Digitize lettering in Photoshop | Beginners | Tristan B. + Michelle P. | Skillshare

Digitize lettering in Photoshop | Beginners

Tristan B. + Michelle P., Cure for the Common Capture

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11 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • Assignment

    • Getting the Best Photos and Scans of your Work

    • Contrast ( + Class Format )

    • Removing Splits + Splats : Part I

    • Removing Splits + Splats : Part II

    • Removing Backgrounds

    • Making Your Photoshop Brush!

    • Applying Your Photoshop Brush to an Image

    • Tips + Troubleshooting

    • Vitamin L25 + Thank You!


About This Class

Photoshop for Lettering Artists: An Introduction to Photoshop

No prior Photoshop experience needed! This class is an introduction to Photoshop, tailored specifically for beginners.

Learn how to quickly + easily clean up your lettering or line drawings in Photoshop. Get your hand lettering web ready to share on your site/blog, in your shop and on your fave social media outlets-Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Taught by Lettering enthusiasts, photographers, and PsD’s (that’s basically a PhD in Photoshop) Tristan B. + Michelle P. of the beloved site Besotted.

 // NOTE: Lessons are taught in Photoshop CC. All lesson instructions apply to CS5 as well.

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Very helpful and clear instructions! Thank you!
This is an interesting class, useful. I just want to warn that some of the steps were too fast for a newbie in photoshop, like me.
Eréndira Espinosa

Philosophy teacher and Calligrapher.

excellent class! very detailed explanations, step by step, congratulations!!!





Tristan B. + Michelle P.

Cure for the Common Capture

We are Tristan and Michelle, the brains behind Foto Rx Premium Photoshop actions, and the voices behind the blog Besotted. We both have a background in design + branding and are published photographers. Foto Rx allows us to utilize our skill sets and Skillshare has been a happy way of sharing our knowledge with our students. We love when our students have an 'aha' moment and learn a new skill that assists them to grow both creatively and financially!


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