one is broken. It's now going. Of course, it's coming from the bottom. The bottom here is broken too. Because the original copy off the face it's moved up here. Okay, be as true that this face from the bottom So there's be it changes to the floor and the numbers. So that's why we cannot DoubleClick and get the flow. I want us pay a little attention to the issues that we are discussing in this class. So we find out that after the introduction off this police a shrewd from this phase here we are having problems in Double Selatan, an edge loop. Okay. And also the polygon have introduced a stretching. But we also find out that for the stretching we can fix that by introducing some edge loops to help us wake. Because when we introduced egg loose we can have similar poly goes, you know around. So for working we will be all right. My full introducing test your mouth The stretching was still remain because the fast geometry we have the grilled, this geometry the faces It's registered as one object and therefore is using a one set off coordinates. So any change of the phase will distort the UV Kourtney's on the object. So any stretch in at what we have here will also cause a stretch in any texture we put on. You don't matter if we divide this area because this area have become a new set off geometry itself. So quickly less art, a quick UV to this whole object like we've seen earlier. So let's go for so after we are quick UV, you find out that the stretching is happening and it's really happening at the area where we pull. That's why you have to know that after your model, you have to have a new set off UV coordinates for this object because the old one is broken . So any operation that will cause another face to stretch from where it belongs. That area will also have a stretching issue. So to fix this sometime you will private thing that you can scroll down. But still, the stretch in will happen to fix this. The better way is to have a noon set off. You've ease for the whole of jet packs. One, because it's a new object right now. So let's try that real quick. Let's leave this quick UV shade unless they let this whole thing causes one object right now unless introduce a UV unwrap. Okay, so the UV unwrap is happening. It's right here. So how you see you come here, you can divide your view side by side. We see the UV coordinates and a UV tester for this object right here. Okay, Hosted. Let's get more middle part off it. See, we can see that this middle part is selected and here is the first area there were selected to cause the extrusion, and it's over here. So the UV unwrap is giving the object and new set off Kourtney's. So if we introduce the quick UV shade wants a game that area have, let's go to single view have u V. And they're even just like the other part of the object that you model, you have to spend time and give each object a new set off UV Courtney. So the quick way is to use the UV unwrap from the test Your menu. There are so many ways you can work on movies, you have to flatten them and do all kind of stuff. You know, we will look at that when we get to the UV class, because normally after you model and you don't have time to do you ve you try to put test shower in it and you will see the testers are stretching all over. This is one of the reason that happens. Let's take this UV unwrap and the quick UV shade out. Okay, then This issue that I want us to look at real quick is this. We get our from the system, click outside. We know that in Houdini you can jump into the network and make changes as you want, right? But the truth is, it's not every node or every operation that you have done debt. You can't just make changes and then staff remains the same. Okay, if the changes that you are making, what is happening is what you are looking forward. That is fine. But some changes can call some off. Your operation is to break. That is what I want us to look at real quick. So if we come to degrade, we know that we have performed on extrusion on it. Okay? But we can still go to the Grail and make changes to the columns and rows. That means we're introducing more polygons to the original. Great. Okay, which you can do. But we have performed some operations. Some edit fully extrude and police spirits. So let's try to increased the columns and see what will happen to the extrusion we have here. Okay, we see dead. The extrusion is still struggling to survive because new polygons numbers are coming and the ones that it registered, I shift into all kinds of positions. And if you could see if I keep increasing, the polygon extrusion was still try to survive and therefore it will start jumping around all over, you see, So if this effect is what you are going for, Daddy's funny, but that it's something you have to note, you know? So it means that you have to be aware that setting operation. I changes. Dad, you have already Dan, you have to keep it. Oh, you know, make changes to Dennis Knowed after that too. Okay, so that is very important because the polygon extrusion have registered does area So new numbers come in the new polygons they are fighting and then they are shifting to do positions. OK, very important. So there are some changes to that. You will make intense, remained fine and nothing will go crazy. So if we come to the police extrude itself and we try to increase the distance, you see stuff are the same. Even if you reduce it, we can't even go negative. And we just go down. You could see that, right? So this is happening because the numbers remains the same. They just moving down to new position. There is no introduction off new numbers for them to fight for space. Okay, so that is very important. So these numbers are the same. The I just moving to a new position that is scaling or reducing the size of it. Okay, but at the same police extrude if we try to introduce new divisions for it, Okay, very important. Let's take out this edge loops that we introduce that gave it more division is here. Let's turn that off, You see? So this is the original Paulius strewed, okay? And we can make changes to its divisions. See, and nothing is happening. So let's put it back at one. And let's come to the police spirit and turn it on. So this is the operation we introduced, which is not part of the police extrude. So we gave it our own division edge loops. Okay. So I can't come to the polygon and select. And so let just one polygon in the middle here and call for poorly construed how has strewed it out a little. Okay, now, if I go back to the fares poorly extrude and we try to do the same division, we gonna have similar situation. Like a show you, Elliot. This new extrusion is going to jump around because they're gonna fight space. Okay, Very important. You see, it's jumping, Orlova. And as new points are coming in, it's moving to a different position until I get back to one very important. So making changes to your net way very easy. But you have to understand what type off changes are you making? And is it going to affect something you have done to one specific area, you know, So it is common sense stuff, right? So the new numbers coming, they're going to fight the position. The question is, what about dig it? I said, how do you create stuff that, you know, proceeding at that, make stuff when you change them, they don't break and stuff that is proceeding. When you asked chatting to create, you have to think about all of that. Okay? You gonna used express she the known best to work on how things will flow and you know, So it's more deep to that. You just you just don't start creating like we're doing. That's why this calls is called direct model. Because we are not worried about old kind of that stuff. Okay, because we can build a house. Okay, indicator arses. We can build a house or even this object right here become build it and somebody can can give it to somebody. And they commit changes to any part of it. And it'll still remain the same. You know, it is giving it more copies or this extrusion is happening to all the adjustment polygons, you know? So you tell the system, and most part of it required expressions. And so no programming up here, you know? So there's more to it pattern and, you know, hit scripts and expression languages, you know? So when we get deep into dig attire, Isis, that is what helps you to create start proceedings. So maybe make all these changes. Staff remain this if we combining guitar proceeding with this direct mortally, it will take a little time, But it's not that hard, but this cause I wanted to make it pretty. Eat just green guys, too. Get comfortable creating staff basic Moto's. And we get comfortable even figure out most of these ticket our asses out way will end this class c Thank you, guys. 9. Node Network Workflow: We want to see if we can change our wire friends or you'll be much off yours for us. We have there. So we come here and we say, Set the wire from Carlo. Let's pick a different car. Let's go for, like, silent or something like this. Click outside. You see, You have that you have that Qala to useful for your modeling right now. If this is what you want, maybe is too colorful. Maybe you want white and black. Got it, you know? So what about the terrorists? Maybe you want a different car for the tireless. You go to tyros and you go to the set wire frame. You can give you something when you click outside. That was Have a raid, you know, to change it any time. You know, dream. You know. So where you jump back into into grade, it would still be there for you. So now you have You know, something that is cool for your eyes, you know, do you can go back to your idea shading if you want it. Okay. Let's work on the Tyra small. Okay. Let's wake on the tyro Small. We have a tyros. There's jumping. What do we want to do it. Let's hide the grave. See? So that is how you get around. Let's hide. Agreed. And even still, let's hide this great originally. Great. So nice playing. Have this. Don't not sitting on our table, you know? So we will select everything. Get our knife, boom. See if you look my my mouth. You see something is going on is telling me to slide the doughnuts. So I will start from here. And I would grab drag it around, cut it into two. So we are working on the terrorists now, so we don't see the great steps. We cut our taro's, which is our donors right now into two. But if we click outside, it is alleged that to see only the line that we created is there. But maybe we just want to see half of it. That's when you come to the properties of the tools you are using, right? And then you have an option to keep the stuff above the knife. Whom? So we have stuff that I above that knife. You want to keep the staff that I below the knife boom. We have stuff that I'd be loath at night. It's to donors which one you think is bigger. Right? So you have to keep the primitive. We still see Wolf off there, and we are still in the German to how do we separate this thing? That we can make a copy off these? Let go. See, we have two knifes. See that We have two knives on our table here right now. So this this knife, let's use the one we are keeping above. Okay, so we only see that above one. This knife, Let's use the one we are keeping below. But we see the action. We are seeing the just the wire for him because is showing us still because we have the video. Where Inside the knife to so to see knife when we have to bring the video here. This is the video I'm talking about. See, the blue arrow is what makes you see what you are working. Also both knife. I working on the doing us our Tyrell's right. But we want to see one. Because when you are in the Germany level, you can only use the video one at the time on a note. Okay? to see something going on on the another node. You use this tale. It's like a temporary view that lets you see the wire frame off the other staff. CBC Only the wire frame off the arrest. A Because we have the video on knife one. But we are looking at a wire frame just to see for visualization. All right. Okay, cool. So So how do we see both off this knife at the same time? It's possible. That is, when you go to your top, bring the big menu, you know? And then what we want. What we want is called made. We're going a marriage stance together. So we go boom Maj. And Dennis right here. We put it now, Okay. The match to let you combine stuff. And then it will give you one video, one view so you can see all the rest. See you both at the same time. Okay, so that man is giving us one video, but we want to see a space in between them. We don't want to see the donors together like this, but we will select knife to and we go to the top, bring the big menu hit T for transform Bring turns form Connect to our knife to write boom Use the transform Note from knife Want knife to to connect to the image Hold wife, cat This old wire And now when you go to the transform Properties, let's move knife one doing us aside. Okay, Less movie Kind of like straight days for no I have to do is keep above Remember So let's go back to the transform and push it Much better, See? So we can clearly see there's a space between them See, when we come back to the to the object view we see we see too doing us We cut and we have our little Moto X stood I would did you know? So this model is how you jump around, Get around We jump into grid We create this we high stuff We get back, be jumping tyros We create staff we don't back We are outside off each one of them They are boxes. Yeah, at an object level. How do you work with great I'll jet and at the same time able to connect with the taro's cause We don't see no Tyrus in here. India geometry level off our great we can create stuff here. And I agreed. We want to be able to connect. We've degrade how you do that. So at the object level, if this tyros is the one I want to be able to call it, I have to jump in. Okay? I have to jump inside the Tyrell's and give it a name so that I can call it you. I can link it with my with my great. So how you do that? You bring the big meaning. Hit top, Go for outputs hit O on your keyboard and you get on out. Do you connect the out node to our our tyrel system? We bring the video here, you know, And then for us to be able to find the name it was to keep the out click on it, go on the school. That is my naming convention. So let's give you like did This network was very simple. It was very, very simple. Behind it tyros cut it with our fast night. We kept another night, you know, we were able to move knife to aside magic, to have one view. Okay? And this was a name so we can call it. It is pretty simple, you know? I mean, so remember how you see colors on the 10 after select days, and then this is the one I want. You click on it. Then you have quote for step, you know? So this is just to show you, you know, because I already you've been seeing it and then you don't know how you give it a car. Lights right here. Boom. Give it a collar, See? And is a color too. Boom. All right, so that's how you get that colorful stop going on. This jump back involved is what you do most of the time. The rest is like, you know, you want Polly Bevel. You go for it. You still let you go. You want edge loop? You know, those are the basic like it's so easy. But this well floated into changing how you connect stuff is what I think you need the most , right? So spend so little time if you don't know this. All right. So we get back from Tyrus, we wanna length Terrell's with great. We gave Taro's and name. So let's get inside our grade. How do you recall tyrants? Okay, we go to our big menu. We look for an object made. So you hit Oh, again on a keyboard object match? Because remember, we have just met for imagine stuff. We have an object, Midge. Which means you can call start from outside off your geometry. You know it can be somewhere. So for this properties you are able to call more off just for this object made so you can add more. So we have an object made one on object makes too. Okay, but we only need just one. So we will delete one. How do you go for the one? We need a terrace. So you go here now you are only your seen in many. Okay, if we make it simple See the stuff we've been creating? We have great. We have Taras. So we have to lower did the tyro staff and we have the out node that we name it our donor. So we have to select that one. That is the name we are looking for, right? Because we are calling me. And then you see, I sip the name and go. So now this match object made Have that Tyrell's in it. All right. Have it is right here of Jet labral Black Talal's do knocks. All right, so now we have it inside our grade. How do we see it? How do we mess with it? Remember, we have to use what Madge again. So when the stuff I repetition now you know how to use them. It will just keep using them more and more. So we go for am form age. A simple major boom. So this is object made and this is simple. Make They're simple. Marriage can let you see more stuff, you know, and this to come let you call more stuff. So we joining the taro's we call, we join in our grade and we bring in the video here whom we have we have I want doing us in our mix. Happy right here in the grail geometry level. Okay, used it out. You don't need this one in most cases. Let me let me show you something. You can shake it off and let me card is because it's messed up a little bit. If I have a connected line like this and I want to join something in Aiken. Just bring it in between boom, and it will connect it automatic for you. So we have transformed between our system are doing that. You go to the properties now we can move it around and see where we want to put it. Right. So you move it up here, something like that. So that is how I build by. Everything is on the object level. But I'm able to call them if I need it. We still see the old donors we call it. It comes to us. But the old doughnut is there because we are in what we are in the object level. But we have a copy in degrees. So we contend this terrorist off and that Tyrus off, we don't need that would win normal. You already call it inside. Here we are working on it. All right. Very, very simple. So we get back to our shading Tomball. We look around, it's the one right now. If you come one so we can mess with these stuff. Are all that we see here we come mess with them as one. Let's get this. Probably gone. Okay. I was blessed to be one appear form It's a polyp bridge. Let's see even do we have this stuff over here? We can bridge the Okay, So you remember all the time when you have selected Houdini will actually to pick what you want to do, right? So we have a polygon want to do poorly free. So you go to control me, go for selected solid Ridge is weighing joined telling you that Now we get this policy next polygons where we want the bridge to pop it right You want it to happen here? So we'll hold shipped on a keyboard leg this front dance and people 10. Bike Concepting: okay. Gay. So we are back on the drawing board. And by the way, I use a ruler plugging for for the for the sketching. And you could use whatever sketch pirate are. You know, you're drawing blue. Whatever you use is fine. I draw stuff and see how you break down your your workflow to see how things will go. Sometimes it's good. Even if you have reference is also it's really good to to work, like like like this sometimes, you know, and I draw stuff out, you know, see how your border. Okay, so we have something like this, right? So it defies role idea. Like, you know, we're not trying to morrow the whole pain one piece. So we basically have front and that real dead trying to tomorrow each piece as separate, you know? So we have the inner tube, you know, the thing is the inner part inside of the wheel, you know, where they steer goes, you know, there's an inner to inside it real back pain, so we will get it like dicks. And then the main reason we need this cage is the flow. Is the flow off the lines? Because that apology, that's what we call it is also important that the term is how you you're trying to get a K V staff you need, because if we look at the bike, you know, um, if you look at the bike, we see that it's a lot of care is going on, you know, like it's very kv. This side is killed. Um, they hatchback. It's care. So it's very smooth, you know? So we're trying to get that's muteness also in my you know, So we sketching to see how will go about doing that. All right, so we will start thinking about the topology. So I think we should go down like this across, and then here we will go this way. So let's try and do they like the crows and Dan see how things would go. So we will go down like this and then in the middle here we will go across it like this, you know. So we will. It will go. Something like this could all be a separate path myself. So we will go like like this. The man topology. The care pain that we just talk about is if if we go. You don't want to go straight, you know, You try. Get something, little kids. You know something? Here's a little kv like that, you know? So you go like and I cross here. It's a little heavy because the by is a low, poorly back. Remember we now trying to get it so dance, you know, it's be trying to get is flow like apology. So we will be able to to have little details. And it was still a very low polio. Yes. You could see if the bag it's in the game or something. It's already good. You know. You don't need no, no extra divisional anything, you know? So you are good to go. You know this this is this is the main part. He had a front, and this is the tube. So we will start molding the truth to face. So the bag is very smooth. And that is what we trying to achieve. You know, from the back here, everything is smooth. So you're topology. How you you're motor? A. We'll make it easy for you Or it will make it harder for you. There are so many ways we can murder this we can even draw like, you know. I mean, we control this side and pull it. You know, we will use a tool. And who did he call that is the new two In who, Danny. 17 The poly dro. And see the reason why I I'll show you by the reason why we know using it. That takes a lot off pulling the practices around to get a smoothness. You have to like who? The vet Icis arrived where you draw the bike like that. You know, you pull individual practices like through them to get a K V. But when we have this feared, if this year is already care, right? You already have that kid in this field. That's where we but I'll show you a poorly draw to where you could just draw stuff and just draw the pieces of the geometry on the SAFF. It's, you know, and then it will be a flap geometry. So you would do a strewed pull it out to get the bikes it so that method is there too. So we will try that and and then we will. We will see. But you may stick to the to this fear metal that ready show you guys. But there so many matters that you can use. There's something going going on around the back here. Uh, let's see if we can get that to kind of go like this. You? That's why concept ing is important. Because you will start doing all kind of, you know, drawing is to show your balls or even for yourself to see if that is what you like. You know you want to go for You know, there's something like this going on and it comes here and it goes like this, you know? And then it goes back here. So we will try to do all that every piece. So this parts is one piece, too. And it's part also moves, you know, moves is able to move up opening up what? I used to get out. Many close it kind of close on top of you opens for you to get out from the bite. So basically is is is a part that I wanted to show you the flow. So here you will also break it down, like, you know, get it Apology floor like, let's get back to dean. And now we have the conceptual spent out. You know how you break down, How it is quite separate. It's so you already you don't have the idea all you want to do. All right. Thank you. 11. Front Wheel Method One: Okay, guys. Welcome. Now let's set Houdini out with some reference images so we could start mortally. Okay. In most cases, you will not have already made mortal like dicks. Okay, We will need it in case we want to, like reference. They already made model. Okay, so let's put it aside. Let's select everything and 10 it off. Okay, Just by 10 and one display off, we'll tell you everything because everything is selected. All right, Cool. So how do you get reference images in Houdini? Okay. Very simple. We want to get all the view. So you come up here and you pick the four views. Okay? Cool. And we want to use the right in the front. Okay. So, to maximize the right few ball, you hit be on your keyboard to maximize that to get the dialogue, you know, for the images hit de on the keyboard, every view port have its own options for the view port. Okay. And you can control, you know, staff redeemed this view port, you know? So everybody said on image for the right people, and this is where you get it from? A It does have all kind of options that we're not going a worried about right now. We will be touching them as the calls go on. But now we're interested in the background. Okay? We were going to go inside a computer and we will select the image by the fort. You come here and you don't see the images before you pick them right to see the images. You right, click and say show images. Then you select the one you want. Anyone decide one foot it right side view port, so accept it and then you have an image in the view port. Close the dollar. It be to hear back. By the way, the be controlling the minds Immunization off the view poll. You have to be on the camera. You know, if you are on any attitudes, it will know Wake. So whiles you have the camera selected and you hit be on your keyboard it maximize the view port where the miles six. Okay, so we are on the front view right now. Hey, D on the keyboard. Get a daloa for the front if you pour. Okay, let's go in and get a front image. Okay, I'm zooming. So they emit zooming totals. Asked that using the metal mouths. Okay, It's no mean. If you don't want your image to move by zooming, use the auto place image right here. Now I'm zooming, but it's not zooming towards that. OK, But we don't need it right now, so we will turn it off. Case you need your image to stay still. It does half of their options, like image offset. You know you can control if you want to shift your images. You depending on what you are working on. Sometimes you already have already made model like, you know, like the bike. And you want a matched it. Probably need to control the offset. This is where you get that. Okay. And have rightness for the images. If you want to control how the image look, you know? Okay, cool. So we have the images that we need. Let's get back while we still on the camera. He'd be. And we are interested in the right view port right now, so let he be over there. Get that My eyes. My eyes. Cool. So? So we will push this old bike. Asai. You know, maybe we will get into it as the cause is going on. Oh, I want to show you something from the original by. Easy for us to jump in there. Okay, But we still have a lot of space for the fresh one. We about to model. Okay, cool. Now, how do you stay? You know, I already took about how there are so many ways, You know, you can't start modeling, but there are some stuff you have to think about. Okay? This bike is very smooth by, you know, we already took about it. And you don't want to start with something that will, you know, make it hard for you to get a smoothness. Okay, so you will start thinking about what you're going to do is kind of like if we go to the great, Are you gonna use just plain you know tyros to How you going to stack? You know, it will come to your mind. Remember, you can draw. You know if if you look here you see, you can draw this shape and extruded pretty easy. That is why metta. But because we want to see how modelling is in dealing. I want to take you. You know by showing you want to inside the polygon tools because that is what we are using anyway, right? We are mostly using the polygon tools and affairs to is the poly Troll Polly draw came under Houdini 70. Okay, and even though is fresh and it's cool is being around It came from top a Bill Topol Bill Waas in Houdini 16 But what makes Probably draw and let me let me open it. Okay, If I zoom in fads umi you see it say's Topol build over here, you know Topa build Polly tro So we come up here the police dro have all the tools that are in total build. Okay, so if you use Topo Bill before you will find part of draw pretty easy and by the way, is very easy anyway. Okay, but the idea behind it is they are putting a lot of tools for you to work on with just one note, you know, because you know, we about to create knows every to grab, come with its own note, but probably draw, have a lot of tools by yet you still have what? Just one node, which is school. Okay, so I just want to show you that. And then we will use that to create this face. You know? Course, it's probably gone creating to let you create geometries, you know? I mean, so we will create geometries to get the fair ship we wanna get, right, cause we are modeling the fares. Well, okay, so let me zoom in closer to that side, okay? And to start using the Politburo to is pretty simple is divided into build edge slide spray , rash, smooth, an escape. So as the cause goes on, we will use all of them. Even now, we about to use about three of them already. Okay, so we will start by putting points down click. You draw a point and you have this ticking thing on the mouse. Stick with it is actually you and waiting for you to place your your next point. So you have to get a few points before it will give you the polygon. So and we know polygon is four sided. So let's find a way and dropped four points. See something like that. Okay. Boom. See? Give us polygon our face. How do you end the two? Maybe we wanna, like, do something else to end it. Just click the middle mouse boom. And then you are free for now. Okay? You can go to the next to whatever to you want to use right now. And by the way, when you come to the properties, you don't have a lot going on right now, you know? But it does have a recent, and it will go back to, like, several. We don't have nothing. You will reset the two, which is school, right? So you can start again. I can start placing the points, you know, just like that. Like we just did. Good. You know, you don't want it reset. Pretty cool. Okay, so let's start by praising some points and stop building our faces. - Okay ? So brash to allow you to the staff around, okay. Like, you know, I mean, if you are going faster and maybe some of the points are like the wrong places anyone? I just him, you know, just used a brush to brush them aside, you know? Please, Dan. Nice and smooth to where you can control the brash size by using the middle mouse. Okay, If you scroll it, you get a bright size bigger and the big other brass size. And if it covers two points to move those points the same time you see that? Okay, so we wanted to be smaller so you could move one point at a time like that. Okay, so that is what used a brash to fourth KK move staff around, which is pretty cool. And we are doing all these with where with just one node, which is the holy draw, too. Okay, so you move staff where you want it. So when you are building, you don't have to worry it at all because you know that you can't control the points, and we still with one poorly drawer note here, let's use the spread to to cap across this pre to allow you to bring in more edges. Kids. So it's pretty cool. You could draw staff with it, which is very cool. Okay, go back to the brash move staff to where you think they should be. Okay. - Okay . Cool. So we're not wasting a lot of time, but this is good to see if you have something like this means you did pretty good. You got you know stuff, you know, straightening up and have a clean topology. You know what I mean? So this is what you know. You want to get pushed, this medal lives closer because we will introduce some more lies to get look going through because this loops. And here, right there's gonna be an inner tube in here, so that would help us to live too late. This points on top of it to get it very, you know, circle. So don't worry about where these points are right now. When we introduce, you know the two, we will drop them on it, drop the's points on me. So right now, let's introduce another tool. We can use this spread to get, you know, the loop we want, but I want to introduce another two so that, you know, we don't stay too much. Oh, spent a lot of time on the, you know, draw to alone. So let's introduce another two by getting out from the Poly draw to select two, you know, come to edges because we want awake right through the edges. You know, zoom out a little bit. Let's introduce edge. Look OK. And as Luke get activated when a comma crows on eight. So you get it like that. We come to it properties, we can give it more looks if we want. We want to off them right now, See? So it gives that two loops going through, you know, and this is what we want. And then you get out from day eggs, Luke, you know, But when we go back to our perspective, it's like we already draw the faces we want, right? We go back to a perspective by head and be you see that we only have a flat surface. And if we look from the front, we see it here is in the middle. And how do we get it? You know, the Ron Shipp we want, You know, that is, you know, some off the stab you think about all you get, you know, problem with if you pick, you know, wrong. Start with you know, if you stab it, it wrong, you know, metal. That's what I'm trying to say. If you if you don't pick the right mental, you'll get it. Though. You arrived at the same you know, ship. You get it. But you got to do a lot of weight because this is just flat surface for us. We have to do extrusion. So let's try a little bit and see how far we can go with something like this, you know? But it's giving us a smooth apology for the face, though, which is good, right? So in most modeling, this drawing is pretty cool. But, you know, we want this, Mustafa is means you going, like, move most of the points around. So let's see it, you know? Let's see what I mean. So we want to get from this front for you. We want to get extrusion, right? Bias in the middle. It's a lesser late this whole day. Okay, You see, we have move here, so let me push it to the right side. You know, from here, you could see it is okay for now because you don't want to go all the way. This is the building. The black shaded area That is the main side, right? This white is the inner tube. We will work on it. So you will staff from here our plan phase. You will start from here, and we'll extruded out that way to come and rich here. Okay, so we move it. Let's get out from the attitude, the attitude. It's like it's like the polar draw. Two is huge. Do we have a lot of stuff? Even how sculpting you are editing stuff just like we moved, You know, that would give you the edit notes. It's all over because we be doing a lot of edits, right? So So we would get out from edit and, you know, extrusion. Let's do Let's let me show you something with the edge if you want a strewn with the edges . Okay, so let me 10 on the wire thing. So if I double click and I wanna, you know, strewed by the edges I get this age by double clicking. Okay, if I introduce and new to So if I get it What happened? Eggs? Because we are working. Are we trying to extrude from the edge, you know, is giving out this direction. So if I pull it right, strewed means we're going up, Pull it out, You see, it's like is giving that extra? It's kind of like scaling it is getting bigger. But we wanted to come out here. You wanted to pull out like this. We right, but is going up. You know, it means that we can only go that way based on this direction called the movement or the pool only go to where this by is heading issue. 