Digital Photography Glitch Image Making Fun

Cookie Redding, Artist, Designer, Teacher

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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Glitch Intro

    • 2. Glitch Supplies

    • 3. Glitch making

    • 4. Glitch series making

    • 5. Glitch class project

    • 6. Glitch Conclusion


Project Description

For your class project, choose an image that you have taken and save it on your desktop.  Duplicate your file (never work on your originals!) and change your extension from .jpg to .txt.  Open your photo text file in either textedit (mac) or notepad (PC) and begin copying and pasting text at random.  Remember to scroll down a bit before starting so you don't  mess up the origin point (which will make the file unable to be opened).

Create either 1 or a series of 3 glitched photos (your choice!).  Be sure to share your end products in the class projects below so everyone can see your creations!

Student Projects