Digital Painting: Create A Digital Painting With A Traditional Look

Guy Wolek, Illustrator/Character Development Artist

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7 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Introduction

    • Clean and Contrast Your Sketch.

    • Base Painting; It's All About The Base.

    • Details; It's In The Details.

    • Details; More Details.

    • Here it Comes...The Big Finish.

    • The Wrap Up and Brush info.


About This Class


This class is good for anyone interested in digital painting. 

I show how I work to create digital illustrations that look as if they were painted by hand with a brush.

Working in Photoshop and bringing over 30 years illustration and 10 years of Digital painting 

experience to bare I cover the process i use to create digital paintings.

In this class I cover:
Scanning and cleaning up the sketch

my brushes
brush settings
how i work in layers

working with layer properties

tips to enhance the finalized painting

If you have taken my class Creative Illustrations: Create a One-of-a Kind Character

This is a nice follow up to take your cloud sketch through the paint process.

Thank you


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Amazing! Just what I was looking for to up my skill level. Can't wait to watch more videos from Guy. I am just getting into digital painting from traditional painting and loved the fact that Guy shows how you can still get that traditional feel in a digital world!
An excellent class! The incredible Mr Wolek makes it look easy. His workflow is pretty direct and his free-wheeling approach to layers has freed my mind. This is the first class re: Ps that hasn't left me scratching my head with "how was that done—again?" Thank you Mr Wolek for teaching me how to keep real charm in a digital illustration. Very exciting!





Guy Wolek

Illustrator/Character Development Artist

I have worked as a freelance artist for over 34 years and enjoyed doing a variety of work from being a court room sketch artist and animation character development arist, to illustrating corporate annual reports and childrens books.

I currently have illustrated books that are sold in Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

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