Digital Painting Simplified : How to Paint Organics | Shivangi Dubey | Skillshare

Digital Painting Simplified : How to Paint Organics

Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Color Swatches

    • 4. Outlining Basics

    • 5. Base Coloring

    • 6. Color Mixing

    • 7. Clean Up

    • 8. Adding Details

    • 9. Adding Shadows


About This Class

Hey Guys! 

Welcome to my Series of Digital Painting Simplified Learning Classes - This is the first part of the process explaining about the simple and how to use workspace in Photoshop to paint realistic organics like fruits. 

In tutorial I will be painting Apple; you can do it too. Files are in Project Resources Tab. You can choose other images too.

In this class, you are explained :

1. Simplified Process

2. Simpler use of Brush and Mixer Brush

3. Layers Setup 

and more.


If you are

a. Graphic Designer

b. Artist

c. Fond of Digital Painting


here to fun and explore - Join the Class Now!

Also Learn Animation In Photoshop , Caricature Making In Photoshop , Photoshop Basics here. Check out more tutorials at my Profile too.


1. Introduction: Hey, guys, I'm swanky. Bar food menu class. This job, It's digital painting. And at a food shop in the studio, Really, I'm gonna make you go to the process off understanding the basic outlining the busy colorings share rain, How to at the shadows. Add in the D deals like highlights, mixing the clothes and all in this tutorial and what this less you need for the shop on your device on creativity in your mind. Rest. I'll be guiding you through all the steps, one by one in an easy and grasping way. So that's what Senator 2. Class Project: After learning through this class, you will be able to paint any subject like a fruit off law. Are any still life object in do other jobs? The glass project is you have to be in doubt any still f object around your house like it could be our leave or it could be a fruit or anything. Just you have to paint it on, also submitted in the form off your orginal sketch. Then the Sebastian progress on at last a file product, so just jump right into the process. 3. Color Swatches: I am sorry. Just right. By opening the photo shop, Andi, I already open a document landscape. More documented. Could be any size off either a three or a four. Just remember, the size is up to you, but your solution should be 300 so that it is a high resolution compliment. And I also, uh, as this product that the product that will be making today we useful either printing or something like that. So it should be a high resolution about 200. No, we have already done the basics here that we're having this object. I have already put this image drag and drop it so that this several reference image I had just drag and drop this image into the our documents so that we have a reference image on building today. Now here you can see in the below playoff and others cry Creator, you layer option. So just click on that. You're having a new earlier about the north. The double click on its name on greening. I'm really limited hair swatches. You can do it too. When you are clicking on this brush tool in their tool panel, you're having a few options in that the last one in some X embarrassed so young when they use that today in our class. But first, I'm using the simple restroom than any forward you're using. The Knicks embellishes also movie using the eyedropper tool here. It's just like you can see when you right click. They are different dropping options but using the Ira Opper tune only. So once you click on this, our subject you're seeing it is taking pics of others like ash up as what is the color in the pixel There it's being that so once we don't the other sample from our originally made that I took some jocular, and now I'm sitting my tour to the brush that have up off. You can also add some shockers like Be for Brush on right, ripping her record for increasing the size and left one for decreasing. Now I'm switching Michaela toe different for this I rapper. I'm using the shot keyboard shortcut. I. So it's just speaking of color right there, and I think I'm switching it to be that painting. Then again, I for switching the color, picking up the color on you can see how am video as we've been to the brush on a really paper. I'm just doing the scene on the screen. I'm picking all origin, Nicholas, like they are you gonna squeeze we will be using for our being. Even the light don't make dawn or other highlights. Basically, I'm having maximum doors for red either. So dark matter that now move, select a move tool. And this switch Leo the swatches about so that we're having a good clean space for painting our stuff. So this is the basic making. Swash is from the original image. According to our justice. Nice to re depends on your dress now in the toolbar and broke. Select the brush tool and right, Look on, select and makes average. See, I'm baiting with the mixer brush over here. It's all it's mixing that, Ah, bright food into these the colors. That's what is happening with the make servers sexually mixing up. You can see some properties. There is some flow mix at all. You're gonna see how it's you have decreased the witness house. Um, the extra off brush is changing roofs, something her husband just wondering. Controls guys, this is for just for me. so don't way. Yeah, yeah, back. So again, I'm going to start like selecting them. Except Irish, too. The stands are changing mixing, or you can see a change in the floor. Basically, uncheck the sample all layers. Right now, we are not having any. Other samples were different. Check it than will not be a layer vis process will be assuming all the layers and mixing up all the colors. Been easily jeans, the hardness for the size. Like now it conceives much stiff. I never said pressures us much stick. Now. It's also you can see how you can change. Do you basic that color that is the highlighting them in properties off that makes average . It's always the same. Whatever do it's just saying yes, mixing up nicely. But what if we want? Oh, mix that right with the green on the brown? Here's