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Digital painting à la Klimt with Procreate

teacher avatar Cécile Yadro, Digital & Traditional Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Klimt paintings

    • 3. Klimt style

    • 4. Finding inspiration

    • 5. Drawing: sketching the girl

    • 6. Drawing: sketching clothes and jewels

    • 7. Drawing: sketching the background

    • 8. Drawing: prints and final drawing

    • 9. Coloring: gold and background

    • 10. Coloring: background and dress

    • 11. Coloring: skin

    • 12. Coloring: sofa and jewels

    • 13. Coloring: fan and finishing touches

    • 14. Conclusion

    • 15. Bonus: timelapse

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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to make a digital painting à la Klimt, meaning that we are not copying by be inspired by Klimt. This class is made for intermediate level, as we will have some drawing involved, but not too complicated. I will explain the specifics of Procreate along the class. 

I will briefly show the different styles of Klimt, and explain what is style, and what elements we'll be using to make our own painting.


I'll be using Procreate in class, but you're welcome to follow along with your favorite app. I enclose in the resource section a folder of brushes, and a color palette as inspiration to work from. 

I have gathered inspiration in a Pinterest board for you so you can choose you own inspiration photo, or follow along with me on the photo I chose. 

First this first : the drawing, we will choose a pose, hair style, select patterns and prints to incorporate in the dress and the background.

Then we will refine our drawing, and it will be time to add colors and textures. We will use gold foil photos to give the sparkling effect from Klimt's real gold. 

I will explain in detail the way of thinking, how to mix different inspirations, how to twist colors...

At the end of the class you'll be able to make your own Klimt style digital painting, understanding what makes this style so recognizable. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist




I’m Cécile Yadro, a French artist and teacher, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... with gouache, oil painting, digital, markers, pastels, mixed media... art is an endless journey!

My mission is to help you grow as an artist with my beginners friendly classes.


Where to find me:

My website, where you have a weekly gouache newsletter.

