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Digital Watercolor Abstract Illustrations For Android & iOS Users

teacher avatar Shalini Bisht, Artist @

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Let's Create

    • 2. Project & Resources

    • 3. Watercolor Illustration 1

    • 4. Watercolor Abstract illustration-2

    • 5. Watercolor Illustration 3

    • 6. Saving & Exporting Illustrations

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Learn to create Digital Watercolor Abstract Illustrations with Botanical Patterns!

This class will cover the basics of creating digital watercolor abstract illustrations with the free Ibispaint X app.

This class uses the Android version of Ibis Paint X app. iPad users can also follow along with this course. 

This class is for beginners and no prior experience with drawing is required.

In this class you will learn:

How to make quick 3 Watercolor Abstract Illustrations with Botanical Patterns.

Check out these illustrations which we will create:




Who I am:

My name is Shalini  Bisht. I am an Artist, Illustrator and Social Media Marketer from India.

I am happy to invite you to join me in this class. I will teach you a step by step process to create Digital Watercolor Abstract illustrations with Botanical touch.

You will learn:

  • 3 Abstract Digital Watercolor Illustrations with botanical touch
  • Introduction of Ibis Paint X app
  • Ways How to use Digital Watercolor Brushes
  • Adding Colors
  • Work with Layers
  • Saving & Exporting your illustration for sharing online.
  • You will get Trendy 3 Color Pallets

This class is for all levels i.e for Beginners & for Experienced Artists, I will show you step by step process to create 3 Watercolor Abstract Illustrations.

So let's start making watercolor abstract illustrations which can be add in your portfolio! 

And I already can't wait to see your creations!

Additional Resources:

Follow me on Instagram

Check out my Website

Watch my Skillshare class of - Digital Mandala Art - Inspired by Nature 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shalini Bisht

Artist @



Hello, I'm Shalini Bisht !

 I am an Artist, Illustrator & Art Educator based in Gurgaon, India. I love to create Digital Art, Mandalas, Acrylic Art and Watercolor Illustrations.

Since childhood I am fond of creating art. Creating art is like meditation to me, it relaxes and rejuvenates me. I have been exhibited my paintings in many art galleries. I help people to live Creatively and with Mindfulness!

Here are some links where you can see some of my work and get to know me better.

Have a look at my shop on Redbubble 

Let’s be friends on Instagram!  

Follow me on Facebook.

Subscribe me on Youtube for more tutorials.

