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Digital marketing crash course for online marketing: Social media, email, SEO, advertising and more

teacher avatar Henk Dezzel

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Online marketing crash course introduction

    • 2. Online marketing vs traditional marketing methods

    • 3. Online Marketing Definition

    • 4. Evolution of online marketing

    • 5. The online marketing industry (Growth & Trends)

    • 6. The online marketing value chain

    • 7. Brand Marketing

    • 8. Performance marketing

    • 9. Cost models

    • 10. Google Analytics

    • 11. Channel: Search

    • 12. Channel: E-mail

    • 13. Channel: Display advertising

    • 14. Channel: Social Media

    • 15. Affiliate marketing

    • 16. Targeting and retargeting

    • 17. Video marketing

    • 18. Marketing with webinars

    • 19. Marketing automation

    • 20. Google Ads

    • 21. Facebook ads manager

    • 22. Tracking

    • 23. 1-page online marketing plan

    • 24. Starting a campaign

    • 25. Optimization, A/B testing & landingspages

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About This Class

Originally written for a bachelors study, our online marketing training has now made it to Skillshare as a crash course. We'll guide you through all the history, terminology, tools and targets within online marketing. But more importantly, we'll teach you how to use this knowledge and get your first online marketing campaigns running in just a day! Get started right now and discover the possibilities of online marketing for your business, career or studies!