12. Finishing Method One: from the edge, you know, is giving out this direction. So if I pull it right, strewed means we're going up. Pull it out. You see, it's like is giving that extra? It's kind of like scaling It is getting bigger. But we wanted to come out here. You wanted to pull out like this. We right, but is going up. You know, it means that we can only go that way based on this direction, because the movement or the pool on go to where this by is heading. All is showing, and it's going is showing up. So we can only go up around all the edges, you know? How do you get it to go to the site? You know, that is where you come inside the options. You know, you start looking. Maybe is your first time. That is how you get to most of the tools, you know? Of course, it's a lot of tools we might not even touched by. If you want to use them and you come, you use it. But you, you know you want, like exploiting You See, you are right now you are stuck with what? We are stuck with transformation. You know, transforming is what we have. Probably. So you come inside the tools, options. You start looking, you know, connected points, primitive edge normal. Soon all this is no what we are looking for. But something here is talking about transform. Okay, don't be scared. Push that and see what happened. So they transformed as thin their front, You know, that allows you to get to the loca. Orientation is, or whatever or intentionally want. I mean access because we have local and global, you know? So that is how you go through, You know, two options. Course they are safe. ESP in Italy, we don't We are not looking for output front off outback. None of them sound like what we are looking for. What we are looking for was the transformation. Right? And most time is related to the low car and globeop. And who do we have? A lot off other stuff. I will show you. Ok, Okay. Cool. So we have a new gizmo which is giving us all kind of directions we can pull. Okay, So now if if I pull it this way, you know, is going this way, we don't want it that way. We want to go here. Okay, But if I go here, what is happening is that we are having the back of it. You know, it's like we flip it. You don't want that either. See, the inside is it's time, you know, it's flipped the other way. So in that case, it means that we, the initial movement, edit the movie day. What's wrong? So we have to go back to that at it. So let's, by the way, delete this pull. It s true. So the reason why I'm doing all this thing is to show you how you know the network. It's not scary, but you need it when you are, you know, making all these mistakes because you be making mystical. You find out that you know, like you're supposed to go left and you win, right? You know, those are little staff you encounter as you are modelling. So we go back today to the edit and we will set. Let the whole poly goes again, right? Get out from the to go back to Polygons said let all the German tree Okay, now let's call the move to right. You know because we are editing, so we want to move it to decide. Okay, so we will move it. Why? We are looking at a front view, you know, You see, we can align it over there because this white area is the inner tube. So, you know, this is the part off the bike we are getting right now, this black area. So you bring it here to the end of it, and we will pull it back to this side of it. Okay, so we get that right now. So now let's get out from the edit to Tomball. Look around. You know the select and let's let the whole thing from the polygons, you know, from the polygons. By the way, let's try the edges. I was showing you again, so I will select the edges. Let's call for police a strewed cause I'm more interested in places where you will find problems than you know, just going through the normal situation, right? So these edges we find out there because is going this way is Skilling. And it's not giving us what we want. Right? So control Z and we find out at the transform is what would give us a different XX? You know, pick that one. And and now we can move, you know, to the n s a see from this side. You see, we have the right face of the geometry. We are not getting the east side no more. We have the inside going inside and the outside is outside. It's very cool. So this is what we want. We want something like this. The problem trying to extrude from the edge of from what we are modeling is that from the police Extrude note that so many options for us to like close to half open staff, you know, I mean, like we can even use the bully s true to close this area because it's just that edges is confused. You don't know what what you want to close because it didn't create no hole for us, right? You know, we are using the edges so it won't allow us to close anything you know? So let's take this police extrude out Just leg, then deleted. Right, Go back to to add it. Get out from the to reset yourself. This is all like a beginning person like you just jumped into Houdini. You Inamoto this ice storm off the stuff. You go through a one of us, go through that, you know? So you reset yourself, you know? And then you said, I'll get it, Get it, man, It's hard, but I get it, you know? So these are some off the little things you have to be aware with when you are modeling. So we will select everything A game court order moved to the gasto in the edit. Because, Ed, it lets you do a lot of staff. Why? Just one note? Let's move it to decide right there is fine. That's as it to edit. No, now called it. Pull it. It's true. Now he knows that you said let us something for it to work on. Right. And now let's strewed see we get in the right, please. And if we go inside the properties now, if we wanted to close this area for us, CE will do it Boom! Close it, Close it because you know, even makes sense because way pull this faces is the faces were pulling right. And so if you have the same face to close here, you know So that is how it works. If you pull on edge, you know shouldn't be able to close because the edge I didn't have no face. But you have, um you have pull Ifill too right here to close a face if you use if you use the edges. Okay. So you are not limited, you know, just trying to only work on the polygon gave cool. So we are able to close it. We have something similar like you know, the ship we want. But this side is still flat. OK? And only here is around like we want even that it's flat too. The bike is not flat like that and it's not playing like that. So let's get inside of perspective. Because we march stuff already. We draw our staff, you know, we pull it to march the front. So now we can jump inside perspective and start thinking. OK, come to camera B on the keyboard. Now you are inside Expected. All right, so you could see dance K and bigger now was going on right now. So this matter the reason why I won't use that is because even though we have something that looks like the bike. They still have a lot of ways to do, right, because we're going to figure how we will get that around that ship. You know, like like the bike. You can use this metal to get it pretty easy, but, you know, it's a lot of extra wake. So let's see how you do that. Let's introduce so more so more loops I right here. Okay, so you already know what we will go for, right? Let's go for the radio manual. You hit C on your keyboard and you go for EJ. Look, let's introduce him loose on this plane face. Let's who should? Some more kids, I'll give it or not. I want so that this area will look kind of similar to this side. Right? So we should wear more evenly. One of Moyes. Fine. Okay, so we want to get out around sheep. We have these edge loops that we just created. So let's get out from that age. Okay, let's go to the edges because you wanna work on the edges. DoubleClick get his whole shift. Double click get is double click. Get is we need all of them. Double click double click, Double click. OK, so we got all day, you know? So what we going to do is let me go on a scale it. So that push aside, it's like trying to push out, okay, So lets you scale that will introduce another edit. Because, remember, scale scaling is still under editing, right? You know, those all those moving scale rotations all come under edit. And like I told you, you can't even do more. You know, you have sculpting and order stuff. Okay, cool. So So we have this, Gil, you know, and we want our scaling uniforms. So you try to get from the middle, you start moving it to see if it is going in there. You go to the other directions, you know he's going in. So you go this way. Okay, so you see, we have something pop up looking like the bike ship, right? So that is just one ship we get, but the mirror here is so flat, right? So we would be select this index the hold control and select U SE Boom. Hold control. Select. They say. So we are reducing the area so that the next scaling this edges will not skill, only skill. This part. The ones we have selected and push them out so that we are getting there around and shit, you know? So pretty easy. So let's do that. You're looking it from here. You see, we could see its flat here. So we get this scale in, we push it so we get another step. Okay, Let's do Let's do one more. So control de select decide. Boom control this elected Say room. All this is showing you how you get around the twos. By that were you could see that I couldn't get everything. So that's why Tom Blaine is very important. So I have to make sure I got all the ones that I don't need out. Okay, So, Control, select this plan. Boom. So boom. And then you look around to see if you have all that once you need. Looks like we got o once. See the bag? You know this side where the the selected edges are there no flat like that? So we will scale it out small so that it looks kind of care V, remember? So let's do that. Let's get it to where we can see how flat it is on a Dan if you will introduce this scaling . So I try to get it in a position at the same time so that I can get the middle off the scaling, Okay, Because you don't want to use eat at it the Z x X or the Y or X because, Daniel, it messed up the whole thing. Let's try just x. You see, it is no what we want, you know? So we wanted to be uniformed going everywhere, so less control Z, let's do it with this one like that just small because we don't want to get it. Now you can see that we have a care of going on. You know, it's like we have something looking like the bike Cavey ship. You see how long we have to go to get this care V ship going on? That's why I said you have to think about the method you are using to model right is very, very, very important. You know this matter Give us the ship we want, you know, and it's store requires a lot of two looking to get the perfect Smoot name on it. If you work right? You have a smooth of details and still low, poorly geometry. So this method is good, but it's what now? So my point is you can try the metal. You can start messing with the metals, you know? But that is when you are, you know, a beginner. You start modeling, you know? I mean, when you get experience, you already know that if I want to get something calculated with this smoothness and all that stuff going on, I won't worry to go this long way, you know? I mean, I won't start with flashed office. I was go inside a creek. It's that looking for something that is round two tyros, a sphere, even even you can get a box to be circle if you subdivide it. You know, you start with it. Okay, so thank you guys for video. And it's still the beginning and you know everything. It's like it's like me talking to you like a conversation. This is not a step by step course. You know, I'm passing some information to you guys, and yeah, I like doing it, you know, different way, which is cool. So I'll see you in the desk class where we will use this fear. Like what I use. Or maybe I use fear. But I will use Tyrell so that we have three meters already. This is the one we draw. All right, This is the Holy Dramaturge. And I already show you the spirit. The one the original bike sphere. Right? So they want me and you guys will build. We will use Taro's. Okay, Next class. Use Tyrell's to get this ship so that you guys could know that when you have something smooth already, it will help you. Okay, Cool. So I will end this class and I will see you guys around, all right? 13. Front Wheel Method Two: Yes. Still working on the front wheel. And so far, we being trying or we've been experimenting different metals, that metal we use where we draw the faces. It was cool. You know, you'll use that in most other prizes That it wasn't the best idea for the smoothness. We need it for this bike. Right? So in this class, I'm about to show you what I use for this by okay, I want to show you what I use what is by you guys? See, right now, I started with this fear. So if we bring, they display here, you only have a sphere. How? Here is the staff that I created to get this ship. You know, you see the ship going through. I come here. It's just a kill that I drew. See the cave out here, you know, And then I did Where did some edit on the care more edit on the care of getting the ship that I want, you know, moving to decide. Because I wanted a extrusion to go to this direction right before it was where it was here . So to get it moved to this, I I used transform right and I have the extrusion When you look at the front off the bike, This is the ship that you see. Very cool. So everything looked calm place, but very simple. Very, very simple. But I have a whole here, so I have to cut a hole here. Right? If you come here, we have a circle, you know, in the circle will go through that ship that I have. So I have to move it to the side, you know, and then extruded. So we see you use this oppression back and forth. That's all you used. So I split it out. Then I was able to cut, you know, hold a ship. Very simple to let's jump out. We going to stat model in our own. I'm not even going to use this fear, right. I'm going to use Tyrell's, but it won't be going to build. I'm gonna use Tyrus by we will start build in this institute. So this is what I want you guys to know. Do you see this bike? Have almost every part of it. How he at an object level? Look up here. We have create in contests, and then we have create at an object level. All the stuff I hear created at the object level. Okay, That is how I created him. I created everything on here at the object level. So, for example, if I go inside this man real right, no perform another bullion. You know I have to create an object, have to come to Crete and create something. So if I want to come up here at a sheriff's level to create something and I'm in the German to level, this is important and I'm inside a German to level. Let's create this tube that I need. Okay. Now we are here, right? Yeah, at a germ. Achy. Watch. What happened after I created you know, we jump back to we jump back to the object level eight here. Right? This is where we want the two. Right? But he jumped us out, and it brought us to where to? The object level is because we have chosen to create staff at an object level, you know, Very simple, but crucial. We have chosen to create staff at an object level. So even though we were in the German city level, it created it at an object level and you say, Hey, let's go. Created something out there. Let's go get it. So it brought us here to to the two you know we created. So he brought us to the object level. All right. But maybe that is no what we want. We don't want it at an object level of everything here like this. Just wanted inside. Did you love it? Great. We are working. That is when you'll pick create in the contest. So if we select is create in context And now if I create a to boom see, he created it created a geometry for us or the two but this time created it in the geometry level. So that is very important. That is another web flow. If you are working here, you won't staffed to create inside here you can pick, create in context. It's are not away. If we go here on a keyboard whilst we are in the German city level or the network we hit tap the top brings wet brings the big many. Don't be scared with a big men. Just type what you are looking for. We want to buy just typing t on the keyboard. Oh, brain staff that goes with t A lot of them, you know, just won t if you can type the whole 10 and we just give you the two. But we see the tube is here with click we Gary, and then we drop it and then we have another two, you know, this time accredited in the German tree level for us. So this is like, you know, most of the time, this is what I use, you know, use the tap and then call for whatever using I wanted both I would he be on my keyboard and I would grab their books, you know? So so see who didn't. It gives you a lot of options. So maybe if I wanna wept in conjunction with this hydraulic system from the front page, But you can call stuff outside at the object level, but there are a few steps you have to go through to be able to work in conjunction with stuff that are outside my wives. You don't want to go through that. You know, that is when we talk about how you get stuff to work with whilst you are still inside. a germ. A tree level. Very simple and cool, you know? So when you know the staff, you know you don't want to go through the long way. You hit tap on your keyboard and start creating from from here, you know, transformed T and other twist all that snow build, everything goes OK. So you won't end this class if this ball turn, you know, discussion. If I see you, I run at night. 14. Method Three Torus: Okay, guys, welcome method we have decided to use is the tyros. Right. So we're going to start, you know, modelling days by that metal. But before that, Okay, before we start using that mattered, I want to get pat off the inner to face. Okay? I want to get packed off this inner too, you know, so that we can build the rest around it. OK, you fast are modeling. You're not gonna have by inside like that. Okay? You'll have just the reference image right here. That is what you will have when you face that waking on it on a project similar, like this or any project. So you just have, um, the reference Let's turn it back on. Come up here. The crazy man at the shelf, right top here. You know, we have all the tools creating stuff, so we want to get it to get let's play, see somewhere roughly in the middle of this circle, because I read it too is going right. Let's place it right. This like that. So we have to, and it's right here with the old bike, you know, don't worry. You will be able to distinguish between these ones in their food. Like Okay, that's name days round two under school Because we already have the name out here at the object level. And I keep the tube so that I know that I started the geometry with a tube. Alright. This object was started with two. That's how my naming convention is full for this bite. You don't have to if you can, you know, if you get it out after you. Okay, Cool. So we have to created in the scene and we can see inside all the view port, you know, mortal, and you have to look around. You have to see how it's a lying in the phone top and all that stuff. Most cases you will need it. But, you know, for the bikini and placing staff and a lying, lying stuff, you need it. So what we would do is we would change the shade. Okay, Come to material. Already have some material said, but I'll use the bike material now. Drop E. So from here, right out at the object level, we can many players. We can move it around, you know, we can rotate it and do most off the basic, you know, transformation is, you know, so anytime you create something, you have these basic stuff that you could change, translate, rotate scale and know that you would talk about people. That is when you want to take something. And you wanted to rotate around setting area, you know, deputation, happiness. I run setting area. You will see it because we have a similar situation is where you know the by it is a on opening day that I apply something like that. I have to switch the people toe a setting area to be able to get it to rotate from that angle. Okay, so you get to that point when we get to that, you know, an amazing Okay, cool. So we have creative a tube inside here in our scene, so let's jumping. Okay, so you come up here in the creation to for their But these objects we have holy goes. You have options to select different types off. You know, geometry. Let's go with polyglot. And because the access the orientation, we see that it is by the Ford on the Y axis. That's why is going like that. Let's go to the X. We have options. Let's go for X axis and it will flip it. See, So we gotta flip. We look here, we see that it's somehow we didn't where we think it should be. But it's way bigger and it's very low in columns and rows is very low. So if we look here, you can see that, you know, it's almost like a couple of lines joining you don't see that circle thing going on. So that's where we come in. We add more columns. Okay, so let's go for, like, 24. You know, if we go way higher, it will be hard for you to work on it. Okay? You don't want to go way high, and you don't want to stay lower too, you know, and still have very low geometry. You know, that will not give you the cave we need. So I think 24 it's reasonable amount, even though it's still not giving us that Peyrefitte smooth circle. Let's see. Let's push it out. See you push it up way higher. You got that smooth circle we need, But it's a lot off. You know, stuff going on if you want a like pushed Vector six and edges around. You're going to do a lot of way, you know. So let's stay with 24. You cool? So 24 kind of give eyes that smoothness, but for now, it's bigger. It's bigger. This is the tube in here. So let's March day, you know, let's try to get it, like, closer here. But let me show you one thing that I said I already promised that we're not going to do expressions and everything like that. But for now, I just want to show you just one thing. I want to skill this thing. To get smaller. I can use the regular radios scale. Okay, We have it here in his divided 40.5. Right. You can bring it down and skill is to to get, like, smaller. You know, like how we want it. Even though we don't see it here, I will show you how you will see it. Okay, so we can use that to get a skill we want, but I want to show you something real quick. So let's go back to 0.5 for this one. And here you still have radios So you say How come is to radios courses? That tube is giving you two radios to control it. That means that you can control just one side. So if I come in and I use the ladder and, uh, start controlling, you see, only one side is wet. It's being controlled. All right, so you have that option and you if you if you control this side, this side will remain the same. But in case you want to, you know, control this side and this side also being affected. That is what I want to show you the trick to use it. And it's basically part off Houdini basics that I think you should know. If I copy this, values are copied their perimeters, right? That is the numbers over there, right? A copy. And I come here because most of the time, if you want, you work on this side and you want decide to be the center. You copy from here, and you paste it here. But that is when you are done. What about if I see why waking decide? You want effect happening on this side. So this trick will do that. You come and you paste and you say paced relative reference. What is that going to do? Is whatever you do here is going to affect the other side too, you see? So we're getting both sides be scaled so we don't have to finish and copy. Decide today at aside, you know, both side. I went both sides being copied or being affected at the same time. Okay, cool. So we have something like this. But we don't see it here to tell us that we have it wherever you want it. Okay. So let's keep it for these numbers for for now. Let's see how you were able to see here. Because this is where we will be able to align it better. You know You see it here you see here. But you don't see nothing. Let's come up here. Get out from the two right? And let's go for, like, ages. You know, we still don't have no operation affecting to recreate. It is still just the two. So this operation we about to do will not have been affected either. So we just want to select this whole too. Right? So now you can see it. You see that. You know, the selection is telling us that we have selected this in the view, and we can clearly see that it's not at the right position for us, right? Look like it's still bigger. Let's cracking down smoke. Okay, Is getting a little more? Maybe over days. Okay. We still don't have nothing affected because we are still mixing with it. A default, you know, a transformation. Now, if we call because you can tell that is not in the middle. If you want to introduce their move to move to will give us where edits, you know. So you guys already know how you know, staff starts to join your your geometry. So we have added Now we can move it, you know, somewhere like, you know, See that we have it in the middle of something. Okay. So cool. We can get out from the edit, You know, now we have some alignment going our way, not satisfy. But, you know, the view is very small for us. Okay, so let's come to camera and less sell it the perspective. You jump in there and see what's going on. Yeah. So it's now bad. We have it, He sighed. You said they kind of where we want it. Right? So at this point, we can't even hide the rest of the staff and just have a better look at it, too. Okay, so this tool we have is still very time. You need to get some thickness. Okay, so let's come here. Get out from edit. Let's select this whole thing, Okay? Desolate, Because we wanna work with polygons. All right, Is getting out, get polygons and select the whole thing. Yeah, let's call for poorly construed. Yeah, cause we want to give you some thickness. All right, let's come up here. Unless mess with a distance. See, now we get some techniques going on. Think is okay. You don't have to get it. You know these movements? We are not getting it. Exact numbers as the old one, but it's fine. This is telling you how you know the step by step, how I did it. But the now based might change and, you know, don't worry about that. You can see that inside is what Inside is open. So we already know that we have options for that to close it. So let's close it, Let's make it nicer booms. And now we have you say so while Kootenai, about the police as through that you exploit later. You know, you have some option is going on. You know, you have just something like this and start changing stuff and see how they wakes will outside that you were that you open the outside off what you have created. Okay, so that is what these options are. See? Like safe expert. Naturally, you could tell You know what is trying to do for you? That the front, you know, But as the front and I we can let it go on, have it open. So basically, Daddy's some little in jail under police escort. So let's continue. We have these tools, right? And we're not, like, completely satisfied. But you want to go and it's now bad. So let's get out from poorly a shrewd you click outside de select and what we want to do. We want to get edges. So let's come from the polygons to the edges. Okay, Okay. Let's get these edges. Whom is good for the bottom one? Two whole Shipped Holy shit down! Get that is getting at a say to really quick, full shift. Get it? Because we are adding them to the old selection we already have and are Then you have to move the shift to at and when you want to take out, you hold control very easy. So we got them and we want to apply wet bevel to it. So let's go for it. Have Babel. Let's come inside, Bevel. You want to mess with the upset, you know? Give it some Beverly So we come here, we start cracking it down, you know, give a song bevel. Now you can even go further because we wanna, like, get this whole edge wet like around it. So this is not enough Less escape going Let's keep going in private Day is fine but we still seed It is very painful before is 10 for so we have this angle. It's not giving us their around. Then we need right So you come in and you start looking Why? Maybe there's on options Yes, options coming And we have, you know, solid Crees tell fire round and profile. You know you get to each of them but for now we need round So let's get around. We have round, but just one edge going through. So it's not giving us like the Ryan we need. Let's add some division. All right, so we have three. No, bad. We will keep it like that. So you could see that we have some smoothness and some, you know, Beverly and going on on the edges, given eyes, that round ship we need Okay, So cool so we can get out from a bevel to outside. 15. Method Three Inner Tube: you know, for absolute. You know, it will activate when you come across on edge. We did it, but right after we plays, one edge loop is done. If you need it again, we need it again. But if we need it again, we have to call it again. So we have police sprayed. One is we have to get another one. It will be poorly spirit too. So how do you call it again without, you know, going through the red human here and grab it. There's another way. You know any to that? You just use you come up here. This corner is right here. And if I click on it This arrow here. See, we have repeat current operation with a hot key kill. Do you repeat current operation with hockey kill? There's a lot of other options. You know, As you are working, you get in and finance. You may wanna check them. Maybe it will help you work faster. Ok, so right now we wanna work faster. This is the one I really want to repeat the two we just did and I can click now just come out and just hit. Killed on the Cuban. We already seen it. You know Hickey on the keyboard. Now we see. We have police. Sprint number two. Okay, these are basic stuff. But, you know, I just want to, like, let you guys know, because this is because I want you guys get most of the details stuff. Okay, let's please one around this corner too. Now, we're about the distance and there quality stuff, right? The measurement. So roughly less, please. One here, here, we have to edge is going on. So we will be satisfied. Now. This will allow us to get what we need came and and these kind of operations, When you are working on your own, you will know, you know, right now, because I did it already. Because I have to figure it out. That's how modelling is. You know what I did here? Doesn't mean if you have to do this by the inner tube, you have to do the same thing that I'm showing you exactly how you know the shapes that I have. That's why we going through these metals like that. Let's get out from there. Let's click outside de select everything. Now we want to get all the polygonal is in here between this edge loop. And this is how we do that, You know, it's a lesson to its already. On what? On box? Celeste Richards, F two for hockey. Right. So let's go through inside and see what happened. Let's come to polygons. We want a particles. See, when we go through from here looking good. Let's look inside. Whoa! You don't need inside. You know, we want a strewed outside. Okay, so this boss election will select whatever you know, you go to every day, you know, so we don't need it. If you wanna able to get just the outside, you know, by using the boss elation, that's when you come here to this day with eye on it, you click on The selection will only affect what the camera is saying. This view port camera is saying like we are seeing right now. You're only seeing this side of the poly goes so it will only select those inside will be free but the backside will not be selected. So we have to host, sift and get a backside. Yeah, so we are good. You look around you Tumble remix one horseshit and I this one room. So you've got all you need in the inside. It's not affected. Is this Is this the only way that you can perform this election? No. Dinner gives you a lot of ways. So we contend off the I and let's de select what we have now. A lot, sir. Do it for you without even telling the I own. You know the last thing I will only sell it. Polygons it is. Go in over it. It's less picked out on it and you see And it's like a brush gets whole shift and you're brushing your weight down. See, Very coolly will not grab inside. And you don't need no I to detain on, you know? So that is I'm not away. You can get it waking up. Okay? It is to look around So you grab everything. Yeah, so cool. So we have the inner polygons we need unless step is to call for polio is true. So we can extrude these polygons out and I'll show our I will tell you. I'll show you the papers for that. Okay, so let's go for police extrude got it here. You know net weight and now less strewed it out. You know, let's go for the distance, right? S c uh, we can go about that sickness. It's fine. Yeah. And I'm pulling this out so that if there is any holes around the edges, that would block it, you know, maybe come see when we do the man ship. If there's a guys here, you know you won't see it as a whole in the bike because this in a pool that we just Well, blood there, you know, that is the pay postman I was modeling. I figure that I needed that. You know? I mean, maybe you don't need it. May be, you know, after you mortally you see, there's no gobble. There's nothing, you know? So it's not everything that, like, you know, required, but, you know, like, decide here, you have to get it. This smoothness. You don't want it to be shot because it's by the hand, right? So, yeah, we have that extrusion we need. Let's get out from the to click outside. Now I wanna show you something that we talk about in the tecnica, you know, drawing board by the floor off geometry and how his banning is that right? We have that jury already, but you want to see it in action here, quick. Okay, let me drop in Subdivision. You guys haven't seen so far. But let me drop a subdivision Note to this. Opted. So I'll hit, type on the keyboard, right? And get the minute. I want subdivisions. I was typing X and youth Get close to it and it's right here. So it is or subdivide. So I'll put it down and I connected. There's nothing selected. So if there is nothing selected, it means that you wanted to affect everything. I'll connect the division our next week What we have you what we've been working on, right? So you have to bring the display here. Boom. See what happened is banning the edges. See? Is giving a more division and it's only just one decision. Let's crack it up. But to you see, it's getting smoother and is with a lot of division. It would be hard for you to work on something like this. You know, I mean, you need is when you are there. If you want your your object to be very smooth, you That's when you apply subdivision. The reason why you haven't seen most of the staff that modeling being this really smooth on the bite, only the ham. It's that I use subdivision by the bike. I wanted to be low poorly. I don't need it because you don't need several days, you know, a setting times because they were weak with what you have, you know. And this will even give the German tree more weight. If you want to use it in the game, like on android, game on, you know, a phone game. All right, so that is something I want you to know about. The man 10 is here. If we look at the edges, you see, it's Bannon and it's getting heavy. Okay, well, we won't care staff for this bag, but you don't want this care going on over here. So let's bring down a subdivision. Let's keep just one okay. And if I pushed the subdivision down even though it's still in the line, I can push it down. You know you have that ocean. Then come back here just like this one, or even bring the display here so you don't have rear step going on. We still have the subdivision, but it's not affecting militant right now because it displayed It's not there. See? So you come here. This is where we want to be you. Now that we are here and it's selected if I come to the edges and I tumble a little bit and I get this age right, a double click have this loop I want to call beveled again. We see how bevel wake. Okay, so I'll call bevel. And you see, the bevel came right after the police extrude came between that and the subdivision. And we are still not using the seven division. Just don't have it in our, you know, network, you know? So we are still flowing down. You could keep pushing it die if you get more news coming in. Okay, cool. So we have the band full Now I want to show you something real quick. So with this bevel, if I introduce some bevel in, give us some small but let's go down So we get some smooth and you know this better increments so we can tell it how we want it. Okay, Something like that. It's OK now Devlin is giving us three lines, right? It's almost the same. Like we have apply three edge looks to hold it so that there will be no banding. Right? Remember, it's your e but this bevel in the four that were used in his chin for, you know, and we don't want it to be that shop, you know, we wanted to be We wanted to be very sharp, actually, for this side, we wanted to be very shop, going to maintain that sharpness. Like how we created it. But we need this bevel, because if we apply, the division is gonna ban it down. We already sorry, Right? That's why I show you guys face. So now let's come down to the options crease. Greece is what you need. If you want to hold something very sharp, you know that's creasing, you know? So let's use that. And as time goes on, the cause goes on, we will talk more about it the way we use decrease watch kind of jumped leg. How we have created give us that shop. Okay. All right. That we need at risk reason. And you know, the crease is gonna hold. Decide for us even do if we applied Paulie Division, right? If we use the subdivide and still going to hold a stay for us, let's see that. Let's now we can come back to the subdivision. Yeah, in a play it here c c decide band down we saw earlier but this side is still holding. This is very crucial because when you start doing more hard surfaces in Houdini this is how you hold your staff to be shop. You know the places you want to be shocked. This is how you hold it, you know, in places you don't care that can bend like that as the division going on. So let's even push it up more or less still warm. Let's give it like to and see maybe to break this down as push it to say it's still too did not do nothing. Is even getting shopper, you see, So so that is very important to know because it will help you to get very shop. You know, details from your heart. Modern high surface Morning. You know this side we don't have Beverly in going on. It's cricket is banned and it will keep going if we push. They're subdivision higher. Okay, this was stay the same. All right, cool. So let's take the subdivision out, you know? So you see this cause is we going on? You are getting most of the basis. The bike is nothing. Modeling is not induce important basis that I want to give you so that when you are modeling and Houdini you know, You know what? You've been working on different stuff. Not despite all right, So you need this important stuff. So let's take the subdivision out. Okay? Now we have When I'm bevel over here on this side, we are cool. You know, mostly we'll be working on one side. In most of the stuff that I built. I work on one side and I'm married. But since we need this for, you know, temporary for now, let's get decide Beverly to remember we have Babel. So how do you call it? Let's head kill and see if we will wake whom we call kill. And now we have another bevel. Okay, So we by the way, when we call it, this side was still selected, so it would think that we wanted on this side so Let's delete that here. See, it was affecting this side because this I was selected. So let's get out from the to face. Click outside now. Nothing is selected, do you? Let's see if we will have that last operation. Now we mix it because we've been Maxim read other stuff, so we don't have last operation, so we have to call it. But let's select the area face. We are at the edges and we double click. Now we can call the devil Boom. You got it on this side, too. It's cracking down something similar. Like we have what they add aside, okay? And we already know we went for Crease and we left it at just one division. So So we have gold and off the two holding Steve. OK, so I think we will be okay with this inner to for now. Okay. I think we'll be okay to start, you know, mortal in the tyrus around it. Let's get out from the to that the bevel to click outside. Now let's call Ghost as see was going on. So I have something similar. All right, So we got that in two or asked to work around it. I think somehow in the middle, it might be like perfect, peppered by sea eyeballing. See gettinit ways. All right, cool. 16. Defining Method Three: All right. So we got that inner tube for us to work around it, I think. Yeah, good call. We could see it somehow in the middle. It might not be like, perfect. Perfect. But we could see the eyeball, and you can see we get in it where it's supposed to be. All right, Cool. And let's go to the side view, Come to camera, be on the keyboard. And we have they say, que you see staff going on Now we have this part. We need you already naming. So let's call for the Tyrell's because we're back on the object level. So yeah, gradually, we are building What? This front. Really? Okay, we got in it to paddle bit, and now we're going to start with tyros to get decide of it. So let's call it come up here yet. I formed it to come up here, select the tyros. You know, it's actually where you want it. Let's do similar things. Let's try to place it somewhere in the middle because we want it around his inner circle in the middle somewhere, like there, the line on the Y Axis X right, and we want it at the X axis front May. Okay, have my capstone send it off. And Dan mean Okay. Maybe underscored to because you already have it. Enter who? So So we have the tyros, But you know, it's not how we want it, you know? So let's jump in. Great. You can, You know, we can use the basic transformation when you create stuff you have. See, you have similar ones for each one of them. You see, it looks the same. I selected two. We have similar transformation. This one of the same to this is where you can pick the edges. Color for the edges, set wire frame colors. This is where you know when you create it, if you want different wire frames for it, you could do that. If you see my bike, I have some part. How different wire from college. That's how you set it up. So we have days as beyond transform. Dan is jumping. Okay, Boom. So now we are in Let's go for the X xx. Let's flip it. You got it by these We big guys. Huge, right, Huge. And it's also time in No, in the whip is very time and also is very Roth, you know, in division, you know, even though is the Tyrell's. It's not like a perfectly rounded like how you want it, you know, because Houdini will not give you a lot of geometry to work at the beginning, So but give you the option to push it out? Let's go for 32 and let's get some divisions for in here. Now, I remember the last one. I use something, uh, similar to 12 and 32 Bad. This is different. This is Tyrus. So I'll crank it up a little bit. Yeah, so that it gives the axe Amaro, you know, more division going this way. Okay. In rows and the collars. Okay, so we have something like this. Yeah, I still wet. We asked. Oh, at a Germany level, and we don't have no note. We haven't used any operation. You decide. Basic step. This is the set up for it. For the terrorists. Okay. Have options to come. Pick nerves and all that stuff. All right. Cool. And if if I haven't talked about here, that is where you pick the type off division, you can go for triangles, colons and want the retros, but we are interested in polygons and quite a run trials. OK, cool. So So we have this all right and we concede it around from the top, we could see very time back. Like it like a motorbike, you know? I mean, it looks like a motorbike type, but waking on a bike like, you know, like drawn by its very right, have rounded and a huge you know, type. So how we get it, By the way, let's give you some shading so we can see it better. Okay, let's use the same bike shaving for it too. So you get that looking for it. Okay. Has come to do is call for it scale. We really have Skilling Now let's get it out. Look here at the top. See the top is happiness better? You can see these edges here. This is where we want to scale it. Let's get this side is rich but decide It's no Richie it That means we have to go to move and move it, move it to Dick Side a little bit moving to decide a little bit. Now I think he's open now. We can crack it out small for this scaling. I think it's OK for now, but we concede it way be got right is very big. You know it's coming down here, you know? But let's jump in because he gets on with going on. There's jumped into the perspective and see, Maybe we will see it Better way to get to the ship Do you want Now we're here and tumbled and see what's going on Way we can see that is very big, you know. So we need Teoh stealing down smoothly. I stolen editing Rabia performer Edit To get the right size we want That's called for scaling, right? And I'm thinking we have to get you know everything. Face this. Squeeze everything down Small Now I would like to be on the side. Okay, now let's yet it's scaling again. We are getting reading form. So we are using the middle one right here. Right? See? Now look here You see the ship? It's right there, right? But it's little smaller, you know, you can see that it's even marching the old bike from here. So we are getting that shit, but it's smaller from on this side of the view, so just work on it. Small, Yes. Bring it a little bit like let's make our hours a little bit bigger. OK, remember this. Bite the bottom. Here, get pushing the bottom Here, Get little flattered. Well, now, if it is down more, don't worry. Because we will actually even push this down up tomorrow. The bottom It's little flat, you know. But what we are interested in is you know, this shape coming. I you know, almost the same. And we haven't that run ship and this side will come here, you know? So I think the size it's OK for now. You can adjust it any time. Let's look, let's look here. You know, let's look at the top. We can see that because we scale it. You know, we still everything. There's a gap here. New gap. So we have to scale on Lee the x x x You know, you skillet uniformly you skill everything to get a smaller the size I went, you know, squeeze into So we have to get only Desai's only the x x x you I wish it back in and we have small small edge here. But this edge has almost rich. So let's go back. We're still under added. You see how you could do a lot under one edit note? See, it's bringing in a little bit getting in the middle. Now go back to scaling and they get the x x x again. Was it a little bit? Think we had Good for now. Yeah, Yeah. Let me get a little bit on Dan. Who she small to get. Okay, cool. I think it's good for now. So from the top, you can see we have this angle is like a statue in it. This angle is like it's touching it. Okay, We have to, you know, shows. So you basically have the right. You know, it's the reason why we are more interested in the terraces. Course you see, now we have this smoothness going on. Even now we can tell you can see and feel the smoothness right to see is having almost the same, you know, radios. Because we still see the old bikes stuff off it popping out. So they're, like, matching. So I think is good for they set up, you know, for the tyros. Okay. Yeah. This is even better. Okay, down this fear. So So let's get out from for view B to go to expected whiles the mouse's here. Right? So we are here. So now let's hide the other stuff so we only have the tube and look around it. Okay. Okay, good. So what I want to do now is you want to get that whole, you know, that whole that goes in here, that's what we need to do. Okay, so we have six. Let's bring out back the bike. Okay? I'm here and hide everything and get all these particles inside here. Okay, let me line it right. Better a shift and get all these politicians, but we have to be on the polygons, you know, So I could draw, You know, I'm using the glasses that lets me paint, you know, let me paint the area I want like you, because you'd be hard to use the book selection to get areas like this one time. So you paint where you menace awaits. I did, you know, look around. See if you get everything. Yeah, Still did not get oh, middle side ho shifting ad right around. Get that flat. Ok, but the problem that you might in contact eyes is this Is this the level you want to take out? Maybe we will need this row to, But, you know, let's just delete this fast role we haven't see, you know, if that's what we need. I think that's what we need, because we will bring this edges out to get out shop endpoint. So let's do that. Let's delete this middle part. So me and you are still, you know, figuring how to get this tired because it's the first time for us. Proof off us. That's how you also tackle it. Okay, so we have this inner part. Still only add it. Now watch if I delete, I hit delete on the keyboard. Dean is going to introduce a new note for that means we blast this. All these party goes out so it will introduce a blast load for us. Okay, so hit delete on the keyboard. Boom. Now we have a blast note. You know, they are interested in the primitive that we selected a recon delete. You know, we can delete no selected see? Delete it all The star we did instant let and keep us they want to be selected. But this is what we want to take out. Right? So we see you have even the blast. You have cool options. So I let go. We want this you wanted like this. So I get out from that to come to box elections reset myself, go to edges and double click on these ages. OK, now these are regular oppression. You don't come under any off this. You know the selection and all that. But if I call and move to happen on what I have selected, it means things that I want to do editing. So it will give you an edit notes so we can edit note. What I want to do is I wanna push it this inside out a little bit. You get it flat. See the bag? How? Something like that, you know? So you push it out some more, so we have that. Okay, Cool. So now we can ghost Addis and see what's going on. Who? So you see, this is the right place that we delete it. You know, we have that in a hole and it's right on top. Off. What off are too you know. So I think it's OK for that. All right. So C b a having a very small bag, and we haven't done a lot to, you know, pushing stuff around and strewed in and pushing the practices and stuff like that. Okay, so we have this side. What I want to do is I want to hide this. I this bike again. Now let's cut this terrorists into Have you know what you go for, right? Let's get out from the edit. You know, go to polygons now. But it to be about to call, let me select everything because I wanted to work on everything. All the polygons and our call for We haven't even opened the polygons two so far. So let's call for cape, you know, And the clip is confused, you know, it's giving us the default, but from the angles where we are working, if I bring the ghost, you know that it's not the angle we wanted defy. You want to divide it from here, So let's try. Let's try keep below No one here and that'll here. So we have a dead right. So you know that the direction is on the x x x down is keeping its keeping below by. We want to talk. You know we want about Bob. Give us the direction we've been working on, right? So now you be good. You know we have titles. No, I like invited into two. Let's get out from that to click outside. Let's hide the bike as he was going on we have is Tyrus, which is giving us the small we want for the bike. You see how even terrorists think in happens. So now let's figure out, how are we going to get a bike shipped? Wants less brain ghost. 17. Finishing Torus Method: So now let's figure how are we going to get a bike ship we want. So let's bring ghost. Let's come. Two cameras it be. And now unless he be on this side of you. So we have tyros given as this round airship everyone. Now we have to figure how to pull out this outside ship from the terrorists. We don't want to, like, you know, manage anything. We could get it from this, you know, terrorists, you know, you know, so that it's smooth. And this one object, you know? I mean, you can you can draw this side and attached to it. You know, I want to show you some modeling too, right? So let's try to get it from from the tires. So we have this. Let's get out from selection, zoom in and start thinking so I can see that we have to pull out all these polygons. So let's come to polygons. We are there. Let's start selecting from here. Whole shift. Let's start selecting from here, you know, think we could with their breasts? Let's get it. You know, maybe this one too. Maybe maybe a p a. It's okay. Let me get this one. Control, get this one out. I see kills, You know, when it comes out and you can get a front. So we have selected these sites. All right, Now, let's jump back to perspective, okay? Be and be here. You look around. Go back to solution. Now we have what we have selected, but from looking I can right away See that we did a lot of selection. We don't need this roll over here, okay? You don't need our road to be pull out too. Then we will okay with Jess. Three rows. So let me select this role real quick. So this is moderate in Houdini. You know, you're looking at around tumbling, you're figuring. And now you have a ship you wanna go for, you know, in the mind. All right, so we see that. You know, when we pull that, you know, it would give us something. All right? Okay. Cool. Let's hide. Oh, they stand the old bike. Let's call awful poorly. Astrue. Yeah, we got some part of going to school, you know, No less call for a while. It s true. Okay, now we have poorly Astrue and we can we can extrude. We see the by here. But what? When I extrude, it's a screwed in right, but it's getting The polygon stayed the same and is getting wider and bigger. So everything is moving based on this biased direction. We already see that you know the situation where we try to pull edges out, right? So we keep it like this. You could bet it will give us a lot of weight. Maybe way have options. Let's see. Maybe the transformation will have. So let's get back. Let's go. Controls ease and let's go for transform. Right? So we have some transformation where the buy is heading to something like where we wanted to go. So let's put it out and see. We'll be getting you see? Get something, Get a pool. That is no waited. Remember how? Remember how this Waas see, Rosie, this is getting wider. You are pulling out. Get crazy. See a like an umbrella. You don't want it Front, Rosie, Rosie To transform. See, what transform is giving us is pulling just along. You know the XX based on the faces, the normals you know the polygon faces, right? So that is where it's heading and it's not getting, you know, why'd I like an umbrella ship? You know, that would give you something hot to wake up. So you concede it. We even have directions to go. We can fool it this way because we wanted to be coming this way. Want this straight too much. The edges right to transform was better for us with the locals, right? We could have used globally by The loca is working pretty good for us right now. So we have this. We are able to pull it out. Some something like that, you know? I mean, Okay, so how do you get that shit going on? Let's go to points. If we select all these lines here, all these points, you know, the I owned under on the move to write and a click outside a selecting by room. Why don't we let me show you something very, very, very important. It's similar to the transform thing in the holiest road. See, now we have a gizmo, and I can see that is going Oh, on the local access based on the point. Right. So do you have ways to control how these gizmos goals Yes. If I If I bring my mouse here and I right click I have this man in here. That is no what we want. You will need this many pretty soon. And you could see a lot off options that you can do. You have this man, you get close to the this metal. Look, when I get close, you see the metal kind of pope. When the middle Paul. Right click there. Now you have the handle where you can change. There are orientation, the access where you want. It gives most group so that you can operate. Right? Let's try object whom the object is giving our song some other orientation. So from this y axis, we know like we can pull that point. Very good. But that is no way we want right now. You know, we can use that. I want to show you at a options to We have weld. Let's see, as we are changing the our ally main how that gives more is doing so. The object and the wet is kind of like almost the same, but it's depend on the view on the people, you know, it might be different in certain situations. Let's go for C bono That gives that a different alignment. Let's go for component. So before it was component, you see, you remember this orientation. So before it was the company that we have. So let's go for another one. You can go for word and other stuffs. But I think what we are interested right now is the view. So the view is allowing with their few off review board, you know, every direction we go, we still have a few. See, the square is facing us in the white and everything, even any direction we go. So we will stick with a view for now because I think it will help us and what I want to show you. So I got this point. Let's get all this line, the points, you know, by selecting them one at a time. Yeah. Now let me show. You went in That can tell you when you ask collecting this stuff because these points are killed, right? That gives more is somewhere in the middle. Like, you know, if I draw a line here, the gizmo is a lying somewhere there because it's using bills positions right You know, if I only have this point, it will come up here. But what about if I grab a point from here accidentally? Whole ship. Grab this point. See where that gives more jump to, you know, you grab more. See, Reddick is more is right. So that would tell you when you are selecting sites stuff in the view port and you don't see. Of course, I want to get this line. And you don't see your gizmo being up here somewhere. And it's somewhere like this. It means you grab something wrong. You know, from here, I can tell that I have grab something because that gives more. Supposed to be up here, right? Use most supposed to be up here. So what I would do is our whole shift. I mean, control our whole control, but, you know I can't get it back. No. So what happened is you have to, you know, to select those you know, points. Okay, so let's get back and let's do it again. Let's get these points right. Let's call for the move to We already have you as the alignment. Okay, so let's get this points. See how it started. Let's do it again. You see how it will started it with a point and Dad is full only in the points and then when this one and this one, we jump down a little because it's trying to align the line. But if I grab one here who see we jump here, that would tell you if you are not looking, that would tell you that you grab something wrong. It's trying toe a line between them. So this is what I was trying to do earlier, Our whole control and this electrics room and John back to way. Supposed to be the shift and keep selecting this one's okay, so we get data mining. Look around, you know, You see it. I only have those lines. And this what? I'm body sure you will wreck only on a straight line. It will be faster if we can get all these up one time. But you know, it only works at the line and you make sense, you know? I mean, I was explaining in another class, but this time let's call for what I want to do. So if we get fire from the to from the diesel. I can show you earlier, and we rightly we have this many. And with this many, if we come down, we have strengthen selection. Boom! What a dass is Give us a line. Line up all the points as a straight line. It is very cool. You know, it's lying the points for us because we want to get them as flat, you know? Then we could work on it. So let's do the nets role rare. Quick. Okay, - Okay . So in no time I'm able to flatten the area. Like how I want it. I can't even do that for all these lines to get up effort flashed office. I don't want to, like, you know, with a lot of time. Okay? Way will keep it like that. So, for now, let's see how we can get this if we want. Okay. So we will select everything, okay? And we still have wet. We still have still had a view. I run a reputation. You see a tomboy mixed one. Let me get there. You go around, get over the tops. You Now we can move it a little bit. See? Well, it let's introduce the rotation now. That's for teary. A little bit here. Let's get back to move. Let's kill it. Relax. That's movie. Let's get back to to the view. Calling a ghost it be Get to the side view. Yeah, so from the side, we can see that, you know, I get into shape, right? But you need a little tweak. So let's get in again. Let's come to their Eddie off. What? It move more? We hear a little bit. Look, you move it down small until, like it and, you know, you get in that city, all right? He is called for rotation. All right? You see, we're not going to spend a lot of times, so I think it is OK for now. So, like the alignment so far, but it's not perfect, but let's keep moving. Let's get back to expected. Now what? I want to show you ex. You know, I want to introduce. Let's introduce some divisions around where we have wake. Okay, let's call for edge loop. Let's put one here. You know, that's why I'm here. If we put one here, remember, edge loop, we can tell it to give us more. We have more. Yeah, have already. And if we want, we can select. You can get out from these. So let all the polygons around the side, Okay? Oh, shit. So let all the polygons around this side. You look around and blasted. Deleted whom? You got that deletion. All right, so let's go for a tool we haven't used. Right? Let's go for Polly Field. So if I come up here and I said let all these ages Yeah, I got that. If I call for fulfilling, if illicit for us, see, does it? And he gives us that last office you were trying to do earlier. See how there are so many options around. I want you guys to see how you can straight up your your points, which is very important. You know, That's why I show you that important way off. Laying down the point is to get a street. But you could have just down what we just did. You leave the top and Paul, if illicit, know how good Pulis feels that for you, the polypill it is crazy to you have a lot of options that you can go through and and have you know staff. There you like to mix with? Okay. Okay. Cool. So we have something like this and now it's only on one side. Okay? It's only on one side. Select everything our polling governments and in here, you don't even have to because you might even call it from the the next big hit top on the keyboard. Go for AM for mirror right here who get it and connected to the line. Bring your video or display whom you have a mirror going on. See? But the mayor is where it's not, like close enough. Well, how we wanted And you see the top here. It's getting closer because we moved those manually, so that will not align right for us. But here we didn't touch it. This is what it's telling us that we still need to push the distance. Get closer. Let's come in and start missing with. But this doesn't see what happened. We get it like that that close. It's OK. So how do you fix up here? Many overlapping like this, You know, it's just around this stop area. That is easy. We have to introduce edit, but we want to do it before the mirror right. You know, the mirror is joining bull side. So if you push, there's no doubt we already see how to push knows now and work before that load. Right? So we have to select this load. Polly Field. You know, we won't stop happy even for the mirror. Right? So that's to be selected. And now let's go to the points. Let's select one point and called for Move. What will give us Give us an edit node in between the Phil Any wet in the mirror? Let's call for move. To whom have on edit nude between the fill in the mirror. So what is good about this is the mirror is still working because the display is there, right? But we are working on the edit. And if we move this point around, you're able to see stuff happening. So we are able to align it at the same time. Get in the mirror, going on Okay. At a school. See, this tyros is also able to give us that shape we are looking for. That s O. C. We have something similar. You know, the inside here it's popping up. It's easy fix, you know, all we have to do is select those points and push it down. So, you know, we have the ship. That's what we need. The rest is very east. So we did pretty good, even though it took long because, you know, I was still explaining. I can just go on without explaining stuff to you because this is the core. So you have to get those details, right? Okay. Cool. So we have some more work to do in the less class. You know, we have to align to get all the details, some design going on in here. And Dan, So the next class will get this in a design here in the to get these design going on on the side off manship and do all this do this bull in the cuts, This ship, that rare bike or the ref tire put it on a bike with you in here to see so little and little basically were almost touching all the to the sea subdivision used clip. We use Ninth Elia in the cause. You know, maybe fuse We haven't richest. Important may be the next class. I would touch that. So we almost you know, through most of the basic tools. Right on a tennis is up to you to get in, try them. Just mess with that box and get detailed. The tools. Right? Okay, Cool. So thank you guys for sticking around, and I'll see you in this class. 18. Inner Tube Design: Okay, guys, welcome. This front wheel is what we model Last time, the last class. Okay, The front mean And the inner tube. Yeah. So this is what we did on the last class. Yeah. So you guys did pretty good, you know? I mean, I remember we used the tyros to meet it. Right. So this is the tyros fight. Turn it off. Paris will go. This is the inner tube. If I turn it off, the inner tube is gone, so we only see the original by the tire, right? See? Can clearly see that have turned it off. Right. So let's tend to mean on that's less gear the inner to face. Okay, we have that. See? Have some design going on. This is their main. See? So in this class, what we going to do? Is that this in a part design right here? That is what we going to get today. There's in a part here that's a design going on. We already talked about it. So this is the old bike. Okay, so you get the cuts, and then you will try to get the inner tube design. Okay? All right. We are inside But, you know, you could see we had a geometry level, but everything is still out here is because I tend on. I sure objects, right. I have to turn it off. I'll give it a ghost. Okay. So we can see what we working on. So this is where we left in the last class on the inner tube. Okay, so if I bring this year here, you can see it. It there's nothing going on because, uh, we haven't done anything, so let's see how far we can't go. Okay. So because we're going to have these design going on and our germ a tree, it's kind of little lowing and in polygons, I will introduce Subdivision. I think now it will be okay with that. So let's let's do that. Let's let's continue from the end and let's call for subdivision. Okay, let's subdivided because the display is still up here. We have to come down with it. See, now we have so division going on, Okay? Don't worry about this. I bean, you know, band with a division because we will only work on one side and we will mirror it. Okay, so we don't have to worry about that side. We will wake from this look going on. You work from this side. And Merrill, whatever we do on this side to the other side, you don't wanna wait on both sides. OK, let's figure out how we will get it in a design. Okay. Cool. Okay, cool. So we can call for edge, loop and out. Pull one closer to the edge here. Something like that. Okay. And I'll tell you guys would know why we have put it in here, okay? Because we're gonna have some indentation going on around here, and I don't want an indentation to come all the way to the end. Right? I don't want the indentation you're about to create to come all the way to the end. So we are blocking the floor. See, this is part off our teary, too. We have to block the flow. You already have one here, but this one is part off the bevel, so we don't want to, like, touch them. You can give it another one. Okay, so we have one here. Now let's look inside it. Okay. When you look inside, it's not flat like that. You know, the inside pushed in something like that. So let's try to get it. Okay, so this is the middle lane. Okay, So before that, I would like to introduce some more loose. Okay, so let's call for the last two. Okay? How you do that? We come here. We know already, right? You know, we have to get killed. So let's create here and take you, you know? So we have that to call it. See the house police sprayed number four. So where do you want it? Okay. The indentation is going to be around here, but only decide and decide it's too little for their for the steer. So less ghost. Let's goes artists so that I could tell you Show you what I mean. See, the steer is wider. It's coming from inside here. This this deer is wider, right? And and it comes from around here. See where the loop is activated, right? That is where this dear ends and that is where the indentation is. So we have to bring some looks over there. Okay, so let's introduce one loop Iran here. Okay, so we get one look over there. Okay? So less Hi. Stuff again so we can see inside. Clear. So we have this look that we will use for They say, you know, But I still want one for here, You know I won't want so that, you know it will look some floor if if we like wet around here. Okay, so we can do that. But that one, we don't have to call it again. We can increase the numbers. The number off loops. Okay, we got to, you know, so good. So we can use this side, this law and this fast. Look, we just created this one over here to get indentation area we need. Okay, so we have Let's zoom out on our operation on our network. I see. So you could see that even all this stuff is still not too much going on. So if we if you work like how away you know how every object have its geometry level, you won't see crowded network. You know me. You wouldn't see that a lot, you know, I mean, because every geometry oh, every part off your moto have its owns, you know, I mean Jova to level that it's not the better way to wake. You know, I mean, most people work by, you know, having all the part right here at the June ichi level. Let's get our from the edge loop to because lets get out from there. Click outside, activated and look around. Now, where is that Taylor is going to go. But before that, let's do this design. Okay, let's double click this the middle inside. Okay, let's get that one. We gonna call for addicts because we're going alike, you know, push it around a little bit. So let's call for scale. See that introduced edit? All right, So you guys already know what I want to do is I want to scale it uniformly inside. Okay, so I'll try to get this even though I don't see all the three access. It's OK. You can start moving it and see was going and I can see is going inside. But I just know what I want. So I have to move it on the other directions, so I want to bring it inside a little bit. Okay? This design is dead at the original trunk bike. You have insight coming in like that, you know? So there's like, a flow like a band. Something like that. So the inside, you know, kind of come. I did. So we have it a little bit. It's OK. We can get it more closer. So it is small off yours for you guys to see. Okay, if you see, can see the inner is kind of like closing up, you know, something like that. It's closing up, and it's not this of yours, all right? It's just a little bit, so I can double click and then push it back. No, to be. Yeah, I think that is fine. All right. We're not even going away around that. But, you know, when you are modeling, you will try to get most of the details on the original object. All right, if you model in a car will try to get some off the details, because when you are, damn those details the ones that will make people say OK, you did good. It looked like it, you know, because they also knows some of them. Some people even already do it on some of the up just like that. Oh, they know the characters. Looks like six. Okay, so you try to give most of the details if you could. All right, a record. So let's get these details around here. Okay? Let me ghost. Let's get out from the to let me ghost staff so that we see the area. Yeah. So we will start getting it from somewhere around here all the way to here. Okay? Intent that area. So let's go for polygons. And next, let's let's get a lassitude So we can just hold shift and just roll it down like that. Could have get both side at a time. But let's go finish this side. See? So we have something like that, you know, it's kind of like for in the original by it's like a mechanic 16 where this dear touches here and control the real, you know? So there's on designed like that. So how are we going to get it? We have the area selected, right? And every Pratt, it's OK. So obviously you guys could tell me what to you go for to up to get this operation very obvious, right? So let's Let's get there. Holy s rude. Now we have fully s true, but I don't want to push it in, writer. We like that. Okay, if I push it in right away like that, you can see here is very sharp going in. That is not how the original bike that indentation is right. That indentation is different. The size kind of come in in a little bit. So how how you get something like that? Okay, easy. Like Paul. It s true. Give you instant instead. Means all the polygons you've selected if you use in, said they will squeeze in or they can squeeze out. So we want a fine to like, something small squeeze, you know, squeeze out. So you come down the ladder, start squeezing it in a little bit, okay? Who? Even though it looks like like we push it in, it's not It's still flat is just the polygons that have squeezed. All right. It's like you scale him it, but poorly as to allow you to do that instead. Do you know you have twist. You can twist the staff that you, you know, do all this stuff. You know, if some designs, you have to do that. You have that. Okay, So now what about? And this is the divisions you guys already know So most off the options. When you have time, just go through it. Yes. You know, practice with him. Okay. All right. Cool. So we have this instead going on now, Now we can push it in, but if we push it in right now, you know it's giving us something, Giving us something we want, but the edges, like, not very sharp, you know? So that's push it in a little bit. That is OK, so how can we get it to be obvious in the eye? You know, that would be the best stuff. You have to think about it. So if you get out from the police extrude okay? And you look around, look at it shading you see that? Let's get out from why are frame okay? Come to Samo shading. OK. When you look around, you see that if you have a texture Oh, even a color you might not even see all that indentation we just did. It's not obvious, you know, But I would do something, you know. See, you can see jazz a little be here, but it's there, you know? So it's not obvious at all. So you have to think. Maybe you create something like that and you're thinking that is going to show in the game . So you you have a game, carrot, our game prop and all the details you created. I'm not showing this. Could be one of the reasons because you did not give you the details. You didn't finish the details. All right, so let's bring back the wire free, and then I'll show you what I'm talking about in a second. Now, you see, the design is there, but it wasn't showing. When we have the smooth going on the wires is showing by the wire because obviously the wires are giving us the design. Okay, But when you shared it, that wise, it's not going to beat it so that you have to think about that. Okay, So how do you get it to the obvious? A little bit With the shades and everything. It is the same principle we have to block stuff. You have to give these single lines we have to double them. You know how you do it. You already know, Beverly. Okay, so let's get out from poorly Astrue and come to the edges. Do you. And now we can stat selecting the areas where we want does everything to happening. So we got one. Let's hold shift. Try to add more. See you get I would like to get all the corners. Okay, so let's try if you can't get I don't think I need Dad. So this side, I want double click it. I would just select that alone so that you know, and I'll get this one okay around here. I'm not I'm not interested in that side too much, because if we get this side, it will be all right. So let's see if we had Good. Let's get this side is here. Here. I see. So when you have it like this, all you have to do is wet Beverly Bevel, do you? Let's crank it up small. We're going to go to the fine tuned because you want just fine too. They're Volen. Go high, Go crazy. Yes, a little bit. See you. Okay, So from this Basilan, let's see what happens if we go to smooth shit. See? See, Now we can see the design. It's very obvious now it's very obvious, but without their look like it's messed up. See? So those little things either modeling. That is how you show your design. And, you know, I mean, you're not the tannin off the face is not going to do nothing. Is the holding off the edges? You know, I mean, the holding off the lines, you know, maybe you see Okay, if I push it in the light, Will can sure know Even if you push it in and it will still be like that, it will still be like this. I don't see nothing. Okay, so is the edges. Is the floor off the light that you have to think about? Okay, so now that we hold, the flow is showing and this is high. It will show almost all of the idea software out there or even in the game. If you don't introduce this eggs, get it right. 