the trick. Used the ire opportune Anssi how the color in the property has changed. Now it's mixing with a white with a big so you know, just do all the process. You can do as I don't want any mixing up right now so you can read later or you can do it for your purposes. So it's basically clear about how we make, uh, hello swash channel from I will, or so image or the image you are taking on the picture that we have clicked from. 4. Outlining Basics: our planning basics after having all those swatches ocular pallet racking place. Now just turn our mean moved off anything that is the painting the apple. This time, the most persistent ISS make baiting the basic outlines like making imagines how we're going to paint what little the she We all know that she but yet we have to make it as an art outline creator. Newly arrived in the panel, um, then select brushed the basic brush tool from the toolbar, not any other person. The basic pressure and also select the black color in the color ballot for home. You're like this, or you can either click on this icon this mini icon over, though like this are You can also use the keyboard shortcut that is dick Be four default. So we are ready to be in double basic on plants and also far this. I'm using a very 10 size brush. So far, either decreasing the British Isles. Go to the for the brush properties on degrees it manually there. Oh, you can also use the right side, the left. I will make it Leo the left rectangle bracket. Decrease your brushes And now we started making the basic outline. I'm making this with the my mouse. We are making that. I'm making disguise with my mouth. So you can do it too, if you don't. Haven't I bad are you don't have any back on tablets or any little things like that. So you can just used a brush to here in the photo shop on most on your push. That on the laptops on. Good. Clear. Yeah. Not happy that the sampling like us. I'm just I'm just to the undue. But Rosa, are they this? This is better than before. It is having the Gavi, the basic idea that we have and something like it's going to be a treaty fall. So this is our basic claim for the shape of making this reading as a plane. So that you for for them like this, there's just for the outline. So this is the basic idea off play. I'm happy because that's really looking like an apple outlined eyes. So I hope you're stupid looking like what you mean. Object is 5. Base Coloring: once we are done with the basic outline off the apple, now you're going to paint it in the color blocks. Basically, this process is known a sculler blocking. And this we're just going to paint this solid colors for the made bar Sleep As you can see , the originally beach it is having three Our lord's like this is the left one is having the clear highlighted bar on the macd on the sender is having some brackish area on in the right there. Istea Michels Like I mean Huber, it's not much, right? And it's not much. So we're repainting in the same former. Yes, I'm using the simple Graystone. Okay, on with the medium hardness, you can just switch your size. Anything us know the shot occurred that iss the left record for this Milliman minimizing the brush size on the right record for the maximizing it Use that I see from your room switching your soul to the I wrote posts electrical and then big rendered solely. But just remain inside off the plane on what the Sandri is all or than Yulia like painted in this other close off colors like this and making the Basically the blocking Zoff color like the rest should be here. The beach should be there like this. - I just did the difference from your original image that how you are painting the colors according to the is, either according to the original image, or not like change on the places where there is stuck alone in the original image because we are replicating that. So this is the missing color blocking for the on the subject on now lead ahead with the mixing off colors. 6. Color Mixing: block things like this I'm going to use to make servers. Yes, right. Click on your Roomba, brushing on, then selecting Establish. You can see how it's mixing up the things like this. Here I am. You're doing it for signed off. Started highly on then, eh? For changing that Hello in the properties. I'm using the eyedropper tool selecting my Hello, I'm here slept in the dark so that it's mixing up easily with the like. You can see how smoothly does mixing up like this just saying your screen according to the ah, strokes that he warned, I can have wanted hero Bush type stroke so and just spending according to that things. It is slightly in a treaty more. Then we just wish the other world are ready so that meeting the shadows and seats coming up , it needs much more. If I process now, you switch back to the bright red color and mixing this highlight with that No one. See, somehow it's looking like there's a shadow. There is a light tone on tone and a holiday. Just go on and pain until you're happy with their souls. Like I want some detail shadows that is in the picture in the bottom like that. So I'm just using the mixer brush with the Doc Barker. Hello? Painting it slightly in the bottom so that yeah, like this. Even seats making ah, in backed off a treaty Go. So I think that's quite nice. Just mix it up more so that it looks are really, truly picture. No, I'm painting. The highlight parks you can see is in the region There Here is the white color so you can see I'm painting some white You are here with the mixer burst Do on some wives in the same door on the one so you can see how impending the highlight over He'll source mixing over the cholera nicely. No searching this car bright light and bring it over with the mixer brush so that it is much more bright in the highlights Because here in the left side of the highlight is like the spotlight. So do you mean that I'm just using the white color for the next? We soon some shadows and highlights Or are that three go that we have having their for that ? I'm using the dark yellow I mean from the color, just like we have already need. On this time. I'm going to