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Henk Dezzel


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1. Online marketing crash course introduction: welcome to our owner marketing Crest scores. Discourses also taught me. I said University, I must build from our own experience running hundreds of online marketing campaigns in our company after the course, you know the ins and outs of all my marketing and are ready to be successful. Life given, of course, will guide you through all the owner marketing, history, terminology and tooling, starting with a simple and effective owner marketing plan. You know how to reach and engage your online audience by the various channels that exist such a search engines, email, social media and affiliate marketing. You also learn what you have to do to set up launch measure and optimize owner marketing campaigns to reach your goals, get started right away and discovered the possibilities of online marketing for your business career or studies. Enjoy the course and please leave your commencing questions so we can improve and expand the course content 2. Online marketing vs traditional marketing methods: in this lesson will discuss the advantages of using online marketing in comparison to other marketing methods. After this lesson, you know the difference between these methods and why only marketing has so much to offer. For both big companies and companies that have just started, traditional marketing involves the promotional strategies use prior to the Internet or what is now referred to s off line marketing. These include generals and marketing tactics such as radio, television, billboards, direct sales publications, telemarketing, face to face and self product printed materials like flyers. As you can see, these examples are including offline digital marketing channels. Well, traditional marketing methods might be effective at bringing results. That doesn't mean integrating other options cannot be as effective. For example, a television advertising might pull in many prospects, but so couldn't add on YouTube for less money with real time results. Examples of different owner marketing channels are email displaying better advertising, social media websites, content marketing and search engine marketing, both organic and paid. Each of these online marketing channels will be explained in separate videos you in this course, but what are the benefits of using all our marketing compared to traditional marketing methods. Choosing all our marketing instead of traditional marketing provides the following benefits all my marketing or was a lot of opportunities to reach an audience for little or no money , more cost efficient and easily scalable. Bob's bikes, for example, can reach his target audience using existing online groups and social media platforms. The results of online marketing methods are measurable in real time. There are many tools that can be used to find out which all a market channels bringing most sales and at what cost. All our marketing channels are trackable and measurable down to the click. All the available tools and data that saved make it possible to measure the complete customer journey for traditional marketing methods. Like explained in the video. Why did use for all I marketing? This is achievable. This made it possible for Bob's bike to see that disposal Facebook achieve a lot more engagement in order. Social media platforms. Because you're a graphical, barriers won't have to limit all my marketing reach. It is possible to target broader audience than when you would solely rely on traditional marketing for books, bikes, for example. This isn't relevant because he sells his buycott local store without any shipping possibilities. Yet with all my marketing channels, it is possible to target a specific audience. For example, all on ads can be darted exclusively to certain demographics, interest, languages, time zones and more while excluding irrelevant audiences using traditional marketing channels like television after problem that specific dieting isn't possible. This means that you pay for irrelevant audiences to see your marketing messages. With online marketing targeting often audience across multiple channels, it's possible all the different available channels make it possible to Daugherty audience. Of course, multiple channels and different devices. The whole customer journey could be adjusted to the different channels and devices your target audience used to gain the most advantage. For example, books bike uses social media platforms and display advertising to reach his local target audience and use email marketing to stay connected to the people. The years reached. So, in short, all our marketing provides the opportunity for businesses like books bike to reach a specific target audience, of course, multiple online channels, while trekking and measuring data down to the click. You can even start with a low budget and scale up when it's all I marked in, Your campaign is successful, and that's how the basic idea off online marketing works 3. Online Marketing Definition: In this video, we will explain what online marketing is, what digital marketing is and the difference between online and digital marketing. Depending on who you ask, the term online marketing convene a variety of things. All our marketing is often mistaken for digital marketing. While these two are connected to each other, that definitely means something different. To give a clear explanation off the term on our marketing, we used the following definition. Marketing efforts don't solely over the Internet. It's a short and broad definition of what online marketing actually is. This definition does not mention the company products, services or buyers. This is because the list of all my marketing practitioners is bigger than just cos there are far more goals than just selling a product or service. And more people are involved than just bias and salus. All my marketing is actually a form of digital marketing. We used the following definition of digital marketing. Digital marketing is any form of marketing that involves Elektronik devices. This is the marketing is actually an umbrella term that refers to using digital channels, devices and platforms to build or promote your marketing message, whether they are online or not. In other words, with digital marketing, you don't limit yourself to using the Internet. Only it is safe to say that anything that has a digital foundation can be considered digital marketing. The umbrella of data. The marketing, with its different generals, could look as follows off live television, radio, electronic billboards, telemarketing. And that's a mess. Online search both organic and paid email display Inventor adds social media website and content marketing all my marketing. Also commonly referred to as Internet marketing. This type of marketing uses various online tools to drive traffic to, for example, of website better advertisements, pay per click and targeted email list are examples off methods that are often used to bring the most value by the online marketing petitioner. So in short, with all my marketing, we mean all marketing related efforts performed on the Internet because all my marketing can be practised by everyone. The definition doesn't mention companies or specific goals. Online marketing is considered digital marketing because of the use of online digital channels, and that's what meant with owner marketing 4. Evolution of online marketing: welcome. Good that you're watching this video. In this video, we will discuss the most important events in the past that helped to create all our marketing as we know it today. Nowadays, one of the important online marketing channels is email marketing. The first email ever sent is where we start our timeline. In 1971 Ray Tomlinson was the first person to ever send an email. They started just as an experiment to see if two computers could exchange the message. Seven years later, in 1978 Gary Turk was the first person to send a mass email to 400 recipients. His mass email was sent as a promotion for his company, which resulted in $13 million in sales. The year 1980 was the year of the development off database marketing, relationship, marketing and computer, or reentered span. With the development of new technologies, traditional less broking was on the pressure and resulted in a new and improved form called database marketing. In 1981 the first personal computer was developed by IBM. Like the name already says, this computer was developed for personal use. 10 years later, 1991 the worldwide weapons laws. That's a global information medium, which uses could use to read and write via computers connected to the Internet. After the launch of the World Wide Web, the development of marketing on the Internet went really quick in 1993 the first Internet advertisement, Basulto, a Silicon Valley law firm by Global Network Navigator, also did. Mosaic developed the diverse, Internet supported graphical Web browsing in the same year. In 1994 the digital agency Modern Media used first ever better at to promote seven art museums to the readers of hotwire dot com. First return on investment are Oi Tool for Better at campaign was launched in 1996. In the same year, the first known and documented version of a paper click, PPC, was included in a Web directory called Planet. In December that year, the Web hosting company Zoom sent the marketing email to six million Internet used to advertise their email robot, which was an anti spam filter into when you're later 1997. Website owners recognize the value of high ranking and visible websites in search results. This resulted in the beginning off Certs engine optimization Seo, 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin officially launched Google on the World Wide Web, which is now the most used in known search ending in the same year. Go to dot com launched the first ever search advertising keyword auction two years later after lunch of Google Search, and he started over advertising space on search result pages. Nowadays, approximately 90% of Google's revenue comes from advertisement. Google also loans Google AdWords in 2000. In the beginning, Google AdWords advertise Spade for the service monthly and Google would set up and manage their campaign. In 2001 Universal Music was supposed company to ever learn to mobile marketing campaign. This was a campaign for an island record single 2004 Facebook, founded by psychology in computer science student Mark Zuckerberg, where life Facebook started as the Facebook and Morse, originally a social website limited to Harvard students. In 2005 both YouTube and Google analytics were launched. Google Analytics is a Web analytics service offered by Google the tricks and reports website traffic. YouTube was invented by Chad Hurley, Steve Jen and Jeff Carry. They developed the idea for YouTube after they had experimented difficulty sharing videos that had been shot at a dinner party after the launch of the Facebook in 2004. The Social media site became selling advertising space in 2006. In the same year Twitter is launched. Market is started with split testing and Google Board YouTube. 