Digital Painting in Photoshop - Create Amazing Concept Art

Robert Marzullo, Online instructor of Figure Drawing and Comic Art

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28 Lessons (6h 52m)
    • 1. Digital Painting Concept Art Promo Video

    • 2. L1 Layers and Groups

    • 3. L2 Custom Brushes and Settings

    • 4. L3 Using the Selection Tools

    • 5. L4 Using the Quick Mask Feature

    • 6. L5 Using the Pen and Path Tool Part 1

    • 7. L6 Using the Pen and Path Tool Part 2

    • 8. L7 How to Blend Digital Paint

    • 9. L8 Sketching the Concept Art

    • 10. L9 Refining the Sketch

    • 11. L10 Using Liquify and Warp to Edit Your Artwork

    • 12. L11 Applying Base Colors

    • 13. L12 Applying Base Colors Part 2

    • 14. L13 Painting the Gold Armor

    • 15. L14 Adding Highlights with the Dodge Tool

    • 16. L15 Adding Texture on the Gold Armor

    • 17. L16 Adding Texture on the Burgandy Armor

    • 18. L17 Adding Texture on the Chest Plate Armor

    • 19. L18 Creating a Pattern for Your Textures

    • 20. L19 Creating a Pattern for Your Textures Part 2

    • 21. L20 Painting the Skin Tone

    • 22. L21 Painting the Skin Tone Part 2

    • 23. L22 Detailing the Weapons

    • 24. L23 Cleaning Up the Edges with the Blur Tool

    • 25. L24 Cleaning Up the Edges with Paint Work

    • 26. L25 Cleaning Up the Edges with Paint Work Part 2

    • 27. L26 Using Adjustment Layers

    • 28. L27 Edit for Portfolio Piece

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About This Class


In this 6.8 hour course you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop CC to better create your digital art. This course has 27 lessons that move you through the entire process of creating a fully rendered character in full detail. 

In the first section you will learn the tools  that I use and how I use them. You will learn about the layers and groups, the selections tools, dodge and burn, custom brushes and settings, blending modes, adjustment layers, layer styles, quick mask, and much more.

You will then move through the illustrative process with me from the rough sketch to the digital painting. We will start with a pre-drawn pose that I have supplied and we work out the concept from there.  You will learn how to rough sketch your ideas without jumping in too fast with refinements.

This course can be completed with any drawing tablet. I am using a Wacom Intuos 4 to create this art and although I will be mentioning things about that device you can use any tablet with pressure sensitivity. Mainly so the brushes will react in the way that I explain them.

I have designed this course to be a basic approach for beginner and intermediate digital painters to learn from. I created in the way that I would want to learn. This will not teach you everything about Photoshop but it will give you a firm understanding of how I use it to create my digital paintings every day.

Bonus Content - With this course you get all the art files and my full Photoshop custom brush set ( 50 Pack ) to work along with. 

I am here if you have any questions and I would value your feedback so that I can continue to create better products for everyone. Thank you for your support. Good luck with your studies! :)

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics