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Molly Suber Thorpe, Calligrapher & Graphic Designer

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16 Lessons (1h 54m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Selecting A Word or Phrase

    • 3. Supplies for Sketching Script

    • 4. Determining Your Lettering Style

    • 5. Drawing Imitation Calligraphy

    • 6. Refining Your Chosen Sketch

    • 7. Tracing Your Refined Sketch

    • 8. Calligraphing with Pointed Pen

    • 9. Inking with Felt Tip Pen

    • 10. Scanning

    • 11. Photoshop Step 1

    • 12. Photoshop Step 2

    • 13. Photoshop Step 3

    • 14. Illustrator Step 1

    • 15. Illustrator — Finishing Touches

    • 16. More Creative Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

In recent years calligraphers have felt an increased demand for two unique skills: modern flourishes that are elegant (without looking like they came out of the eighteenth century) and digitized calligraphy that can be used in print and online in the form of logotypes, advertising, title treatments, printed stationery, and beyond. In this course you will learn my favorite techniques for both skills as you are guided through all the steps of creating your own flourished, calligraphic logotype.


Learning natural, purposeful flourishing techniques is important for any calligrapher or lettering artist, but especially for those who combine script with graphic design, as it is in high demand for calligraphy’s application in logo design, book covers, magazine title treatments, and just about all other forms of hand-drawn script.

What You'll Learn

  • Sketching. We’ll start with sketching, covering the basic rules of drawing script letters, and examining opportunities to add flourishes. You will learn to recognize the difference between purposeful flourishes — those that enhance a design — and extraneous ones — those that distract and impede legibility.
  • Adding Flourishes. With a polished sketch in hand, you will then calligraph the design, with emphasis on learning special techniques for calligraphing flourishes.
  • Ink It. With the help of a lightbox we’ll ink our polished sketch using traditional calligraphy supplies: a pointed pen and black ink.
  • Digitizing. Then the computer fun starts! We will bring our design into the computer and polish it further in Photoshop, then vectorize it in Illustrator. I’ll teach you some special techniques for making sure your final logotype retains the integrity of the stroke contrast, including the charming imperfections of the fine hairlines, that it had as ink on paper.


What You'll Make
In this class you will design a word or very short phrase in a flourished calligraphic style to be used as a logotype (or any other sort of type treatment). We'll then walk through the digitizing and vectorizing process.




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