11 years after first sold pay per click by planet always in 1996 pay per click programs are proved to be primary moneymakers. Google Board, DoubleClick. In the same year, Double Click was specialising, identifying and tracking specific target audiences by the use of cookies. Also did Facebook allow advertised to target campaigns and demographics on the Web since 2007. The real time search and the results are available on Google since 2009. This provides real time results from sources like Twitter, Facebook blocks and news websites. In the same year, Internet advertisements outnumber television advertisements for the first time in history. 2010 Twitter launch Promotional tweets Promoted tweets are ordinary tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a wider group of users. 2011 Google launches Google Plus and panda Google Plus is an Internet based social network and Penda is a change in the Google search results. Aggravated. The aim of Penda is to lower the rank off low quality sites and we turn higher quality sides near the top of the search results. Also in 2011. The amount of Web use over text TV viewership in this year. Snapchat has also launched since 2012. It is possible to show ads on user new feats on Facebook. Google launches and hands campaigns one year lates to target mobile devices more effectively in 2014 Mobile Internet using exceed specie Internet uses. This shows importance for businesses to be able to target mobile devices. Only thing tailored ads on are available to target your audience after the launch four years earlier snapped yet launched its discovery feature with the goal to show sorted content from media partners and verified celebrities. 2015 is also the year off Predictive Analytics, which is the use of statistical models to discover patterns in historical and transactional data to expose both risk and opportunities. An example is the use of statistic models to discover presence in data regarding two plane tickets. The use off predictive Analytics makes it useful to, for example, predict when a customer has to need to buy a plane ticket. This could be season related month related where the related etcetera 2016 snapped yet launches its ad snapped yet Partner program to connect advertisers with Snapchat community . Google also started to use Mobile first indexing, which made the adjustment off your website marketing campaign targeting etcetera to mobile devices. Even more important, with the rise of importance of mobile device for marketing GPS based search engine optimization, Seo is getting more and more important. In some cases, GPS based as CEO even overtakes the importance of the words seems to change in the algorithm and Facebook news feeds in 2018. It is harder for businesses, brands and media to reach their audience discourses. Facebook's organic reach to decline 5. The online marketing industry (Growth & Trends): this video will explain why businesses should consider all my marketing as part of their marketing strategy and what important trends are within the online marketing industry. Lots of business make a lot of money both online and offline. But if businesses make money off line, then why should you include online marketing as well? Because for years, the Internet is very promising toe mark this brands and everyone trying to do business online E commercials showing a bigger increase in sales than in store sales on a year to year basis, With more and more people being online every day, lots of people can be reached through online marketing for little to no money. Because of the rise of different devices and especially mobile phones, it is possible to reach your target audience at any place and any time since 2014. Mobile Internet use. It even surprised the Internet usage of personal computers with tools like Google Analytics . It's possible to track and measure metrics from who your visitors are toe what they're doing on your website. This doesn't only make it possible to know exactly who you visit us and costumes are and what they are doing on your website. But this also makes it possible to determine the audience that is most likely to buy through different channels. Now that we've determined a target audience, it is important to personalized content to a uses as they are flooded with content from other companies. For this reason, we need to stand out to them. This makes it important to research who your target audience really is and adjust the content to their interest, location, language, etcetera. Nowadays, it is even possible to reach our target audience at the relevant time and place based on their location. This is school geo targeting. There are even possibilities of offering discount goats or sending a message to people who are nearby, and online contact between the basis and consumers gets faster, more direct and easier. This trend is expected to continue the next couple of years. After all, the customer is online at all times and places and expects the same from the company's. You receive purchase products or services from all the possibilities, such as online advertising, social media, so its engine marketing blocks and away websites can be created. Make it possible from starting business owners to big brains to grow a business online. Those are just a few of the reasons why to consider all I marketing as a way to achieve your mark tingles. 6. The online marketing value chain: in this video, we'll explain how the only marketing value chain works. The Value Chain is the center of activities that parties perform in order to deliver extra value to a product or service with a goal to raise margins or increasing sales. The only marketing Villa chain will go as follows. An advertiser is a person or company that wants to deliver a message to its customers. Were an online medium attempting to raise brand awareness or getting them to buy their product? For example, Books Bikes wants to start an advertisement campaign. In most cases, the advertisers higher at agencies for Online Marketing services, an ad agency is a business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for other parties. In this case, wolves bikes at a disease burgess ad space from ad networks. Advertisers aren't required to use an ad agency, but smaller companies usually do because they don't have the skills and resources to manage their own ads on online advertising. Network is a party between advertisers and publishers like websites or ABS. Auctioning advertising space from multiple publishers to advertise us in real time. Google Ads is one of the biggest ad networks on online Purpose ER is usually a website, app or a video platform that provides advertisement space toe on ad network. This is with a goal to create revenue with their platform publishes that attract more. Users to their website with high quality content usually receive higher bits on their advertisement space. This is what the user sees when visiting his favorite website. If the user is interest in yet, he will click on it and will be sent to the advertiser's website. When this happens, this is usually when the publisher also gets bait. Some advertisers use different platforms, which are both ad networks and publishers. These are platforms like Facebook or YouTube, which don't require external publishers and show ads directly to the users. So ensure boats bikes, tries to raise brand awareness and therefore hires an ad agency to manage his online advertising. The ad agency Birches ad space from multiple ad networks. These ad spaces our spaces on purposes websites that are being visited by the users because the low threshold and low investment boats bikes tries to next to the ad agency to advertise on YouTube and Facebook 7. Brand Marketing: In this lesson, we will explain the importance of brand marketing in general online brand marketing and how to implement a brand strategy. Nowadays, it is easy for customers to compare products and prices online. Customers are also concerned with the quality of the product and a trustworthy unanswered for company. People research the company and we've used, I find online. Consumers also tend to stick to familiar brains rather than switch to new ones. Brand marketing can make the difference between being recognized or unknown company by potential customers. It is about spending time and money as an investment in building a brand value. The value of having a well known brand name, which causes concern, soon, was to believe that a product is better than those with less well known names is called Brand equity. Like any other business asset, the brand makes future sales possible. Brand marketing isn't about selling immediately. It is about the mutually beneficial communication relationship within the consumer via communication off products and services. It is the sum of all the touchpoints together that will build a relationship. There's customer loyalty. Good brand marketing isn't only a logo and a slogan, but you should be able to explain what the company does just by hearing their name. When you're Apple, you will think about returning device. When you're Nike, you will think about sports clothing. When you hear book, you will think about bikes your own. My brain can no longer be seen separately from its on line appearance. Your strategy should include the way your brand will be presented online, what channels you are going to use and what kind of messages should be communicated. You can reach a lot more people with a strong campaign or Facebook or Instagram. Then with a billboard above the highway, The right branding strategy is essential. If you want your business to succeed, he's already starts. While you're starting your business from scratch, the first important step in your strategy should be defining who you are. Describe the core values and purpose of your business. This is the foundation upon which all order components are built. The next step is positioning. At this step, you define your customers, and competitors describe what the differences between you and your competitors and brand touch point. The third step is the identity of the business, where you define your brand name brand design standards and important touch point concepts important. Charest awaits. Six are connected to the brand identity, such as a caller and name, a logo or a symbol. The last step is communication. This is a comprehensive step where you define both the internal and external communication off the business. These could include, for example, the product or service design brand culture. How your website should look, packaging public relations and advertising. After all, your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It's the centerpiece of your marketing communication, and I didn't do you you do not want to be without. In short. First you define who you are, followed by positioning, defining your identity and then how your business communication will be put into practice. And that's how brand marketing works. 