&nbs... See full profile

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1. Let's Create: If you want to try digital abstract philosophical illustrations, then this class is for you. Hi everyone. I am Shelly knee. I'm an artist, illustrator and art educator. In this class, I'll teach you step-by-step process how to create a quick watercolor abstract illustrations, bit pedantic and patterns digitally on any tablet. This class is for beginners. I'm far experience Argos as well. So far this class, or any tablet, any stylus and app, God, I've just paint. So in the end of this class, you will be creating clean watercolor abstract illustrations, which v We add in your portfolio. If you have never tried this before, don't worry about that. We haven't started Clyde from the beginning. Bonus for this class, you really get to change the custom color palettes which you can use in your photo projects as this glasses far Android uses, I'm thought up the losers as well. I, so without any further delay, let's go ahead and dive right in. 2. Project & Resources: Your project for this class will be these watercolor abstract illustrations, which I'm showing you one by one. This is the first watercolor abstract illustration which you will be creating a second one. And this one is tortured. So you will create these three watercolor abstract illustration along with me. If this seems a lot to you don't worry about that. I'll tell you step process and you can draw along with me. Also, you will get 33 AND color pallets, which you can download a load from my class. So once you really go under my class, there are some sections like about reviews, the Project, and Resources, months. You will click here on logic and resources. You will get at the right side. These series sources just click them and click them and download them. Until they download it. You can see them in your download folder. I'm showing you what's inside these ballots. So I'm just going in my gallery. So now it's all lady there in my Downloads folder. So this is the illustration which we will create an under that, I have mentioned these colors which I have used. So I will show you how you can use them. So how to use these Gullah ballads? Just click in the place toward. If you are using and dried, then you can download a IBS paint from your Play Store. Or if you are IOS user, you can download it from Apple Store. It's already there in my tablet, so I'm just very ugly. Opening it. Once you will open that, just click on the plus icon. And there are some a canvasses every level I will show you on a step-by-step process in the next class that was just for how you can download the color palettes. So just select 4000 by 4000 pixels and 300 DPI. Click Okay, and you just have to click OK here as well. So this is your canvas, and you just have to click here in this Layers icon. And under that, you can click third burden, which is a camera icon. And you can directly click the image which you have already downloaded for your color palette. So I'm showing you this click, Okay. And now you just have to click eyedropper button in the left side. Last icon, eyedropper, and just click here on the color. So see, this color is already Appia. This is there. And what you can do, just click here and drag it here again, the same process, Glick, Eye dropper. Click here. And this color is already there. And just click here and you can drag it here in your color package. Same process, click eyedropper, click Kill. And you can directly dragon's tail. So basically, I am just doing this because I have used these fellows who you, it will be easier for you. You can use these Gullah. So again, clicking this second last icon, eyedropper, clicking here, just, you just have to touch it, tags it. And once the color will be appear in color palette, just click here. And drag length dark. Same the next column, this is a black color. I drop, click here. And once you're ready, click here. This Gullah Ballard will be open and you can drag it from here to here. So now these colors are there, which you can use for your, for the projects scenery. You can download this color palate also, click here, eyedropper here, and this color is coming here so you can select you. So in the next class you will learn how to make these watercolor abstract illustrations, and now you have all your colors. So let's learn in the next class how do make these beautiful abstract illustrations. Thank you. 3. Watercolor Illustration 1: So let's quickly create some mechanical abstract illustrations. So for the art for stroke volume, we just have to download from the place to R. You can download it from your Apple Store as well. So type here, I end up in which we will walk up to the IVs paint, except it is already dead in my tablet, so I'm just opening or directly. So this is the interface of the IV Spain to app. So you just have to click on my gallery. So it will show you whatever you have drawn allele. So just click here on the plus icon. So your new canvas when no really be open and you can customize your size. You can create the size of your canvas as per your requirements. So there are already so many scientists ever live in. So in this last, We will walk on 4000 by 4000 pixels. So you can type here for 4000 by 4000 pixels. At the bottom you will get the 350 dpi. So select here and you can change from here as well laid 300 DPI are 350 DBA. So I always prefer to work on 350 DPI as it will give you the higher resolution so it has, so you can take the advantage for bending and other purposes as well. So another high energy will be so higher the resolution will be always tried to select more than 300 DPI and click here. So 4000 by 4000 pixels and 350 dpi. Click, Okay. So now this window will be open and click Okay, this is your new canvas, dr, new canvas and