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About This Class

This straight-forward course talks about what an author or creator needs to know about the process of self-publishing graphic novels or novels through CreateSpace, Amazon/Kindle, iTunes, Comixology, and other channels, as well as info about ISBNs, Copyrights, printing options, file formats, and much more. Templates and links are provided, including Purchase Order forms and Invoice templates, so you are also ready to make sales. Distribution and Marketing topics are also discussed and tips and tricks on pricing your books. This is a fun and easy-to-digest course that gives a lot of information in a short time, with useful tips and lings to follow through with!





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Cristian Aluas

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Cristian S. Aluas is an artist and art teacher at Masterpiece Art School, with over 15 years of art experience and over 10 years of professional teaching experience. Cristian's art lessons are easy to follow and fun to watch and learn from. One of the benefits of buying Cristian's video art lessons is that they feel like you are actually in the room with him, listening and learning along-side. Pure and entertaining art education!

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