8. Performance marketing: In this video, we will explain what performance marketing is, what return on investment is and how performance marketing helps with achieving a higher return on investment, performance, marketing, refers toe online marketing and advertising programs in which advertisers and marketing companies are paid when a specific action is completed. These are specific action, such as a sale or a click. Simply put, they are paid for performance rather than quantity. With performance marketing, advertisers can measure everything from the cost of a sale toe average order value. The opportunities for advertisers have expanded over different channels, such as the mobile Web, social media, search engines, display, advertising and email. Combining these channels through retargeting allows advertisers to warm up their users before attempting to persuade them to make a purchase. This is also called a customer journey or a sales funnel. The customer journey, for example, is a model that can be used to define through what channel you're going to target a customer in the face. They are within their journey. Each face the customer will be doctor through different channels. The results of all the face the customer goes through trackable and measurable, which helps adjusting your strategy chosen channels the moment of targeting and the amount of money and time spent per channel and face performance Marketing gives the opportunity to increase the results of your campaign. With this method, you are able to measure and track your action to the click in real time. You receive information immediately, which allows you to determine if you need to make adjustments to your campaign to ensure a positive return on investment. Return on investment measures the gain or loss generated on an investment relative to the amount of money invested, the better you keep track of metrics with performers, marketing and the better you adjust your only strategy to these results, the higher your R o I will be so insured within performance. Marketing, advertising and marketing companies get paid. When a specific action is completed, it is possible to reach a target audience through different online channels. The results of these efforts are measurable down to the click. This makes it possible to adjust your own our marketing strategy to these results to ensure a high return on investment. And that's how performance marketing works 9. Cost models: this video will explain different cost models within performance marketing. Audi are calculated and went to choose which cost model. There are four types of payment which are used in performance marketing. These are course per meal, cost per click course per action and Cosper Elite. Grossman Mills shows the cost An advertiser base for 1000 views on the Net. CBM is calculated by dividing the cost by the number of impressions multiplied by 1000 where the network guys earthrise to reach potential consumers across multiple channels. CBM enables the advertised to compare the cost of each general to define the cheapest one. CPM is also being used because of the cost of you. Often at could be lower than one cent with the gospel click method and advertiser pays when the user clicks on an advertisement. Cost per click is used to determine how clickable and add is because it is a way of measuring attention and interest. The cost public is calculated by dividing the total cost of the clicks by the total number of clicks. There are two types of cost per click models. These are flat rate and bit based CPC with the flat rate model. The advertising purpose you agree on a fixed amount that will be paid. Reach Blake with bid based CPC. Multiple advertisers compete against each other in an auction. The end of the advertiser with the highest bid will get the advertisement spot. Cross police shows the amount off course, an advertiser base per amount off explicit signs sign up or registrations with his model, the advertiser base for sign ups from consumers interested in the advertisers offer. This is also called online. The Generation. The cost per lead is calculated by dividing the total ad spent with the total amount of new registrations with cost per action. The advertiser pays for each specified acquisition, like a sale or form. Submit. The C B A is calculated by defining the cost by the number of acquisitions. So in short, depending on what product or service you sell on what your goals are, you make a choice between one of the building strategies. With these strategies, you pay per 1000 views, clicks, actions or acquisitions for books, bikes who tries to sell bikes through online advertisement. The prosper action can be used because Bob advertise online with the goal of people visiting a store. You should use the CPI a method together, for example, register forms or email addresses. Now both will have to pay only when someone leaves his or her personal info so both can contact that person, and that's how performers marketing works. 10. Google Analytics: in this video will explain the advantage of Google analytics and what you can achieve with it. Google Analytics gives you all the insides needed about the visitors of your website. You can see what the gender is from which age group they are, what their interests are, what kind of devised a browse on and how they behave on your website. You can find different reports in Google Analytics under reports menu such as audience acquisition behavior and conversion reports. In the audience reports, you will find detailed reports about your visitors age, gender, general interest, location, language, often day, visit your website and the device and browse and they're using. In this report, you concede it about 68% of your visit discomfort in the United States. Pulled by Great Britain and Spain. The acquisition report provides data about what row visitors to your website. This report breaks down all traffic by main categories such as email, organic referrals, social media or direct and into the specific sources such as Facebook, Google or the name of your even marketing program and his report. You can see that the people that visit the website most of the time are people that have organically sorts for the website. In the behavioral reports, you'll find out today to regarding the content of your website. So says the number of page views, average time in the page bounce rate and the most viewed page is This report will also show what terms are shorts for the pages that were shown for the searches. Here you can see that there have been 63,960 page views from which 46,396 are unique. You can also see the efforts time people spend on the page. How many people leave your page immediately and more. The conversion report shows how many covert since your website has received and what pages uses covert adore. This report also shows the path of visitors took to complete the corporation. In this report, you can see metric sources a number of times a gold has been completed, the number of purchase that have been made on your website, the number of new registrations and much more, together with a gold completion location, which shows the webpage where a certain goal has been completed. This report gives a clear image of the effects of your online marketing efforts. Google Analytics also provides the option to compare different data sets, such as the same metrics from different periods, the number of agents from different channels and sources, or the number of corporations compared between different channels or sources. All these options make it possible to measure the effects of your own, my marketing efforts and create by a personas. With this data, it is possible to see if your own life strategy has to decide results or to find out if you need to adjust your satiety. So in short, Google Analytics provides all the data needed to track and measure your own my marketing strategies. All this data are subdivided and can be found in the audience acquisition, behavior and conversion reports. 11. Channel: Search: in this video, we will teach you how to use search anti marketing to increase your website traffic rapidly and the difference between search engine optimization and advertising Search engine marketing is in a way of promoting on the Internet by increasing the visibility off a website in search engine results Bates Like Google, this has the goal to drive relevant traffic to a page off your preference. There are two ways to achieve this. These are search engine optimization and search engine advertising. Research entered optimization methods are used to increase the traffic to a website by increasing the search engine pay drink. This often involves improving the reliability of the website. The quality of the content and ensuring the content is relevant for the searches belonging to your target audience. Search engine advertising is a method of increasing traffic to a website by advertising on search and jeans. You pay for the sport you will receive on a search Engine results page on the top of the screen. Your head will appear when someone searched for a keeper that you are targeting for one of your products or services. Both methods are used to increase traffic to a website via search engines. So what is actually the difference between search engine optimization and search engine advertising? Search engine optimization has um, or long term effect on the amount of website traffic gained via search engines, but will take longer to start up, as opposed to search engine advertising produces immediate results and has an instant return on investment. You can start a campaign and will see results in just a couple of hours. But as soon as you stop your campaign, your aunt's will stop showing up in a search engine. Also, search engine optimization cost time. We'll search engine advertising cause money. This is why the combination of both is recommended because it will combine immediate with long lasting results. So change in advertising can be a very cost effective marketing method because it gives you the ability to target people at the right moment. For example, when the search for you or your services products to offer and depending when you straight , did you? You only have to pay when customers take actions like clicking on your at as explained in the lesson performance marketing. Now you know why. To use search engine marketing methods, we will look at how to start a search engine advertising campaign. The first thing you have to do is marketing research to determine your target audience. Bob's bike sells Citi bikes so his customers will mostly be customers. Someplace is accessible by banks. The next step is choosing the right keywords you want people to find you with. In this case box blacks is likely to sell US backs to. People are looking for bikes on the Internet design. A clear ankle size at that will appeal to your customers. Carefully select the right, say things like the budget and the start and end date of your campaign. Launch your campaign and monitor it when it's so life. Adjust your campaign when necessary. Be careful with a selection off the right settings. A mistake might undermine the efficiency of the campaign and make you burn a lot of cash. In short, search engine marketing is a way of promoting insert engines with a goal to increase traffic to your website. This can be T would search engine optimization and advertising. Search engine advertising provides direct results, but will cost money. Also, attention optimization will increase your website traffic in the longer term won't cost money, but it will be time consuming. If you start up a search engine marketing campaign, you'll have to define what keywords an audience you are going to target and design clear ads. Keep monitoring the campaign after loans and adjust settings if necessary. And that's how search engine marketing works. 