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Digital drawing and inking with just a computer mouse

teacher avatar Milan Glozić, Painter, illustrator, Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Working with the pen tool

    • 3. Fixing the lines

    • 4. Final words

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About This Class

Adobe Illustrator is a great software for any illustrator nowadays. Especially if you're using some sort of graphic tablet. If you're new to this or you don't have all the equipment but want to learn more this is the perfect class for you. In it you will see how to quickly and effectively transform any photo or drawing into interesting piece of vector art using just a computer mouse. Watch me how to use the pen tool and other tools to achieve this. 

This class is meant for beginners in Illustrator but basically anyone can benefit from it. 

Also there will be a bonus material for all who finish their project. Upon completion of your work and posting it in the gallery I'll provide you with a link where you can download Illustrator brushes that will enrich your digital work. The same ones that I used in the class videos. 

So, take a look and have fun in Illustrator.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Milan Glozić

Painter, illustrator, Designer


Milan was born in Pozarevac, Serbia in 1979. From an very early age he got interested in drawing comics, painting nature and inventing games that he could than play with his brother and sister. He graduated on University of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2003.

He works predominantly in the medium of traditional painting, but his art includes digital illustrations and book covers. He has had solo and group shows in Belgrade at Progress Gallery, National Gallery in Pozarevac, "In the face labyrinth" exhibition in Amsterdam at Arps and Co Gallery and many more. Also, he is a Top level designer at 99Design platform where he made various book cover and illustrations for publishers and clients across the world.

