Digitize Your Own Calligraphy: From Logo to Letterpress

Belinda Love Lee, Designer & Letterer, making pretty lil' thangs!

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9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro: Lets Get Started!

    • 2. Project: Brand Yourself

    • 3. The Foundation: Necessary Tools for the Trade

    • 4. The Foundations: Pen to Paper

    • 5. Let’s get digital: Photoshop the Sh*t Out of It

    • 6. Let’s get digital: Vector Time

    • 7. Prepping for Print: Pantones, Foils, and Papers

    • 8. Prepping for Print: Digital File Ready for Press

    • 9. Outro: Finishing Touches


Project Description

Brand yourself | Digitize your own calligraphy into a finished logo, then prep it for letterpress.

In this project, I want you to brand yourself and design your own logo through calligraphy. If you already have a branding for yourself, imagine it for a business you’ve always wanted to have, eg. a shop front, fashion line, motorcycle store etc.

Then taking your calligraphy logo, vectorize it, as taught in the class. I then want you to design business cards in addition to your logo! I'll be teaching you exactly how to prep your business card files for letterpress.

By the end of this class, I want you to be ready and out the door with not only a finished logo but also business cards, ready for letterpress printing! That way you’ll be ready for the real world with physical business cards to hand out.


Upload your digitized logo with your business card design, having the files prepped and ready for letterpress.

Upload the following:

  • Calligraphy Sketches
  • Digitized final logo
  • Finalized PDF file of business card design 

I've attached the file I've prepped below to give you a better visual as to how to prep it.

Ps. The more you upload, the more feedback you can get from me and your classmates, which is a huge plus to learn and improve from!


I'll be announcing a date to have all the project in by. From the projects, I'll be picking my favourite finished project of the bunch. And for that lucky person, we'll have a half and hour, one on one hang out session on Skillshares' Video Chat. It's a new feature and is pretty awesome! I'll be able to give you more detailed advice as to how to futher improve your logo and business card design, also you'll have a chance to ask any burning questions!


Necessary Tools for the Trade

Get the following tools:

Layout Paper Pad A3 | A4
Calligraphy Pen Holder
- or -
Oblique Pen Holder
Nikko G Nib
Parker Ink 

Prepping for Print: Digital File Ready for Press

When sending the file to press, it usually preferable in either PDF or EPS format. It's the best format and the most flexible for the printer to work with. 

Also to make crop marks, I usually just use the line tool to draw fine lines across the images in a '+' cross looking format. Sometimes printers even prefer to prep it themselves, so make sure to check with your printers how they'd like the files sent to them. There is however another way to make crop makes and the tutorial can be viewed here


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