Digital Painting: How to Color a Character like a Pro | Stephanie Böhm | Skillshare

Digital Painting: How to Color a Character like a Pro

Stephanie Böhm, i'm a Illustrator in the Games industry

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10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Selection

    • 3. STEP 1 Basecolor

    • 4. Wopwopwop

    • 5. STEP 2 Ambient Shadow

    • 6. STEP 3 Main Light

    • 7. STEP 4 Secondary Light

    • 8. STEP 5 Occlusion Shadow

    • 9. Last Finishes

    • 10. Wrapping it up

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About This Class


Do you also know the feeling of being hopelessly overwhelmed when you colorize a picture?

And then - out of sheer frustration- we yell at our roommate, lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling until life comes to meaning again. ( happens all the time, right……no?)

 Let's say yes, just for the moment, ok?

So, you are lying around, you raise your hand to the sky and accuse the world in general "Why are my colors looking so flat and wrong and just…..not good????"WHY ME????"

 And right at this moment I arrive on a shiny…… something…..and bring you these fantastic, amazing, completely new levels reaching, RENDERING TECHNIQUE!!!!! WUUHUUUUU


 So, but how is this now working?


I will guide you through a step by step demonstration in which I will show you how you can colorize a character. ( I will even give you my outlines, so you can do this exercise together with me).

And this is what I will teach you:

  • How you divide your render progress into small steps and make so everything soooo much easier
  • How colors and contrast can enhance your storytelling and character design
  • How you master different light sources
  • Bring more dynamic, depth and vitality in your painting
  • and more