19. Completing Inner Tube: So now that we hold, the flow is showing, and this is high. It will show almost already at software's out there or even in a game. You know, if you don't introduce this edge loose, you won't get a design looking right. Okay? It's very, very important. So if you are working on hard surfaces and you introduce these devils, then you see your ship are coming out. Great. All right, cool. So we basically have that indentation going on. And what is left is wet. It's some lines going on here. Let me see if we can see that in the ghost. Don't be scared. Let's go out and tend the one we are working on off. Okay, we look here. See, this is the indentation readjusted. So what is left is this, you know, lions going on. It's like a cut. A big cup going on in a straight off them. 123 Let's try and get it. And then we are basically done with in it, too. Okay, Cool. So let's get these lines. You know, remember, this deal will be another class in the photo, so let's try to get this lines quick. All right. So you see, this is the old bike, and you can see this is what we just did. And we did pretty much deceived. They didn't even get this side either. But the indentation is what it's showing. Very good. So we have that good. So less. Let's let's 10 hours own. See, you don't have the indentation, right? Let's jump in quick. Okay. Cool. So how do you get those lines? We just talked about pretty easy. So you see how the tools the polygon twos almost repetition, right? Because there's no more. This is it, you know? So when you practice and you start knowing how each one of these wakes that's it. Modlin. I said, you know, and pretty much We use most of them. Okay, We use most of them. It's a few ones that we haven't used and there might touch them. Or even if we don't, they are very easy to miss. Were and try them. Okay. Okay, cool. So So we have to get You have to figure how you get. Let's get out from this bevel. Okay. And now, remember, the lines were going like this. Okay, So what up here who could tell me, like what to do. You think we'll work right for us? Because we're gonna have to cut a lot of lines, right? You're gonna need more lines If we use police pre, we will call police. Break a lot of times so many times you have to call police. Please let me show you real quick. Let's call for Bali Spree. Okay. And now if I cut one lying here, you know, cat and cut. And I finished this. If I have to use Polish spirit again over here, if I have to use it again, have to call it a game. Let me hit and try to finish it. I have to use it again. I have to call it again. See? Now I have to call it. You know how you know how to call the right call? Kill. Now it's activated again so you can cut more. Continue from where you can off you create a design. You can create design with this too. That is what. And the good thing about this too is that you can cut in the mirror off a polygon. So far, this this is the two that can cut in the middle of the political middle here. Boom C Put a cut there. So this is a good to. To do what? To create these. Nice on the faces. If you are modelling high, Safi because you can cap, you know, I mean in the polygons. See? Very cool. You know that Because this to we have to call it so many times and we're going to need more lines here. I don't think we should call too much like that because there's a two that will only work that will give us those lines and only call it worms. Right. So let's look for that to let me delete this old one. Okay? Cool. So let's go look for that to who can tell me that That, too, if you know, raise your hands if you don't know it's cool. But when we start using you like Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. All right. Who's so so? Let's call for poorly draw Morley. Draw because poorly drawer have Paula script. And then you can use it so many times while you are still that one call. All right, so let's call poorly drop. You call it automatically it will join to the line for you. So we have Topa Bill Poorly draw. OK, that's what we need now. So where it's our lines going ago is something we can think about, But that is not too hard. We already know that. We're gonna have three lines. Write. Those lines were were were three of them, so we can use this line already. Here two star one of the lines. Okay, so let's cut it from here. Okay? I can Sorry. Um, it started What? It started building this offices, but we wanted cops. So we have to come up here and change to the cut selected, and we start carrying. Okay. If I cut like that one touch, I can do one touch, but let's see how one touch you have. I was gonna happen if I do one touch and I bring it here and I drop it and I click middle miles to finish it. You see what's happening? It's not giving us the role we want. We want another line around the old line. Okay? But you see, it's because I cut it from here and I finish here is now doing that. Okay, So let's do this. Remember that? Race it. Who? So we can step. So because we want it alone. This line. We have to carry one at a time. Eyeball in. Okay, Don't worry if it is not like perfect. Okay, get it. Like something like that. I born okay. - You can tweak a little bit. All right. So less, less less Tweak a lot of it. How you do that, You know, mean we don't want if we if we want, we can use the smooth right to push staff, you know, a little closer to where? Everything. They should have bean, right. We start small to get it better. But you guys have the idea, right? When it's too close, you can open it small, you know? Please. You know, you don't have to, like, get crazy our body. But now we have these lines. So what is next? But from fire looks Okay, right. I'm gonna get close, even it's no bad. All right, so that is OK. Okay, Cool. So let's get our from Polly draw. Okay, Let's come to the box election and what we need. Yes, we're gonna push this inside in to create that indentation for their for their lines. So let's come to where particles less ive the lax. I will be the good one for us. Let's select all the middle parts. Okay, who's tumble? Small. Get your spot. Okay. Shift. I'm holding shaped. Oops. And control to get this part you don't need, Then shift to get a flat you need. Okay. I don't think if I paint is happy me because the area is too small. I have these going on because I try to paint. So I think I have to get it one at a time. So control to get these out, then one at a time. Then if you move far still, you can get it. Okay. Cool. So we have that area selected, right? They don't look bad. And we go see we can't even see it's happening. Yeah, There we will look inside and cool. We have those those indentation going on. Let's bring it out small. Yeah, get out from wife Freeman counters and come to smooth shading. Come out from the to see You can see the lines. Okay. You can see the lines even though we didn't get them closer like how I was saying, Supposed to be It's okay, We have the lines and then we have this in a design. Okay, so let's complete this inner tube by carrying it into half. Then flip it. Get this side to the other side. Cool. Easy how you do that. Let's let everything Oops when we come to box elation So let everything and then we call for clip right You have to cutting into half, you know, But clip is doing it on a d friend Ariel SCT x x x Give it one how to extract six year and , uh, Dan and gives that'll here. Okay, so we have it at a rice I, you know. So it was at a X back six. Okay, so we're going to flip this side to hear easy. So from there from the network view from the network for you, you know, we want to flip all whatever we down so we can call that the network of you wanna flip everything to the other side. Right? So in here, you hit top and Dan, you go for mirror right at its mirror. Boom. Now you have the mirror is waiting for us to place it down. Let me getting closer than our place it here. Then our connects bring my view back out here. So now you can see that it's looking pretty good. Were able to get a in a pain, You know that it's coming. He's I and Dan. And also we have the design showing on this side. Okay. And let's see the middle. It's like it's a little overlapping. Okay, so that is when you come here and you find two in it, even a distance, and see if we will fix it. Yes, I like it. It's OK. Because of the car. You should have figured that with the card buddies. Okay, so at this point, you know, you you get both sides, so you have to match it with your reference. And since we are using the old bike, mostly become beacon. Checked it, you know? So from this side, it's good, you know, so that, you know, mirror is okay, because decide. It's OK. All right. You know, it could have come something like this, you know, like very close. And then you will know that now It's not good. So you have to you know, get it to wear a supposed to be. Okay, So let me find too in a little bit. Get a close and touching. All right, Cool. So pretty much the inner tube. It's set. See? Very easy. Repetition off stuff and just little thinking. And you know how I would do it. You know how I get it. T come out good. Hold the edges, Beverly. Very, very simple. That's why I was so worried about actual modeling. Right? You get to tell it is very easy. Is just like you do morning in anywhere but their movements, right? How you, you know, you call the cliffs and how it connects to the network and all the jump around in Houdini is what and much focused on. That's why most off our class get longer because I'm still pushing it about 80% off the basics. All right. You did good on the on the in. It is very important, cause it sure as a lot of skills, you know, I mean, because these designs are what you do mostly on most of the higher surface. You'll be modeling, right? Get stuff going in and, you know, showing some edges and holding them stiff and all that stuff. All right, Cool. So I think, um, you guys are so far getting comfortable with more Lyndon Houdini, and and I want you guys to practice, you know, so that, you know, any time you come to class, you know something. You go at it to what you have. By the time you go through this bike, you'll be good. You know, it's not about this bike. It's about, you know, in the tools, the network jumping around. Carl, Imagine bullion, calling the tools reggio menu. Call your twos. You know, setting up. You know, appear we talk about what I get, um, Polly Morning. So that all day radio menus that you call our for modeling, right, so pretty much we become fire. But, you know, it's a lot left, but I know that you guys are you Get in here. All right, Cool. So thanks for staying around. See you 20. Panels On Front Wheel: Okay, guys, Welcome. Let's continue from where we left last time. Let's jump in real quick and less ghost artists or hide artists. Unless use this shape, I'm to solution Cliff outside. I did something to the body we work on. It was just Only one knows. Just just this addict. No, right here. So if I turn it off, this is where we we end it. The last time we model this. This is where we ended it. This is what me and you guys did. All right, So what I did to it is just scraping it up a little bit. See here. Go in. They don't look like the bike here is dead. You don't look like the bite. And I have to move if I sat offices up a little bit. So to do that, you know, it's edit, move and scale and all that, but I didn't use scale of rotation gets move. You know, Tenet on. We'll see. So you see it here is stretch a little bit moving up here. Stop a little bit, but I moved here to match the ship. So you tended backbone. See, it's not if you're marching like good. You know, about the shape we have the ship. Kind of like you have to come if I turn it off. You see, baby stuff, you are still low. And it was gobs here, you know? So you have to do all that touching. So I spent little time, like, one minute, because I can show you where it happened. Just two points here. If I turn it down, Look up here. You see that dance to go down and up. That dance is just two points that I moved up there and here, I guess, moved this point out here back a little bit. He goes out, comes out even though is looking better. It was just a little, you know, added idea. And I moved this side up. So look up here to you. See what happened. See, down, up. So nothing really happened. And this is where we end. So it was just one node. I'm thinking that we have to introduce, uh, not an edge loop here because of the stretch. I don't think it's OK. So you will still keep the mirror staff from here, right? Select this area now. Let's call for edge loop. Okay? Everything is still happening from the edit. Why? We still have the mirror down here. So let's place when ej looked divided. You know, I think one more will be OK. Yeah. Get at. Let's get out. Click outside. See Is looking better now, where do we want the designs to happen? The design on the old by. You know it's going here. You can create another design way different from the old one. But we want much everything trying to right so less to see if we can get it for what we did . All right. Okay. The panel is what we are about to do this a panel design going on it cut through here and they cut across at the bottom. So let's get it up here. How you do that, it's gonna happen on the edge. So be on the edges. We have spaced for it to happen here in our network. Selectees edges. One holds it 23 or six and give it a Babel. So we called Evelyn. That's giving some bevel that's cracked down. We'll still be. Let's go down. Yes, a little bit. Maybe about three. Get out from Bevel click outside. Double click this edges. So we get all the Middle Ages get this tumble and be around something like this because we're about to push this edge down once we have selected, Yeah, but to push them down. Okay, So how we do that is going to give us an edit note, because we're going to call for the move. I see, Dan, we will move it down. This more vent is very sensitive. So sometimes you see stab jumping around, so slowly get it and look at the face. Look at a poorly gorgeous around. Because remember our theory. When we look around the polygons, what we are doing, it's affecting already. We see a change here by what I run was going on. See the faces of the polygon. I reflected with lights. Right. We want to go down. You buy a little bit until you see the surfaces are looking a little normal If we bring it up, you see those faces? I change it now. Okay, I bring it up. What decide? See, there are a little bit is gone. So if you Turnbull, you see, you have clean south phase and and they add. It is in there. But you know, sometimes you would think that you are pushing it straight and it's going different directions to look around. If it's not in the middle, you can bring it out. You see what I'm doing? It could be something could be like that. Bring it in the middle like this because they have to be in the middle. Something like that. Look around. I see. So it gives you a smooth shading. Still have a shading? Good. All right, Cool. So it looks bigger. You know, the panna lives better from five. OK, let's test it. Let's bring it's small shade come to mirror because we are using part of it. So let's bring the whole system here. See, now we can see that, but I smoosh eating. I think it's bigger. Let's get it closer. How you do that? Well, you can go back to the bevel and give you like to No okay from 3 to 2. Hit. Enter now we got closer. Come back to the mirror and look. If it is better, see, it's better, Kim. So from fire, you could see you have a kind of the panel going on. That's what we want. Okay, so let's get the bottom part here, too, Where we want the bottom part. See, it's coming down like this and kind of from here, you can give it anyway. Could be, you know, but you don't want the final come here and then come this side, so I know goes down. They cut across, sometimes. Go straight unless carried across a little bit. Looks better that way. Select this, By the way. You see, I didn't pay attention here because my edit or the selection is happening right after the mirror. You know, that means whatever is gonna happen here is not gonna happen on this side. So if you keep the mirror in, by the way, let's stick it out. So we don't have to stress a party. Let's leave the mirror and a edit tweet on one hit, Deletes. And we still have this one side. We are waking when we had done, all we have to do is called a mirror. Okay? We don't have to worry about if we are at the right place in the network, because the whole morning, our theory is that we're not worried about it. Notes. Right. So why we have to worry about it right now, So Okay, let's cut it around the site. Yeah. Here. Yeah. Owned it ages, right. So I will use this one, right? Hold shift, by the way. See? Look at an angle. Yeah. So if we get it like this, we gonna have a little problem pushing it in. It will. It will push this side this way, but let's see. Let's try. Let's call the move to actually let's do the bevel face. Okay, That's call for Bevel. Let's do it. Lie. You already know, right? Give it three. But a beginning. Danny had the middle line selected. Double clicking on it. Yeah, and this is what I was trying to see because it's a care of line right now. If we call for the move to which is going to give us an edit note, you know, you can I just move it in from any angle? If I do it like this right now, look inside. I see even lucky because we have a view. So gave us right, Aris. Sometimes if you don't have the right view, you can have this stuff going like crazy. If he now there's a little problem close, it's sticking out here. I don't know how to show you sticking out like I see. So how can we get it that good at that? Maybe we can still use edit, but instead off moving in and we have that edge use escape here and we squeezed and in see , get those lines clearing from where we don't want it to be just a little bit. I see it's a little bit and and it's not in the middle is kind of squeeze down here, so I will call the move to again, move it in the middle, see something like that data little changed by the at the very important this gives the shade data dance. You should've better looking panel. This 10 is still sticking around, but it's because, you know, we see. That's why it looks bad. But when we call, everything will be all right. Okay, Cool. So let's get closer because I don't want gave it to Let's go back to the partner or the devil and gave it to Yeah, it's like the other one. So yeah, we have the honor is not looking bad at all. So we had Good. That's one Little isn't going on here. I know you guys remember that. If you don't remember it, let's do it. You see it? Okay, so we have this panel going on already around this area. And if I tend the points on, we have point no base. We have 0.2 points off a lap in a right here. So we have to pay attention to that point. So to to work around them, we will squeeze this polygon in face, okay, for what we want to do. So let's get out from these points. Get out from the last, come back to the last point, go to polygons. So where do we want that design? Let me look at it again. I think he is fine. Yeah, somewhere here. Uh, maybe. Yeah, he's getting too. Let's put it in the middle at a one. Seen tomato. Okay, cool. So we have selected this polygon. All right, so let's squeeze it in. How we do it is pulling a strewed an insect. Alright, pally is true. It's cracked that you sit down a little bit. I did. Okay. Cool. So we have. This Indian is still flat. See? It's so flat, they haven't done nothing. And the design we wanted do we wanna push stuff inside? Okay. And we are doing this because you wanna push only one side in. Okay, so get out from police is true. Come to age is gonna work on select this age. Look around. What is gonna happen is is going to give us an edit note. We already know carful move because we're going to move it down. Damn! Push it down. Very sensitive, you see is jumping around If if we get crazy, just do control Z dance take it slow and move it down. Okay. I did. Yeah. Let's call for Smosh eight and see how it's looking. We have small shade, but I don't like they Look, you know, we don't see the design at all. It's not looking like you know how we wanted. Looks like we still have to do something about it. Okay? It's not looking good. So we already know how to fix stuff like this, right? You know, it's still the holy bones are being affected. All the guns around being effective and we are not getting the ship, you know. I mean, and this is how it would look if you are pride tester. It was still looked this bad, you know? I mean, you won't get that right. Shit, because this is going to give your shading, um, and normals, you know, mean that normals is going to come from here. That normalizes what give the in dens and all that in your testes. Right. So if it is not looking right over here means you're normals. It's not gonna look right and dandy the designs and I wanna show. Right. Okay, so we have to get this step looking right when we come to this small shape. Yeah. So let's bring you're wise back. Let's see how we can fix that college raw. And I try to I come to spread to I try to introduce extra lines that right here when I click, you see this face get affected a little bit, you know, it's now bad, you know. So for this situation, we can leave it like that Come to say, get closer your clothes. I think I'm not that line. Put it right here. See this phase? Get a little better you come up here, you know? But this face have a little problem. So maybe you like to continue a little bit further down. Like I was saying, right? I see more well here because the floor is getting fired. So the effect is getting legs right. See? But this hair, But this face is still not complete. Good. So we can cut one across here and see Okay, this phase get better, right? So you could see around the shades. I all dim to the same color, right? You don't have no life refreshing. Sometimes you can, you know, get the face is looking good like that. But we still have to introduce something. We already did that to get better. She ain't going on. All right, so we have pollen. True. HEPA has to get block outside floor a little bit if we use the small shade, See the ship a little bit, but it outside I looking good now, but east, I still look like it's not, You know, you don't see the ship, right? You know, just that little at it. We did around with the polling troll, the outside looking get better outside looking better. So we know how to fix that. You say no problem at all. Right? I get it. You can fix it. So this is how are we going to fix it? Who can show me how to fix it or tell me how? Because we did. Days before the edit come to the edges. Right. Select this one. Oh, shift. Get this. Get this day's getting okay. This is the last office, so we probably will not need to bevel decide to. Okay, this will be all right. Let's try. So let's call for Bevel If these some Beveren it's cracking down. Yes, a little bit. Maybe one is sleeping. Yeah, so let's see. Get out from the bevel. I'm to smoosh Aid and see the ship is coming a little bit, you know? Always even better, you know? So that is the type off designed Alistair can see. This is the side. I push in and decide all flat. See? So you have to, you know, clean it up, you know? Right. So we get that design you got upon us and we are good, So we go on a mirror and then we will do the car inside. Okay. All right, Cool. So let's move on. Put it down. Let's do it a game. If you don't want to use the top key, you can right click over here. Right? That gives you the many. Then you start typing what you're looking for. We want a mirror, and that automatically connected for you, you know? So when you drop it, you don't have to connect it again. That is one way. You know, you guys have to pay attention. So most of the stuff that I show you, yeah, not necessary. The only way to work, right? You can, you know, invent stuff. You can write scripts, you know, so, so many ways. But these are the basic ones most before used the way of ensuring you guys. So if you find another method and you are comfortable with, you are good to use them. All right. Okay. Cool. So we have mirrors, and we have it in place. Obviously, it's not close enough. Right? So we coming, we start messing with distance, brain, get closer in the middle. All right. Cool. We can get out from the mirror to look around to see, have the same design for the here under bite, So school panel is going on. So how do we get that cuts you? 21. Boolean Cut Operations: I'm going to use this opportunity to show you about a care of two and then a little bit about bullion. Where are we right now? We have created at the object level. So if we create from here will be at the object level. You know, Remember, if you want to create any, come to the geometry you bring it to create in contest, right? Let's try that. We are on create in content. So if we create now, it's no going to the geometry level. I mean, the object level is coming to Germany level. So if I hit, give whom we have cave here, you know, inside the jewelry to level, you know, going back to the object level to look for it. Okay, That is what this didn't help you to do, you know? All right, cool. So? So we have a cave. All right, and then is activated when it's not activity. You don't have this cross at the head off the mountains. All right? So we can start placing the points. So let's start from here. Let's use this two lines. This lines as a guide, this line in this life leave the middle one in. Okay, so we place one point here. Okay? Hello to this point up here. Drop when drop one out of Topolsky slided drop E over here. Slide it. Stop it here. Okay, so we can start banning it now. So less you. This bullet going over here lets you this polygon off halfway off it. Place a point to pull. It goes down, lose a point. You pull, it goes down. Place a point. Two more down. Lisa, point. Okay, now we are here while more down in the middle. Place a point and come back to the mail. I'm here for long. OK? Place a point here. You can just go down or let's drop mine in the middle. Maybe if you want to tweak it, you have more points. Okay? We drop one here, drop one passage. You want to pass it literally because we're gonna do a bullion, and if we leave it in the middle, there's gonna be a gap. It won't cut. Whatever is outside of it. So mean mean we want everything to cut. We passed the object, so we pass it down a little bit about to follow this line over here. Okay. The job this down. Now What we are doing is likely awaken as a cemetery ourselves. We are following what we did on this side of the line. So here we drop it here became appear. We drop it. We went the opposite way. Middle halfway. Drop mine. We drop one here. We went to to, uh, to, uh and we can't come to the main line. We are following, right? We drop one here, let me get it down. So it is. The cemetery goes here. We drop one here whom and then kind of uncle kind of drop in here. And then we finish it by into see, So we have a ship, but it's in the middle because we are drawing it from if the front view is just happened us to draw it. But the actual ship, the cave, it's safe. It's in the mirror off the perspective. So we have to go to perspective to see better. So come to camera. Hey, be And he'd be over. Yeah, tumble. You see, it's in the middle, all right? It's in the middle. This real case, or the man container is there is the one we want to use the operation on because we're about to perform Boolean. So let the whole thing called the move to I was sitting yourself right. A smarter fire. Let's go to the right side. I'll hit b come to say And now look for the shape, All right, because it looks like we don't see it here. So come out of the system and is here selected, called and moved to. And now let's move it slow, Do you say Okay, you can pass it a little bit because you will find it. Okay, so we have it here, So let's go back today. Front view and see if it's lying in. Right. You see, we see it now, and it looks like it's in the middle. You know, we don't have to tweak it again. If we didn't do it at the right side, we could have could have shift on this side, and we have to move it in the middle. Okay, so now that we see the whole ship, right, you know, because it's no more in the perspective came out because we push it. I remember. So we see everything out. So if we go back to to the cave and we select Nair's. I see we have a different shape, You know, we can actually entering and have the land ship. Okay. Remember this shape? It kind of goes out like this on a little bit. So let's try get that ship a little bit. I see. Kind of go something like that. See? So just move the points out, okay? We're not going toe. Try to get it exactly like how I did it. Because you don't want this class to be as long as always every time the class get longer, even though I I always thought it will be short of but, you know, I mean, so yeah, we have a ship like this, OK, It's kind of looking similar. I think it was fine. Just this is just to show you guys how you go about doing it and you go, you you guys could, you know, spend some time and get it better. Okay, You guys gonna spend some time more time on it and get it better. Okay, so it is shaped is here. There's no cemetery going on. So this side is completely different from decide that. It's okay. We about to carry through the whole thing. All right, so we're gonna stick with it with the ownership, because, you see, give out this move Shit going on. It will make the cut look better. Okay, so let's stick with that. You know, let's come back today. CTO to the edit notes. All right, Now go back to prospective, okay? Yeah. Here. Now. So the next thing we will do is performed the extrusion, you know, decide how far the cut will go. Right? So, you know, let's select. Let's get out. So let the whole thing by using the polygons. Okay, Gasam, add up. All the guns going on selected select. This one's okay. Let's see if we because we are on the next from the kids in my not give us the extrusion that we want because extrusion my work on the polygons. But let's try and see if you will wait. Okay, So let's call for they'll go for C. Ready remaining. Holy s true. And you see that we did not have the holiest route. So how do we use this name to able to get the holy extrusion? That will help us to get into another node. Okay? We have to convey it. This naff care that we have this ship that we want, right? We have to convert it into Do what? Who can tell me Two polygons. Okay, I didn't let you confess stuff so easy, and it's very amazing. And the nine stand is that when we converted this ship into polygon, it was still remained the ship. It's not going to be any changes to it, which is very nice. So all we have to do you already know how to, you know, guess stuff, right? If you right click at this node. And what do we want? You want confession type C uh, convert. It's right here. Okay, Joppy and Dan, it's already dead is to convert to. If you guys can see compared to is giving us pulling on. You could choose its a lot when you use convention. It's a lot to convince one out Type two. Okay, so we are going from Neve Nap. Two polygons. That's what we want. We want to convert to Polygon, which is the default. So it's already polygon. So we will go over there, come back to this convention note. And now if we go back, we already the convention is done. We have that note over here. And the default is what we want. We want the polygon. You don't have to do anything. They're some, uh, corn. A TV TV can change, but that's what we want. We want a quite the laterals. Okay? All the stuff you can you can go through later. They are very safe. Explanatory. Okay. All right, cool. So So we have convicted. They left to falling home. Okay, So now if we come out to our tools and beyond the polygons, we select this left convicted polygon. Okay? We selected and we call Holy s food. We got it. You can put it as true right here. Okay. All we have to do is push it through. Very cool. Right? Push it too. Let's keep going. We can cut. You see, because it pass here means there's going to be a hole here. And there's a gap here. Have enriched it. That means that guy was still remain. So you have to decide how far you want to cut, I think Ah, from the bike. The bike. Have some computer screen off at a rest stop that you can't create here. You know, I mean, but, you know, we are not even going to look at the original bike. We can still be creative. You can even change that design. You don't have to be always the same. All right? Unless you know your supervisor all is required for you to do that, right. So, you know, you can change staff sometimes. So let's go a little bit. All right? School with it. Now, you could see that this side is hope is open. Right? When when you have an object we find opens space like this, it can affect the way you work on bulletins. Okay, so let's closer. So when we come back to the properties on the police extrude, we have their back open, so let's close it. Boom. So is close. It's better. Okay. All right. It's okay. Because it looks like we are still working on the back fees, but it's okay. So now we have the ship going through, all right, Richie school. And we are having another problem because if this ship is cut out, there's going to be a blockage. Our circle is gonna be block. So we have to cut that sickle to. So before we use this care that we have a flame on, why don't we let me save this? Seen for for now. Okay, so So we have they see. And it's still in the geometry level, which is cool, because if we have it in any where we have to call it, Remember Elian? The in the in the course we have a show. You guys, how to call, Stop, win or to use that when they are not in the German tree level. Okay, so that's why you wanna created inside here so that you don't have to go through that operation. We see all this stuff here because everything is selected. So it's still reflecting the initiator drawings and where it was before he came here. So if we come down here, all that stuff is going because it's not showing anything up there. Okay, cool. So So how do we get this ship before we perform the original bullion course? That is also going to be a bullion, but it might be a little simpler. So let's move this side a little bit Yeah. Now, what do we need? Do this cut over here. I think we need a circle. Okay. We need a circle to cut through this ship right here. Okay. So how do we do this? We have a circle appear, you know. So it's easy. Why don't we Let's get out from the system most of the time when you are initially placing stuff like this, you know, you have to sometimes be at a right few ports so that you don't have to move staff all the time. But sometimes you created randomly in the expected have too much stuff and spend a lot of So let's go back to camera. It be on the keyboard has come to the site thing to say. 22. Completing Boolean Cut: So let's go back to camera. It be on the keyboard. Let's come to the site. Dingus side is better. And now let's call for for Saeko and see what's going to happen. They'll be scared, you know, It might be your first time doing these and, you know, and you try and stab. Don't don't don't worry. Just go ahead because you save it, Okay, you save your project. That's why it's good practice to always save your private practice your project so that whatever you are doing now, you can go back. But remember Houdini, it's like you are saving your stuff because you can go back to the note. All right. Okay, Cool. So let's call for because we are still won't create in contests. Let's create a cycle. Yeah, you see that the circle is flip all right. I don't want less. Place it. Let's places somewhere roughly