My YouTube channel with lots of tips

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

Instagram where I post my art and experiments


I post a class per month, mor... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. Bullshit. Welcome to my class. I'm Cecile, the French artist, both digital and traditional. In this last I want to show you how to make it digital painting. I cleaned. What I mean by this is we are not coping the master. But we are getting inspired by its very specifics time who doesn't love claims? I'm sure everyone has a favorite painting from Clint. I will explain you. What is is really famous style. The golden style you have, Andi. I will extract the main elements that will be necessary to make a digital painting. Ackley, I'm using procreating class but you're welcome to use your favorite. I want to show you some technical stuff in procreate to help you manage a large number of layers. How to use clipping mask on Al Philip tools. This does is meant for intimidate levels. There is a little drawing involved. I will explain you how to find inspiration, how to construct your drawing including the patterns of Prince the background To achieve this very specifics time My goal is at the end of this class Europe able to make your own digital painting are claimed on not only reproducing what we didn't class so time for fun. Now let's dive in 2. Klimt paintings: Let's talk about clean paintings. If I say claimed, I'm quite sure you immediately think to something like this officially the one on the rights, which is one of his most famous paintings. But did you know that? It painting more than 160 paintings on more than five thousands drawings and watercolors. I want to show you the difference ties he had on. There are different ways to classify the paintings off an artist bite style on. We can't explain what is timing the next video by period, like the earlier hours or by subjects on, this is the way I will do it. First of all, the landscapes in his early years, it was very classical on his landscape. We're certainly not very different from the wound around him. This is the time of Impressionism in Europe and is beginning to incorporate more decorative elements later in his paintings, like this one with flowers on the left that are very stylized and the one on the right is really very vulnerable and very typical to its time. Portrait's are maybe the subjects he painted the most down almost exclusively women in his earlier hours. It was very classical as well. On here you have two paintings from the early years on the left and very quickly, as well as for the landscapes. He began to incorporates Mora personal touches and to be more bold and more brave in his patterns, and Prince and Prince can be as well in the figure or in the background. It's giving very busy paintings, also, as his father was a golden greater. Maybe this explains why he incorporated so much gold in his paintings. There are a lot of most famous paintings in this style, and here you have some examples. He also painted a large decorative frieze for the Oprah you know, and this is an example called Beethoven Frieze, where we could express allegorical stories. This was a huge part of his work. I won't shall show you all the paintings from Clint. If you're interested in, I can just advise you to google it and you'll have a lot of information. In the next video, we'll discuss more precisely what is Clint's style so we can be inspired to make her own drawing digital painting anyway. See you into next video 3. Klimt style: in this video, we will talk about claims style, but what is style talking about painting? This is a question that has been discussed over and over, and I'm not pretending to solve this problem today. Let's just say this is a mix off colors, off shapes, off elements, off subject of techniques, everything that makes you recognize an artist work. At first glance, some artists have more distinctive styles than others and start can devils three years. Think of Picasso, for example. He had several styles. They even were called periods. Well, this is a very technical talk. So let's see was imaged what makes claimed style so distinctive for the most famous part of his art. Of course, Clint's favorite subject was feminine figures, either portrait or allegorical. Sometimes the figure is almost nude or with very little closers. Hair also is a very important part. It can be very floating with a lot off elements inside gold elements. Clem's father was a golden graver on. Maybe this explains why used so much gold in his paintings. It can be in very small quantity, like an accent, like on the portrait on the Left, or it can go all over the painting, like on the right gold can also be in the frame like part of the painting on. You can see here three examples off the gold in the frame. Gold can also be in the background or in the clothes in the islands in very large quantity , like on this famous painting on the right, which is called the Kiss Lines. They are very winding with a lot of curves, like if they were reproducing the female body, and also you can notice that the line is visible outside off the shapes. If you look closely at the portrait, it's the line as different colors different, depending on the painting. The line can also give some very geometrical shapes, like the hair in the middle or on the right was very stylized shapes, talking about colors. They are very rich off course. Gold gives a warm tone to everything, but you can't find blues and greens as well. It's really difficult to extract a cool ranch from claims painting. One thing is sure. It was very brave with color mixing, and he made very vibrant contrast, including complementary colors. Patterns may be the most famous elements from Clint. They are related to the subject. Notice held amount of straight patterns, and the girl has more rounded shapes in the painting on the left. The kiss patterns can also be mixed in very large shapes, having some in the background as well as in the figure. But it can also be more septal, like one small elements or in a large one like here in the middle. It's a arm chair that has a very brave and bold pattern. Pattern can also be all over in the background as well as in the shape. And maybe this gives them more difficult painting to read. Well, we could go forever. Analyzing claims painting Let's