Digitize and Color a Floral Bouquet in Adobe Illustrator | Gina Valderrama | Skillshare

Digitize and Color a Floral Bouquet in Adobe Illustrator

Gina Valderrama, Artist

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9 Videos (53m)
    • Introduction

    • Inspiration and Structure

    • Sketching

    • Scanning and Digitizing

    • Arranging Motives

    • Applying Color Part 1

    • Applying Color Part 2

    • Applying Color Part 3

    • Saving


About This Class

In this class I will be showing you how you can use the Draw Behind Mode to color your art work to achieve a loose, organic and whimsical effect to your floral motives. I will take you through my work process starting with the structure of a bouquet and  then to drawing floral motives. We will then digitize and arrange them in Adobe Illustrator to form a bouquet and finally apply color using the blob brush tool in the draw behind mode.

This class is aimed at beginners in Adobe Illustrator or for those who just enjoy illustrating florals





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Hi my name is Gina and being creative just seems to be what I enjoy most. Creativity draws me in like a moth to a flame and I find myself "just having a go". Whether it be sewing, drawing, painting or bending wire I am always keen to learn. In the world of surface pattern design and illustration I am rather a 'newbie' but feel like I have come home to what I like best. If you would like to see what I get up to in this area take a peek at my Instagram feed. So welcome and lets have som...

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