because this is the second we about to cut right. That's placing roughly in the middle here who? Okay, you have the circle, but we don't see because it's wet. It's on different access, so let's see. Let's try seaplane. CVC A. Okay, if flapping it's a remember doing those kind of stuff. When the orientations are on the wrong access, you come in. If what you are working on have that properties, all you have to do is go in and change that. Okay, we have that change. But it division All right. The division is wet. The division is bad less. Let's see if we can. You're already on goosed. Addis is fine, so but the division is wet is bad. So let's increase it. Have a better circle? Yeah. Then I think it's ok. The only one sided is happening. Is scaling on just one side already. So Okay. I assure you, one way to fix it. And Dale, we copy these via Luz Cup perimeters and then peace values. OK, so we have that. So Okay, let's go to perspective. All right, let's bring the video of the display to the circle. Now we see it. A circle. It's still big, right? Still big, and it's in the meadow. Okay, so from this point, you can use the uniforms scale scary down a little bit. You know, I just show you the radios that you can perform that copy and pasting, but you know you can obviously use a uniform scale. Okay, so we got God did. But we don't want it in the middle, because you want I got through that ship, right? So you have to be on one side, and then we will cap at through it. Select the circle Tom Bull. Right? Call it and move and moving slowly. You can go for them because we are carrying it all the little. Okay. So that that position is okay. All right. And we have a day. So all we have to do is get out from this. It's a stain. They re called a holy extrude, and then it push it through. Okay. Very simple. And then we close it. Remember? Let's go inside and close the back. Yeah. So we have a shape to cut through. Wet got through the cave. So let's show the care of a little bit. See, we have a cave there. Okay, So how do you eat? Cut it out. This is where the bullion comes in. All right, So let's get out. Let's save Friday. So we need to call bullying kid affairs. Boolean, you know. So let's hit top on a keyboard go for B. Come up here. And the bullion. You want a party gone? Bowling. You know, I think is the first ones. Get that one. Place it down. Okay, Now the bullion have some stab. Dad, You know, I think what we haven't talked about is grouping, which is very important. All right, so I don't want to add that to this class, but in this class, I remember, and I'm going, you know, show you guys a little bit about grouping. But it's very simple. Grouping is where you said let a couple off edges or polygons that this is what you want the operation to happen on. Okay? And you go in from here. And then you said let those polygons and then all these bullion is going on only affect those particles. Sometimes in most situations, you would you need it. You know, in most Houdini, operation grouping is very important and and you probably already know from the basics. All right, so So it's not too much going on where you spend most time is the type off operation for bullion, which is very simple. And if you're down brewing in before you already know you have options to pick, you know, operation type. So let's see how it wakes. Okay, So why don't have to be the object? You know, if you if you bring your mouth here, you see the input, okay, is telling you that you know the geometry A and geometry be. You know, it's like, you know, you bringing them in and then you tell this is the one I want to cut out. This is the one I want to keep is very simple. So let's use the the care of to be the main object of get a Okay, let's see what happens. The cave is object A and the bullion there we want to cut out is the circle of B geometry. Be. Let's bring the display here. Okay, so we see that the bullion is letting us see both of them because they're all coming in. Both of them are coming in, you know, and have one displays. So it was sure que every drew in the cycle we call right? So now let's go inside. Let's go inside a bullion. This is where we going to pick the operation. Okay. We want a subtract the B from the A. OK, so let's do the LSE subtract. Okay. What happened? It kind of did the opposite. We re one right. It's subtracted, subtracted wet the maintain. So let's see if we flip. See now this is what we want. This from B minus A. If this hole in this it if we use the ship to cut the men, then we want we are done. You have that cut. So let's do that. You know, let's say about a week daily Always give you ought to save which is also there. But I want you guys to get practice on saving also relying on your nose and everything because, remember, if you don't save when you open the project, the's knows are not gonna be there, you know? But if you haven't closed the project and you want to go back to something, you don't have to save it to go back to something, OK? It's always there. That's why I referred to you. But if you close your program right now and you haven't seen all the stuff that we have wake, it's not going to be there. Houdini is saving Oh, to say you have to go inside your folders and go inside. Go to safe order that you can find something. Who do we have saved? Sometimes it's not all the time that it will save. Some few, you know, knows that you would get most for you. Sometimes you would get all for you. I just let you know. Okay. All right. Cool. So began, Desi, we have how fast Operation Bullying and Dan, you know, which is now one object. Let's move it aside. Okay, so we have that's open this thing bigger, a little bit. Control. Be okay. So we have, You know, the man object being working on is here. See, that knows I like pretty repetition off editing and the same stuff. Okay, this is our bullion, which is one of it right now. So we about to bully and this shape with this one and be get bullion. We already know each one we want and replace it in between the two. It No matter where you place it, you're gonna use the man bag. The ship made it as the man oppression. A. Okay, and then we're going to cut this whole cave in a circle out of it as oppression. Be okay, so let's get back. So you guys see it, right? You see, the how did the network is going? Right? Way. We have a cave here, and we cut a circle out of it, which requires us to love what bullion number one. You're going to use this whole system to cut another bullion on our man ship, which is bullion on. About what? To very simple. So now we can bring the display here. Get back to our system. Control be and the cut is there. But this is no what we want to see. Some appreciation went on. But that is not what we want. Obviously, is kind of like a flipped in. So let's go inside and see if we can get it. Okay, so So we come in like we did before going to say the bullion operation. Let's do stuff. Try to get Oh, so we got it. We kind I ship out. Okay. Pretty cool. You know, we cut it out and and we are done. See? So we are seeing the ghosting or the skeleton off the old cycle and stuff because we still have that temporary display on a turn it off is going. Okay, now we have our sheep, and it will review the bite, you know? So this is cool. So that is how you get this kind of operation. So now if I hide everything, see, you have to shoot. This is what we want and is critical. You know, the ship is looking pretty cool. You can go in and tweak to make it a little bit, because, remember, you go. And I have the reflective, um, design going on to here, which we will get to it. I would show you how you do that to pretty much This is how you cut it. It's pretty very. I mean, very simple. It's all about what? So about bullion. Okay, go in and you call the bullies. You know, this network of bullying can gave in bigger because maybe you have so many staff you bullion is you use that whole system, you would use it to bullion another one, so you can go on and on and on and create ships all right, and even used just bullying is to create a very cool ship, you know? So when you understand the bullion system is very, very important. So now you can see show all objects, see? And we have the real very cool. We have the real reveal we have the real showing. So you know, what I see is that our cat was a little bigger, which we can go inside a cave and tweak it if I was doing it home by myself. Bam, bam bang. You could tell it is like to ministering when you are showing it like days, you know, Take your time. You explained I skipped a lot of style, but, you know, I feel like you guys are getting it. You know, that's why I get a little longer goes off those little explanations, right? The bottom off, the original by two is review. Like because this is where it will roll. You come back here. I don't even have that cut over here. So I would give that ice on homework. Oh, and exercise for you guys to cut. You know, maybe you you have that before the less classed to create a bullion system to cap a whole here because there's a bike or real that's supposed to go in here. And you can copy this real to here. Very simple. Simple, very, very simple. You can copy these well to the back and cut a little ship out here to carry. You know, I mean, so that would be on exercise for you guys. I didn't debt, you know? I mean, you know, way we did it. We have They cut going on, all right. Pretty cool. And in the next class, we'll continue, and we will work on the man inside here, which is very interesting. We will go through the nodes and I'll show you how everything was done and then getting all right. So, guys, thank you for sticking around. And I know that this class was very interesting because we land a few that knows that we haven't seen before, Kev Node, the circle and the boy here a right cools old, Thank guys, fall or sticking around and I'll see you guys. Indigenous last. All right, 23. Modeling Main Body: Okay, guys. Welcome. Let's move on with the main bike. So let's go to to the middle part here at this stage right now, we're not going to do it like we've been doing. We going to make things easier for ourselves. Basically, this is the metal part, the middle body t So if we jump came, this is what we have. Let's hide. I just step. So let's go through. You know, you see how simple how things flow, and you can even tell from the exact bike how it was done, right, cause this is the nose that made it. All right. So let's do they fast notice what we use. Polly drove. Okay, remember, Polly draw the poorly built to that we talked about in the early stages. We can still continuing working on this, even though it's done because we are back on the pa literal. If we selected and we hit, enter now is activated. Okay, so and telling a keyboard activated. You know, the fast part of here, remember, draw the shape. So now I can select a point here, you know, and start drawing more, You know, geometry if I want. So you guys already know. So this is how I was able to draw. This shape is stuff that you guys already know. So I drew the shape. So let's get out from the side. Because the side view is where you get a ship and draw it better. Okay, let's go back to the perspective. All right? Is get out from the Politburo to come to camera and go back to the expected. Now from here, we can see it clear that after I drew it is just a flat plane in the middle. Because when whenever you draw the land here in the middle of the perspective Okay, so we have what we drew, you know, just a shape off polygons that we use the poly droll to drew, but it's still in a meadow. So what did I do? So the next note, What did I do? I use on added node and I move it to decide. See, you can see that it's on this side right now. Okay. And then what did I do? See? Is just the repetition off. Stop that you already know. I did wet Polly s. Trude. All right, so let me hide Otis. See? So the holy s true extruded. I'll giving a thickness that we want. All right, I did. So more editing. Okay, I did some more editing. So if I bring the video here, you see now I have some cabs going on. All right? See, I was able to bend these shop. I'm goes down to have this cave using the move and the editing tools right here. So they edit? No, remember all over. So that gave me this round. The shape on the edges, you know? So what? As did I do? So if I take out a temporary view out, this is what we have with the editor. Okay, So the idea was to get it a little rounded because the bike is round. Right? So because it's low poorly, it's little rove, but it works with the bike. OK, so let's move on. So at this point, I was thinking that I need to cut this part out. That is where it's gonna be the seat where that they're right. I will sit, you know? So there are so many ways we can do it, but bullion will make it work better, so I was thinking about Boone. So that is what I use. I use Boonen. So how did I performed the bullion? Well, I'm having object made here because I call seed cut from We're here at a germ. A tree level by the seed cat. It's at the object level. So I call it already show you guys how to call something from the object level. Right? So the object Mitch was able to allow me two. If I bring a selection here, I was able to call the seed cutter from the outside. See, I was able to call it Of course. It's out at the object level. Okay, so you already know how to do that? If you have a no, you forget. Go back and review with that class. So the object match is able to bring the seed careful us so that we can perform Boolean. Okay, so if I bring the video here we see we have a cut, you know? How did that happen? You know, concede it. This is what we drew and we perform the pool, you know? What type of bullion did we do? We have subtraction. A miner's be So we were able to cut this shit out. Okay? And what as did I do? And I have a clip. A clip, node. Let me take that. Temporary out that clip Note. If I and Terry you see there is right here is carrying the whole ship into two, all right, Because we want a mirror, Desai. So we have on even sighs both sides looking the same. Okay, so I used a clip after the bullion because I'm able to cut that seat out Now. I clip it into two side it. And I chose to to keep this side okay. And I did so most after it. What is that? I do. I have a dissolve node. What I deserve? No. Did they deserve note? It's private. No showing right now, but I probably deleted just a point or something, You know, maybe I deleted it a point or something, so that will give you a reserve note. And I did some more editing, right? See if I'm using the temporary display. You see that there are some lines overlapping. That means I move those lines to these positions, right? If I bring their holes, uh, video. He 80 seat it. We have these lines move down. So I was still trying to get pretty cool ship. So moving stuff around a little bit. Okay, so that gives you the edit note. Maybe you guys haven't seen diffuse, diffuse node allow you to join points together so that you don't have no holes in your object. All right, so that's the few snowed. It's like wedding. Or imagine two points to one. Okay. Very simple to use. You have, ah, distant stressful that when you have this tresh hold, any points redeemed will join together. So depending on how fire two points are and you increase the treasure, it will join us. One is very simple. It's in the basics. Tutorials. Okay. And then I blasted at this on a few blast. Maybe I deleted some lines. You see, Let me go back to defuse and see if I would see it like that. You know? But if, for example, this line right here selected and I hate the lead or my keep keyboard will give you a blast . You guys already know. So probably I deleted some lines. You could see some empty lines year or somewhere, and I have the last note, and I did some more editing. Okay, We can see that the lines are moving, you know, overlap pain, because display, it's not fully here. So you see the changes I made if I bring the display for here, You see, I move staff down, you know, trying to get the ship looking right, you know? Still editing. See, abandon the ship and stuff. So what? As did I do I try to connect these lines to the edges off of the ship, Right, Because you don't want to leave it like this. So I used the spread note to connect these lines. So that is what this bridge loan spread. News are connecting the lines, OK, and I did some more here. Not this or more. So I now have all the lines connected, given the geometry and nice flow, OK? And I did some more at it. See that? I move stuff. So it's like the Alfa Lapin. And if I bring their display fully here, See, I was able to tweak a little bit, so you don't see a lot of changes, but it's little changes that when you are too weak and sometimes you make, you know I mean, I'm trying to get this ship going abandoned stuff in movie in the points, even just one move off a point will give you an edit. So if I haven't edit, I try to move as many points as possible. You know, like something here. Now I can entitle at it and move this point to where it's supposed to be, you know? So you are always able to still work on the stuff that you don't right that as Houdini So you can straight up staff if you want to, But I wasn't worried about detail and everything, but if you are working on a price and maybe you could get staff, you know, flowing better and oh, that stuff. Okay, so, dad is how staff was done for this ship. So let's keep on going. What do we do? And I have some poorly and screwed here. Okay. And this poorly as true. A squeeze all the polygons into metal, giving me another inside polygons. Right? We know how the insect, um, and said no does for us, right? Squeeze. The poly goes inside. So I used it in said on this poorly construed, you know? So if I bring the display here, we have the polygon squeeze in, right? What? As did I do. And I did some more editing, you know, I was trying to get the edges and stuff like that, moving the points around, you know, it's pretty easy, you know, this'll edit, and I moved this whole edge loop to one side, you know, trying to get, you know, the seed edges to care a little bit, you know? So just little tweaks, right? And then what is it? I do. I did poorly bevel a bevel, that edge loop and trying to let it body goes hold. All right, so I have some Polly before going on here. Okay. See that around the edges. Even in, like, little ship at the age. Okay, So what is it? I do did more at it, You know, move stuff around when you see a ghost like this, you see the black lines sometimes where it was before, and then after that, it add it, man moved down. So after they added, it moves down to to this site. So I moved in, squeezing it, trying to get this ship. All right. You know, so little and little. We are getting the seat part of it all right? And I did poorly. A strewed. Yeah, and I was moving staff around so this poorly as strewed, if you see in the bag, see that motives? The engine part of it is here. So a squeeze. I use it instead. Again, I squeezed the polygons. You can tell there are selected all these parts off the polyglot, all this part of the ship and then a call for poorly construed and a squeeze it in. And what is it? I do. I have to. After a squeeze, I have to use another police extrude to push it the way I want to. I wanted to be a call for another police extrude, and I push it in to get that indentation. Let me bring the whole display here. So you guys gonna see it? So I push it in giving me this ship where Moto is going to be. Okay, So So I push it in. What is it? I do, I think so. More at it. You know, I was trying to get an edge to get some little round ship going on at the edge of the motor . So I was tweaking the points most. Most of the area, if you know, is the point that I move it around to tell that, you know, moving this points in to get out round ship. I run so and after that, what did I do? I wanted to have There's some design going on at the edge off this bite. So to get that design get that design going on, I decided to use a boss to create that edge design. So I have to call in or have to create a box. So I have a box here, you know, they geometry level. And I was working on the books. What did I do to the boss? Let's go through the nose. So I transform. I move the box to the right position because we wanted here where we have performed the indentations or the police. True. Right. So we won the boss to come down here. I used transform nose to have it at the right place. Now I'm still working on the books. What did I do? Have to get their boss to look around it. So it's easy. Evel. The edges, See? And I have this ground ship very simple and cool. Right? So it's still not giving me the design. I want it. So I still have to wait on the folks. What did I do? 24. Finishing Main Body: have all the edges, see? And I have this round shape. Very simple and cool, right? So it's still not giving me the design I want yet, you know. So I still have to work on the box. What, As did I do a decent poorly. A strewed on the bus are squeezing name. Let's see what we use. Have you seen that inset more right now? So a squeeze the poly goes in. So I didn't incident, okay? And and then wet and then another poorly as strewed to push it in. See? So we have she similar to what we did to the hold case. All right, but this edges is what we need around that ship because we are able to get around the ship on this box rather or better done. You know, let me let me show you. And the actual by, you know, will be hard to move these points to get this rounder ship that we have by using the books . So when you are working, you can think about stuff like this, you know? I mean, like, do I have to spend time trying to get this ship from the main object Or maybe I can use another object. Get a shape and perform. Imagine. Or a bullion. See? What? Are you going to manage them or bullet If in a bullion have imaged inside it, you can imagine the two objects, right? Oh, you can still use Houdin image to make to object from different locations. All right, so after I did so more editing last edit. You know, I have the shape A squeeze. It was taken a squeeze it in, making it smaller at the edges. You could see that. You know, the black one is way waas, and the white one is the one I'm keeping right? So if I bring the display here, see that I have this. So I keep days and now I'm maj. See the design I was trying to get. Now imagine the two together. Boom. See? So the boss is giving me that nine ship around. You continue now for the motor. Okay. Very simple and cool. So you have to think like that. You have to always think like do I have to work on this object to get the six you know, which would take some time. Oh, can I bring in another object bullion and then make things easier for yourself. All right. So you could see the boss is still in here. But they are now one object. Very cool and simple. All right, so if we look up here, you can see that it's rough. You already know that when the light refreshes are not looking right. That is how your testers are sometimes in the game. You look okay. So I decided to work around here a little bit because you don't look right. See, all these lines and reflection is are not looking right. See this? It's not It's not good. So So what did I do after that? I did mirror. I want to get both sides before I worked on here. So I married Boom and 1/2 2 sided object giving you that ship like you know what they put on a on a horse saddle or something like that. Kind of look like that, you know? So you sit on it. So if you are designing here, you could test that this part, like later, you know, giving it like a seed kind of something. But the surface is still roll remember. I just told you a body. How you fix it in normals helps you. It's no mice haps you get in the smoothness and it also helps you, man. You take it out to your game engine. You know, you will make it look good. All right. So I use I used the normals and I did some that his changes by my face area. You have some options. Each vetted stick or Cooley by Vectrix angles and by face area. So I use the face area. Bring the video here. What? You see how rough it is If I bring in the video here Boom See smooth the face. Very cool. And all their reflections and the damage to the south face is gone. I see. So you're tester will look good, you know? Very cool. So? So this normal at the end off your object is very important. You always need it. You know where you want to export the fun. I'll jet when you want. I support the fun I object to your You're soft Adah software editing software AOL. You'll game engine. You need to have an enormous Okay. Okay, cool. So you see that is very simple is basically stuff we've been what we've been using, right? I think the only Tina we did not use was the fuse. I think we already even used a few somewhere. So we already use Oh, the things that I used make. Is she OK? So if you see if I bring everything back Ghost if you see a ship is there So it's very simple Lose crazy here, But it's not that crazy. And we started with what we started with Polly Draw. I come back back here again. You see the bully draw true the shape virus by using the reference image right on the side view port. They withdrew the shape we have strewed it out. And boom, boom, boom, boom. Very simple. You get a ship you want, so you have to My started the plan. Like, do I have to wake on the same thing or bringing in an object to him? Bullion, Imagine. And all that stuff then you can achieve is faster. All right? Okay, cool. So we have in a part, done. So let's move on. Let's see if we can We can touch more stuff. Okay, Let's see if we can touch the middle by no or less finished, let's finish me there. Okay, less. Let's do the middle bike. And then in less class we will touch the engine because the engine is three part. The motor is three parts. Moto is here. Have the main engine, the engine to and the Kovar, you know. So you go through the next class and we are some more. So let's see if we can go through. Attire goes. We did a front who were so let's finish that container. Let's finish decide. Let's get into the front tire is very simple. Very simple. How did I do that? Okay, let's hide. Oh, this This is the front. I they have song indentation. I don't know if you guys notice it's not smooth at all. They have some Ralph stab going on. That is how the original bike is. You know, I have this design you see, like that it dates and stop going on. Even though it looks simple, it's not that simple, you know, you have to work on it. Okay, So what did I do? Let's go through a quick. So I started with this fear all right. And it brings the whole thing here. It was just a sphere. And you can see the columns and the rose. I used 64 13 you know, giving me more fully guns to create that ship. If it's not because of that shape, like, I'll probably stay a little lower on the columns. Right. So I needed more to get that design, you know? So I have a sphere as the beginning. If these call on 64 13 Rose. Okay. What did I do? Our blasting That makes some holes in it. You know, even me? Yeah, The bike. Hold that I need right in the hole. What is it? I do on the policy? Free. Okay. And the police spray gave me. I was able to draw more lines to where I want. Okay, I did more police break. See more coming. I drew so more to get a ship. And then what is it? I do I select it because this is how it wakes. If you said, let this polygon right, and that's why you will skip and used to let the other one, you know. So I skipped one at the time. And then I indented it down. I push it down poorly. A strewed whom you see So the poorly as strewed pushed down those ones. This one was pushed out. This one escaped. See this one and escape this when I was pushed down. See? So that is how you are doing. You trying to skip one and push one down, okay? And I did some more at it, you know? Seed it. I'm trying to get shit going on more at it. See you. Very simple, you know? Then the same principle I added. And normal smooth stuff. So just a matter off. Selecting polygon. Skip one, Select another one skip one. So let's another on skip one. And then what? Pushed the ones you have selected down? Yeah, that Ralph in a ship. Okay. Very cool. Soon, that is all I did. Did it die? And then I gave it a shape. So that is some body. That's a body, you know, for the inner fired here in the type for this class, guys have seen how simple it is to get these jobs, try them and create something as different. Think about something that looks something like this used ist techniques to create something like this. Just try to get the same shift. I said, All right. Very simple. We will end this class and I will see you at the next class where we will go through the motor in Jane. So in no time you go through. Then we'll be talking and working on the Hammett's character. Right? Okay. Cool times, guys. Now, and I'll see you in the next class. Have a nice day. 25. Back Wheel and Moto: Okay, guys. Welcome. That's continuing. Going through the by the last class, we went through the main body right here. The middle body right here. And that's continuing. Let's look at the back real for the back wheel. This is what we have. We have, Ah, a sphere for the back wheel and the inner tube in it, too. It's a copy from the front. Obviously, you can use the front one for the back. Let's look at the main back. We're right now. Says jump in. Okay, so they don't look bad. You know, the same nose petition off edit and blast and polish free and poorly s true. You know, it's easier. So let's go through really quick. Okay? So let's hide our this and see what we have. Very simple, but have some little details going on over here, and it also have a panel, you know, going through top here, you know? So how was this made? Okay. I know by now you guys can, you know, drop in a sphere and create something simple like this. Okay, but let's go through quick and see what's going on here. Okay, so we have a sphere for the beginning, you know, And a car loan study two and 20. Very simple. You know, my change. Our polygons are our, um, apology, right. Try to match about apology, because the thing is, since we have, um, we have this topology going on. You don't wanna have another object with, you know, a huge topology, and it's no marching. So, you know, you're trying to be uniform. Okay, so 32 20 it is good to match it. All right, So what do we do after we have this going on the same procedure, right? We blast the node. We did leave some part of it. Okay? If this fear, I was only working on one side. You know, I just lied at one side and leave because I know our mirror. Right. So what is it? I do? I did some edit. I selected the edges and I push it in, you know, push it in. You could see the edges right here, dad being selected it a yellow and and I push it in. So if I come back here, I take this off, You see? Is pushing, giving it fly face. You know what a bike again. So these are very simple. When you sit on it, you distance will come in your mind and you start rolling. Ok, so then what did I do? I clipped it. You know, I cut it into half because I wanted only work on one side and our mirror. What? What is that? I do, and then I mirroring. Okay, you see, looking good right now we have in some bike ship going on, and then what did I do? I started thinking about designing the ship up here, right, So, you know, have to custom lines up here, so you see, have police sprayed, you know, to draw the line. Okay, so in the middle here, Cowan here and all the way to decide is so more Why don't Desai more cut? See, trying to get a ship out. Pull out. Okay. So you can see that they're so more polygons coming up. Then I select the ones I need. And what did I do? Pull the police polygons up to have this ship that I'm looking for? Because as you can see, the bag half have this ship going on too much the hatchback. Okay, because they hacked back high song design up here. So trying to get that march in the back wheel. OK, so as you are modelling, the design is in your head, you know? So all the stuff you decide to make because if if the picture you are looking at have something here you don't want to do stop here unless you're trying to create something different. Right? So this stuff are also in the bike. The actual bike? No. So that is how you figure how you create that same type of design. All right, it more at it. Push it down. Poised the middle down. Very simple. Just let them and go to the points from here. A priest, These points down the middle points was pushed down. If I come here, see? You see? It goes Old line was here and then out pushed them down. Okay? These angles was pushed down to have this indent the flow like that. Very simple, but I can't even count the point that I moved this point at this 0.0.2 points the middle middle to a little bit down. So very simple. So I have that edit going on. What is that? I do. And Dan at the polling bevel goes I'm trying to get a pan. Oh, okay. You guys already know upon our right that these idolize This is the I know, Final, but poorly Babel. Okay, so right now it gives you three lines. I know you guys remember to make a panel. If you have these three lines, what do you do? Very simple. You push the middle line down, you push it down, Then you have that indent giving the look a panel so going achieve their with what? With on edit nude. Okay, See, so that the middle line was pushed down, you know, giving it this invent. And it's showing. Like what? Like a panel going through the object. Very cool and simple. So better little things. Dan, you Are you getting on on the ship you want? You know, it's not like you're going to do too much is very little things that you do. Then you have the ship you want. Yeah, So we have the panel going on. What is it? I do see, it wasn't that much going on. So is then. So this side is then. So I did wet brought in the normals. We talk about normals to smooth the Syfy. So if I bring it here, See, the South has changed a little bit. Smooth new stuff. It's looking better right now. So that is how this back real was was also made very simple, you know? And we see over here. Okay, so let's go back and see what else we can look through. So now we see how these back Rhea was then. The inner tube is a copy from the front. Right? So we see the man by. It's very simple. All right, so maybe we can check. You can check the motel right now. It's very simple to, you know, it's not too much going on. So where is the motive? The Moto is here. You know, it's many over here loose, like it's a lot over here, but it's just great parts. Okay, This is the other side, right? And the left. So when we look through when we looked through, the left side is the same as the right. Okay, so we don't have to look through the right, so let's see. Let's jump into this one. Okay, Unless hide Otis. See this? This is the color. I have a glass shade for it. That's why it's looking like that. So let's see how it will start it. Right? Have a sphere that I use. What did I do to this fear? LSE was going on? Some edit going on dissolve, dissolve or deleted part of the polygons. Okay, more dissolve. You know, trying to get a said that I want more at it. See? So I'm getting That's a police freed, divided the middle part, you know, more police spirit to get all the part because I wanted some division because I'm going to put I'm gonna put some in and some out, you know, creating something like a moto some engine. See Dane more in what I do at eight. Moving stuff around. That's about it To get that round shape in a I'm moving the points around. Okay, then Materia see, So is giving it back over. So there's not much going on just that you want to cover the moto with this care of ship. So we're trying to get that ship, you know, and you have to see the engine or the motor from from this cover, you know, So that glass say transparency that we need That grew out. Glass shade. Give Give us that. See? Tinted glass shade is over here. That's what I use. So you can see through was going on. Okay, very simple. So, Dan, the material is here and then the materia, you know, at the end of the edits it didn't have material. Let me take the material out okay. And I bring the display here. See? It's still you know, they say that regular say that is on it. Okay, so to get that tinted glass materia here to work on Lee. It's already here at our material section. Right? So we have to figure how we can use that because I already use it on something. So how you're able to use a material out here You come Just the object you are working on, right? And you call for call throw material nude and you add a material notably boom. I see. So that allow you to go in and I go into the materials and I come up here. I'm able to sit, let all the materials I have in my projects, okay and it's here. And this is the tinted glass material. So I select it and Dan I accept, you know? So if I bring the display here, then it works on your regular shaded objects. So it gives you the glass looked through shade that you want. Then I as usual, I added the Noma to wait. Okay, give you need this glass looked through shape. All right. Very cool. So So we have that. So let's go back quick at Moto G one. See, this is also very simple. Just a matter off creating the shape and deleting part of it. Actually, let's see how I started with it. I think I started with something similar. Like this Fear. See the same thing I stretch this year give you the ship a stretch it right, you know, by edit, you know, move stuff around. He's off a delete a part of it. You know, You