forced being over there, play and have these docks on now with us. I'll be mixing it up like this so it's so nicely it's having a dark, giving a deep shadow. Look over there. It's coming up. Nice. A little shadow Bardhyl the for inside off the boom because the light is the site of the right left, and then the shadow should be on them right, saying that now, mixing it up with the bright red glow so that it's not giving a very dark shadow on the product. Basically remember or on doing all these things and just a coloring one layer gallery so that every better is mix and matching up nice and see how it's blending it. Spending so small. My sleep in the shadows are nicely with the highlights. No se for meeting the stain, your and part of the apple. Andi, just spending it with the ground color plane grounded the shadows off the screw red glow because it plays a shadow box for the brown Do suspected like that. So here we are, with our basic coloring, mixing off the colors 7. Clean Up: I have been doing this coloring past few women's. So now does this time frieze. I'm talking about raising the colors that are beyond our claim. We often clear off the airplane here we offered. Then you can see the servi seeming to be a disaster. Select the magical from the NBA. Um, click on the outer side, not the inner side, our side of the, um, clean the blank space that we're having and just looks young master from the your home mascot or from the coloring Leah. Now the coloring Leah and usedto vector mask. Use a simple mask that is on the below, say, and click it there. Once I offered, you can see how, because it's sleeping now because looking much, much of a dog lying but not right. So the sustained raise and blank much too, with the without your client just on the coloring. So I'm using this masking Hamza Al in this and then notice masking it up. I'm just it isn't it out totally from number Crane. I'm just masking it. How, by selecting the must in the layer, finally were having their income news delivered him. New angle layer must come times left in that black one layer must come in fun. Just blending with the brush are you can also ended with the greaser so that it is not easy . You Doubters, just Brendan. You know why again. Escaping from the Ice Age is a woman with control class on smoothly, I'm going. It's very slowly so that nothing is left out. It's making the afternoon off so hard so that it's also giving a feel off like there is a light from behind as it's in the original image in just who controls the anytime's tended watching. Right now, it's not looking good so that you're gonna be bring door there, same thing enduring from the right so that the symmetrical thing is being today you will dio you can see this snow nice right now. So just closed. His woman with natural plus on are going. This is no much better than before. Clean our Chris publicly. Just feel this little bomb over here. It's physically evident. Radha Mathur Just go on and on under you feel satisfied with the outcome results and then just struggle with them. We'll be having your nice out playing that Chris shop. Okay, 8. Adding Details: now switch your selection off the layer. Ugly layer, Timely lot. The mask in coming to the layer Come day on now I'm painting the Dougherty. Still some dark shadows is to be made. So I'm just painting. Where? There on now I'm using the mixer brush shoving to mix it up so that it comes up nicely with the color blending now searching the color very bright red mixing ago. The basic thing is that now, once we're done with the masking as we having to the mosque so you know, you don't have to clear it out. It's automatically making the things you know, just door there. You're gonna need them. Zoom out and see how the both sides are looking either their matching or not. I'm being according to that, Christie, know that Red Cross off the masking were there because I have a green painted it out on so that it looks much better with this broad. I just for this finder's I have just used to make good being with the many must size brush on now, blood ended up that the blood moon from the NBA on the other are You can use the mixer, brush with the right color in the color brush properties on, then slightly move it on. So that gives a shine to your subject. This is actually adding your designer kind off takes two after reality. 9. Adding Shadows: no, adding shadows. A picture is not mature until unless we're having the shadows over there at the bottom, whether you have a six year should be. So now make a new layer below the coloring layer so that it's below our subject on really does show what this I'm using hard brush with the medium size madness size of you just painted with the black at bottom and used the mixer brush with the right color on gonna see . But this is too much shadow for that. So I'm just switching it. The word isn't things like I'm bending it my grade I Now this is not walking up. So for Shadow just controls everything and now getting a new how to start. I'm going to print it with the wife andan. Mix it up with the black color like this, I've been. Do you depth with the white color? Nothing is seeing below. Now I'm going to mix it up with the black color in the brush. Robert, even off the mixer brush. Also taking into the mixer brush after speaking of the black color. I'm just spending it slightly, and the near the apples it's much better than before, giving a realistic right shadow because the and also I'm having the larger mongo shadows on the right side of that because there's the left side is having too much highlight. It's getting much nice. It was that productive having a soft cloak. So the shadows that also soft drop so hard. So here we are. You have a basic crossed there's still painting off Rheal object. Hope you guys enjoyed it and also early reading for your lovely class possessed in the project up there. Also, if you have any doubts, make sure you contact me in the discussion tab on also your feedback on your learning experience with me. Any suggestions for any new glasses? Just let me know Hope you see in my next class.