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Digital Painting: From Sketch To Final Painting

teacher avatar Rameses Tshimanga, Animator, Illustrator and Filmmaker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Digital Painting Class Intro

    • 2. Ideas and Inspiration

    • 3. Sketching and Fundamentals

    • 4. Colouring and Rendering

    • 5. Finishing Touches

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About This Class

Introduction of Ideas and Inspirations

Before starting to work on the painting, it's good to have a rough idea of how you want you want your art to look like. A rough graph of keywords definitely helps illustrate an image or even can spark an inspiration if one is out of ideas. Mood boards or references  are also welcome in this plan as they help bring ideas for a mood/atmosphere, colour references and also can be even used as photo textures. 

The Big Step

The first stage is the most important but yet the most creative part as the sketching stage will be the deciding factor for how the composition will help tell the narrative to the spectator. This is also the stage where basic fundamentals (shapes,values, lighting, anatomy, volume and perspective) are the most crucial to remember as they contribute making your piece looking like a masterpiece if done with proper care and patience, as you practise and familiarise yourself with the fundamentals, sketching and creating thumbnails the practise of it will eventually pay of and you will not only become faster but you will also gain a better understanding for art.

Finishing Touches

This is the point you can relax, zoom in at your composition and you start working on those little extra details that will make things pop out a bit more, intensified the values when needed, tweak with the hues and maybe add a few photo textures here and there and play with photoshop's effects until you reach the point where you look at your art and stare at something you are proud of.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rameses Tshimanga

Animator, Illustrator and Filmmaker


A multi-disciplined artist currently residing in London. I have worked in the entertainment industry since 2014. I discovered my passion for art and storytelling from very early in my childhood. The drive to learn and master that passion would lead me to study the basics and fundamentals in Film making and Animation and would pave way in my journey to master my art.

