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Digital illustration for risography

teacher avatar Cris Tamay, Illustrator and visual developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Riso?

    • 3. More Fact

    • 4. Making digital with Photoshop

    • 5. File Prep for the Printer

    • 6. Your Project

    • 7. Bonus with Procreate!

    • 8. Fin

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make a digital illustration ready to be printed in risography.

You will learn to do it either with Photoshop and with Procreate in very few steps.

Risography is an affordable and different way to print something yours in short runs.

It also have special colors like fluor and metallics which are hard to find or expensive in other kinds of printing.

And making it from a digital file it’s easier and faster.

You’ll end up knowing what’s risography, how does the machine work and how to prepare a digital file ready to send to the printer in a super short class!





Thanks for the music:

All videos except the “Bonus” one have Dj Quads songs.

Dj Quads

The “Bonus” video has a Proleter song.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cris Tamay

Illustrator and visual developer


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm an illustrator that looks playing with color, raining textures and sparkles. I always work immediately because it's faster, cleaner on. There's no fear of screwing up, which really helped me improve. But I really like that Anil Abi and unions the past handmade brings. Then I discovered this kind of printing for five years ago and absolutely fell in love with with Scholar's, its grain, its imperfections reason lets me play with floor rings and has a very retro feel that I love. So I wanted to bring something mining reason, and after struggling way more than expected, I found out a super easy peasy way to make that change completely the game. So here I am to shared with you and spread the love for these kind of printing. In this class, you will learn how to make a digital artwork ready to be printed in re sober fee. You will need a computer with Photoshopped, a graphic tablets and lots of creative energy. The class project will re a guard or invitation into wings. See you in the next class 2. What is Riso?: way master is created on the drums so the paper gets printed as it buses for as it is a Trumper color, the paper has to pass through the machine as many times as things you want to use. However, nowadays there are many two drums machine, so you can bring to ings in one pass. Because of the movement of the machine printing, the layers might be uncoordinated, but this is part of funds as insert transparent, not opaque except some special ones like metallics. Make sure to prepare the knockout if you don't want over three layers. In this example, the knockout in the blue layer avoids the being layer over, renting the blue layer in the cup. 3. More Fact: reason is environmentally friendly because it uses soy based ink. The screens air made from blood fibers, anything very dish efficient as it is a cold process. Also, there's a minimum amount of waste and its violent credible. The uniqueness of this printing method lines you can use floor and metallic kings. It has a cerebral field, but it's less messy on faster than city graffiti. Imperfections and brains make each one unique, and you complain on team paper because he doesn't wet the paper. Also, it's very affordable. However, there some limitations, like the max size usually is a four or a three, you can bring edge to edge. They're limited number of colorings, but you can play with capacity and Larry's. To get new colors, you have to bring on uncoated paper and like newspapers, it gun slightly, staying to touch 4. Making digital with Photoshop: Reza takes a value off the great What? More Lessing? More black mooring. First create new filing Photoshopped in RGB a 300 b p. I make one solid color layer with its ink you're using, and then put them in a screen mode. Great a layer Verbillo each sunny color layer we created before and turned them into multiply blend mode. Turn it solid color layer into a clipping mask of the layer group below. Now you have to draw in grayscale inside the layer groups. You can pick the colors from the palette. Foran easy access, or you can prepare a color scale before starting to drop and pick the colors from there. Make sure to check current layer on sample menu. When using eyedropper tool to big the actual color off the layer urine. This'll way. You'll be the great own instead of the color white details at a layer on top of all. But remember that if you're using a color paper, it will show the color paper, not white. If you want to feel a big surface, use less than 85% black to avoid the stains and printing problems using this method, you get a more accurate vision of the final brain. But if you really like vibrant colors, as I do, don't be afraid to push a little bit more colors, maybe a 548% because the machine tends to slightly wash away the colors. However, in the studio they can trick it directly in the machine, so don't worry too much. You can always check how it would look in other color combos much easier on Lee changing the color of each color layer. E use RGB because colors look more similar than in C M. Y que. 5. File Prep for the Printer: wine file pouring It has to be in grace came at 300 peopie i Imperia Lay of the printing area over. They may do it for you Named Finds properly at a J B G in low, rest in color As a gay make visible the layer group off one color on the background. Go to image More brace scale and degree old save. It s pdf and make sure to check as a copy. Save it on doing. Repeat as many dollars you have. Don't forget to activate the white layer. When needs to be shown here, you can see the ing separation. This is the being one and this is a yellow one. 6. Your Project : I encourage you to make any six card for a celebration, because if you print it, he will have to bring a minimum amount off 25 copies. Depending on the studio. You should use at least two colors to play with flavorings and transparency of things. You can also play with color papers. Here are some. Run them ideas, but feel free to make what you like. You have to submit one day. Be deeper coloring in grayscale at rest on one jpg in color with the final look also in low rest. Everything has to be naming properly, have fun and be creative. 7. Bonus with Procreate!: create a new file on procreate in RGB 300 b p. I make a color layer bring you will use and put them on the screen mode. Theun make a new layer below each color layer we greedy before and turn them into multiply . Now you only have to set the color layer is a clipping mask. Off the during layer is the layer where you have to draw in grayscale as we learn with photo shows. To soothe BDS, you only need to make visible the drain layer you want to save and 8. Fin: Thank you so much for joining me in this class. I hope you find it useful. I can't wait to see what you make, and if you'd like to bring them, it would be awesome.