12. Channel: E-mail: in this video, we will explain how email marketing works. Why to add email us a channel to your marketing strategy, performance, tracking and gathering emails. Email marketing can be explained as the act of sending marketing message to a new or existing customer by email. Email marketing provides a lot of benefits. An email list could be used to drive sales, customer engagement, customer retention and brand awareness. Email marketing will offer the opportunity to convert visitors on your website to customers in the future by maintaining contact via email. For example, box bikes could email visitors off his website with the latest news after they subscribe to his weekly newsletter, triggering them to return to Bob's right side website. Will stay otherwise. Wouldn't do with email marketing tools. It is possible to track and measure the performance of all your campaign. This provides analytical data that can be used to optimize your campaigns. In addition to general tracking, you can segment your audience in all kinds of specific criteria, such as their location, gender or interest, allowing you to personalize emails for your subscribers. Personal interests, different ways to use email marketing, our sales and promotions on your products or services. New product announcements The series of automatic sent emails after an email subscription. Reengagement E mails for subscribes. You haven't engaged with your emails for a while. Email marketing is also less expensive and easier to convert potential customers into paying customers than most marketing channels. This is because once you have to email address, you were able to send them as many emails as needed without having to pay for every single email. You can target them where most people who look at daily interim in their in box. But how to gain these email addresses? There are different ways together new email addresses, for example, seducing them with something they definitely want in exchange for your email address and permission to email them. This could be free content, a discount or newsletter subscription so they won't miss a thing. Building an email list both business to business and business to consumer ensures that none of your website traffic is lost. The same people are likely to come back again after receiving emails that interest the concerning person receiving an email. In short, email marketing has a lot of benefits for both gathering new customers and building a relationship with God on current customers. The possibilities to track and measure email campaigns and targeting a specific audience provides a lot of opportunities. Because email marketing cause little to no money, it is possible to build brand awareness, which leads to converting an audience into customers. It is important to build an email list. This can be done, for example, offering a discount free content or a newsletter subscription, and that's how email marketing works. 13. Channel: Display advertising: In this video, we will discuss banner ads and display advertising after this lesson. You know the basics off display advertising, how display advertising works and what a banner ads you'd consist off. The number of people that can be reached online through publishes websites like a news website provides an opportunity for advertisers that are trying to sell products or services. Display advertising can be used as a mark Think general, to reach a lot of people in a short time while gaining immediate results off your ads performance. It is also method off attracting the audience of a purposes website or social media to encourage the user to click through to Atlantic bait and taken action like an email list registration. These advertisements are made up of text based image or video content with the goal to increase brand awareness, generate sales or we talk to the audience that already visited your website. Display advertising makes it possible to target on keywords, demographics, proceeded websites, specific topics or interests. What was bikes, for example, can target his new better at on audiences. That visit publishes website with bike related content and which are from his neighborhood , creating effective and compelling ad creatives are important to attract your target audience and get them to click. The language should match that of your target audience, avoid personal words and be clear. The first thing that would be notices the headline or title. This would be short, clear and inviting to read and watch the whole at below the headline or title. We place the image, which must match the message. You want to spread with your ad and should make clear what the ad is about. Although this play advertising is inherently visual, at copy is really important. While designing the ed tried to establish urgency, make people curious and make important parts of the text stand out, more Internet users are conditioned to recognize the shape of a bottom, which makes them likely to click on your venerate. Therefore, your banner ads should include a button or at least a call to action. The call to action is specific message with a promotional message, so chest rent now ordered this bike or sign up for the weekly newsletter, the traffic of the publishes website that clicks on a banner ads should lead to a landing page. This is a paste the business page. Visitors will be sent to after clicking on the Net with a purpose such as registering or purchasing order than the home page. Atlantic Page won't have a navigation bar to avoid the use to click away, the landing page could look as follows. The logo off the company brand or product, just like the at the landing page should include a short, clean and inviting headline. Below the headline. A short sub headline gives more info about the goal of the landing page. An image can be used to make clear what the pages about at a glance. Just like that. Just discussed subjects, the submit form and a notable CD. A. Such a subscribe should be placed above the folk. Every subject above the fold is visible without having to scroll down. This is where visitors leave their information when, for example, subscribing to a newsletter. After inserting your information, they were click on the bottom below. This button should be notable within the whole landing page and include a short call to action, including the partners. Your basis work with or including the brand you are selling could persuade the visitor of the landing page to do what you want. Besides partners and brands, social proof should be included in the form of testimonials. These testimonies are text from satisfies customers your business did business with at the bottom of the landing page. The copyright info in terms of service can be found. This is a great example of a better at and a matching landing page. The banner ad is appealing. Short, Clear includes both visual and text and includes an appealing clear call to action in the shape of a bottle. The following images. The landing page you will be sent to after clicking on the Yet the landing page matches the better at includes a logo proof, such as increased number of conversions and, again, a clear and appealing gold toe action with display advertising. The following metrics are used to measure the results impressions. These are the amount of time your ad has been viewed. Reach. This is the number of people you have reached with your at the click through rate shows, the percentage on the number of people that have seen your at and clicked on it. And the conversion rate says something about the number of clicks through that resulted in a conversion, and that's how display advertising works 14. Channel: Social Media: In this lesson, we will discuss how social media marketing works and how to implement this general in your or my marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook are filled with hundreds of millions of consumers, which is a great opportunity for businesses. Social media marketing is a form of online marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks. These include text images, video and other forms of content. There are various metrics that can be used to determine the success of your campaign. You can measure the amount of likes that your post received the total audience. Your prose reached the amount of dislike your post received the total amount of impressions your post had the amount of interactions users had with your post or the amount of new followers your post generated. Just like order performance marketing channels. Social media marketing can increase website traffic, increase sales or race rent awareness. Social media marketing has to benefit that communication with because you almost has a low threshold which could improve interaction with target audiences and Lito building relationships and communities. Social media marketing also offers the ability off bait advertising. The benefit here is that it allows you to manage your own advertising campaigns and target specific audience. Because social networks get a such a large amount of user information, you can, for example, target or look language or location. The interested your audience shares the age group of your audience that behavior the connections between your target audience and existing followers. And you can target on the gender off your target group as well. For example, Bogus built a community on Facebook with his books bike space. He has a discount action coming up next Saturday and use the space to promote the message. You also uses paid advertising to reach a Stargate audience. But how do you start with social media marketing and what kind of platform should you start ? We advise you to start slow and small and scale from there while continuously monitoring the process. Start with no more than 2 to 3 social networks. In the beginning, research your competitors and determine which platforms they're using. Determine what type of content you want to post. This could be written text, images, videos or order types of content results on which social media networks your target audience is the most after you get it? All this information outline your social media strategy, including your objectives. These objectives could be, for example, brand awareness sales or registrations. In short, social media provides the opportunity to reach a specific target audience without being disruptive. This can be done with text, images, videos and other forms of golden with the business page or bait advertising just like order performance marketing channels. Social media marketing makes it possible to track different kind of metrics to measure the success of your campaign. And we know that it's smart to start small and resorts all competitiveness, target audience and goals regarding social media before you start, and that's how social media marketing works. 