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7 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • Preparing Artwork in Photoshop

    • Vectorizing Artwork in Illustrator

    • Creating a post for Instagram

    • Another Example

    • Creating an 8x10 Print

    • Final Project


About This Class


I get so many inquiries of how I digitize my hand lettering from paper and ink so I decided to do a quick lesson to explain. This could be for your calligraphy, handwriting, brush lettering or even simple brush strokes. You will learn how to vectorize your lettering in Illustrator and then how to make a file ready for web (you could upload it to Instagram!) or for print so you could sell it in your shop. This is useful for logos as well. 

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Great instruction and super easy to follow - loved learning how to do this in Photoshop and then vectorise if you need to in Illustrator.
fabulous course
This class is AMAZING! It is what I have been looking for for a long time. A comprehensive, practical way to learn to digitize lettering in order to make prints. The tools and tricks shared are going to help immensely!





Erica Tighe

Calligrapher / Hand Letterer / Maker at Be A Heart

Erica is the owner and artist behind Be A Heart, a design studio based out of Los Angeles. She was so moved by how beauty positively impacts the soul on her travels through Europe post-college. She then moved to Brazil and used an arts based curriculum in the schoolhouse she managed in a small village that took care of those outcast by society. Upon returning to the States, she sought a creative practice to integrate into her every day life.

This is where calligraphy entered her life and Be A Heart began. While it began as a hobby, she was soon enlisted to do custom work and wedding stationery. She moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn and decided to do design work full time. 

Now she has a bustling business that has been featured in ELLE magazine, named one of the best stationers in Los Angeles by BRIDES, prefered Los Angeles vendors by GOOP among others. She does wedding invitations, events, logo design and branding, custom work and runs her own shop! Clients include Blessed Is She, Verily Magazine, Akin & Co., Paige Geffen, Kirsten Marie Inc., Echo and Atlas and more. 

She loves sharing her knowledge with others so that more people can bring beauty into the world!