summarize feminine figures wending l'm visible lines, golden elements in the background as well as in figure rich colors. I have gathered for you some paintings from Clint in a terrorist border, and you'll find the link in the resort section. You can find more if you just type claimed paintings in Google. Now it's time for us to think about all we learned here and just to translate it in a drawing, and this will be the next video 4. Finding inspiration : in this class. We don't want to cut his master. Exactly. We want to be inspired. So this is why I gathered some other paintings off Clint. Just a sample. Because as I told you, it painted more than 160 paintings. Though here are some that are very interesting with a lot of patterns with different styles . So you can get inspired and to help you achieve your digital painting. Allah, Clint, I have gathered some gold falls images which are in the little board inside the big board on this is gold images. All of them are copyright free so you can use them without any problem on to get the pose of the girl. There are some photos, some are vintage, some are more, isn't on very formal like a bridal. Andi, you can't choose to follow along with me with photo. I choose to use in class here or you can choose another photo. You're free to use whatever you prefer. Once we have our pose, we need to have inspiration for hair and jewellery. And here it is. This is the girl I would use for the hair. I will use also the fan as a detail. And for the next place, I used, uh, a little Joel here. And if you want to know what claims look like, I have some portrait's for you, All right, So let you bro's through the Pinter's board and see if maybe you want to have more inspiration. You can still click on a photo and scroll down and you'll have lunch off other inspiration related to this foot, so it might be very useful. So see you in the next video. We're going to begin our drawing. See you there. 5. Drawing: sketching the girl: Let's make all drawing. I have gathered in a Pinterest board. As I told you, different images so you can use on we can begin with one cold poses undresses and there are a lot of photo either from a century ago or current ones. I think I like this pose. She is very majestic, you know. So I will click on the three dots and download image. Now you go to pro creates I use a toll size portrait mode. Oh, I want to have enough layers to work. But I also want to have ah, enough quality. So this is 300 dp I, as always on the size is 36 centimeters by 46 sentimental ours which is 4003 hundreds pixels with on 5500 pixel ate which makes up 18 layers. This is what we need. I will use a pencil six b Andi, a black color just to make my initial drawing. I want to draw the lady first and I will build the background around it. So you have two ways to do this. Either you trace over the photo on it is prefer to find because we will be changing a lot of things or you draw it. I personally will trace. So you go to the ranch, you click. Come add. Insert a photo and you go to your camera roll and you have your photo coming, and now you will click on fit to screen. This will enlarge the photo, and I think I will and large her a bit because she's the main focus. I need a lot of room around her, too. Place the black crown, but I also want her to be the main focus, and you can either center or put it a bit off. Maybe a bit off will be cool on the right. Why not? So I will lower the intensity about 40%. So you click on the mound on the first slider. Capacity is something. You just slide either way. But 40 it's OK and I will add a new layer on top and I want to rename it sketch. You have to be organized. So six people so and I know I want to chance background, so I don't need to draw it, and I want to change her hair and address as well, so I will only keep the pose. Really? Because I love the post. So let's go for, um, tracing the oval of the head. And maybe I don't like her chin already. So I will change it, make something of it a bit more pointy. We'll fix it that details later. NEC is very important. I will Adam in that place also. I, um just a light line for the outside of the her, which in this case gives me the size of the skull. I'm not sure will keep the hand. They are, But just in case, tracing the fingers, maybe it's interesting if I indicate, where are the shadows will be more convincing in my drawing after down dress. Okay, there is a big fold here. Right? So I can hide the drawing. Um, not raising it yet. Maybe later. Okay, so now I see that maybe I need to lower the girl of it. So I click on the arrow on. I will move over a bit down. Yes, until I have plenty of room here. Domain drawing on maybe too much so I can and large her. Yes. Okay, So now I can do it. Let's go back to Pinterest. Um, go to the a little bored here that is called her style and jewelry. I want to make her portrait. That is very late. 19 beginning of 20th century. So I think something was a lot off hair with a really huge burn would be interesting. So I know my girl is facing me. So maybe it's better if I can have Ah, nimh age facing me like this one. She's cool. So let download the image and go back to procreate. And now I want to place my image on the left side. Swipe up and slide on the left. Go to your camera, roll and get the drawing you need. Where you have your photo on here, you have your girl. 6. Drawing: sketching clothes and jewels: So with the photo on your left, you will drove the bun. So I know I have to lower the hairline here. And don't be shy. This is claimed. This is not reality. As we saw we he loves to He loved to a volume something like this. Okay, on another tip for you. If you don't want to slide your photo or you don't want to download every photo from interest, you will swipe up on, get interests and place it right here on the left. And now I have all my images here so I can just select the one I want and just go for it. And I have gathered some inspiration for you. But of course, you can decide that you like this style, but not this exact place. So you can go down and you will see other inspiration. And here you go. You can spend hours just browsing Pinterest. And maybe I will make a big neck lace, as he does Some single re large like this found raise off the neck because it's obviously wider. And I will use this as an inspiration just to place