Digitize Your Art in Procreate- Step by Step

Disha Sharma, Artist and Illustrator

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14 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Planning

    • 4. Points To Consider

    • 5. Painting Elements 1

    • 6. Painting Elements 2

    • 7. Scan Settings

    • 8. Import to Procreate

    • 9. Selection Tool - Simple Elements

    • 10. Layer Mask - Complex Elements

    • 11. Edit Artwork and Fix Mistakes

    • 12. Sample Project-A simple wreath

    • 13. Create Mock-ups and Sell online

    • 14. Project Brief & Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the class.

If you have been struggling in digitizing your art or looking for an economical and easy solution to bring your traditional artwork and create various products, sell them online etc.This class is absolutely for you.

In this class, I will explain step by step how you can start from paper, use your traditional art supplies, bring them on iPad and digitize them using just one program and that is Procreate.

In this class, I will 

  • Show you how to plan a project
  • How to select a theme and create a color palette
  • What points you need to consider (Very Important)
  • Give demonstration of creating a project on paper
  • How to scan - All about scan settings
  • How to import files in iPad and Procreate
  • What you need to consider while bringing your files in Procreate
  • Explain all about resolution and file formats
  • Explain different ways to clean up your art in Procreate
  • Explain how you can edit your art and fix mistakes
  • How to create different projects 
  • How to use high resolution images and create mock-ups
  • Talk about where you can sell your art

You literally do not need to use any other expensive program like Photoshop or Illustrator.  The best part is you can easily carry your iPad anywhere and work anywhere with it. You do not need to carry a heavy laptop or a separate pen tablet for your work.

Trust me this class is a plethora of knowledge that will completely change the way you work. 

Looking forward to see what you create out of this class.

Pinterest Boards for some inspirations:

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Leaves Inspiration

Color Palette Inspiration

Websites to find Royalty free mock-ups:




Websites to find paid mock-ups and images: