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Digitally Colour Your Lettering: From Brush to Screen

teacher avatar Manar Hisbani, Letterer and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Cleaning Up and Editing Your Lettering

    • 3. Editing Lettering Colour and Exporting

    • 4. Ways You Can Use Your Lettering

    • 5. Class Project!

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About This Class

In my debut class, Digitally Colour Your Lettering: From Brush to Screen, I will guide you through the steps from creating your brush lettering, all the way through to exporting your file and the different ways you can use your digital lettering.

What you will need to complete this class:

What you will gain from this class:

  • How to clean up your lettering in photoshop
  • Editing your lettering to make it more bold
  • Exporting your lettering in various formats
  • Ways you can use your digital lettering

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Manar Hisbani

Letterer and Illustrator


I'm Manar and I live in London. I create brush lettering and illustrations and I also dabble in all sorts of creativity that catches my interest including watercolour. I have been creating hand lettering since 2014 as well as illustrations and I thoroughly enjoy doing it, I can't think of anything I enjoy more. I've always loved how liberating it can feel to make something and know that you made it and there is nothing else like it in the world. That's a feeling I revel in experiencing and a feeling I hope I can give to my students.

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1. Class Introduction: Hi, My name is manner. I'm welcome to digitally call your lettering from brush to screen in this class to learn how to clean up your lettering and photo. Shop the lettering to make it more bolds. Heady or less ring from black to various colors. Export your lettering and different ways that you can use it. I hope this class will help you hone your photo shop skills and allow you to edit and user lettering. Be unusual uses in various print for months as a phone close project at the end, based on the theme that you can practice your new skills with, I Hope Your Mole and I'll see you in the next video. 2. Cleaning Up and Editing Your Lettering: cleaning up in its stimulatory. First, the most important me create billitteri as the theme for this closest base. Have chosen someone's that represent that theme. A musical number. Brush. Let's ring pin throughout the luds. Once you've done that, scan the paper in. Or if you don't have a scanner, take a good quality picture of military and good lighting now that we have our lettering opening in photo shop. If it isn't in the correct orientation like mine, click on Image and the image rotation either 90 degrees clockwise will 19 degrees counterclockwise. Then click on the rectangle market all on the tour bomb left of the screen and go around the world that you want to select. If there's otherwise in the way of the selection, use the last total instead and drove around it. Once you selected or lettering, copy it by going to the menu and clicking. Copy all using the keyboard. Chilcutt. Come on, see on Mac or control CNPC. After you've copied your selection, open a new campus, but the width and height at 1000 pixels and press OK peso lettering onto the new campus by present control T or come on T two rotates it and make it feel in the campus Evenly impressed and Suboxone in the latest section on the left side of the screen, click the icon on the white background they are. You should not just see the lettering in a college shape without the white background. Now we want to take away the white background of the lettering, so we just have the necessary by itself. So go back to the tool bar on the left and click on the Magic Montel, making sure, of course, that you are on the correct layer. Before use the tool. Click on all of the white back front areas around the lettering, German to the campus and make sure to get all of the white areas inside loops of letters. Now we're going to be adjusting the darkness, go to laze in the top menu bar than adjustments and then click on Levels Levels allows you to see the light or dark inner layer you're working with. Always have the preview box checked so they could see how much or how little we need to adjust your lay on track. The middle slider tools the right slowly so that you can see the changes in darkness adjusted to where you feel it has the doctors that you want. Sometimes I knew just a little, so you can still see the variations and darkness that you get on paper. I believe the slide daughter about 50 as I think that's dark enough. Click OK, and that's it. In the next video, we'll be paying with changing color and exporting monitoring in the correct format for using it. Other designs. I hope you've been following along, and if you have any questions so far, I'm here to help. 3. Editing Lettering Colour and Exporting: editing lettering, color and exporting. Now for the fun part, changing the color of the wood. Go to the menu bar and click on Image than adjustments of inhuman saturation. This is where we'll be playing around and trying out different colors for your work. Really. Importantly, make sure that you have the colorized box checked so that you can see the cutters. Otherwise, nothing more change. So increase the saturation of the lead as this will create bright cicadas that will stand out, then increase the lightness. This is really important as this will make sure the colors are visible. You can adjust it to where you like, depending on whether you want bright, old darker shade, as you can see when you drag the hue. Now all the colors of the rainbow available now you can just adjust the lightness saturation you to create the shade that you want. I've come with a bright red as it really pops off the screen. Once you're happy, hit OK and save the changes. We're not going to be saving the lead, so I could be ready to use whatever you want, it full and surely have kicked the I'll call in the next to the white background. So it's not visible as we're going to be using the word and other designs the white background would just the subject of elements would be hassled to delete later on. Had to file, um, top menu and click on savers. Name your file and open the drop down format menu. We're going to be saving the foul in PNG format. This will preserve the transparency quantities of the file, making sure we don't end up with an unwanted by background. Okay. And then okay. Again message. 4. Ways You Can Use Your Lettering: ways you can edit your nursery the infinite ways to use our that's right, posted on more prints, bookmarks, greetings called fucking covers, place cards and many more. So I had to find on the menu and then open. Have created a book month template I'm going to use, and I'll be uploading them to the class wiles. Then I'm going back to file, then place so we can addle. Where to the current campus. I'm using the transform tool to move around the lead and injustice rotation going to be creating a pattern. Using the woods I'm copying and pasting each layer by right clicking, impressing difficult. I've added a new layer, and I filled it with a greeny blue, which I think goes over the words I've not put them into a group and copying and adjusting them as I need to create a sort of pattern in repeat, then come under control clicking. I'm just going to adjust them so it looks even on the book Monk. Now you can hit the file and then save us, and at this point you can save as a PNG was a J pink, as you're not trying to preserve the transparency at this point, and they have it. Bookmark Avila and design 5. Class Project!: close, predict. Get creative Feel Close Project would like to create digital brush censoring based on the theme of space pic three words based on space, for example, orbit and creates and digitize them, then pick away to use on its ring. For example, bookmarks well cards and create. Um, snap some pictures of your creations and post them here so we can Boston a beautiful let's ring jewelry. I look forward to seeing what you will come up with.