some doubles. It's not the time yet 40 tastes, but it gives me a good sounds. Okay, Maybe her nose tip is bothering me. All right? She might need something in the hair as well, Like a jewel. Um, maybe some kind off half circle here. Kind of crown, or don't know. Okay, let's look at the dress now. Um, I'm not sure this kind of dress is really from this time off, Clint. Now, maybe it's better if I get inspiration from this, um, times I have bare arms, so don't want to get a dress with so much fabric on it. It would be too much for me to complicate. It may be still the same. It's 1901 kind of interesting, because you don't want to have Ah, something with a very short waste. You want to be very almost trade like he did. Maybe this one is interesting. And I will add some prince on it. I want to keep the bones here. Okay, We agree. This is a sketch, although maybe just straps would be cool, because I can get my bare arm to place a large sum bracelet. I don't know. What's the name for this hi bracelet that would be kind off, like necklace. Come. Just placing some scribbles to indicate it. Maybe his trench. So two fingers to undo what it is. Not sure about the arms. Actually, maybe some veils would be cool, so I will keep my existing drawing. This is a matter of trial on errors on. It's perfectly fine to do so I would make some details on, um, there is a big I don't know what was, um some more chiefs on it. Andi, I think I would like to have a central maybe ribbon, so she can have, um, breath. Let's large one. Don't forget. We need a lot of different prince to make a Clinton style. Maybe a one would be called. And, um, there is not much details on the at. It's more, uh, fluid line. 7. Drawing: sketching the background : Sometimes it's interesting to let it sit for a while on go back with fresh eyes. I think maybe she's a bit too large in the painting because I won't have much room around her. So maybe it's good if I reduce the size of the girl. So I have more space around for the background and talking up the background. I think it's time to play some elements I will add. A new layer below will rename its sketch background. It's some interesting to make this on two separate layers so you can erase what you need six people and sell in black and for the background. You will keep your Pinteresque board on the side of your pro creates board on the left side if you're right handed and reverse it accordingly. On here, you have all the he made a produced either paintings or ah, this is a set off cards and you have interesting things to use in this. I think I would like, um to first get a kind of frame around her face. Maybe I I'm just doing this very roughly. Some kind of a nor church, maybe, and she could be sitting on a large arm chair was very large print fabric on it. All right. I'm just giving some basic composition, and then I will fit inside with Prince. This is just using your eye. On what? Please. You basically, at this stage? Yes. I think it's interesting to have a friend in something. Um, Clint is using someplace very busy in someplace more. Com on soft. She look at this one, for example. You have a very busy part, and this one is more with, um, that's here in there as well as here. It's almost always like this. That would be may be interesting to have separation. Let's say this is my basic composition on, um, I'm not so happy with this part. I think this should go on top. Yes. Um, maybe she's lacking something in her hand. That would be interesting. Maybe two have a fan. And I think there is a fun in the jewelry. Yes. You know, very Ill Nouveau. So the fan could be Ah, big circles have to hide this edge. This is more balance now. I think now it's time to at some prints on this, I have downloaded a bunch off claimed photos in my camera roll downplay state in dedicated our bomb. So all my images are here because this is easier for me to work from there. Okay. When to have something like this. Very intricate with a lot of gold. So this one on fit for my purpose, This one could be cool. She has a lot of gold in the dress, and I like the kind off waves in the dress here. There is an interesting pattern in the background. This one is too quiet for me. I like when it's very crowded. Very busy. Um, here she's sitting on a non chair very, very large. One was a lot of prince, so I think it would be interesting to have ah, huge print here. Maybe something more quiet in the dress. I like this one. It's really busy, but you can really see her arms. And I would like to have the same effect here. So let's make another layer below everything on rename its patterns. Um, we will pick some patterns in different paintings. Maybe it's interesting for you to take notes off where you took the pattern, because after you get confused, maybe I like This one was a lot of squares and wavy background. Let me and largest See, that is really interesting. So I'm on a separate layer as I want to have fluid lines. I'm crossing every single problem at some squares and rectangles. Don't forget to make some that appears from under the shape of the head on the body and also some that are going outside and some of eloping No, I will raise everything at all the laps. I don't want to spend too much time at this stage. This is just my sketch. I will go after on top of it. So I know there will be some shape inside, but I don't want to draw it now. This is just to have a really general view of everything a Z so before claimed love those perils and I need to play some. Maybe it will be here it sits around. That's why I was here. And this is going everywhere and pulled her dress. It would be interesting to have something going are in some told big circles would be cool just to make it contrasts with squares in the background. So, like the skirts on the outskirts and you were varies a size of the circles. And you have kind of something in the middle. And here was I have fold. I will have my circle cuts. Maybe I could add something like this. You see, this is beginning to come alive. What about the arm chair? Something brave and bold as he does, or it did anyway, since Callebs do you think Let's place the line off sitting in some scallops and I will vary the I told in the armchair this is facing us. So this is trait. But this is supposed to be this way. I think this is enough. And here it will be kind of, um, painterly