Digital Painting 1: A Guided Tour Through The Creative Process | Marco Bucci | Skillshare

Digital Painting 1: A Guided Tour Through The Creative Process

Marco Bucci, Professional illustrator & teacher

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7 Lessons (3h 49m)
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About This Class

Problem solving is a critical skill in art. The creative process is replete with unpredictable twists and turns, and it is often difficult to reverse engineer an artist's process when you only get to see the finished work. In this class, Marco takes you by the hand and guides you, from start to finish, through his process of painting an improvised, yet cohesive fantasy environment. Along the way he talks in depth about how the foundations of art serve as touchstones upon which to build, and how to tune your mindset to the task of discovering a new idea. Marco also takes an aside to demonstrate his Photoshop brushes as well as his methods of using them to mimic the look and feel of traditional media.

What you'll get out of the class:

  • Insight into the four fundamentals of painting: drawing, value, edges, and color
  • What to look for to create the biggest possible 'punch' with your images
  • How to make brushstrokes that add charisma to your paintings
  • Enable yourself to navigate the creative process and discover new concepts
  • Methods of telling a visual story within a picture
  • Develop a solid mindset that fosters confidence in your workflow
  • Learn a non-technical, artistic approach to using Adobe Photoshop