the NOR my deployment tools. So we will use only which reading fire for this class. So first thing first, we need a brush to paint our canvas. So click here on the brush icon. So there are multiple brushes, VR locking on watercolor brushes. So kindly select watercolor edge from this slider. You can decrease the size of your brush. And if you will, if you want to increase your size of the brush, you can slide the right side. And if you want to decrease the size, you can slide left side. So like this is us, which I am showing you. So this is a lesser side and if I want to increase the site, I will do it laid out. I have to slide it towards site I. Alright, so always remember two fingers for undo and three fingers for read. We don't warn that, so I'm just doing undo it. And if you click here, that color boundary be open. All right, so we are working on this color palette, which you really get in the project and resources section. So this is your color palette. You can choose any color, my sliding into playing that if you want to choose your own color, follows, you can always do that. Let's create it. So I'm just selecting this blue color first of all. And I have increased the size to default, right? So now this is Layer icon, so we will work on first layer. You can increase the layer over it by clicking this plus icon. See this is the first layer, Second layer 2 or layer. So whatever we will work on first layer, it will be on first layer only and then you will work on second. So I always recommend to log separately. Essentially, we will, we will walk on past lives so that I normally, I'm just doing these slopes like that. You can always drag and check your Canvas how it will look. So if you are not happy, so you can always do the loop. Again. Go with the flow. No need to know, need to make it perfectly so as it is a path, so you can do it like that right? Now. This is our first layer and you can check by clicking on this I icon. So now I will create something on second layer. So whatever it is on plus lead, it will be on both lead and now what we will create it will be separately make on second layer. I'm selecting the other color. So now I know only you can make some so-called. So if you're Dutch claimed that Yad Ben new voltage like that, so there's a stroke will become like that. So we don't mean that. So always make sure just touch once, find, and slowly you can increase the size of your bubble and so you can increase your transparency. From here. I am showing you what I mean. So if I want the transparency like 15%, so it will come off like this. So as I am working for vibrancy, so I am increasing the transparency full 100 percent. All right. So randomly I'm just making some water bubbles, moving my pen in a circular way. All right? And now I'm selecting this thing. So this was our second layer. Now we will work on polar lead. So you can double-click that. Don't color the, this one layer. So otherwise your or layer will be hidden. So I'm just randomly creating this stop. Now, I'm making a triangle. Again. I'm using the light violet color. And now I'm making one more triangle from inside. So this was on that layer. You can always check I clicking this button. And this was in our second layer. And this was enough fossil air. Now we will look on full and clear gigging here on the plus icon, so beyond from there. So now we are selecting different brush for making art botanical pattern. You can select Soft mapping can bleed. And we are just selecting the black color by dragging it towards the black color. So now we are going to make some mechanical patterns in check the size, like it does with her d. And this is 15 PSI, so I want the full signs. So select for DPH size for that. So randomly you can make stem. And you can create titles like this. If you have something in the online too, you can always go with that. You can make other botanical patterns as well. You can always drag your bandwidths like that. Now you can make randomly some goals like this, small patterns. So this was all about the abstract Platonic world pattern. So in the next class we will learn some new done. They'll button. 4. Watercolor Abstract illustration-2: So now we are making a second botanical abstract. So take care on Plus icon and select the same size, which we have selected 4000 by 4000 pixels and the 15 DBA link, Okay? And click, Okay. We will evoke on the same brush which we have selected in our previous class, watercolor edge. Now we will walk with only one column. So again, choose your favorite color. So I always like to walk on bright colors. So I'm selecting this module W, bright magenta color. So you can select any color that you want, but make sure to select a darker color so that your vote will look white bench. So I share this color palette, this color which I have selected in the project and resources section. So now just select the full size to 60 px. And this color and brush watercolor. Known port pressure like this. Otherwise your stroke weight gambling that. So put pressure within your lifetime like this. So randomly we are making us fight. So you can I just took out with SBA or been renamed or sharp? I'm just making up spiteful. And you can move your canvas like this. So you're gonna maintain the similar kind of gap in it. And don't try to be perfect as stroke. So it will not go into I'm joining it then. So it will look like that. Now you can make some more bubbles randomly. Make this here and there where we want ICT. So again, we are selecting soft mapping, pen bleed. And size will be 25. And we will choose the black blue yodeling. So now we're involved one thick and hard to link our botanical button. And I'm making stem with light pressure. And that making leads to draw. So just for when the flow, I'm playing this. Okay. Make some branches and makes small size of buttons. And you can make some calls like that. And deselect areas or toluene. So like you have done something wrong like this. So you can always erase like this. And you can increase the size by dragging the insight and decrease the size by dragging the upside of the. So now I'm selecting the same shoe, size 20 Dx. And making some random spot items into these. It looks really nice. So let's move forward to make new button. 