Digital illustration: collage in Procreate or Photoshop | S Sukilopi | Skillshare

Digital illustration: collage in Procreate or Photoshop

S Sukilopi, Artist, Skillshare teacher

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9 Videos (29m)
    • Presentation

    • Subject and sketching

    • Papers Library

    • Compose a palette from a photo

    • Create lace textures

    • Digital Collage

    • Background and details

    • Selling your art & importing text

    • Final words


About This Class


Patchwork on an iPad? Yes please! In this class I will show you how to create digital lace textures from photos, how to gather all kinds of paper to create your own library and how to make a virtual collage that looks so great that you can use it as greeting cards or sell it on various supports.

You will learn to:

-choose a subject and digitally sketch it 

-gather and save pieces of paper to create your own library

-create a color palette from a photo

-transform an image into a lace texture

-insert your elements into your design

-add a background and some details to your artwork

-use Over to create a personalized greeting card. Also why print on demand sites are useful.

Finally I would be so very happy to see your own creations! So if you did some digital collage after watching my class, please post your work in ‘Your Project’

Here is the link to my Collage Papers library in Dropbox, feel free to use whatever you like for your project:





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S Sukilopi

Artist, Skillshare teacher

Hello, I'm Sandrine / Suki Lopi (self-given name), I am an artist who loves using all kinds of media and especially watercolors. I am also a Procreate lover and I especially enjoy working on digital collages.

I sell my art through exhibitions and on print on demand websites, such as Society6 and Redbubble.

My main sources of inspiration are my daily reveries, nature, music and books. I am also a major paper hoarder and collect everything and anything that is not complet...

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