15. Affiliate marketing: In this video, we will explain what affiliate marketing is, how it works and how you can use it within your online marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is type of performance marketing, in which advertises reward one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates. Marketing efforts. Affiliates are the partners or soup advertisers and can provide visitors and customers for the advertiser by praising the advertise at on their own website or app to give a clear view off how affiliate marketing works. We go through the steps off this basic process. First, the affiliate in this case, Jones Block about the best biking routes shows an advertiser at, in this case, Bob's at. Then a user visits John's block and sees boobs advertisement resulting in the user being interested in the at and clicking on yet user sent to the advertisers side through a trackable link. So both Bob and John no use a clicked on the at and then it on box website or landing page . The user sees Bob rent bikes with discount this season and decides to book a rental bike on a specific date. The purchase and the details of the conversion are recorded after the conversion is recorded, the reservation is confirmed by Advertising Bob as a valid conversion. At the last step Affiliate Marketing, John gets paid his commission on Bob's Conversion. Affiliate marketing is based on no que no pay and has the following compensation structures pay per click. With this method, the affiliate will get paid for each click on advertise at on the affiliates website paper lead. With this method, the affiliate will get paid for each visitor that feels in an advertiser's form, for example, contact for paper sale, as the name already mentions the affiliate. Marketing will get bait with this medic when his marketing efforts will result in a sale for the advertiser pay per view. With this method, you feel it will get paid for a specific amount of time, and ad has been viewed by the user. So, in short, with a few did marketing an advertiser rewards and affiliate for its marketing efforts on your periods, website or network that leads to, for example, views, clicks, leads or sales. The Ophelia uses his own website or network like a block about a subject that is relevant for the advertiser, and that's how affiliate marketing works 16. Targeting and retargeting: In this lesson, we will discuss what darkening and retargeting is and how this works within online marketing. All my marketing makes it possible to target ads to a specific audience. This is most likely an audience to which the ad might be interesting or a similar audience to the people that have previously made a purchase by spending adventure to a specific and relevant audience. The ad campaign will ever I return on investment. Darkening can be based on someone's interest. For example, all of her visits a lot of websites that airbag related like blocks, bike related posts on social media, shops and forms. This information can be used to show all over a bike related at based on his interest. Darkening can also be applied to demographic aled data like gender, age or social class. With the latest developments within the Internet and online marketing, more or more specific targeting options are available. Targeting can be based on, for example, demographic aled data, social information, behavioral history, geographical data and device information. It is even possible to target your potential customer based on the weather, or this is to your shop. What can take advantage of the weather and location based targeting by offering 20% discount on rental bikes on a sunny day to everyone within 500 meters over store. The Edward then be shown to potential Christmas through the Facebook news feed or as a banner ad on a website, the current customers visiting another useful method. All the market is used is retargeting. Retargeting makes it possible to target audience that has visited your website before. In this example, the user visits the website but leaves after a while. The user is tracked through this process and keeps browsing the web. This allows us to show on add on another website, tempting the prospect to return to our side. So why would you target an audience again? It has left your website. According to research, retargeting can increase the conversion rate up to 7%. We'll have a 20% lower bounds rate than previous contact with you, add a website and could recover abandoned cards up to 25%. The bounds rates has something about the number of times your website is visitors and left immediately by the visitors. For example, Bob sees a lot of users visit its website and place products into their shopping card but won't immediately finish their purchase. To prevent these visitors to make a purchase, BOPE uses retargeting to show these users a targeted at offering them a 10% discount on all the purchase on Lee today. He does this by showing banner ads on publisher website and with email marketing. Bob can even choose to show the concerning product within the at or email. A familiar example of retargeting is when you search for flying tickets or hotel in Spain because of your approaching holiday. The days after you search that you will notice, you will see a lot of flying, travelling and hotel related ads. In short, the Internet makes specific targeting based on all kinds of metrics possible ensuring a high conversion rate and with brought Arctic with retargeting. It's possible to lead people who visit your website before back to your site, and that's how targeting and retargeting works 17. Video marketing: In this video, we will explain what video marketing is, what kind of videos you can make and how your business can benefit from video marketing on social media, videos are dominating or the sorts of content even four out of the top six generals, which global consumers are watching videos, Our social media channels, video marketing isn't just developing a video. It's the way you advertise and market through video content, including tracking the results and adjusting your video or strategy based on a gather data . Because video marketing can have different purposes, like attracted new customers or to convert potential customers into paying customers, both has to define the goals for his video marketing strategy. He thinks that his video marketing campaign will be successful when the video gets potential customers to sign up for a newsletter, contact him by filling in a form, submit or visit his store to get more information about the electronic bikes before developing a marketing video. It's important to know who you want to target with the video on what channel to promote the video and what the goal is. So before you start filming, you have to go through the data about your target audience. Bob decides, analyzes current customers and defines what audience equal target with the biggest chance to gain new customers since Bob's Bikes recently started selling electric bikes, he defined the target audience that is most likely to buy these bikes because he sold most of these bags to people belonging to this audience. His target audience for this product is people of the age between 50 and 65 both male and female, who most of them haven't evil account. There are different types of video that can be made. A couple of ideas are sales demo brand videos, interviews and customer testimonial videos. Bob decides to use video marketing as a method to reach a Stargate audience. He chooses to combine the demo and testimony of video that includes both his explanation on how the bike works and a testimonial from a satisfied customer that explains that the bike it's really easy to use after developing and launching the video. It's important to track and measure the results. This can be done with metrics such as the playwright. The amount of video shared, the number of comments, the completion rate, the number of clicks on and a number of sales caused by this video. Bob used the metrics to track and measure if the target audience that you find at the start actually watches the whole video. He also looks at the number of viewers Crawford into elite by filling in the contact form, or fisting is shop. If the data shows something that isn't according to plan, he has to go through a strategy again and, for example, a Stargate audience, channel or video. You can also optimize his results, even if nothing is really going wrong to create a better margin. So insured video marketing provides a lot of benefits to attract new customers and get existing customers to purchase. It's important to define your strategy, goal and target audience for us before you actually start developing a video. When you know who to target and what channel to use, you choose the type of video you will make. Then you'll develop and launch the right video based on your previous research. After launching the video, it's time to track and measure the effects, and that's how video marketing works 18. Marketing with webinars: In this video, we will explain what a webinar ease the benefits of implementing a webinar to your honor marketing strategy and how the process of the webinar goes. Webinar is a one to many communication, which means a single speaker reached an audience, in this case by a video or audio from behind a PC. It's an event on the Internet with an online audience, as the viewers attendees follow a webinar on their PC tablet or smartphone. Using webinars is a market gentle provides opportunities such as asking and answering questions or implemented call to action doing the webinar. The