guys know how all these knows. That's see, deleting more part. Get what I want at it. Moving move in to get a ship that I won't because you know we have an area we wanted to show. So you don't want to get you know to big or small, right? You have too much that area so more at it. Okay. Small at it yet it is looking similar. Like, um, they glassed in takeover. Right, But this have some, you know, I moved some points around. Okay, See this? Like this. See this line right here? This line is supposed to be the same, but I moved the points around to get some ship inside. You see there, some ship going on inside. So let's see how is going. See, Then I selected the middle part of it and I pulled a strewed it. See? So move this part up, you know, giving it this ship, right? Very simple. And then more police strewed. You know, sickness had deleted part of it. See all these blue pad it's deleted. Right? See, here is deleted. So, trying to get something like an engine and moto you can come out with anything. This is something quick that came into my mind. But by you also look at the original bike. The engine have something like this going on right? And I deleted so more right si and then more delete and edit. So to get something like this. I did, as usual. No mas to smooth. You have something looking like a motive, all right. With the glass tinted covering it. So you just have to be creative, you know, very little things. You see, original bike looked like something like this, but I wasn't trying to get the same design. But, you know, if you can create something looking similar, that's fine. Depending on what you're going to use this this project for, okay? 26. Stear and Footer : do I hear You have to think what you want to do to decide. You know you want to create some designs. Do it. You know, I mean, later you can do it. But it's always good to, you know, Do as you are going here, Dan. Mom, Paulius strewed to the bottom to the bottom off the top one. Because we wanna We wanted to face the bottom one. This is the top one. The bottom when we extruded at the top the top when we want to extrude at the bottom down. So that's what this is true number saving is more extrusion. I pulled it out like I did before. We all know how to fix that. You own edited back to like a square like this. See? Very simple. We are working our way to get a hand this dear see So you have that in your mind. And you worked those there have a situation Where? Everything that we have enough polygons. You haven't fully going here and probably going here. We have some here too. And we want to use a break. I think at one bridge on this side. Okay, Now do one on this side too. So boom. So you I created make circle, remember? Make circle, make circle. We try that in the initial part off the course. Okay. It is very simple. Mexico is when you select four polygons. Okay, so let let let me show you real quick. We asked the on the edit, right, because you use the edit to do that. So when you are on the edit, you have to call the move to right, hold shift. So let this polygonal let this polygon select this political. You have four polygons, remember? And then you move away from the public because when you get close, you're gonna have this dialogue or this many. And this menu, that's no have Mexico. This is the one that control the handles and stuff. If you the way you move a little fire federal away from the handle somewhere right here, you rightly you have mixed sickle here. See you sue a lot off. Um, many to make working is this is where we straight up the points. If the points are cricket and there are no lineup, we can straighten the selection off the points. Relax, selection, Even space selection Mixed sickle, flat insulation. So it's a lot, but they are very simple. You can go through them. But this is what we want. We want make Seco if I selected now watch. Boom! So you make a circle with this. If you extrude, it is easy to have a circle. So I screwed a small here strewed Pull it out. See? So we have this design going on. Pull it out longer if the distance see the distance. Have some figures here. See? So we have they handle Very cool. So you see that you start something small and you work your way out and you start created. This is the actual motor. You're pulling staff bevel in you poorly extruding you editing and you get in the ship you want. OK, so let's keep going. Who all es Trude who get in to handle CD's at all for the part of it. More at it. See all at it's going on more poorly bearable trying to make it look good. So we painful in the edge off it. Okay. Holy s Trude. Now this poorly construed. Let me show you because you see, I want I want in this handle not to be the same under here. I wanted to shift a little bit. So a knee space here. I need it to come here. So I have to pull these boxes out and give me most piece here so that I can pull that one out here so that the eight days Holy extrude see gives me more space here. Now, this one is similar to what we've been doing. Edit and it if mixed circle. So we have a circle ship there. We screwed it out. You know, with this similar to how we created here. We have to get this design going on. More editing. Holy s screwed, you know? So we are getting the smaller part of you could see that they are not lying Street. They are shifting small C You have think like that and you can to make this happen. Do you so similarly like we did here, I will mess with it a little bit more attitude. All es, Trude, you know, small editing all es screwed Molly Babel. See, it's looking better. And now all read it. See? And this edit right here You can see how it was your street, right? But I wanted this middle part to be tickled. So I will select that and I'll edit it. If I bring display here, you could see that this part is scaled up giving it that sickness in the middle. You know, so many you handle or something like that. Yeah. So, Dad is why that is what that it is for and more police sprayed or edge loop. Paul Intro. Now, the polar draw is when we come out here cause see the steer. Have some stop going on over here. So the holy draw will help me create more lines to create that ship, you know? So let's see how that ship was created. Similar to like we did here. You know, Sam proceeding at Mexico, and we have strewed it out. Push it around. Very simple. See? You know, fast inset. Second strewed out. See? And today we are trying to get this ship very simple. See, by the ship here, it's not going straight like that. It's shifted looking outside from the to the from the two. So we have to shift it to the right. Okay, So that is what this edit is see shifted. A polygon still stood aside. Very simple. It's to off them, so I have to create another one. Same pro Syria. He say anything now The edit. How do you shift it? You said Let you'll be on the points. Right? And you said, Let all the top points and you move it to the site was shifted. Very See, Dan is shift. You just say so. At this point, I have a handle. Very cool and simple CIA hiba handle. See, it's out from the edge of the of the inner, too. It's stuck in the time in the indented how you want it. And they have two handles Where the right I can control the bike. Very cool. So that's simple drawing. We are able to put this out. Movements around, push the points pullin, richest mortal in. And we have this crazy shit over here. Right? So do you have to do the same thing on the other side? Hell, no. You know. So how you do that is Meryl whom? And you have a on the other side. Very cool, right? And simple. So, as usual, we use the normals to clean to clean the ship. All right, So even now, if you pay attention when I bring the video here you see the reflections with change. Meaning that they're being a little smartness to their to the ship. So what? See better right now. So every end off your you're objects, you need a normal. I've already explained what the Norma is useful halves you When you take your object to another software, it will appear, right, because Houdini use, um, differences. Damn to to calculate and game engines And artists have used practices, right? So it's not just smoothing stuff, but it's very important to have it work right in those games. Engines. All right. Okay, cool. So we have this, dear. Very cool. So the back foot of is the same as the front, and you guys know you draw it, pull things out, you know, pushed, dance out way. Want to be crazy stuff? You know how design you have in mind? Very simple. You guys know how to make circle food circle from polygons and mig squares, square designs, pool staff call to score other Algerians combined image them with pulling, and that's it. It's like when you have those tech knees. You can create anything that is motoring. Concede it. This thing looking on a calm place is very simple. And it's the same stuff will be using. You know, all that out. Gate bullion is so thank you guys for sticking around. And in this class you will try to get through the hatch here. 27. Completing Stear and Footer: Okay, guys, work. Let's continue today's class by looking at this tier. So we come to the network. This is where we have a steer this year. Have a typical model and going on to see how it was made. So let's jump in. It was started with a cave. If we come here and we bring the display here, you can see that is just a plain little polygons that I have. I'm drone just like we've been doing, so we can go to the side of you. Basically, this is the beginning. A draw. The ship, you know, in the side view. Okay. You know, with the idea that they have to be inside in a to Okay, So let's get out from the side view and go to perspective. Also, get out. Because I have activated a cave. I have to get out, Come to comrade it be and then be on the expected people. Now, if I tumble around, see that we have the plane. Little day that we drew or draw. Decide Vieux Port. Okay, it's right there. Let's see what the edit node gave us. You You know, I think I straight up the edges a little bit, you know, with a with a credit note. Okay. But as that I do, I extruded see. Concede it. This is the face right here. It has bean a student out this wide day we start divided stuff with with Paul is free, right? So they come here. It all is ready. See the line? This year I'm trying to divide the lies to you know, a couple off Make it smaller because I'm about to work on me more at it. See? See? Now it's looking straight. I move the points around a little bit. See if in here I could have straight it out some more. You know, that is all I'm to you to get a pay for shit going on. Okay, Dan Mall Paul is free. See a car it into to extrude boom. And I have some back extruded going in to see that I push it in. So now it looks like this thing is stuck in there. Right? We decide sticking out from the edge off the tube. See? Very simple. So let's keep going. So you see how he started? It was just a plain little, you know polygons we drew. But this is what we gonna end up having bestir, which is a little complaints or have a lot going on. So you guys pay attention because when you understand how this thing is going, you can do a lot of stuff from this idea. Okay? From this year, you can That is the whole modeling. So a lot going on. So I pulled up back in there. Affairs Pulis spreading divided pulled it back, you know, with the restroom. Now what is it? I do. I have Paula drawer. Look here and you see the changes that will come See, have a lot of lines on this side because I'm trying to wet. I'm trying to connect. Let's go back here. And I assure you, you can see that this side is playing. There's no lines here. There's no connection between the edges at the back and the edges in the front. So you have to connect them because we gonna wake on this side cause we need divisions allowing these polygon. This is just one part going right now. Okay, so we're going to connect this lines to create more polygons on this edge off this side face. Okay. Very cool. So So what? How do you do that? You have to draw the lines. You have so many ways to draw it. And that's what I just said. That Polly draw will let you draw more lines without, you know, having more note. So I use that boom, and I get all these lines. But you could tell it because I joined one point here to the to the next point. They are not, you know, flowing right. See this? There's a big gap here. That's a small gap here. This, you know, it's not even so. Obviously you guys comptel that we're going to need to edit it. Edit that right? We're going to move the points around to get the line street. That's when the edit come scene, you see now pushed the poise around and it's a little better edge loop is flowing. Right. Okay, so we have some polygons on the edge of space, which means we can work around here because they handle goes out here. You know, a distance is too long, so we have to push it back in a little bit. Okay? But the lines are not finished, so I still have to call Pull a draw the second time. So I'm not a patrol. What did I do? Room joining one line here, you know, through online at the bottom. If we go back, look at the bottom. See, It was bigger. So I have to draw more lines there to make it even is wet, Small added. And this edit is where our push I push this this whole thing India to clear the edge off the of the inner tube. Right? So I push it in. Editing is simple. You said let the points here and you call them Move to a push it All right. Very simple. So that's what I did. And then what? As did I do more poorly is screwed. Boom! So this time the police extrude We did remember how we squeeze dance in the day. The insect, you know you have to practice. You can even drop a boast in the view port and practice all of these things so that insects squeeze the polygons. We have selected insight and I selected all the faces and I squeeze them in. But I don't wanna wake right at the edges off it. I wanna wake with so little like guys around it. So I squeezed the polygons I need inside, okay? And I used the inside from the police. Astrue, what is it? I do more at it. See if I go back here. Let me let me go back home. I go back here. See the guys? The gaps on these polygons are not even. You can even see this edge. It's like sliding. This one is sliding the operation I'm about to perform. I don't want that. I want these polygons to be straight and even, you know I need to. Even Polly goes up here and two events polygons down here. So that is what this edit is going to give me. So watch it by bringing the display there. You see? I have to even polygons up here and to evening pollen nose up here. This line is no more slighted. Normal. It's not time for normal. I was able to move in with their addict Newt Really extrude. I'm seen Boom! And I pulled those polygons out. You know, I'm working my way to create the handle. Right? So you see it's coming up, so I pull it out. And now what? As did I do, ma? Poorly spread. Divide the top lines. Okay, More division. I need more division and more at the bottom whom So I'm working my way to this steer. Right? And now, at this point, you know, I didn't want to use this whole team to create because there's something like a two here. You know, you can use this box here to create it, but there you going to spend a lot of time? That's what we be talking about. You can be creative, so I have to call in a to do here. See, is there is what I'm going to use. I created it in the geometry level. How do you use it? You wanted to join if what we are doing, So we have to bullion it. Remember, we talk about bullion and I said that even bully in half, you know, staff that will make you join to step like mate. You know this is magic because this operation I'm using, I'm using of union in the bullion operation. Imagine two objects is a union. All right, so this and this become one object right now. See? So you have to think because, you know, I would spend a lot of time to use this face like this to critics, See? But it's already dead. Why do I have to spend time? You know, So I have to bring it. That's assist them to make that. And this one object. I do that and see the lines here. I'm not looking right. So you So you do some little edit, push the points in to make it look better. See what I did? What's for the edit? Boom. See the Australian up. Push the points in straight it up, and it's looking better. See? Very cool. So that is how you wake. You know, you think you figure things out. You could have also used this way if you get more, you know, off the ball, you'll find means to use this and will be very easy to, you know, because you know, repetition and doing it over and over. You able to do staff quicker. All right. So the next is I bear volley trying to get some smoothness at the top of it. Okay. What is this more at it? Boom. you know, straight out these lines because I'm about to wait here. I need another two down here game. So I call another to see to number two whom it's right here way I want it. And then the same operation. I join it to this one and the same problem. We have to straight up the points, right? Sea is very rough here, So we'll how you do it. It's edit you bring at it Note you call the move to you Start moving the points around. Very simple. Boom. See straight and see The point is still highlighted The points that you move around. Okay. The same operation. I have to bevel staff to make it look better. So I called a bevel and I bever the bottom. See? See the devil in up here Give making me looking better. Yeah so so is is pretty easy When when you you are comfortable You can see that If if I was doing in my said it would be no time at all You know, you pull, you call you bevel and you are rolling So you can I can model this thing in no time at all . You know. So So that's how I want you guys to be comfortable. And then you'll be able to do stuff quicker. See this operation? I strew the top off it. Let's go back. So you guys see that? See? Up here. I pull it out. I said let that the whole thing and I screwed it out, you know? So it gives you what? Holy strewed Who So I need more God up here and Dan Mall edit. See? Boom. See? So if I come up here, how do I edit that shift? Their discretion? I've come up here and I bring the temporary here, actually less time. Bring temporary. Here, you see, we have the black Thanks. This is where it was before, right? So how do I get square? So create that one simple called it added moved to us to let this point after you select this point after select this point and I move it down to here. That's why I said, let this point Let this point moving down to it. So that is all you do is move it so it gives you square. So when you are moving them, you have square your mind, So stop our way too sleep. It's very simple. So that's how I was able to squeeze it this little. 28. Bike Hatchback : Okay, guys. Welcome. Let's walk through the heart back right here. This back designed over here. Okay? It looks very simple right now, but, you know, obviously in the beginning, you have to plan it. You have to think about how you get a suit. So the truth is you can do it so many ways, right? All right. So when we come to the net with this is where we have it, we have it right here. And before we jump in, we can see that When? When it opens. Right when it opens open with this set off stripes. Okay. Because it cannot open why the strives are left behind. So you have to figure how to any made both of them together. Okay, so I did not have to. And he made both of them one at a time. Of course. You know, I know that I can parrot this strike today. Actual hatched by that is what is happening right here. I see I didn't net at a net wake at an object level. When you have a note and and if you bring the mouse here, you could see that you can read at a sane parents. You know, That's why parent. Look down here to see it's a parent, you know, parent input. All right, And Dan out. So whenever you have and note the node connecting this out food be parented to it. Which means that if this care new height back moves, this tide will move with it. Okay, so that appear in 10 was able to solve that problem. That means that I only have two. Any maids? They're hatchback, Okay. And when it moves, it will moves with the child. Okay, so that's why the condition is on right here at the object level. So I object level. That's how you group stuff and moved in because it will have parent and child relationship and move, you know, together. So that is how that problem was solved. And if you could see there, you could see this green stuff out out here telling you that this particular object have animation going on. You know, you have an amazing going and sense this tripe, it's a parent is parented to it. It also have that amazing, you know, sign going on, even though there was not actual animation on it. So if I said like that, you don't see no animation on the timeline. Right? But if I do select this one you see, we have any mission going on basic animation when you, you know, zero is laying down. So you go a few more points, you open it. Then you set a key basic animation, right? So you let it go to where you want it to close, that you set another key and you close it. Very simple animation. So that's how I was able to get this animation going on. The only thing you have to do to make it work better for yourself is this heart back will have. It is a vote in the center, you know? So if you rotated, the people will make it will open from that people. So you have to see if the people to where you can't do what you can't open it better. So let's see if I could have on example real quick less Let's create a tyros. Okay, let's create a terrorist and put it right here. If I come down here, you see P vote mood. If I select it right now, let's less rooted it and see how it motives. Right? See, it's rotating. The pivot is in the middle right here. Okay, so the whole Tyrus is rotating around the center center off the area right where this is right now. So that rotation is rotating around the center or the middle path off the object. Okay, so imagine that the way we want. Um, they had back to Opie. If the whole thing is rotating like days, it will go through the bike. Okay, So you have to find a way to shift the people to another area. That is the only problem you have to solve. Before you started animation. How you solve it is here. When you right click on the handles, you have P vote mood. When you select it, you are able to move the people to anywhere you want so less Let's put it right here. Okay. So now we have it right here. So watch when we rotate it again, the rotation will happen around this area. So go back into people and tenenoff. So now we just have the petition. So now the rotation, it's happening around this angle. Very cool and simple. It was in the middle, but I sift it. I sift there, too. I sifted here to this point so that when they would take it would take similar, like we just did. Right here. Okay, at the at the angle of it. See, descendant type off rotation, right, So goes down and then up. So you key the points where how far you wanted to go You leave it there. You said a key and do that type of animation. I know you guys, you know, do this. So you don't want to spend a lot of time on it. That's very basic animation that we have. Okay, as delete this tyros hit delete and Dan jumping to the hatch, but and see how the actual shape was created. Right? So let's jump in s nude. Okay? It's cave. So let's bring the display here. I see. So go to camera it be. And he'd be here to get to the reference image. A side view. Okay, so this is if I turn this off. You see that? The reference image? This is what I was tracing. I was tracing this s o. The point is go over this line, then I care be here, then I'm going over there. Backed. I write I care with down here, you know. And here I have to create my own design how it cares. And it covers the leg. So, you know, if I turn it back on you see, I come down and I come down here sometimes a reference image. It's not gonna be so clear for you. So you have to be creative and figure out how to, you know, get it. So I go down here, I care Bit back here. Slide it. And I went down here and a phonetic back on, you know? So that is how you know, I figure to draw the ship, so let's go back, be and be here. Okay? So shape here. What? As that I do. Let's quickly go through. So after days I did, I did poorly. A strewed right. I screwed it from the middle to decide to the right side. Okay, So I have it on the right side, see? And it's very square that it's no what we want because this bike is very care. So that was a challenge. How do you get that care ship you know, we see before, How do you get it? And you can see that it is overlapping. Here is way up here in this guy, and it's not looking right. You know, you can do some scifi thing, and maybe you don't have to worry about changing distance. You know, that would depend on the object you are creating by this time. And we're trying to get the same design like the reference image, and it's very smooth and care. Okay, so let's move on. So I was thinking and and as usual, I think that I could move these points around, right? I could move these points around to get that smoothness. But like I always say, I don't want it to be forever. Take a lot of time. So I decided to bullion it out to bullion despite out. So I have to draw another cave to use that cave to put this part up, cut the ship that I want. Okay. So if you see the net with that is what I did. I stopped right here, and I created another ship over here. You see that? Okay, so if you see this angle, it's almost the same on go over here. So if I extrude it and it comes out, it will go over here giving that cave called. That is similar care here, right? And this side will cut through. So we will have some ship. We are looking for whom I did polyps extrude. I striated out through going back cause then on his way it will cut it. That's the power of Julian, right? And it lets small them to touch. The face is here. Oh, to get closer. Right. Okay, So the nest is is the bullion, the actual bullion to carry boom. So we have the cut, anything that was on its way, it can see the green stuff. It means that is what is cutting through our objects. We want to say so. Everything that was on that way was cut out. Giving, as you know, some some shipped to work on right is very Roth. And it's still not like, smooth and care of like we want even here is still straight and stuff. But, you know, we would do a lot off tweaking a lot of division off the lines, you know, and a lot of stuff going on. So from here, Mall editing boom. See? Getting it to straight up. Adding more lines. Deleting some off the line Dissolved. More at it. More at it. Okay, blast Police. Some staff. I deleted this corner here conceded that I deleted this part right here. Okay, so I have this blast note. Then I did some edit mall edit and fuse fuse is where you you know, you made some of the points so that there's no holes and stuff. We talked about it and then fuels see staff moving a little beta beginning that smoothness . So I keep moving more at it. I see you can even see the edit node man. I'm moving the points where where I stop, you know, stuff like that. So you just moved the points around. And this is where the police spread came in. So I have to divide these big areas into smaller area. Right? Because you can see here is smaller. This is big. This was big. And I have this police so eventually I would divide all this area. That's why we have a lot off police spring. So let's jump to the to the last one Oh, maybe their lives, but one. And see, You could see that appears more divided, right? So more police spirit. See, now I'm working on this side, dividing it, disarm, edit, moving stuff around. You know, when you are working and sometimes you even call at it just to move one point to, like, sometimes you even move it and you stop moving it. You know, you can still have the edit new day. Okay? Police sprayed more division off the areas, you know? Of course, I figured that. Now I'm about to move stuff to get a smoothness I want. Right. So I was I was dividing the lines more and more at it. So you see that we are getting some smokiness Coming little, little. 29. Completing Hatchback : police sprayed more division off the areas, You know, of course. I figured that Now I'm about to move stuff to get our smoothness I want. Right. So I was I was dividing the lines more and more at it, you know? So you see that we are getting some smokiness coming little and little, then a blast. Um, stuff. You know, See the ship in there is coming a little bit and then more at it. See this? Add it up here to see it was here. You know, this is not delete. This is where where I selected all the points. I run here and I pushed them to the site giving me this space. So if I come back to see that it moved to decide the points moved up here. So there's the space here living the bike really open sea. Now you can see here is cleared and the ship is in there. So little and little. The ship is in your head. So you are working totals that Alright, ST ng up there's You can see that now I have it plain. There's no tick nous just plain ship going around, you know, Just the plan ship going around, and I'm still working on it, so it's very simple, but, you know, little touches. It's tough here and there. And you are going so more police pray division over here. So let's jump today to the last one and see you. Boom. So you could see that I divided more lines and I introduced on edge. Look over here. Okay. And this edge loop, it's where I'm going to use to create panels a final. I'll cut this line throughout. Cutest line through. That design is there. See? So that's why we have more police break. Okay, So what is it? I do, I do thickness. I'm merely ticker because it's very time right now. So if we look and I come to take knees Boom, we have some Ticking is going on right now. Okay, Has some ticking is going up. See? So the ship is getting full right. See some thickness in their back here, it's touching the faces. Right. Okay, so that's how little and little you tweak it. More editing. I see more editing. Now, these lines we about to perform panels you already see Devil gives us three lines and going to push the middle lines inside to get a panel. Right, So that will have to be edit. So that would push the middle one in there. Game more at it. So So why is it that we have some tubes here? Okay, let's see where that to pace. So we come here. Boom. See, I was trying to cut. Then we come back here. I was trying to cut this ship right here. Okay, Because the animation when the openings and it comes back down, you know, you don't want it to penetrate the object. You know, if you have something here, have to be a hole. So it opens around it. So I have to introduce a to and designed as shape, see, designed as she moved in, Surround moved. See, it was it would look like how I got it like this. Very simple. It was longer, right? There was longer. So you select the bottom points and you move them up, you know, through the edit. And you said let one poorly going here and you pull it out. So that is very simple. It's right here. You see why I'm poorly gone? Pullout from the psycho. All the bottom longer two was push up to make shorter. Very simple. So we have this ship ritual performed bullion, and I will use that same ship to be the design for it to lock on his jacket. Okay, so that is where the bullion came in, you know? So the bullion through the ship giving us that whole over there, right? Very cool. So all along we've been working on the side. We are working on just one side because you already know that. It's just a matter of what? Just mirroring to the other side. Maybe I satisfy if just one side. Okay, so there you go, then we mirroring Boom. And then we are there. We have that ship you see is very tricky. And and and you know, if you don't go through that route, it's Kandahar lookout. How decide it's been, You know, it will be very hard to push the points around, you know, And the bullion makes that car, you know, very simple. And if you are able to get this one side better and you mirror to look the same on the other side, which even if this was cricket because the looking the same and make the design look right . See, that's why mirroring is very important. You know, drinking the normals to make the south phase look a little better. Okay, so if I jumped into the mirror, see the south phase change a little bit that you go. So we have that cut. You know that shit right there? Very simple. So you find move the animation. You see that it's opening and it's very cool. See, you can you can spare some time. You see the lines. The edges on the backside is different from the edge is in the middle, right, because off the techniques were introduced. If you want to spend some time, you can delete all the unnecessary edges and dilated, which would give you a blast note before you perform that No muss, right? Oh, you can't even do that before the mirror and then you don't do it all over. You just do it on one side. So very cool. So that is how this ship was created. And we've already seen how the animation is controlling, right? Just the admission is on the hatchback, but the stripe is parented to it. All right. Very cool. So, yes. So let's jump back to the object level and see. So there we have it. Very simple. Very cool. So in no time you can you can get teams happening, right? Boom. All right, so Okay, guys, since we are working on a hatchback which operate with a stripe, let's see, let's go inside the stripe so that you guys can see how it was made because all the other strives were made like that so that you guys know how to do that. Okay, so let's get out from the system, reset ourselves and jump into that strike boom. See, we see that it's right here. I worked only on one side and a mirror it as usual. You consider it's a mirror and normals. So how did it start it? Okay, I'm calling the hatchback. You know how to call stuff off Jet Mitt? So that the image as one, right, Because I'm using top a bill that stoppable would do that for you. Okay, so, inside a germ, a two level, I call a top a bill and I work on on a hat back when you do that the system will create atop a bill link with the hatchback. Okay, and now you'll be able to use Topo bill. You know what that's took a bill do Topa Bill Bill surfaces bill like Jorma tree on already object. Okay, if you have an object, you can create more surfaces are geometry, but the actual idea for top a bill was like when you have an object which have a lot of polygons was very dance, and it's hard to work on it, you know, in a game on something, you can use Topol build to create a low, poorly objects around it, you know, and then use that low poorly to do what to use in the game. Most people, same idea to draw the stripe on the hatchback. You know, you seen the top a bill, so the fares call gives you the object made. The same system we used to cause up is built inside a triple bill. It will call on object. You about to draw stuff on it and link it to the top a bill, and then we'll allow you to draw stuff. Okay. Still, ask that it draw in on undated Hyundai on the surface of it, you know, draw the points the same as we use the poly droll to draw stuff. So after that, after I draw stuff you see, when I was drawing it, you know, you see that it comes like that and then I gave it some little poorly construed. Give you some, taking it light thickness. So that is sticking out from the surface a little bit making in the strive shoe, you know? So it's like sickness, right? Very light. You could see the thickness level very light one. So it's sticking out. And then that stripe we show And then I bevel a bevel the edges giving it some smoothness you see on the edges. You know how bevel week. Right? So it's very simple, very simple. And then I'm Merode because it's one side, a mirror. I'm married to the other side. Boom. Okay, so I have it on both sides, you know, in no time Dallas them Okay, so that is how this tries waas also than very cool and simple. You see and after way come back to to the object level. I parented it too. The hatchback. So whenever this move. This moves with it. And that's why we have days and amazing going on. All right, So you guys, thanks for sticking around. And basically we are done. Were down with the bike, you know, because the stripes I know you guys can do it. You guys know Topol Bilkent can draw it. You know, in places like here, on the stripes on the is you don't necessarily have to use topo bill. You can use Paula draw because it's just a plain face and draw it around here. Even if you wanna be more simpler, you can copy the faces of these objects, you know, copy it as an object and then use it so many ways to do stuff. And that is where you practice and you get comfortable and go through, you know, scenarios. You know what I said? And situations This is how our handle it and stuff like that. But you don't practice and you only you want to only use what I'm just teaching you right now is OK. But you know it's more you can land yourself right? Then The actual landing is you practicing? You're working on stuff, you know challenge yourself, do stuff that you know, little things. And then you would think about something small you want to do. But you find out that Wow, this small 10 half this crazy thing I can forget out. And when you are able to figure it out, Dad, is how you get better. Okay. All right. So times, guys, we are done with the bike in the next class. I'll quickly show you how this dance comm Place him. It was me, all right? 