Digitize Your Own Calligraphy: From Logo to Letterpress | Belinda Love Lee | Skillshare

Digitize Your Own Calligraphy: From Logo to Letterpress

Belinda Love Lee, Designer & Letterer, making pretty lil' thangs!

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9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro: Lets Get Started!

    • 2. Project: Brand Yourself

    • 3. The Foundation: Necessary Tools for the Trade

    • 4. The Foundations: Pen to Paper

    • 5. Let’s get digital: Photoshop the Sh*t Out of It

    • 6. Let’s get digital: Vector Time

    • 7. Prepping for Print: Pantones, Foils, and Papers

    • 8. Prepping for Print: Digital File Ready for Press

    • 9. Outro: Finishing Touches


About This Class

Learn with designer Belinda Love Lee as she brings you through her step by step process of experimenting with calligraphy then digitizing it to make it even more versatile and ready for letterpress! The purpose for this class is to make the computer and letterpress process a little less intimidating for ones that aren’t so familiar with their way around it. This is for anyone who's looking to step their game up in terms of calligraphy, or for the digital geeks out there, to get back in touch with their physical hand!  





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Belinda Love Lee

Designer & Letterer, making pretty lil' thangs!

Hi there! My name's Belinda Love Lee and I run a boutique branding studio, based in Toronto, Canada. Working with clients all around the world, I mainly specializing in branding, hand lettering and illustrations. A day to day work schedule looks like a bunch of hand lettering, drawing illustrations then bringing them on to the computer to give it the final oomph!

What I love most about my job, is that I get to help others get closer to achieving their dreams. It's a privilege that I w...

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