options, like asking or answering questions, provide the opportunity to create a dialogue instead of just sending a message. Both decide to do a webinar about how to clean and maintain bikes to preserve the quality off a bike. The webinar isn't easy and quick way to use as an online marketing channel for different marketing goals. So just gathering new prospects, developing an email list, increase exposure off your brand and even converting prospects into purchasing customers for both. The goal of the Webinar isn't just instructing, but also channel to show the tools he has for sale to clean and maintain a bike. Just like other performance marking method is important to divine Oakley ago. Reach research, your target audience and the channels you want to use. Both free and paid promotional channels could be used to give your webinar even the publicity near to be successful. Both decides to promote his plan. Webinar on the books Bike Facebook, Bates and use paid advertising to reach a Stargate Ordinance Nearer shop. It's important strategically planned the timing to optimize your registration numbers for your upcoming webinar, for example, in order to prevent the risk of having registrants forget they signed up for the Webinar during the promotion period off your webinar. It is important to track and measure the sign. Ups and reactions both sold at the registries for his webinar weren't as much as expected. He decides to spend Maura unpaid advertised to promote his webinar. The webinar itself should be as well prepared as possible, including a script of subjects to talk about and practicing your presentation. Brozova Webinar doesn't stop when the Brethren are date has passed. It's important to reengage with the viewers off your webinars because the viewers may be willing to perform the desired action, like registering to a newsletter, filling in a contact form or even purchasing a product check for each participant at what step they are in the customer journey after the webinar, both segments of viewers off his webinar between new people that first contact with her with Bob's bikes and prospects that had multiple contact numbers with the brand. Already he plans to send people who, at their first contact with the brand Welcome Male and the offer to subscribe to his newsletter. The prospects that had multiple contact moments will be sent a sales email with a discount offer on the products used. Uring the webinar so ensured a webinar is a useful owner marketing channel do not only reach a big audience, but also to create a dialogue, answer questions and an opportunity to get the views to perform. A certain action regarding your mark tingles both the preparation to gather the maximum amount of viewers and the re engagement are important to gain the maximum results from your webinar, and that's how webinars work 19. Marketing automation: In this video, we will explain what marketing automation is different types of marketing automation and how it can improve the efficiency off online marketing activities. But what is marketing automation? Marketing automation is the use of software to automate marketing processes that otherwise would have been performed manually. This makes these process more efficient and provides possibilities that manually wouldn't be possible. Good situation to use marketing automation Armin task are time consuming, repetitive or test that could be triggered by standard rules. For example, every time somewhere regulars for the Bobs Bike Weekly newsletter they will receive an automatically send welcome mail. This would be a very time consuming, a repetitive task above if it will be done manually. The welcome email can also be triggered by standard rules in this case, directly after Someone Records is for the weekend newsletter to give a clear idea of how marketing automation works will explain it with Bob's Bikes automated email flow. Every time a visitor on Bob's Bikes website decides to subscribe to the newsletter, they will start in the automated email flow. This email flow exist off a couple off following emails to subscribers from the first touch with his business until the purchase event. The interaction between the subscribers. Any emails influence the path the subscriber takes and does what emails They'll get sent. For example, someone who didn't open a newsletter for four weeks in a row will get sent an email with a special offer, while someone who engaged multiple times with his brain by reading all emails could be ready to receive an email that will send them to a landing page and be encouraged to purchase a product. But there are more marketing prose that can be automated, an email such as social media marketing course selling and retargeting. It supported to keep your mind while designing your marketing automation flow to create different experiences and offer different contact with prospects based on their current states. In the customer journey, for example, someone who received multiple emails and clicked on all the content within the emails will be more likely to purchase a product than someone who just received their welcome ill. So in short, there are a lot of marketing processes that can be automated to improve efficiency, safe time and for to personalize the customer experience, the automated process will lead prospect from the first touch with your basis to the purchase. If done correctly, the automation includes different experiences based on the prospects current states in the customer journey, and that's how marketing automation works. 20. Google Ads: in this video, we will explain what Google ads is. What kind of ads can be used where ads can be placed targeting and Google ads. Overview. Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google on this platform. Advertisers pay to display ads with the Google Network. TOE Web users. Google offers the option to display text, image or video based ads who makes distinction off search, display and video advertising as options. To place your ad with surgery ad will be shown on search engine results page with display. Your ad will be shown on publishes pages and with video on YouTube. Google obviously option to target on keywords, Demographics, Geographics, language, time and devices Key words are words or sentences on which your target only is it likely to search when looking at products or services related to your business? Both decides to start a campaign on Google ads to promote a new set of cyclists clothing because he doesn't have video material. Yet he choose the goal for search engine advertising. He isn't away yet off the ideal target audience for disclose, so he decides to target a broad audience. He starts with both male and female between the ages of 16 and 35. The language he is going to target his Dutch and the location is the Netherlands. Although we can ship product like this to other country, he doesn't have any experience with it yet. After running their campaign for a couple of days, both takes a look at the overview Google ads offers. Within this overview, all kinds of metrics can be found to measure. If you achieve the desired goals with your campaign here, you can find metrics such as a number of clicks, conversions and impressions this over. You also shows the keywords people are looking for when they see your at the landing bay Statistics, device statistics, demographics and at what time? The at has the most views. Clicks, etcetera. He notices that the people are most likely to click on this at our male between the age of 18 and 25 each day around 12 p.m. His ad that receives the most clicks. Now he knows what audiences you target to achieve the highest number of clicks for his budget. So ensure the Google Ads office the possibility to target your audience through search display and video advertising brought targeting option makes it possible to target a specific audience at a specific time during the time and adds live. It is possible to track and measure the effects of your at, and that's how Google ads works. 21. Facebook ads manager: in this video, we will go through Facebook ads manager. We will explain the available options and how to create a campaign off Facebook's as manager. Facebook ad manager is an all in one ad manager tool for creating ads managing them while they're running and tracking your campaign performance. Facebook ad Manager makes it possible to run ads on Facebook and INSTAGRAM. The first thing to do when you want to start a marketing campaign is choosing an objective . Add manager office, different awareness consideration and conversion objectives. The objective to choose depends on the goal of your marketing campaign. It supports to choose the right objective because Facebook will optimize ad placements based on the objective. The second step is the ad set. You choose the ad said name the page that is connected to the at target audience options, where you select targeting options such as location, age, gender, language, detail targeting and connection type. And last but not least, the budget target audience is an important step because this determines if the right people you are trying to target will see it. Yet you can target on location, age, gender, language, demographics, interest and connection type after defining the right target audience. The audience size option will tell you what the reads off your different audiences and if it should be broader or more specific. When the right targeting is said, it is time to choose the budget and to start an end date. The budget options can be adjusted you in the time the ads online. The last step is creating the actual at and selecting the ad options. After naming, yet you choose your Facebook page that represent your business. Facebook's ad manager offers multiple ad formats. These are the Carrizo at Image, the video and slide show on the right form of the selected you can feeling the promotional text headline and description for your ad copy. It is possible to select a matching call to action. Bottom toe Appear below your ad. Now it's time to launch the ad. After selecting all the right options and creating the right at copy. Yeah, it can be lost just by clicking on Confirm Facebook at manager tracks all the data needed to measure the success of your campaign. This will not only makes it possible to measure the adventure that spent but also metrics to measure the effect of your campaign, such as clicks or the number of Converse is created by yet. So, in short, the only Montel Facebook ad manager makes it possible to target your ad to a specific target audience on Facebook and INSTAGRAM. The budget and how the budget should be spent can be selected at the start of your campaign and just doing the time the at his own line. You can read your target audience with different kinds of ad formats, with right at copy added after launching the at You contract different metrics to measure the success of your campaign, and that's how Facebook ad manager works. 