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1. Introduction to the class: way and welcome to my digital drawing any in place. This class is meant for beginners and intermediate students wanting to know more about working in Adobe Illustrator. What we will be covering here is drawing inking inside the program using just the mouse. That's right, no tablets or any other equipment, just your ordinary computer mouse and the computer. And, of course, your job. Illustrator. If you still don't have a copy of this program, you confined link in the project page of this class. With free travelers in it you can use for this class. Also, we'll get to know certain tools necessary to complete the project, ways to use them effectively and finally, some tips and tricks that will make all the difference in the world for a completed work. For those of you that haven't seen previous classes about traditional water coloring and painting in for a shock, my name is Mylan, painter and illustrator, working in these artistic real since 2003 and you can check out my works across different social media such as instagram, Twitter, you entire tumbler or even Facebook. Okay, now that now that we introduced ourselves prepared everything that we need for the class and seeing what we'll be learning. Let's talk about the project. This class. I will be using a photo from the Internet, and I suggest you do the same, but more about it in the next lesson. Alternatively, you can use one off your own for us or a drawing that you want to transform into digital artwork. It is up to you to decide what resources will use. But remember that after this class about drawing and thinking, I'll make another class that will deal in coloring, often inked drawing for the basis of that last. You can use the work done here, so make sure you pick something that will be interesting for you, the drawer and ink and then finally color. The goal of this class is to make your own ink artwork. Why watching the videos to save the artwork as Jay Peak and finally posting Particulary you , you know, supposed reference that you used or work in progress always welcome as long as something that will improve your listening skills, or are you that leave the products in? Particulary, I have a surprise as a reward for finishing the class and class project. I'll share an illustrator brush back that they use in the class. Hope you like that. That's it for now. And I hope I'll see you in the next year. And, of course, if you like the class, please leave a review after you watch it. It would mean a lot to me. Cheers. 2. Working with the pen tool: Hello. One and glad you can join my course and will start right off. As you see well, creating a document that will be a square. Other adjustments will stay as they are, and here we can are are put. First, we'll introduce ourselves. Will tools that will be using and those are mental at anchor point delete anchor point and convert anchor point. But more about that late first will go to file and then us commend place to look Take our picture abusing a picture of an eagle. My work put it into the hard part. And when you do that, go to the Letterman You double click on the image, which will then have us another pop up window. And there will Jack Template just a passive with some 35. And that will lock this layer so you won't have toe. We're about messing around with it on the new layer to make on top of this one. Great. Working with your mouth and making the lines, um, like you see here that I'm doing using the mental from one point to another. Don't make those lives. And like you see here, you didn't have to make the exact lines. But but using convert anchor point and dragging the handles off the anchors, those those are the little all right squares. You can make adjustment to your lives, or you could go directly, then no comment and told to do that. That will be our first step, like you see. Or you can use, uh, other tools, like a Web stole toe. Make circles. I am double clicking by clicking Ault and shift a great circle from that point that you wanted and continue to work like you see here again, using convert and control. You can make additional adjustments and you'll see here what I'm doing. Basically, that's that will be the first passed off course, investing the lines. You may choose the way you want to do it. Here's the way I do it in this example, and then continue by using dental the shortcut SP for the pen plus for add anchor point minus for daily tanker point and shift see for converting points. And as you see here, I'm over shooting certain lines in going over them. So that is my advice for you to on. You will see later. What does it do and why It is important to overshoot these lines, but for now, let's say that we do that and you will see later how toe cooperative, right? How to adjust that also, besides using these and goals yoke news, direct selectable by pressing for it, cut a and further adjust lines don't go between it is so it cuts in these tools and often use shortcuts rather than pressing it on October. It's much easier like that earlier. I repeat the shortcuts for parental SP plus for Add Anchor Point, which will add anchors to your line. Deal it. Anchor points should cut its minus between bleat thought, anchor points and shift see for convert anchor points a foot. I like direct select toe envy for Black Arrow that is selective as it's in making Jack from time to time. Progress in this case is the lips till I squeaking the old shift key and dragging you will start your circle from that point, which is really good shift. Welcome constrained that so I can make it around. But if you don't press shift equal, be in the lips, you know a little bit speed up the video this. It's the same thing going over again. And now you see how can you can change your lines and make something different out of them . And as you see, they're all the same thickness. And with we'll address that in the later video. For now we have to do is follow your object and make lines that that object off course. You don't have toe literally 100% for the lines for the shape of the tablet. But make your own assumption and see what works for you and what doesn't. If you don't like something you can use, you undo command illustrated its control Z in Windows Command, The Mac. I think I'm using Windows, Platform some nature but commends on back. But I'll check it out It all of you that use Mac. But I think it's meant for control in windows. But the adjustments, it's the stools way. So for your exercising for your project, first thing that you will don't like, I would repeat once against it would be. Don't forget things that we need to do is go make a new document, make some size, used the cut of the order, do the presets. Place your image onto your aren't board. Trace it first of all, make it template so you don't myself your image and then make all the other adjustments. But, um, finishing this eso work on completing old lines, all the lines are over shooting each other. It will be and the for a way to work and see Nahmias in the can we take a points toe, make adjustments, studies like they've feathers and with direct selection tool further refining Does those lines. That's it for now. So you can try it on your own and fun creating those lights. And after that, we can over with our next video. Or you can follow the entire course video course you under and then whichever way. So it's you, So see you in the next city of 3. Fixing the lines: hello and welcome toe the continuation off our video class. First thing that we're going to do you say what projects? That's always a good idea to save project whenever you make some changes. So you wouldn't worry about mistakes and stuff that you can always go back to stuff that you already done on. Then I see a shrink it so it can fix your port, get rid of the image that three traced. And now we can do something about those lives, make them more interesting. Every disease. So these are all lies that we done with our Ramo's. And now they will be something more interesting, like, you see here, York, and use the brush presets decide. How would you like toe have toe these lines? And I'm showing a different possibilities and how they can look. You can also change the the with off the lines recital line of sickness or like in this case, use brushes from your brush back. If you want to use the same respect that I'm using here, just post you work in the Project gallery, the from the previous state will work with the mental and I'll send you this link where you can download this brush back now that we're settled, that will continue with our work. See what else can be done. Additional work and be done with directs Electoral, changing certain angles, making different brushes using different thickness world these lines and it's up to you to decide which parts would be thicker. And we trying to be thinner how the end of this line will look Will they be tapered? Will they be round? And it's all about your personal preference and what you like toe have. The important thing is toe experiment. Have fun and see what works for you and what doesn't let's meet about for now and you see me now go through all the lines previously drawn. I personally like this, but it can be interesting seeing all this lines that unified have certain different feel about them. So that's it. Making additional changes with white Cerro Tarek selection tool on deciding if any of Disney some changes like you see here. So should be thinkers. So some sinner and it's all up to you to decide how you go about it. Is he here having a problem? Actually, like how this entire line look like Maybe it should be cut in half. Done something else but a tender it in a minute than finishing piece. My first. Like you see now what I'm using is the with toe. So you buy. It's in the first throw. You see that here and you can adjust the least off your lines. So it's good to help them, Of course, save once again by different names. So you can have all these changes and duplicate delayer. Just have it. Oh, safe because in the next part of the work, we're gonna change these lines and the change will be irreversible. So that stay safe and have the originals Would that work? You know, we'll have toe select them all like I done it here, go to object and expand the parents. And you see, here we have all these lives, not Mora's lines, but as objects. You need to grope them by selecting them all and going toe control g to group them and you see here now they're all one same upped goto life paint and make. Now that you've done that, we don't need to paint anything. Just go back, Go back to life paint and expense. You might ask why we didn't do it. And why did we go back straight out of life and, well, you'll see in the second What? That us. If you used their ex selection tool and you can cut out all the lines that are extra that you don't need anymore that is the purpose off this work so you can make them look a lot better and interesting. Just select that part. It will cut the lines and objects into different small shape. This chicken, now they Friedel it, and now you see the original and what did got Pathfinder and unify all the lines? Also, you can press, people should get minus. You can use the lead anchor points further, it has to look of your work. Make gold. Other adjustments and it's up to you now. And it's your time. Toe tienen experiments with this technique. Make your own lines. Remember, if you want to use the same brush is that I used for this class I have to do is post your work in the Project Gallery. The work from you from this previous face off our project that is still make the work, which of mental, and I will send you the brush back exact brush back that I used in this class. So I hope you enjoy this class and learned a few new skills that you'll use in your little straighter work. And that's it, guys, see in the next video on the one, and I hope you enjoy this glass and see you soon. 4. Final words: congratulations on finishing the class. Hope you enjoyed it and gain your skills that will improve your work in Sarajevo, Strayer. And now it's your turn. Finish a project and leave it in a portrait gallery and get to feel a straight a brush back . If you have any questions, leave a comment in the comment section or leave a note on the timeline of videos, and I will answer as soon as they can and help you any way that I can. Finally, if you like this class, believe you're real. If you knew the skill share. After watching the most of the videos, you see a pop up window appear on top of the videos so you can click yes or click here and then here to leave a review. It would mean a lot to me. Also, if you like painting traditional, you can check out my previous classes about working with watercolors or check out my class about painting and photo shop. It's a lot of fun, so tried out. If you have time anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing it works, so see you later and have a great day by