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1. Digital Painting Class Intro: Hello. What good deeds to pain The class from skits to follow painting My name is going to manga course apologised many major, The new illustrator. I looked effective for joining this class and it just to serve with you. What I know for this fascinating subject to give her who will explore curies of digital payday, set us generating ideas, working for his kids and using fundamentals. Basically, it's a little bit of color fury to study violence and lighting, composition and a few other principles to give. It will be exploring this class. I will serve with you Tito's play effects Vincent touches to achieve a portfolio worthy of the protection water parroting enrolled today. Let's get creative. 2. Ideas and Inspiration: hello I want Welcome to the digital painting class Sketches develop painting. This is my very first video at a time. Thank you. I welcome you to my my lessons and from this era with you. What? I know this video hopefully will be salt. But I want to talk about something simple, maybe born, depending on the level off experience on this subject. If it's about a decent inspiration. No, I wanted to talk about this cause when if I started as an artist, I often used to draw for its off my favorite video game, Carter's or cartoon characters, and and I will get really uninspired or stuck when I would do creo to create I'm sorry, something something, something different, something more original, more unique. But I couldn't because I was getting it about comfort zone when I was doing the same thing or yeah, pretty much the same thing all over again and again. And I think it's important for newcomers toe when they first start drawing, too. Try to to draw something, something out of the very go for Joan, something different every time. So when you get Facebook, it obstacle, you overcome it and um I want several you away for to get out of, um, situation for maybe newcomers or professional artists. And this is the use of very simple method off using the mire up, which is basically a diagram off wards. But, um uh, related or familiar to another on for the subject or the fever put a pick for this class is gonna be about fantasy. I told that because it's subject, But I really drill in my artwork and I think will be adjusted for you guys to see how to will become, uh, and no surgical services who such as this, um you can you can't as well. Um, if you are doing if you are writing writing down on a piece of paper or screen, try and find um, subject, but you're not familiar with. Try to push yourself to create, not work around that, but in a familiar theme, Um, for the 1st 1 gonna write down Racists, um, maybe watch it, um, sea monsters, guests, environments. And, um, I want to put down films and books because I think it's a huge source of inspiration for any artist out there, and I highly recommend for people, but first start to from professionals to read. Or what's more. Films just just get familiar with how for films, why surgeon compositions work well and for books, because it really it's really helps spark and a visual limits when you read certain certain sitting cold Sen awards. And I think that's what really helps artists, too, to develop, maybe put a few offer ideas. Datil down the paper, right wards down here Now, you don't have to pick the same words, but I do. But if it big something big, biggest subject but you you really enjoy and you're familiar with maybe to card games could put down particular governing or hard stone. Or maybe you dio or anything, anything but help to every that sparks an idea in your head, Um, seem sorry about my but writing, Um, and just try to put many waters. You can. It was really no need for the for the screen to be to be filled with words. It's long us, though enough wards spark, um, some visa to spark in the visual image in your head or an idea. I see Case dragons, um, full And as soon as you're done with putting writing words down you go go to the next step . It's basically fighting references to help you. Oh, simplify, I guess the visual limits in your head. And when you do that, try to always go back to your my map. Just pick up the word and just look for that if you are really stuck, unless you know what you really want to draw, which is basically time for you guys to actually start drawing. Um, let's put this one down. Equipment. See at a senior Guys done because that's it. You can go to start looking for references, references to help you to help you visualize what you want to draw. And I did. Did so solved research before the class and found if you if you drawings a few photos off things. But I found me to think that I wanted to incorporate into my very illustration, but I would be walking in this class. Come, go to the detail to a few Tito. Why pick certain images? I think this to goes well, Hakimi discos. I really liked how it's one of them looks different from one another. One of the blacks looks So what about her? This much more, Um, menacing or but break looking for one another. Others have, like much. Well, much more Better values or details. Every. Like how The certain materials that they use for their for their armor colors and same with the arm. Erste's tried to look for something but how different material is walking out to Because I wanted room a few knight Paladin for my drawings and see how values and lighting is working on the different materials, which I'm gonna goto more detail as we go As we progress in this in this lesson and you know Oh, I spoke over here. Um, yeah. Assumes you guys find images. Human just doesn't have to be as many as I have, but enough to help you of the to do to get you to get you guys, um, ready to start drawing so young, please, If you guys have done John my my maps, please post them at at the comments. So I could just take a look at them along alongside of your drinks when this is all done. And on the next video, we're gonna start walking on hard to incorporate our my months and heymodesti to drawing. So Yep. 3. Sketching and Fundamentals: Oh, I want Welcome to my second video and in this video will be focusing on skating and fundamental skating is the fun part of them drawing process as the initial and corridors of withdrawing. From this point as an artist, your job is to help him. Most of you were of the Observer. If the war, your drawing, we're several creeks that could help you a copies, but but the most of them all is your mission. Mysteries are part of for the members of our if you take a front seat of the creative process to create some really amazing work, disappointed to a distant and familiar cells toe the fundamentals of our work. But it's because any creative work but you can pickle from visual development, art concept, art, animation administration, pretty much any to the freeze the work place for this topic do not been score it because we some dedicated focus work. You will see how applying this fundamentals will improve for your workout and assist you in achieving the best results. I started my painting but doing some very basic shapes and forms. Certain simple but very positive. It's process as forms will help you understand and create objects, syllables or fingers according to two months detail. In terms of art form based opposites food the measure or have length, we call hide the whole body observed. Right now it's