background. Very lose on may be here. It will be too much. You need some space to rest your I Yes, on but about gold. Gold will be in the background here. So I will add another layer. Get, um, kind of a yellow gold. Um, I can't get an ambush. That's okay. Place it under your pattern. I won gold in here, and I am the dress as well. On off course, in the jewels, you hear? A swell skin will be very seen, and all those prints has usually black. This is just a place remain big shapes off colors. So I need to have black traveling a bit here and there, like in the center here. I have extracted some colors from the different paintings of claims, So I have provided the collect into resource section. This is just a new inspiration. You're not compelled to use and re color or drink the same. Maybe it's a basis when you don't know where to begin. So now we have our sketch are patterns on. We see where to place the gold on Next teach will be to make a defined drawing. 8. Drawing: prints and final drawing: Let's refine to drawing some tips before beginning. You want to hide the sketch color. It will be interesting and put a layer on top just for the girl because, as we saw, he has a line around. The shapes of the girls on the color of this line is varying, depending on the painting. Here, for example, it's a purple, and here it's a more, um, like magenta. So it's interesting that we have our girl on a separate layer, especially for the skin tones, so we can change the color off arm drawing. We will know worthy capacity about 50 percents on Oh, them sketches. And what about the brush you will use? I personally like to use six B pencil to make the drawing. I will use different paintings as a reference for the faces, because I really need to have inspiration from his style. I keep the pencil of the maximum size because I can still press more or less. I will make only the skin lines on this layer so I can very justice line. He was really a master with hands, which I am not, and I have to get back my original photo the one I used so I can have the image of the hands of the reference. I want to simplify off course. Let me hide everything. Now I make another layer on and I rename its just drawing because everything else will be done on this layer. Okay, I won't shoot everything because it would be really too long. But basically I'm taking back where I had more inspiration. Like here for this part in the arch. And I will just trace it very neat. And maybe the background will be painted, not drone. So what I want to draw is a nice squares, rectangles and make as well the inner throwing, getting my inspiration from there. And I will make the same everywhere else. Let me do this and I'll be back. Why? I'm refining my drawing. I want to show you something that might be useful. First I want to hide my sketch and let's say I am drawings of circles inside this skirt. And here is my layer with final drawing. So I want to place a layer below the drawing. I will make my circles on this layer so I can easily have my circles go outside and then I will raise easily because I'm not raising the edge of the skirt. I'm just raising the circles. And when I'm done, I'll place it on top and merge. And why are my placing it on top? Because when you merge, two layers procreate will keep on Lee the name of the layer that is below So I don't want to rename my layer. This is why I made different layers. So I have one was drawing itself the finished drawing. I have one with the hair and I have one with the skin on Lee the skin of the girl because I want to have my color, my line color matching the rest of the painting and I don't know yet which card will be the sketch of the girl. I don't need it anymore on the sketch of the background. I don't need it. Eldest catch of the patterns. So I drew everything accepted on chair because I want to do it after and also those wavy lines. I want to do them after as well 9. Coloring: gold and background : now time for the colors. We decided that we had the gold on this place. So first thing we'll do is place some gold foil. So let's make another layer on, Rename it Gold for and then we will go to pinch arrests and let's go to the board. The Claims Board. I have some images off gold. They are all free to use copyright free so you can go ahead. It certainly is interesting to get different goals. I like this one. So I will download the image on while I'm at it. I will also download a darker one. This one seems very fine and maybe a very gold very yellow. Okay. And I go back to pro creates on my gold foil. I go to the ranch at inside a photo on when we get the photo I just downloaded on heritages . I can resize it a bit, but not too much, because it will blur if I go to two large slide down with three fingers and you were copy and then swipe down again and you will paste and I want to feel the arch. So I'm placing it close to the other. Merged out I'm paste again and maybe I want to have the gold, the light ports on the same angle. So let me flip this vertical and swipe again and paste. And I need to flip both original and vertical so it would make kind of a hallow behind her face. So I emerged the scream gold boy. Andi, as I don't want to be disturbed, I will raise everything's that is outside of my arch. Do you remember where we took our inspiration? It waas in this part of the dress and the reasons background a lot off, um, wavy lines. So let me place a layer on top of this gold foil. Andi, I will rename it Wavy lines. I just want to try to keep my layers organized colors. I have placed back my sketch color. I just want to have an idea off the overall colors. You can decide really whatever you want because Clinton has very different color or harmony . You know, this one is very blue. This one is very brownish, orangey blue again, wide cream and pink. Really, there is no no specific color from claims, so I think you just decide what you want I'd like to have Maybe your dark burgundy in the background. So I'm using a nah brush, kind of Ah, classical one. Just want to place main colors. I'll see the texture after, So this is really very heavy. I need something very dark around here. Brown would be better pick up in the pellets. Sorry, but home. This is the easy way to go because all colors are warm on. You see here and deny there is a bit of purple that would be interesting. And hair also was a bright color. I like maybe a bit of purple. This is very breath just to see what's going on. There will be gold. So some red from here going on the fan, maybe a blue green blue dress. Anyway, we can still change after I want to place the main colors first before doing the skin because skin tone will be related to the background and everything. I think this might work. You're of course you're free to you. The colors you like. No problem. Black is in the hair on. There will be black in the patterns here and there. So black will be rumbling all around the painting. That's cool for me. A. So I Look at this one. I see that the culture is very light. Maybe that would be nice to have a light color. Okay, let's say I will judges after and for this part which is on top off the gold. I think some kind of bench will be interesting. All right, I need to place it on top. All right, let's go like this Just because I needed to know the colors of my wavy lines. Let's go for the arch. I'm using the regular brushes from procreate. I just have gathered them in one single holder. I will give you this in the resource section as well, or you can do it very easily. You have to go to the name of the folders found scrawled out until you get a plus and then you create a new one on you. Name it and then what I would advise you is to duplicate a brush before placing it in the claimed section. Right. So I let this So for the painting, I will use mostly Eglash brush, which is very versatile, as is the real gosh of well, Onda. Also, some nickel row because it's very interesting. So I'm not too wavy lines. There is a lot of wavy lines, and I can see that there is a kind of brownish background. But I want after that to erase. Where are the little patterns? So maybe it's good if I go large, get kind of huts wrong. Okay, I go large and I'm not afraid to have a lap. Because now wavy lines, I will click on clipping mask and it will only appear where Raza gold, you know. Very clever, Andi. I will. Very the color slightly no, were the size. I'll make some kind of lines. And you see, this is not appearing in the face because I'm on clipping mask. So let me fill this change my color slightly just to have a variety beware Had to make the same lines. This is what I'm doing. Get um, the razor and, uh, I will get a heart average. Sh And let me show you slight right duplicates with your finger is easier than with the pencil. You will slide it to the folder You want to go and now you can click on it Become about this brush become the name on Did you can change your name rights on. I will erase my background just in the little squares. So let me do this and I'll be back. 10. Coloring: background and dress: this is done, and maybe you will decide that his brown is not the good color. No problem. You're on the wavy line layer and you pick him the magic room and you saturation brightness . We will slide to change the color of it. And I kind of like Mr Crawl. I think it really makes a gold pop up, but it would change everything in my colors, Kim, and so be it. You can also just light. Okay, Lets say that for the moment I will let it as it is, and I will see after how we are going somewhere else. It's another layer, and I want to make the gold from the background just here. Insert photo, maybe a dark one. Try to place the background. You want to might come a separate layer for each color because otherwise you won't be able to mix the colors. But at some point you will be limited by the numbers off layers. I have 11 and my maximum is 18 so I will have to either merge or the late some back some layers. We'll get Nick Arrgh because I want to have a kind of texture. I'm pretty sure this color doesn't fit this brownish. Never mind. Let's place, um, brown was color or directly from here and medium airbrush just a basis. Get any coral again? Guettel. Slightly lighter tune. If you don't want to mess up, you were. Click on outside lock so my brushstrokes won't go outside of the already brown part Two lights and the opposite. It should be darker, maybe less saturated. Let's out some texture in this brown background, and for this I will go to the Clint Holder. And there is this, um, brush that is called Snow White's. Of course, you can't spread a different color than white. I am coming from the brown here on a slightly moving it. Let's go to this layer still fixed on al FAQ, so we are not going outside of the brown part. We can add some little variations in the background, and don't forget to change the color. That may be, uh, like purple. Very light Britain dark so and vary the size of the brush. I think for our first first layer would be cold. Now it's time to yet the dress don't so let me add layer, rename it dress read Waas an I G I had when I was drawing this catch. Um, let's try this. So we want a red not to brides. What you can do if you want to use this particular red, for example, you take the follow on, you put it here and then I want to select the red, get the question and brush kind of large. Um, that's filled his dress. Andi erases everything else. Make sure that everything is covered in red because it will be our basis to make or details . Maybe you think this red is a bit too bright. You're right. First, let's put this on all hook. Get the Niekro brush at a darker red. I want you give some texture to my dress before placing they circles on top of it. Also, I want to give some shadow because I so ah, very dark red. Um, just under the hand the bitch here, as well as in the fold. If you want, you can smudge a bit, so it's not so harsh. Especially here. It's blending, but you want to keep the fold very clean. See, the red is really less popping out. Um, I think that they're circles are gold. So we need to place called below the red maybe too good idea if we get the same layer that is cold cold for you. Um let's place I want to hide this because I won't see where I place my gold. Otherwise, I want to insert photo and we get my foot Ho. I have download it earlier. His bright gold should be very cool. And you see, I don't think anything because it's automatically was clipping mask, which is cool Just in time I place my gold. I want to enlarge a bit swiped down a copy sweat down paste. Um, we will get in close to 18 layers, so merge as long as you go ahead here, I really don't mind about the edges for the moment. What I want to do is get this much tool with the gua sh Maybe try to soft in a bit the edge . Well, I know it will be disturbing. I haven't raised everything outside of the skirt except for the rest like that. I left and go because I'm quite sure I will use gold inside and you'll see my mess is get back okay. I had this layer. Was the gold off the skirt? Let's merge it with the other gold from the arch and my wavy line. I need to clipping mask going until his address. It's time to take. The razor was clash and as it is here, I want to go to the red dress and a raise. Where is the gold? So I want to go to appear below my red. 11. Coloring: skin: I want to add the inner circles and my dress layer is on Al Flock. I have to unlock this so I can with my Glashow and was black at some inner circles. And if you look closely at this painting, this is my inspiration not to say my reference. The inner circles are really a lot of colors. Maybe a bright green, you see kind of unenrolled green. So having my full open, I'm taking my inspiration. From this on, I think I will remove the black line because it's not a pleasing me. So I go to the drawing layer, get my razor. I want to erase everything except outer line for the moments, because I'm not sure yet. I will let, um, at of the fold here, and my skin is on a different layers so I can t raise No problem. It's time for the skin skin tones. When you look at them very closely, they have very strange color and claimed paintings. This one is quite realistic, but usually it's, ah, a lot of blue grey on very strange tones. You say this is really blue, almost purple on. I'm quite sure if I do this in my painting, she will look sick. Really. I tried to mimic his time, but at my taste. If that makes sense, let's at a layer. So the skin has to go on top off the dress, rename this skin and fourth beginning, I will take quash and I will take a skin tune that isn't the pellet, because I will place a lot off brushstrokes on top of it. Okay, so I feel everything very carefully and you raise what's not the skin and re black. I want to be sure that my skin color is going to every edge off the line. So for this I have to hide what's behind. And it's just to hide the cold whole layer and I can't see here. I have a little hole and a little of a lap. It's very important that you are precise just at this stage, because we will build everything on top of that. As usual, we will work in a texture on this Kim till which is, uh, very flat. Actually, I want to give me the opportunity to maybe change his color so it's better. In fact, they kill layer on top and click on clipping mask. Um, you can choose the brush. You won't. I will use a bit of Nicaragua el because the there is a lot of texture in the skin. Tones get a color, maybe a cool tone red of blue for the shadows and lowered the opacity of my brush darker blue. Let's be brave. Made a shadow under the hair. You have to decide where is a light on as I have placed my shadow here. Let's say the light is coming this way, so I should have a bit of shadow here. It's his light, right, and it's not a portrait, so you don't have to be so neat as you would be in a portrait. Just be cohesive was your shadows. Tip of the finger is a kind of a red or pink, maybe tip of the nose hairs to cheeks. Chicks could be a bit brighter, maybe at some light now. So I said, the light is coming from here home, trying to be the tone. This is very supple, and there is those bones here. I really need to know the name in English. In French, we say, Clever killer. Maybe I could smudge this bitch just not to have a harsh line. Um, what's bothering me is I think it's time to make the hair and eyes and eyebrows because she has a strange look. Let's go in tub, get a very black, very black or, um, almost maybe brown grades or IQ in the hair. It will give me a dark value close to my skin tone, so I will be able to, um, just nice. Qyntel on the edge of the hair needs to be softened a bit, so let's take the glass and the smudge tool on. I want to smudge just the edge to give it more softness. Go back to this. Kim and I had the same color than the hair. Let's give her some around eyes. But this case, you really don't need to be very detailed right from here. Susie's parts is a bit lighter. Um, yeah, I risk a really almost wides was, uh, hard brush. Very small two wides. Does she look at that? I use now a bit more. Let's go on with the Carell on the light. Could be more right Can I face? So there isn't a polite er kind of blue light. Very light green might be interesting. I have switched to the glass brush just for more sickness. I have also lower the opacity. You want to a really great variety of colors and just Kim. It's just your taste. You can still go back after if you want. Let's say you're happy with this. I'm going to the drawing girl layer, which is the skin here. I will click on Also Lock and let's try to had a color for the line. Let's begin was brownish on. Here you click on Feel Your A line will change. This is not bad. What I see is maybe I could white and a bit my eyes not too much because it's never white. And give her some makeup. Maybe 12. Coloring: sofa and jewels: we're almost done. I have a main element that I have left white, which is the arm ter silver, and I'm not sure it needs a very huge print. I had planned a light lavender but really doesn't fit with the rest of it at a layer. Believe the brown background it. Imagine my brush That's okay just to make try with colors. Let's try was very dark blue. If it's some cohesive or not, and as I am below everything, I won't have much to we raise just to fund, I said, I need to do as well, and I see some details that are not correct. For example, here, let me fix this. I would advise you to do this when you see it's because if you wait, you will lose track of it. This kind of raise a kid for me, so let's add a layer on top. I'm clipping mask on. It's time for writing, Um, pattern. I have placed gold falls in the armchair and following the direction of the chair. And now let's put back my blue on top and I will raise inside was my big wash very small, and I think it's time for spirals and swirls because Clint had this everywhere. Maybe like this one. When I raise everything in, the gold is coming outside. This is not complicated. The only difficulty is to vary the angles of the swirls on. Did you try