5. Watercolor Illustration 3: So again, I'm selecting cleft icon size 4000 by 4000 pixels Canvas. And click Okay, selecting same brush, particular h i. Now we will make some geometrical patterns on the first layer. So I'm using a new color palette for that. And you will get this color palette in the project and resources section. Selecting the local loop. I'm making our clients. And you can fully colored ln. This is now selecting this magenta color and we will select. Secondly. And now I really overlap a circle half, so good over this triangle. Again, selecting this yellow color. I'm really makes so good inside this. Not overlap it. So I smaller than size from the previous, live, like this. And now again, selecting this arc pink color and making one mode so-called over this small inside loops. Right? We decide on second layer. Now we will again, going on first layer. To work on this triangle. I'm selecting this light green color. And they make one more triangle in the province. Now we will select conducts, the loop I may make are trying need from it tight. So this type of effect, light, yellow, light green end up doing color effect comes only when you recreate SSIS of trying the loss of your layers will be visible. This effect looks really, really nice. Now we're in select this pink color and we'll select our layer. And we will work on lower layer. You can always move your layers like this. So this log-log boss land as far as our second layer, and now we will walk onto earlier. So randomly, I am making Spike Lee. All right, So now we're ready bulk. I saw Ted and we will make botanical pattern. So you can see how beautiful it is looking. All the layers are looking separately. So we will select the same bends. Soft mapping can bleed. You can also select other events as per your need. Lake. This is an air brush pen there. My default brushes, I live in select black color, Fargo link Opus. Students like dB exercise you will make of branch. And now we are making. So when that happens, and I'm selecting this green, dark green color, I'm selecting watercolor edge brush. And we'll walk on four. Here. I will select the stain or listen to a 100. I will select 100 size and make some triangle, triangular. Then normally vitamins. And I'm selecting this part sprinklers. And we'll make some bubbles inside this and remain bubble like this. We can select other colors as well. You can always check and try what is working best and what is not. Right. Suddenly see how it's going to pull your dead looking. So all things are on separate layers. So, so I'm merging. This is merging sign, so I'm launching this layer. And again I'm merging this into third layer in the separate layers. So you can see we are on the same layer. And while we're on the same layer. 6. Saving & Exporting Illustrations: So already we have made our illustrations. Now this is the time to export them and use them. So far that you just have to open the IBS Paint app. Click on my gallery, click on the illustration which you have made. And the right side, the third last icon. There is three darts. So just click on that icon. And there are three options. Say photo in PNG format, say photo, JPEG, and Save Movie. So whichever format you would like to have, you can save your image and use them for your social media, but buzz and if you want to get, but in these designs on some t-shirts, mugs. So you can use these designs by saving in PNG format. And if you want to use these images for posting on your social media, so you can save your image in JPEG format. And this is the MP3 format. So I'm showing you one by one, if I will click here. So it is now saved in the PNG format. And if I will click here, it will be saved in JPEG format. And if I want to see this MP4 format, so just click here and there are options. So whichever you want, you can click the length of the movie. Like for social media posting purposes, you can use thirty-seconds. So just click on thirty-seconds and click Okay. Now you can see whatever we have made. It is showing you the whole process and this process will cover up in 30 seconds. So that way this is a video content. You can use it for your social media buffers. So this is a great way to get the engagement on social media. All right, So these all formats you can see in your gallery section and from there you can upload them. Same way. We have three illustrations. You can save them in these three formats whichever you want. All right, so I hope you have learned about how to save our illustrations and how to export them for our social media purposes and for printing purposes. So this was all about saving our walk. And let's connect in our next class. Thank you. 7. Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for taking this class. Congratulations to you for completing your class. I would love to see your book. You can upload your work in the project and resources section of this class. That way, I can take your Hogue and you can get connected with me for any doubts. You can also tag me and share your work on my Instagram handle and the rate of creative underscore color, Gary, so that I can share your work with my audience. Please leave a feedback of my class and do not forget to follow me on Skillshare so that you can get the notification whenever I will upload a new class. Grateful to have you as nice tooling. Thank you so much.