almost 30 metres reforms, and as an artist you must have a stronger starting off, hard to create the illusion of it in your drawings and paintings, studying and drawing simple or basics apes are Stratus will help you get the better the starting off forms, for example, cylinders, cubes, spheres or any other geometric safe. Once you learn how to drove, the simple shapes from my perspective and what you want to draw would be possible. If you re like courage. Designed for sculpturing three d camera, I cannot stress enough how important it is to live with two forms. It will take some time, but once mustard you be able to do some amazing artwork. I'm not to me is the subject, but I want to talk about sons supplemental. But I also try to understand hard works in my paintings. Little people that 50 50 on these, but they believe is an important matter toe beside the sensible Harry get better starting off how muscles on Joins movement said, opposes or reactions. But once learned, you be ableto is interesting to your drawings and still be able to keep the really stink. A national looking posters We're busy humor on an animal. I always believe anatomy goes 100 100 forms and saves. Since who? It's a great helping hunt or destroying proportions and shapes. And Harvey worked together. I had recommended trying joining a life drawing class because during from a light modem will help you study and out to me in a way. But it cannot be captured by looking at Emits online. Try to study one part of the body at the time because another mean is difficult. Subject to understand and trying to rest will not help you improve for any faster. So take baby steps some of this while skating. I went back to look at my references there once, but I saw Your Majesty you and looked at how muscles and VR mode reflects how it reacts to light and try to sort of imply. But on these skates referred to go into too much detail but still be able to keep enough information to help me move on that states, which is values and fighting. What is the lighting is a subject that could be holding by itself and doesn't come into play or the final reading off his digital painting. I will not talk too much about it. Some by the only mentioned it because I'm adding enough enough hints off lighting and Sadam so I could get a rough idea of how things will look as a developed this sketching having a very good starting off. How values and 19 work will help your knowledge on forms and volume to improve by a lot. And it is the main factor If your sketch will have a promising results into the art books, these are value helps create the illusion of Muhsin volume with essential, since it makes drawings more three dimensional and helps me pop up a bit more. It also offers compositions assistant flighting, in which, depending on the art stop, this very dramatic or a blinking attacks values of range of brandis, darkness within your composition. The closest something's the from grants. The back will appear depending on the lighting conditions and anything reading away from it will appear lighter or darker as it fades into the distance. Most times you will hear artists, most notably photographers and filmmakers, doctor, about contrast. It's a great tool for an artist to the retail observers or a viewer's attention to sit a focal point of interest within the composition. Contrast. People put difference of elements so the scholar value, size and safe. It consists in justifying this properties with one other. It is one of the great principles of art and the great tool the system learning about color , which I will talk about further a bit later, going back to values the lighting to somewhere as it it is essential. It is a study off light insiders, but it cannot be used to help you with Sadie, which is why I imagine it earlier. It's more of a final reading topic. Ah, hello recommence styling, violence and knighting as the subject will help you greatly on the Subjects Commission above. That's my mission, is composition is the subject was sent to the states. The cutting toe to lead the observer. Other your and make the humus Here. Inside the painting or a picture composition is about the viewer's eye movement for your image you can control all guide this by signing wits oration to leave the I won't stop and wanted to redirect it next. Many things Kodro Eye movement, If you're votes a rule efforts, leading lines, detail and contrast. Lawford's is the simplest and the most used technique. But like many artists, I must have used regularly. My projects radical mid begins to use this, since the simplest of very the weight is used is by dividing your painting arguments into nine parts that are separated into two horizontal lines and three vertical lines. This technique will force you, but to put any POTUS subjects that center but rather envious acres with the lines meet this way you make your composition more interesting and keep that you were room. The wonder of your composition leading lines is the best way to directive you were. It's a focal point. One way I did this is by making the huge work and be a look somewhere somewhere in the middle of the composition. Off course. The light, but is immediate by the weapon will limit in local attention. Son system is the point where this term for Kottaras is the most intense off course. The rule for it's also apply in the resistance because it helps me need reviewer it of a focal point. This leads me no pun intended to my next point, which is detail. Since the bargaining is not busy on some with details, it is really easy to get your skates to the point of interest. This is why it is useful to hunt simplify backgrounds. So what? You will not be distract away from main focus. It's also a good idea to have a bit more detail around the main focal point. So it advertises its borders and keeps the composition. Violence contrast once again comes into play here. It helps in picture to read clearly more easily. You have to make so over the phone. Graham is distinct from a middle ground in the middle ground is distinct from the background. When done correctly, values will help you create an illusion of distance and separation of forms or religious, and will allow the viewer to read. You were clearly and easily familiarizing yourselves. Of course, topics and participate at your own pace will soon help you get a better understanding of how they want to use them to improve your work breeze. One more 4. Colouring and Rendering: This is the first video off my class, and right now we come to the point where we start working towards adding color and reading out our art. Speaking of corner color theory is any bullet fundamental? But a lot of people putting me have or had a tough time on this stunning off how it works and had replied correctly on the artwork. This is another subject, but could be made into a whole video class by itself. But I will do my best to serve you all the important information in this video colors like bodies indict that helps it in mood and atmosphere after its attention or give a message to the viewer. Colors afflicts us in both mental and physical way. Depending on the situation begin where I call a scheme could create an ambience of moods which can be most effective and powerful. Your most effective, powerful designing element muscling this fundamental will help you being able to achieve some protective of results, and by doing