Digital Painting in Manga Studio 5 - Fantasy Art Tree | Robert Marzullo | Skillshare

Digital Painting in Manga Studio 5 - Fantasy Art Tree

Robert Marzullo, Online instructor of Figure Drawing and Comic Art

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11 Videos (2h 51m)
    • Blocking in the Silhouette of the Tree Design

    • Blocking in the Larger Shapes of Shadows

    • Start Adding in Form - Working from Large to Small

    • Using Quick Mask to Adjust the Artwork

    • Drawing in Smaller Details with the Pencil Tool and Blending

    • How to Create and Use a Grass Texture Brush

    • Adding in Texture and Contrast to Our Painting

    • Refining Our Light Source Details

    • Adding in More Details to the Work

    • Changing the Face to Our Fantasy Art Tree

    • Finalizing Our Painting and Adding in Some Last Minute Details


About This Class

In this less you will be learning how to digitally paint a fantasy tree concept. You will learn how to start with a silhouette then build upon it and add various paint effects. You will learn how to use combine modes, custom brushes and I will share with you the way that I work through a concept like this one step by step.


Art file and brush pack is included for you to study from. I am here if you have any questions!

Thanks for watching and good luck with your art! ;)

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics





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Robert Marzullo

Online instructor of Figure Drawing and Comic Art

I enjoy creating and sharing Video Content of my drawing process. I teach comic book illustration techniques, figure drawing, and digital painting. I use programs such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, and Sketchbook Pro 8.

I am the author/illustrator of the book, "Learn to Draw Action Heroes."

I have been teaching online for over 5 years now and love the ability to connect and teach artists all over the world. It is very exciting and rewarding!

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