22. Tracking: in this video, we will explain what we mean by tracking why it's important and different possibilities of tracking drinking allows the website owners attract who do visitors on his website are and how they behave on the Web site. This can also be divided into specific events. Such a score versions, registrations or page visits, as well as customer information such as age, gender, location or device, which metrics to track depends on your basis and all my marketing strategy. For example, both would like to know how many visitors reach specific product page on his website. Use the behavior flow to track the path of his base. Visit follows before they finally end up at the regarding page. First column represents the page to visit the lands on the lies between the columns stand for the amount of page visits. The bigger the lines between the columns, the more page visits, they are the amount of people exit. The website of the page is represented by the red lines. There are different tools that can be used to analyze track data like Google Analytics or on platform analytics such as Facebook. Inside or two. It'll analytics, one of the most common ways of tracking data is with a little piece of gold. Gold trekking, pixel tracking pixel sends a message when a specific action takes place like a page visit or an email subscription sign up or a purchase. So when a visitor on books bikes website visits, a specific product hates the trekking pixel will send the message, also known as firing a pixel Google Analytics. In this case, based on all the data from the fight pixels, Bob can now segment his users in Google analytics and see the paths they follow to the product page. If Bob decides to advertise on the Internet, you can use to tracking Pixel to send a message to the ad network to retarget visitors. Now the user that visited specific product rates can be reached through auto purpose of websites to lead them back to the regarding Partick pace to buy the product. So in short, tracking makes it possible to measure metrics about the visitors on your website and their behavior on your website. Different tools like Google Analytics or Platform Analytics makes it possible to analyze to gather data. Also, Bixel tracking makes it possible to target and re target a specific audience with online advertising. And that's how tracking works 23. 1-page online marketing plan: In this video, we will explain how to write a one page online marketing plan based on the research off your current situation and target audience to reach your marketing girls to create No my marketing plan. The race Met model will be used for each face off the race model. You define the objective strategy to achieve this objective and the key performance indicator that measure of progress or success off this objective. First start with your reach. This involves building awareness for a brand, its products and services on the available channels in orderto build traffic intervals, maximizing reach using different bait owned and earned media Gaby eyes it can be measured in his face are, for example, unique visitors bounce rate or revenue per visit. Both has the objective to increase the number of visitors to a certain product page on his website, but 25% strategy achieved. This goal is by starting an advertising campaign on Facebook. The K p I he's going to measure is the number of unique visitors to the product Bates reaches followed. But by act, this face is about persuading your fister's to perform. The next actually went in the customer journey. This means generating leads or racing reaching goals such as product fuse or a newsletter. Sign up. This can be achieved by engaging the audience through relevant, compelling content and a clear advertising path. Examples of KP acid can be measured in his face. Our leads, page views or page visits. Bob wants 20% of the product base visitors to turn into elite by making visitors off the page. Feeling the contact form the K P I is going to measure is 2% of your visitors turning into elite. The third phase covert is about sales and profit. This is where you persuade your audience to take the next step, which turns them into online paying customers. KP, I said, can be measured in his face are, for example, sales, sales value or average order value. After the visitors turned into Leeds, Bob context them and offers the leads a discount on the product off the visitors part of Page. His goal is to turn 5% of the leads into sales at the first contact. By offering a discount, he will measure the results within the percentage of the lead to sales as a K p I. The less face is engaged. This faces about developing a long term relationship with your first time buyer to ensure people toe make repeat purchases. Examples of Gaby acid can be measured. In his face are the efforts Burgess per comforted user but wishes to achieve and efforts purchase per converted user of 1.2 off active customers. In this, Facebook decided that your objective is to get 20% off Spain customers through this plan to repeat purchase, a strategy achieved. His goal is with upsetting with products relevant to the wonder customer already bought. Nick ap I prints the measure is the percentage of average purchase per converted user so insured it's important to create a plan based on your marketing goals. The plan starts with building awareness to persuade the audience to perform a certain action after this should be defined. How to convert the audience into customers, followed by building a long term relationship with customers. These faces should include objectives, a strategy per objective to achieve them and for the right KP eyes to measure the results. And that's how you create and all my marketing plan 24. Starting a campaign: In this video, we will take a look at how both creates a campaign to promote the new electric bikes he's selling After doing research on Google Analytics about people are likely to buy an electric bike. Both defined the following buyer persona. He now knows who to target through which general. So book to find a strategy to target its audience of Facebook with an ad about an electric bike. The first step is defining the marketing objective. Wants to get the Stargate audience interested in war information about electric bikes. This means his goal is acquiring contact information of these people, allowing him to invite him to restore and informed them about electric bikes So the goal is generating leads. He therefore names the ad set lead Generation E Bikes. The Facebook page connected. The campaign is Bob's Bikes business page. Now we'll be selecting the ordinance targeting options based on the bias persona book. Darkest people in or near by Amsterdam with an age between 50 and 65 these can be both men and women that speak the Dutch language for detail targeting He selects interest such a cycling, sightseeing and outdoor and twos. Yes, the audience size gives an estimate off the number of people you'll reach with your ad with the current darkening settings, if the reaches two big both as a chance to spend money on targeting the wrong people. However, if the richest too small he has a chance of Facebook won't find enough people to show the actor. In this case, Facebook wouldn't be able to spend the budget. He sets up a daily budget of 20 years without a starting an end date to see what the results of the at our he selects a name for the at deformities, going to uses a single image. He uploads the image and inserts the corresponding text headline and news feed link description he rolled earlier. The matching cult of action it chooses learn more because he wants toe interest, his audience acquiring more information about electric bikes. He installed a Facebook tracking pixel on his own website earlier. This is needed to let Facebook know if the visitor from Facebook on the concerning page performed a specific action, such as a visit or a form submit. He hopes to reach a cost per lead off 75 cents if he surpasses historically will stop or just a campaign. And that's how you start a campaign on Facebook 25. Optimization, A/B testing & landingspages: in this video, we will go through the process of optimizing online marketing campaign after planning, sending over campaign and laws in the at the whole process over campaign isn't finished. After launching an ad, it's time to optimize the campaign to achieve a higher return on investment. Bob's goal for his Facebook campaign is to gather contact information off people that are interested in electric bikes. He hopes to reach a cost per lead, or 75 cents after Bob Lawrence's at on Facebook to promote the electric bike he's selling. It's time to analyze the effects of the campaign on Facebook Platform Analytics. As manager, he notices that it's gospel. It's 80 cents, so he has to optimize the campaign when optimizing the campaign ball pass to consider adjusting his targeting, adjust the ad he is using attempt new landing pages and modifies follow up procedure for generated leads. He knows that 25% of the people who get to see his at click on it without a specific audience standing out in C statistics. It means that targeting doesn't need to be adjusted to a more specific audience. What was satisfied with a click through rate of 25% so you won't have to adjust the ad itself. After clicking on the end, people get sent the landing page. Both notices that from the people that get sent to the landing paste, just 10% converts into leave. The landing page includes a registration form with a call to action with the text. Learn more. This button has a white collar both past the idea toe a B test, his landing page with not right but an orange coloured partner. The rest of the landing page stays the same. He keeps the follow up procedure the same after a day book takes look at his campaign, and he sees that the landing page with an Orange Girl, Britain as a visit to lead corporation, off 15% of set of 10% compared to the white call to Action Bottom. Even after this increase, the optimization process continues until you are satisfied enough with the results. Pope has reached his cost per lead go now that his conversions went from 10% to 15% after each adjustment were targeting at copy landing page or follow up, you tested analyzed the effects again. You're tracking and measuring the results of your campaign, you should keep in mind that, for example, the day of the week or month can have an effect on the results. So in short, after planning and setting up a campaign, the campaign goes life. The results of this campaign will be analysed to track down if the campaign achieved the plan goals. If you're not satisfied with the results yet, it's time to optimize the campaign in this face. A B testing can be used to compare and measure what changes have to best effect, and that's how optimization works.