to avoid, uh, true symmetrical things? Don't forget you have some spirals kept by the edge of the arm, jer, and make really the difference between the two sides to have nice perils. It might be interesting to give a bit of streamline to your brush. So for this, you click on the brush and the first thing stroke path. I have my streamline about 70% because it really helps to make nice spirit. I think we're quite close to the end. Uh, doubles the 31 in the dress here. It's really to bear. Let's makes his bracelets. The dark line here is really too strong for me. So I'm going on the drawing layer, get my razor, and I want to lower the upper city. I don't want to raise everything just a bit. Yes, and I'm going on. The rename this to will remain Get the flash very thin. Uh, the brown color would be more suitable. I think something I can take here Actually, I'm replacing my block line with something softer. Um, I think we lack like squares on Despaigne Jing so we'll make kind of a grid following the shape of the breast. Let's and I will, um, gemstones inside of different colors And I will take the colors in the center here on here . It's really, really very small. Gets a very small brush, Take a color and I will go one way very light just on the edge where the light is hitting found get the same initial color and go darker. This will gives me a lot of volume and same for every color. I have raised some gems because I thought it would be too much And I wont you give the indication of the shadow inside the bracelets. So I will do now the clone Take care. I don't know how to name this onto necklace Exactly the same way. Let me go back. This is always the same. Wait, Do this. You get a color which is the middle color. Was that you? You you like color You like you feel you're drawing well now you will get a lighter blue. I'm thinking of the light coming here. I will give the indication of light hitting the gym. And I'm changing the drawing of the lights as my gems are turning around And I get a very dark blue maybe too dark and I want to indicate a shadow. Basically, it's the opposite way from the light. And this will give you and I don't tell you. And color history here is very convenient. To do this, I made the the kleiss yielding the inspiration from the Joe Will that is in the Pinterest board. Very honorable. 13. Coloring: fan and finishing touches: I only have left to fund. And I think that finally will use a drawing like this. But I think this gold is bit too bright. So here, which is, I think No, no. Here I go to this layer. But which is gold as well? I don't know. We'll take a nickel row. I will check, um brownish greenish and go on top of this. I want to age a bit My goal because I'm afraid it's really too bright, so kind of giving some dirt limits. And I also have this to finish, but maybe can stay this way. Was maybe some black dots. Yes, just black dots will do the trick. I do this after. So go back to my fan. What color for my son. Maybe this could stay gold. And this I need to place the color in Turpin to cut out this pattern. Let's make some tries. I found maybe it's time to incorporate a color or that is not already in it. All that is so light. Let's try light green. Nope. I want to keep everything visible so I can just this color to go with the rest of it. And I'm quite sure at this stage you don't have the same colors, and I do, and sometimes with this myth that you cannot get the exact color you want. But you can still feel from the layer because I think it will be a blue, but not this one. It's a poor blue for me. Neither richer color looks good to me. And to help me, I went rotates my drawing, so I have the same here with my a razor squash razor. Let's draw some leave. This is not bad, but maybe I need to make a now Klein quash dark blue, and the dark line is really to Doric. So same no worthy capacity, and I don't want to lower a bit Cysts Talk line. Not totally, not completely removing. Just lower this so it blends is your I have added there talk centers here in the freeze on . Also, I have a little bit off paint in some shapes. Basically, I think this is almost down. I still have this part that's bothering me. Maybe just, um, a gold freeze like a ribbon here and the rest. It's time for having a quiet place. This pain change so same as usual. I will article tour under only will erase was my flash a razor and this is it. I think I will call this finished. You can go on and on four hours. But basically this is a claim style. I like the overall colors. There is Is Tatchell blue here that would maybe recall for another blue touch here. Well, I can't really think about this one for several days. Maybe let it sit for a while and go back in our or move. But at some point, you have to decide it's finished. And this is the most difficult part for me in a drawing. 14. Conclusion: our class is now finished. But before you leave, I want to summarize always so and give you more ideas if you need some for this particular painting. We used this photo as a reference for the pose a zoo can't see. There is nothing very common at the end for the hair, the fan and neck lace. Here are the inspiration for that. I took indepent tourist board. I provided you and I want to show you where I took my inspiration for all the prince and patterns. So I have er circled with the blue line where I took my inspiration and you can see that sometimes it's very alike and sometimes it's really different. And here is no the painting I did, and I want to show you the same thing. The photo I took for the inspiration for the pose as well as the Clint paintings are used for giving me some ideas for the patrons. And really, sometimes I change the color so much that if I don't tell you where it's coming from, and quite sure you can't guess, are this painting off? Adele Bauer is one of my favorite. It has so many prints in it that you can use it in different ways. And here is photo for the hair on the neck place. It's not very visible, but really, it's interesting. This dress was also used from this painting, which is one of the better of unfreeze. And this last one is very inspired by my favorite painting of all. As you can see, I hope you really like this glass. And I'm really happy to see you again quite soon in another new class. See you soon and thanks for following my class. 15. Bonus: timelapse: do you?