30. Simple Helmet: Okay, guys. Welcome. Let's turn off this one right now, This one I cqc's brooking into pieces. So they are all here, So just a matter off turning them off. Okay. And now let's review the other one. I will call the simple one. Even though it's not that simple. You'll go through and see how it was made. All right, so this is also another ham. It started with what started with a killed, as usual, you know, the cave was drawn. We don't even have to go to side view to see you already know. You've got to be on the side view, draw the shapes. You know, when you have the ship in the middle like this, we all know you have to start getting the ship, you know? So it come to Paulius a strewed. You have a square, you know, of course, in the U s. True, there will be a square. So how do you get it to cave? You know, So if I bring in the edit, you could see the ship was here, and then this point was pushed down. This point was pushed more down. That is how you get this cave, You know, very, very, very simple. So, after poorly strewed I did this edit to get this kv, you know, sliding ship going on, You know, so very simple. You know, of course, Here it's square, but edit like I just show you boom. Very simple. And you get shit. We're still working on just one side because you already know that you know where we satisfy on one side, just mirror. Very simple. So let's keep going, Polly Spree. Add it. Move it to where you want it to be. CIA Push staff around. And now more TV Sheen. You know, you could see here the body off the Kurata was sticking out. How you fix something like this You just a matter of selecting these points and pushing it outside later. But the next thing I did was small police spirit. I was still designed in the ship. All right. I wasn't worried about the sticking out right now to now. I'm worried about it. I used the edit Boom push, Thies This particular point, just one point would do it. If you push this middle point this way, it will fix it so And Dane Mall at it. See more at it. All the bevel. Now I have the indentation. You know what? It final. Okay, you know, add it. So mall at its in going on all this spread. So we still get in some, you know, panel up here while it s true, you know this poorly as strewed. It's what I was just telling you. It is for this site. This is egg Luke, because if we go inside and note, you could see that I use eight edge loops. So you know, as you increase in it, you get more star with zero. One is in the middle here. Then I wanted it to call about this whole area of the number of division that I want. So I use eight. See? So it's an edge loop. Allow you to add more loose to the one you just created, right? So what is it I do I push it in just a matter off. Probably a strewed. Instead of coming outside, I push it into get this design. I want very simple more at it. See, this edit is the one that fixed. Decide if you have noticed. See, this side was sticking out. But you could see now this edit have solved the problem. Because this is where he used to be. This blue lines edges his way. Used to be, but I push it down. Who's that down. So So Daddy Soft. See, now it's looking level and smooth around it. So you know the point when you see something my silky why this is, you know, so let Taiwan when you tumble. That is why you have to tumble a lot. Look around. Maybe when I was doing and I will notice that and some Tomblin, you know, I'll feel even from tumbling from this side. I could figure that maybe maybe this area here should have pushed in a little bit, you know? So it stopped that, you know, you want to get paid if it you have to spend more time and get the smoother, you know? All right, so more design going on. I cut this area while the spread our edge loop more police sprayed off it. Look, you see, we got getting more decision, you know, just a matter off crew 18. This time I was trying to get you know, of course, if we go back to police. Britain number six. See? It is just one spread along. Let me go to edges is just one spread along this area, you know, But I want more because I wanna have the window like the glass looked through here. So I have to cut more to be able to select part of it that I want to see. So is what you want. That is eyes going to allow you to cap more stuff, right? You know. So I have that design my head right now. I want a glass window here. I can I don't want to you this whole parts. So I need to castle more. Therefore, I have to call another police spray boom to custom more lines, you see? So that's why you know, when you see a complete object, you wonder how the gala that stuff. But when you have the design in your mind and you want to arrive to where you want to be, then you will start saying okay, then I have to call something. I have to do that. That's why you know the actual model incomes in. All right. So I p I was still designing, you know, getting more lines around. You know, sometimes when I have a line like this, maybe I'll push this line to get some heavy shit, you know, so more police sprayed. You see my desire and going on. And, Dan, I have what I need. You know, I still have the mirror in my mind, but I haven't done that into it right now. I could have just do it on this side and then Mary, but I actually mirror it before I did it. So I'm married. And now I'm going to select this part and have that side. That part b a glass area, right? So how you do that? That s when group coming. You talk about group? What group? Daz is that now that I only want this poorly goes to be to be effective of the glass Materia, I have to be able to tell the system. Hey Onley, work on this polygons. I have selected whatever you use a let you can apply material to it. But to get more takin Icka in Houdini you are able to hold setting area that you know you can control them. You know the group node. If we come here, it asks you to name the group and name the Group G one. Okay. What? Type off, you know, object. I want to sell it. I want to select the polygons. I could have select edges so that off Souness is here. You know, I can use points. I can use edges. Vatis is But I want the primitive, the polygons, right? You know, after you said Leg D's, the group will have it and it's here. You see all the four polygons? I hear the based group, they are all here and it's a novel, you know, use bound in regions and keep normal some little options. I hear normally you don't use this, but you can try them when you are mixing with it. If you have more time, right? You know? So you know all kind of stuff here. You know, we wanted to you know, all types, you know, So don't worry about this day, but sometimes you could be specific. You know that you use the geometry filter. You know, when you do more, you know, Gitai says, and proceed. AEA, uh, projects. Right? So this is very simple grouping. We want to give it to the material note. Right. So you name the group. You tell it to work on the primitive and then you hit enter and all the news. I hear. Okay, so now everything is in the group. So what as you do, You come to the note the material note. How do you get him? A To you know, you hit the top and you go for material, right? You start tapping aim and you get this material note It's in there. So when you have the material node and you come to the properties, what does the Materia note axe you? It is axing if you wanted to, because it can. It can affect the whole Hamid's right now. Whatever material we will use for, it will affect the whole Hammett. Okay, but if I want to use a group, it will only affect the group. Okay, we tried it. See? Right now it's only affecting the group. The G one group. I'm telling it right now. How how do you get a materia to affect those elected group is very simple. So whilst you are in the material node, you see, it's actually one material do you want to use? So you come over here and you go. You click on it saying, open floating operator. Choice Are you open? Dead takes you to all the material knows you have on your project, you know? And then we can pick from them the why we want to use. So in this instance, we want to use the 10 tinted glass. All right, which is going on over here right now. So you said like that one and you have asset, See? And then it's on Lee affecting the part that we have selected. Very simple. And then we are done. All we do is either normals straight up there. That's how this damage. 31. Hard Surface Helmet : Let's go back and see how at a Hamid was all Sudan. It's also simple, just dead. After you go through the nose, you just add Subdivision into it to get it more smoother. All right, let's jump in to pull Bill. Pa literal. You draw the faces from from the side view. Right? Let's see from the side view. You see, you draw the faces. You are. No. If I hit enter right now, it gets activated. Right, So we can even continue. You know, I didn't mall, You know Paula Jones or surface to it. So we have the initiate drove. Okay, So how do I get this design? You know, ask you notice I'm not following the reference image. Even a simple Hammett. I didn't use the rare friends image. Okay, I decided to not mean use this simple where I wanted to have a very high saw fees. Hamid for you guys. I did dissolve and dissolve. Knows allow you to delete. Said impart off your drawing setting lines you don't need right or at it. Okay. You see, that is getting better. All right. Moving the staff around Holy s. Trude, you know. So let's go back to the perspective, it be he'd be on a spit. The perspective is where I'm able to tumble it around for you guys to see was going on. So you didn't see but right after let's go buy real quick. Right after the polar drove, it was flat, right? It was flat. So it dissolved. Came in two straight up some lines that I delete it and then edit. Boom! So Aston is holy s true cool and is going inside the police extrude is coming in here. Let me turn off Goes and hide order so you guys can see what's going on. Squeeze that side There are a little bit and now you guys know what fulfilled as right Fill the area so there's no open is close See? So that's how I was able to get that in Dent in the close, you say just a matter off. Applying political pull Ifill. Phil, An area on empty space for you. Okay, see? So it's kind of bridge. The whole area. One polygon. Okay, so now what? As I do mall editing. Holly extrude. You know that bullet extrude is the edges, right? See the edges is having a tick nous right now, right? See, as go back see so poorly. It s true. Gives the edges stick nous. Okay, so all this time it was just imagination trying stuff around, right? Because I wasn't looking at any reference image. So you can be that creative. I only have actually, uh, you know, writer, I said reference because I want to create something around for this area. I know I would do that part here like I already told you so more add it. Yeah. So I'm trying to get a ship. You could tell that it's all out here. Eventually, I'll move it. I will squeeze it, you know? So it's a lot of weight going on, so let's let's see, was going on. All is free. Police Creed divide. It is actually on edge. Look, you know then who denies? She changed edge? Look, name to edge, because when when you are going through knows it's very confusing. So this is edge loop. All right, so you go around and dad, you see what this editing is doing? It's squeezing. Oh, it's rotating or is turning their objects so that get close to the face and, you know, you have to get it on an angle. So, dad is what this at it is doing. How do you do that? It looks like something crazy, right? No. You just select the whole the whole thing. Okay. Like that. And then you use rotate. You know, if the edit select, you know, you use rotate to rotate it this this way. Very simple, you know, And Dan Polly Bevel. Where did I use the bevel? A bevel, The edges, you know, see bevel the edges So they guess mood of the the edges. I getting smoother, you know, more devil. The devil comes giving it that design. So if I turn off and come to shade You see, this is what I'm getting Very smooth. Saff. I kind of think right, So you can be that created, you know, So very, very simple. Now, why do I have this brunch here? Yeah, well, this branch is linking a major and then there Madge goes into subdivision, Then it comes to bullying. I did this bottom part. I started a top hat. So it's an object by a safe. Is that is the ear part. Okay, so that branch is the here part of it. So now I used a circle to get a ship array in the circle. I have to confess it to polygon. Right? So I did it very and dan subdivided because after converting, it was kind of rough on the edges. You could see, but I wanted it to be very smooth. So subdivision we be talking about. It's what will add more division to your object to get its smooth. Okay, so I want a very simple subdivision also able to get the inside divided right, Because the circle was just wet. It will just one polygon I bring the whole. You see, there was no division in here. Well, just one polygon, right? That's why I confessed it to pull a gun so that I can divide it to have those division and I need right now. See, I bring the whole thing here. Seed it. You have Ah, some division going on. I mean, bring Yeah, So you see the division that I want. Okay, the here is those sticking out, you know, because the circle is flat. So now what did I do? A dead edge. Look you know, because I wanted to pull the metal parts, you know? But I don't want to pull it from the point here. So the ed look gives me another rule off lines. Right? So what is it? I do a natter edge loop. So half three loose. You know, this role, this role and there medal here. Yeah, and as you could see, looks like we are looking from there inside. You see, this is there outside that we have to see. But that is coming in. So you have to reverse it. When you have situations like this, you'll reversed the polygons. You know, it's like, you know, 10 and normals in most of the other programs, like you flip the normals to the other side, you know? So here is reversed, the normal. So now we could see that the regular face off the polygons. Okay, so that was reversed. Note more at it. See, now I grabbed the reason why I was dividing it. I grab the metal edge loop and I pulled it out by editing, so I'm getting this shit. Okay. Which is covering the here right now. If we go back here, it was flat. The year is sticking out. All right, If I show I Sure everything See, the ear is sticking out. You pull it and you get something like this. All right, so very simple. This this kind of, you know, stop. You should be able to handle almost everything right now. Should be able to do right now. Just the only thing is your imagination what you want to do, then you apply all the stuff we've been doing. You will get it because it knows that same stuff you've been seeing. Paulius strewed Bevo added the same stuff. So devil, Yes. Smoothness going on the edges, add it, moving stuff around some more lines and see the ship is coming. And now here. A marriage, they say, because I wanted to see the other ship here. How do you see both to see the two objects. You match them. So I bring the meds. Note here, and I'm age too. So I see the to see is getting uniforms. All right, so if I have the to us one object, then I can push them inside to get it. I can rotate them together. And Dan, you know I don't have to do one, and then I'll come here and move this one. It's a lot of work. So you are always thinking like that. So I have these two us one object. All right. And now this is the only reason why we are looking at this. Hamid. You know the geometry right now Looks like the bike. See, It's very low. Poorly. Okay, that's how we be mortal. And so far low, poorly. In most cases, you more the light that you know where to get that smoothness and all your edges and everything holding. You know, that's when this soap divide nude calm scene. All right, so, Boom. See? Then it gives you this smooth she ating And where we go through the subdivide node, it's only it's only two that I gave. Only gave it the death, the amount off division I only gave it to. If I bring it to one. See, it's kind of like it was before, right? We see that is smoother. But I wanted it to be very shop, you know? So you know, I went for I went for for two. So if I go here and I do. Just that they see over here is kind of a little rough. You don't see the smoothness, so when I go back and I change it to see is very smooth right now. And if we look through a wire frame, we could see that is very dense. All right, so Daddy's how you get this thing to look very shabby. Very sad if I looking at the air Jews and everything is looking right. So in most off your project, you will use subdivision, right to get a smoothness you want See? So basically, daddy's how this ham it was also done very simple. So the only thing is is that subdivision going to give it that smooth? You can apply subdivision to the bike and everything to give you that smoothness. But that is no where we are going for You wanted to buy to be low police. So you know how low, poorly dead. If you wanna work like this hard surface kind of shapes, you know you're going to need the subdivision. So what is it? I do? Let's quickly get through this and then you will be done because you guys can go through and you will know that. It's very simple. So So what is this branch here? It's a tube. Okay, So what is this tube is going to do? I wanted to create some holes over here, so let's look at a quick so that when maybe explaining it get better to you. See there some holes here. So how do I get it? See these holes over here? It's what I'm using here. He's notes. So this is going to cut those hose for me, so I have to create more of it, so copy node will help you. So a brain copy note. You see, I have more. Very cool. No stuff. So the copy, no less. E the inside a copy news. The number off copy is seven. Give it that number of copy you want. Okay. And some few other staff. Right. Routine trust. Let you know how No involves, uh, uniforms. Skill, rotating distance where they will go. You know, when you use the copy. No, you go. See, that is very simple to use, you know, because you know the direction where you wanted to go. Take me half. So some stop here. And what already show you how this thing weighs If you want to control. Decide of irritation. And he wanted to happen. All of this area. That's where you do that based relative referenced in a show. You Elliott in the course, Okay. 32. Finishing Hard Surface Helmet: east in a relative referenced in a show. You Elliot, In their course. Okay, so the copy gives you more. And now what s did I do? You know, this this tube is giving us just one ship. Okay. Is giving as just one ship. So I wanted more ship, so I did so more to Okay, so let's bring the image here. See, we have more tubes going on, each one giving us a different ship at the age. You know, this is round. This is kind of, you know, the friendship, and then we Majid Dan, we bring the whole tent to perform a boolean. The bullion is what is going to cut these. Those for us. See, that is the Boolean happening right now. So it's done. We have the details here. Very cool. So if I bring laugh frame, you concede it got through those wires and is giving at this smooth ship that we want on day ear piece. Right? So you don't want a wick on both sides. So what we do, we mirroring. We have wolf. Say, see, Very cool, Dan. Did is you are No, my notes comes in and it's smooth stuff for us. That's a very cool. So we have this smooth shape right here to see very sharp. You know, because of this up, you fight it. Note right here. So when you look at a ham and it looks crazy, but maybe we went through you see, it's very excuse me is very simple. All right, so this when you go through, you see, it's very similar, like this or less. That's fine. Okay, let's go through. This is what maybe you will want to. No. Was going on because it's a little on a tricky was very simple. Okay, so let's go through this. This face one and we will be done with this class. Okay? And see, this is what it started with. It started with what started with ah topo building top abilities where you draw the stuff you need from an object surfaces right. We all ready and get out from from the UAE screen, Suplee or pick the object used that own right. We we started from the character, so it picked the character and it'll have the character in here, you know, the object made it will hold that character. You see, here We have the writer here. Okay, Drew this face from side of the character. See? So if you guys know about Topo Bill, that is the wake. It does you know it draw surfaces from a dance object. We want to get a low pull it off from, so you draw literally draw the faces. We already talked about it. So this is from top a beard, right? So let's quickly go through. So, topo Bill, we build it faces. I added some of the faces probably draw, you know, let let me see bring wise back poorly draw. Maybe getting mall staff going on. And it's moving the points to march the faces. See there some gaps here. You eventually used the fuse, you see, and I was going through. We saw a lot of fuse because it's a lot of gaps in here, here and here. So we will need a fuse to close them. But you see this gaps here, let me let me hide all this. You see, that's not enough area for here. That's why I said gaps here, see all the area we have. Guys, it's not close as to close it so We have to literally draw those lines if police sprayed and then use fused to connect them. So that's why I brought in poorly. Draw to draw those lines. See, I'm drawing more lines over here. More ad. It's moving stuff around. See drawing more lines to join this line. So after I get this line, our moved is edit, rain, disclose and then fuels were coming very soon because I would draw some lines here too. And get this part and I refuse it. So that's how you think you see draw lines here to to make the floor even. And then more added push staff Iran closer and then Paul is spread more lines over here. See on this side, you know, So I haven't used a few see it? That's why there's still guys around. So I'm looking through the poorly going, trying to fix stuff, you know, get you know the poli goes to flow, right? See that to stretch here more stretching. So you will go through and get the whole topple topology looking smoother. All right. And then you introduce, you see is getting smooth. That and you will introduce a fuse and then If you look here, this gap will close After we come to the fuse, you see, close everything. So everything It's like seal. It's like one. I'll get no holes or anything. Very cool. So you just draw the face from the character. It's like you pick it from it. You can Also, there's another way to do this. You can copy the guy the character phase incorporate as an object. So many ways to do stuff. All right. So don't if you don't like this couple, um, build idea that so many ways you can get this, you know, you already know so more at it. You know, pushing stuff around. Paul is free. Add it. Fuse closing guys at it. Moving staff around. All this spread dividing more lines. Polish free dividing. Get in. The ship's here. You know, we all know you have to, you know, divided area. And then select the ones you You need a strewed room. A push it in is a stew. Didn't come out apposite in this. This one came out from the one opposing came. Okay, so you see, we have one coming out from the inside one. So you know more drawing Polly drove, you know, fault for more shit going on. Polly strewed Bring that out, Add it. See moving stuff around to match the Saffy. So let's ghost ghost it a little bit. See? So you see how it's getting to the face, You see? So this is becoming their mouth part of it, you know, trying to get some SciFi a little design. It's all up to you. You know it Stop that are sticking out or pushing out like this is a matter of pushing the points out so that they are overlapping in the face is on Derrick. Okay, more police sprayed, more division in design. You know, that's why it was a lot of these stuff because you have to literally divide the staff and get the shape floor. Right? Okay, so let's hide it again so that we see you see it better. Okay, so I'm getting more division to close the bigger areas because here is bigger. Eventually, our close all these area, you know, you know. So add it. Move stuff around to get you see how moving these points I run to get, like, the cheek the cheek off their face. Stop going on. You know, more police. Breathe more edit on this side. You know more police spread. Now I'm working on this area. See? Very cool. Just a matter off. You know, it's kind of like fun, You know, You are spending time. You are Listen to music in the background or something. And you just thinking about how you get this. They're looking smooth and nice. It's just a matter of moving the points around. Police spread dividing the area that I stretching, You know, you know, about to create a ship here from the police. But like I told you, you can cut through inside of the polygons, right? So I'm about to create this shape. So let's see the ship going on. You know, I didn't continue. I came out here, you know, I'm jumping around, you know? I mean, so, you know, connecting a loop here, See, was the ship that I just drew in here. So I'm trying to make it and up here, so I'm just working like crazy, you know, moving staff getting in the shape, you know? You know? You see here I'm trying to get some ship going. Always about? I didn't more draw Polly droll to get the lines edit, moving the points Polly strewed You know, I'm trying to get this area smooth or, you know, what did I do? I strewed it out. You know, I extruded that that ship out. Eventually, you see, what this ship is going to do is going on, match the ear piece and the other one we draw, you know? So just being creative, you know the staff you have, Don't worry. You can still use the same stuff to be creating other stuff. So we have this poorly astral going on. It's just a matter off editing and moving it around Better see the points and moving. So eventually, you see, you have a ship going on like how you want and I'm waking up here, See? Working on decide. It's a gap. CSO some gas here, actually, is the extrusion thing. So look around, you know, mall efficient, all the drawer, you know, going on some away, all it s true. The edges to give you some stickiness up here, you see? See? There's some ticking is going on up here at the edges. Off the top. See that that is this bullet strewed more extrusion. Okay, so let's let's go. Stay. So you see how it's marching the face, you see, So you are waking getting the ship around. You're thinking how it will match the other stuff you want, you know, because we closed the ear from there. Object page. You know, that's why we don't see it right now. But eventually you see so more at it. You know, straighten up this area more creasing The reason why I used the creases that I will use it on the edges so that when I applied subdivide this edges will hold stiff and will not break . We already know that technique, right? So I call for a crease note. You know, when you go inside a crease node and the axe you for the number off group the area you wanted to hold, you know, And this is the fire that I have selected and all that part will hold. So it's using the group. Then we just talk about okay, so you don't have to call a group note, you can come in and said, Let the object because it's built it have ability in group. Right? So you select the objects. You want a group? Oh, if I have called a group note, I can name that group note and use the drop down to go for that name off the group. You already know that So many options. So I used it. Crease more at it. Straight inapt it edges. Paula drove cutting some lines here. More lines here straightening up this. You see Ship coming in more lines here. Police. Trude, for this back here at it. You know, pushing. They're trying to get some ship here. Holy extrude. You know, so that the ship, just like when you have the whole object and you look around you desire I want to do this here. I want this side Come up. I want this. I goes in. That's when you'll start doing all this stuff. You see, I wanted the bottom part to go, and so it was close, and it will be called it, you know? So you do all this stuff, you know? Go back. See? Wasn't there just one police? That's true. Node. Boom! Have it down. Move down like that. More at it. Straight in it. To how I wanted. Excuse me. Polly, draw more design on the south phase. So you see, is the stuff we've been using. The same edit Poli draw blah, blah blast. And now what? This is where the subdivision comes in. And Dan, whom see how staff gave very, very, very smooth and nice. Very cool. So you know no time we are able to, like, create, like, a sops I face for the for the character. You know, just the poly troll. I mean, Topol Bill it right. Then we mess with the suffrage a little bit. So this sticking out then is going on march the ear piece and when we mirror is gonna be very, very cool. Well, see, So we have a O. So you see, just a matter of thinking. You don't want the edges to be like flat. You think about sickness, right? How you do it poorly. It's true to get a thickness. Just that's those thinking, right? It's what is going on inside your mind. You don't want to bottom to be to be a hole here, so you have to pull it to close it. You know, when you are close and you have to match that stuff. Right? And this design we want here, just, you know, that's no. Nobody is telling us to do that. This is how it came inside your mind. You could do something different, right? So you have these. You add no minds to it whom you jump back and you call the artist order stuff and you see that you have something very, very, very cool. See? Very cool. And this, this knows, are very simple. You just used to a tube and you you don't like. Let's let's see the bold squeak. I don't I don't like to talk about about about them. I like to show you, you know? Yeah, all what? Just to sees that over there too. And poorly as true. Yes. 12 see poorly Strewed it out. Go in the fire, inset. No, Right there. While it s true inside, Push it inside to get that edge. You know, tries fall to move it to the right position we wanted to be. So I move it here. I created it here and I move it here. You know, if if they transform Newt right? So I need more. I need more off those boats way. So that's just a matter off cold and true copy to Copy Mawr off them and move them around. They match the whole 10 as one have scouted on the face. Very cool. And it's just happening on one side. Right? So just a matter What? Merrill, you had it all over the area. Dan. Normals come out way have everything. See, you have a very simple So you have to be that created the same land for its called that one . I'll leave it for you. You have a project and I want to leave you something you can go to and get things out for yourself, Right? Very simple to so thank you guys for sticking around. This class is getting a little longer, but it's very interesting because you guys get to see how this cool shape is made and this is the original one. It's very simple. This part I drove it wet. Holy draw. So it was just hanging in the air for the drop. And now I used a circle for these. Imagine as one. I draw this phase from the character with Topol Bill, right, so that I get the ship going on around the face. A mirror, Right. I joined the whole thing. And then all the bulls. Officially, Scott, you go. So the next class, they will go through the character and dead. Show you how also made. All right. Thank you, guys. And I'll see you there. Nice. 33. Bike Character: Okay, guy. So let's go through the nodes for designing on the character real quick. Okay, we can see that it's a crazy long one. Hey, very long. But is it's simple, less less. Get it by a save. Hi. Oh, it is okay. And when we look at it without the wire frame recede it, have some design goes on, can see some design here, like a jacket and all that. This is not on s dry moto for their what I object is still the skin off the character. I will 10 off that quick shade so you can see the character a little bit. And how these extrusion on the Syfy's X right? See, we can clearly see that he's part i Astrue Sheen, and it's part of the object. Okay? It's nothing crazy. You just follow the polygons, right? You just follow the polar going, you select them and you perform extrusion on it. Let go spot. And you as true to get some tick nous going on and it looks like he's wearing something. It's all same as this area. You sell it whole shave problem, blah blah, and you do extrusion to pull it out, you know? So you figured it out. Like, how do I get something for it to look like a jacket or something. You know, invests, you know? So you just get a design going so you can be creative and get all kind of stuff going on. All right, so it's very simple. So let's look at it. Notes. If we look here, you can see we have our edge loop or police sprayed number 20 c. It's a lot off them, do you? 67 89 10. So it just repetition. So let's keep all of that 16. And then I have some edit here, you know? So let's see if we can even see what that edit iss right here. Maybe I was moving because I think this may be the lions was rough over here, so I was moving it around and we have an introduction off. What? Paulius true. Let's see if we will see that way. Happiness is right here. See? So how do you do that? You said let all that area select. So if it is here, you so let all these area using the distance. Okay? We are using the distance right here to pull it out small. Just give it a little thickness. See, just a little tick Nous coming out, t get that illusion like it's a jacket or something. So that is very simple. You know, the same principle I used to do most off the design and the gloves and everything. So you go through, you see apu, Bevo on the edges off it, you know, keep going. Most staff mall, you know, designed the same policies through selected area Used in said, Oh, you know, it's very, very simple. It's just creativity, you know, extruded out, more extrusion coming. And this is where the gloves happen. So let all these area it extruded out with distance, you know, So I kind of like, give it like he's wearing a globe that, you know, those type of clothes that you cut the fingers off, you know, so very simple, you know. So by the end off doing a few staff on one side, it would look like he's wearing something that you mirroring. So let's go down a little bit and see we see more. Yes, we have some more coming his design on the gloves is here more design. So I push down, push it down and more add it some areas. And it was here. Maybe I'm getting the lines to flow. Right? So I compare form something there. So most off the area. That's what happened. If the lines are not right Like if I want to do something here, maybe I'll push these lines over some something. That is why I will introduce on edit. You have to edit push the points around and more. What police extrude See after I get the area to look right, A perform some Polly is true. There is flat, you know, And more polio strewed boom. Push it out. See, giving it a thickness is still on the gloves. You see, all that stuff is there to give the illusion there is wearing design gloves or something, right? And after all the designs, when you take it out to the UV and your software like, um, for the shop or any painting program, that is how you get stopped going on. This is bevel in. You know, you hold the stuff so that they stay stiff, remember? No. So we are holding the top and the bottom. Very cool. Master D's Beverly. You know the options in it and you get good. So we way we look around, we see the same principle getting baffling toe hold the edges and making them look right. More added somewhere, you know. So it's it's not it's not something crazy. You see, This is where I'm trying to get something like he's wearing something 80 jacket, shut the shade or something, you know, and I'm always working on one site. So you see, I end over here because when I marrow, this whole side will come here Infuse, can, you know, bring two points to close them together for you. So that's probably what I did over there. Now we have a clip. Okay, So if I come to declare and I hide everything, smile, fire less less show the clip. You see that? Unless sure everything. You see that the character is cut into half because I have spent time and do all these modern on this side, right? So I cut the character in to have because I wanna flip all these design here on this side to decide. So the clip is the one that will cut it by the direction. Right? You give it. He sued. A X access is working fine for us. So we have the cliff. Dennis is mirror. The mirror is the one Dow Korpi all decide and put it on the side. So boom, You have Kurata, same side on both sides. The cemetery, right? The cemetery is very important because even when you are doing and dimension when we build a character ourselves and we are putting a skeleton name Agu symmetry work will help you. Because when you transfer one weight from this side to decide is the same, you know. So we will get deep I into it when we get into any mason and you know character, right? So we mirroring mirror. So we have same side on both sides, Everything looking, saying you can still work on it a little bit. I think after that I was still working, you know? You see, I can tell you that I was still working because it's not looking smooth for me right now. I have to get no edge lose or bevel to hold the edges to make them look right, you know, Hold these edges and divide stuff. Right? So I was still working, so let's keep going. See? So I was still work on one side, you know? I was still work on one side and there, and I'm satisfy again. I'll perform the same thing. What? I would do another clipping. So let's see if there's an adequate We have clip number two right here. So when we come in now, I clip it again. I'm going to flip it. Same scenario, and then we do what we do. Merrill. That's it. You see, this is what we've been looking at since we started this morning. This character. So that is how I got the clothes on him. Very cool, right? So it's very simple. Use the same scenario for me to get something, um, different on it. That is when I introduced the quick shade. Right. We all know what a quick shade does. It gives you the temporary UV so that you can apply Testa to the character. All right, Because you cannot just put a test on it. You have to go through the quick UV shade. All right? And you come to the perimeters. You have the option to get a tester mop, and then you use it. So that is what I use. So if I bring the display here, See, I'm just using an image of the symmetric mirroring we are doing. Stuff that happens here will happen the same on this I So it makes even using a quick shade even work better for you if you work using marrow and clipping. All right, so you have uniforms. Start going on. So if we did not do that and this being just a tester and image without a U V's like, you will see that this side will have these design. The image would appear here. But something different will appear here, you know? So it's working uniformly. Symmetric are as there. Right. Where? For this, Right? So, yeah, that is how you get stopped going on. And at the end of the day, we see how you export it. See how you get a UV is. You see how he started Moreland, All this stuff, what we need is to get deeper, too. Estrin rendering and baking, taking the image to other programs and design and get cool stuff. All right, So you will get more courses coming. So stick around, look for those courses, and then you'll be complete, All right? And even when we get to an emission and character is even cooler because I will show you a lot of Costa out to the animations and easy regain and stuff. All right. All right. Cool. So I'll see you in another class. 