so, you need to understand their relation of colors with one another. There are freak models, whatever he had this most born in Correlation to know what smolders at the primary colors, which cause this off the colors red, yellow and blue. Personal dairy cars with just consist of three colors, green horns and purple, and they cannot speak, created by mixing the two primary colors together. And the last one is history colors, which I created my mix in both. Primary secretary calls together Off course. This doesn't mean that you need to use red, blue or yellow in every office positions, but you don't have to be careful and present them alongside other colors to keep him everything. Balance. There are many color skins where you can study in practice. One of us include complimentary colors, we tell the coolers, but if you look at the core, will could be fund tow opposite to each other. For example, red and green, this high contrast between the complementary colors created vibrant look, especially when used at full situation. This color scheme must be done carefully, so it is not too jarring. Split complementary color scheme. It's a variation off the complementary color scheme and the skin, but that said, useful the bugger off my baiting. In addition to the basic column uses to color adjustments to each compliment This color scheme has the same strong visual cortex as the complementary color scheme. But because their station, which is perfect for background I created, the Splichal medical is often a very good choice for beginners because it is difficult to mess up. So I highly recommend it for anyone for any newcomer to use it. And another good scholars. Kim uses colors, but on next to each other on the color will set a scholars but much world and create serene or comfortable designs. Analogous color schemes are often in natural environments and then often pretty pleasing to the eye. Make sure you have enough. Pontus meant choosing and the Nalco scholars Kim. It was one. Colors dominate, and now the 2nd 1 needs to support the 1st 1 before. One uses colors such as black, white, so graze as an accent. If you want to get it to landscape desire, I suggest to use the little scholar schemes and study from real life environments or landscapes. A tragic color scheme uses colors what are evenly spaced on the color wheel. Try adding color schemes to be quite vibrant, even if you use mint, pell or conceptually devices, all those hues do use Adriatic harmony successfully, the colors to be carefully balance that one call to dominate and use the attitude force as an accent. The rectangle autocratic color scheme uses four colors. Arrested two complementary pairs. This color scheme offers plenty of possible variations. The tragic color schemes works best if you let one gonna be dominant. Use. Also pay attention to the balance between warm and cool colors in your design, where many more color schemes but you can use. And the best way to fight them out is to love them and practice them. Maybe everything, but I said in this video, is not right, so I suggest to always double check. You will notice what after adding colors and refining my painting, but I study zooming in much more when I did, when I first started sketching in my videos about this, because I want to avoid forgetting to two months on details to worry on my compositions because it is time consuming and you don't want to fight when you first start initially drawing, you want to get all the core ideas what you can as fast as you can. You'll also notice. But I don't mess too much with the values or the lights and shadows because I think pretty much there are there are right levels for that would have been to be. Of course, you can tweak the values, all the lights and shadows at your work, but do so with great care. I skipped up ahead, and as you can see, a plate with a bit more of the colors tweet the lightens. That was just a little bit more so I could make the piece look a bit more menacing, more more dangerous. In the next video, I will be finalizing the painting and selling with you the last details Toe Latif Portfolio War Feet painting. 5. Finishing Touches: in this final video will be taking our final step, which is, I think, this. It touches to your painting, but means posing and drawing all the details necessary to make our illustration presentable . The step doesn't it doesn't what spring thinking So you could bring your music and maximum now, or do you satisfied with the results at the States? I basically make sore, but figures in this case the Cardiss read world against the background. I did this by adding a few highlights around them. It helps by making the card is look, notice flat and sadness. It adds to the atmosphere. At this point, you could get more close and personal. This helps fix my own mistakes, and I think, Marquitos said, just hairs, skin pores, maybe textures for the textures, depending on illustration. But remember, do not go heavy or not in two months detail, but will distract your viewer of yours ever away from your focal point. Also, try to zoom out out the Inquisition as much as you can see. You can read a few more cases you made read Well, policy, your art. It's all about being efficient and economical. I said them struggled a lot of the state's only because I like my distresses being lose. But having a complete and red illustration goes by a long sort. Reported particle ofhis. It's planning the brush strokes before you make them thinking critically about what will be the most efficient way or producing two saves. What you want using appropriate breast talks in size and say before with us, have been executed them. Don't try to speed things up. What's the easy, it lazy way out? You will let up will be working their forms, and during that I get it again. Decompose, even done, then slow down and think about your process. Also, take a look at the Oval two oil paintings and see how artists back then implemented with brass works to their paintings. Skipping ahead, I used to tweak the lighting just a bit more by adding software. Bright process on the areas, but it didn't let him. It is being referred to put metallic materials event. I tried to leave him just enough for the eye to see some visible Laura. It is a simple trick to help assist EI to freaking for looking. It's something that produces light depending on the light in the material. But I'm trying to portray in my illustration make so that their values into light it correctly. That means. But I'm zooming in my composition with either soft or hard plus and threatened that's of the services, while Acosta polite by applying strong or soft pressed ropes depending on the light conditions at the material, - I also included a color look. A player to impress five reds and knowledge is in the composition. You cannot do this by going toe limits in judgments in color. Look up, try it out and see how doing so changes the mood at the embassy of your painting. If you're looking for a way to make your paintings bit more crispy, good to filters supping small serpent, clear on for settings. But Thompson will give you the painting some extra detail on your brass works, and this concludes this class. I hope you had a pleasant time going from this, and they really enjoy depending along and hopefully will commit to your friends or anyone. Interesting digital painting. Well, next time, have fun painting