34. Creating Bike Character: Okay, guys, Welcome. So today in this class, we're gonna look at the writer. Oh, the Karratha right here. Okay. So, like I said in the other class, this character is a hole caused by a safe. If I want to, like, show you guys how to model it, All right. But this cause we're enough focus on, you know, making off the character we wanted to get around in Houdini How to, you know, do direct mortal in simple motive, really stuff. How have a cause on modeling a whole character. I want to show you guys how I was able to have a character like dicks, you know, pose on the bike. I want to show you Houdini have so many characters we can bring in, but I want us to get out outside off Houdini for a little bit. You know, we're being working in Houdini's so far. I want us to get out and get to another program and then bring in a character, you know, like, you know, in most cases you'll be working, and if it's a game company, they will have already a pipeline, a pipe plant, Issa Siri's off. You know Softwares the company used. So you jump from one software to a nada. So I want us to experience something like that very quick. Okay, so this Carter, I'm going to bring it from a free program call. Make Houma. Okay, so let's do that. Let's jump into it. This is a free program that you can get it and allows you to customize pre made characters , you know? I mean, so we have some cool features. You can bring in a character like this and customize it, you know, change phase, body shapes and stuff like that. But what we want is, you know, a character who's have, you know, a bone system Skerritt in, and so we can control. We can post it more. You know, when we come to pose, you know, you see, we can have post in it. That way we can control. All right. So that's why I decided to use this also is free. And also to show you guys how you know, to get around a little bit one cootie nobody. That it's also good is that they have a very cool topology, which is very important for what we going to use the correct A for you know, You see if we look at the character you see, the topology is very nice. You see is flowing the lines. Look at the lines. How is flowing? You could see that the polygons. I am here. You know the hands, you know, See the polygons flowing. If it is, circle around, You know, So the topology is very important when you know you are waking. You already talk about that in the early classes. And this is a similar way to visualize it how this character topology is flowing. So if I want to select these polygons in the middle here, so easy to go about it. All right, so let's less Let's go. Let's send this out and see how you know. Um, I did mine. All right, so let's come to Father's. If you get this program is very easy to get around, So we're not spending time here, you know? So if we come to files and we come to a sport, you know, actually, let me open the one dead eye I'm going to to use already. Have it here. I save it, you know? So I opened down one. Okay, So is here right now. You see, I have issue on. You know, we need we need the character to have a shoe or something. So is here. You know, during the customization, in materials you are able to pick different type of materials geometry, ties, clothes and shoes like that. You know, you get through it when you have the free copy. And you know what I'm talking about. So right now we're not going to with too much time less. Let's send it out. Okay. Let's go back and send it to you know So there are some few perimeters here that I want to show you when you are sent it out. You know, from the mess format we have Kaleida Film Boggs Way from LBJ. You don't want the OBE If we have over Egypt, it's still going to look like this everywhere we take it right, we shouldn't be. It won't allow us to control their hands. There will be no bones, no skeleton to control it. So we don't want the obe Do we want the Fbl because the FBS will hold You know the scarcity we pick all right a sport everything out for us. Okay, so that is the only deigned to note here. All right, so let's go for film box Fbx. All right. And then they the scale green it, um I know the SIM. It'll be bigger in Houdini, but let's let's pick that. So I will show you when you have something that a green it is big or its larger down your scaling you are using in Houdini How your face That is very specifics. You just work on the scale. So let's let's do it like this. Less picked ease. Lesson it out again. I already have some sent out already, but let's make ours number three, okay. And Dan saying it out safe that seat so we can close this. And now get back to who, Dany. Okay. All right. So how do you get something like that? Into who, Danny? Okay, to bring something like that. You know, Azumi that we don't have it here already and we want to bring it in. OK, so to bring something like that in Houdini, you come here to the fire Dan import. And there we go. For what? We go for film, boss. Because that's how we save it. All right, then we start looking for the party. We're gonna leave everything default. Okay? Just leave everything default. Yeah, saving number three. So I accept it. And, Dan, it will axe you down here. I think that's the only thing you decide. OK, we'll ask you. Do you wanna open this father? Were important acts a new scene. That means it will close dicks and open that alone for you. Oh, do you want to import it inside here? We wanted inside here right now just to show you something quick. So import. All right, Now you see what I was talking about. See how huge it is? It's, like, 1000 times there. Why we've been working on you see, is very huge body school, right? So how do you fix something like this? By the way, where is it? Where is the fire? So you come to the object level. See? Everything is happening here at the object level, right? See the net way Half a d four middle, where tens land. So, in case you are looking for something and you don't find it, try to zoom out. Oh, you know, I mean, look for it a little bit. It's normal. You see how far this is from what we are working on? This is where we are. And when we click on it, you know, we see that we have a scale, and it's still at the object level. So obviously scaling means that we can blow it bigger like this. Like it is already now. Oh, we can make it smaller. So, you know a case right now? We wanted to be smaller, you know. Try 0.2 on each access and see. Okay. Now we can zoom in to the one we have here. If I click outside, I get out. You see, it's not selected. So we see little. We see things a little better, right? We see the bones, we see the character. Everything is showing a little bit. But what we want to do is to move it down. Okay, Moving down small. So you use They move controller to move it down and then zoom out. Move it backwards like that. Assuming that like he he he kind of like raise up from bending and standing. So all we have to do is to be able to figure out how we will reach the bones because we cannot control the mesh. We have to control the movement by moving the bones, right? You know, when we do animation on charities, you know all this stuff. All right, we will do that. How have very deep cars on character, cause I'm very good on character and and emissions to so is it will help you guys. So? So what we would do is we will We will find out where the bones at and then controlling. You know, we're not going to spend time on it. I just want to show you how I was able to get this. When I show you just one way of doing it, I would leave it for you guys to try any half all kinds off. You know, characters you can use, You know, we are all here. You see, You can try them. I just want us to get out for a little bit. All right. Okay. Cool. So how do you get in? All right, with the same way gets jumping. You know, when you jam peen less. Let's see the network a little bit When you jump in. It kind of loose. Scary. A little bit if you are not familiar with this thing. Okay. But it's a very simple thing, you know, Just like Houdini. Mary. Very simple, because it show you like the structure. You know how teams are breaking down. So it starts with the roots, okay? And the route is what is controlling the whole character. Let me show you real quick. The route bone. Is this one right here? You see, this are reddish color right here as the main bone. And it's controlling everything. All rights, control, all the bones. Okay, so that is the roots, Boone. So the root born game engine is how we save the bone. Correct out. You know, the skeleton named game engine, if you remember. You know, we used game engine, so the bone that characterises stemmed in here as the name of it 35. Bike Character Posing: All right. So that's the first in Houdini will start processing or linking everything to so it takes the name it gives us and no, then it as the route to it. Now the route is holding all the extra bones, right? So you start tracking or following the stuff that I joining the roots. So let's get our from the network so you could see where these bones at. Okay, So if I bring this thing out here, this is the root. The root bone said is highlighted. So from the root bone, the next bone that is connected to it going up is what is the perfect bone, you see, So the pavic bone it's selected to see That's how you identify the bones you want to control all the controls are language, you know, and no tag it. Start controlling one, and then we will move on. Okay, so I already show you how the bone system is. So let's try to get by the way, you know where you have a character, the abandon off the meadow. It's not the paddocks. Okay. Is the fast find Boone born one. The Purvis is the whole waste. Like you waste. All right, so that will control the whole thing. So let's let's see what I'm talking about. So this is the Purvis. See? It's all the way over here, you see, and it's selected. But if I rotated right now, you see is controlling the whole character. We don't want that. So let's do control Z to get out from all that changes. Leave that Okay. And let's move back to this. Finding one, the movement of the upper part off the body. Start with fair spine. Okay? And normally it's name splaying one. You know, you see right here as the fair spine bone, so let's select that. See that? It's right here. See, that's the fair spine boom link to the page six. The Purvis have three boons. One going up, one linking by, the way less. Let's do this. Let me show you by hiding ID est stuff. You see? Sorry about that. It's much better right now. So So you see, the Purvis is here is this one, but it's linked to the to the right tie, and it's link to the left eye. So that's why it's able to control all the body because all the body is linked to it. The ties linked to it see, coming from here is coming from here and then go in up. See? So the Purvis is the middle part. Okay, so is the waste part. So normally you do not move that because it will move the whole body. And also, if you move their roots born, it will move the whole thing. The route is like, you know, the parent and everything. It's linked to it. Okay, that's the route, then, uh, jump. I spot So So That is the root. So the root and the perfect I'm normally when you are posing you, don't you don't move them unless you want to move the whole character from where he is to another position. And then, you know, you use that so that I'm getting too deep on animation. But that would take us our time. But I just wanted to brush it off for you because I want you to grab something little as long as we are on it. You see my point? Because we are looking at a new mention and current. I want you to get a little bit so that. You know, even after these class, you can even mess with a character. Okay, so that is most part you deal with. So the movements are from up here, the spine, and then the next, defend gates and the arms and, you know, the upper arms. You can move the clavicles to, like, you know, like the shoulder. You know, you could move the show that control this whole part, and then the arms start from the shoulder here, coming down this way. All right. So yes. So we see how the floor is. So how do you ban it? We already know that. Even dough. The Purvis. I mean, let's come back to the spine. Even dough. The spine is the letter from the original bone. We don't want to move it from there. We want to control it from here because actually, this is where we will see they control the prelim itics for for controlling. You see, we have scaling rotation and all that stuff. So what do we want to do? We want to rotate it, See that way like he is banding down. Okay, so in this case, let's bring what Let's bring the bike, see? And then when we rotate it, you see Control Z. Now you have to be careful. Oh, on how to use the rotation gizmo. You see this one? The outside one controlling like is free. It can move anywhere. So if you are using it on the expected you it will look like is moving down the way you want it. But it might not be because it's banned in the perspective or something. You see how the last one to see it can ban the character, you see, So you have to be careful on using the gizmos. Okay, So, control Z now the one you want to Jews is this one the nest control one. See, this one will always move the character, you know, right to where is facing like the access X. It will not ban it or anything. You see, everything is straight, you know. So this is what you want to use to ban, you know? And when you want to move staff roughly, that's when you use the fast rotation gizmo. So that one you don't care how days rotate, you know? I mean, but if you want to be careful or you want to get a straight to where the facing XX then used X because you already know the axis, right? Like the ex going this way and the why going up across the other way you can control it is from here. It's coming to their perimeter books, right? And, Dan, you seem they're ladder. You can control the movement, you know? So you already know from here, you already know that we are only maxim of the X axis. You see, Like I was telling you, this will only move the x x x, you know, But this one will move the whole thing. See, Look at the numbers is very important. You see how the access outside rotation is moving all the numbers. That's why it's able to ban anyhow anywhere it wants, because everything is moving. All right. But if you pick specifically difficulty that I want to move it on the X axis, you don't matter how where you are looking at, You know the position off the off the character in the three d space, it'll matter. It will only move it on the X axis. See, it will move just on the x x x. All right is very right. So, yeah, let's move on. So we see how we are able to ban it. You know, that's supposed that's all I did. I ban it down. So the nesting is that I will move their legs, you know? So let's look for the legs and then move one leg, and then you move. And now, from from the tie we come to see, you are following like this, you are falling all the nose. Ban it down like that, you see? So very simple. That's how you get. Oppose. All right. So if we go to to the other side to the right, you select days and we bring it up, We come to the club and we rotated Dow. Wait. See, you could tell that we have the posts. India. All right. And then the same thing for that for the homes and everything. So how do you 10 off the bones? Very simple. You come to the bone and you turn it off, you see? So that's how you tend the bones off. Okay? The display issue, or markley on you just turn it off. So let's go Look for that. The route bone and turn it off. Remember where it was That right? It was here at the fast part. So let's stand out off. Boom. So, you know, you contend all of them off and you have similar, Like what I have. Okay, so that's how you post it, you know? So you take your time, move all the bones, pose it as you want. 10 the bones off, and that's about it. So you have a character too, to work with, you know, so that you have something to help you forget it. This is what is going on. Okay, so let's get back out. And now let's delete this because you already seen how you bring something like that into Houdini and we're credit. All right. Very simple. So it deletes 36. Bike Uvs : How do you statue your own quick UV if you want to. I want to go back to the one rebuild and I'll show you something. So this is the staff rebuilt for the bike. She would build. The inner tube ourselves is here, and we build the front with a tyrus. It's right here. So let's jump into that one. And let's make it hide odor to start doing a UV on something like this, I would just start right now we have Odo U V's and all that stuff that would just, you know, let a computer crack the brains and try to ladies, you ve flat for you, but it can do it. But you know, you always who have to think about happy in the system or the computer so that it will get a clean and solid or very nice stuff for you. If you give it Ross staff, it will give you something close to Ralph. You know it will work hard to eliminate the roughness, but can't get it perfect for you. Buy. When you give something good with less rough, it can give you something perfect. That is something important to note to. All right, Cool. So if if it is me, I will try to to take these lines out and let's come to the edges, Because is the lines we want to take out? Okay. Is the lines. So let's start rolling from here. Hold shift. Stabbed, rolling, slow A crows. All these crazy lines. Okay, Now tumble around and look around and see if you get all the metal pie. Looks like it's OK. So how do we take these lines out? We already know is just hearing delete. All right, The leads will give you a dissolve note. Right? Okay, Cool. Let's do that. Boom. Have a dissolve note and all the crazy lines are gone. That's cool, right? Very cool. So now you can see that there's a room. You see, after we took that out, we can't even see that's a room, like, you know, I mean, it's not like too congested, did it? There's not too much, But here, back here, all these points are not connected, right? All these guys would not have the system. How do you fix stuff later? Okay, so now let's get deep. I a little bit. Let's go. Don't worry. It's a good class, right? And it's almost part to finish. So let's get a little deeper. Cody's are some of the take any car respect you need. All right. So by looking, we could see there's so many guys out here. I think we talk about it, but it's coming up to on the UV class. So let's let's let's talk about it now. How do we get this? We already know that if we bring in, if use no. Okay, tap f refuse. We can use fuse to drain points around. Closer. All right, now look at these gaps here. Okay? See the gas between the three points here. Look at it. Very close when I increased diffuse distance among because it's working by distance. You want to close them? If I ladder and are slowly close? You see, I didn't even get 500.4 and all these points kind of wear the clothes. Let's look around. See what happened? Some off the points did not close. Okay, So far. Here. Things looking good. Let's look over here. Let's see if that close affected anything over here as 10 off use views, see, fuse it's affecting how good this area looks. Let's 10 on fuse. See is bad because it's close in some off the points. We don't want them to close around here, and he's giving us a bod shade around this area that stand it own off, off. Now you see how good is looking, see and now own. So we don't want the fuse to affect this area. How do we do that? I know somebody in the class noted. Who can tell me good. We have to use a group we have to tell Fused to only affect setting part off the system. All right, so let's do that real quick. Let's take our fuse. All right, let's come back to the to the object. And now, as go like this, cause we wanna say, let this is the part. We want to close stuff. So let's select all these. Come back here, come back to our real glass elation. We want us a let what do you want to sell it? The point is right. So let's come to these points unless go around here because remember, if use wake on points. So we are selecting the points we won't refuse to work on. Right. So we get these points selected. Okay? Now what? When you get the points, you need a stuff you want that I sent to work on. You group them you you group them, you put them in the box, you separate them. OK, so how do you group them? Very simple. We can't to To modern motive. Right on Did that Chef? Many We have group and since we have selected these points if we click on group knows that we want a group thes stuff and it will bring the group note here for us. Same way we can bring Grew from a tap many alright or from tap on the view port. Ok, but let's use the shelf. Okay, so hit group boom and we have group Now what is the group doing? The group is holding all these points we have selected right is holding all these points we have selected And now it is part of the system Back when we need to work on these points and recall the group it will tell Hey, this is the points you are looking for The are here, So take them. Do what you want to do with them. All right. So that is what a group in which is very important in working in Houdini. It's about all right. We already talked about it by repetition is happy and everybody right, Cool. So when we come to the properties and we start looking from the top on the group note, we see group name because you're gonna have a lot of grouping in your project. Oh, even under your geometry system, you have to name them. So let's name this group Se gi one like group One, do you G one. Okay. And hit. Enter. See the name it comes under here. C g one see? So now these points I related to G one group. We can group so many points as as many as we want. And when we are working, referenced them all. We will call them by the names by how we named them by the names. Right? Okay, cool. So we have the group and since the last fuse was messing with us around this area, we don't want it to touch now. We should be able to work and not touching this area because we have group. So what do we do? Let's get out from the system or the group in it. Outside Disa let everything zoom out and now become Bring few. So hit top and F a fuse graph. Use Woody down. Okay, Connected to the system Who now it's still have the same. This turns problems, so we have to push it a little bit. The points we want to close a little fire and it's starting with very low like 0.1 So let's increase it up a little bit, come down and slowly push it out. Last time he was our four. Let's leave it like that. Okay, so we see that we are able to close all these guys around here. All the guys I running hace close even here is no clothes so we can crank it up without worried about about where about this site, you know. But let's crank it way up and see was going happen because we haven't tell diffuse to use group yet. Listen again, we haven't tag group. I mean, we haven't fuze to use group yet. Even though it's linked to it, we haven't tell it. Okay, because fuels have a group. But this is empty. There's nothing we haven't telling nothing. So let's crank up the fuse and see was going a happy in here is going out clothes. All these points I run here, watch. See? You see See you see, it's close in the points. All the system points are closing. What's going on is getting crazy. Look at what we dance see as how powerful if used it. So the distance on the points were close because it's working on the distance and close it toe until we have what? Let's get crazy. You have nothing. Whoa, it's crazy, right? We have nothing. So 10 distance will war like it's like a disaster. Like to NATO it Wipe everything out all right, So slowly bring your staff back. See? Concede it When we say that three D start with just a point. This is kind of like another proof to it. If just one point and you are connecting stuff slowly we have a triangle TV I landing. We have too few triangles for the bike shape we have. See So you can start, you know, mortally, we've just appointed connect more points that is what we are doing this. Come back slowly and see what's happening. Very cool. Very cool, right? Medical, Get in our stuff back. Very cool. So So in no time it's like visual effect and you come back to zero 0.0 when? But we still have close it because remember, it wasn't 0.1 it was zero point six control Z. It was 0.1 Enter. It was two zeros as day as the default. Right? So here we come back here, stiff stuff will still be open. It's like Remember, it's open now. So let's go back to four. See, this class is getting interesting because we are landing something deeper, right? And now let's flip it and look back here. If we are able to close it so four, it's not close in it. Let's crank it up. To say until we see is close slowly. Why undisclosed? Two. We got all So everything clothes. Okay, now we got those. But what? What happened? This distance is affected. Our ship, our panel. So how do we tell fuse that a use those group in the back here Those points we have very simple. When you drop down the fuse group system, they said drop down here. Look up here. You drop it down. You see, the naming system we give to our group is here. Say say, hey, take G. Where? For the group and now leave. Decide alone. Okay, so that's what we going to do. But I want to bring it here in the middle. And when I pick the G one, you see, it will bring back our panel for us because now knows that we don't need to touch over there to go to diffuse group called a group name we made and get it. Boom. Now we get our permanent back and all the clothes points we want here It still happened. But let's see if we can continue quick on them under UV staff, right that I wanted to show you because that's why we end up this way. But it's okay. So we cleaned inside a little bit. We are able to close staff a little bit on the back here, which took us a whole lot of time, but it's worth it, right? So less. Let's get back here. Side inside view right see, it hasn't have no u. V's. You don't see no lines. Okay, let's select this whole day. Okay. So what? I had this A You've your own rap know that? We wanna use it on everything we can call it from here. We can call it from here. Arrived from the taps on the keyboard less. Call it from the top tier showing hit movie Automatic. 37. Completing Bike UVs: it breaks it down for you telling me that this part of the U V it's where is going to correspond to here. See? Very simple. So this part off the bike is here. So if I want to pull like my name on the by out take this. You ve to photo shop and write my name here. Oh, my logo or the bike name Or, you know, anything I wanted to show or any label I want to give. I'll put it here in in four to show and then you ve quick UV shake. Sorry. Break U V shaped. All right, put it on. Boom, Rain The video See? Showing you how the Testa will look on your bike. See? And it's even. And when you see stuff are even like this, it means that your your texture will come evenly. And it will not look stretchy or not stretching or anything you contested with other Houdini testers. Right? See who didn't have all kinds. All right, so you can try them. Let's open the big picture and go through. See, you can test if with this and see how it's looking. See, it's looking all right all kinds off testers by default, you can use okay now. So how do you send it to for the show? We already talked about it. All you have to do is right. Click save, save tester UV To emit that, you work on it. We already figured out, you know, by selecting the object, it will tell us Rich part. You know, stuff are wear stuff, you know? I mean, I selecting she would be able to figure, you know, where staff goes. So that is how you'll get you ve You know, this is a quick way. 38. Export Materials and Uvs : Okay, guys, Welcome. Let's see how us sport your project out from Houdini to Adam programs. Before we do that, let's talk about materials. Because so far, what we've been doing is more dealing right. And these materials are designed. Let's get to the material pirate right here. Okay. Who didn't have a lot off? You know, pray in store materials that you can use some for glass. There's a couple of different types off materials you can use. You know you when you come to metallic, we have aluminium, copper paint and order. But most of these materials are designed to work only in Houdini. Right? So it will wait really good here and do the work for you. But when you want a sport your wet outside from Houdini to other programs, not all the material is here going to work for you. Let's see if we support this to three d max and see this basic material we have. So let this whole day come back to the assistant now to send something out from Houdini, you know is very simple. All you have to do is sell it object you want to send out Dina will link them together for you. It will create a laying to hold everything. So lesson this one out quick. But before we do that, you know, we were talking about material, right? And we said this My two s are not going toe Wait outside. Yeah. And also, there's no half a UV because we just finished the modern. So after you finish modeling, it's a lot of Weg to be done, do you? So when we come to a sport, you want to export it Us on FB s four months? Yeah. And this dialogue spot perhaps. Just leave it at a default. This is the part you have to select. Where you going? To save object, Right? So I would save it at that Stop. Who did he say? Que and and I would name. I will name the fire. Like on that score. Three. I probably have by two in there. Okay, See, by two is already here. Okay, so let's say the bike three and then I said, See now path to where you're going to see comes and then it's saving the bike name right here. So let's go less sport. Let's jump into three d marks you and let's bring import. See, this is the by just save by three. So let's open it. Now We're gonna have a problem. Where that my to us. I'm not going to show up, right? Everything that have that material from Houdini is where is black? You know, that means it's not able to process that material. If we see the Kurata a car tow, have a quick UV, We talk about it quick. UV material on it and therefore is showing because it's a tester is an image that is covering the carrot. The data is weak, and this drives here is waking because you don't have no material. Only have the the fort material this one to have the default material, so they are all showing up, right? Okay, so in here in three D months, you can add your own tested tutus. Even this one's we can add our own, my teary add to it. So if if you selected and you drink, you bring in the material pilot in three D months and you pick this material see is black. So we can we can change the color to maybe yellow see and it's reflecting all the other material because they're all using the same materia. Right? So you see, you can change the college to how you want. All right, So let's go for the first lucky one. We pick together and boom, and he ain't who three demons you can, you know, work with There it blows the necks. And you know how reflection in our debt is looking for you. We know that a setting material from Houdini it's not going to. When you finish the object, you have to add a normal toe. Enormous wolf, confed all the meaning, no miles to events which is used in most of the outside programs, like three demons. So when you have a normal at the end of the object, it will it will show up and everything away, right? Yeah. So we have X Brady months. Okay, but what about if we want to bring something from who dearly like the same stuff you have in Houdini? We wanted to come to outside program. So let's go back to see how you tackle situations like this. Okay, so here in Houdini, we already know that this material we have it's now waking outside. But that is no the only material there either. Ones we can pick if we come down here, every come to basic diffuse this Materia ace program. You know, if basic staff if the arrow groom there were the program it is the same as most other programs used Basic Allah Diffuse roughness, diffuse reflectivity Cassity you know, so you'll find thes same stuff everywhere. If you want to use a test, you have a color. My where you go for Testa to add to your to your but this basic one will wake outside. So if I put this basic diffuse here, you know is giving me defend regular color as the default shade for Dean. So what about if I want to change the color that is him properties here All you do? She changed it like we did in Redeemer Game. Have a red color for it. Okay, so that is how you change something that will wake outside off hoodie. In here, you have to use the right materia that will wake outside. This basic diffuse will work on other programs. So we have these college Karratha is using a quick you ve tested but all these I just college. I just material. So how is it that stuff that we model don't have you V's? But we are able to put these college on by default. Three D out jays, you know, have three dimensional coordinates The points our program to reflect these caress materials that we put on these basic materials, right? I saw him having programmed to also carry what a texture, like a column out. So we have the callous on it. Okay, so now the question is so why do we have callous? And it comes on nice. How come we cannot use on image on it? Image will require a UV coordinates key. When you put an image on it, it will wake. Let's do it on the main like the one that it's silly is jumping to add an image. Today's you don't have a UV right now, but to add an e me, we have a quick U V shape Houdini that you can add to you already seen it. So you hate you to get at quick U V shape. Yeah, plug it, aim and you have the default image showing. Right. So you flip it to the right accents, you see is showing Yvaine stuff. But the bottom here is stretched because that is how object stretch, you know. So it was Stretch light is the image Any image you put on will stretch ladies because you don't have you V's just using the coordinates that I already on the object to show it, you know? So maybe we go out to you ve my we indo set to UV because we are using the quick UV shade. So is giving us a quick U V's a dairy snow wet. It's not flattened, you know? It's just around that. Then it's like this stuff overlapping. Stop that I hear overlapping on you know, the stuff that I behind You wanna flatten every part of this body so that each part is laying by itself because let this whole body again. And now recall we come to the main intestine menu and we call you ve own rap. It's separate all the parts, so each part is laying flat. This is what I was trying to take. See this side? The rice, I'd is by itself right here, left side. So every piece off it it's laying flat. And in this case, we can put design labels over here. We can pull labels over here and they will show in here. Right? So when you have this set up, you have UV on rap on it. It means you are able to put any test. I won it. And the coo